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jadsi(sfnet) JADSI ADSI is useful interface for many Windows admin... DOWNLOAD
distributedcity(sfnet) Distributed City Distributed City is a website in infrastructure... DOWNLOAD
miniamp(sfnet) MiniAMP MiniAMP is simple Apache + MySQL + PHP installe... DOWNLOAD
daemon4j(sfnet) Daemon4J - Java Virtual Machine Daemon Daemon4J is a helpful ghost for those who - don... DOWNLOAD
gtkali(sfnet) GTKali GTKali is a free graphical chat client for the ... DOWNLOAD
spyglass(sfnet) spyGLass spyGLass is an OpenGL call tracer and debugger.... DOWNLOAD
pxdbtofile(sfnet) PxDBTOFILE - DB to file export via XML PxDBTOFILE is a database to file exporter in PE... DOWNLOAD
imt(sfnet) Integrating Modelling Toolkit The Integrating Modelling Toolkit (IMT) is a ge... DOWNLOAD
appheartbeatmon(sfnet) Application Heartbeat Monitor Application Heartbeat Monitor is a daemon + lib... DOWNLOAD
sjeng(sfnet) Sjeng Sjeng is a strong, GPL'ed chessprogram that pla... DOWNLOAD
yanf(sfnet) Yet Another News Fetcher Yanf opens a config-file, reads it, fetches the... DOWNLOAD
rt-utils(sfnet) rt-utils A set of utilities for manipulating the POSIX r... DOWNLOAD
macprang(sfnet) Decode Mac OS X Crash Log A program to apply a link map to a Mac OS X cra... DOWNLOAD
drillingcalc(sfnet) Drilling Calculator Drilling Calculator, Calculate all your drillin... DOWNLOAD
winhp(sfnet) WinHP HP48/HP49 Editor WinHP is a windows editor that can edit and tra... DOWNLOAD
histog(sfnet) histog draw circular/linear histograms in PostScript. ... DOWNLOAD
classfind(sfnet) Classfind Provides a means to determine Java class loadin... DOWNLOAD
finj(sfnet) FTP client for Java apps Programmatically controllable FTP client writte... DOWNLOAD
atcommand(sfnet) Send_ReceiveSMSUsingATCommand Send And Receive SMS Using AT command using VB2... DOWNLOAD
universaldb(sfnet) EQEmu Universal DB The goal of this project is to provide EQEmu us... DOWNLOAD
qtcdb(sfnet) QtCDB QtCDB is software for Coincidence Doppler Broad... DOWNLOAD
zipcodedb(sfnet) The Zipcode Database Project DOWNLOAD
kiosk(sfnet) Kiosk Database Manager A light weight MySQL database manager. Supports... DOWNLOAD
slashem(sfnet) SLASH'EM SLASH'EM (SuperLotsaAddedStuffHack - Extended M... DOWNLOAD
dbobjects(sfnet) DB Objects for Java This package provides a lightweight and flexibl... DOWNLOAD
distru(sfnet) LiteStep Installer LiteStep Installer, easy to use LiteStep distri... DOWNLOAD
cvsmail(sfnet) cvsmail cvsmail is a set of utilities to manage the del... DOWNLOAD
flysearch(sfnet) FlySearch Fast Local File Search Using Lucene, HTMLParse... DOWNLOAD
elmutt(sfnet) Elmutt elmutt - mutt with elm features DOWNLOAD
cria(sfnet) cria IRC client Full-featured lightweight IRC client. DOWNLOAD
palmspec(sfnet) PalmOS Sinclair Spectrum emulator PalmOS Sinclair Spectrum emulator (PalmOS v3.5 ... DOWNLOAD
upflickr(sfnet) upflickr upflickr - a command line uploading tool for th... DOWNLOAD
survival(sfnet) Survival Source Release Source code and resources for build 1.06 of Sur... DOWNLOAD
freelog(sfnet) FreeLog - Open Source Datalogger This ECM diagnostic software was designed with ... DOWNLOAD
hamt(sfnet) hamt C++ implementation of Hash Array Mapped Trie (H... DOWNLOAD
synopsis(sfnet) Synopsis The project has moved to http://synopsis.fresco... DOWNLOAD
contentnow(sfnet) contentnow :: small cms contentNow :: a small content management system... DOWNLOAD
imgseekweb(sfnet) imgSeekWeb imgSeekWeb is based on imgSeek project.The fina... DOWNLOAD
xmlproperties(sfnet) XMLProperties The main product of this project, XMLProperties... DOWNLOAD
phpserver(sfnet) phpServer phpServer (based on phpSystem) is a php script ... DOWNLOAD
latte(sfnet) LATTE DOWNLOAD
nevu(sfnet) Nevu Nevu is a project which focuses on producing sm... DOWNLOAD
chain(sfnet) CHAIN CHAIN (CHAllenging and INtelligent) is a softwa... DOWNLOAD
javascour(sfnet) javascour A 100% Java client that interfaces with Scour E... DOWNLOAD
monorail(sfnet) Monorail Monorail is an integrated web-based interface t... DOWNLOAD
networkagent(sfnet) Network Agents A group of systems for building network-oriente... DOWNLOAD
getasciivalue(sfnet) Get ASCII Value DOWNLOAD
javagear(sfnet) JavaGear JavaGear is a Sega Master System and Game Gear ... DOWNLOAD
postal(sfnet) Postal/Rabid mail server benchmarks Program to benchmark high performance mail serv... DOWNLOAD
