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hygia(sfnet) Hygia web-application testing framework Hygia is a testing framework for web-applicatio... DOWNLOAD
d-keylogger(sfnet) Deserter Keylogger Deserter Keylogger is a program designed for st... DOWNLOAD
iupinymd(sfnet) Indiana University PINY MD for AIX PINY_MD(c) is a multipurpose, object-oriented m... DOWNLOAD
lipivm(sfnet) LIPI Virtual Machine Project LIPI (acronym for "LIPI Is Platform Indepe... DOWNLOAD
cro(sfnet) Chinese Restaurant Online On line chinese restaurant database provides ed... DOWNLOAD
ehnta(sfnet) EHNT Aggregation Collector Project is related to EHNT: Extreme Happy Neflo... DOWNLOAD
grlib(sfnet) Graphical Grammar Library An implementation of generative grammars and t... DOWNLOAD
zelhack(sfnet) zelhack zelhack is a program for hacking NES ROMs for Z... DOWNLOAD
reoback(sfnet) REOBack Backup Solution REOBack (pronounced as ray-o-back), is a backup... DOWNLOAD
automarker(sfnet) Java Assignment Automarker An automarking framework for Java programming a... DOWNLOAD
regeditpe(sfnet) Registry Editor PE Registry Editor PE is a plugin for Bart's PE Bu... DOWNLOAD
ldapauthmod(sfnet) LDAP Auth MOD (phpBB) This is modification to popular biuletin board ... DOWNLOAD
blenderbuntu(sfnet) BlenderBuntu This project will create livedvd named BlenderB... DOWNLOAD
pipe01(sfnet) pipe01 A dynamic process i/o interpretation program wi... DOWNLOAD
in003(sfnet) in003 A tcp/udp i/o program wich includes support for... DOWNLOAD
i02(sfnet) i02 A serial port i/o program wich includes support... DOWNLOAD
guisearch(sfnet) GUISearch: search app code using its GUI GUISearch provides a Web interface for browsing... DOWNLOAD
phpag(sfnet) phpAG - PHP Anagram Generator <b>phpAG</b> is an anagram generato... DOWNLOAD
xanadu(sfnet) Xanadu Xanadu is a completely pluggable webportal rely... DOWNLOAD
jnntpe(sfnet) Java NNTP Engine This project the will hide the workings of NNTP... DOWNLOAD
algorizmi(sfnet) algorizmi An open-source configurable virtual testbed (ba... DOWNLOAD
cccl(sfnet) cccl cccl is a wrapper around Microsoft Visual C++'s... DOWNLOAD
gnuview(sfnet) GNUVIEW The GNUVIEW project provides a forum for creati... DOWNLOAD
swspookshare(sfnet) SWSpookShare SpookShare is a protocol for posting and search... DOWNLOAD
phppostaci(sfnet) phpPostaci phpPostaci is a POP3/IMAP webmailclient based o... DOWNLOAD
lua-fltk(sfnet) Lua FLTK Lua FLTK is a binding of the FLTK widget set to... DOWNLOAD
phpmimeclass(sfnet) php_mime_class PHP Class for parsing an raw Email according to... DOWNLOAD
jrtalk(sfnet) JRTalk JRTalk is a speech syth program. It allows hand... DOWNLOAD
dynatalk(sfnet) DynaTalk DynAPI Distribution The DynaTalk DynAPI distribution is a DHTML lib... DOWNLOAD
webdev-webchat(sfnet) WebChat WebChat is an chat application for JavaScript c... DOWNLOAD
sgtbash(sfnet) Sergeant Bash Sergeant bash is a netfilter/iptables based fir... DOWNLOAD
opaloerp(sfnet) Opalo Sistema comercial para PYMES orientado a las ex... DOWNLOAD
gcalcrpn(sfnet) gcalcrpn GTK based RPN calculator for Linux/Unix. Curren... DOWNLOAD
