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hosty(sfnet) Hosty - Free host file editor Free windows host file editor v0.1 beta DOWNLOAD
ajaxora(sfnet) ajaxora Web-based multiple database browser (Oracle, Po... DOWNLOAD
vectorpascalcom(sfnet) Vector Pascal Compiler Vector Pascal is a language targeted at SIMD mu... DOWNLOAD
russfiles2trans(sfnet) RussFiles2Translit RussFiles2Translit v1.0 This Vb Script renames ... DOWNLOAD
signalistenmovi(sfnet) signalistenmovi Ett smidigt program för att sortera och söka fi... DOWNLOAD
arftp(sfnet) Asynchronous Remote FTP Asynchronous Remote FTP client-server, for usin... DOWNLOAD
log4cocoa(sfnet) Log4Cocoa Log4Cocoa is an Objective-C based port of the p... DOWNLOAD
nicebashing(sfnet) nicebashing Nice Bashing is a framework for distributed con... DOWNLOAD
biokanga(sfnet) BioKanga BioKanga - an integrated suite of high performa... DOWNLOAD
apolmb(sfnet) Apolmb Media Viewer Apolmb is a simple PHP- and Flash-only media br... DOWNLOAD
openelm(sfnet) openelm Car OBD (OBDII)diagnostic tool for ELM devices... DOWNLOAD
sc4dbpf4j(sfnet) sc4dbpf4j This Java package handles DBPF files which are ... DOWNLOAD
quarkgameengine(sfnet) quarkgameengine This is the game engine that is going to be add... DOWNLOAD
printnaki(sfnet) printnaki PrintNaki designed to reduce printing costs by ... DOWNLOAD
toprank(sfnet) toprank Free Toplist Script written in PHP, you may mod... DOWNLOAD
launchy(sfnet) Launchy Launchy is a free utility designed to help you ... DOWNLOAD
filofant(sfnet) filofant filofant is an archiving and indexing server fo... DOWNLOAD
lessfs(sfnet) lessfs - data deduplication for less Lessfs is an userspace (fuse) inline data de-du... DOWNLOAD
gds-gendosserie(sfnet) GDS - Générateur de Dossier en Série Cette application en console, permet de générer... DOWNLOAD
ipaid(sfnet) ipaid Academic project developing web base payroll sy... DOWNLOAD
perlnc(sfnet) perlnc This is an learning project, I am trying to imp... DOWNLOAD
fgis(sfnet) fgis Fast and format independent GIS library and app... DOWNLOAD
simpletest-js(sfnet) simpletest-js Simpletest JS is a pure javascript unit testing... DOWNLOAD
prevedmobile(sfnet) preved mobile! Preved! Mobile Java MIDP games. DOWNLOAD
pfh(sfnet) pfh trial project for help............................ DOWNLOAD
wphpradio(sfnet) wphpradio This is a PHP radio project that is complete...... DOWNLOAD
smalltanks(sfnet) Small tanks Battle city mobile midp java version. DOWNLOAD
piggermobile(sfnet) Pigger mobile MIDP JAVA mobile game DOWNLOAD
wariag(sfnet) wariag Game, java-game, mobile-game, MIDP, sl45-game DOWNLOAD
maildirs(freshmeat) maildirs maildirs is a program that reports the existenc... DOWNLOAD
pdirl(freshmeat) pdirl pdirl (PHP Directory Listing) is a tiny directo... DOWNLOAD
tomatocms(freshmeat) TomatoCMS TomatoCMS is a powerful content management syst... DOWNLOAD
membrane-monitor(freshmeat) Membrane SOAP/HTTP Monitor Membrane Monitor is a tool to capture, display,... DOWNLOAD
minipush(freshmeat) minipush minipush is a RESTful Comet server that does no... DOWNLOAD
sympa(freshmeat) Sympa Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable mai... DOWNLOAD
sappeur-compiler(freshmeat) Sappeur Compiler Sappeur is a safe and efficient programming lan... DOWNLOAD
xrdl(freshmeat) XRDL XRDL is a language and tools for automatic clie... DOWNLOAD
sauer-skeletal(sfnet) p2pgames ザウアーブラーテンソースはメッシュ骨格アニメー... DOWNLOAD
cvision(freshmeat) Cognitive Vision The main goal of the Cognitive Vision project i... DOWNLOAD
notepadapp(freshmeat) A simple text editor with tabs on GNUstep. DOWNLOAD
gold-chest(freshmeat) Gold Chest Gold Chest is a game engine inspired by the old... DOWNLOAD
orabbix(freshmeat) orabbix Orabbix is a plugin designed to work with Zabbi... DOWNLOAD
pedrosolder(sfnet) pedrosolder dwonloads DOWNLOAD
pytoexe(sfnet) PyToEXE Python 2.x with py2exe module is creating Windo... DOWNLOAD
dbfslayers(sfnet) dbfslayers A lightweight database abstraction layer suitab... DOWNLOAD
alan-upload(sfnet) alanupload Sube archivos con ASP sin componentes y totalme... DOWNLOAD
ess(sfnet) Employee Scheduling System ESS is the Employee Scheduling System. This ph... DOWNLOAD
ngoff(sfnet) NGOFF A new object file format for orthogonal represe... DOWNLOAD
firstsite(sfnet) first site DOWNLOAD
protlib(sfnet) Protein Library The C Protein Folding Library is a minimalistic... DOWNLOAD
