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rsscache(freshmeat) rsscache rsscache allows you to aggregate and cache feed... DOWNLOAD
tuxmath(sfnet) Tux of Math Command "Tux, of Math Command" is a math dril... DOWNLOAD
sawfish(freshmeat) sawfish Sawfish (the window manager formerly known as S... DOWNLOAD
rohc-library(freshmeat) ROHC library The ROHC library provides an easy and robust wa... DOWNLOAD
hello2(sfnet) hello2 A code for saying hello(your name DOWNLOAD
javasenac(sfnet) javasenac Proje Final Java (controle de arquivos do projeto)
agilesystem(sfnet) Agile System Infra-estrutura para desenvolvimento de aplicat... DOWNLOAD
stixfonts(sfnet) The STIX Fonts Project The mission of the Scientific and Technical Inf... DOWNLOAD
veraocounter(sfnet) veraocounter VeraoCounter, como o nome já diz, é um contador... DOWNLOAD
gwaves(sfnet) GWaves GWaves is a collection of C++ object oriented G... DOWNLOAD
pckm(sfnet) pckm Project has PHP code to copy the distance in km... DOWNLOAD
pyrobase(freshmeat) pyrobase pyrobase assembles general Python helper functi... DOWNLOAD
diphy(freshmeat) Diphy Diphy is powerfull dependency injection contain... DOWNLOAD
hoplax(freshmeat) Hoplax Hoplax is a power user tool to store bookmarks ... DOWNLOAD
luminous(freshmeat) Luminous Luminous is a powerful and modern syntax highli... DOWNLOAD
mod-auth-sspi(sfnet) mod_auth_sspi mod_auth_sspi - Apache 2.x SSPI authentication ... DOWNLOAD
emchess(sfnet) EmChess EmChess is a simple and (hopefully) nice cross-... DOWNLOAD
starblastrix(sfnet) StarBlastrix Starblastrix is a side scrolling shoot'em up ga... DOWNLOAD
kingdomsliveaut(sfnet) Kingdoms Live AutoInvite iPhone game Kingdoms Live army code AutoInviter... DOWNLOAD
vteindic(sfnet) vte_indic_support DOWNLOAD
suquinhodemaca(sfnet) suquinhodemaca Software de teste para verificação de como real... DOWNLOAD
tablescollector(sfnet) tablescollector Work time tables collector. DOWNLOAD
gcalc(sfnet) GraphCalc GraphCalc is a very gui graphing calculator. I... DOWNLOAD
market-guru(sfnet) market-guru A learning aid for those unfamiliar with the fu... DOWNLOAD
schoolmgmt(sfnet) schoolmgmt School management system. DOWNLOAD
seew(sfnet) Simple Environment Editor for Windows This program give simple way for viewing and ed... DOWNLOAD
raydio(sfnet) raydio Raydio is a command line icecast player,shuffl... DOWNLOAD
inform7portable(sfnet) inform7portable This is a portable version of the inform 7 appl...
datacrow(freshmeat) Data Crow Data Crow is a movie, video, book, image, softw... DOWNLOAD
open-mdfluxo(sfnet) Open MDFluxo Development and evaluation of an ophthalmology ... DOWNLOAD
oemrmobile(sfnet) OpenEMR Mobile An OpenEMR front end for mobile phones. DOWNLOAD
b-os(sfnet) B-OS A nice and simple free OS built with SUSE Studio. DOWNLOAD
minecraft-wr(sfnet) minecraft-wr World Recorder allows you to save your SMP work... DOWNLOAD
kscope(sfnet) KScope A source-code browsing, analysis and editing en... DOWNLOAD
openvigil(sfnet) openvigil OpenVigil provides a webinterface to analyse FD... DOWNLOAD
projectpentavus(sfnet) projectpentavus O Project Pentavus é um web browser em desenvol... DOWNLOAD
synoindicator(sfnet) syno-indicator Provides an App-Indicator for you Synology NAS.... DOWNLOAD
neatorocraft(sfnet) Harry-Potter-Craft DOWNLOAD
jwic(sfnet) jWic Framework jWic is a java-based development framework for ... DOWNLOAD
xcalib(sfnet) xcalib xcalib is an open-source monitor calibration lo... DOWNLOAD
avadan(sfnet) Avadan Avadan is some kind of "rogue" or &qu... DOWNLOAD
game-reserve(sfnet) Game Reserve This program is a web application designed to &... DOWNLOAD
classicalmusicc(sfnet) classicalmusicc CMC is a disc cataloging program specifically d... DOWNLOAD
cwolibrary(sfnet) CWO++ library Diffraction calculations are used in wide-rangi... DOWNLOAD
nbbm(sfnet) nullboyBomberMail DOWNLOAD
pybass(sfnet) pybass ctypes Python module for BASS (http://un4seen.c... DOWNLOAD
luserlistsource(sfnet) UserList & User Detail Portlet source Liferay 6.0.5+ UserList & User Detail Port... DOWNLOAD
iekioskmode(sfnet) IEKioskModeWrapper This is a small program, written in C #, that m... DOWNLOAD
