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jsplin(sfnet) JSPowerLin - Linux with a Java edge JSPowerLin - Linux with a Java edge, a lightwei... DOWNLOAD
ipacct-snmp(sfnet) Netfilter IP accounting for NET-SNMP Module for NET-SNMP to give information about n... DOWNLOAD
pnrecipe(sfnet) pnRecipe pnRecipe is a pnAPI compliant module for PostNu... DOWNLOAD
multinews(sfnet) MultiNews PHP-based news aggregator, can load both RSS an... DOWNLOAD
phpamx(sfnet) Php AMX It's a web interface for manage Half-life game ... DOWNLOAD
pure-data(sfnet) Pure Data Computer Music System The Pure Data (short Pd) project on SourceForge... DOWNLOAD
bochs2delphi(sfnet) Delphi Bochs Porting Bochs Emulator from C platform to Delphi. DOWNLOAD
forkpackages(sfnet) Fork Packages A collection of useful Java classes. DOWNLOAD
obsenc(sfnet) Obscure Encryption ObscureEncrypt is a high level security encrypt... DOWNLOAD
jxquick(sfnet) Java/XML Quick Quick is a Java package for workin with XML. Qu... DOWNLOAD
xrs(sfnet) xrs - XML Publication System Keep It Simple And Stupid XML Powered Publicati... DOWNLOAD
jdyndns(sfnet) JDynDns Java IP update client for dynamic DNS services ... DOWNLOAD
surrealism(sfnet) Surrealism ***Halted Due To Tertiary Studies*** DOWNLOAD
url-shortener(freshmeat) URL Shortener URL Shortener is a Django application to shorte... DOWNLOAD
aureal(sfnet) Linux Aureal Driver We hack on the aureal drivers for vortex to mak... DOWNLOAD
setimon(sfnet) Seti Remote Monitor A stand-alone java program that monitors seti i... DOWNLOAD
infiniband(sfnet) Linux InfiniBand Project The Linux InfiniBand Project is a collection of... DOWNLOAD
ohaha(sfnet) Ohaha Napster/Gnutella-NG Ohaha is a scalable, efficient, and distributed... DOWNLOAD
synapse(sfnet) Synapse Synapse is an OpenGL-based 2D GUI that will inc... DOWNLOAD
quicktimetcl(sfnet) QuickTimeTcl QuickTimeTcl is an extension package to Tcl/Tk ... DOWNLOAD
nsvm(sfnet) NSvm - Support Vector Machines for .NET NSvm is a .Net Support Vector Machine library w... DOWNLOAD
ipupdater(sfnet) Host PC IP Address updater Periodically scans a pre-determined NIC on the ... DOWNLOAD
chobits(sfnet) The Chobit Projects The Chobit Projects is an online game client, s... DOWNLOAD
jstdio(sfnet) JStdio DOWNLOAD
gtksuite(sfnet) Gtk Applications Suit GtkApp.Suit is an office software including a t... DOWNLOAD
tfn(sfnet) TFN - Petrinet simulator DOWNLOAD
inga(sfnet) Indexed Network Graphic Archiver Network-centric Graphic/Photo database program ... DOWNLOAD
opensnmp(sfnet) openSNMP openSNMP is a multi-threaded SNMPv3 engine. Thi... DOWNLOAD
vmd(sfnet) Vista Style Command Prompt It is transparent command prompt for windows. U... DOWNLOAD
bvb(sfnet) Bohemian Virus Bulwark BVB is a windows specific virus scanning utilit... DOWNLOAD
firemen(sfnet) Firemen This is a small and simple game imitating the o... DOWNLOAD
steve(sfnet) Steve, Simple Stenography Engine Open Source Stenography engine usable from the ... DOWNLOAD
phpopen(sfnet) phpOpen phpOpen is a free PHP script that grabs the con... DOWNLOAD
cicb(sfnet) cicb A color text-only client for the icb chat proto... DOWNLOAD
tcmd-xdvdfs(sfnet) TCMD Xbox DVD Filesystem Plugin This plugin adds feature to Total Commander to ... DOWNLOAD
d-rose(sfnet) D-Rose D-Rose is Dave's Railroad Operations Simulation... DOWNLOAD
dnsqlpanel(sfnet) bind-mysql control panel Dnsqlpanel is an easy to use control panel for ... DOWNLOAD
shadowirc(sfnet) ShadowIRC A Mac OS IRC client, geared for speed and exten... DOWNLOAD
gtkyahoo(sfnet) GTKYahoo Gtk+ based Yahoo! Messenger client DOWNLOAD
pvwikisystem(sfnet) pvWikiSystem Implementation of a Wiki -- makes it VERY EASY ... DOWNLOAD
jack-the-router(sfnet) Jack le routeur Little combination of arp and dns spoofing DOWNLOAD
sendmail-milter(sfnet) Sendmail::Milter Perl Module Sendmail::Milter is a Perl module that lets you... DOWNLOAD
rue(sfnet) RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer RUE is an open source, local or remote, monitor... DOWNLOAD
callgen323(sfnet) Open H.323 Call Generator Open H.323 Call Generator is an OpenH323 (www.o... DOWNLOAD
wmath(sfnet) WMath Program for huge amnount of mathematic operations. DOWNLOAD
sql2dia(sfnet) SQL to DIA SQL2DIA is a set of Perl scripts to generate Di... DOWNLOAD
rdftwig(sfnet) RDF Twig XSLT extension functions for Saxon and Xalan to... DOWNLOAD
nws(sfnet) NeoWebScript NeoWebScript is an Apache module that allows we... DOWNLOAD
ugrabcam-pl(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
