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emulegos(sfnet) EmuLegOS EmuLegOS is an emulator for the open source Leg... DOWNLOAD
logistux(sfnet) LOGISTUX TUX became an accountant! An accountant usefull... DOWNLOAD
mpkern(sfnet) Data driven parallel program kernel The mpken library provides support for parallel... DOWNLOAD
dafne2(sfnet) dafne2 Realizzare un’applicazione Java per la gestione... DOWNLOAD
spidereyeballs(sfnet) Spider Eyeballs Spider Eyeballs is an image gallery website gen... DOWNLOAD
pinkracoon(sfnet) The PinkRacoon Based on a subproject, called Gerbo, it does th... DOWNLOAD
polanieonline(sfnet) Polanie-Online DOWNLOAD
dbdi(sfnet) DB+D+i The purpose of this project is to develop a dat... DOWNLOAD
eiffelfox(sfnet) EiffelFox EiffelFox is an Eiffel-language wrapper (bindin... DOWNLOAD
pcl2up(sfnet) pcl2up pcl2up: Format text files for 2-up printing on ... DOWNLOAD
vtree2(sfnet) tree A program that will grow realistic trees using ... DOWNLOAD
pyfile(sfnet) PyFile PyFile is a Pygame (Python+SDL) based file mana... DOWNLOAD
tplay(sfnet) tplay Threaded and buffering command line audio player. DOWNLOAD
turma(sfnet) TURMA Text Utils w Recursive Mumbojambos Turma (Text Utils with Recursive Mambojambo Act... DOWNLOAD
jcapi(sfnet) Jcapi - Java wrapper for CAPI Jcapi will open the world of ISDN (Integrated S... DOWNLOAD
sargrid(sfnet) Palm SAR Grid Calculator Simple PalmOS app to calculate latitude and lon... DOWNLOAD
pulpitum(sfnet) Manspace Java Framework Classes Currently, with each Java open-source project t... DOWNLOAD
xchatter(sfnet) XChatter XChatter is an advanced chatting client that co... DOWNLOAD
palmfuellog(sfnet) Palm Fuel Log The Palm Fuel Log is a program for recording pe... DOWNLOAD
vendtracker(sfnet) VendTracker VendTrack is a highly customizeable piece of so... DOWNLOAD
stepmaker(sfnet) StepMaker The aim of the StepMaker is to develop set of a... DOWNLOAD
commcntr(sfnet) AiCP Communication Center A minimal text-based communication server, whic... DOWNLOAD
webindex(sfnet) Zuppai Uptown DOWNLOAD
pvirthostas(sfnet) Perl Virtual Hosting Administration Set This is a Tool Sets for administrator to make a... DOWNLOAD
man2dbk(sfnet) man2dbk man2dbk converts Unix man pages to XML DocBook. DOWNLOAD
skinner(sfnet) Skinner Skinner is a Delphi component set which is desi... DOWNLOAD
abuse2(sfnet) Abuse 2 for DirectX/SDL Abuse 2, sequel to the 1995 masterpiece from Cr... DOWNLOAD
nv-tv-out(sfnet) TV-Out for NVidia cards This is a tool to enable TV-Out on Linux for NV... DOWNLOAD
tinman(sfnet) The Tinman Project Develop free and possibly useful Java code. DOWNLOAD
latestlinux(sfnet) Time Tracking Tool A nice-looking Time Tracking Tool (TTT) that wo... DOWNLOAD
pengpong(sfnet) peng-pong Peng-pong is a project to create a nice pong ga... DOWNLOAD
authd(sfnet) authd mail policy server authd mail policy server; this server talks to ... DOWNLOAD
dsac(sfnet) Distributed Simple Accounting This project will aim to build a three-tiered d... DOWNLOAD
freepdflib(sfnet) FreePDFlib Ce projet a pour but de développer une librairi... DOWNLOAD
