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rollercms(sfnet) Roller CMS New concept Content Management System PHP and P... DOWNLOAD
susan(sfnet) Lawa Susan A java implementation of the board game SUSAN(t... DOWNLOAD
openqvis(sfnet) OpenQVis High quality volume graphics on consumer PC har... DOWNLOAD
osa-net(sfnet) OSA::net OSA::net project main goal is to create an exte... DOWNLOAD
csrcs-opentool(sfnet) CS-RCS OpenTool A OpenTool integrating the ComponentSoftware RC... DOWNLOAD
classcreator(sfnet) ClassCreator This program will take a C++ header and generat... DOWNLOAD
pibo-site(sfnet) pibo-site This is a web site that allows a group of frien... DOWNLOAD
netfltools(sfnet) Netflow processing tools The netfltools project is a set of tools for pr... DOWNLOAD
ysmis(sfnet) YsmIS YsmIS (Yet some more IRC Services) is an easy e... DOWNLOAD
systray(sfnet) SysTray for Java SysTray for Java is a Java API for accessing th... DOWNLOAD
ceug(sfnet) CEUG This project provides access to the collective ... DOWNLOAD
jawinproject(sfnet) Jawin The Java/Win32 integration project (Jawin) is a... DOWNLOAD
sloppyadm(sfnet) SLoPpy Administrator This project aims to provide an easy to use int... DOWNLOAD
averniasoc(sfnet) Avernia Soccer Avernia Soccer pretends to be a multiplayer Soc... DOWNLOAD
lasers(sfnet) Lasers! Lasers! is a puzzle game. The objective is to d... DOWNLOAD
script-sql-db(sfnet) Script SQL Database DDL A tool which scripts out SQL Server 2000/2005 d... DOWNLOAD
justchat(sfnet) JustChat Web Java Chat interface JustChat is a simple lighweight web-based chat ... DOWNLOAD
m-player(sfnet) M-Player M-Player is a Mp3 Audio Player using SDL as gra... DOWNLOAD
rosettacgi(sfnet) Rosetta Biosoftware Prophet CGI programs PeptideProphet and ProteinProphet CGI program s... DOWNLOAD
yajl(sfnet) yet another java library, yajl A set of some Java classes and frameworks, that... DOWNLOAD
dataloaderengin(sfnet) Data Loader Engine This is a Java application used to load data in... DOWNLOAD
rtltree(sfnet) rtltree This small project is a bridge between RTAI and... DOWNLOAD
doxfs(sfnet) DoXFS Document Management System DoXFS (pron. docs-eff-ess) Document Managment S... DOWNLOAD
systemstatus(sfnet) System Status System Status is a small GUI dialog that return... DOWNLOAD
jzipdotorg(sfnet) jzip is a zipping/archiving program, written in... DOWNLOAD
ruby-pam(sfnet) Ruby/PAM This project aims to provide an interoperabilit... DOWNLOAD
mail-checkuser(sfnet) Mail-CheckUser Mail::CheckUser is Perl module that provides ro... DOWNLOAD
tprs(sfnet) Tree Planter's Record System (TPRS) Framework for storing and editing Forestry-rela... DOWNLOAD
hnu(sfnet) HNU A Java/Struts-based Web-Helpdesk using Tomcat, ... DOWNLOAD
symbio(sfnet) Symbio - Commenting System Got a blog? Then you'll definitely want this co... DOWNLOAD
aepps(sfnet) mod_epp for Apache 2 This module adds support for the Extensible Pro... DOWNLOAD
jexp(sfnet) JEXP - Expressions for Java JEXP is a small Java framework for the evaluati... DOWNLOAD
roci(sfnet) Rocinante Rocinante is the GNU GaMa GUI for the adjustmen... DOWNLOAD
cdk4avr(sfnet) AVR Cross Development Kit CDK4AVR stands for Cross Development Kit for At... DOWNLOAD
junebug(sfnet) JuneBug JuneBug is a set of extensions for JUnit. The ... DOWNLOAD
thema(sfnet) thema Thema is an XML based data format (DTD) for the... DOWNLOAD
s40utils(sfnet) s40 Utilities to communicate from any linux powered... DOWNLOAD
marauroa(sfnet) Marauroa Marauroa is a multiplayer role playing game and... DOWNLOAD
uploadeur(sfnet) Uploader Uploader is a script for uploading files to a s... DOWNLOAD
dcorba(sfnet) dCORBA dCORBA is a CORBA language mapping for dBASE. I... DOWNLOAD
rhcomm(sfnet) RH .Commerce Server The .Commerce server is a continuation of the R... DOWNLOAD
fastdraw(sfnet) fastdraw Zope-CMF-based tool for SVG graphical flow desi... DOWNLOAD
frem(sfnet) FREM Freeware Realtime strategy Engine when use Mana... DOWNLOAD
log4domino(sfnet) Log4Domino Log4Domino is a log framework that enables easy... DOWNLOAD
netgamingcenter(sfnet) .NET Gaming Center .NET Gaming Center Is Programmed In Visual Stud...
