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ebnf(sfnet) EBNF Library The EBNF Library scans strings with respect to ... DOWNLOAD
defectcontrol(sfnet) Druid Defect Control Change request tracking system designed to mana... DOWNLOAD
jbasicprofiler(sfnet) JBasicProfiler (System Profiler) It is a GPL multi-thread software for CPU, Hard...
pagoda(sfnet) Pagoda Pagoda is a object oriented PHP framework for r... DOWNLOAD
jfract(sfnet) JFract JFract is much more than a fractal explorer. wi... DOWNLOAD
genericircd(sfnet) GenericIRCD IRC Server GenericIRCD is a new ircd, which features more ... DOWNLOAD
source2html(sfnet) source2html source2html is a tool written in c++ to create ... DOWNLOAD
cudawrapper(sfnet) cuda_wrapper The CUDA wrapper library provides means for an ...
jol(sfnet) Jyhad OnLine Jyhad OnLine is the software adaptation of the ... DOWNLOAD
sharencrypt(sfnet) SharEncrypt SharEncrypt is a file encryption tool for Windo... DOWNLOAD
xtype(sfnet) XType XType enables you to construct a Java Object, s... DOWNLOAD
xmms-morestate(sfnet) XMMS Morestate/Autoplay XMMS Morestate restores ESD volume, song time, ... DOWNLOAD
cvs-summary(sfnet) CVS-Summary CVS-Summary is a program that generates an HTML... DOWNLOAD
classloader(sfnet) C++ Dynamic Class Loader A Lightweight C++ Object dynamic discovery and ... DOWNLOAD
isconf(sfnet) ISconf This project has moved to DOWNLOAD
mysqldrivercs(sfnet) MySQLDriverCS A free simple .NET compliant MySQL driver. Made... DOWNLOAD
cudann(sfnet) CUDA Neural Network Implementation of a feed-forward backpropagatio...
wodka(sfnet) wodka Wodka is the implementation of a genetic algori... DOWNLOAD
truckstoplinux(sfnet) truckstoplinux A truck stop locator. Using the globe/display ...
yafta(sfnet) Yafta (Yet Another FTp Application) A cross platform implementation of an FTP clien... DOWNLOAD
sptk(sfnet) Simply Powerful Toolkit This projects includes a set of C++ classes for... DOWNLOAD
jsptemplate(sfnet) JSP template engine A JSP template engine that enables developers t... DOWNLOAD
top-c(sfnet) TOP-C TOP-C is a library for easily writing parallel ... DOWNLOAD
comms(sfnet) Corba Messenger CoMs: Simple messaging server/client written us... DOWNLOAD
open2300(sfnet) open2300 open2300 - reads/writes data from the Lacrosse ... DOWNLOAD
imshell(sfnet) IMShell IMShell is a specification and a set of utiliti... DOWNLOAD
dockclock(sfnet) dockclock -a dockapp clock with an alarm dockclock is a small, fast docking applett desi... DOWNLOAD
lucidproject(sfnet) The Lucid Project A LMORPG (Large Multiplayer Online Role Playing... DOWNLOAD
easyfilerenamer(sfnet) Easy File Renamer - Easy to use: Drag and drop files to rename - ...
o2xmapper(sfnet) O2XMapper O2XMapper provides a user interface for creatin... DOWNLOAD
qpealarmclock(sfnet) Qtopia Alarm Clock A travel alarm clock for PDAs running the Qtopi... DOWNLOAD
uddibrowser(sfnet) UDDI Browser The UDDI Browser project aims to provide a lead... DOWNLOAD
alsus-engine(sfnet) Alsus Multimedia Engine The Alsus Multimedia Engine, being developed by... DOWNLOAD
suiciety(sfnet) logViewSQL A PHP frontend to apache logs stored with mod_l... DOWNLOAD
sopi(sfnet) System Out Println Instrumenter Sopi is an Ant task that instruments System.out...
rts2(sfnet) Real Time Strategy Game v2.0 A Platform Independent 3D Real Time Strategy Ga... DOWNLOAD
pixi(sfnet) Processor Interface for XML Inclusions Processor Interface for XML Inclusions (PIXI) i... DOWNLOAD
vpdfc(sfnet) vPDFc – RTF to PDF Converter The application is a text converter (RTF to PDF...
andirobot(sfnet) Andi Robot - Android Application Andi Robot is an incoming call screening and ba...
jammy(sfnet) Engine for rapid game prototyping Engine for rapid game prototyping, helping deve... DOWNLOAD
yaftp(sfnet) yaftp YAFTP is a java portable client frontend to RFC... DOWNLOAD
logstats(sfnet) Sphere LogStats Log analyzer for Ultima Sphere Server. DOWNLOAD
daocguildxml(sfnet) Dark Age of Camelot XML Guild Info. DAoC guild roster/alliance script DOWNLOAD
webforum(sfnet) WebForum Webforum is a Java web forums program. Makes a ... DOWNLOAD
foran(sfnet) FORAN FORAN is an easy to use database webfrontend ba... DOWNLOAD
aimud(sfnet) AIMud AIMud is a mud server coded in C with easy cust... DOWNLOAD
olvu(sfnet) Ollo's vocabulary utility A self-adapting vocabulary trainer using Gtk 2.0 DOWNLOAD
cutesitecms(sfnet) CuteSITE CuteSITE is a cutting-edge object oriented Web ... DOWNLOAD
diggin(sfnet) Diggin' Diggin' will be a somewhat wacky 2D arcade puzz... DOWNLOAD
jodsnapshot(sfnet) JOD Snapshot J.O.D. Snapshot. The Java Object Directory Snap...
