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dspam-trainer(sfnet) dspam-trainer A quick dspam trainer application to ease the t...
remotehost(sfnet) remotehost_applet This is a GNOME applet using tiny shell scripts... DOWNLOAD
ganzua(sfnet) Ganzúa Ganzúa is a cryptanalysis tool for classical ci... DOWNLOAD
mappit(sfnet) A web-spider, based on the availability of URL ... DOWNLOAD
squashfuse(sfnet) squashfuse DOWNLOAD
womb(sfnet) :WOMB: Object-oriented data access framework DOWNLOAD
tmi-3(sfnet) Tmi-3 Tmi-3 is an umbrella project that aspires to re... DOWNLOAD
paic(sfnet) PAIC PAIC is an AI system designed for a simpler (an... DOWNLOAD
jspirit(sfnet) jspirit Java Modular SOA and SAAS Framework for Enterpr...
strata-ocontrol(sfnet) Strata Object Controls provides Java AWT Strata Object Controls provides Java AWT and Sw... DOWNLOAD
jsptags(sfnet) IN16 JSP Tag Library Providing libraries of Open Source JSP Tags for... DOWNLOAD
cbms(sfnet) The Complete Blocklist Management System CBMS is designed to relieve the burden on dnsbl... DOWNLOAD
tweetbot(sfnet) TweetBot A twitter bot written in python. Features inclu...
realnet(sfnet) RealNet Node Network An anonymous network of nodes which provide a v... DOWNLOAD
opencdserver(sfnet) Open CD Server The Open CD Server project shares CD-ROM's on a... DOWNLOAD
mqanalyticizer(sfnet) MQ Analyticizer A opensource program to collect statistics and ...
jevent(sfnet) JEvent Framework JEvent is a framework for java-based Event Disp... DOWNLOAD
rbsla(sfnet) RBSLA:Rule Based Service Level Agreement The Rule Based Service Level Agreement (RBSLA) ... DOWNLOAD
tesseract(sfnet) Cube Cube is a 4 dimensional hypercube (Tesseract) g... DOWNLOAD
coms(sfnet) Conference Management System COMS is a Technical Conference management syste... DOWNLOAD
blabla(sfnet) Bla Bla Komunikator - GG , Tlen, ICQ Bla Bla Komunikator to najlepszy klient GG i Tl... DOWNLOAD
metacontract(sfnet) MetaContract Design by Contract allows a programmer to docum... DOWNLOAD
pbrowse(sfnet) pBrowse pbrowse - file manager written in PHP provides ... DOWNLOAD
npublisher(sfnet) NPublisher This is an application publishing system for AS... DOWNLOAD
l2net(sfnet) l2net L2Net is .net Alternative Lineage 2 Server and ... DOWNLOAD
pyscrabble(sfnet) PyScrabble PyScrabble is an online, multiplayer scrabble p... DOWNLOAD
duckduck(sfnet) Duck Duck Duck duck is a quick application launcher for G... DOWNLOAD
robosuitcase(sfnet) robosuitcase The Robosuitcase project aims to build an auton... DOWNLOAD
englishtonepali(sfnet) English to Nepali Dictionary English to Nepali Dictionary facilitates anyone... DOWNLOAD
hpoj(sfnet) HP OfficeJet Linux driver (inactive) Linux printing, scanning, and photo-card access... DOWNLOAD
tspeaker(sfnet) TSpeaker Control your pc-speaker in Delphi in design- an... DOWNLOAD
testman4trac(sfnet) Test Manager plugin for Trac A Trac plugin to create Test Cases, organize th...
wscdl-eclipse(sfnet) WS-CDL Eclipse WS-CDL Eclipse is an eclipse based environment ... DOWNLOAD
dontpanicyet(sfnet) Don't Panic - Yet DOWNLOAD
blogreader(sfnet) BlogReader BlogReader is one of the open source news readi... DOWNLOAD
zeeproxy(sfnet) ZeeProxy It's a HTTP proxy that serves web sites stored... DOWNLOAD
linuxguide(sfnet) Josh's Linux Guide A beginner's Linux guide for people who are mig... DOWNLOAD
jscour(sfnet) jscour JScour is a simple java command-line program th... DOWNLOAD
guestserv(sfnet) Guest Server GuestServer is a simple web server for managing... DOWNLOAD
pyhnclient(sfnet) Python Client for's Dynamic DNS This project aim is to create an easy to use py... DOWNLOAD
ocicpplib(sfnet) OCI C++ Library OCI C++ lib grow up to one of the most powerful... DOWNLOAD
pit6peer(sfnet) pit6peer pit6peer is at least there just try it out
mws(sfnet) Micro Web Server This one you must see! After stripping out comm... DOWNLOAD
webpaj(sfnet) WebPAJ WebPAJ (pronounced "web page") is an ... DOWNLOAD
battstat(sfnet) Battstat_applet Battstat is a GNOME applet that queries the APM... DOWNLOAD
meadow(sfnet) meadow A java based generic real-time networked multi-... DOWNLOAD
webmin-bb(sfnet) Webmin for bigbrother webmin module for bigbrother DOWNLOAD
complete(sfnet) Complete! Typing Tool Complete! suggests words as you type. These wor... DOWNLOAD
perlunixsysadm(sfnet) Perl Unix::Sysadmin Unix::Sysadmin is a Perl OO framework that does... DOWNLOAD
vzlom(sfnet) Vzlom This is intended for those lazy security admini... DOWNLOAD
filmreview(sfnet) Drupal Film Review Module A drupal module for describing and managing fil... DOWNLOAD
yoobin(sfnet) yoobin The Software will be a collection of voice rela... DOWNLOAD
bugtracker(sfnet) Bugtracker The Bugtracker is a complete bug/issue manageme... DOWNLOAD
antigrator(sfnet) antigrator Project goal is to provide integration of ANT b... DOWNLOAD
cwriter(sfnet) cwriter cWriter stands for Collaborative Writer. It's a... DOWNLOAD
gestdb(sfnet) GestDB Allowing the access to different database engin... DOWNLOAD
tkintertable(sfnet) Tkinter Table A tkinter class that provides basic table funct... DOWNLOAD
atheris(sfnet) Atheris Finally, the binary release of the version 0.2.... DOWNLOAD
zulu(sfnet) Zulu Website Assembler Zulu is an easy-to-use website management tool. DOWNLOAD
einstein-player(sfnet) Einstein Player Einstein Player is a modularized audio multimed... DOWNLOAD
sharpcollect(sfnet) SharpCollect SharpCollect is a database programs (utilizing ... DOWNLOAD
unixnpi(sfnet) Newton Package Installer for UNIX The UnixNPI project is dedicated to providing a... DOWNLOAD
unheardof(sfnet) Unheard-of The concepts behind this game is simple. Many g... DOWNLOAD
tway(sfnet) tway Currently two way astar is implemented. For tho...
