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shine(sfnet) shine Shine provides you develoments tools and progra... DOWNLOAD
appsynth(sfnet) AppSynth AppSynth is a database generator for bank accou... DOWNLOAD
gltris(sfnet) gltris, an openGL based 3D tetris 3D tetris with lots of bonuses for killing your... DOWNLOAD
ozradio(sfnet) ozradio OZradio. BETA- Linux GUI. CD Player &... DOWNLOAD
nune(sfnet) NUNE News Script NUNE is a powerful news script which features c... DOWNLOAD
perlkonvert(sfnet) Perl Konvert A simple PERL script to make ease of mass image... DOWNLOAD
phpbarcode(sfnet) phpBarcode phpBarcode is at time a rude hack to generate E... DOWNLOAD
codejen(sfnet) Codejen Framework A flexible code generation framework providing ... DOWNLOAD
jplayer(sfnet) JPlayer JPlayer is a Java based media Player that suppo... DOWNLOAD
exclipboard(sfnet) ExClipBoard ExClipBoard is a project developed in Delphi 7.... DOWNLOAD
blenderrender(sfnet) Blender Render Regression Tests A regression suite for testing renders (both st... DOWNLOAD
sfic(sfnet) sfic sfic is a Simple File Integrity Checker, simila... DOWNLOAD
spolab2asm(sfnet) spo_lab2_asm DOWNLOAD
lvclient(sfnet) Auto Linh Vuong LVClient or Auto Linh Vuong is a tool for Linh ... DOWNLOAD
ejbace(sfnet) EJBAce Eclipse plug-in for EJB development. DOWNLOAD
cli-cr(sfnet) CLI CLI es un proyecto para el control de luces a t... DOWNLOAD
xades-php(sfnet) XAdES.PHP This tool can create XAdES (XML) signatures bas... DOWNLOAD
shearersite(sfnet) ShearerSite: Web Administration ShearerSite is a static templating system and w... DOWNLOAD
gtkterm(sfnet) GTKTerm GTKTerm is a small graphical shell like XTerm. ... DOWNLOAD
wmi2rrd(sfnet) wmi2rrd Collects and stores Windows Management Instrume... DOWNLOAD
nikacore(sfnet) NIKAcore: Core classes for PHP websites Simple PHP website library built on object-orie... DOWNLOAD
dynamicjni(sfnet) DynamicJNI DynamicJNI is a Java-based framework for better... DOWNLOAD
lemon4ssc(sfnet) lemon4ssc BBS a BBS system written in C++ DOWNLOAD
vulture(sfnet) Vulture Network Engine Il Vulture Network Engine è un CMS per siti sin... DOWNLOAD
saxadapter(sfnet) SAX Adapter The SAXAdapter is a utility that builds on the ... DOWNLOAD
itifg(sfnet) itifg kernel device driver for CorecoImaging frame gr... DOWNLOAD
phppersist(sfnet) phpPersist Object - Relational framework for php like many... DOWNLOAD
wsremote(sfnet) XMMS Serial Remote Control Plugin Wejp's XMMS Serial Remote Control Plugin is a p... DOWNLOAD
trilliza(sfnet) Trilliza Trilliza is a plug-in for Trillian that establi... DOWNLOAD
tipptrainer(sfnet) PingoS Tipptrainer PingoS Tipptrainer - A touch typing system for ... DOWNLOAD
yakaa(sfnet) Yakaa.Net Coder Committee Yakaa.Net Coder Comm. included TCLs for Eggdrop... DOWNLOAD
upython(sfnet) UPython Uptimes Project Client UPython is a client utility for the Uptimes Pro... DOWNLOAD
irc2010(sfnet) irc 2010 A project to plan and implement an extensible I... DOWNLOAD
tuxpop(sfnet) TuxPop TuxPop is a network communication tool which al... DOWNLOAD
jmmf(sfnet) Java MultiMethod Framework The Java MultiMethod Framework is a pure Java p... DOWNLOAD
warpconduit(sfnet) Warp Conduit Use JSPs under Apache Tomcat 4.0 with Microsoft... DOWNLOAD
tomtomgo(sfnet) TomTom GO Linux Collection of all opensource software used on T... DOWNLOAD
shuffleboard(sfnet) Java Shuffleboard A Java version of the popular Shuffleboard game... DOWNLOAD
cl-edit(sfnet) CLEdit 2D Map Editor. DOWNLOAD
syndicateme(sfnet) Syndicate Me ... Ajax Atom 1.0 Syndication E... DOWNLOAD
jogg(sfnet) jogg A graphical front-end written in Java for the r... DOWNLOAD
xml-im-exporter(sfnet) XML Import and Export Utilities for Java Simple low level XML Import and Export Utilitie... DOWNLOAD
toetsgen(sfnet) Toets generator An application that helps teachers in creating ... DOWNLOAD
xindice-xmlrpc(sfnet) Xindice XML-RPC Interface XML-RPC Interface for the Xindice Server DOWNLOAD
boy(sfnet) boy Boy is a program that reads in c++ header files... DOWNLOAD
digir(sfnet) Distributed Generic Info Retrieval Distributed Generic Information Retrieval (DiGI... DOWNLOAD
namertamer(sfnet) NamerTamer NamerTamer will expedite the renaming and rotat... DOWNLOAD
craft(sfnet) The Craft A clone of the famous game StarCraft for Window... DOWNLOAD
frisky(sfnet) Frisky A fast Object-Oriented cross-platform GUI libra... DOWNLOAD
udpchat(sfnet) Udp Chat Udp Chat is a Free Open Source Chat for Interne... DOWNLOAD
crypt-gui(sfnet) Crypt-Gui Crypt-Gui is a small, simple and C# based gui r... DOWNLOAD
phptax(sfnet) PhpTax - Free Income Tax Software. PhpTax is free software to do your U.S. income ... DOWNLOAD
