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insomnia23(sfnet) insomnia insomnia is a java platform independent web ser... DOWNLOAD
digitalhardback(sfnet) digitalHardback book reading simulator digitalHardback is a reading surface simulator ... DOWNLOAD
gackiem28player(sfnet) gac_kiem28 Player the Flash Player for Website play with : - FLV ...
dxgame(sfnet) Space - A DirectX Game Space - A DirectX Game, is a DirectX, C, C++ ba... DOWNLOAD
csvtokenizer(sfnet) CSVTokenizer CSVTokenizer is a kind of Java API similar to S... DOWNLOAD
formys(sfnet) Formys This program allows creating client-server data... DOWNLOAD
unicats-i(sfnet) Unicats-i The success of the Internet has made it possibl... DOWNLOAD
webprovider(sfnet) Kylix WebProvider WebProvider - The Open Source CGI WebBroker rep... DOWNLOAD
bugscam(sfnet) BugScam IDC Package A bunch of IDC scripts for IDA to look for comm... DOWNLOAD
jwa(sfnet) Josse Web Admin JWA is a collection of php snippets that can be... DOWNLOAD
filetranet(sfnet) php Filetranet Filetranet allows dynamic browsing of directori... DOWNLOAD
blockdropper(sfnet) Ultra Mega Blockdropper Alpha Omega! Another block-dropping game, wherein players at... DOWNLOAD
smarttable(sfnet) Smart Table "Smart Table" is a table that can tra... DOWNLOAD
www-sql(sfnet) WWW-SQL WWW-SQL is a CGI used to display information fr... DOWNLOAD
nullgroupware(sfnet) Null Groupware Null Groupware is a self-hosting web based grou... DOWNLOAD
freecp(sfnet) freecp - power up your trueSpace The extremely popular coolpowers series of plug... DOWNLOAD
modsmanager(sfnet) Mods Manager Keep track of every mod installed in a forum (p... DOWNLOAD
grue-cdb(sfnet) Grue Chess Database A cross platform chess database which supports ... DOWNLOAD
skb(sfnet) Spatial Knowledge Base Spatial Knowledge Base is a web based applicati... DOWNLOAD
lanbiz(sfnet) LanBiz LanBiz is a free, Open Source Server Suite, mos... DOWNLOAD
soundweave(sfnet) SoundWeave SoundWeave is a sound generator that produces a... DOWNLOAD
libnix(sfnet) C link library for AmigaOS/m68k Standard C link library for amiga-specific gcc ... DOWNLOAD
j2metest(sfnet) J2ME Benchmark & Test Suite A collection of benchmark and testing applicati... DOWNLOAD
mklientsdk(sfnet) MerlinCorey\'s C++ Klient2 SDK Class based software developer\'s kit for writi... DOWNLOAD
automod(sfnet) Automod A perl-script that change the mode of files in ... DOWNLOAD
gnutellalib(sfnet) GnutellaLIB GnutellaLIB aims to be a C library to develop a... DOWNLOAD
peqeditor(sfnet) PEQ Database Editor A php-based web-editor for the Project EQ (PEQ)... DOWNLOAD
statmonitor(sfnet) Process Stat Monitor System monitoring utility, written in plain C. ...
cemisubdissect(sfnet) cemisubdissect Wireshark plugin for dissecting cemi payload of...
danaxu(sfnet) DaNaxU -- text adventure DaNaXu is a text adventure written entirely in ... DOWNLOAD
ultimairis(sfnet) Ultima Iris Ultima Iris is a 3D game client for the popular... DOWNLOAD
mglt(sfnet) milix OpenGL toolkit MGL is a GLUT-like toolkit oriented to Game Pro... DOWNLOAD
bookmarklinks(sfnet) BookMarkLinks Loosing order and overview over your bookmark c... DOWNLOAD
knetworkconfig(sfnet) KDE Network Configuration KDE Network Configuration. Allow to change IP a... DOWNLOAD
dynadmin(sfnet) dynAdmin dynAdmin is the first CMS of its kind. It allow... DOWNLOAD
providerfactory(sfnet) ProviderFactory ProviderFactory is an assembly for the .NET fra... DOWNLOAD
scheduleviz(sfnet) ScheduleViz: Course Schedule Plannner A visual, interactive university course schedul... DOWNLOAD
decodify(sfnet) decodify Decodify is a simple program that parses a nume... DOWNLOAD
pinf(sfnet) Program Informations Neatly Formatted Pinf provide an easy and complete method to emb... DOWNLOAD
ibo(sfnet) ibo the authors of ibo found the base ideas of ibo ... DOWNLOAD
snowflakecase(sfnet) Snowflake Multidimensional CASE Tool Snowflake is a CASE Tool directed towards data ...
aptg(sfnet) aptg the project has moved to <a href=http://aptg... DOWNLOAD
el2sl(sfnet) Event Log to SysLog el2sl mean Event Lot to SysLog. This program st...