sc-original(sfnet) Stellar Crisis Original Stellar Crisis is the web's first complete mult... DOWNLOAD
msqlite(sfnet) matlab-sqlite SQLite interface for Mathwork's MATLAB language. DOWNLOAD
sirius2im(sfnet) Sirius2IM A utility for displaying the track information ... DOWNLOAD
palm-nurikabe(sfnet) Palm Nurikabe Game "Nurikabe" for Palm OS. DOWNLOAD
wwwdb(sfnet) WWWdb WWWdb allows you to set up an multi-lingual app... DOWNLOAD
refile(sfnet) refile refile is a file renamer which provide a new wa... DOWNLOAD
gimpdotnet(sfnet) The The GIMP converted to C# and .net DOWNLOAD
adventure3d(sfnet) Adventure 3D Povray Library Translate your roleplaying adventure dungeons f... DOWNLOAD
lattekom(sfnet) LatteKOM This is a Java-based LysKOM client library. The... DOWNLOAD
morgana(sfnet) Morgana Distributed Network Monitoring System in python... DOWNLOAD
kibod(sfnet) kibod Kibod is a KDE application for monitoring and c... DOWNLOAD
sintus(sfnet) Sintus A Project and Time Managing Tool, completly wri... DOWNLOAD
tibet(sfnet) Table Structure Recognition Library A library to extract the contents of a table, f... DOWNLOAD
rthrobotics2007(sfnet) FRC opensource scouting program This program is designed to be used in the FIRS... DOWNLOAD
nannie(sfnet) Nannie Nannie watches over your files so you don't hav... DOWNLOAD
xdesigner(sfnet) xdesigner X11 Designer tool is used to design desktop ind... DOWNLOAD
turingstudios(sfnet) Turing Studios A set of software written in Turing for the wor... DOWNLOAD
webdiary(sfnet) WebDiary PHP/MySql based diary. You can log your daily a... DOWNLOAD
gisdnconf(sfnet) GNOME ISDN Configuration DOWNLOAD
wasp(sfnet) WASP Web Application Structure for PHP - A powerful ... DOWNLOAD
l337(sfnet) Useful Open Sourced software Redistribution of useful software packed togeth... DOWNLOAD
transcalc(sfnet) Transmission Line Calculator Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for... DOWNLOAD
x3navald(sfnet) X3NavalD, boat design software Computer-Aided Boat-Design software written in ... DOWNLOAD
aadml(sfnet) Advanced and Discrete Math Library Advanced and Discrete Mathematics Library for P... DOWNLOAD
darwin-test(sfnet) Darwin_Test Darwin_Test validates the Darwincore2 format, t... DOWNLOAD
ftp4che(sfnet) ftp4che Feature rich FTP Library using Java 1.4 / 5.0 (... DOWNLOAD
gwtreflection(sfnet) GWT Reflection GWT Reflection give ability for GWT Developers ... DOWNLOAD
cbmi(sfnet) CBMI Canonical Bean Method Invocation - A Spring bas... DOWNLOAD
sebrei(sfnet) SEBREI Sistema Experto Basado en Reglas para recomenda... DOWNLOAD
tadm(sfnet) TADM The Toolkit for Advanced Discriminative Modelin... DOWNLOAD
pybaseball(sfnet) PyBaseball PyBaseball is a simulation of baseball written ... DOWNLOAD
jmousewheel(sfnet) JMouseWheel JMouseWheel implements mouse wheel support for ... DOWNLOAD
zervsitemapgen(sfnet) GsgXml GsgXml is a class used to build XML sitemaps fo... DOWNLOAD
odgrep(sfnet) OD Grep Open Diary ( content extracti... DOWNLOAD
passwdd(sfnet) passwdd DOWNLOAD
aem(sfnet) AEM - Linux Asynchronous Event Mechanism AEM implements a native support for asynchronou... DOWNLOAD

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