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generatedynamic(sfnet) Generate dynamic PDF from XPF files PHP and VB6 classes for generating dynamic PDF ... DOWNLOAD
killproc(sfnet) KillProc KillProc is a command line application that kil... DOWNLOAD
evephp(sfnet) evephp A fast and lightweight PHP framework. DOWNLOAD
plfs(sfnet) PLFS PLFS is a parallel virtual file system that rea... DOWNLOAD
testprojeekt(sfnet) testprojeekt test dieses projet st ein test DOWNLOAD
datenkueche(sfnet) Datenküche Hexenbrei Datenküche Hexenbrei is a Software that enable... DOWNLOAD
mobilesocialnet(sfnet) Mobile Social Network MSN (Client) A peer to peer mobile social network based on J... DOWNLOAD
digigrain(sfnet) DIGIgrain DIGIgrain is a general 3D data processing, data... DOWNLOAD
uniglif(sfnet) uniglif Object oriented encoding. Markup encoding. DOWNLOAD
dpanalyzer(sfnet) dpanalyzer Specialized tool for PostProcessors of books pr... DOWNLOAD
easymock(sfnet) EasyMock EasyMock is a Java library that provides an eas... DOWNLOAD
rhinolinuxlite(sfnet) RhinoLINUX Lite XFCe Edition RhinoLINUX Lite is the lightweight edition of R... DOWNLOAD
beon-astlands-ehlonnas-boon(freshmeat) Beastlands - Song of the Were Beastlands - Song of the Were is a lightweight ... DOWNLOAD
festival-te(sfnet) Telugu Festival Speech Synthesis System festival-te synthesizes text in Telugu language... DOWNLOAD
mirwhatasoundar(sfnet) mirwhatasoundar Nothing much here going on DOWNLOAD
skeinbash(sfnet) Skein-Bash Skein 512-512 hash algorithm implemented in Bas... DOWNLOAD
efrproject(sfnet) efrProject DOWNLOAD
futsita(sfnet) FutSita: jogo de Pênaltis para o SBTVD Desenvolvido para o SBTVD. O jogo se baseia em ... DOWNLOAD
yarska(sfnet) yarska font DOWNLOAD
hcpchargeback(sfnet) HCP Chargeback Collector Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a Content Sto... DOWNLOAD
ssset-game(freshmeat) Ssset-Game Ssset is a single-player card game where your t... DOWNLOAD
bimserverorg(freshmeat) The Building Information Model server (BIMserve... DOWNLOAD
libeio(freshmeat) libeio Libeio is a full-featured asynchronous I/O libr... DOWNLOAD
testpm-to-testmore-converter(freshmeat) to Test::More Converter to Test::More Converter is a Perl scrip... DOWNLOAD
django-andsome(freshmeat) django-andsome django-andsome is a collection of extra bits an... DOWNLOAD
hamfax(freshmeat) hamfax hamfax is a QT/X11 application for sending and ... DOWNLOAD
fmrd-desktop-102(freshmeat) FMRD-Desktop FMRD-Desktop is a GUI application that facilita... DOWNLOAD
omg-booter(sfnet) omg-booter beast booter with 111 shells DOWNLOAD
rpsls(sfnet) rpsls Created a game where the computer is your opponent DOWNLOAD
gerarprints(sfnet) Gerar Prints de Sites Um programa simples que gera os printscreams do... DOWNLOAD
micromanagement(sfnet) Micromanagement Register and money management application for s... DOWNLOAD
linuxchatserver(sfnet) Linux Chat Server Multithreaded Chat server using sockets... grea... DOWNLOAD
webars(sfnet) WebARS DOWNLOAD
fungi(sfnet) FUNGI FUNGI (Fast UNsupervised Grammar Induction) is ... DOWNLOAD
bantaa(sfnet) Banta
dbman(sfnet) Anime Episodes Manager Un programma creato per gestire gli episodi id ... DOWNLOAD
gradius(sfnet) gradius Gerenciador de radius Gradius foi desenvolvido ... DOWNLOAD
matgeom(sfnet) matGeom Geometry library for Matlab in 2D and 3D. Conta... DOWNLOAD
youtubeinstant(sfnet) youtubeinstant Load Videos from Youtube Instantly. Instant Sea... DOWNLOAD
diffmaker(sfnet) DiffMaker How often have you modified code, only to need ... DOWNLOAD
pformat(sfnet) pformat The project offers support for the java.util.lo... DOWNLOAD
macrodat(sfnet) macrodat DOWNLOAD
correosjava(sfnet) Correos_Gmail_Hotmail Envia correos a hotmail y gmail un poco rustico... DOWNLOAD
uniject(sfnet) UniJect An application for injecting DLLs. Currently on... DOWNLOAD
ftr-swfoc(sfnet) For The Republic This is a Expansion for SWFOC. DOWNLOAD
validatorweb(sfnet) validatorweb DOWNLOAD
jpushapi(sfnet) Java Push Notification API A simple and free to use Java Push Notification... DOWNLOAD
aerovc(sfnet) Aero Video Converter Simple Video Converter Uses : FFMpeg - www.ffm... DOWNLOAD
