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velarfetch(sfnet) VelarFetch ReBorn Eases the browsing, and local updating, of mate... DOWNLOAD
fluideditor(sfnet) Fluid Source Code Editor The fluid editor is a prototype source code edi... DOWNLOAD
ravscript(sfnet) RAV Script RAVScript is designed as a procedural alternati... DOWNLOAD
xml-template(sfnet) XML::Template XML::Template is an X(HT)ML template processing... DOWNLOAD
ogpm(sfnet) OpenG Commander An open packaging system for use in the LabVIEW... DOWNLOAD
xyz-ops(sfnet) XYZ-OPS -- Work with coordinate files. Ever had to use xyz coordinate files during you... DOWNLOAD
xceptioncalc(sfnet) Scientific Calculator - Xception Code ============== Xception Code============ Hell... DOWNLOAD
jeline(sfnet) Java Event Link Establisher Jeline is the acronym of Java Event LINk Establ... DOWNLOAD
pgmaint(sfnet) PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities for running ro... DOWNLOAD
allinone(sfnet) Allin1, all in one monitoring dockapplet Allin1 is a dock applet for FluxBox, BlackBox,W... DOWNLOAD
standbayemail(sfnet) StandBayeMail StandBayeMail, a java POP3 proxy with real time... DOWNLOAD
gdiva(sfnet) Tool to upload files to DIVA mp3 player GUI for GNOME2 to upload songs to DIVA mp3 play... DOWNLOAD
gridblocks(sfnet) GridBlocks GridBlocks builds a grid application framework ... DOWNLOAD
reded(sfnet) RedEd This is a primitive HTML editor. Who knows one ... DOWNLOAD
gnogrind(sfnet) gnogrind GNOME front-end for valgrind memory debugger. DOWNLOAD
q3log(sfnet) Q3Log Quake 3 Arena Stats Generator Q3Log is a Q3a stats generator. It is written ... DOWNLOAD
mircdc(sfnet) mIRC Direct Connect mIRC Direct Connect (mDC) is a filesharing addo... DOWNLOAD
ataparty(sfnet) ATaParty: Audiotron GUI A C# Windows application that provides an alter... DOWNLOAD
myab(sfnet) MyAddressBook A web-based e-mail address book, written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
webdatzipstream(sfnet) Web data Zip Stream (de)Compressor Web data Zip Stream (de)Compressor is a java ap... DOWNLOAD
java-grimoire(sfnet) Java Grimoire for Sorcerer Distribution Java Grimoire for the Sorcerer Linux Distribution DOWNLOAD
cks(sfnet) CryptNET Key Server This is an effort to develop an openPGP (RFC244... DOWNLOAD
black-visi(sfnet) BlackVisi Ever wondered, how to create a huge Java/swing ... DOWNLOAD
gns(sfnet) GNS GNS, or Game Name Search, is a cross-platform C... DOWNLOAD
fdcam(sfnet) Cam for FreeDOS Cam is written in C++/asm for FreeDOS. It allo... DOWNLOAD
magtekmmw(sfnet) Magtek Mini-MICR Wedge Driver for Linux The goal of this project is to implement an Ope... DOWNLOAD
ggsniff(sfnet) ggsniff - a Gadu-Gadu sniffer ggsniff is not currently a standalone applicati... DOWNLOAD
openlf(sfnet) OpenLF OpenLF is a set of tools implementing Light Fie... DOWNLOAD
sqlet(freshmeat) SQLet SQLet allows you to directly execute SQL on mul... DOWNLOAD
amphtp(sfnet) HTP for Ampoliros With HTP for Ampoliros, maintenance of a very l... DOWNLOAD
c-abacus(sfnet) Simple Calculator for Console Just look what I've got up to. A freaking calcu... DOWNLOAD
kommander(sfnet) Kommander Kommander is a system for dynamic dialog creati... DOWNLOAD
