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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
webapp101(sfnet) WebApp 1.0.1 WebAPP Version 1.0.1, Code Name "Bouncing ... DOWNLOAD
mafg(sfnet) Modernassassian - Flatgrass (Minecraft) DOWNLOAD
modernassassian(sfnet) Modernassassian I do videos on youtube DOWNLOAD
hamroradio(sfnet) hamroradio hamro radio online sunna milchha. DOWNLOAD
oamkopensource(sfnet) OAMK Open Source DOWNLOAD
smms(sfnet) smms SMMS(Swift Meeting Management System) is web-ba... DOWNLOAD
vbnetmysql(sfnet) vbnetmysql Mysql 2010 and 2008 Get data from mysql ... DOWNLOAD
simplebasicr3(sfnet) Simple Basic for Windows R3 Simple Basic for Windows R3 Intermedia Language... DOWNLOAD
spindlereasoner(sfnet) SPINdle SPINdle is a logic reasoner that can be used to... DOWNLOAD
homeframejmjk(sfnet) HomeFrameworkJMJK DOWNLOAD
filerepairer(sfnet) File Repairer File Repairer is a free software developed by M... DOWNLOAD
zkcm(sfnet) zkcm zkcm library is a C++ library for multi-precisi... DOWNLOAD
textadvredux(sfnet) TextAdvRedux DOWNLOAD
klustakwik(sfnet) KlustaKwik spike sorting KlustaKwik is an open-source C++ and Java progr... DOWNLOAD
jeguephp(sfnet) jeguephp Gerador de boletos em lote com php DOWNLOAD
crocker(sfnet) CroCKeR My programs are here!!!! DOWNLOAD
blimtoolbox(sfnet) BLIMToolbox BLIM Toolbox is a collection of tools for the e... DOWNLOAD
junkie-2(freshmeat) JunkieTheSniffer Junkie is a real-time packet sniffer and analyz... DOWNLOAD
pygmed(freshmeat) pygmed pygmed is a simple editor for ".desktop&qu... DOWNLOAD
discrotate(freshmeat) DiscRotate DiscRotate is a MenuItem that will control the ... DOWNLOAD
obix(freshmeat) Obix Obix is an object-oriented, portable, open-sour... DOWNLOAD
anax(sfnet) AnaX AnaX (Ana4 and Ana6) consists in two proposals ... DOWNLOAD
springsamples(sfnet) springsamples the sample of spring applications DOWNLOAD
cpu-usage(sfnet) cpu-usage Tool for performance testing. Enable investigat... DOWNLOAD
ulcc(sfnet) ulcc ULCC (User Level Cache Control) is the first so... DOWNLOAD
slidebox(sfnet) slidebox JavaScript to use multitouch gestures or mouse ... DOWNLOAD
ubuntuhowto(sfnet) ubuntuhowto Here you will learn how to work with Ubuntu, ba... DOWNLOAD
longdi(sfnet) longdi 一个公益的综合娱乐社区,给网友一个开发的平台。。。 DOWNLOAD
tttx(sfnet) tttx 聆听天下,启迪智慧! 微博听天下:微博 收听 软件... DOWNLOAD
numericalfish(sfnet) numericalfish NumericalFISH is a bioinformatics graphical too... DOWNLOAD
musicplayer1(sfnet) musicplayer1 A music player that is in a GUI and it puts up ... DOWNLOAD
jakeapp(sfnet) jakeapp Collaborating on a project for ordinary people!... DOWNLOAD
mmja2ub113(sfnet) Jagged Alliance2 UB-1.13 Mod Manager Mod manager for Jagged Alliance 2 UB-1.13 DOWNLOAD
tutorialforyou(sfnet) Tutorial DOWNLOAD
invadersxna(sfnet) Invaders XNA Invaders clone written in XNA. Orginally writte... DOWNLOAD
sempy(sfnet) sempy Sempy is a Python package for the solution of p... DOWNLOAD
playerselector(sfnet) playerselector PlayerSelector allows players to be selected fo... DOWNLOAD
bioadapter(sfnet) bioadapter Alternate firmware for bioadapter kit. Kit is u... DOWNLOAD
marqueeanagrams(sfnet) Marquee Anagrams Ever seen a big marquee with another useless me... DOWNLOAD
openmini(sfnet) Open-Mini Programming software for Polmar Mini radio tran... DOWNLOAD
salaat-first(sfnet) Salaat First DOWNLOAD
suivichantier(sfnet) suivi_chantier_imt DOWNLOAD
wesnoth-no-rnd(sfnet) Battle for Wesnoth: No RND A version of the Battle for Wesnoth turn-based ... DOWNLOAD
janhelgeman(sfnet) janhelgeman JanHelgeMan on DOWNLOAD
jtimechooser(sfnet) jtimechooser A Java JComponent to select the time easily by ... DOWNLOAD
morsecodetalk(sfnet) morsecodetalk The Pidgin Plugin contains the entire Morse Cod... DOWNLOAD
sharpendu(sfnet) sharpendu Jeux du pendu en C#. - Utilisation d'une base d... DOWNLOAD
lnamp-shell(sfnet) lnamp-shell LNAMP(Linux+Nginx+Apache+MySQL+PHP+phpMyAdmin) ... DOWNLOAD
rppkcms(sfnet) rppkcms PHP-based CMS with object oriented code, using ... DOWNLOAD
netswitchw7(sfnet) netswitchw7 NetSwitch W7 lets windows 7 users to store thei... DOWNLOAD