tochnog(sfnet) Tochnog Finite Element Analysis Explicit/Impicit Finite Element Program with li... DOWNLOAD
jphotomosaic(sfnet) JPhotoMosaic JPhotoMosaic is a java application capable of c... DOWNLOAD
tv-viewer(sfnet) tv-viewer TV-Viewer is a frontend to watch and record TV.... DOWNLOAD
batclientplugin(sfnet) BatClient Plugins The populair MUD-game BatMUD (http://www.bat.or... DOWNLOAD
dbcomparer(sfnet) DBComparer DBComparer is a tool for showing data and struc... DOWNLOAD
sdseprisehla(sfnet) sdseprisehla The goal of this project is to develop basis fo... DOWNLOAD
pydatamatrix(sfnet) pydatamatrix Python modules based on Libdmtx (www.libdmtx.or... DOWNLOAD
openreg(sfnet) openreg OpenReg is PHP / MySQL conference registration ... DOWNLOAD
formeasy(sfnet) formeasy web,毕业设计,技术文章,黑客文章,论文等等 DOWNLOAD
letsp(sfnet) letsp Le TSP est une application resolvant le problèm... DOWNLOAD
svnadminforfh(sfnet) SVNAdmin Target of the project is to simplify access rig... DOWNLOAD
acalproj(sfnet) ACal Web Calendar A web based event calendar that does not requir... DOWNLOAD
antlr-testing(sfnet) ANTLR Testing ANTLR Testing is a JUnit-extension for unit tes... DOWNLOAD
rpgcode(sfnet) RPG Toolkit Community Edition This community edition of the RPG Toolkit provi... DOWNLOAD
yanshinaung7(sfnet) yanshinaung7 my first project is my master piece <body>... DOWNLOAD
ancestro(sfnet) Emulateur Ancestro Voici l'emulateur Ancestro Debug entierment Sau... DOWNLOAD
kimanonymous(sfnet) Kimberly.Anonymous Basement talk radio. One woman with one mic, a ... DOWNLOAD
httpanalyzer(sfnet) httpanalyzer It's a tool for testing HTTP servers and Web ap... DOWNLOAD
superogame(sfnet) superogame Enjoy your game of OGame with Opera and SuperOg... DOWNLOAD
eltuxusb(sfnet) eltuxusb This project try to add support for the ELUSB1 ... DOWNLOAD
myos-os(sfnet) myos-os A Free and Open Source Operating System by Samy... DOWNLOAD
litecalculator(sfnet) litecalculator A Simple Calculator you can redistributed and u... DOWNLOAD
enodes(sfnet) ENodes ENodes is a reliable web development and publis... DOWNLOAD
shuttlz(sfnet) shuttlz 2D space shuttle simulation. It is in planning ... DOWNLOAD
skp321001657e22(sfnet) free_skype_voice_chat_msnger skype voice chat for free voice transfer DOWNLOAD
spikehound(sfnet) spikehound Software Oscilloscope, Stimulus/Function Genera... DOWNLOAD
plogprocessor(sfnet) plogprocessor Provides a common way to measure the time inter... DOWNLOAD
javampd(sfnet) Java MPD JavaMPD is a 100% Java client library used to d... DOWNLOAD
phpstrategygame(sfnet) php strategy game engine This is an engine for creating a php browser ga... DOWNLOAD
scriobaicms(sfnet) Scriobai CMS Scriobai is a blogging platform which uses html... DOWNLOAD
win32libex(sfnet) Win32 Library for Euphoria A Windows32 wrapper library for Euphoria develo... DOWNLOAD
ternakdollar(sfnet) TERNAK DOLLAR DOWNLOAD
clipboard-view(sfnet) Clipboard viewer Clipboard viewer is a simple program that allow... DOWNLOAD
oracle-jutils(sfnet) oracle-jutils PL/SQL packages to perform Oracle 11g tasks wit... DOWNLOAD
libpgf(sfnet) libPGF The Progressive Graphics File (PGF) is an effic... DOWNLOAD
publicms(sfnet) publicms Publicms is a very light CMS, it does not requi... DOWNLOAD
gestion-tresor(sfnet) gestion tresorerie Application développé pour raison d'études DOWNLOAD
dl-textmatch(sfnet) dl-textmatch Implementation of Damerau-Levenshtein fuzzy str... DOWNLOAD
scx-memoryscan(sfnet) scx-memoryscan A minimalistic memory scanner DOWNLOAD
nxs(sfnet) nxs Scripts for Nexuiz/xonotic and probably more ga... DOWNLOAD
decodificadores(sfnet) promod_decodificadores promod_decodificadores DOWNLOAD
lightsofdreams(sfnet) lightsofdreams Lights of Dreams : The Angelical Blade is a 3D ... DOWNLOAD
x264vfw(sfnet) x264vfw x264vfw is the VfW (Video for Windows) version ... DOWNLOAD
anallogica(freshmeat) AnallogicA AnallogicA is an application that generates log... DOWNLOAD
aa-project(sfnet) AA project AA means Ascii Art - the AAlib (ascii art GFX l... DOWNLOAD
zappiensbr(sfnet) is a web platform for video publica... DOWNLOAD
eric4(freshmeat) eric4 Eric4 is a Python IDE written using PyQt4 and Q... DOWNLOAD
vboxmanage-lite(freshmeat) VBoxManage Lite VBoxManage Lite is a wrapper script around Virt... DOWNLOAD
jmscategory(freshmeat) JmsCategory JmsCategory is a Groovy extension for the Java ... DOWNLOAD

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