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phptasks(sfnet) phpTasks phpTasks provides a multi-user web-based task m... DOWNLOAD
nbserver(sfnet) Non-blocking servers in Java made easy A framework that takes most of the pain out of ... DOWNLOAD
cppmatrix(sfnet) C++ matrix container class A matrix (and vector) container class library f... DOWNLOAD
wingnut(sfnet) WingNut WingNut is a platform independent template engi... DOWNLOAD
voambolana(sfnet) voambolana Voambolana (pronouce VOO-BOO-LUH-NUH) is an on-... DOWNLOAD
sn-extensions(sfnet) Source-Navigator Extentions Source-Navigator Extensions makes Source-Naviga... DOWNLOAD
dumasframework(sfnet) Dumas PHP/MySQL/XML Framework The Dumas PHP/MySQL/XML Framework is a set of P... DOWNLOAD
datacollection(sfnet) Data-Collection Data-Collection includes 2 utilities (which can... DOWNLOAD
jbossdruid(sfnet) JBossDruid This tool will help you to quickly create a JBo... DOWNLOAD
ost(sfnet) Operator Simulation Tool The Operator Simulation Tool (OST) provides a f... DOWNLOAD
sizecounter(sfnet) Size Counter This is a simple program written in C that gets... DOWNLOAD
lol-contentgen(sfnet) lol contentgenerator It is a java and xml, xsl based generator appli... DOWNLOAD
pcseries(sfnet) Page Creator Series <2 in1 web editor> The Page Creator Series is a project of a big w... DOWNLOAD
rubysmb(sfnet) Ruby/SMB Ruby/SMB is a C shared library that glues toget... DOWNLOAD
eazy4u(sfnet) Eazy4U Eazy4U software is a simple and easy to use web... DOWNLOAD
slacker(sfnet) Slacker Slacker is a host management and dynamic websit... DOWNLOAD
piss(sfnet) ProjectTraq Intranet System Services The ProjectTraq Intranet System Services (P.I.S... DOWNLOAD
benedetto(sfnet) benedetto Benedetto provides a catalog system for librari... DOWNLOAD
owc(sfnet) open wap chat open wap chat ...<br> - is an open source... DOWNLOAD
dghmux-java(sfnet) DGHMux-Java DGHMux-Java is a Java library for multiplexing ... DOWNLOAD
mtl(sfnet) MARC Toolkit for Libraries MARC Toolkit for Libraries is a collection of s... DOWNLOAD
scottsnewos(sfnet) Scott'sNewOS Scott'sNewOS is a totally new operating system ... DOWNLOAD
phpcad(sfnet) PHP Cad and Drawing Program. A CAD/painting program written in PHP. The user... DOWNLOAD
samosir(sfnet) Samosir Samosir is the library used to develop plugin m... DOWNLOAD
ukhuwahdev(sfnet) Ukhuwah Development MyUkhuwah is the project for developing the int... DOWNLOAD
ooodocs(sfnet) OOoDocs OOoDocs is the Free and Open repository and dev... DOWNLOAD
libaes(sfnet) An AES/rijndael encryption library A library implementing the AES (American Encryp... DOWNLOAD
parallelfilecom(sfnet) Parallel File Compressor Parallel File Compressor Compatible With bzip2 DOWNLOAD
chordcast(sfnet) ChordCast ChordCast is a chord editor written in Java (sw... DOWNLOAD
lraa-apache(sfnet) 'LRAA' Log Rotator And Archiver A short & sweet BASH script for rotating an... DOWNLOAD
rocketstack(sfnet) Rocket stack The more objects in different sizes you can bui... DOWNLOAD
makepp(sfnet) makepp Makepp, a build program which has a number of f... DOWNLOAD
warfur(sfnet) WarFur WarFur is a tile based multi player cross platf... DOWNLOAD
dartomatic(sfnet) Dartomatic Dartomatic is a web application which permit to... DOWNLOAD
prologbot(sfnet) PrologBOT PrologBOT is an IRC Bot coded entirely in Prolo... DOWNLOAD
onvifdm(sfnet) ONVIF Device Manager ONVIF Device Manager is a Network Video Client ... DOWNLOAD
gtk-splitter(sfnet) gtk-splitter gtk-splitter is a GTK+ applicaton that splits/c... DOWNLOAD
zwdf(sfnet) zwdf web domain name forwarding program. it's make s... DOWNLOAD
eln(sfnet) Electronic Laboratory Notebook The Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) - a co... DOWNLOAD
bespamfilter(sfnet) bemaildaemon correspondent filter Add-on email spam filter for bemaildaemon which... DOWNLOAD
xmlwebgui(sfnet) XML Web GUI This is a validating xml editor for creating, e... DOWNLOAD
op-crypt(sfnet) Crypto Tools for Object Pascal This library provides crypthographic functions ... DOWNLOAD
entren(sfnet) entren DOWNLOAD
pydbi(sfnet) pydbi pydbi is a python binding for libdbi, a databas... DOWNLOAD
pythonequations(sfnet) Python Equations Moved to Google Code, see DOWNLOAD
multiseek(sfnet) MultiSeek (multi-threaded search engine) MultiSeek is an (OpenSource) multi-threaded sea... DOWNLOAD
kodos(sfnet) kodos A regex tool -- A Python GUI for creating, test... DOWNLOAD
nwork(sfnet) nWorks nWorks is a Web-based network management system... DOWNLOAD
javasrc(sfnet) Java source code cross-reference tool Javasrc creates a set of hyperlinked HTML pages... DOWNLOAD
