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yapszdb(sfnet) yapszdb Yet Another Persistance System is a framework f... DOWNLOAD
phpwebsite(sfnet) phpWebSite Content Management System Developed by the Web Technology Group at Appala... DOWNLOAD
dbagen(sfnet) dbagen A C++ implementation of a hibernate type projec... DOWNLOAD
tclreadline(sfnet) tclreadline tclreadline makes the GNU readline available fo... DOWNLOAD
solowiki(sfnet) SoloWiki editor A stand-alone editor using Mediawiki markup lan... DOWNLOAD
jnestor(sfnet) Jnestor Jnestor is a majordomo developed in java: it ca... DOWNLOAD
garuda-project(sfnet) Garuda Garuda is an open source web editor coded in vi... DOWNLOAD
easycodedadvanc(sfnet) easycodedadvanc This is our school's project (Orleans). So if a... DOWNLOAD
pcogenavr(sfnet) pcogenavr This project is intended to generate initializa... DOWNLOAD
simeia(sfnet) simeia Various tools for point cloud processing. Simil... DOWNLOAD
man-uk-utf8(sfnet) Linux manual pages in Ukrainian Linux manual pages in Ukrainian DOWNLOAD
franzplayer(sfnet) franzplayer A customaizable .NET music player implemented i... DOWNLOAD
tingerconverter(sfnet) tingerconverter This soft can convert all kinds of audios and v... DOWNLOAD
flmrauto(sfnet) Flmr AUTO An application for save "auto commands&quo... DOWNLOAD
sharpneat(sfnet) sharpneat SharpNEAT is an optimised, neuro-evolution fram... DOWNLOAD
xwii(sfnet) xwii Control your Linux desktop with a Nintendo Wii ... DOWNLOAD
yaafe(sfnet) yaafe Yet Another Audio Feature Extractor is a toolbo... DOWNLOAD
pysambalogin(sfnet) pysambalogin Frontend for smbmount (smbfs) DOWNLOAD
ejc(sfnet) ejc This project is based on and powered by NetBean... DOWNLOAD
gmic(sfnet) G'MIC G'MIC is an open and full-featured framework fo... DOWNLOAD
jfilegdbexplore(sfnet) JFileGdbExplorer Just a sample application using the File based ... DOWNLOAD
xswingplus(sfnet) XSwing Plus XSwing Plus is a free remake of the arcade game... DOWNLOAD
microvnc(sfnet) microvnc vnc client for windows DOWNLOAD
crystalball(sfnet) crystalball Crystal Ball is a software/OS that will run on ... DOWNLOAD
wapide(sfnet) IDE for WAP Development A free open-source cross-platform Integrated WA... DOWNLOAD
errandmate(sfnet) ErrandMate This project is still under construction.
xnovarevolution(sfnet) xnovarevolution Pro rediseño de xnova, la version mas estable q... DOWNLOAD
csid3lib(sfnet) C# ID3 Library Library to perform read/write of ID3 tags in MP... DOWNLOAD
calangos(sfnet) Calangos Calangos é um jogo educacional desenvolvido em ... DOWNLOAD
jcpp(sfnet) jcpp [english] - Jcpp is a libraries set that implem... DOWNLOAD
piteruscms(sfnet) piteruscms Prosty system zarządzania treścią (CMS) wykorzy... DOWNLOAD
slugnoir(sfnet) slugnoir Project for COMP 50 at Tufts University. This i... DOWNLOAD
lindd(sfnet) lindd Library for Decision Diagrams over Linear Arith... DOWNLOAD
zetaterminal(sfnet) Zeta Terminal A new and improved serial terminal. DOWNLOAD
php-ca(sfnet) PHP Certificate Authority You could be doing a better job of website secu... DOWNLOAD
eclipsemodeling(sfnet) Eclipse Modeling Toolbox The Eclipse Modeling Toolbox provides a plug-in... DOWNLOAD
largefileviewer(freshmeat) LargeFileViewer LargeFileViewer can display very large text files. DOWNLOAD
bart(freshmeat) Bart Bart is a puzzle-style game. In a maze, there i... DOWNLOAD
assignment5(sfnet) Python Assignment 5 use Python Ogre with mouse click selection DOWNLOAD
axisemc(freshmeat) AXIS AXIS is a user interface for EMC2 (systems for ... DOWNLOAD
jaqlib(freshmeat) JaQLib JaqLib is a compact Java library that supports ... DOWNLOAD
svnhg(freshmeat) SvnHg SvnHg is a command-line tool to convert from a ... DOWNLOAD
nacturnalonline(sfnet) nacturnalonline Nacturnal Online Gaming DOWNLOAD
fluidsynth(sfnet) FluidSynth A real-time software synthesizer based on the S... DOWNLOAD
avantemplate(sfnet) AvanTemplate AvanTemplate is a template engine for PHP. It i... DOWNLOAD
flexible-localization(freshmeat) Flexible Localization Flexible Localization is a .NET/Mono library fo... DOWNLOAD
orgapp(sfnet) OrgApp OrgApp is a Java library to handle and draw org... DOWNLOAD
disco(sfnet) disco Distributed Computing Over P2P Networks(DisCo) ... DOWNLOAD
cdtoiso(sfnet) CDtoISO Create a .ISO image from your CD or DVD to your... DOWNLOAD
xstar(sfnet) XStar A Collection of STAR/CIF processing libraries a... DOWNLOAD