pic-link(sfnet) Pic-Link Instant Messenger This instant Messenger allows users to check th... DOWNLOAD
adminls(sfnet) adminls Very simple C program, which lists groups, user... DOWNLOAD
phpsitekeeper(sfnet) phpSiteKeeper Handy scriptset to maintain your website from a... DOWNLOAD
class-editor(sfnet) Runtime Java Class Editor Introspect on running programme, view and alter... DOWNLOAD
jmp3cast(sfnet) JMP3Cast This is a MP3 Streamer written in JAVA. It can ... DOWNLOAD
clogger(sfnet) Clogger A PHP-Based Content Management System or CMS wh... DOWNLOAD
vb2py(sfnet) VB to Python Converter vb2py is developing a VB to Python tool for aut... DOWNLOAD
vlevel(sfnet) VLevel VLevel is a dynamic compressor which amplifies ... DOWNLOAD
mindsweeper(sfnet) Mindsweeper MindSweeper is yet another incarnation of the c... DOWNLOAD
gkrellfah2(sfnet) Gkrellfah2 - F@H plugin for gkrellm[d].. Gkrellfah2 is a plugin for GkrellM2 that monito... DOWNLOAD
darktower(sfnet) The ToSP Project After much deliberation and trying to figure ou... DOWNLOAD
adeopensite(sfnet) Intranet/Internet Document database A distributed database of XML documents for Int... DOWNLOAD
mp3info-prj(sfnet) MP3Info MP3Info generates lists of files with file, mp3... DOWNLOAD
libtimidity(sfnet) libTiMidity libTiMidity is a MIDI to WAVE converter library... DOWNLOAD
e-gnomeicu(sfnet) E-GnomeICU E-GnomeICU is an enlightenment epplet for contr... DOWNLOAD
dynamito(sfnet) dynamito Another Bomberman like game, with multiplayer (... DOWNLOAD
soapfs(sfnet) soapFS SOAP-based Virtual Internet Drive using PHP and... DOWNLOAD
transparency(sfnet) Transparency Transparency is a small tool for transparent PN...
tsite-modular(sfnet) TSite Modular GPL TSite Modular(tm) is a dynamic website templati... DOWNLOAD
demandit(sfnet) Demand It, MP3 Server Demand It, MP3 Server is a full featured on dem... DOWNLOAD
epp(sfnet) EPP - Easy Photo Pages This is a simple and usefull web photo pages ma... DOWNLOAD
xanthia(sfnet) Xanthia Theme Engine for Nuke-like CMS Xanthia is a completely Modular theme engine fo... DOWNLOAD
phpmycdmouse(sfnet) PHPmyCDMouse PHPmyCDMouse aims to be an full-featured indexi... DOWNLOAD
openchemwb(sfnet) OpenChem Workbench OpenChem Workbench is an enterprise software su... DOWNLOAD
gafgui(sfnet) Gafgui A Matlab code to characterize and analyze Gafch...
ninemenmorris(sfnet) Nine men morris Nine men morris is a game I played as kid. Its ... DOWNLOAD
php-sup-tickets(sfnet) PHP Support Tickets PHP Support Tickets; will allow a webmaster the... DOWNLOAD
dmhelper(sfnet) Dungeon Master Helper A Java application aimed at helping a dungeon m... DOWNLOAD
ian(sfnet) IAN (I Am Normal) IAN (I Am Normal) is used to minimize the chanc... DOWNLOAD
ifg(sfnet) Iptables Filter Generator Iptables FIlter Generator is a easy way to make... DOWNLOAD
aien(sfnet) Argentum Isometric Engine An Isometric engine based on DirectX 8. The bas... DOWNLOAD
eightcode(sfnet) Eight/Fifteen Code Problem Eight codes problem is one of famous problems o... DOWNLOAD
new-gui(sfnet) new-gui The aim of this project is to produce a complet... DOWNLOAD
nxwtools(sfnet) NXW 3rd party tools This projects is a central place for sharing, m... DOWNLOAD
openmailadv(sfnet) OpenMail Advanced A fast, highly configurable PHP form mailer and... DOWNLOAD
jgridmap(sfnet) JGridMap - Scroll/Zoom - Object dragging - ...
venomirc(sfnet) SnakeByte A project to improve the IRC experience. first ... DOWNLOAD
gem5sharedqueue(sfnet) gem5 shared queue
gnecview(sfnet) GNECView OpenGL viewer for Numerical Electromagnetics Co... DOWNLOAD
javaph(sfnet) JavaPH JavaPH is a client used for querying PH servers... DOWNLOAD
stiksecmod(sfnet) Stik's Security Module The goal of the Stik's Security Module project ... DOWNLOAD
fastnet-tk.berlios(sfnet) Fastnet Connection Dialog Dialog for connection to l2tp server and using ...
jfilechecker(sfnet) JFileChecker for data files Java application that checks for bad data in de... DOWNLOAD
php-zinc(sfnet) Zinc PHP Class Wrapper System Zinc allows PHP developers to better debug and ... DOWNLOAD
diego(sfnet) DIEGO MP3 SERVER DIEGO is a streaming mp3 server written in JAVA... DOWNLOAD
routeruler(sfnet) Route Ruler Route Ruler helps runners, hikers, bikers, etc.... DOWNLOAD
element-js(sfnet) HTML Element Scripting API HTML OO Scripting API as an alternative to codi... DOWNLOAD
odchplugins(sfnet) ODC(#)H PlugIns This project is a collection of differents plug... DOWNLOAD
packitgui(sfnet) PACKIT (PACket generation toolKIT) PACKIT aims to let system administrators and ne... DOWNLOAD
phpix3(sfnet) PHPix3: Photo Album PHPix3 is the evolution of PHPix2. It generates... DOWNLOAD
cmeditors(sfnet) CM Editors CM Editors is a collection of editors for Champ... DOWNLOAD
phpmyhtml(sfnet) phpMyHtml A framework for dynamically created HTML-Pages.... DOWNLOAD
tsmacclient(sfnet) tsMacClient tsMacClient is a front end for rdesktop and vnc...
vizard(sfnet) Vizard The Vizard research community is dedicated to s... DOWNLOAD
webschedules(sfnet) Python CGIs to edit web-based schedules Python cgi's for maintaining multiple web-based... DOWNLOAD
classifier4j(sfnet) Classifier4J Classifier4J is a java library that provides an... DOWNLOAD
xad(sfnet) X Audio Database X Audio Database is used to store list of audio...

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