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linuxrescuegen(sfnet) Linux Rescue System Generator The project provides a script which permits to ... DOWNLOAD
gamelanspy(sfnet) gamelanspy - game server monitoring tool rejoin your friends on lan and internet games w... DOWNLOAD
easymoblog(sfnet) Unkwnown !EasyMoblog は、個人的なウェブログ ・ モブログ...
aldoranspy(sfnet) AldoranSpy This is a small utility allow you easy viewing ...
jpui(sfnet) Java Preferences User Interface Java Preferences Browser. Java/Swing based too... DOWNLOAD
mobilemt(sfnet) mobileMT: mobile blogging system mobileMT is a WAP interface for the MovableType... DOWNLOAD
grandtheftimdb(sfnet) Grand Theft Imdb PHP-script to create a simple and dynamic web-p... DOWNLOAD
cdbrowser(sfnet) CD Catalog Catalog and browse files on CD and HD, also sea... DOWNLOAD
myantarmuka(sfnet) MyAntarMuka - Simple MySQL Web Interface MyAntarMuka is a web interface to MySQL table w... DOWNLOAD
falcon-rm(sfnet) The Falcon Render Manager The Falcon Render Manager is a queing and distr... DOWNLOAD
krtspproxyd(sfnet) Kernel Rtsp Proxy daemon KRtspProxyd is a rtsp/rtp proxy module built in... DOWNLOAD
csharp-studio(sfnet) C# Studio C# Studio is an IDE for Mono/C#/Gtk#. DOWNLOAD
epoklite(sfnet) epok lite epok is a time tracking, timesheet software pac... DOWNLOAD
gamers-fusion(sfnet) Gamers-Fusion Gamers-Fusion is a space fantasy game framework... DOWNLOAD
downloadplus(sfnet) TrueDownloader TrueDownloader Open source download accelerato... DOWNLOAD
webserv(sfnet) WebServ Pre-Compiled WebServer for the Windows NT Based... DOWNLOAD
teltagil(sfnet) Telephon Book Book of telephon numbers of Nizhny Tagil for Wi... DOWNLOAD
lesvisiteurs(sfnet) Les Visiteurs Web site statistics analysis program DOWNLOAD
techstrike(sfnet) TechStrike A web-based game in the spirit of Archmage of a... DOWNLOAD
pazzword(sfnet) PazzWord PazzWord is program wrighten in Visual Basic t... DOWNLOAD
dotnethelper(sfnet) DotNet.Helper Configuration management utilities for Microsof...
n-renamer(sfnet) Number Renamer Number Renamer is a renamer that can batch rena... DOWNLOAD
eimpact-sas(sfnet) Simple Application Server framework Simple Application Server framework. Create sim...
canoncam(sfnet) GNU Canon digital camera utilities GNU Canon digital camera utilities for image ma...
nagiostat(sfnet) NagioStat Nagiostat parses performance-data from Nagios a... DOWNLOAD
vtigeritalia(sfnet) vTiger Italiano vTiger CRM: CRM opensource completamente in ita...
gotick(sfnet) GoTick - FTN fileticker GoTick is a fileticker for FTN networks. It doe... DOWNLOAD
phppigs(sfnet) PHP Personal Image Gallery System PHP based content management / image management... DOWNLOAD
em84xx(sfnet) em84xx 2.6 Kernel Driver Kernel Support for the Sigma Design Em84xx Cards
hyperspider(sfnet) HyperSpider HyperSpider (Java app) collects the link struct... DOWNLOAD
landxmlsdk(sfnet) LandXML Software Development Kit LandXML C++ Software Development Kit. LandXML i... DOWNLOAD
ncgn(sfnet) Ninja Club Game Network The NCGN (Ninja Club Game Network) is a Network... DOWNLOAD
katgen(sfnet) katgen - digitized catalog generator perl script for generating a set of html pages ... DOWNLOAD
fence-it(sfnet) Fence It - Dynamic memory debugger Fence It - an efficient dynamic memory debugger. DOWNLOAD
orgparty(sfnet) orgParty An application to manage people, and other info... DOWNLOAD
trembot(sfnet) Trembot- Tremulous Administration Trembot is a console administration interface f...
megg(sfnet) megg Megg is a tool for lazy developers. Using Java... DOWNLOAD
hypknowsys(sfnet) hypKNOWsys hypKNOWsys aims at developing a Java-based work... DOWNLOAD
nn-utility(sfnet) Neural Network Utility nn-utility is a neural network library for C++ ... DOWNLOAD
xseg(sfnet) xseg xseg is a open source flexible server monitorin... DOWNLOAD
php-films(sfnet) PHP-films catalog Organizador de peliculas en bobinas. DOWNLOAD
knoppel(sfnet) knoppel A project based on Knoppix, the main goal is to... DOWNLOAD
java-ljclient(sfnet) Java LiveJournal Client A Java 2 SE 5.0 client that allows users to upd... DOWNLOAD
j2melogging(sfnet) J2ME Logging Framework A J2ME logging framework. DOWNLOAD
cmx-phpbbmods(sfnet) CodeMonkeyX phpBB Mods A collection of phpBB modifications designed an... DOWNLOAD
visualmcd(sfnet) VisualMCD for phpMyAdmin An Add-on for phpMyAdmin which enables user to ... DOWNLOAD
xawt(sfnet) XAWT AWT implementation for GCJ/GIJ based on X DOWNLOAD
mbsafu(sfnet) MbsaFU Security updates and service packs deployment t... DOWNLOAD
scuola(sfnet) Simple CoUrses OnLine Administration School timetable management, together with stud... DOWNLOAD
photoorg(sfnet) Photo Organizer Photo Organizer is a web based, multi user phot... DOWNLOAD
disk-monitor(sfnet) Disk Monitor This is a simple gnome applet that displays the... DOWNLOAD
walter(sfnet) Walter Walter is an in-browser wysiwyg HTML-editor, th... DOWNLOAD
deduphttp(sfnet) dedupHTTP open source Java implementation of the dedupHTT...
