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wolf3d-s60(sfnet) Wolf3D S60 Port of Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny f... DOWNLOAD
syncdir3(sfnet) Directory Synchronization Utility The Directory Synchronization program synchroni... DOWNLOAD
oglconsole(sfnet) OGLCONSOLE A powerful "never-fail" quake-style d... DOWNLOAD
hillmaker(sfnet) Hillmaker Hillmaker is a Microsoft Access add-in that can... DOWNLOAD
statemirror(sfnet) StateMirror Scalable and reliable session state management ... DOWNLOAD
gtksort(sfnet) gtksort External disk sorter for binary or text files. ... DOWNLOAD
digitaltv(sfnet) BIT Everest DigitalTV BIT Everest is a free open source library that ... DOWNLOAD
dslib(sfnet) Dynamic Systems Library DSLib is a library of C++ classes that makes it... DOWNLOAD
cwcan(sfnet) Linux/BSD CAN device driver Linux/FreeBSD device-driver for the ISA PC-CAN ... DOWNLOAD
t3s(sfnet) Task Time Tracking System T3S is a project task time tracking tool. T3S ... DOWNLOAD
jbiblioteca(sfnet) Java Book Catologging System The purpose of this software is primarily to cr... DOWNLOAD
rpgmud(sfnet) Open Game System Open Game System is a crossplatform client/serv... DOWNLOAD
gnuusr(sfnet) GnuUsr (New User) This program is an automated administration too... DOWNLOAD
covibli(sfnet) Componentes Visuales IB Linux Se trata de crear un conjunto de componentes vi... DOWNLOAD
jircd(sfnet) Java IRCd A full RFC-1459 Compliant IRC daemon with integ... DOWNLOAD
forge3d(sfnet) Forge 3D Forge3D is my first attempt at a 3D engine. DOWNLOAD
mimewriter(sfnet) mimeWriter mimeWriter converts output from xPrinter (print... DOWNLOAD
inducks-browser(sfnet) INDUCKS Browser Simplifies browsing the INDUCKS DOWNLOAD
grinfs(sfnet) GRINFS GRINFS is a distributed network file system org... DOWNLOAD
pyinstant(sfnet) Instant Instant has now moved to Fenics ( DOWNLOAD
junkbait(sfnet) Junk Bait A web application which localizes the source of... DOWNLOAD
ecbsd(sfnet) ECBSD This is ECBSD, a set of facilities for NetBSD i... DOWNLOAD
asterion(sfnet) Asterion for Struts Framework that adds security functions to Java ... DOWNLOAD
jdonut(sfnet) jDonut jDonut is a minimal, lightweight, pure Java-bas... DOWNLOAD
paradisemu(sfnet) Paradise-Mu
tools4bci(sfnet) tools4BCI Within this project we want to provide some too... DOWNLOAD
atomik(sfnet) Atomik AppleScript for Ircle Atomik is an AppleScript that loads in Ircle an... DOWNLOAD
jedstate(sfnet) JedState The jedstate program is some sort of extended m... DOWNLOAD
bl0g(sfnet) bl0g bl0g's a Hebrew PHP/mySQL system designed to ru... DOWNLOAD
netdare(sfnet) NetDare NetDare is a Java network game system. The proj...
clockwork-engine(sfnet) C++/DirectX Game Engine Clockwork is a game engine coded in C++ using D... DOWNLOAD
cldirectord(sfnet) cldirectord cldirectord is a threaded monitoring program fo... DOWNLOAD
lkdtt(sfnet) Linux Kernel Dump Test Tool DTT (Dump Test Tool) is a test suite that evalu... DOWNLOAD
jukeboxmgr(sfnet) Jukebox Manager Download to you PJB100 from a large set of Mult... DOWNLOAD
lprj(sfnet) LPR JavaClassLib DOWNLOAD
ixbiff(sfnet) ixbiff ixbiff is a daemon that notify the user when ne... DOWNLOAD
rootsnns(sfnet) ROOTSNNS ROOTSNNS is a set of C++ classes which allows o... DOWNLOAD
mietab(sfnet) MieTab MieTab is a windows program for calculating the... DOWNLOAD
cbeventlib(sfnet) Simple Event Library A Simple Event Library for C programs on a POSI... DOWNLOAD
gnuliman(sfnet) Gnu Liman With this application, you can search ship port... DOWNLOAD
skyftp(sfnet) SkyFTP This is an standalone open source FTP client us... DOWNLOAD
rippy(sfnet) Rippy Rippy is a script designed to make ripping DVDs... DOWNLOAD
torrentcascade(sfnet) TorrentCascade It's a user interface that uses different popul... DOWNLOAD
modcaldav(sfnet) mod_caldav This is an Apache module implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
faqomatic(sfnet) FAQ-O-Matic The Faq-O-Matic is a CGI-based system that auto... DOWNLOAD
linux-sh(sfnet) Linux Shell Script Utilities Collection of semi-useful utilities that I find... DOWNLOAD
lib4th(sfnet) lib4th Forth kernel shared dll for i586-pc-linux/ELF i... DOWNLOAD
notwhoami(sfnet) notwhoami Generates a random name, address, phone number,... DOWNLOAD
perlbot(sfnet) Perlbot Perlbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It uses... DOWNLOAD