krss(sfnet) KDE's Rich Site Summary Viewer K.R.S.S. is a small application that gathers mu... DOWNLOAD
nodenet(sfnet) node net a udp based peer to peer network project with r... DOWNLOAD
scrapeforge(sfnet) scrapeforge Scrapeforge is a screen scraper daemon to gathe... DOWNLOAD
cservapplet(sfnet) Camserv Applet CamServ Applet is an applet that can be used in... DOWNLOAD
zonemaster(sfnet) zonemaster ZoneMaster is a name server and zone file manag... DOWNLOAD
rust(sfnet) Rust Rust is a drag&drop RPM creation utility an... DOWNLOAD
lvdevtools(sfnet) LabVIEW Development Tools (LDT) A collection of productivity tools to simplify ... DOWNLOAD
coursetracking(sfnet) Training Course - Employee Tracking This is a database-driven web application to tr... DOWNLOAD
nqxml(sfnet) NQXML NQXML is a pure Ruby implementation of a non-va... DOWNLOAD
gapp(sfnet) GApp GApp is for anyone that lives in GMail and/or u... DOWNLOAD
iibitassign2(sfnet) iibitAssign2 This is an iibit TP17 2012 ITECH3602/7602 Proje... DOWNLOAD
clnews(sfnet) CoffeeLink Open News Server CoffeeLink Open News Server is an NNTP server w... DOWNLOAD
pyid3(sfnet) PyID3 PyID3 is an all-in-one ID3 reader/writer for Py... DOWNLOAD
se2001(sfnet) Solar Wars This is a online multiplayer space text stategy... DOWNLOAD
dreamenc(sfnet) DreamEncoder DreamEncoder is a TwinVQ batch-encoder working ... DOWNLOAD
sqlbox(sfnet) SQLBlox SQLBlox, SQL building blocks for Java applicati... DOWNLOAD
phpfaqtory(sfnet) phpFAQTory phpFAQTory is a multi-user PHP based tool for c... DOWNLOAD
rework(sfnet) Rework A database independant form builder. Designed t... DOWNLOAD
bikedistlog(sfnet) Bike Distance Log A small web-based utility where a group of frie... DOWNLOAD
bbnet(sfnet) Software for an online-community with chat and ... DOWNLOAD
jatisat(sfnet) JATISAT JATISAT, this project was originaly an academic... DOWNLOAD
dailytracking(sfnet) End of Day Daily Tracking version 1.4 End of Day Daily Tracking Calculator. A quick ... DOWNLOAD
lincity(sfnet) lincity - a city simulation game Lincity is a city simulation game. Build your ... DOWNLOAD
cvo(sfnet) CVOrganizer CVOrganizer is a set of PHP scripts, that is he... DOWNLOAD
phramer(sfnet) Phramer - Statistical Phrase-based MT Phramer - An Open-Source Statistical Phrase-Bas... DOWNLOAD
threader(sfnet) Perl usenet news threading module News::Threader - This is a perl module for usen... DOWNLOAD
pyspeak201(sfnet) PySpeak PySpeak ist ein Programm das den PC zum spreche... DOWNLOAD
lumingl(sfnet) Luminescent Game Library LuminGL is a (very) high level 2D game library ... DOWNLOAD
kilnvisor(sfnet) KilnVisor Pottery Assistant Free software application for kiln firing sched... DOWNLOAD
mama(sfnet) MakeMan ``MakeMan'' is a project to provide several fro... DOWNLOAD
screengen(sfnet) ScreenGen - Java Screen Generator This project provides a visual method for build... DOWNLOAD
jxmleditor(sfnet) JXMLEditor JXMLEditor is a XML editor developed in Java wh... DOWNLOAD
phplayersmenu(sfnet) PHP Layers Menu A DHTML menu system providing also accessibilit... DOWNLOAD
gracetmpl(sfnet) GraceTMPL GraceTMPL is a set of C++ classes bound togethe... DOWNLOAD
