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belot(sfnet) Belot Card Game This project aims to produce a java version of ... DOWNLOAD
pepys(sfnet) Pepys LiveJournal Client Pepys is a client for <a href="http://w... DOWNLOAD
mynukexxx(sfnet) PostTEP PostNuke is a fork of Francisco Burzi's PHP-Nuk... DOWNLOAD
daemon4linux(sfnet) Daemon4Linux Um shell script que faz a montagem das suas ima... DOWNLOAD
diashapes(freshmeat) diashapes diashapes is a small tool that downloads and in... DOWNLOAD
perl-oak(sfnet) Perl Oak The Perl Oak Component tree is a implementation... DOWNLOAD
htmlinc(sfnet) HTMLInc HTMLInc is a Java program that is designed to p... DOWNLOAD
tkscanfax(sfnet) TkScanFax TkFax is a Tcl/Tk based GUI fax program support... DOWNLOAD
inphorm(sfnet) inPhorm - PHP Form Processing Class inPhorm is an all-in-one HTML form handling cla... DOWNLOAD
dev-env(sfnet) dev-env console based build environment dev-env is a console based build environment. I... DOWNLOAD
winip(sfnet) Winip: Static Hostnames for Dynamic IPs Winip is client that allows single fully qualif... DOWNLOAD
pop3filterproxy(sfnet) POP3 Spam Filter Proxy POP3 Spam Filter Proxy is a multiuser POP3 prox... DOWNLOAD
msdnexpert(sfnet) MSDN Expert MSDN Expert is a expert for Delphi & BCB, w... DOWNLOAD
cosmoscf(sfnet) CosMoS CosMoS is an open source content management sol... DOWNLOAD
freepalace(sfnet) BraveNewPalace We want to write an advanced clone of the famou... DOWNLOAD
nsbookmarks(sfnet) Netscape::Bookmarks Perl Module Netscape::Bookmarks provides a Perl API for Net... DOWNLOAD
skunkweb(sfnet) The SkunkWeb Web Application Server SkunkWeb is a scalable, extensible and easy to ... DOWNLOAD
speedtouch(sfnet) Speedtouch USB for *nix GPL Driver for the Alcatel Speedtouch USB under... DOWNLOAD
surblhost(sfnet) surblhost Surblhost is a small program to look up hostnam... DOWNLOAD
resizablelib(sfnet) ResizableLib A set of MFC classes to easily make resizable w... DOWNLOAD
vbloglib(sfnet) VB Log library This is a collection of polymorphic Visual Basi... DOWNLOAD
mbrbm(sfnet) MBR Boot Manager PC BIOS Boot Manager _within_ the Master Boot R... DOWNLOAD
dataxi(sfnet) Dataxi Dataxi is a database access system that uses a ... DOWNLOAD
gsmbscanner(sfnet) gSmbScanner netbios,scanner,samba DOWNLOAD
tclads(sfnet) Tcl Ad Banner System The Tcl Ad Banner System is a web-based ad bann... DOWNLOAD
jiipco(sfnet) jiipco! - Event driven IPC for Java jiipco! (Java Internal Interprocess Communicati... DOWNLOAD
superirrlicht(sfnet) SuperIrrlicht - A Turbo Charged Engine This project is a fork of the Irrlicht Engine w... DOWNLOAD
tmerge(sfnet) Ticket Merge TMerge is a subversion code merge tool designed... DOWNLOAD
jinx-linux(sfnet) jinx linux Jinx is a minimalistic graphical operating syst... DOWNLOAD
daensultimateus(sfnet) Daen's Ultimate USB Stick Colection A collection of usb software. DOWNLOAD
directsql(sfnet) Direct SQL - Delphi Cross-platform (Windows+Linux) delphi/kylix nat... DOWNLOAD
advcalc(sfnet) Advanced Calculator An advanced calculator program that supports pr... DOWNLOAD
iugeneindex(sfnet) Indiana University GeneIndex Indiana University GeneIndex finds frequencies ... DOWNLOAD
voot(sfnet) Netplay VOOT Extensions Drivers, servers, and all related software for ... DOWNLOAD
ptxdist(sfnet) PTXdist A build system based on kconfig which lets you ...
