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xptc(sfnet) Java Task Time Predictor/Calculator Java task length predictor. Designed to aid ext... DOWNLOAD
litelo(sfnet) LiteLo - A LiteStep Loader LiteLo is a small program that allows you to ch... DOWNLOAD
jolo(sfnet) Jolo Jolo is a Java based client/server game similar... DOWNLOAD
sarc(sfnet) SARC Here you find the Spades Artificially Reasoning... DOWNLOAD
grapht(sfnet) grapht - Perl Plotting and Analysis Interactive Perl environment for data analysis.... DOWNLOAD
ospcc(sfnet) ospcc - Open Source PonyChat Client ospcc - Open Source PonyChat Client. Hope this ...
aniclient(sfnet) AniClient AniClient is a Hotline [(C) Hotline Communicati... DOWNLOAD
casanova(sfnet) Casanova A Microsoft MSN Messenger client/library in Java DOWNLOAD
stampache(sfnet) Stampache A perl script that generates a html page with s... DOWNLOAD
cjkvinput(sfnet) CJKVInput - a branch of UNICON/CHINPUT P CJKVInput, an enhanced branch of UNICON/CHINPUT... DOWNLOAD
treecomp(sfnet) TreeComp TreeComp is a ANSI C++ library that provides da... DOWNLOAD
vacuumvideoscri(sfnet) Vacuum Video Script Vacuum Video Script is tiny tcsh script for dow...
larryjohnson(sfnet) LarryJohnson LarryJohnson is a SonicWall log file analyzer w... DOWNLOAD
pyinline(sfnet) Inline for Python Inline Python (PyInline) allows you to put sour... DOWNLOAD
bemhelper(sfnet) Bemessungshilfe Bemessungs- und Konstruktionshilfe für Stahlbet...
nwn-j3d(sfnet) NWN Java3d utilities Main task of this project is to provide java3d ... DOWNLOAD
ipoverscsi(sfnet) ipoverscsi This is a project to implement a Ip-Over-SCSI L... DOWNLOAD
mavetju(sfnet) MavEtJu's tools Tools, programs, snippets, documents from Edwin... DOWNLOAD
risetemplate(sfnet) RiSE Latex Template This project provides a LaTeX class and templat...
pyflashcards(sfnet) pyFlashCards pyFlashCards is a wxPython based software for c...
tucsrv(sfnet) TuCSRV Internet Suite The TuCSRV web-suite is a suite for easy-admini... DOWNLOAD
srtsengine(sfnet) Simple Real Time Strategy Engine Simple Real Time Strategy Engine provides a sim... DOWNLOAD
userlogin(sfnet) UserLogin This package, written for use in Perl, CGI and ... DOWNLOAD
phpsoaptk(sfnet) Php Soap Toolkit This toolkit is a PHP library that allow to mak... DOWNLOAD
dnrs(sfnet) Domain Name Registry System The Shared Registry System is software (client ... DOWNLOAD
songcue(sfnet) SongCue Radio Station Automation SongCue is "radio station automation for t... DOWNLOAD
fusebox(sfnet) Fusebox Enterprise Fusebox Applications. The base featu... DOWNLOAD
itouch-control(sfnet) iTouch-Control iTouch-Control is a plugin for Audacious media ...
phpxmlp(sfnet) phpXMLP phpXMLP aims to be a XML Protocol implementatio... DOWNLOAD
cpptestkit(sfnet) C++ TestKit The C++ TestKit is a suite of related modules f... DOWNLOAD
illuminate(sfnet) illuminate An extensible photorealistic renderer based on ... DOWNLOAD
commy(sfnet) Commy Commy è uno script scritto intermanete in php e... DOWNLOAD
androidkongbai(sfnet) kongbai kongbai android2.2 i love juan
androidjsp(sfnet) androidjsp Ne cepkaj nisto bitno nema samo gluposti
animator(sfnet) Pocket Animator The vector animation solution for your Microsof... DOWNLOAD
smartapplicants(sfnet) Smart Applicants Matching System(SAMS) Smart Applicants Matching System (SAMS) is to a...
tapir(sfnet) TAPir TAPir is a program for transferring tapes made ... DOWNLOAD
athosrfid(sfnet) Athos-RFID: A framework for RFID Systems Athos-RFID is a framework that aims to enable t...
webhelpx(sfnet) WebhelpX WelpHelpX is a online help solution for web sit... DOWNLOAD
phpbbviet(sfnet) phpBBViet is phpBB for Vietnamese Vietnamese language packs for phpBB2, phpBB3, M...
daklakgroup(sfnet) daklakgroup Cộng đồng mạng daklak
surjey(sfnet) Surjey - Java-based Survey System Flexible, robust, and highly-extensible Java-ba... DOWNLOAD
dara-sara(sfnet) Dara & Sara Two fantasy charactes to show the filling of de...
sntools(sfnet) little helper for tools for the mmo browser game
qtfw(sfnet) Qtfw - FreeBSD ip firewall gui frontend Qtfw is a Qt gui frontend for ipfw utility in F... DOWNLOAD
terminus(sfnet) Terminus Network Manager Terminus is a general-purpose network manager w... DOWNLOAD
dagen(sfnet) DaGen DaGen is a test data generator for various data...
irsim(sfnet) Invisionix Roaming System IM Invisionix Systems' portable Instant Messenger ... DOWNLOAD
thoschel(sfnet) Thoschel Thoschel is a quizbot for the IRC. It's a germa... DOWNLOAD
posterprinter(sfnet) Poster Printer Allows you to create a poster from ANY document...