boucherot(sfnet) Boucherot Boucherot project is a Perl toolkit for an IRC ... DOWNLOAD
cvsutils(sfnet) CVS release utilities This project provides a coherent package of uti... DOWNLOAD
bbkeys(sfnet) bbkeys bbkeys is the keygrabber for the blackbox windo... DOWNLOAD
gandalf(sfnet) gandalf wizard framework A Java-based framework that allows developers t... DOWNLOAD
htmlcal(sfnet) HTML-Cal A Perl script which reads a small 'config' file... DOWNLOAD
etc(sfnet) Extensible Touchscreen Controller ETC is a tiny distribution of linux combined wi... DOWNLOAD
howtorib(sfnet) Remote Linux install using RIB/LOE HOWTO HOWTO document describes how to install Linux o... DOWNLOAD
empim(sfnet) EMPIM EMPIM is the Excessively Modular Personal Infor... DOWNLOAD
d20dnd(sfnet) D20 DND Helpful tool for DMs that allows you to quickly... DOWNLOAD
shark(sfnet) Shark - Java Preprocessor Shark is an open-source preprocessor for Java t... DOWNLOAD
freenes(sfnet) FreeNes Emulator The begginings of an OpenSource NES emulator. I... DOWNLOAD
adlook(sfnet) Address Lookup Multi-threaded host name and technical contact ... DOWNLOAD
dronix(sfnet) MDF operating system MDF is microkernel operating system. Module arc... DOWNLOAD
venn(sfnet) Venn Diagrams Venn diagrams are an interesting method for ren... DOWNLOAD
myimagehome(sfnet) My Image Home My Image Home is a web-based image database whi... DOWNLOAD
dagny(sfnet) dagny -- an IRC bot framework in Python dagny is an extensible framework for creating I... DOWNLOAD
hbaverify(sfnet) HBA API Verification Program HBAVERIFY project is developing a C-based appli... DOWNLOAD
towel(sfnet) Towel Towel is a simple audio player for GNU/Linux an... DOWNLOAD
lotrmap(sfnet) Lord of the Rings Map "Lord of the Rings Map" is an atlas o... DOWNLOAD
tracksplit(sfnet) TrackSplit Tracksplit is a simple command line utility (Li... DOWNLOAD
jamare(sfnet) JaMaRe - Java-based Mail Filtering JaMaRe (JaMaRe ain't a Mail Reader) has grown o... DOWNLOAD
xingtu(sfnet) xingtu Xingtu, 星圖, "star map" in Chinese, ... DOWNLOAD
indy(sfnet) Interactive Dynamics Library Interactive Dynamics Library - Indy C++ librar... DOWNLOAD
netdevicelib(sfnet) netdevicelib A Python package providing an API for access to... DOWNLOAD
syscalltrack(sfnet) system call tracker A linux kernel module and supporting user space... DOWNLOAD
mysportsdb(sfnet) Sports Card database in PHP and MySQL This will provide a MySQL database and a few ph... DOWNLOAD
mediator(sfnet) Mediator Mediator is a server side script that enforces ... DOWNLOAD
dairenhui(sfnet) dairenhui dairenhuidairenhuidairenhuidairenhuidairenhuida... DOWNLOAD
cchatd(sfnet) cchatd - C-compiled Chat Deamon The porpouse of the project is to provide a web... DOWNLOAD
uw-imap-cygwin(sfnet) Univ. of Wash. IMAP Server for Cygwin This is a port of the University of Washington ... DOWNLOAD
dagazoft(sfnet) Dagazoft Sitio de Respaldos de Dagazoft DOWNLOAD
codehunt(sfnet) AVirCap (CodeHunt ) AVirCAP is a system for manual and / or automat... DOWNLOAD
openwl(sfnet) Open Windowing Library The Open Windowing Library is a project to enab... DOWNLOAD

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