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jrcs(sfnet) Java RCS This project is an effort to port the RCS sourc... DOWNLOAD
tmki(sfnet) Tamaki Content Management System using php/mysql DOWNLOAD
hp8970(sfnet) HP 8970 Noise Figure Meter Software hp8970 is a set of command line programs develo... DOWNLOAD
webfrastructure(sfnet) Webfrastructure N-tier object-oriented framework written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
mcdl(sfnet) MCDL MCDL is a small Java molecular viewer/editor fo... DOWNLOAD
flisp-j(sfnet) FLISP-J: Free Lisp Library for Java Free & Compact Lisp Library for Java 5.0 an... DOWNLOAD
state4j(sfnet) Statecharts Interpreter for Java This is an Hierarchical State Machine (aka Stat... DOWNLOAD
omega-engine(sfnet) OMEGA Engine OMEGA Engine - многофункциональный кроссплафтор... DOWNLOAD
fsa(sfnet) FSA FSA is a probabilistic multiple sequence alignm...
fatfix(sfnet) fatfix Ever formated a FAT partition and regretted it?... DOWNLOAD
aie(sfnet) Artificial Intelligence Experimentation The goal of this project is to learn about and ... DOWNLOAD
wmdctrl(sfnet) wmdctrl Diald Control applet DOWNLOAD
llpp(freshmeat) llpp llpp is a MuPDF-based PDF pager. DOWNLOAD
getajob(sfnet) (NL version) GetAJob is a Perl utility to find yourself a jo... DOWNLOAD
mp3report(sfnet) MP3 Report Generator A simple program to scan a list of (sub)directo... DOWNLOAD
openrmi(sfnet) OpenRMI OpenRMI defines a messaging interface. This in... DOWNLOAD
jbreport(sfnet) jbReport Produces HTML reports based on XML sources. Emp... DOWNLOAD
proxy-changer(sfnet) Windows Web Browser Proxy Changer Administering Proxy servers I find myself wasti... DOWNLOAD
surprise(sfnet) Partition Surprise Partition Surprise is a GPL partition managing ... DOWNLOAD
smtpfilter(sfnet) SMTP Proxy Server as spam/virus filter A proxy smtp server with 1. Use of user-selecta... DOWNLOAD
fa2ed(sfnet) Fallout 2 Save Game Editor DOWNLOAD
jetrace(sfnet) Jetrace Jetrace is a Java Enterprise trace tool that J2... DOWNLOAD
xfl(sfnet) XFL An xsl post processor which generates swf files. DOWNLOAD
route64(sfnet) Route64 Route64 is a Commodore 64 emulator implemented ... DOWNLOAD
rrdstats(sfnet) rrdstats Web Stats Server, Temp, UPS, Sensors, Speed net... DOWNLOAD
rymo(sfnet) rymo a small, php based pop3 webmail application. DOWNLOAD
yagcu2(sfnet) YaGcU-v2-Yet another Geocaching Utility Yet another Geocaching Utility supports import,... DOWNLOAD
aoo-extensions(sfnet) Apache Extensions The official catalog of Apache OpenOffice exten... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-snpp(sfnet) Pidgin SNPP Plugin pidgin-snpp is a protocol plug-in for the Pidgi... DOWNLOAD
lugopolis(sfnet) Lugopolis Modules A set of php-nuke nuke modules DOWNLOAD
pice(sfnet) pICE PrivateICE is a kernel level debugger similar t... DOWNLOAD
moztrans(sfnet) MozillaTranslator MozillaTranslator (the program) is for localiza... DOWNLOAD
aoo-templates(sfnet) Apache Templates The official catalog of Apache OpenOffice templ... DOWNLOAD
proxy-filtro(sfnet) Proxy with filter It's a proxy with filtering of content of webpa... DOWNLOAD
termix(sfnet) Termix Termix is a Linux (UNIX) telnet client designed... DOWNLOAD
cdindexer(sfnet) cdindexer Utility for indexing cds, backups and so on: It... DOWNLOAD
luasdl(sfnet) LuaSDL Lua wrappers for the SDL (Simple Direct media L... DOWNLOAD
jpfop(sfnet) JAPANIZED FOP This Project supports Japanese supplements and ... DOWNLOAD
nphys(sfnet) Neurophysiology Analysis Toolkit An open-source package for analysis of neurophy... DOWNLOAD
thosp(sfnet) tHospGroupware thosp is groupware web application of in-patien... DOWNLOAD
sexcat(sfnet) SExCaT python, SExtractor. A python module to read, wr... DOWNLOAD
tool3s(sfnet) 3STool 3sTool is an adaptive decision support tool, de... DOWNLOAD
vperl(sfnet) Visual Perl Perl/Tk GUI Builder is a project which hopes to... DOWNLOAD
checkbook(sfnet) Checkbook Checkbook is a multifunctional accounting tool,... DOWNLOAD
mount-ntfs(sfnet) NTFS Mount (Solaris), UFS Reader (WinXP) A tool that allows mounting NTFS partitions rea... DOWNLOAD
slimpanelz(sfnet) SlimPanelz An extensible SqueezeBox screensaver plugin, di... DOWNLOAD
clanker(sfnet) Clanker Clanker is a 100% Java API for the encapsulatio... DOWNLOAD
rts-gamelib(sfnet) RTS game making library A set of windows DLLs (with source code, assemb... DOWNLOAD
donsproxy(sfnet) DonsProxy Capture, analyze, modify, replicate your applic... DOWNLOAD
catoolkit(sfnet) Coding Analysis Toolkit The Coding Analysis Toolkit (or "CAT"...
