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nlbasic(sfnet) NLBasic NLBasic - The Natural Language BASIC. DOWNLOAD
protrak(sfnet) Java Based Software Project Management Java based software/information systems - proj... DOWNLOAD
gcalienr(sfnet) Gnu-com: Alien Research A project to dissect the game about the alien m... DOWNLOAD
medev(sfnet) MindEngine Development MindEngine is an API-independent and cross-plat... DOWNLOAD
emulewatch(sfnet) EmuleWatch EmuleWatch is a restarter for up to 100 program... DOWNLOAD
ebmail(sfnet) ebXML-Based Mail Client This is a GUI program which helps the user with... DOWNLOAD
tinybind(sfnet) tinybind add-on library for the cross-platform XML parse... DOWNLOAD
uln(sfnet) User Level Networking User Level Networking can be used to dynamicall... DOWNLOAD
phpnowplaying(sfnet) PHP Now Playing Now Playing is a set of php scripts to display ... DOWNLOAD
dxsock(sfnet) Online DirectDraw Game With this project I plan to create an online ga... DOWNLOAD
picviewer(sfnet) PicViewer PicViewer is a small Win32 app that displays gr... DOWNLOAD
jdis(sfnet) Java DIS Library Implementation of DIS standard (IEEE1278.1) in ... DOWNLOAD
invoicesystem(sfnet) InvoiceSystem-Invoicing System in Delphi InvoiceSystem is a program made in Delphi (Kyli... DOWNLOAD
jarl2d(sfnet) Jarl Java2D Animation Rendering Library -- create st... DOWNLOAD
compilermonitor(sfnet) compilerMonitor The compilerMonitor persists a record of all ja... DOWNLOAD
friki(sfnet) Friki - a Java Wiki Friki is a Java Wiki. It is simple to deploy (j... DOWNLOAD
jcckit(sfnet) JCCKit Chart construction kit for the Java(TM) platfor... DOWNLOAD
lafamiglia(sfnet) La_Famiglia La_Famiglia is a Java-Based Client- / Server Ga... DOWNLOAD
looky(sfnet) looky Looky - balance load by HTTP redirect DOWNLOAD
wmqstat(sfnet) wmQStat wmQStat is a dockable front-end to qstat by Ste... DOWNLOAD
jschess(sfnet) JSChess The JSChess is JavaScript Chess. It completely ... DOWNLOAD
steakim(sfnet) Steak IM SteakIM is a low-resource, highly usable, and f... DOWNLOAD
esrg(sfnet) ESRG Tool Set A Windows and Unix tool set for embedded system... DOWNLOAD
electronicpimp(sfnet) E-Pimp E-Pimp is currently a text based pimping game. ... DOWNLOAD
expload(sfnet) EXPLOAD If applications need be tested for thousands of... DOWNLOAD
ext3secdel(sfnet) ext3secdel This is a patch to the ext3 file-system that im... DOWNLOAD
olafs(sfnet) OLAFS - Open Local Area File Sharing OLAFS is an Open Local Area File Sharing tool. ... DOWNLOAD
newsmole(sfnet) NNTP Client for bin downloads perl usenet client for linux. Supports multiple... DOWNLOAD
networkchess(sfnet) netchess A chess client and server, allowing users to pl... DOWNLOAD
imageslider(sfnet) ImageSlider ImageSlider = ``Slide Puzzle". On a surfac... DOWNLOAD
sa-metaverse(sfnet) An Interactive 3D Application Platform An Interactive 3D Application Platform DOWNLOAD
sybmon(sfnet) Process Monitoring Tool for Sybase Sybmon is a Java based real time process, lock ... DOWNLOAD
jaycalc(sfnet) JayCalc This small script currently runs a simple deskt... DOWNLOAD
gtkmedia(sfnet) GTK Media Center GTK Media Center is a project based in C and GT... DOWNLOAD
open-dp500(sfnet) Open/Free Server for KiSS DP-500 A free and open replacement for the PC-Link sof... DOWNLOAD
delphi-coll(sfnet) Delphi Collections Delphi Collections is the kind of library that ... DOWNLOAD
construction(sfnet) Construction Construction: The Game is based on a popular Tr... DOWNLOAD
dz3d(sfnet) 3dFB 3dFB is a 3d File Manager. 2d file managers wo... DOWNLOAD
openfirst(sfnet) openFIRST An initiative designed to aid FIRST teams in cr... DOWNLOAD
sqlchar(sfnet) sql-characteristic-functions Many developers needlessly loop through data i... DOWNLOAD
albumer(sfnet) Albumer Albumer is a PHP/MySQL photo album. It can be ... DOWNLOAD
ccsk(sfnet) Cricket Career Stats Keeper New Release Now!!!! We Have 3 Releases Now. its... DOWNLOAD
intermap(sfnet) InterMap - web ArcIMS and WMS client InterMap is an Internet mapping application tha... DOWNLOAD
wzdftpd(sfnet) wzdftpd A portable, modular and efficient ftp server, s... DOWNLOAD
xinstall(sfnet) xINSTALL - Xbox Installation Wizard The plan is that "xINSTALL" will beco... DOWNLOAD
vocatoutproject(sfnet) Vocatout: the learn vocabulary project The Vocatout is a good program to learn vocabul... DOWNLOAD
zen(sfnet) Zen Adventures A development team who make point+click adventu... DOWNLOAD
flashapplet(sfnet) FlashApplet FlashApplet is a panel applet for KDE. It monit... DOWNLOAD
ncglib(sfnet) ncglib This project is .NET implementation of Proxy(In... DOWNLOAD
vclan(sfnet) vclan vCLAN is clan management web portal system, ser... DOWNLOAD
