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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
sipdevel(sfnet) SIPphone GAIM Development The source code inside this project will allow ... DOWNLOAD
cfml(sfnet) The CFML Community Platform This project differs from other Open Source pro... DOWNLOAD
kodakpcd(sfnet) KodakPCD generate a PhotoCD-Player playable CD. DOWNLOAD
jags(sfnet) Jags - Just Another GTK+ Samba Client This is a Gtk+ based "Windows network neig... DOWNLOAD
pmping(sfnet) pmping pmping (pmping is a multi ping script). A scri... DOWNLOAD
exar-plus(sfnet) exAr+ is FTN-mailer for OS Windows This project is expiremental branch of Argus FT... DOWNLOAD
olbm(sfnet) Olbm - Online Bookmarks Manager Online Bookmarks Manager/Viewer allowing online... DOWNLOAD
instlux(sfnet) instlux A linux from windows installer, that is, an ins... DOWNLOAD
ashcast(sfnet) Ashcast P2P Camchat Ashcast is a video-chat application fully writt... DOWNLOAD
irccontrol(sfnet) IRC Control IRControl is a .NET/Mono C# library, designed t... DOWNLOAD
sflux(sfnet) S-Flux S-Flux is an intelligent, dinamic, universal gr... DOWNLOAD
javaprofiler(sfnet) Java Profiling Tool The goal of this project is to develop Java Pro... DOWNLOAD
cfcp(sfnet) FCP Class Library A library of cross-platform C++ classes to allo... DOWNLOAD
cocoavnc(sfnet) Cocoa VNC CocoaVNC aims to provide a fast robust implemen... DOWNLOAD
abios-rtool(sfnet) Affordable BIOS Restoration Tool The Affordable BIOS Restoration Tool provides V... DOWNLOAD
chaosahamut(sfnet) The ChaOsAhAmUt IRCD project A variant of the bahamut ircd heavily modified ... DOWNLOAD
nse-stadniag(sfnet) nse nse is an OpenGL based role-playing games engine. DOWNLOAD
unit(sfnet) unit A program for converting between physical units... DOWNLOAD
ampit(sfnet) AmpIT AmpIT is a way to develop standalone Apache/Mys... DOWNLOAD
irenaeus(sfnet) irenaeus Bible study software that uses an ncurses or co... DOWNLOAD
libvtkdata(sfnet) libvtkdata Library which provides alternate way of dealing... DOWNLOAD
repairlix(sfnet) Repairlix Distribution Repairlix is a networked Linux distribution/boo... DOWNLOAD
foxrum(sfnet) foxrum foxrum is a free and very fast php forum DOWNLOAD
kkag(sfnet) KKAG Un engine para crear aventuras graficas en Linu... DOWNLOAD
indalo(sfnet) Proyecto Indalo DOWNLOAD
ptu(sfnet) Parameter Tuning Unity The Parameter Tuning Unity (PTU) aims to adapt ... DOWNLOAD
sentry(sfnet) Sentry Firewall CD-ROM Sentry Firewall CD-ROM is a Linux-based bootabl... DOWNLOAD
ols-usu(sfnet) Open Learning Support Open Learning Support (OLS) is social software ... DOWNLOAD
lstat(sfnet) LinuxStat LinuxStat is for generating and displaying diff... DOWNLOAD
mnits(sfnet) MnITS Internet Training System MnITS: the MnITS Internet Teaching System. An o... DOWNLOAD
smallsy(sfnet) SmallSy SmallSy is a managing tool for "normal&quo... DOWNLOAD
easysok(sfnet) EasySok EasySok is a sokoban game for KDE. It is themea... DOWNLOAD
mediaserver(sfnet) SoundServer SoundServer is a high fidelity Mediaplayer. It ... DOWNLOAD
ps2dev(sfnet) PS2Dev The Sony(R) Playstation(tm) 2 Development Group. DOWNLOAD
pygnome-tools(sfnet) PyGnome Tools PyGnome Tools are a set of extended widgets for... DOWNLOAD
dc1394-vlc(sfnet) vlc dc1394 access module VLC (VideoLan Client) access module for dc1394 ... DOWNLOAD
nukevkp(sfnet) VKP - Preconfigured German Packages for Developing of preconfigured german PHPNuke &... DOWNLOAD
gpsbabelwrapper(sfnet) GPSBabelWrapper GPSBabelWrapper allows the rest of us to use ri...