cinesyncshotgun(sfnet) cinesync_shotgun Scripts to integrate cineSync and Shotgun
semanticscuttle(freshmeat) SemanticScuttle SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool wh... DOWNLOAD
getcodecs(sfnet) GetCodecs GetCodecs is a simple applet written in python ... DOWNLOAD
visualx(sfnet) VisualX for Visual Basic VisualX is a set of Visual Basic class modules ... DOWNLOAD
deepwood(sfnet) Deepwood Deepwood is an attempt to create a single playe...
getdcc(sfnet) DCC Search the DCC Search project is an attempt to provide... DOWNLOAD
vdr-statusleds(sfnet) vdr-statusleds vdr-statusleds is a plugin for the popular linu... DOWNLOAD
genesisae(sfnet) GenesisAE GenesisAE defines and implements an application... DOWNLOAD
netjuketivo(sfnet) Netjuke Tivo Interface between Netjuke web music player and ... DOWNLOAD
xcoder(sfnet) xcoder XCoder is an extensible model transformation an... DOWNLOAD
smoothplayer(sfnet) Smooth Player Media player designed for low-end machines with... DOWNLOAD
rehash(sfnet) ReHash - Console-Based Hash Calculator ReHash is an easy-to-use console-based hash cal... DOWNLOAD
avieonline-lms(sfnet) AvieOnline LMS AvieOnline Framework solution for Learning Mana... DOWNLOAD
cpufrequency(sfnet) cpufrequency cpufrequency is a daemon to switch the CPU freq... DOWNLOAD
colony7(sfnet) Colony7 for EF2 Portation of Colony7 for EF2. Colony7 is a sing... DOWNLOAD
db2db(sfnet) db2db database client db2db is a database client for transferring dat... DOWNLOAD
javadeco(sfnet) Java Deco Java Deco is a library of prebuilt Java classes... DOWNLOAD
verlibot(sfnet) VerliBot VerliBot is a scriptable perl robot designed to... DOWNLOAD
waveproject(sfnet) WaveProject WaveProject is a terminal-based toolset to crea... DOWNLOAD
webtv(sfnet) WebTV Proxy Server A perl based module, which allows WebTV clients... DOWNLOAD
dcover.berlios(sfnet) dcover dcover is a GUI to print out DVD-Covers. dcover...
mediamate(sfnet) Media Mate Media Mate is a modular, personal media library... DOWNLOAD
lance(sfnet) Lance High performance database independent java web ... DOWNLOAD
graviton(sfnet) Graviton Graviton is a 2D spaceship combat game (in the ... DOWNLOAD
spampalbayes(sfnet) SpamPal Bayesian Plugin A Bayesian Plugin for the poular eMail Spam fil... DOWNLOAD
cougar(sfnet) cougar Cougar is a java package that consists of code ... DOWNLOAD
palmtuner(sfnet) Palm Tuner and Metronome The Palm Tuner is a simple guitar/mandolin/viol... DOWNLOAD
opengem(sfnet) OpenGEM OpenGEM is a DOS GUI that seeks to combine Free... DOWNLOAD
arkworld(sfnet) ArkWorld - IP Multiplayer Roleplay Game ArkWorld is a multi-player, free-form roleplay... DOWNLOAD
liniumrealms(sfnet) Linium Realms Linium Realms is a 2D Multiplayer Online RPG us... DOWNLOAD
dry-fm(sfnet) Dry Form Multitool Dry Form Multitool is yet another information r... DOWNLOAD
phanatix(sfnet) Phanatix Content management system for fan web sites; ca... DOWNLOAD
ianout(sfnet) ianout - a next generation 2d engine ianout is a next generation 2d engine. Our goal... DOWNLOAD
zmspublishing(sfnet) zmspublishing ZMS: Zope based Content Management for Science,... DOWNLOAD
nacho(sfnet) Nacho Nacho is an application server and web developm... DOWNLOAD
plsqldev(sfnet) plsqldev
stepperclass(sfnet) steppersoft Stepper Motor Control Software written in C++ f... DOWNLOAD
xldap(sfnet) XLdap XLdap is a simple browser for LDAP directory. T... DOWNLOAD
exmmpkg(sfnet) extra-easy mass making and packaging Exmmpkg is a tool used to make and install a di... DOWNLOAD
myoscadmin(sfnet) MyOSCadmin MyOSCadmin is a clone of osCommerce admin. It a... DOWNLOAD
slocc(sfnet) SLOC Counter SLOC Counter is a small and simple tool for cou... DOWNLOAD
fcdos(sfnet) FCDOS FCDOS(Free Chinese DOS) is a free software for ... DOWNLOAD
snort-idmef(sfnet) Snort IDMEF Plugin Snort IDMEF is an IDMEF XML plugin for Snort to... DOWNLOAD
leahhttpd(sfnet) LeahHTTPD A small but powerful multiplatform/multiarch we... DOWNLOAD
hccommander(sfnet) Home Cinema Control and Command Home Cinema control and command applications in... DOWNLOAD
spaw-cf(sfnet) SPAW - ColdFusion MX CFC version Full-featured, fully customizable, multilanguag... DOWNLOAD
healthmonitor(sfnet) HealthMonitor HealthMonitor is a free powerful and featureful... DOWNLOAD

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