pstatemenu(sfnet) pstatemenu Intel Enhanced SpeedStep implementation for Mac... DOWNLOAD
zee(sfnet) Zee ZEE HAS MOVED TO GITHUB (see "Zee Web Site... DOWNLOAD
rootanthraxr-s(sfnet) rootanthraxr-s DOWNLOAD
mutligui(sfnet) Mutli_Gui A Simple GUI With Lots Of Encrption and Decrpti... DOWNLOAD
nsw1(sfnet) test-project Test Project Test Project DOWNLOAD
rooters(sfnet) rooters discuz net for person use DOWNLOAD
spinbaselinux(sfnet) spinbaselinux An arch based distribution which brings beauty ... DOWNLOAD
javamapprojlib(sfnet) Java map Projection Library (JMPL) The purpose of this library is to support makin... DOWNLOAD
aloogle(sfnet) aloogle A Aloogle é um projeto criado por Alefe Souza e... DOWNLOAD
rubikscubetimer(sfnet) Rubiks Cube Timer Simple Rubik's Cube Timer DOWNLOAD
fight-rpg(sfnet) Fight (RPG) DOWNLOAD
flashmidi(sfnet) FlashMidi FlashMidi is a “plug-in” for Macromedia Flash w... DOWNLOAD
subnetippractic(sfnet) subnetippractic This simple php script randomly generates IPs w... DOWNLOAD
p6droid(sfnet) P6 Droid Application Android de récupération d'informati... DOWNLOAD
clothsimulation(sfnet) ClothSimulation A cloth simulation using OpenCL and OpenGL DOWNLOAD
llfilter(sfnet) llfilter Introduces packet latency and loss between two ... DOWNLOAD
steelportal(sfnet) Steel Portal DOWNLOAD
steel4portal(sfnet) Steel4Portal DOWNLOAD
shlog(sfnet) shlog shlog is derived from sudosh3 3.2.0. It's creat... DOWNLOAD
dleptools(sfnet) DLEP Protocol Tools DLEP simulator and tools. DOWNLOAD
xmel(sfnet) mel, XML Data Binding for C Language: C, XML Library: libxml2 OS: Any XML D... DOWNLOAD
androbosim(sfnet) andRoboSim
werewin(sfnet) WERE Windows Error Reporting Eliminator (WERE) is a ... DOWNLOAD
atld(sfnet) A.T.L.D. GNU/Hurd GNU/Linux el proyecto A.T.L.D. se trata de crear una dist... DOWNLOAD
gidoc(sfnet) GIDOC Computer-assisted transcription prototype for h... DOWNLOAD
highcharts-gxt(sfnet) highcharts-gxt Java adapters for JS highcharts inside Ext-GWT ... DOWNLOAD
coraljcat(sfnet) Coral Acrobat JCAT JCAT Project for Coral acrobats DOWNLOAD
linxchange(sfnet) linxchange P2P application that allows users share links a... DOWNLOAD
javatestcode(sfnet) javatestcode This is a beta site for SVN testing DOWNLOAD
q10portable(sfnet) q10portable Portable version of Q10, a no distraction full ... DOWNLOAD
purify(sfnet) PureAdmin - Management tool for PureFTPd A GTK+2.x graphical front-end and management ut... DOWNLOAD
the-trunk(sfnet) TRunK TRunK - Tests Running Kit. It is a GUI tool for... DOWNLOAD
dicy(sfnet) Dicy Dicy is an application (now discontinued) for a... DOWNLOAD
winipchanger(sfnet) Fast IP Changer for Windows Fast IP Changer - small program written in Auto... DOWNLOAD
phpbbsaske-mods(sfnet) phpBBSaske "phpBBSaske Project" is a project tha... DOWNLOAD
laboteoutils(sfnet) La Boîte à outils Live USB destiné aux professionnels et particul... DOWNLOAD
seltennetegg(sfnet) seltennetegg Seltennet's eggdrop scripts/modules DOWNLOAD
background-subt(sfnet) Background-subtraction Méthode simple de détection des objets en mouve... DOWNLOAD
gestion-equipe(sfnet) Gestion-équipes-basket Site de gestion des équipes de basket : MySQL,... DOWNLOAD
rooster(sfnet) rooster 酉ブラウザフリーのブラウザ DOWNLOAD
alarma(sfnet) alarma DOWNLOAD
boeml(sfnet) boeml DOWNLOAD
liquidlemur(sfnet) Liquid Lemur Linux Custom Linux distro, based on Debian Wheezy bra... DOWNLOAD
kxmrp(sfnet) mrp 做网站论坛的,给用户带来服务,下载、教程等 DOWNLOAD
whid(sfnet) What Have I Done Whid is a simple application that keeps track o... DOWNLOAD
yese(sfnet) yese yesefghfghfghfghfgh DOWNLOAD
moviecentral(sfnet) moviecentral Movie Central is a free movie collection manage... DOWNLOAD
kbr(sfnet) kbr or http://simple... DOWNLOAD
scripped(sfnet) scripped Application to sync Scripped users accounts wit... DOWNLOAD
dgg-skin(sfnet) DGG M4A1, AK47 and Deagle skin DGG member's may download this! DOWNLOAD
classicoldcars(sfnet) classic old cars like old cars because i like drivr them because... DOWNLOAD
openstack(sfnet) OpenStack OpenStack is a collection of libraries for simp... DOWNLOAD

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