jua(sfnet) Java version of Lua programming language This project is the port of Lua programming lan... DOWNLOAD
wxvisuallua(sfnet) wxVisual Lua - wxLua IDE Visual Lua is the Integrated Development Enviro... DOWNLOAD
imoneez(sfnet) Electronic Money and Payment System Transnational Electronic Money and Payment Syst... DOWNLOAD
comvironment(sfnet) ComVironment ComVironment is an Open-Source platform to set ... DOWNLOAD
slickworm(sfnet) Slickworm A game with vehicle physics and a landscape eng... DOWNLOAD
java-ntlm-proxy(sfnet) Java NTLM Proxy Forwards non-NTLM HTTP client requests to an NT... DOWNLOAD
mm-pro(sfnet) Multimedia Processor Find, retreive information about multimediafile... DOWNLOAD
jorganizer(sfnet) JOrganizer JOrganizer is a webbased PIM (Personal Informat... DOWNLOAD
archbox(sfnet) Archbox DOWNLOAD
rookchat(sfnet) RookChat HTML/CGI-based streaming multi-room CHAT. Craz... DOWNLOAD
summit(sfnet) Text Precis Utility A text passage that runs to several sentences w... DOWNLOAD
spssrmenu(sfnet) SPSS R-Menu This project stores all the updates to the SPSS... DOWNLOAD
lrttester(sfnet) LRTTester Long Running Transaction Tester (LRTTester) is ... DOWNLOAD
tleenx(sfnet) TleenX otwarty klient TleenX jest otwartym klientem sieci Je... DOWNLOAD
mboxiter(sfnet) mboxiter mboxiter is a simple unix tool to iterate a com... DOWNLOAD
phantom-project(sfnet) Phantom Direct Connect Hub The Phantom project is a UN*X based Direct Conn... DOWNLOAD
tess(sfnet) The Spam Secretary The Spam Secretary is an anti-spam email filter... DOWNLOAD
xass(sfnet) X Application Server System X Application Server System represents a new ap... DOWNLOAD
dahuntradio(sfnet) DaHuNtradio Basically dahuntradio is an application to cont... DOWNLOAD
cudamatcher(sfnet) PCM - Parallel Content-Based Matching Parallel Content-Based matching algorithm runni... DOWNLOAD
cwenc(sfnet) cwenc - MP3 & Ogg Vorbis Encoder The cwenc utility enables musicians working wit... DOWNLOAD
testzyber(sfnet) testzyber testzybertestzybertestzybertestzyber DOWNLOAD
gsoftpad(sfnet) Gnome Portable Application Description PAD stands for Portable Application Description... DOWNLOAD
inspecteur(sfnet) Inspecteur Simple plug-in to inspect Workbench views and c... DOWNLOAD
jdbadmin(sfnet) JDatabase Administration Tool A pure java GUI database administration tool th... DOWNLOAD
plflow(sfnet) PL/FLOW PL/FLOW is a workflow engine written in Oracle ... DOWNLOAD
receipttracker(sfnet) ReceiptTracker The purpose of this project is to develop an op... DOWNLOAD
snp-magma(sfnet) MAGMA MAGMA: Multiobjective Analyzer for Genetic Mark... DOWNLOAD
webwalker(sfnet) WebWalker An XML scripted engine to "drive" HTT... DOWNLOAD
jxml(sfnet) JavaScript Namespace Initiative The creation of a cross-browser Namespace in th... DOWNLOAD
misanthrope(sfnet) Misanthrope Networking Solutions Macintosh web server applications: Count WWWebu... DOWNLOAD
plm(sfnet) Patch Lifecycle Manager The Patch Lifecycle Manager (PLM) provides a ce... DOWNLOAD
spoolslice(sfnet) Spool Slice This project is a utility to allow the splittin... DOWNLOAD
pushlets(sfnet) Pushlets Pushlets are a Java servlet-based mechanism whe... DOWNLOAD