hdrav(sfnet) HdR Armee-Verwaltung Basierend auf dem "Der Herr der Ringe"... DOWNLOAD
tixi(sfnet) tixi TIXI: A Library for fast and simple XML Access DOWNLOAD
openkap(sfnet) OpenKAP Control system for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP... DOWNLOAD
sigenre(sfnet) sigenre sgr: sfml generic renderer DOWNLOAD
showmyscreen(sfnet) showmyscreen Simple and portable screen sharing utility. No ... DOWNLOAD
simplee-doc(sfnet) simplee-doc simple e-document is a simple yet smart documen... DOWNLOAD
microvideo(sfnet) microvideo DOWNLOAD
imperiumeuropae(sfnet) Imperium Europaeum Imperium Europaeum will be a hex-based grand st... DOWNLOAD
debbundle(sfnet) DebBundle Offline Software Installer of Debian/Ubuntu Linux. DOWNLOAD
fileget-xchg(sfnet) fileget-xchg Getting files from file-exchange servers. DOWNLOAD
tnbcp(sfnet) tnbcp this is the community project of the members re... DOWNLOAD
it-dashboard(sfnet) IT Dashboard The IT Dashboard is a portfolio management tool... DOWNLOAD
ambientdesigner(sfnet) Ambient Designer Ambient Designer is a visual tool to model and ... DOWNLOAD
mast3rm1nd(sfnet) mast3rm1nd A Simple VB.NET game developed in VB.NET Expres... DOWNLOAD
hldsbeta(sfnet) hldsbeta hlds files for Linux DOWNLOAD
anawave(sfnet) AnaWave AnaWave is a project for musicians, analyse a w... DOWNLOAD
ssm-i-speak(sfnet) i Speak i Speak is a simplest text to speech applicatio... DOWNLOAD
vdctestoperator(sfnet) VDC Test Operators DOWNLOAD
eduwidget(sfnet) Servidor Recursos Educativos O principal obxectivo era crear unha solución t... DOWNLOAD
jrechecker(sfnet) JREChecker - Java Wrapper for JAR Files This will Check for Java Runtime Environment be... DOWNLOAD
slideandfullbg(sfnet) Slide and Full Background DOWNLOAD
hibernategen(sfnet) hibernategen Generate Java source files from Hibernate hbm.xml. DOWNLOAD
bugreporterx(sfnet) Bug Reporter A portable bug reporte for developers. You can ... DOWNLOAD
spmp(sfnet) spmp Student Project Management Portal DOWNLOAD
spacescapetoudk(sfnet) SpaceScapeToUDK The skybox images exported by SpaceScape are ge... DOWNLOAD
mphtotecplot(sfnet) MPH to Tecplot The MATLAB m.file will export data contained wi... DOWNLOAD
kchildlock(sfnet) KChildlock kchildlock restricts the time a children spends... DOWNLOAD
gene-diseasedis(sfnet) Gene-Disease Discovery The tool helps biomedical researchers in inter... DOWNLOAD
kurisuesdash(sfnet) kurisuesdash Widget para el dashboard de mac que te muestra ... DOWNLOAD
slothbean(sfnet) slothbean SlothBeans is a technology for accessing Oracle... DOWNLOAD
vcvoo(sfnet) vcvoo DOWNLOAD
essytas(sfnet) Essytas 2D open world RPG centered around character dev... DOWNLOAD
simoon(sfnet) simoon DOWNLOAD
deskshortcuts(sfnet) MakeDesktopShortcuts MakeDesktopShortcuts is a service menu extensio... DOWNLOAD
ztapi(sfnet) ZtApi The ZtApi is the foundation library for all ZT ... DOWNLOAD
tornadobrowser(sfnet) Tornado Web Browser
batchprojects(sfnet) Batch Projects Batch Projects è un editor di file Batch per Wi... DOWNLOAD
planetoids(sfnet) Planetoids Planetoids is a Java clone of the Asteroids game. DOWNLOAD
zmcomplex(sfnet) zmcomplex zmcomplex library is a C++ library for multi-pr... DOWNLOAD
tuxadventure(sfnet) tux adventure Remake of "Antartic Adventure", game ... DOWNLOAD
dlcodegen(sfnet) MP3 Download Coupon Generator A system for creating unique 'download codes' t... DOWNLOAD
genericaph2(sfnet) Genericaph2 General Gap Analysis Software aiming to provide... DOWNLOAD
sjp-rdf(sfnet) SJP RDF RDF export of DOWNLOAD
nerdebuotobus(sfnet) Nerde Bu Otobus? Artık duraklarda saatlerce beklemenize gerek yo... DOWNLOAD
michele(sfnet) michele Modest PHP Project for Digital Signage DOWNLOAD
theopendvd(sfnet) TheOpenDVD 1111 DOWNLOAD
deactivatetimer(sfnet) Deactivate Timer widget for Android This widget lets the user select a service and ... DOWNLOAD
hybridadhocgrid(sfnet) Hybrid Ad Hoc Grid The Hybrid Ad Hoc Grid is a self-organizing com... DOWNLOAD
libdft(sfnet) libdft Library that implements the Orsay-Trento densit... DOWNLOAD
demos2011(sfnet) demos_2011 The aim of project is to create simplified soci... DOWNLOAD

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