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bscscurriculum(sfnet) BSCSCurriculum It is a folder containing the documents regardi... DOWNLOAD
c5connectorjava(sfnet) C5Connector.Java The Java backend for the filemanager of corefiv... DOWNLOAD
diglo(sfnet) Diglo Diglo is a Music Information Retrieval System b... DOWNLOAD
graphwars(sfnet) Graph Wars A turn-based strategy game based on graph-theor... DOWNLOAD
zedyn(sfnet) zeDyn zeDyn is a Dynamic DNS client to update your I... DOWNLOAD
webaccept(sfnet) WebAccept WebAccept is an easy to use web testing utility... DOWNLOAD
pride(sfnet) PriDE PriDE is a thin and high-performance Java O/R m... DOWNLOAD
unofficial-sigs(sfnet) ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater The clamav-unofficial-sigs script provides a si... DOWNLOAD
pokemonattack(sfnet) Pokemon Attack! PokemonAttack! is a Castle Defence - style game... DOWNLOAD
zebrahblog(sfnet) ZEBRAH Blog A PHP & MYSQL based blogsystem with a multi... DOWNLOAD
clientxide(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
mdm-erlang(sfnet) Meter Data Management written in Erlang Meter Data Management written in Erlang -- This... DOWNLOAD
opensymphony(sfnet) OpenSymphony OpenSymphony is an Open Source project dedicate... DOWNLOAD
tagged(sfnet) tagged (MP3::Tag) tagged consists of MP3::Tag and tk-tag. MP3::T... DOWNLOAD
e-travel(sfnet) Travel Support System Comprehensive framework for delivering personal... DOWNLOAD
log4jade(sfnet) Log4JADE Distributed logging service for JADE agent fram... DOWNLOAD
cppwfms(sfnet) C++ Workflow Management System A Workflow Management System for scientific env... DOWNLOAD
filesync-nerd(sfnet) FileSync FileSync is a free and open-source program for ... DOWNLOAD
avrsvf0(sfnet) avrsvf0 Tool to create SVF files from HEX files for Atm... DOWNLOAD
webitmapexplore(sfnet) WeBitmap Explorer Created for Algonquin's SAT Programming Olympic... DOWNLOAD
kryptographisis(sfnet) gdghj nbbfgyy DOWNLOAD
chogeum-utils(sfnet) Cho-Geum Utilities Little Utilities: This site is where I plan to ... DOWNLOAD
kmines(sfnet) KMines A very classic minesweeper game (easy, normal a... DOWNLOAD
opensheet(sfnet) opensheet Timesheet management web-based software DOWNLOAD
idmunit(sfnet) IdMUnit IdMUnit is an xUnit automated testing framework... DOWNLOAD
globe(sfnet) The Globe Project Globe is a middleware platform for developing l... DOWNLOAD
eodsql(sfnet) EoD SQL A simple SQL Query -> Java Object mapping la... DOWNLOAD
pjsgua(sfnet) PJSGUA PJSGUA is an Open Source SIP UAC based on PJSUA... DOWNLOAD
qxrad(sfnet) GUI RAD for qooxdoo Rapid application development for qooxdoo frame... DOWNLOAD
jmultir(sfnet) jmultiR JMulTiR is an econometrics package designed for... DOWNLOAD
mattos(sfnet) mattOS A Simple x86 Assembly Operating System based On... DOWNLOAD
php-jru(sfnet) PHP-JRU PHP-JRU (PHP Jasper Report Utils) Es una librer... DOWNLOAD
seleniumdsl(sfnet) Selenium DSL A DSL for working with Selenium and Java. Provi... DOWNLOAD
rapdown(sfnet) RapDown RapDown is download manager focused on easy dow... DOWNLOAD
advfs(sfnet) AdvFS AdvFS file system technology release DOWNLOAD
symbolicplotter(sfnet) Symbolic Plotter - renamed to Sympl Symbolic Plotter has been renamed to Sympl. Ple... DOWNLOAD
ogsa-dai(sfnet) OGSA-DAI OGSA-DAI is a product that allows data resource... DOWNLOAD
firmaker(sfnet) FirMaker A graphical tool to create Finite Impulse Respo... DOWNLOAD
divodadmin(sfnet) dadmin A simple MySQL client, written with Qt DOWNLOAD
zefext(sfnet) zefext The Zefext an extended framework that integrate... DOWNLOAD
brainwave(sfnet) Brainwave A binaural beats based brainwave entertainment ... DOWNLOAD
benwildben(sfnet) benwildben u talkin to me? u talkin to me???? DOWNLOAD
utorrentafp(sfnet) uTorrent Automatic File Priority Manager Java utility to manage file priorities in uTorr... DOWNLOAD
sst(sfnet) SST SST is a an object-oriented software foundation... DOWNLOAD
zeitwort(sfnet) ZeitWort ZeitWort is a tool for displaying all kinds of ... DOWNLOAD
tubaina(sfnet) Tubaina Tubaina is a book generator. Given a text writt... DOWNLOAD
distributor(sfnet) Distributor load balancer Software load balancer. Accepts connections an... DOWNLOAD
fractice(sfnet) Fractice Fractice is a fractal explorer/renderer for Win... DOWNLOAD
openetran(sfnet) OpenETran During the period from 1990 through 2002, EPRI ... DOWNLOAD
auth-openid(sfnet) mod_auth_oid mod_auth_oid is an Apache module allowing user ... DOWNLOAD
timerpool(sfnet) timerpool A portable, thread-safe c++ library which simpl... DOWNLOAD