zignal(sfnet) zignal Zignal is a very lightweight library for handli... DOWNLOAD
mplayerosx(sfnet) MPlayer OS X MPlayer OS X is project based on MPlayer (The M... DOWNLOAD
glassflightdeck(sfnet) Glass Flight Deck A windows based program which offers all the ga... DOWNLOAD
ripplebase(sfnet) Ripplebase Personal Database System Ripplebase is an attempt at creating a small an... DOWNLOAD
pyaxcess(sfnet) pyAxcess compiler pyAxcess is a compiler, written in Python, for ... DOWNLOAD
python-fam(sfnet) Python FAM Python FAM provides a Python module to use the ... DOWNLOAD
mozexp(sfnet) Mozilla Exporter Mozilla Exporter is a utility that converts the... DOWNLOAD
imageapp(sfnet) ImageApp - Java Advanced Imaging GUI An IDE for people interested in Machine Vision/... DOWNLOAD
basic-ide(sfnet) BASIC IDE The BASIC IDE is an open source IDE for any lan... DOWNLOAD
dinstcogjavatoo(sfnet) DYNAMIC MONITORING JAVA PROGRAMS This tool was written in Java which provides a ... DOWNLOAD
mysqlsow(sfnet) mysqlsow The MySQL Simple Object Wrapper (mysqlsow) is a... DOWNLOAD
winflight(sfnet) WinFlight WinFlight is, at its essence, a time-waster. Th... DOWNLOAD
namecgi(sfnet) name-cgi name-cgi is a python script, that allows progra... DOWNLOAD
upclient(sfnet) UpClient - The Uptimes Project UpClient Logs uptime with Up... DOWNLOAD
shaen(sfnet) Shaen A text based fantasy RPG that will offer an int... DOWNLOAD
nragen(sfnet) nragen This is a simple, command line based program ai... DOWNLOAD
fasttran(sfnet) fasttran fasttran is a TM-based tool for computer-aided ... DOWNLOAD
lyrml(sfnet) LyrML LyrML is an XML application for lyrics. DOWNLOAD
joustim(sfnet) joscar joscar is an easy-to-use, robust library for co... DOWNLOAD
scmtt(sfnet) SCMtt SCMtt is a graphical frontend for the command l... DOWNLOAD
irc-chess(sfnet) IRC Chess IRC Chess is a 2 player chess game that you pla... DOWNLOAD
seti-queue(sfnet) Boddah's Seti Queue A bash script that allows Seti @ Home users to ... DOWNLOAD
etrdsy(sfnet) etrdsy eTrdSy is an eShop : a Web-based Shop written i... DOWNLOAD
lcdd-2041(sfnet) Matrix Orbital LCD Updater Daemon An (nearly) all purpose software driver for Mat... DOWNLOAD
dypfs(sfnet) Dynamic Proc File System Linux kernel module for special dynamic files. ... DOWNLOAD
fixedpoint(sfnet) FixedPoint Tim Peters' + Write docs for the... DOWNLOAD
sqlline(sfnet) sqlline command-line utility for issuing SQL to relatio... DOWNLOAD
eds-claroline(sfnet) eds-claroline EDS-CLAROLINE is a course based educational too... DOWNLOAD
msfc(sfnet) More Sources Finder Corrected Find more sources for KaZaA (and probably other... DOWNLOAD
jworkbench(sfnet) JWorkBench JWorkbench is set of Java based GUI and NON-GUI... DOWNLOAD
xfvs(sfnet) xacting form validation service extension of and cgiemail.cgi conce... DOWNLOAD
gokuchat(sfnet) GokuChat GokuChat is an Instant Messaging client for Win... DOWNLOAD
ebnf(sfnet) EBNF Library The EBNF Library scans strings with respect to ... DOWNLOAD
defectcontrol(sfnet) Druid Defect Control Change request tracking system designed to mana... DOWNLOAD

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