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exosystem(sfnet) EXOS - Encrypted eXchange Open System EXOS is a J2ME library for mobile devices to se... DOWNLOAD
latexrender-ng(sfnet) latexrender-ng LatexRender-ng is the new generation of the pop... DOWNLOAD
kook(sfnet) Kook a software build tool such as Make, Rake, Ant, ... DOWNLOAD
retinascan(sfnet) Retina Scan Identd Retina Scan (RFC 1413 Ident Server for Windows ... DOWNLOAD
makagiga(sfnet) Makagiga Makagiga is an open-source, easy-to-use, portab... DOWNLOAD
fullonsms-tool(sfnet) fullonsms client Fullonsms client tool is an utility which sends... DOWNLOAD
intercambiosei(sfnet) IntercambioSEI DOWNLOAD
pathfinderbygwo(sfnet) Pathfinderbygwo DOWNLOAD
pyobjfs(sfnet) OOPS - Python Datastore Object-oriented persistent storage library for ... DOWNLOAD
fastcoder(sfnet) Fast Coder DOWNLOAD
myluoluo(sfnet) myluoluo DOWNLOAD
mctw(sfnet) minecraft-tw DOWNLOAD
semi-dvcs(sfnet) semi distributed version control a first work algorithm trials to implement a co... DOWNLOAD
netevo(sfnet) NetEvo NetEvo is a programming framework designed to a... DOWNLOAD
dire-engine(sfnet) Dire Engine A complete engine and toolkit to create simple ... DOWNLOAD
xcorp(sfnet) xcorp Tool for processing XML-annotated linguistic c... DOWNLOAD
openrose(sfnet) OpenRose Simple open source Windows C# .NET application ... DOWNLOAD
jscontrols(sfnet) JSControls This is the project in which I will provide Jav... DOWNLOAD
citint(sfnet) citint A business intelligence project to create a eco... DOWNLOAD
bygfoot(sfnet) Bygfoot Football Manager A small and simple graphical football (a.k.a. s... DOWNLOAD
gs2(sfnet) GS2: Gyrokinetic Microturbulence Project GS2: Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulator. Low fre... DOWNLOAD
bsxproject(sfnet) The BSX Project Simple vector graphics (format & protocol) ... DOWNLOAD
dogmic(sfnet) Dog Microphone / Pie Hole Two programs for playing board games over the i... DOWNLOAD
phplist(sfnet) phpList phpList is the world's most popular Open Source... DOWNLOAD
autopilot(sfnet) autopilot: UAV command and control autopilot is a command and control system for h... DOWNLOAD
fenggui(sfnet) FengGUI FengGUI is a highly customizable, XML centric g... DOWNLOAD
dita2wiki(sfnet) DITA2wiki DITA2wiki is a toolkit that enables you to publ... DOWNLOAD
mofi(sfnet) mofi Mofi manages virtual rooms in which users inter... DOWNLOAD
multidac(sfnet) multiDAC multiDAC is intended to become a user-friendly ... DOWNLOAD
smartclientphp(sfnet) SmartClient for PHP SmartClient for PHP is designed to help PHP pro... DOWNLOAD
tridentweb(sfnet) Trident Web Splash Sometimes we must do something that we do not w... DOWNLOAD
esitux(sfnet) EsiTux A Linux distribution for Esi students based on ... DOWNLOAD
grfxgrav(sfnet) Gravity Graphics Gravity Graphics is a graphics toy written for ... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-atlassian(sfnet) phpBB - Atlassian's crowd integration PhpBB3 auth for Atlassian's crowd. DOWNLOAD
xmlportlet(sfnet) XMLPortletFactory Project aimed to: Easily generate a complete Li... DOWNLOAD
conzilla(sfnet) Conzilla Conzilla is a concept browser. It browses and e... DOWNLOAD
avrcomputer(sfnet) AVR-Computer It's a software/hardware project to turn the At... DOWNLOAD
trave(sfnet) Trave Audio Player Trave " TRAvelling waVE " is an Audi... DOWNLOAD
visdatabasediff(sfnet) Visual Database Diff This is a visual database schema comparison too... DOWNLOAD
cpp-prettify(sfnet) C++ Prettify C++ Prettify is a GNU sed script that is used t... DOWNLOAD
ppa-appgen(sfnet) phpPgAdmin AppGen A module for phpPgAdmin for creating quick appl... DOWNLOAD
xbtit(sfnet) xbtit Complete Bittorrent tracker system or frontend ... DOWNLOAD
dlf(sfnet) Debug Logging Framework Lightweight and easy to use logging framework f... DOWNLOAD
alphareports(sfnet) AlphaReports Reporting Engine This reporting engine allows you to run/schedul...
