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dreamenc(sfnet) DreamEncoder DreamEncoder is a TwinVQ batch-encoder working ... DOWNLOAD
sqlbox(sfnet) SQLBlox SQLBlox, SQL building blocks for Java applicati... DOWNLOAD
phpfaqtory(sfnet) phpFAQTory phpFAQTory is a multi-user PHP based tool for c... DOWNLOAD
rework(sfnet) Rework A database independant form builder. Designed t... DOWNLOAD
bikedistlog(sfnet) Bike Distance Log A small web-based utility where a group of frie... DOWNLOAD
bbnet(sfnet) Software for an online-community with chat and ... DOWNLOAD
jatisat(sfnet) JATISAT JATISAT, this project was originaly an academic... DOWNLOAD
dailytracking(sfnet) End of Day Daily Tracking version 1.4 End of Day Daily Tracking Calculator. A quick ... DOWNLOAD
lincity(sfnet) lincity - a city simulation game Lincity is a city simulation game. Build your ... DOWNLOAD
cvo(sfnet) CVOrganizer CVOrganizer is a set of PHP scripts, that is he... DOWNLOAD
phramer(sfnet) Phramer - Statistical Phrase-based MT Phramer - An Open-Source Statistical Phrase-Bas... DOWNLOAD
threader(sfnet) Perl usenet news threading module News::Threader - This is a perl module for usen... DOWNLOAD
pyspeak201(sfnet) PySpeak PySpeak ist ein Programm das den PC zum spreche... DOWNLOAD
lumingl(sfnet) Luminescent Game Library LuminGL is a (very) high level 2D game library ... DOWNLOAD
kilnvisor(sfnet) KilnVisor Pottery Assistant Free software application for kiln firing sched... DOWNLOAD
mama(sfnet) MakeMan ``MakeMan'' is a project to provide several fro... DOWNLOAD
screengen(sfnet) ScreenGen - Java Screen Generator This project provides a visual method for build... DOWNLOAD
jxmleditor(sfnet) JXMLEditor JXMLEditor is a XML editor developed in Java wh... DOWNLOAD
phplayersmenu(sfnet) PHP Layers Menu A DHTML menu system providing also accessibilit... DOWNLOAD
gracetmpl(sfnet) GraceTMPL GraceTMPL is a set of C++ classes bound togethe... DOWNLOAD
boucherot(sfnet) Boucherot Boucherot project is a Perl toolkit for an IRC ... DOWNLOAD
cvsutils(sfnet) CVS release utilities This project provides a coherent package of uti... DOWNLOAD
bbkeys(sfnet) bbkeys bbkeys is the keygrabber for the blackbox windo... DOWNLOAD
gandalf(sfnet) gandalf wizard framework A Java-based framework that allows developers t... DOWNLOAD
htmlcal(sfnet) HTML-Cal A Perl script which reads a small 'config' file... DOWNLOAD
etc(sfnet) Extensible Touchscreen Controller ETC is a tiny distribution of linux combined wi... DOWNLOAD
howtorib(sfnet) Remote Linux install using RIB/LOE HOWTO HOWTO document describes how to install Linux o... DOWNLOAD
empim(sfnet) EMPIM EMPIM is the Excessively Modular Personal Infor... DOWNLOAD
d20dnd(sfnet) D20 DND Helpful tool for DMs that allows you to quickly... DOWNLOAD
shark(sfnet) Shark - Java Preprocessor Shark is an open-source preprocessor for Java t... DOWNLOAD
freenes(sfnet) FreeNes Emulator The begginings of an OpenSource NES emulator. I... DOWNLOAD
adlook(sfnet) Address Lookup Multi-threaded host name and technical contact ... DOWNLOAD
dronix(sfnet) MDF operating system MDF is microkernel operating system. Module arc... DOWNLOAD
venn(sfnet) Venn Diagrams Venn diagrams are an interesting method for ren... DOWNLOAD
myimagehome(sfnet) My Image Home My Image Home is a web-based image database whi... DOWNLOAD
dagny(sfnet) dagny -- an IRC bot framework in Python dagny is an extensible framework for creating I... DOWNLOAD
hbaverify(sfnet) HBA API Verification Program HBAVERIFY project is developing a C-based appli... DOWNLOAD
towel(sfnet) Towel Towel is a simple audio player for GNU/Linux an... DOWNLOAD
lotrmap(sfnet) Lord of the Rings Map "Lord of the Rings Map" is an atlas o... DOWNLOAD
tracksplit(sfnet) TrackSplit Tracksplit is a simple command line utility (Li... DOWNLOAD
jamare(sfnet) JaMaRe - Java-based Mail Filtering JaMaRe (JaMaRe ain't a Mail Reader) has grown o... DOWNLOAD
xingtu(sfnet) xingtu Xingtu, 星圖, "star map" in Chinese, ... DOWNLOAD
indy(sfnet) Interactive Dynamics Library Interactive Dynamics Library - Indy C++ librar... DOWNLOAD
netdevicelib(sfnet) netdevicelib A Python package providing an API for access to... DOWNLOAD
syscalltrack(sfnet) system call tracker A linux kernel module and supporting user space... DOWNLOAD
mysportsdb(sfnet) Sports Card database in PHP and MySQL This will provide a MySQL database and a few ph... DOWNLOAD
mediator(sfnet) Mediator Mediator is a server side script that enforces ... DOWNLOAD
dairenhui(sfnet) dairenhui dairenhuidairenhuidairenhuidairenhuidairenhuida... DOWNLOAD
cchatd(sfnet) cchatd - C-compiled Chat Deamon The porpouse of the project is to provide a web... DOWNLOAD