section-mail(sfnet) Section[one] E-Mail Ncurses e-mail writing in C lang. DOWNLOAD
buzzloader(sfnet) buzz machine DLL loader for linux BuzzLoader for Linux DOWNLOAD
sum-it(sfnet) Sum-It Sum-It is spreadsheet application for the BeOS.... DOWNLOAD
hampusdb(sfnet) HampusDB HDB is a small, flexible and efficient hybrid d... DOWNLOAD
phpgwapps(sfnet) phpGroupWare Apps Please goto DOWNLOAD
ooxml(sfnet) libxml++ (Discontinued) Small C++ wrapper for the SAX Interface of libx... DOWNLOAD
snd(sfnet) Snd Snd is a sound editor. DOWNLOAD
scopa(sfnet) Scopa "Scopa" is a very popular italian car... DOWNLOAD
torps(sfnet) Torps TORPS is a graphical tool for various role-play... DOWNLOAD
desktopswitcher(sfnet) Disktop Switcher Desktop Switcher is program that allows user to... DOWNLOAD
metabar(sfnet) Metabar A sidebar plugin for KDE's Konqueror which show... DOWNLOAD
phpcdlabel(sfnet) phpCDLabelPS Creating labels for your data/MP3 CDs using PHP... DOWNLOAD
docpp(sfnet) DOC++ DOC++ is a documentation system for C, C++, IDL... DOWNLOAD
rumba(sfnet) RUmba RUmba - visual (GUI) Samba browser (easy view, ... DOWNLOAD
keyd(sfnet) keyd A multimedia keys enabling daemon. Aims to be ... DOWNLOAD
asmilter(sfnet) Anti-Spam Milter Sendmail Milter written in C to filter out spam. DOWNLOAD
eskuel(sfnet) eSKUeL eSKUeL is a database managment tools written in... DOWNLOAD
ontogov(sfnet) OntoGov The e-Government services factory DOWNLOAD
kfli4l(sfnet) KFli4L Remote control center for fli4l internet router DOWNLOAD
vaspview(sfnet) VASP Data Viewer A 3D viewer for molecular charge distributions.... DOWNLOAD
picax(sfnet) Picax Picax is a AJAX photo gallery which will use th... DOWNLOAD
everyauction(sfnet) EveryAuction EveryAuction is a well-known free Perl online a... DOWNLOAD
oasisbas(sfnet) OASIS: Object Oriented BASIC OASIS aims to develop a fully object-oriented v... DOWNLOAD
uml-xchange(sfnet) UML-Xchange UML-Xchange is a SGML DTD for exchanging data m... DOWNLOAD
lfp(sfnet) Low Fat Profiler This projects is a very low overhead &accur... DOWNLOAD
gdiravi(sfnet) GDiravi Logiciel de controle du TP DIRAVI. Le but est ... DOWNLOAD
xtremenews(sfnet) Xtreme News System The goal for this project is to make an website... DOWNLOAD
publicidadj(sfnet) Publicidad del Diario Jornada DOWNLOAD
marcont(sfnet) MarcOnt Collaboration Portal MarcOnt Initiative's goal is to create new bibl... DOWNLOAD
selfish(sfnet) SELFISH: Prototype-based OOP SELFISH is an umbrella project covering toolset... DOWNLOAD
simkin(sfnet) Simkin for Java/XML Simkin is a simple scripting language aimed at ... DOWNLOAD
dreamtranet(sfnet) Dreamtranet ( Dreamsite Intranet ) Dreamtranet is a GPL Intranet project primarily... DOWNLOAD
doskix(sfnet) DOS Kommand Interface eXternsions DOS versions of common Unix commands coded in p... DOWNLOAD
blenderplayer(sfnet) Blender Player for Fabiogiopla This is a special version of Blender Player, de... DOWNLOAD
replayer(sfnet) Replayer This is a Java GUI application for downloading ... DOWNLOAD
flowr(freshmeat) Flowr Flowr is a simple tool for creating open or clo... DOWNLOAD
isptools(sfnet) ISP tools A Collection of utilities, daemons, scripts, we... DOWNLOAD
malik(sfnet) MALiK This project is interpreter pseudo Turbo Pascal... DOWNLOAD
cdurry(sfnet) CDurry CDurry's goal is to effectively calculate and h... DOWNLOAD
mygps(sfnet) MyGPS MyGPS is a program for downloading, uploading a... DOWNLOAD
modlogan(sfnet) modlogan ModLogAn is a modular logfile analyzer which is... DOWNLOAD
lechemindeladam(sfnet) Holyspirit Holyspirit is a 2D isometric hack'n'slash game ... DOWNLOAD
wapuniverse(sfnet) wapuniverse WAPUniverse is a GNU WAP compliant browser for ... DOWNLOAD
phppm(sfnet) phpProjectManagement A basic project management system using PHP and... DOWNLOAD
deckards(sfnet) Fire of War Fire of War is e game developped with Visual Ba... DOWNLOAD
napster4be(sfnet) Napster for BeOS A Napster client for the BeOS. DOWNLOAD
cnwfc(sfnet) cnwfc DOWNLOAD
hyperjournal(sfnet) HyperJournal The HyperJournal is a free web application whic... DOWNLOAD
textplay(sfnet) Textplay A simple Perl MUD client using GTK+ as toolkit. DOWNLOAD
jirr(sfnet) Jirr Jirr is a Java binding of the incredible Irrlic... DOWNLOAD
faces(sfnet) faces Faces - a Gtk+ program for monitoring a list (t... DOWNLOAD

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