mms-mle(sfnet) MMS Managed Learning Environment MMS is a platform for web-based managed learnin... DOWNLOAD
qserial(sfnet) QSerial class QSerial - Serial Port class for the QT library. DOWNLOAD
jtemplates(sfnet) Java Page Templates Java implementation of Zope Page Templates DOWNLOAD
slackedit(sfnet) SlackEdit A win32 and later a multi-platform file editor ... DOWNLOAD
aline(sfnet) A-line A-line is an MPW/Perl-based build system for th... DOWNLOAD
tf-rod-macros(sfnet) TF macros for RoD Macros and triggers for use of TinyFugue with R... DOWNLOAD
bbgallery(sfnet) bbgallery Creating stitic HTML based image galleries for ... DOWNLOAD
shutdownd(sfnet) Shutdownd Shutdownd is a very simple daemon that can shut... DOWNLOAD
hdynu(sfnet) hDynu Linux Client Client to update Dynu's DNS table. It's aimed t... DOWNLOAD
conlib(sfnet) Conlib Conlib is a portable console input/output libra... DOWNLOAD
grandcentral(sfnet) GrandCentral C/C++ software made for the Rio Digital Audio C... DOWNLOAD
mpf70(sfnet) MPman MP-F70 The mpf70 project aims to provide both a Linux ... DOWNLOAD
irnews(sfnet) Rnews and Inews NNTP implementation Rnews and Inews stand-alone implementation base... DOWNLOAD
fireconfig(sfnet) FireConfig FireConfig is a PHP Frontend for Iptables and I... DOWNLOAD
tclldap(sfnet) TclLdap Tcl LDAP extension written in C++. It supports ... DOWNLOAD
metaeditor(sfnet) AEditor [Ruby BSD] Extreme programming is lacking a good tool. Its... DOWNLOAD
virtualcalendar(sfnet) VCalendar VCalendar is an open source Web calendar applic... DOWNLOAD
lima(sfnet) Lima Lima is an exception-safe policy-based state of... DOWNLOAD
jskeleton(sfnet) JSkeleton, java code skeleton generator JSkeleton is a swing based java application whi... DOWNLOAD
hcellauto(sfnet) Haskell Cellular Automaton Simulator The project aims to implement the concept of ce... DOWNLOAD
confucius(sfnet) Confucius Framework An Avalon based J2EE Framework which minimizes ... DOWNLOAD
medialib(sfnet) MediaNet (gestion de médiathèques) MediaNet MediaNet\'s goal is to provide a medi... DOWNLOAD
drakesdcphantom(sfnet) Drakes DcPhantom Hub server-AcronHuB () AcronHub is a Delphi Open Source Application de... DOWNLOAD
phptabmenu(sfnet) phpTabMenu phpTabMenu is a single php script, zipped up wi... DOWNLOAD
photoarchive(sfnet) photoarchive This program allows you to organize your person... DOWNLOAD
foundry(sfnet) Foundry Provides classes and utilities at an extremely ... DOWNLOAD
ztracker(sfnet) ztracker A win32 MIDI tracker being developed in C++ (MS... DOWNLOAD
fastreadercshar(sfnet) FastReader CSharp A .Net based RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Projecto... DOWNLOAD
logfiles(sfnet) Logfiles library LogFiles is a small library that implements a c... DOWNLOAD
omis(sfnet) Operational Management System omis.t-77 is an operational financial managemen... DOWNLOAD
sshvpn(sfnet) openssh vpn tunnel creater sshvpn is a shell script based tool which uses ... DOWNLOAD
uncodex(sfnet) UnCodeX UnCodeX analyses UnrealScript code and provides... DOWNLOAD
easyphptracker(sfnet) EasyPHPtracker An easy to install tracking application to see ... DOWNLOAD
brasnerd(sfnet) NerdBR IRCd NerdBR IRCd is the daemon used by StarByte IRC ... DOWNLOAD
loc4j(sfnet) Loc4J - Java Localization Library Loc4J is a java application localization librar... DOWNLOAD
konvert(sfnet) Konvert GUI to batch convert files (images, audio files... DOWNLOAD
csautoupdater(sfnet) Sharp AutoUpdater Sharp AutoUpdater is a C# component that will a... DOWNLOAD
idk-cms(sfnet) IDK - Internet Development Kit 'IDK' is a PHP MVC framework and CMS/Portal sys... DOWNLOAD
lzo-net(sfnet) LZO.Net LZO.Net is a small .NET-Wrapper around the nati... DOWNLOAD
borgworks(sfnet) This Project is dropped This Project is dropped DOWNLOAD
ezcompile(sfnet) EZcompile EZcompile is a tool that makes compiling the Li... DOWNLOAD
noipvms(sfnet) NO-IP Client for OpenVMS NO-IP Dynamic DNS Client for OpenVMS. DOWNLOAD
x-jws(sfnet) Extreme Java Webserver A open source webserver written in Java for lig... DOWNLOAD
amtools(sfnet) AMTools AMTools is the foundation for a web-based, data... DOWNLOAD
v2j(sfnet) V2J - Visual Jabber Starter Programs This project has re-identified it's purpose to ... DOWNLOAD
plloader(sfnet) PL/Loader An advanced oracle loader allowing arbitrary SQ... DOWNLOAD
findasong(sfnet) FindaSong A basic c++ program for linux that uses the loc... DOWNLOAD
kidthree(sfnet) KDE ID3 Editor A KDE (qt) ID3 v1 and v2 viewer/editor with the... DOWNLOAD

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