objectrendering(sfnet) Core Object Rendering Engine The Core Object Rendering Engine is an extensib... DOWNLOAD
nobel(sfnet) nobel nobel is small ANSI C written, OS independent b... DOWNLOAD
openantivirus(sfnet) The OpenAntivirus Project Developing Open Source AntiVirus Solutions DOWNLOAD
pynicode(sfnet) pynicode Unicode support and character set translation f... DOWNLOAD
sightripple(sfnet) ~sightRipple A project based non-WYSIWYG HTML editor for Win... DOWNLOAD
projtimer(sfnet) projtimer A small Java app that measures the time you spe... DOWNLOAD
messy(sfnet) Messy Collaboration Framework Messy is a collaboration tool for distributed t... DOWNLOAD
isportal05(sfnet) Information Society Portal 05 Information portal based on Java technology, pr... DOWNLOAD
hlim(sfnet) Home Library Information Manager The Home Library Information Manager (HLIM) wil... DOWNLOAD
jcon(sfnet) Java Consortium Reuseables A fairly wide-ranging grab bag of reuseable Jav... DOWNLOAD
gcover(sfnet) Gcover - CD Covers for Gnome Gcover is application for GNOME to create CD Co... DOWNLOAD
w-windows(sfnet) W Windows System W Windows System is a compact-sized and speedy ... DOWNLOAD
megahal(sfnet) MegaHAL MegaHAL is a 'conversation simulator' that lear... DOWNLOAD
myphpnuke(sfnet) myPHPNuke myPHPNuke is a content management system writte... DOWNLOAD
vaj2cvs(sfnet) Visual Age to CVS client VAJ2CVS tool -- Integrated Client for CVS contr... DOWNLOAD
yardradius(sfnet) YARD RADIUS Yet Another Radius Daemon (i.e. YARD RADIUS) is... DOWNLOAD
opensrs(sfnet) OpenSRS Client Software This project has been deprecated. Please refer ... DOWNLOAD
sforum(sfnet) SForum - A Skinnable PHP Forum A discussion forum designed in PHP/MySql. It su... DOWNLOAD
dmacs(sfnet) DMACS: The Console Debugger DMACS: a feature-rich debugger that can be pote... DOWNLOAD
jns(sfnet) jns - Java Network Simulator JNS is a Java version of the ns-2 network simul... DOWNLOAD
dyskolos(sfnet) The Dyskolos Project DOWNLOAD
mirrormug(sfnet) MirrorMug MirrorMug is a Windows app for mirroring the co... DOWNLOAD
ussrp(sfnet) ussrp ussrp is a solution for storing and generating ... DOWNLOAD
gtkwavedit(sfnet) Gtk WavEdit Sound and speech editor. Sound data analysis an... DOWNLOAD
cpm2usb(sfnet) USB drivers for PowerQUICC II USB drivers for PowerQUICCII DOWNLOAD
werken-opt(sfnet) werken.opt A java library for parsing arbitrarily complex ... DOWNLOAD
camba(sfnet) CamBA CamBA is a Linux package for statistical analys... DOWNLOAD
poemud(sfnet) PoeMud: Perl Object Environment MUD PoeMud is an Object Oriented MUD driver designe... DOWNLOAD
hydrotools(sfnet) Aquifer Analysis Tools Aquifer Analysis Tools DOWNLOAD
paradox(sfnet) Auspice PostNuke Module Collection of useful postnuke module DOWNLOAD
webcache-emule(sfnet) WebCache eMule Mod for eMule. It boosts ISP webcache efficienc... DOWNLOAD
rb37(sfnet) RB37-Rubidium Perl Editor Cross Platform Perl Development IDE. Current Al... DOWNLOAD
geoar(sfnet) GeoAr - WMS/WFS laszlo client GeoAr intends to be a rich client for WMS and W... DOWNLOAD
gcdfs(sfnet) German Coder Floppy Disk File System The German Coder (Floppy) Disk File System is a... DOWNLOAD
elizatalk(sfnet) Elizatalk for LICQ Autoreply 1.0+ This is an Artificial Intelligent response prog... DOWNLOAD
scap(sfnet) SVGA Cellular Automata Program This is a cellular automata program for Linux u... DOWNLOAD
kaybot(sfnet) KayBot IRC Bot Kaybot is a small yet fully featured IRC bot pr... DOWNLOAD
freezeenergy(sfnet) Freeze Energy Freeze Energy is a Cold Fusion port of the Free... DOWNLOAD
nukehack(sfnet) PHP-Nuke Hacks and Addons This is the place to help add and modify to the... DOWNLOAD
lingo-cvs(sfnet) Lingo CVS Lingo CVS will be a system providing version co... DOWNLOAD
qbioss(sfnet) QBiOSS - Quickbooks Importer QBiOSS connects directly to a Miva Merchant onl... DOWNLOAD
ladder(sfnet) ladder DOWNLOAD
gtkstartmsg(sfnet) gtk start message This little program displays a GTK window wit... DOWNLOAD
phpdocroom(sfnet) PHP Doctors Rooms PHP Doctors Rooms is a complete management pack... DOWNLOAD
wolf3d-s60(sfnet) Wolf3D S60 Port of Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny f... DOWNLOAD
syncdir3(sfnet) Directory Synchronization Utility The Directory Synchronization program synchroni... DOWNLOAD
oglconsole(sfnet) OGLCONSOLE A powerful "never-fail" quake-style d... DOWNLOAD
hillmaker(sfnet) Hillmaker Hillmaker is a Microsoft Access add-in that can... DOWNLOAD
statemirror(sfnet) StateMirror Scalable and reliable session state management ... DOWNLOAD
gtksort(sfnet) gtksort External disk sorter for binary or text files. ... DOWNLOAD

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