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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
mpong(sfnet) multipong Fantastic basic multiplayer/local console game.... DOWNLOAD
v-q(sfnet) Virtual Qmail Virtual Qmail - virtual domains management syst... DOWNLOAD
x0xb0x(sfnet) x0xb0x x0xb0x is an open source 'acid' bassline synthe... DOWNLOAD
itextpdf(sfnet) Early Access iText Early Access iText, a PDF generation library in... DOWNLOAD
coursework(sfnet) CourseWork This project is maintaining and developing a po... DOWNLOAD
service-cache(sfnet) J2EE Service Cache ServiceCache is a repository of common JMX comp... DOWNLOAD
jetboxone(sfnet) Jetbox Jetbox CMS is seriously tested on usability &am... DOWNLOAD
opener-oai(sfnet) Opener-OAI Opener-OAI extracts Dublin Core and LOM records... DOWNLOAD
xcrabble(sfnet) xcrabble Scrabble game in Gtk. DOWNLOAD
leopard(sfnet) LAMP eGovernment Database Project LAMP eGovernment Database Project offers state ... DOWNLOAD
xmlgridlayout(sfnet) XMLGridLayout A Java LayoutManager that uses XML as a mean to... DOWNLOAD
to100(sfnet) To100 This is a game where the goal is to fill in the... DOWNLOAD
ki11egg(sfnet) MRSD (Ki11egg) Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Sofware with strong AI. DOWNLOAD
log4j400(sfnet) log4j400 Log4J Appender for AS/400. Package includes Log... DOWNLOAD
java-weather(sfnet) Java Weather API Java Weather API This API allows developer se... DOWNLOAD
xmms-scivi(sfnet) Scivi - visualization plugin for XMMS Visualization plugin for XMMS, the X Multimedia... DOWNLOAD
viindex(sfnet) ViIndex Indexer program with a flexible and powerfull i... DOWNLOAD
fxstats(sfnet) FxStats FxStats is a log file anaylzer and statistics g... DOWNLOAD
perikronos(sfnet) Kronos-enterprise-scheduler An integrated scheduling application, created t... DOWNLOAD
jar(sfnet) Java Applet Redirection JAR Java Applet Redirection JAR is a usefull script... DOWNLOAD
jfilesplitter(sfnet) Java File Splitter This is a file splitter written in Java. Unlike... DOWNLOAD
artlearn(sfnet) Artificial Learning Non-human Learning DOWNLOAD
relay-auth(sfnet) relay-auth Relay-auth is provided to control relay access ... DOWNLOAD
rpmpan(sfnet) rpmpan RPM packages of CPAN Perl Modules DOWNLOAD
shin-repack(sfnet) romset repacker This is a Win32 console application coded in C#... DOWNLOAD
lesbianlinux(sfnet) Porn Get Package Management System for Lesbian GNU/Linux DOWNLOAD
tracetcp(sfnet) tracetcp project has moved here: http://simulatedsimian...
toffutris(sfnet) Toffutris, yet another Tetris game Yet another Tetris game. The purpose of this ga... DOWNLOAD
enigma-shell(sfnet) Enigma Console and Shell A powerful Java-based command line shell and te... DOWNLOAD
zoro(sfnet) Zoro Graphic Engine use script language to generate ... DOWNLOAD
stealthnow(sfnet) StealthNow StealthNow is an addon for World of Warcraft. ... DOWNLOAD
libpdtp(sfnet) libpdtp libpdtp is a C-implemented client library for t... DOWNLOAD
trad4(sfnet) trad4 Trad4 is a fully concurrent, thread safe, graph... DOWNLOAD
dbdash(sfnet) DBDASH DBDash is a dashboard that allows us to monitor... DOWNLOAD
sceneryfighterc(sfnet) Scenery Fighter CGDD 4003 Project 1 For CGDD 4003. Group Ryan Slaton Mic... DOWNLOAD
digio(sfnet) digio Digio is Linux driver set for Digital I/O (Gene... DOWNLOAD
pbsite(sfnet) PBSite - PHP Bulletin Site | CMS PBSite is a Content Management and Forum Softwa... DOWNLOAD
prevdb(sfnet) PrevDb A simple Java persistence framework that loads ... DOWNLOAD
texhyphj(sfnet) TeXHyphenator-J TeX Hyphenator in Java DOWNLOAD
ballrace(sfnet) ballrace ballrace is a control panel for webhosters to m... DOWNLOAD
xmenu-xlayer(sfnet) xmenu/xlayer Xmenu is a versatile, javascript driven DHTML m... DOWNLOAD
ocsman(sfnet) OCS CS-Manager The OCS CS-Manager is a Remote Counter-Strike O... DOWNLOAD
xdoclet-plugins(sfnet) XDoclet Plugins Plugins for XDoclet 2 (http://xdoclet.codehaus.... DOWNLOAD
commondesktop(sfnet) Free-POSIX Common Desktop Project The Free-POSIX Common Desktop Project exists to... DOWNLOAD
degree2utm(sfnet) DegreeToUTM This program reads a txt file with various coor... DOWNLOAD
chimaera(sfnet) aterr aterr is a threaded forum system, allowing regi... DOWNLOAD
hcterm(sfnet) HCTerm HCTerm is a graphical terminal/loader for the M... DOWNLOAD
poggpl(sfnet) POggPl POggPl is a free Ogg Vorbis player for PDSs wit... DOWNLOAD
virtualdubmpg2(sfnet) VirtualDubMpg2 VirtualDubMpg2 is based upon three existing pro... DOWNLOAD
stepcalc(sfnet) StepCalc A calculator that shows how it got its answer! ... DOWNLOAD
net-bookmanager(sfnet) .Net BookManager BookManager is a software to manage your book c... DOWNLOAD