imv(sfnet) Information Meta View Information Meta View (IMV) system attempts to ... DOWNLOAD
thumbdir(sfnet) thumbdir CGI-based perl scripts that provide a thumbnail... DOWNLOAD
sonet(sfnet) Sonet Streaming live multimedia through a LAN. The so... DOWNLOAD
mrtgfe(sfnet) MRTGFE MRTG Front End. An individually configurable dy... DOWNLOAD
kelektorcd(sfnet) Elektor CD viewer This KDE sowtware allows you to easily browse c... DOWNLOAD
cub(sfnet) Combined Utilities for Beowulf Clusters Combined Utilities for Beowulf, or "cub,&q... DOWNLOAD
longwalker(sfnet) MGO.Portal A excellent alternative to bloated half-working... DOWNLOAD
kchemius(sfnet) KChemius Chemie-Lernprogramm KChemius ist ein Chemie Lehr- und Lernprogramm ... DOWNLOAD
shirc(sfnet) Sh@rp IRC Client (Kylix) / Server (C++) The purpose of this project is to create an gra... DOWNLOAD
mygraph(sfnet) MyGraph MyGraph is a easy-to-use library to draw graphs... DOWNLOAD
jinsur(sfnet) Jinsur The Jinsur plattform is an highly extensible fr... DOWNLOAD
licq-newsbot(sfnet) ICQ NewsBot A system, controlled by ICQ messages, to let yo... DOWNLOAD
jxmlx(sfnet) Jxmlx Jxmlx is a java based xml generator. It's a fro... DOWNLOAD
agenda2011(sfnet) agenda_temp Its agenda for conference of 2011 and its andro... DOWNLOAD
databaseportal(sfnet) MS3Portal++ MS3Portal++ is a WIndows Forms UI that lets to ... DOWNLOAD
jomamqtools(sfnet) JomaMQTools JomaMQTools is a collection of tools for Develo... DOWNLOAD
gemu(sfnet) Gemu - Gnome EMU10K1 configuration app The purpose of Gemu is to control sound cards b... DOWNLOAD
musirc(sfnet) MusIRCd MusIRCd is an ircd that focuses on network mana... DOWNLOAD
winboard(sfnet) WinBoard Free Bulletin Board that works on any windows b... DOWNLOAD
easyconv(sfnet) EasyConv - A File Conversion System This is a program to automate conversion of fil... DOWNLOAD
indy500(sfnet) Indianapolis 500 Racing Simulation Indianapolis 500 Racing Simulation: an accurate... DOWNLOAD
nema(sfnet) NEMA Java Software DACE Database schema designer; NEMA fast web te... DOWNLOAD
epc(sfnet) Error-propagation calculator EPC is an error-propogating calculator, with Pe... DOWNLOAD
gnopher(sfnet) Gnopher Gnopher is Gopher for Gnome. Once an ugly stand... DOWNLOAD
dashpc(sfnet) Dashboard Linux - DashPC The Dashboard Linux PC Project. A Linux UI for... DOWNLOAD
flatslash(sfnet) FlatSlash FlatSlash is a small and efficient slashdot-lik... DOWNLOAD
duns(sfnet) DUNS 2d/3d structured multi-block CFD The DUNS (Diagonalized Upwind Navier-Stokes)cod... DOWNLOAD
java-joint(sfnet) Joint - Java Coupling Joint - An abstract interface to Java. Joint is... DOWNLOAD
umlbuilder(sfnet) UMLBuilder Easy graphical and command line tool for instal... DOWNLOAD
acountant(sfnet) AccountANT AccountANT keeps track of expenses using the ti... DOWNLOAD
jtblocks(sfnet) JTBlocks A clone of the classic arcade game Breakout ori... DOWNLOAD
cide(sfnet) Cide Java RPG Engine A role playing game engine in Java along with n... DOWNLOAD
xword(sfnet) xword (GTK Crossword Puzzle Application) xword is a crossword puzzle application for UNI... DOWNLOAD
cubecalc(sfnet) CubeCalc A simple console application that calculates th... DOWNLOAD
mapeb200(sfnet) MapEB200 Main Purpose&#65306; 1. Mark out each spot ... DOWNLOAD
libl3d(sfnet) L3D - A Linux 3D Engine/Library (OpenGL) L3D is a 3D library for developing OpenGL a... DOWNLOAD
uobm(sfnet) Ultimate Online Bookmark Manager UOBM ( Ultimate Online Bookmark Manager) is an ... DOWNLOAD
pvs(sfnet) Program Version Syncer pvs checks for updates to programs via ftp or h... DOWNLOAD
rotolino(sfnet) r0t0l1n0 another (funny) irc bot written in perl with a ... DOWNLOAD
sneak(sfnet) sneakyman An easy GTK+/GNOME-based snort ruleset (and soo... DOWNLOAD
netradio(sfnet) Netradio Netradio plays and records from internet radio ... DOWNLOAD
zyp(sfnet) zyp zyp allows to maintain and publish a classified... DOWNLOAD
bhwindow(sfnet) Blackhole Windowing Toolkit Library User-friendly Win32 Oriented object API in C++.... DOWNLOAD
dbsgmltoolbox(sfnet) DocBook SGML Toolbox DocbBook SGML Toolbox combines the source packa... DOWNLOAD
bakrotate(sfnet) bakrotate Project This script shell (in environment BASH) has the... DOWNLOAD
timeadmin(sfnet) timeadmin timeadmin is a set of small programs that autom... DOWNLOAD
ccwt(sfnet) ccwt - crazy_coder's_web_tools - aims to be a powerful &&a... DOWNLOAD
phpsqldiff(sfnet) SQLDiff SQL Diff is a web application to show the diffe... DOWNLOAD
py190sms(sfnet) py190sms Permette di spedire SMS dal sito DOWNLOAD
elucidator(sfnet) Java Elucidator The Java Elucidator provides support for produc... DOWNLOAD

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