submplayer(sfnet) submplayer Simple MPlayer wrapper for subtitles watching. ... DOWNLOAD
ocamlglobaltags(sfnet) OCaml Global Tags An OCaml plugin for GNU Global, using CamlP4 fo... DOWNLOAD
objectexplorer(sfnet) ObjectExplorer4J The ObjectExplorer4J (OE4J) is a Java tool for ... DOWNLOAD
redmine(sfnet) redMine Project management software: issues tracking, n... DOWNLOAD
hamystic(sfnet) Mystic Ticket System Mystic is an open source trouble ticket system ... DOWNLOAD
monstergame(sfnet) MonsterGame A little games with java-based monsters for the... DOWNLOAD
haonyx(sfnet) Onyx Onyx is an open source Ruby on Rails image gall... DOWNLOAD
yourradio(sfnet) YourRadio - a peer-to-peer radio in java YourRadio is a peer-to-peer network which is so... DOWNLOAD
ingsoftproject(sfnet) IngSoftProject DOWNLOAD
softcifor(sfnet) Softcifor DOWNLOAD
dsml4mas(sfnet) DSML4MAS Development Environment The Domain Specific Modeling Language for Multi... DOWNLOAD
octoindex(sfnet) Blue Mirror DVD/CD Indexer This application (CD/DVD cataloguer) creates in... DOWNLOAD
habxr(sfnet) BXR File Management System BXR is an open source, ruby on rails file manag... DOWNLOAD
squid2(sfnet) SQUID2 SQUID2 software processes SHRIMP ion microprobe... DOWNLOAD
isoplot(sfnet) ISOPLOT ISOPLOT is a flexible software tool for the ana... DOWNLOAD
snoopcgh(sfnet) SnoopCGH SnoopCGH is a java desktop application for visu... DOWNLOAD
sebsraytracer(sfnet) Seb's RayTracer Seb's RayTracer is a 3D renderer. It runs on th... DOWNLOAD
lfsr-counter(sfnet) lfsr-counter-generator A command-line application that generates Veril... DOWNLOAD
tankswar(sfnet) tankswar Tank War is another old Tank Battalion clone ta... DOWNLOAD
sudeepschess(sfnet) sChess.Net The Project consist of two parts the control an... DOWNLOAD
w3cmarkupvalida(sfnet) W3C Markup Validator library in C # Library for the W3C Markup Validator API in C#.... DOWNLOAD
t7z(sfnet) torrent7z torrent7z is a replacement for TorrentZip for g... DOWNLOAD
rpgcombatgrid(sfnet) RPG Combat Grid An electronic combat grid for role playing game... DOWNLOAD
gmenu2x(sfnet) GMenu2X GMenu2X is an alternative frontend for the GP2X... DOWNLOAD
wmimonitoring(sfnet) WMI Monitoring WMI Monitoring is web base monitoring computer ... DOWNLOAD
aplpy(sfnet) APLpy (Astronomical Plotting in Python) APLpy (the Astronomical Plotting Library in Pyt... DOWNLOAD
webdesigntools(sfnet) Visual WebGui .NET Web Design Tools With its familiar .Net visual drag n' drop, WYS... DOWNLOAD
mess-system(sfnet) MESS - My Easy Survey System MESS is a user based submission system where us... DOWNLOAD
sippie(sfnet) Sippie The project "Sippie" is an additional... DOWNLOAD
seambpm(sfnet) seambpm Seam JBPM console for Process Definition and Pr... DOWNLOAD
textsegfault(sfnet) TextSegFault Linear text segmentation algorithm based on a s... DOWNLOAD
chm2html(sfnet) CHM2HTML CHM to HTML Freeware Converter. Also Remove Nav... DOWNLOAD
dafizilla(sfnet) dafizilla Addons for any applications supporting the exte... DOWNLOAD
stickalien(sfnet) Stick Alien Stick Alien is an old style arcade Game featuri... DOWNLOAD
pabilo(sfnet) Pabilo Palm-Bike-Logger Pabilo Palm-Bike-Logger bicycle speedo meter tr... DOWNLOAD
upnpplatform(sfnet) UPnP Platform To Create an UPnP Platform that make all intell... DOWNLOAD
arksnd(sfnet) arkonnekt sound engine A comprehensive sound streaming library which t... DOWNLOAD
choicevbsachoic(sfnet) Choice.vbs ... a replacement Since CHOICE.COM does not work on 64-bit system... DOWNLOAD
sexoops(sfnet) Swedish E-Xoops (sexoops) This is the translation, documentation and the ... DOWNLOAD
getfour(sfnet) GetFour This is the game Get Four also known as Connect... DOWNLOAD
dinktranslation(sfnet) Dink Translation Dink Translation is an effort to translate the ... DOWNLOAD
ark-rpg(sfnet) The Ark The Ark is a single player, fantasy based 3D RPG. DOWNLOAD
biopalo(sfnet) Protein ALignment Optimizer Protein ALignment Optimiser (PALO) is a script ... DOWNLOAD
xampbase(sfnet) XAMP Base XAMP is framework for fast and pretty web-devel... DOWNLOAD
vtlayer(sfnet) VT-Layer VT-Layer is a Java library for discrete-event s... DOWNLOAD
swpptranslator(sfnet) swpptranslator Softwareprojektpraktikum Maschinelle Übersetzun... DOWNLOAD
pjsgua-quality(sfnet) PJSGUA-Quality_plugin Quality plugin for PJSGUA SIP client. DOWNLOAD
log4meshell(sfnet) log4me Shell log4me is an easy to use logging framework for ... DOWNLOAD
mprandom(sfnet) MPRandom MPRandom loads a 40,5KB executable (from www.mi... DOWNLOAD

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