cbt-server(sfnet) CBT-Server CBT-Server (CBT = Computer-Based-Training) is a... DOWNLOAD
phpmfcobol(sfnet) PHP Micro Focus Cobol Extension Micro Focus Cobol PHP Extension. This extension... DOWNLOAD
phpmybittorrent(sfnet) phpMyBitTorrent - The BitTorrent Tracker phpMyBitTorrent: BitTorrent Tracker written in ... DOWNLOAD
gimp-sharp(sfnet) Gimp# Gimp# is a C# wrapper around the GIMP API. It a... DOWNLOAD
connleakfinder(sfnet) ConnLeakFinder A simple tool to pinpoint jdbc connection leaks... DOWNLOAD
legousb(sfnet) LegoUSB A joint effort to provide system level support ... DOWNLOAD
genomdiff(sfnet) GenomeDiff Compare virus genomes visually by dotplot! Java... DOWNLOAD
civ4bug(sfnet) The BUG Mod The BUG Mod (Beyond the Sword Unaltered Gamepla... DOWNLOAD
testproject001(sfnet) TestProject_1 テストプロジェクトのテストプロジェクト DOWNLOAD
alexawidgets(sfnet) AlexaWidgets AlexaWidgets is a simple module for Cuyahoga fr... DOWNLOAD
omnifiler(sfnet) omniFILER OmniFILER is not just an other AJAX and PHP bas... DOWNLOAD
gnosis(sfnet) GNOSIS Gnosis is a LMS design to learn modernly. The a... DOWNLOAD
xbox360controll(sfnet) xbox360 controller2mouse(DS emu ideal) A program that lets you control the mouse with ... DOWNLOAD
opengiga(sfnet) OpenGiga OpenGiga is an application manager for electron... DOWNLOAD
imessengertext(sfnet) iMessenger iMessenger is a messenger without the use of SQ... DOWNLOAD
selfoss(freshmeat) selfoss selfoss is a multipurpose RSS reader, live stre... DOWNLOAD
felo(sfnet) Felo -- estimate the fencing strength The Felo rating system provides an objective fe... DOWNLOAD
grimoirencoder(sfnet) Grimoire Encoder Grimoire Encoder is a useful Ascii Encoder whil... DOWNLOAD
eic(sfnet) EiC This is a resurrected open source C Interpreter... DOWNLOAD
pygtksci(sfnet) pygtkscintilla Pygtk bindings for the Scintilla editor DOWNLOAD
timeulator(sfnet) timeulator Keep track of your time spent working on differ... DOWNLOAD
miview(sfnet) miview This is a general purpose medical image viewer,... DOWNLOAD
gionline(sfnet) Projeto Final Projeto Final do Curso de Sistemas de Informação DOWNLOAD
cvstat(sfnet) cvstat cvstat is usefully for the project manager to s... DOWNLOAD
mbrowser-d(sfnet) Microbrowser Microbrowser is a open source web browser creat... DOWNLOAD
hsfilehasher(sfnet) File Hasher ファイルの調理人は、Javaで書かれて1.6生成は、MD... DOWNLOAD
c-lesh(sfnet) C-Lesh Programming Language Have you ever wanted to program in a language s... DOWNLOAD
pagc(sfnet) PAGC-Public Address GeoCoder PAGC is a command line and web service C librar... DOWNLOAD
lax-traxgk(sfnet) Lax-TraxGK Track lacrosse goalie statistics on your mobile... DOWNLOAD
vcxsrv(sfnet) VcXsrv Windows X Server Windows X-server based on the xorg git sources ... DOWNLOAD
nullam(sfnet) Nullam Blog Simple and stylish blog software. Nullam allows... DOWNLOAD
pathutil(sfnet) PathUtil a Unix command-line tool for modifying filename... DOWNLOAD
watched(freshmeat) Watched! Watched! is a plugin for Totem Movie Player whi... DOWNLOAD
heisei-project(sfnet) Heisei Project Now you got a real Event AI Project Here!We are... DOWNLOAD
snmptools(sfnet) SnmpTools A snmp agent to retrieve windows performance co... DOWNLOAD
mashed(sfnet) MaSheD MaSheD is here, Work from anywhere; MaSheD is a... DOWNLOAD
keyboardtester(sfnet) Keyboard Tester A simple Windows (.NET Framework) program which... DOWNLOAD
cfe(sfnet) Custom Form Elements Custom Form Elements unites all efforts in the ... DOWNLOAD
groucho(sfnet) GrouCho helps your group decide Software for group decisions based on smart dem... DOWNLOAD
jtheque(sfnet) JTheque JTheque is a project with different sub-project... DOWNLOAD
juffed(sfnet) JuffEd JuffEd is a free, cross-platform text editor fo... DOWNLOAD
cradlecore(sfnet) Cradlecore for PHP this project was moved to github and support wi... DOWNLOAD
webdevstudio(sfnet) WebDevStudio WebDevStudio is an Online Integrated Developmen... DOWNLOAD
usbdv(sfnet) USB DV Es un programa que se encarga de la limpieza de... DOWNLOAD
wxvtk(sfnet) wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor This class enables VTK to render to and interac... DOWNLOAD
t-htbmanager(sfnet) T-HTB manager T-HTB FREE web interface, built in PHP, simple ... DOWNLOAD
sourceforge(sfnet) Official Support and Documentation for SourceFo... DOWNLOAD
shipvalidator(sfnet) SHIP Validator We wish to explore the use of Java annotations ... DOWNLOAD
seeproject(sfnet) seeproject See project is a new generator of aplications s... DOWNLOAD
linuxdsi(sfnet) Linux Deep Sky Imager This project is intended to develop a suite of ... DOWNLOAD
universalmc(sfnet) Universal Media Manager Cross platform media manager using XBMC scraper... DOWNLOAD
yarelinux(sfnet) xEVA It´s a port to Linux of YARE server, an Ragnaro... DOWNLOAD
propax(sfnet) propax Propax (Propax Revolution Over Pixapr And Xplsi... DOWNLOAD
errdef(sfnet) errdef Tool written in C to generate a list of codes w... DOWNLOAD
clustertools(sfnet) ClusterTools ClusterTools includes a set of tools for admini... DOWNLOAD
trfparser(sfnet) Tandem repeat finder parser trfparser is a perl program, of use in bioinfor... DOWNLOAD

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