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wmlj(sfnet) wmlj wmlj is a WindowMaker dock application that mon... DOWNLOAD
netmake(sfnet) NetMake NetMake is an extension to GNU Make that allows... DOWNLOAD
usbat2(sfnet) Driver for the USBAT2 memorycard reader Development of a linux driver for the USBAT-2 C... DOWNLOAD
ftphp-manager(sfnet) FTPhp Manager FTPhp Manager is a web-based FTP client and (to... DOWNLOAD
exb(sfnet) ExB - ExB Xenophobic Bot A fast, sleak, and extensible IRC bot, written ... DOWNLOAD
cmdpp(sfnet) CMD++ CMD++ is a command line program, which was devo... DOWNLOAD
tictaco3d(sfnet) 3D TicTaco A game of 3 dimensional tic tac toe. Currently... DOWNLOAD
pydam(sfnet) Python Directory Access Modules This project will create python plugins for the... DOWNLOAD
lgames(sfnet) LGames LGames is a collection of neat, good-looking an... DOWNLOAD
bashar(sfnet) IRCBOT Bashar Multi chan IRC Bot (in Perl Modules, Parameter ... DOWNLOAD
dqtappserver(sfnet) DQT Application Server DQT Application Server a "plug-and-play&qu... DOWNLOAD
mailbox(sfnet) Mailbox: monitors multiple mailboxes Mailbox can monitor multiple POP3 mailboxes for... DOWNLOAD
sleep(sfnet) Sleep DOWNLOAD
eyepupdate(sfnet) eyePupdate eyePupdate is a Perl client for the services of... DOWNLOAD
smirc(sfnet) SMIRC Smirc is a perl irc client that uses the curses... DOWNLOAD
compression(sfnet) Block Sorting Compression Algorithm This is an academic project. A library and a sa... DOWNLOAD
chat(sfnet) Chat A curses-based chat program with client an... DOWNLOAD
diy-efis(sfnet) diy-efis DIY-EFIS is a project to develop an open-source... DOWNLOAD
songml(sfnet) SongML XML-based language for the notation of song str... DOWNLOAD
labxml(sfnet) LabXML LabXML: XML-toolkit for LabVIEW DOWNLOAD
telearvid(sfnet) TeleArVid There are popular tape device ArVid which based... DOWNLOAD
phpsms(sfnet) phpSMS customizable php script to send short messages ... DOWNLOAD
aimlog(sfnet) IMLog IMLog is a project to add flexible automatic lo... DOWNLOAD
cryogen(sfnet) Cryogen Operating System Cryogen is an experimental, distributed operati... DOWNLOAD
codoc(sfnet) CODOC Codoc is a documentation tool that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
redpixel(sfnet) Red Pixel Red Pixel is a platform deathmatch game for two... DOWNLOAD
gnomerar(sfnet) gnomeRAR gnomeRAR is a frontend for RAR archiver under l... DOWNLOAD
mapper(sfnet) Mapper: WEB/GUI Presentation Framework Mapper is a presentation framework for XML, WEB... DOWNLOAD
eurocalc(sfnet) EuroCalc EuroCalc is a European currencies from/to Euro ... DOWNLOAD
vlogide(sfnet) vIDE vIDE is a cross-platform tool for writing and s... DOWNLOAD
hhmp3(sfnet) The Headless Horse MP3 DOWNLOAD
interlis2fsm(sfnet) IXS-Tool The converter will convert INTERLIS 2 point sym... DOWNLOAD
projects4palmos(sfnet) Projects - Multi database app for PalmOS A rewrite of the built-in ToDo application ship... DOWNLOAD
manderlbot(sfnet) Manderlbot Erlang written IRC bot and possibly client DOWNLOAD
alink(sfnet) ALINK A linker for MSDOS and MSWindows. DOWNLOAD
delambre(sfnet) Delambre DOWNLOAD
nagg(sfnet) nagg - Not Another Gallery Generator! nagg is a shell script that easily creates stat... DOWNLOAD
tvdinner(sfnet) TVDinner TVDinner is an Apache-based streaming MP3 serve... DOWNLOAD
lxscope(sfnet) LxScope LxScope is the software package to bring an osc... DOWNLOAD
sonicmail(sfnet) Sonicmail Sonicmail is a GNOME applet POP email notifer. ... DOWNLOAD
lore2002(sfnet) Learning Objects Repository (LORe) The Learning Objects Repository (LORe) is a mod... DOWNLOAD
sips(sfnet) SIPS SIPS is an integrated weblog and link indexing ... DOWNLOAD
pygnut(sfnet) Pygnut Pygnut will become a clean, intuitive and power... DOWNLOAD
mppg(sfnet) MPPG - Mini PHP Photo Gallery Mini photo gallery php script. Drop-and-go appr... DOWNLOAD
duplifinder(sfnet) dupliFinder dupliFinder is a app that searches your compute... DOWNLOAD
pcjbot(sfnet) PCJ Bot It's a simple Jabber bot modelled after infobot. DOWNLOAD
palmpgn(sfnet) PalmPGN A PGN-format chess game viewer for the PalmOS. ... DOWNLOAD
blenderobjex(sfnet) OBJExporter for Blender Exports AliasWavefront OBJ Files from Blender -... DOWNLOAD
mymp3server(sfnet) MP3Server A mod_perl/apache module to manage and stream M... DOWNLOAD
sidebrain(sfnet) sidebrain Sidebrain is a programmer's memory aid, looking... DOWNLOAD
vip(sfnet) vip VIP is VI in Perl. This is a fun project and e... DOWNLOAD