cslive(sfnet) Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) A live Help support chat system in PHP that all... DOWNLOAD
xul(sfnet) XUL - XML UI Language The XUL (XML UI Language) project provides free... DOWNLOAD
powerpointflip(sfnet) powerpointflip PowerPointFlip is a tool for capturing slide tr... DOWNLOAD
shopcms(sfnet) ShopCMS ShopCMS is an advanced Content Management Syste... DOWNLOAD
umr-robot(sfnet) UMR Robotics Team Repository Projects by the University of Missouri, Rolla R... DOWNLOAD
cyrusscript(sfnet) Cyrus Script Cyrus Script is a script language similar to C ... DOWNLOAD
extendeuclid(sfnet) Gcd and Lcm Get greatest common divisor and least common mu... DOWNLOAD
andestools(sfnet) ANDES ANDES. This is a library and a set of applicati... DOWNLOAD
im2001(sfnet) IM2001 IM2001 is a freeware instant messaging software... DOWNLOAD
virtualdb(sfnet) ward VirtualDB now Known as WARD (Web Application fo... DOWNLOAD
lc2sim(sfnet) LC2 ISA Simulator This project aims to implement an LC2/LC3 assem... DOWNLOAD
dualfocus(sfnet) Open Source Focus Controller Source code and diagrams for a dual focuser mot... DOWNLOAD
pnamazon(sfnet) PostNuke Amazon Product Browser Module PNAmazon Product Browser is a module for PostNu... DOWNLOAD
rasm(sfnet) Retargetable assembler This is "Retargetable assembler" (ras... DOWNLOAD
sharpmusic(sfnet) SharpMusic SharpMusic is slick, simple, Muine-like fronten... DOWNLOAD
qzadmin(sfnet) qzadmin QZAdmin is the backend of a CMS (Content Manage... DOWNLOAD
kalaha(sfnet) Kalaha Language: Delphi 6 Kalaha is an african game. ... DOWNLOAD
bstamp(sfnet) BASIC Stamp Tools for Linux A collection of tools to tokenize PBASIC source... DOWNLOAD
flipftp(sfnet) flipFTP flipFTP intends to create a free wxWindows base... DOWNLOAD
ddlab(sfnet) DDLab Interactive graphics software for Cellular Auto... DOWNLOAD
d3tris(sfnet) d3tris d3tris is a clone of the classic tetris game ex... DOWNLOAD
emobi(sfnet) Emobi - Servlet Framework This is a new Servlet framework. The main advan... DOWNLOAD
exforge(sfnet) eXForge exForge is an Eclipse plugin that allows to edi... DOWNLOAD
oalnf(sfnet) oyoaha lookandfeel a javaTM swing look and feel with theme, animat... DOWNLOAD
eduschemaext(sfnet) W2K eduPerson/Org AD schema extension W2K or W2K3 Active Directory schema extension f... DOWNLOAD
jgatms(sfnet) Java Group and Team Management System JGATMS is a web-based group and team management... DOWNLOAD
cvtsa(sfnet) ClairVoyanT SysAdmin CVTSA is a suite of tools for GNU/Linux that al... DOWNLOAD
blarghpad(sfnet) BlarghPad A lightweight and responsive developer's text e... DOWNLOAD
referrals(sfnet) The Referral Database The Referral Database connects people to commun... DOWNLOAD
calimah(sfnet) Calimah Calimah is a Scheduler Service for Windows NT a... DOWNLOAD
shellman(sfnet) ShellMan - Shellaccount management Manage users on your shellserver, add them, del... DOWNLOAD
pybio(sfnet) Biorythms in Python This application counts... biorythms (hard to g... DOWNLOAD
pnetcdf(freshmeat) Parallel-NetCDF Parallel-NetCDF is a library providing high-per... DOWNLOAD
get-xyz(sfnet) get_xyz Universal IP-traffic collector. Can gather data... DOWNLOAD
zephyr-php(sfnet) zephyr zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 deve... DOWNLOAD
daftshell(sfnet) Daft Shell An experimental terminal shell project in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
jhecomponent(sfnet) Java Hex Editor Component Editor Hexadecimal para incrustar en aplicacion... DOWNLOAD
raccoonfwk(sfnet) The Raccoon Framework The aim of this framework is to provide a set t... DOWNLOAD
andesqt(sfnet) Andestech Qt Port Andestech Qt Project NDS32 is a new 32-bit RISC... DOWNLOAD
jriogui(sfnet) JRioGui JRioGui is intented to be a full featured GUI a... DOWNLOAD
chanter(sfnet) Gregorian Chant Notation Gregorian chant notation editor. DOWNLOAD
enumreg(sfnet) ENUM registrar provisioning portal An example registrar portal for provisioning EN... DOWNLOAD
fotoblog(sfnet) fotoBlog fotoBlog is a blogging tool for aiding in the c... DOWNLOAD
kyahooim(sfnet) KDE Yahoo Messenger A yahoo client for KDE that cloesly resembles t... DOWNLOAD
traceurpascal(sfnet) Traceur Pascal "Traceur Pascal" is a java applicatio... DOWNLOAD
gtactoe(sfnet) GTacToe TicTacToe with an enemy AI. Completely written ... DOWNLOAD
collection-cpp(sfnet) C++ Collection Framework This project provides a comprehensive collectio... DOWNLOAD
framer(sfnet) framer framer is a unix x11 program that is capable of... DOWNLOAD
diskdom(sfnet) Disk DOM This is an implementation of the java DOM speci... DOWNLOAD
flicdb(sfnet) FlicDB FlicDB will be a SuperWaba based portable progr... DOWNLOAD

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