rice(sfnet) Rice Rice is a Ruby implementation of the Informatio... DOWNLOAD
spazeirc(sfnet) SpazeIRC This is a simple IRC-client that was originaly ... DOWNLOAD
nlpy(sfnet) NLPy A Python environment for large and sparse linea... DOWNLOAD
wsre(sfnet) WebSprockets Runtime Environment WebSprockets Runtime Environment is an effort t... DOWNLOAD
poprop(sfnet) Pollution prevention of processes POllution PRevention Of Processes - optimizes c... DOWNLOAD
liblcs(sfnet) Logic Circuit Simulation in C++ libLCS is a hardware description library in C++... DOWNLOAD
jteg(sfnet) Java TEG Java client/server for the TEG game, which is a... DOWNLOAD
dsock(sfnet) DSock socket-task programming library Fast socket, alarms programming c++ framework. DOWNLOAD
comcat(sfnet) ComCat We implement a company information website. Com... DOWNLOAD
xenoplay(sfnet) Xenoage Player Xenoage Player is a program written in Java tha... DOWNLOAD
cscop(sfnet) CSCop for Counter-Strike Team killing control for Half-Life Counter-Stri... DOWNLOAD
messon(sfnet) MeSsoN Client MeSsoN is a MSN client for the MacOS written in... DOWNLOAD
gvdav(sfnet) Gian Virus Defender 9.1 A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, in... DOWNLOAD
ip-packet(sfnet) IP-Packet Packetgenerator written in Perl supports (ICMP,... DOWNLOAD
lochjournal(sfnet) LochJournal LochJournal is a Win32 client for LiveJournal s... DOWNLOAD
d3dpscalc(sfnet) drag0nius' Diablo 3 DpS Calculator Fully featured, standalone & platform-indep... DOWNLOAD
gvardiaicoochel(sfnet) Anti-Fail Don't you EVER fail a command again! DOWNLOAD
mathdev(sfnet) GLplot GLplot is a Mathematics function plotting progr... DOWNLOAD
witima(sfnet) The Witima ERP project The Witima Project is made for controlling a sm... DOWNLOAD
pgnotifyd(freshmeat) pgnotifyd pgnotifyd connects to a PostgreSQL database, li... DOWNLOAD
nsed(sfnet) Distribuite Network Search Engine System of FullText Retrieval Distribuited on Li... DOWNLOAD
abra(sfnet) Abra - Java Persistence Library Abra is a light-weight Java persistance library... DOWNLOAD
jeeg(sfnet) Experimental EEG Viewer A small Java program for reading, analysing, vi... DOWNLOAD
simplecdrx(sfnet) SimpleCDR-X SimpleCDR-X is a GTK+ based frontend for CD wri... DOWNLOAD
symbol-accounts(sfnet) SYMBOL (Surf Your Money Books On Line) SYMBOL brings double entry financial accounting... DOWNLOAD
mailf(sfnet) Mailf Maildrop Mailfilter Mailfilter to secure maildrops while fetch mail... DOWNLOAD
arbitroweb(sfnet) ArbitroWeb An anonymous web surfing proxy written in PHP. ... DOWNLOAD
ninjawarrior(sfnet) Ninja Warrior Ninja Warrior is a side scrolling game not much... DOWNLOAD
rekop(sfnet) rekop Rekop is an internet based multiplayer 7-stud p... DOWNLOAD
dtv-vrcc(sfnet) DTV Virtual Remote Control Client A GUI for the dtv program (http://hesdvb.source... DOWNLOAD
bikerbastard(sfnet) Brainless Barbarian Biker Bastard You are a biker who wants to buy himself a dece... DOWNLOAD
emiedesclsbrwsr(sfnet) ClassBrowser ClassBrowser is a graphic Java class browser th... DOWNLOAD
bombjack(sfnet) Bomb Jack Bomb Jack remake ( stage: planning ) DOWNLOAD