uw-imap-cygwin(sfnet) Univ. of Wash. IMAP Server for Cygwin This is a port of the University of Washington ... DOWNLOAD
dagazoft(sfnet) Dagazoft Sitio de Respaldos de Dagazoft DOWNLOAD
codehunt(sfnet) AVirCap (CodeHunt ) AVirCAP is a system for manual and / or automat... DOWNLOAD
openwl(sfnet) Open Windowing Library The Open Windowing Library is a project to enab... DOWNLOAD
workbench(sfnet) workbench workbench is a powerful php/mySQL bug tracking ... DOWNLOAD
maddis(sfnet) M.A.D.D.I.S. M.A.D.D.I.S. stands for Masqueraded, Anonymous,... DOWNLOAD
conferinstall(sfnet) ConferInstall ConferInstall is a program and some documentati... DOWNLOAD
eqgms(sfnet) Everquest Guild Management System This system will provide a guild portal/website... DOWNLOAD
hjcl(sfnet) Hylafax Job Control Language Hylafax Job Control Langauge (HJCL) is a batch ... DOWNLOAD
semanalysis(sfnet) Element analysis by EDS If you have ever done a work on SEM, and used E... DOWNLOAD
bookbase(sfnet) BookBase BookBase is a book collection database applicat... DOWNLOAD
mouse4com(sfnet) 9200 Communicator Mouse The new Nokia 9210 Communicator is a no-pen dri... DOWNLOAD
gempire(sfnet) Generic Empire for the Masses GEMpire is a free, multiplayer, client/server, ... DOWNLOAD
pcis(sfnet) Operation Overlord Behavioral simulator. DOWNLOAD
lolimot(sfnet) lolimot This tool allows to compute LOLIMOT models. LOL... DOWNLOAD
emulegos(sfnet) EmuLegOS EmuLegOS is an emulator for the open source Leg... DOWNLOAD
logistux(sfnet) LOGISTUX TUX became an accountant! An accountant usefull... DOWNLOAD
mpkern(sfnet) Data driven parallel program kernel The mpken library provides support for parallel... DOWNLOAD
dafne2(sfnet) dafne2 Realizzare un’applicazione Java per la gestione... DOWNLOAD
spidereyeballs(sfnet) Spider Eyeballs Spider Eyeballs is an image gallery website gen... DOWNLOAD
pinkracoon(sfnet) The PinkRacoon Based on a subproject, called Gerbo, it does th... DOWNLOAD
polanieonline(sfnet) Polanie-Online DOWNLOAD
dbdi(sfnet) DB+D+i The purpose of this project is to develop a dat... DOWNLOAD
eiffelfox(sfnet) EiffelFox EiffelFox is an Eiffel-language wrapper (bindin... DOWNLOAD
pcl2up(sfnet) pcl2up pcl2up: Format text files for 2-up printing on ... DOWNLOAD
vtree2(sfnet) tree A program that will grow realistic trees using ... DOWNLOAD
pyfile(sfnet) PyFile PyFile is a Pygame (Python+SDL) based file mana... DOWNLOAD
tplay(sfnet) tplay Threaded and buffering command line audio player. DOWNLOAD
turma(sfnet) TURMA Text Utils w Recursive Mumbojambos Turma (Text Utils with Recursive Mambojambo Act... DOWNLOAD
jcapi(sfnet) Jcapi - Java wrapper for CAPI Jcapi will open the world of ISDN (Integrated S... DOWNLOAD
sargrid(sfnet) Palm SAR Grid Calculator Simple PalmOS app to calculate latitude and lon... DOWNLOAD
pulpitum(sfnet) Manspace Java Framework Classes Currently, with each Java open-source project t... DOWNLOAD
xchatter(sfnet) XChatter XChatter is an advanced chatting client that co... DOWNLOAD
palmfuellog(sfnet) Palm Fuel Log The Palm Fuel Log is a program for recording pe... DOWNLOAD
vendtracker(sfnet) VendTracker VendTrack is a highly customizeable piece of so... DOWNLOAD
stepmaker(sfnet) StepMaker The aim of the StepMaker is to develop set of a... DOWNLOAD
commcntr(sfnet) AiCP Communication Center A minimal text-based communication server, whic... DOWNLOAD
webindex(sfnet) Zuppai Uptown DOWNLOAD
pvirthostas(sfnet) Perl Virtual Hosting Administration Set This is a Tool Sets for administrator to make a... DOWNLOAD
man2dbk(sfnet) man2dbk man2dbk converts Unix man pages to XML DocBook. DOWNLOAD
skinner(sfnet) Skinner Skinner is a Delphi component set which is desi... DOWNLOAD
abuse2(sfnet) Abuse 2 for DirectX/SDL Abuse 2, sequel to the 1995 masterpiece from Cr... DOWNLOAD
nv-tv-out(sfnet) TV-Out for NVidia cards This is a tool to enable TV-Out on Linux for NV... DOWNLOAD
tinman(sfnet) The Tinman Project Develop free and possibly useful Java code. DOWNLOAD
latestlinux(sfnet) Time Tracking Tool A nice-looking Time Tracking Tool (TTT) that wo... DOWNLOAD
pengpong(sfnet) peng-pong Peng-pong is a project to create a nice pong ga... DOWNLOAD
authd(sfnet) authd mail policy server authd mail policy server; this server talks to ... DOWNLOAD
dsac(sfnet) Distributed Simple Accounting This project will aim to build a three-tiered d... DOWNLOAD
freepdflib(sfnet) FreePDFlib Ce projet a pour but de développer une librairi... DOWNLOAD
rice(sfnet) Rice Rice is a Ruby implementation of the Informatio... DOWNLOAD
spazeirc(sfnet) SpazeIRC This is a simple IRC-client that was originaly ... DOWNLOAD

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