rdlib(sfnet) rdonasco java libraries This project contains the set of java libraries...
iwebservice(sfnet) WEB SERVICE FRAMEWORK This is a on going updating software project. b...
bluesphere(sfnet) BlueSphere IF Authoring System The goal of the BlueSphere Project is to build ... DOWNLOAD
cfurlencrypt(sfnet) Cold Fusion URL Encryption This project is designed to further enhance a m... DOWNLOAD
cbim(sfnet) CbIM Clipboard Image Manager (CbIM) is a .net applic...
evnhor(sfnet) Event Horizon Mail Cluster Project contains a modified postfix and patch. ... DOWNLOAD
lux(sfnet) Light up X LuX (Light up X) is a full-featered Virtual Lig... DOWNLOAD
stammbaum(sfnet) GenealSimple GenealSimple is a simple way to generate, manag...
via(sfnet) Via VIA is a set of tools that allow you to create ... DOWNLOAD
seppuku-editor(sfnet) Seppuku A suicidally ambitious cross-platform reimpleme... DOWNLOAD
creative(sfnet) Creative Side Creative Side is a group of projects designed t...
aviinfo(sfnet) An audio/video getinfo application Get info for file avi vob mpeg mpg mov mkv ogm ...
fws(sfnet) FireWall Scripts There are some scripts for cool firewall tune, ... DOWNLOAD
simcms4pw(sfnet) SimCMS for PHPWind A simple content manage system which uses phpwi...
evlog(sfnet) Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise Provides an open-source, platform-independent E... DOWNLOAD
php-nuke-doc-es(sfnet) php-nuke-doc-es Elaboración de guías, manuales, FAQs, COMOs, et... DOWNLOAD
elcad(sfnet) Fandango: scripted 3d CAD Fandango, formerly and internally know as elcad... DOWNLOAD
ekg(sfnet) Eksperymentalny Klient Gadu-Gadu Eksperymentalny Klient Gadu-Gadu jest otwartym ... DOWNLOAD
defragfs(sfnet) defragfs The defragfs project aims on file-system/direct...
jupiter-lander(sfnet) Jupiter Lander Remake of Jupiter Lander C64 Game written in Ei...
iclogin(sfnet) IC Login IC Login is used to automate the login to com h... DOWNLOAD
libnetstream(sfnet) libnetstream libnetstream is set of stream library functions...
ccdoc(sfnet) ccdoc Ccdoc is a javadoc inspired tool that automatic... DOWNLOAD
xbgtk(sfnet) xbgtk - an xbase OO wrapper for GTK+ xbgtk - an xbase/Harbour/xHarbour object-orient... DOWNLOAD
pjbaba(sfnet) PJBaba A PJBlog plugin for displaying your Bababian ph...
scmsh(sfnet) scmsh Scmsh is a restricted UNIX shell that executes ...
xinace(sfnet) Xinace Is Not an AC Emulator Xinace is not an AC emulator. Move along. not... DOWNLOAD
yanocc(sfnet) Yet Another NOCC YANOCC is a simple and fast webmail client whic... DOWNLOAD
foca(sfnet) Fudeba Optimizer, Compiler and Assembler FOCA (Fudeba: Optimizer, Compiler and Assembler... DOWNLOAD
gfxteamlib(sfnet) gfxlib We are going to make a multipurpose librairy fo... DOWNLOAD
libidmef(sfnet) LibIDMEF LibIDMEF is an implementation of the Internet E... DOWNLOAD
catabolicrealm(sfnet) CatabolicRealms A SCI-FI 3D MMORPG created in Java and Java3D. DOWNLOAD
prohd(sfnet) Profuturus Help Desk An easy to use, expandable, web-based Help Desk...
dat(sfnet) DAT DAT is a program that can read or write a Digit... DOWNLOAD
grandson(sfnet) Grandson It is little library or piece program. His fun... DOWNLOAD
ocl(sfnet) OCL (Open CLI Library) Intel Labs C# implementation of portions of the... DOWNLOAD
styleassistant(sfnet) StyleAssistant StyleAssistant is a configurable checker for st... DOWNLOAD
gorilla(sfnet) Gorilla Software Gorilla Software is a company which makes games... DOWNLOAD
richtexteditorg(sfnet) RichTextEditor GM RichTextEditorGM is a free HTML WYSIWYG Text Ed...
frommyheart(sfnet) FromMyHeart FromMyHeart is a simple and fun program that al... DOWNLOAD
inewtampa(sfnet) The iNewTampa Project The iNewTampa Project is a simple, effective po... DOWNLOAD
knet(sfnet) KNet - Anonymous P2P Infrastructure The K Network will provide a network infrastruc... DOWNLOAD
kossmixer(sfnet) Multimedia tools A sound mixer for OSS based devices under KDE-2... DOWNLOAD
swanbria(sfnet) Brian Swan php Class to construct database connectivity wi... DOWNLOAD
ttnetircd(sfnet) TTNet IRC deamon and services The TTnet ircd will provide maximum user securi... DOWNLOAD
fixedwidth(sfnet) Text::FixedWidth is a Perl module that provides... DOWNLOAD
diagram(sfnet) Please visit This has evolved into GreenUML. See http://gree... DOWNLOAD
htmldialer(sfnet) HTML ISDN Dialer The dialer allows to connect or disconnet a ISD... DOWNLOAD
qwikreader(sfnet) Qwik Reader Qwik Reader is a utility that helps you read la... DOWNLOAD
dynamic-switch(sfnet) Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) is designe... DOWNLOAD

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