lancruiser(sfnet) LanCruiser Easy-to-use software for fast & reliable se... DOWNLOAD
ghtbackup(sfnet) ghtBackup A powerful and easy to use program that automat... DOWNLOAD
mac2pc(sfnet) mac2pc A compact C++ application that allows you to co... DOWNLOAD
fdosx86(sfnet) Floppy Disk Operating System The FDOS Operaing System is 100% written in Ass... DOWNLOAD
sylpheed-gtk2(sfnet) sylpheed-gtk2 sylpheed-gtk2 project is over. Please use origi... DOWNLOAD
mbnm(sfnet) Network Manager (NM) NM (Network Manager) is a utility program desig... DOWNLOAD
cvs4iis(sfnet) CVS for IIS CVS web viewer for IIS/VB/COM+/ASP - similar to... DOWNLOAD
stpe(sfnet) Standardized Test Practice Engine STPE is a PHP and MySQL CMS which is designed s... DOWNLOAD
sqlpp(sfnet) SQLpp: A SQL query generation framework SQLpp, A n-Tier generator in C++: generates com... DOWNLOAD
swapd(sfnet) linux swap deamon swapd is a dynamic swap creation deamon, it mon... DOWNLOAD
deduputil(sfnet) dedup util dedup util is a lightweight open-source files p... DOWNLOAD
delirium(sfnet) Delirium Tremens Scripting language for development of CYOA (mul... DOWNLOAD
osmwin(sfnet) Open Systems Management Provides a centralized management interface to ... DOWNLOAD
gd4o(sfnet) GD4O [gee-dee-for-oh] GD4O is an OCaml interface to the GD graphics l... DOWNLOAD
hmskolo(sfnet) Kolo Kolo Distributed Control System DOWNLOAD
jsai(sfnet) jSai :Servlet Authentication Please note: not having time to complete jSai m... DOWNLOAD
wuhkag(sfnet) Wuhkag wuhkag is a Web application written in PHP for ... DOWNLOAD
webu-meishi(sfnet) webu-meishi webu-meishi is a small, simple web business car... DOWNLOAD
soundvis(sfnet) sound visualizer sound_vis is a tool, written in C using the X11... DOWNLOAD
sleuth(sfnet) The Sleuth - Anti Spam Project The Sleuth(Spam-mail Elimination Using Tried He... DOWNLOAD
statsbot(sfnet) IRC Stats Bot (JAVA / PHP / MySQL) JAVA / PHP / MYSQL IRC Stats Bot based on IRC J... DOWNLOAD
objectopia(sfnet) Objectopia Objectopia is an EJB 2.1 container that uses Pr... DOWNLOAD
myphpframework(sfnet) myPHPFramework myPHPFramework is set of objects that help a ra... DOWNLOAD
s-torm(sfnet) Star Tormozz Star Tormozz (ST) is an Open-Source flight simu... DOWNLOAD
tent(sfnet) Tent: Intranet Blanketware Tent: Information Architecture, Management, &am... DOWNLOAD
tiny-httpd(sfnet) tiny-httpd TINY HTTP Daemon 0.01 - A flexible tiny web server DOWNLOAD
getcolorsf(sfnet) Get Color Sf Get Color Sf is a color picker. Include a magni... DOWNLOAD
foge(sfnet) FOGE FOGE - FOrm GEnerator: Generate HTML forms, col... DOWNLOAD
pingpong-abc(sfnet) ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client] ABC is a Bittorrent client which supports a que... DOWNLOAD
qtinyeditor(sfnet) QTinyEditor QTinyEdit is a very simple text editor. It\\\\\... DOWNLOAD
nax(sfnet) XDB XDB is the text DB system written in PHP DOWNLOAD
ldrawpov(sfnet) LDraw POV Code Library A library of POV-Ray definitions of LDraw parts... DOWNLOAD
linux-rfc2385(sfnet) Linux RFC2385 Project An implementation of RFC-2385 (Protection of BG... DOWNLOAD
vtools(sfnet) VTools VTools is a C++ class collection of some little... DOWNLOAD
freegee(sfnet) FreeGee Application Framework FreeGee is an integrated application framework ... DOWNLOAD
jfoldersync(sfnet) jfoldersync Jfoldersync is a program to sync files between ... DOWNLOAD
tdrsoft(sfnet) TDRSoft Software para gerenciamento Financeiro e Contab... DOWNLOAD
lib2022(sfnet) ISO 2022 interpreter Full implementation of ISO 2022 files (ECMA-35)... DOWNLOAD
jdndmesseger(sfnet) DragnDrop Messeger This tool is used to make communication between... DOWNLOAD
coras(sfnet) CORAS Risk Assessment Platform Platform for risk analysis of security critical... DOWNLOAD
dtaus(sfnet) German dtaus-file-format PHP-class that creates a DTAUS-file that contai... DOWNLOAD
vs-metasearch(sfnet) verysimple MetaSearch verysimple MetaSearch submits a search query to... DOWNLOAD
tinyhtml(sfnet) TinyHTML Editor TinyHTML Editor (tinyhtml) does not aim to be t... DOWNLOAD
fileobj(sfnet) fileobj - Hex Editor for Linux/BSD fileobj is a portable hex editor with vi like i... DOWNLOAD
iehelpers(sfnet) IEHelpers Free plug-ins for a better Internet Explorer DOWNLOAD
defendline2(sfnet) DefendLineII ATMEL ATMega1280 based powerful, multifunctiona... DOWNLOAD
alphawin(sfnet) AlphaWin This is an automatic trading system DOWNLOAD
monmaster(sfnet) monmaster Monmaster is a web site and web application mon... DOWNLOAD
ptyaim(sfnet) ptyaim ptyaim is a simple curses client for AOL Instan... DOWNLOAD

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