southwest737(sfnet) Southwest737 Contains the XPFW 737's for X-Plane. DOWNLOAD
tcganalysis(sfnet) TCGAnalysis Scripts to... (1) format expression data from T... DOWNLOAD
ooc-gcc(sfnet) ooc-gcc An easy to use template for Object Oriented Pro... DOWNLOAD
diarymanagement(sfnet) Diary Management System A multiuser Diary Management System that will e... DOWNLOAD
scorchqaplugins(sfnet) Scorch Q2A Plugins Here I'll post my Q2A plugins. DOWNLOAD
vacationdestina(sfnet) vacationdestina Destinations where the entire family can enjoy ... DOWNLOAD
katoa(sfnet) Katoa Katoa (Knowledge Assisted Text Organization Alg... DOWNLOAD
saurabharaiyer(sfnet) saurabharaiyer t... DOWNLOAD
notep(sfnet) note DOWNLOAD
livepreview(sfnet) Live Preview A program to automatic refresh web brownsers wh... DOWNLOAD
generictimetabl(sfnet) Generic Timetable Generator A timetable generator that produces standard ti... DOWNLOAD
winlockr(sfnet) WinLockr WinLockr is a small application made to lock wi... DOWNLOAD
maximoviewlog(sfnet) Maximo View Log This tool is used to view the log file in Maxim... DOWNLOAD
filterproxy(sfnet) FilterProxy FilterProxy is a personal filtering proxy. It ... DOWNLOAD
daemonscript(sfnet) Daemonscript Apache web server and MySQL data base daemons c... DOWNLOAD
handyorganizer(sfnet) HandyOrganizer Handy Organizer is a personal information manag... DOWNLOAD
gimp-tools(sfnet) Ofnuts' Gimp Tools Sundry Gimp scripts, ranging from the utterly u... DOWNLOAD
energy-saver(sfnet) Energy Saver The Linux energy saver supports you if you like... DOWNLOAD
coffeehouse4j(sfnet) coffeehouse4j coffeehouse for java DOWNLOAD
testpaper(sfnet) TestPaper DOWNLOAD
musicstudent(sfnet) Presto Metronome Presto Metronome is free and can improve your s... DOWNLOAD
jpuzzlex(sfnet) JPuzzle a simple puzzle game in java CHECK OUT AND SUP... DOWNLOAD
gnomex(sfnet) GNomEx GNomEx is Genomic LIMS and Data Repository. It... DOWNLOAD
jaxmao(sfnet) Jaxmao Jaxmao 是基于开源Tomcat的JSP/Servlet服务器。多... DOWNLOAD
whatshot(sfnet) whatshot Shows whats currently hot on the net. DOWNLOAD
createsim(sfnet) iRobot Create Simulator A MATLAB toolbox for simulating the movement of... DOWNLOAD
manifestocoder(sfnet) manifestocoder ManifestoCoder finds words in political party m... DOWNLOAD
mpuma(sfnet) mPUMA mPUMA: microbial Profiling Using Metagenomic As... DOWNLOAD
tlpc(sfnet) Tulip DOWNLOAD
einbuntesherz(sfnet) Ein Buntes Herz Text DOWNLOAD
tuangou2011(sfnet) tuangou2011 DOWNLOAD
asteroidjs(sfnet) AsteroidJS Asteroid Game. Javascript DOWNLOAD
asn1py(sfnet) Python ASN.1 Python modules that wrap Lev Walkin's asn1c cod... DOWNLOAD
perilapp(sfnet) Perilapp A Command Line for Windows DOWNLOAD
neuroph(sfnet) Java Neural Network Framework Neuroph Neuroph is lightweight Java Neural Network Fram... DOWNLOAD
maven(sfnet) maven Elastic network models (ENMs) have been shown t... DOWNLOAD
profanity(freshmeat) Profanity Profanity is a minimalist console-based XMPP cl... DOWNLOAD
inavigateur(sfnet) inavigateur Un navigateur internet créé par un garçon de 13... DOWNLOAD
dlmanagergen(sfnet) Download Manager Generator DOWNLOAD
zenaxe(sfnet) Zen Axe My custom work goes here, Mainly linux and seco... DOWNLOAD
legacyprograms(sfnet) legacyprograms Collecton of homemade programs! Made by MeRLig... DOWNLOAD
clavis(sfnet) clavis The Clavis user-level scheduler is designed to ... DOWNLOAD
helicms(sfnet) helicms HeliCMS is an epic CMS under development by RRO... DOWNLOAD
arep(sfnet) Advanced Reporting Portal A datawarehouse-portal. Built using PHP. Can sh... DOWNLOAD
habsitefaq(sfnet) habsitefaq Dit is de HabSite downloadbare F.A.Q. DOWNLOAD
seamo(sfnet) seamo SeaMo is an implementation of seamless handoffs... DOWNLOAD
chinacpu(sfnet) 国产处理器 国产处理器,主要是利用risc2000来做。 DOWNLOAD
cbank(sfnet) CodeBank This project has as objective the development o... DOWNLOAD
minesweepmac(sfnet) minesweepmac This is minesweeper for the mac dashboard. DOWNLOAD
i10bmessenger(sfnet) i10bmessenger This is a Softwareproject from Fachhochschule H... DOWNLOAD
imputemerger(sfnet) imputemerger This script merges the output of two impute pro... DOWNLOAD
darby(sfnet) Darby OSQA platform theme. DOWNLOAD

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