ghh(sfnet) Google Hack Honeypot "Google Hack" Honeypot Project. GHH i... DOWNLOAD
ohss(sfnet) Office Hours Scheduling System A web-based system for posting and scheduling ... DOWNLOAD
avoidtheroid(sfnet) Avoid The Roid Avoid The Roid is an asteroids like multiplayer... DOWNLOAD
downtown(sfnet) Downtown ADOM Downtown is a character editor for the roguelik... DOWNLOAD
falconcms(sfnet) Falcon Series One Falcon are a ultralight CMS dbless written in p... DOWNLOAD
ktabedit(sfnet) KTabEdit KTabEdit aims to develop a free, full-featured ... DOWNLOAD
newswriter2005(sfnet) PHP Newswriter 2005 The Newswriter is a simple script to publish an... DOWNLOAD
babelchat(sfnet) BabelChat A Java chat server/applet that translates langu... DOWNLOAD
jbjython(sfnet) jython (JPython) JBuilder integration jython (JPython) JBuilder integration with scri... DOWNLOAD
printit(sfnet) PrintIt A print server daemon that is able to handle se... DOWNLOAD
demuter(sfnet) demuter Demuter is a cgi-script written in perl, useful... DOWNLOAD
strunts(sfnet) STRUNTS - STRUts Next generation ToolSet strunts provides tools and helpers for building... DOWNLOAD
commzone(sfnet) Communication Zone an open-source WWW discussion Forum based on JS... DOWNLOAD
proimpro(sfnet) Prolog Image Processing Prolog Image Processing is a (initially) MacOS ... DOWNLOAD
blue-c(sfnet) orange language project orange is a new object oriented programing lang... DOWNLOAD
key-state32(sfnet) KeyStater This project is now abandoned. You can continue... DOWNLOAD
jjvm(sfnet) jjvm jjvm is a java virtual machine coded in java. DOWNLOAD
hideseek(sfnet) Preferences Hide and Seek Preferences Hide and Seek makes it possible to ... DOWNLOAD
plant(sfnet) Plant Database A PHP driven plant database DOWNLOAD
imageisometric(sfnet) PHP Isometric Image Image_Isometric is a package rendering isometri... DOWNLOAD
mymp3s(sfnet) MÆS (MP3 Audio Entertainment System) This is a spi... DOWNLOAD
esshsh(sfnet) ECLiPt SSH Shell The ECLiPt is a GNOME / KDE applet or mini-tool... DOWNLOAD
codonw(sfnet) CodonW CodonW is a programme designed to simplify the ... DOWNLOAD
jlogger(sfnet) Java Logger Platform independant way of logging information... DOWNLOAD
jppad(sfnet) jp scratchpad jp scratchpad is an interactive execution envir... DOWNLOAD
cljl(sfnet) Common Lisp JPEG Library Common Lisp JPEG Library implements baseline JP... DOWNLOAD
wisewig(sfnet) Wisewig A WYSIWYG web authoring tool - much like Netsca... DOWNLOAD
real(sfnet) REAL The aim of REAL is to develop a close to real l... DOWNLOAD
kdmm(sfnet) KDMM An application to be used with digital multimeters DOWNLOAD
otb(sfnet) Oracle Table Browser An Oracle Table Browser (OTB), a Web-based tool... DOWNLOAD
openlc(sfnet) OpenLC - Stress and Benchmarking Kernel OpenLC is a set tools designed to facilitate be... DOWNLOAD
todo(sfnet) ToDo A simple java based todo application with drag ... DOWNLOAD
openms(sfnet) Open System Administration This is a administration software for a server ... DOWNLOAD
sscs4php(sfnet) Simple Shopping Cart System for PHP Simple Shopping Cart System for PHP is a PHP an... DOWNLOAD
osesmp(sfnet) Educational System Modeling The open source Educational System Modeling pro... DOWNLOAD
gbootroot(sfnet) gBootRoot Non-root users construct, develop, test and run... DOWNLOAD
netwarriors(sfnet) netwarriors foundation site_foundation is a "post-your-story-here... DOWNLOAD
alesimulator(sfnet) Automated Life Ecosystem Simulator The Automated Life Ecosystem Simulator is a mic... DOWNLOAD
webqcat(sfnet) Web-based CueCat barcode scanner A completely web-based program for scanning bar... DOWNLOAD
druide(sfnet) lpc-edit lpc-edit is an editor for creating and editing:... DOWNLOAD
qce-ga(sfnet) QuickCam Express Driver This project produces drivers for the Logitech ... DOWNLOAD
txtapplet(sfnet) Text Edit Applet Text Edit Applet is a Java applet providing WYS... DOWNLOAD
palm-tcl(sfnet) Palm Tcl Palm Tcl - a port of the Tcl programming langua... DOWNLOAD
gluttony(sfnet) Gluttony Gluttony is a web-based recipe and ingredient d... DOWNLOAD
mrburns(sfnet) mrBurns Gnome applet mrBurns is a frontend for cdrecord... DOWNLOAD
j2dscript(sfnet) j2dscript Provide access to the Java(TM) 2D API via a scr... DOWNLOAD
usb2com(sfnet) usb2serial usb2com is a VCP(virtual com port) driver for u... DOWNLOAD
phpnukebrasil(sfnet) PHP-Nuke Brasil Our intent is to create a Brazilian PHP-Nuke co... DOWNLOAD
moneyjar(sfnet) MoneyJar MoneyJar is a Java library to help with impleme... DOWNLOAD
hlparse(sfnet) hlparse, the Half-Life log parser hlparse is, as the name would suggest, a Half-L... DOWNLOAD
philter(sfnet) Philter Philter is a mail filter written in Python to s... DOWNLOAD
phpformgen(sfnet) phpFormGenerator phpFormGenerator is a tool for creating reliabl... DOWNLOAD
gausssoft(sfnet) GaussSoft Development Kit The GaussSoft Development Kit is a collection o... DOWNLOAD
ccdecoder(sfnet) Closed Caption Decoder Closed Caption/Extended Data Services Decoder f... DOWNLOAD
gisk(sfnet) Gisk This package is intended to control dilutions o... DOWNLOAD
e107lithuanian(sfnet) e107Lithuanian Turinio valdymo sistemos e107 vertimas į lietuv... DOWNLOAD
cleanexplorer(sfnet) Clean Explorer A recreation of Windows Explorer. This program ... DOWNLOAD
fullscreen(sfnet) FullScreenForEclipse FullScreen to Editor for Eclipse DOWNLOAD
bgpacld(sfnet) an automatic access list generator This is an automatic access list generator. Acc... DOWNLOAD
atcpr(sfnet) Air Traffic Controller Recorder Parser Air traffic controller (ATC) logs have a specif...
webs2k(sfnet) Webs2k A simple, secure web server, derived from Hobbi... DOWNLOAD
diveintopython(sfnet) Dive Into Python A free Python book for experienced programmers DOWNLOAD

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