spg-cgi(sfnet) Smart Photo Gallery SPG is a photo gallery maker. It is intended to... DOWNLOAD
ospcc(sfnet) ospcc - Open Source PonyChat Client ospcc - Open Source PonyChat Client. Hope this ... DOWNLOAD
xptc(sfnet) Java Task Time Predictor/Calculator Java task length predictor. Designed to aid ext... DOWNLOAD
bemhelper(sfnet) Bemessungshilfe Bemessungs- und Konstruktionshilfe für Stahlbet... DOWNLOAD
vacuumvideoscri(sfnet) Vacuum Video Script Vacuum Video Script is tiny tcsh script for dow... DOWNLOAD
litelo(sfnet) LiteLo - A LiteStep Loader LiteLo is a small program that allows you to ch... DOWNLOAD
jolo(sfnet) Jolo Jolo is a Java based client/server game similar... DOWNLOAD
sarc(sfnet) SARC Here you find the Spades Artificially Reasoning... DOWNLOAD
grapht(sfnet) grapht - Perl Plotting and Analysis Interactive Perl environment for data analysis.... DOWNLOAD
aniclient(sfnet) AniClient AniClient is a Hotline [(C) Hotline Communicati... DOWNLOAD
casanova(sfnet) Casanova A Microsoft MSN Messenger client/library in Java DOWNLOAD
stampache(sfnet) Stampache A perl script that generates a html page with s... DOWNLOAD
cjkvinput(sfnet) CJKVInput - a branch of UNICON/CHINPUT P CJKVInput, an enhanced branch of UNICON/CHINPUT... DOWNLOAD
treecomp(sfnet) TreeComp TreeComp is a ANSI C++ library that provides da... DOWNLOAD
larryjohnson(sfnet) LarryJohnson LarryJohnson is a SonicWall log file analyzer w... DOWNLOAD
pyinline(sfnet) Inline for Python Inline Python (PyInline) allows you to put sour... DOWNLOAD
nwn-j3d(sfnet) NWN Java3d utilities Main task of this project is to provide java3d ... DOWNLOAD
ipoverscsi(sfnet) ipoverscsi This is a project to implement a Ip-Over-SCSI L... DOWNLOAD
mavetju(sfnet) MavEtJu's tools Tools, programs, snippets, documents from Edwin... DOWNLOAD
androidkongbai(sfnet) kongbai kongbai android2.2 i love juan DOWNLOAD
tucsrv(sfnet) TuCSRV Internet Suite The TuCSRV web-suite is a suite for easy-admini... DOWNLOAD
srtsengine(sfnet) Simple Real Time Strategy Engine Simple Real Time Strategy Engine provides a sim... DOWNLOAD
userlogin(sfnet) UserLogin This package, written for use in Perl, CGI and ... DOWNLOAD
phpsoaptk(sfnet) Php Soap Toolkit This toolkit is a PHP library that allow to mak... DOWNLOAD
pyflashcards(sfnet) pyFlashCards pyFlashCards is a wxPython based software for c... DOWNLOAD
itouch-control(sfnet) iTouch-Control iTouch-Control is a plugin for Audacious media ... DOWNLOAD
risetemplate(sfnet) RiSE Latex Template This project provides a LaTeX class and templat... DOWNLOAD
dnrs(sfnet) Domain Name Registry System The Shared Registry System is software (client ... DOWNLOAD
songcue(sfnet) SongCue Radio Station Automation SongCue is "radio station automation for t... DOWNLOAD
androidjsp(sfnet) androidjsp Ne cepkaj nisto bitno nema samo gluposti DOWNLOAD
fusebox(sfnet) Fusebox Enterprise Fusebox Applications. The base featu... DOWNLOAD
phpxmlp(sfnet) phpXMLP phpXMLP aims to be a XML Protocol implementatio... DOWNLOAD
cpptestkit(sfnet) C++ TestKit The C++ TestKit is a suite of related modules f... DOWNLOAD

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