mymp3apps(sfnet) MyMP3Apps This project is a few perl scripts which use a ... DOWNLOAD
myclx(sfnet) MyCLX Build a CLX component(s) around existing MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
bestpractice(sfnet) BestPractice BestPractice is a tool especially for musicians... DOWNLOAD
ctool(sfnet) cTool Library cTool is a library to scan and parse C code, bu... DOWNLOAD
infocentral(sfnet) InfoCentral InfoCentral is a project to build an all-in-one... DOWNLOAD
ionstream(sfnet) ionstream A multi-channel user communication server/clien... DOWNLOAD
wsc(sfnet) Word Search Creator An easy to use wysiwyg word search (wordsearch)... DOWNLOAD
mopy(sfnet) a photomosaic tool A Photomosaic tool written in python using Pyth... DOWNLOAD
prototypewidget(sfnet) Prototype widgets Widgets for prototype JavaScript framework DOWNLOAD
grumpfzotzlinux(sfnet) Grumpfzotz Linux GrumpfZotz-Linux provides developers with a spe... DOWNLOAD
jmaay(sfnet) JMaay : p2p Java Library JMaay is a Java library used to create, adminis... DOWNLOAD
daikon(sfnet) Daikon2: Project and Support manager Daikon has a simple Customer Support Time Track... DOWNLOAD
ksendfile(sfnet) ksendfile KSendfile is a native SAFT client. For more in... DOWNLOAD
phptidyht(sfnet) phpTidyHt Having a hard time getting your php generated H... DOWNLOAD
iptrafficvolume(sfnet) IP traffic volume logger IP Traffic Volume: Logs (counts) in- & outg... DOWNLOAD
genopix(sfnet) GenomePixelizer GenomePixelizer is a program for comparative ge... DOWNLOAD
thephilosophers(sfnet) Info-Studenten-Probleme This will be an educational project for using t... DOWNLOAD
constants(sfnet) Physical Constants (headers/programming) Standard Physical Constants headers and program... DOWNLOAD
jabref(sfnet) JabRef JabRef is a graphical application for managing ... DOWNLOAD
getsockpid(sfnet) get_sock_pid Simple command line tool for listing what progr... DOWNLOAD
mcnet4l(sfnet) mcnet4l MCNet4L is an implementation of the CompactPCI ... DOWNLOAD
f-mail(sfnet) F-Mail A scalable e-mail system framework. Based aroun... DOWNLOAD
tsh(sfnet) tsh tsh is a small modular shell DOWNLOAD
airdrive(sfnet) AirDrive AirDrive is a file storage utility that uses th... DOWNLOAD
pxgame(sfnet) 3d game Proyecto-X juego RPG y de accion DOWNLOAD
todo-manager(sfnet) ToDo Manager ToDo Manager is a small cross-platform utility ... DOWNLOAD
perl-net-server(sfnet) perl-net-server An extensible class-oriented Internet server. DOWNLOAD
webpagewiz(sfnet) Web Page Wizard This suite of cgi scripts and perl modules enab... DOWNLOAD
pepi(sfnet) Ora*PePi Ora*PePi is a superset of the Oracle export/imp... DOWNLOAD
phpsitemadeeasy(sfnet) phpSiteMadeEasy Goal is to create the easiest setup and maintai... DOWNLOAD
simplex-calcul(sfnet) simplex calculator This program is used to optimize matrices with ... DOWNLOAD
newpodfeed(sfnet) NewPodFeed Podcast RSS Creation Software Software to make creating new iTunes-compatible... DOWNLOAD
d3d9test(sfnet) D3D9 Test Envroiment This is an open source software developed by G0... DOWNLOAD
neurostim(sfnet) neurostim OpenGL based , OS-independent C++ library for t... DOWNLOAD
pixlib(sfnet) PixLib This library aims to provide support for D-dime... DOWNLOAD
itwc(sfnet) iTunes Web Control iTunes Web Control is a J2ee web application th... DOWNLOAD
daisydukes(sfnet) DaisyDukes The DaisyDukes memory sniffer extracts password... DOWNLOAD
mp3streamer(sfnet) Interactive Music Server A project to develop a web-based, integrated ma... DOWNLOAD
palmstlxml(sfnet) Palm XML Parser This is very simple not validating XML parser t... DOWNLOAD
bes(sfnet) BES Bookmark Exchange Servlet is a Java servlet tha... DOWNLOAD
nsisphouse(sfnet) The NSIS Project House This is for Win32 developers of the NSIS instal... DOWNLOAD
gpicscan(sfnet) gpicscan GPicScan is an Image Collector/CRC Scanner. GPi... DOWNLOAD
phpmode(sfnet) phpmode phpmode is a mode for jed that helps in editing... DOWNLOAD
feval(sfnet) FEVal: Python Finite Element Evaluator FEVal, the Finite Element Evaluator written in... DOWNLOAD
unichat(sfnet) Distributed Instant Messenger Protocol The aim of this project is to design an open st... DOWNLOAD
oucc(sfnet) Otago University Computer Club These are the demos and other software projects... DOWNLOAD
enfomi(sfnet) Enfomi Enfomi is a cross-platform standalone password-... DOWNLOAD
mhdircomparer(sfnet) MHDirComparer.NET MHDirCommander is a small tool for comparing th... DOWNLOAD
pylaga(sfnet) Pylaga A small Galaga clone written in Python and Pygame DOWNLOAD
pam-pg(sfnet) pam-pg This is a PAM plugin module to authenticate use... DOWNLOAD
pmdgp(sfnet) PMDGP - Distributed Genetic Programming PMDGP is an object oriented framework written i... DOWNLOAD
hygia(sfnet) Hygia web-application testing framework Hygia is a testing framework for web-applicatio... DOWNLOAD
d-keylogger(sfnet) Deserter Keylogger Deserter Keylogger is a program designed for st... DOWNLOAD
iupinymd(sfnet) Indiana University PINY MD for AIX PINY_MD(c) is a multipurpose, object-oriented m... DOWNLOAD
lipivm(sfnet) LIPI Virtual Machine Project LIPI (acronym for "LIPI Is Platform Indepe... DOWNLOAD
cro(sfnet) Chinese Restaurant Online On line chinese restaurant database provides ed... DOWNLOAD
ehnta(sfnet) EHNT Aggregation Collector Project is related to EHNT: Extreme Happy Neflo... DOWNLOAD
grlib(sfnet) Graphical Grammar Library An implementation of generative grammars and t... DOWNLOAD
zelhack(sfnet) zelhack zelhack is a program for hacking NES ROMs for Z... DOWNLOAD
reoback(sfnet) REOBack Backup Solution REOBack (pronounced as ray-o-back), is a backup... DOWNLOAD
automarker(sfnet) Java Assignment Automarker An automarking framework for Java programming a... DOWNLOAD
regeditpe(sfnet) Registry Editor PE Registry Editor PE is a plugin for Bart's PE Bu... DOWNLOAD
ldapauthmod(sfnet) LDAP Auth MOD (phpBB) This is modification to popular biuletin board ... DOWNLOAD
blenderbuntu(sfnet) BlenderBuntu This project will create livedvd named BlenderB... DOWNLOAD
pipe01(sfnet) pipe01 A dynamic process i/o interpretation program wi... DOWNLOAD

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