deltaircd(sfnet) DeltaIRCD A ircu2.10.11 version modifyed for ... DOWNLOAD
jrre(sfnet) Java Research Runtime Environment The JRRE project is a Java runtime environment ... DOWNLOAD
ctnhashproc(sfnet) CTN Hashing Extended Stored Procedure CTNHashProc is a Microsoft SQLServer 2000 Exten... DOWNLOAD
mqzoom(sfnet) MQZoom MQZoom is a platform independent software to ad... DOWNLOAD
iris3d(sfnet) Iris 3D engine for dreamcast Iris is an 3D engine for dreamcast using KOS. DOWNLOAD
dmca(sfnet) Delicious & Malicious Code Analysis A suite of reverse engineering tools for ELF ex... DOWNLOAD
lawless(sfnet) Saint Lawless Saint Lawless is a pentetration toolkit. It wi... DOWNLOAD
prota(sfnet) Prota Prota is a reference implementation for an open... DOWNLOAD
tackle(sfnet) Tackle - Tiny ACL Authentication for PHP Tackle is a small ACL authentication module for... DOWNLOAD
networkstation(sfnet) Linux on the IBM NetworkStation 1000 Tools and patches to run Linux on the IBM Netwo... DOWNLOAD
ampcentral(sfnet) AmpCentral AmpCentral is a system composed of Ampoliros mo... DOWNLOAD
artlight(sfnet) Artlight 100% Java multithread search engine. Communicat... DOWNLOAD
aviancomputing(sfnet) Avian Parallel Computing Avian Computing seeks to efficiently create par...
sdtoolkit(sfnet) Software Documentation Toolkit SDToolkit (Source Documentation Toolkit) allows... DOWNLOAD
hms30c7202(sfnet) Linux CAN Driver for HMS30C7202 (C_CAN) Linux CAN (Controller Area Network) Driver for ... DOWNLOAD
ocamaweb(sfnet) ocamaweb OCAMAWEB is a CWEB like literate programming to... DOWNLOAD
ivideo(sfnet) iVideo iVideo is a multitrack video editing software o... DOWNLOAD
phpmyerp(sfnet) phpMyERP It\'s a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Soft... DOWNLOAD
pio(sfnet) Pioneers Pioneers is an emulation of the board game The ... DOWNLOAD
phrame(sfnet) Phrame Phrame is a web development platform for PHP ba... DOWNLOAD
l-o-c(sfnet) Lords of Chaos L-O-C is a TBS. The player controls a wizard to... DOWNLOAD
gamedevman(sfnet) Devman (AKA KRGP) This project originally was about a megaman clo... DOWNLOAD
zineophile(sfnet) zineophile Zineophile is a piece of software for making we... DOWNLOAD
opera2mozilla(sfnet) opera2mozilla <Edit-Jan2004>As Firefox and Mozilla matu... DOWNLOAD
moset(sfnet) moset Set is a game where you have to find 3 cards th... DOWNLOAD
xkeysw(sfnet) xkeysw xkeysw is a keyboard layout switch for the X W... DOWNLOAD
gepi(sfnet) Outil de Gestion des Elèves Par Internet Gepi a pour objectif de fournir aux établisseme... DOWNLOAD
gnome-acpi(sfnet) gnome-acpi Gnome ACPI viewer. Enables the user to view the... DOWNLOAD
milkbone(sfnet) milkbone Milkbone is a GUI instant messaging client writ... DOWNLOAD
evilboss(sfnet) EvilBoss EvilBoss is the packet of utilities written on ... DOWNLOAD
jlogger-tool(sfnet) JLogger JLogger is written for the java developper that... DOWNLOAD
simplemysqltool(sfnet) Simple Perl/Tk MySQL Query Tool Cross-platform MySQL query tool that allows use... DOWNLOAD
speak-freely-u(sfnet) Speak Freely for Unix Speak Freely for Unix is an Internet telephony ... DOWNLOAD
webpdb(sfnet) Web PDB This program is a perl CGI script that accesses... DOWNLOAD
xom(sfnet) Xom - XML based Java GUI environment Xom (Xml Object Model) is a lightweight, powerf... DOWNLOAD
ftpseek(sfnet) ftpseek FTPSeek is an opensource (GPL) script which has... DOWNLOAD
javasheet(sfnet) JavaSheet JavaSheet! Bringing interactive Excel spreadsh... DOWNLOAD
javachecker(sfnet) JavaChecker JavaChecker is a program which does static anal... DOWNLOAD
dosconf(sfnet) DOSConf DOSConf is an installer to install, update, rep... DOWNLOAD
scantool(sfnet) OBD-II Software Front End OBD-II software lets you turn your... DOWNLOAD
x-icco(sfnet) XML database for mobile devices XML database engine for mobile devices (iPaq, P... DOWNLOAD
visage(sfnet) Visage Visage is an information organisation and visua... DOWNLOAD
elite-mythology(sfnet) Elite: Mythology The game which based on the ideas from original... DOWNLOAD
ipblocker(sfnet) IP Blocker IP Blocker is an incident response tool that au... DOWNLOAD
ldaplistmanager(sfnet) LDAP List Manager A web application to manage mailing lists in LD...
phantom-common(sfnet) Common Library for JDK 1.4 A small, but realy needed library that realized... DOWNLOAD
mkde(sfnet) Macedonian KDE Localization Macedonian localization (l10n) of the K Desktop... DOWNLOAD
icerequest(sfnet) Ice Request A MySQL based PHP web frontend and perl module ... DOWNLOAD
dite(sfnet) Dite Dite is a distributed intrusion detection syste... DOWNLOAD
gyitgo(sfnet) web mall I will be used to test php and open source onli...
daitrix(sfnet) Daitrix daitrix is a secure os built on security, ease ... DOWNLOAD
webbean(sfnet) WebBean Creator This project is intended to assist developers b... DOWNLOAD
asocket(sfnet) ASocket Asynchronous socket class based on the MFC CAsy... DOWNLOAD
klines2(sfnet) KLines2 Yet another KDE/Qt clone of the popular game ca... DOWNLOAD
alefrapidscan(sfnet) RapidScan Small application for enabling simple oprations...

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