aeroastro(sfnet) Aero & Astro Engineering Software Coding convenient Aero & Astro functions in... DOWNLOAD
cooleclipse(sfnet) cooleclipse Eclipse plugin and library to create - text-ed... DOWNLOAD
cudart(sfnet) cuda_raytracing This is a simple ray tracing algorithm implemen...
ipmd(sfnet) Inter Process Messenger Inter Process Messenger (IPM) is an interproces... DOWNLOAD
keptar(sfnet) Képtár Képtár- means Picture Gallery in Hungarian. Th... DOWNLOAD
xmlutil(sfnet) xmlutil XMLUtil provides a set of easy-to-used apis to ... DOWNLOAD
startj(sfnet) startJ The idea of this project is to offer an initial... DOWNLOAD
rota-banners(sfnet) Rota-Banners Description: Rota-Banners is an application ba... DOWNLOAD
spamicide(sfnet) Spamicide Sendmail filter A learning spam filter - uses probability calcu... DOWNLOAD
ataxx32(sfnet) Ataxx32 - Win32 based Ataxx A basic Win32 version of the classic game Ataxx...
ipaqphone(sfnet) ipaqphone an software user for ipaq with the GPRS/GSM sle... DOWNLOAD
sf-xpaint(sfnet) XPaint XPaint is a simple paint program for X, suitabl... DOWNLOAD
phpproxima(sfnet) PHP-PROXIMA Php-Proxima is an add-on for phpnuke. The add-o... DOWNLOAD
yaces(sfnet) Yet Another Car Entertainment System yaces is a frontend to various players build fo... DOWNLOAD
satrancoyunu(sfnet) Webbase Chess English description : Webbase chees, this chees... DOWNLOAD
trenzterraz(sfnet) TrenzTerra Script The website for a mIRC Script, TrenzTerra Scrip... DOWNLOAD
shag(sfnet) The Shag Tournament The Shag Tournament is a project to update the ... DOWNLOAD
gstatistics(sfnet) gstatistics A project that allows to view random variables ... DOWNLOAD
gotjava(sfnet) Javalobby Community Platform The JLCP aims to write a number of components t... DOWNLOAD
ichilli(sfnet) iChilli mobile J2EE platform The iChilli mobile J2EE platform provides a J2E... DOWNLOAD
iptablelog(sfnet) IPTables log analyzer What are the packets rejected by your Netfilter... DOWNLOAD
genjar(sfnet) GenJar GenJar is a specialized Ant task that builds ja... DOWNLOAD
foedus(sfnet) Foedus Mail Foedus Mail is a mail server written in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
mhtconv(sfnet) mhtconv The library and some library-dependant tools to...
javapdi(sfnet) Personal Data Interchange (PDI) Java Lib The Personal Data Interchange (PDI) standard wa... DOWNLOAD
pasp(sfnet) PASP - Python Anti-Spam Proxy You can filter your email using a bayesian like... DOWNLOAD
digitize(sfnet) ERP Data Acquisition Real-time EEG data acquisition and control soft... DOWNLOAD
creativepccam(sfnet) Creative PC-CAM camera A simple commandline tool for downloading pictu... DOWNLOAD
simulreflec(sfnet) SimulReflec X-rays and polarised neutron reflectivity data ... DOWNLOAD
gccodec(sfnet) Geek Code 3.12 CODEC A geek code generator that generates 3.12 compa... DOWNLOAD
sonasound(sfnet) SonaSound - UNIX Sonogram Sonogram and waveform display programm for Unix... DOWNLOAD
zantastico(sfnet) Zantastico Zantastico - An Open-Source module/plugin for Z...
uw2rev(sfnet) Underworld 2 Revival This Project will finally enable you to replay ... DOWNLOAD
postdisplay(sfnet) Port 0x80 utilities This projects contains a couple of utilities, a... DOWNLOAD
simplexmlrpc(sfnet) SimpleXMLRPC for PHP4 XMLRPC client/server for PHP4. This XMLRPC cli... DOWNLOAD
world-sh(sfnet) World-sh This is a little project im makeing to help new... DOWNLOAD
nmstl(sfnet) NMSTL for C++ NMSTL is the Networks, Messaging, Servers, and ... DOWNLOAD
tdn(sfnet) Two Dimensional Noesy Simulation Two Dimensional NOesy simulation (TDN) implemen... DOWNLOAD
rvsn00p(sfnet) RvSn00p rvSnoop is a graphical application that provide... DOWNLOAD
openwire(sfnet) OpenWire LimeWire is a file sharing program running on t... DOWNLOAD
eatrmi(sfnet) External Ant Tools for RMI The EATRMI project is an effort to provide tool... DOWNLOAD
netcat(sfnet) The GNU netcat A rewrite of the well-known networking tool, bu... DOWNLOAD
typeograph(sfnet) «Type-o-graph» The «Type-o-graph» project has been written as ... DOWNLOAD
dead-zone(sfnet) Dead Zone Scripts Dead Zone Scripts will be here to help out the ... DOWNLOAD
p2pim(sfnet) P2P Instant Messenger A Peer to Peer Instant Messenger written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
macfortune(sfnet) MacFortune A GUI frontend for the unix fortune command, th... DOWNLOAD
jpg2html(sfnet) JPG2HTML jpg2html is a series of C programs that embeds ... DOWNLOAD
multilist(sfnet) MultiList This PHP & MySQL driven script has the abil... DOWNLOAD
phpdevstudio(sfnet) PHP Developer Studio PHP Developer Studio helps developers to build ... DOWNLOAD
netrate(sfnet) netrate text-mode Perl script which provides data rate ... DOWNLOAD

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