dadmin(sfnet) Data-Admin Data-Admin aims to provide a PHP based interfac... DOWNLOAD
madchat(sfnet) madchat mAdchAt Encore une autre adaptation de slashdot... DOWNLOAD
pws(sfnet) Pegasi Web Server Pegasi Web Server (PWS) is a multithreading Jav... DOWNLOAD
xbill(sfnet) xBill Classic "xBill 2.0" game enhanced to ... DOWNLOAD
tkdvi(sfnet) TkDVI A TeX DVI previewer based on Tcl/Tk. DOWNLOAD
mundle(sfnet) Mundle - Management Bundle This project is dedicated to finding best of br... DOWNLOAD
cocovila(sfnet) CoCoViLa CoCoViLa (Compiler Compiler for Visual Language... DOWNLOAD
tclodbc(sfnet) TclODBC This is the ODBC extension to Tcl. DOWNLOAD
sr-packager(sfnet) Source Ruckus Packager The Source Ruckus Packager (SRP) is the source ... DOWNLOAD
pop3lite(sfnet) POP3Lite Modular POP3 daemon. DOWNLOAD
loco(sfnet) Loco / Trains An attempt to write a simple simulation / strat... DOWNLOAD
dvkit(freshmeat) DVKit DVKit provides an Eclipse-based integrated deve... DOWNLOAD
elcc(sfnet) Elcc - an Earley parser generator Elcc is an Earley parser generator written in P... DOWNLOAD
blizzaga(sfnet) Blizzaga Media Library Blizzaga Media library is a tool for generating... DOWNLOAD
indict(sfnet) SatuVISI Indict Indict is a English-Indonesian dictionary and v... DOWNLOAD
gaim-extprefs(sfnet) Pidgin Extended Prefs Pidgin Extended Preferences provides additional... DOWNLOAD
communi(sfnet) Communi Instant Messaging Solution The idea behind communi is a simple and elegant... DOWNLOAD
yank(sfnet) yet another notekeeper Yank is a simple notekeer and todo-list manager... DOWNLOAD
sailaway(sfnet) SailAway A solar sail structure and flight simulator wit... DOWNLOAD
aoapm(sfnet) Perl module to manipulate AoAs DOWNLOAD
cbe(sfnet) Code Building Environment CBE is a revision control system with integrate... DOWNLOAD
freerails(sfnet) FreeRails The aim of the FreeRails project is to create a... DOWNLOAD
phptriad(sfnet) PHP Triad for Windows An installer of Apache, MySQL and PHP for Windows. DOWNLOAD
inventor(sfnet) Inventor LGPL Open Inventor (tm) C++ API using OpenGL fr... DOWNLOAD
javatexteditor(sfnet) JavaTextEditor A simple java text editor design to work cross-... DOWNLOAD
allocator(sfnet) allocator A Pooled, Shared Memory allocator for the ... DOWNLOAD
jpoompi(sfnet) JPOOMPI In the cluster environment we generally use a p... DOWNLOAD
sispmctl(sfnet) Silver Shield PM Control for Linux sispmctl is an application enabling the use of ... DOWNLOAD
avidus(sfnet) Avidus Avidus is a financial charting, technical analy... DOWNLOAD
edival(sfnet) edival EDI Parsing & Validation Library Edival is a simple EDI file parsing & valid... DOWNLOAD
wxpython(sfnet) wxPython A set of Python extension modules that wrap the... DOWNLOAD
imfradim(sfnet) Imfradim This is a cgi-program for dynamically generate ... DOWNLOAD
dnotes(sfnet) dNotes DOWNLOAD
lrmi(sfnet) Linux Real Mode Interface LRMI is a library for calling real mode BIOS ro... DOWNLOAD
kprefmp3(sfnet) KprefMP3 KprefMP3 is an MP3 player front-end, which sits... DOWNLOAD
itg(sfnet) Image Thumbnail Generator Generates thumbnails from one or more selected ... DOWNLOAD
uocc(sfnet) UO commander & conqueror DOWNLOAD
zwiki-i18n(sfnet) ZWiki I18N Project ZWiki I18N Project is experimental part of <... DOWNLOAD
winbond-webcam(sfnet) Winbond webcam IC driver A driver for the Winbond W9967CF and W9968CF we... DOWNLOAD
bakery(sfnet) Bakery A C++ Framework for Document-based GNOME applic... DOWNLOAD
jsman(sfnet) jsman JSMAN provides open source, high level interope... DOWNLOAD
linib(sfnet) Linux Nibbles linib is Linux Nibbles. This is different from ... DOWNLOAD
msxz80asm(sfnet) The MSX Z80 assembler A Z80 (cross-)assembler with header files with ... DOWNLOAD
f2w(sfnet) f2w helpdesk Web helpdesk with "expert-system" dia... DOWNLOAD
na-basic(sfnet) Netautor Basic netautor-basic is a tool for creating and editi... DOWNLOAD
dbuilder(sfnet) DBuilder DBuilder is an IDE for creating Win32 applicati... DOWNLOAD
orchard(sfnet) Orchard DOWNLOAD
josgui(sfnet) JOS Media Player This is a little name change. The project will... DOWNLOAD
plugins4jmol(sfnet) JMol Plugins The project "plugin4jmol" is consider... DOWNLOAD
dotnetindex(sfnet) Active News Manager Active News Manager is aprofessional web based ... DOWNLOAD
moodlelabs(sfnet) Moodle Remote and Virtual Labs iLabViR is an innovation and research education... DOWNLOAD

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