phost-contrib(sfnet) phost/contrib The set of addons and tools for the Portable Ho... DOWNLOAD
funlib(sfnet) Functional Fragments Library This is a small library, written entirely in th... DOWNLOAD
alesolver(sfnet) ALE_solver CFD code using Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian al... DOWNLOAD
rutilants(sfnet) rUtilAnts Ruby library grouping various light-weight modu... DOWNLOAD
gamefu(sfnet) Gamefu A graphical frontend for many console emulators... DOWNLOAD
vagex(sfnet) vagex DOWNLOAD
jroi(sfnet) JROI Compression of face images impact the performan... DOWNLOAD
linpac(sfnet) LinPac A modular console-oriented packet radio termina... DOWNLOAD
pista(sfnet) PISTA Proceso Interactivo basado en un Sistema Telemá... DOWNLOAD
jacomma(sfnet) Java Communicating Agents Jacomma is a framework for developing network-a... DOWNLOAD
fw-spam(sfnet) fw_spam Protect your Server/Network against spammers. f... DOWNLOAD
php-ni(sfnet) PHP-Ni GUI Class Lib PHP-Ni GUI class lib programed by PHP 5, It's s... DOWNLOAD
wc2fn(sfnet) Wildcards in Destination A wrapper for programs/shell commands (cp, mv, ... DOWNLOAD
expressmail(sfnet) Project eXpress Mail - 2001 Project XM2001 is a framework for an open email... DOWNLOAD
daophp5(sfnet) DataAccessObjects (DAO) for PHP5 Data Access Objects for PHP5. A set of classes... DOWNLOAD
rgen(sfnet) RGEN RGEN is a library consisting of random number g... DOWNLOAD
highscorejaxon(sfnet) HighscoreJaxon A Java game-highscore server. It works with Jav... DOWNLOAD
gnugsl(sfnet) Game Server Launcher This project is to create a game server launche... DOWNLOAD
tcl-sql(sfnet) Tcl-SQL This project provides a generic Tcl interface t... DOWNLOAD
qmailalizer(sfnet) QMail log alizer Qmailalizer analises the qmail-send logs and ge... DOWNLOAD
jconsole(sfnet) jConsole DISCONTINUED PROJECT (see news) - jConsole is e... DOWNLOAD
nameless(sfnet) NameLess Mac game Nameless is a fullscreen scrolling action rollp... DOWNLOAD
sipdevel(sfnet) SIPphone GAIM Development The source code inside this project will allow ... DOWNLOAD
cfml(sfnet) The CFML Community Platform This project differs from other Open Source pro... DOWNLOAD
kodakpcd(sfnet) KodakPCD generate a PhotoCD-Player playable CD. DOWNLOAD
jags(sfnet) Jags - Just Another GTK+ Samba Client This is a Gtk+ based "Windows network neig... DOWNLOAD
pmping(sfnet) pmping pmping (pmping is a multi ping script). A scri... DOWNLOAD
exar-plus(sfnet) exAr+ is FTN-mailer for OS Windows This project is expiremental branch of Argus FT... DOWNLOAD
olbm(sfnet) Olbm - Online Bookmarks Manager Online Bookmarks Manager/Viewer allowing online... DOWNLOAD
instlux(sfnet) instlux A linux from windows installer, that is, an ins... DOWNLOAD
ashcast(sfnet) Ashcast P2P Camchat Ashcast is a video-chat application fully writt... DOWNLOAD
irccontrol(sfnet) IRC Control IRControl is a .NET/Mono C# library, designed t... DOWNLOAD
sflux(sfnet) S-Flux S-Flux is an intelligent, dinamic, universal gr... DOWNLOAD
javaprofiler(sfnet) Java Profiling Tool The goal of this project is to develop Java Pro... DOWNLOAD
cfcp(sfnet) FCP Class Library A library of cross-platform C++ classes to allo... DOWNLOAD
cocoavnc(sfnet) Cocoa VNC CocoaVNC aims to provide a fast robust implemen... DOWNLOAD
abios-rtool(sfnet) Affordable BIOS Restoration Tool The Affordable BIOS Restoration Tool provides V... DOWNLOAD
chaosahamut(sfnet) The ChaOsAhAmUt IRCD project A variant of the bahamut ircd heavily modified ... DOWNLOAD
nse-stadniag(sfnet) nse nse is an OpenGL based role-playing games engine. DOWNLOAD
unit(sfnet) unit A program for converting between physical units... DOWNLOAD
ampit(sfnet) AmpIT AmpIT is a way to develop standalone Apache/Mys... DOWNLOAD
irenaeus(sfnet) irenaeus Bible study software that uses an ncurses or co... DOWNLOAD
libvtkdata(sfnet) libvtkdata Library which provides alternate way of dealing... DOWNLOAD
repairlix(sfnet) Repairlix Distribution Repairlix is a networked Linux distribution/boo... DOWNLOAD
foxrum(sfnet) foxrum foxrum is a free and very fast php forum DOWNLOAD
kkag(sfnet) KKAG Un engine para crear aventuras graficas en Linu... DOWNLOAD
indalo(sfnet) Proyecto Indalo DOWNLOAD
ptu(sfnet) Parameter Tuning Unity The Parameter Tuning Unity (PTU) aims to adapt ... DOWNLOAD
sentry(sfnet) Sentry Firewall CD-ROM Sentry Firewall CD-ROM is a Linux-based bootabl... DOWNLOAD

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