saffahost(sfnet) saffahost cPanel WHM account management system DOWNLOAD
managerworkshop(sfnet) Manager Workshop Application to manage the entry and exit of a w... DOWNLOAD
commline(sfnet) CommLine It's a command interpreter written in C++. Curr... DOWNLOAD
massmusicplayer(sfnet) massmusicplayer MASS ( Multi Audio Surround Sound) Music Player... DOWNLOAD
dark-worlds(sfnet) DarkWorlds DarkWorlds - Open source free online MMORPG by ... DOWNLOAD
darmok2(sfnet) darmok2 Darmok 2 (D2) is a case-based planning system d... DOWNLOAD
kubitemplate(sfnet) kubiTemplate No description DOWNLOAD
warena-game(sfnet) Warrior Arena PROJECT INACTIVE! Warrior Arena is a modular ga... DOWNLOAD
hosty(sfnet) Hosty - Free host file editor Free windows host file editor v0.1 beta DOWNLOAD
ajaxora(sfnet) ajaxora Web-based multiple database browser (Oracle, Po... DOWNLOAD
vectorpascalcom(sfnet) Vector Pascal Compiler Vector Pascal is a language targeted at SIMD mu... DOWNLOAD
russfiles2trans(sfnet) RussFiles2Translit RussFiles2Translit v1.0 This Vb Script renames ... DOWNLOAD
signalistenmovi(sfnet) signalistenmovi Ett smidigt program för att sortera och söka fi... DOWNLOAD
arftp(sfnet) Asynchronous Remote FTP Asynchronous Remote FTP client-server, for usin... DOWNLOAD
log4cocoa(sfnet) Log4Cocoa Log4Cocoa is an Objective-C based port of the p... DOWNLOAD
nicebashing(sfnet) nicebashing Nice Bashing is a framework for distributed con... DOWNLOAD
biokanga(sfnet) BioKanga BioKanga - an integrated suite of high performa... DOWNLOAD
apolmb(sfnet) Apolmb Media Viewer Apolmb is a simple PHP- and Flash-only media br... DOWNLOAD
openelm(sfnet) openelm Car OBD (OBDII)diagnostic tool for ELM devices... DOWNLOAD
sc4dbpf4j(sfnet) sc4dbpf4j This Java package handles DBPF files which are ... DOWNLOAD
quarkgameengine(sfnet) quarkgameengine This is the game engine that is going to be add... DOWNLOAD
printnaki(sfnet) printnaki PrintNaki designed to reduce printing costs by ... DOWNLOAD
toprank(sfnet) toprank Free Toplist Script written in PHP, you may mod... DOWNLOAD
launchy(sfnet) Launchy Launchy is a free utility designed to help you ... DOWNLOAD
filofant(sfnet) filofant filofant is an archiving and indexing server fo... DOWNLOAD
lessfs(sfnet) lessfs - data deduplication for less Lessfs is an userspace (fuse) inline data de-du... DOWNLOAD
gds-gendosserie(sfnet) GDS - Générateur de Dossier en Série Cette application en console, permet de générer... DOWNLOAD
ipaid(sfnet) ipaid Academic project developing web base payroll sy... DOWNLOAD
perlnc(sfnet) perlnc This is an learning project, I am trying to imp... DOWNLOAD
fgis(sfnet) fgis Fast and format independent GIS library and app... DOWNLOAD
simpletest-js(sfnet) simpletest-js Simpletest JS is a pure javascript unit testing... DOWNLOAD
prevedmobile(sfnet) preved mobile! Preved! Mobile Java MIDP games. DOWNLOAD
pfh(sfnet) pfh trial project for help............................ DOWNLOAD
wphpradio(sfnet) wphpradio This is a PHP radio project that is complete...... DOWNLOAD
smalltanks(sfnet) Small tanks Battle city mobile midp java version. DOWNLOAD
piggermobile(sfnet) Pigger mobile MIDP JAVA mobile game DOWNLOAD
wariag(sfnet) wariag Game, java-game, mobile-game, MIDP, sl45-game DOWNLOAD
maildirs(freshmeat) maildirs maildirs is a program that reports the existenc... DOWNLOAD
pdirl(freshmeat) pdirl pdirl (PHP Directory Listing) is a tiny directo... DOWNLOAD
tomatocms(freshmeat) TomatoCMS TomatoCMS is a powerful content management syst... DOWNLOAD
membrane-monitor(freshmeat) Membrane SOAP/HTTP Monitor Membrane Monitor is a tool to capture, display,... DOWNLOAD
minipush(freshmeat) minipush minipush is a RESTful Comet server that does no... DOWNLOAD
sympa(freshmeat) Sympa Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable mai... DOWNLOAD
sappeur-compiler(freshmeat) Sappeur Compiler Sappeur is a safe and efficient programming lan... DOWNLOAD
xrdl(freshmeat) XRDL XRDL is a language and tools for automatic clie... DOWNLOAD
sauer-skeletal(sfnet) p2pgames ザウアーブラーテンソースはメッシュ骨格アニメー... DOWNLOAD
cvision(freshmeat) Cognitive Vision The main goal of the Cognitive Vision project i... DOWNLOAD
notepadapp(freshmeat) A simple text editor with tabs on GNUstep. DOWNLOAD
gold-chest(freshmeat) Gold Chest Gold Chest is a game engine inspired by the old... DOWNLOAD
orabbix(freshmeat) orabbix Orabbix is a plugin designed to work with Zabbi... DOWNLOAD

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