ltisysid(sfnet) LTI System Identifier Linear Time Invariant (LTI) system identificati... DOWNLOAD
blenderscriptin(sfnet) Blender Scripting Library Blender Scripting Library provides a python lib... DOWNLOAD
evita(sfnet) Evita Evita is a prototype system for the exploration... DOWNLOAD
mobimon(sfnet) MobiMon - Mobile System Monitoring Use your Java-enabled mobile phone to monitor y... DOWNLOAD
vidix(sfnet) VIDeo Interface for linux VIDIX is VIDeo Interface for linux. VIDIX is po... DOWNLOAD
enkript(sfnet) Enkript Enkript is an user-friendly file ciphering prog... DOWNLOAD
yalc(sfnet) Yet another Liero Clone YaLC - Yet another Liero Clone: A liero clone s... DOWNLOAD
cipe-win32(sfnet) CIPE-Win32 Implements a Windows NT VPN peer to Olaf Titz's... DOWNLOAD
thintux(sfnet) ThinTUX ThinTUX is a small Linux distribution for thin ... DOWNLOAD
flide(sfnet) FLide FLide is a collection of tools, class libraries... DOWNLOAD
fhist(sfnet) FHist The file history tool, fhist, is a minimal hist... DOWNLOAD
rvhtmlimport(sfnet) TRichView HTML Import Open Source HTML Import module for the TRichVie... DOWNLOAD
zopeasia(sfnet) Zope for Asia Collection of activities aimed at improving sup... DOWNLOAD
jaeboy(sfnet) phpBB mods phpBB 2 modifications/ hacks DOWNLOAD
hstorm(sfnet) Hybrid-Storm Hybrid-Storm provides everything you may need t... DOWNLOAD
shine(sfnet) shine Shine provides you develoments tools and progra... DOWNLOAD
appsynth(sfnet) AppSynth AppSynth is a database generator for bank accou... DOWNLOAD
gltris(sfnet) gltris, an openGL based 3D tetris 3D tetris with lots of bonuses for killing your... DOWNLOAD
ozradio(sfnet) ozradio OZradio. BETA- Linux GUI. CD Player &... DOWNLOAD
nune(sfnet) NUNE News Script NUNE is a powerful news script which features c... DOWNLOAD
perlkonvert(sfnet) Perl Konvert A simple PERL script to make ease of mass image... DOWNLOAD
phpbarcode(sfnet) phpBarcode phpBarcode is at time a rude hack to generate E... DOWNLOAD
codejen(sfnet) Codejen Framework A flexible code generation framework providing ... DOWNLOAD
jplayer(sfnet) JPlayer JPlayer is a Java based media Player that suppo... DOWNLOAD
exclipboard(sfnet) ExClipBoard ExClipBoard is a project developed in Delphi 7.... DOWNLOAD
blenderrender(sfnet) Blender Render Regression Tests A regression suite for testing renders (both st... DOWNLOAD
sfic(sfnet) sfic sfic is a Simple File Integrity Checker, simila... DOWNLOAD
spolab2asm(sfnet) spo_lab2_asm DOWNLOAD
lvclient(sfnet) Auto Linh Vuong LVClient or Auto Linh Vuong is a tool for Linh ... DOWNLOAD
ejbace(sfnet) EJBAce Eclipse plug-in for EJB development. DOWNLOAD
cli-cr(sfnet) CLI CLI es un proyecto para el control de luces a t... DOWNLOAD
xades-php(sfnet) XAdES.PHP This tool can create XAdES (XML) signatures bas... DOWNLOAD
shearersite(sfnet) ShearerSite: Web Administration ShearerSite is a static templating system and w... DOWNLOAD
gtkterm(sfnet) GTKTerm GTKTerm is a small graphical shell like XTerm. ... DOWNLOAD
wmi2rrd(sfnet) wmi2rrd Collects and stores Windows Management Instrume... DOWNLOAD
nikacore(sfnet) NIKAcore: Core classes for PHP websites Simple PHP website library built on object-orie... DOWNLOAD
dynamicjni(sfnet) DynamicJNI DynamicJNI is a Java-based framework for better... DOWNLOAD
lemon4ssc(sfnet) lemon4ssc BBS a BBS system written in C++ DOWNLOAD
vulture(sfnet) Vulture Network Engine Il Vulture Network Engine è un CMS per siti sin... DOWNLOAD
saxadapter(sfnet) SAX Adapter The SAXAdapter is a utility that builds on the ... DOWNLOAD
itifg(sfnet) itifg kernel device driver for CorecoImaging frame gr... DOWNLOAD
phppersist(sfnet) phpPersist Object - Relational framework for php like many... DOWNLOAD
wsremote(sfnet) XMMS Serial Remote Control Plugin Wejp's XMMS Serial Remote Control Plugin is a p... DOWNLOAD
trilliza(sfnet) Trilliza Trilliza is a plug-in for Trillian that establi... DOWNLOAD
tipptrainer(sfnet) PingoS Tipptrainer PingoS Tipptrainer - A touch typing system for ... DOWNLOAD
yakaa(sfnet) Yakaa.Net Coder Committee Yakaa.Net Coder Comm. included TCLs for Eggdrop... DOWNLOAD
upython(sfnet) UPython Uptimes Project Client UPython is a client utility for the Uptimes Pro... DOWNLOAD
irc2010(sfnet) irc 2010 A project to plan and implement an extensible I... DOWNLOAD
tuxpop(sfnet) TuxPop TuxPop is a network communication tool which al... DOWNLOAD
jmmf(sfnet) Java MultiMethod Framework The Java MultiMethod Framework is a pure Java p... DOWNLOAD
warpconduit(sfnet) Warp Conduit Use JSPs under Apache Tomcat 4.0 with Microsoft... DOWNLOAD

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