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patiencebar(sfnet) PatienceBar This is an improved Progressbar class for .NET-... DOWNLOAD
tuxcleaner(sfnet) Tux Cleaner Tux Cleaner removes temporary and unneeded file... DOWNLOAD
javascriptdes(sfnet) JavascriptCryptoDES AS3 crypto DES write by javascript DOWNLOAD
lemonite(sfnet) lemonite Lemonite is an Open Source tool designed to aut... DOWNLOAD
hudupver1(sfnet) Hudup This program is used recomment items have ratin... DOWNLOAD
lianshang(sfnet) lianshang DOWNLOAD
gettumblrpics(sfnet) Tumblr Picture Download Command Line tool to download all images from a... DOWNLOAD
sfpenguin(sfnet) SanFranciscoLinux Linux distribution based on Arch and the scrotw... DOWNLOAD
mindbuster(sfnet) Mind Buster Mind Buster is ultimate challenge for your memo...
comssdownloader(sfnet) COMSS Downloader COMSS Downloader allows you to download the lat... DOWNLOAD
jabberclientinq(sfnet) jabberclientinq This application is XMPP client writen in Nokia... DOWNLOAD
ttgcalgorithm(sfnet) SchedGenerator College Registration System, It takes the follo... DOWNLOAD
quickdownloader(sfnet) COMLoader COMLoader is a console-based, 35 KB small execu... DOWNLOAD
veryquickwiki(sfnet) Very Quick Wiki Very Quick Wiki is a Java Server Pages based Wi... DOWNLOAD
heightmap2stl(sfnet) Heightmap2STL Small tool to convert Heightmap images (graysca... DOWNLOAD
vwifi(sfnet) VWIFI This programm let u utilitize the "Virtual... DOWNLOAD
sgfabric(sfnet) SGF - Salvathor Game Fabric (sgffabric) The intent of Salvathor Game Engine is to facil... DOWNLOAD
feitianlang(sfnet) 描述 DOWNLOAD
brasilsvn(sfnet) SVN Brasil-Emulador DOWNLOAD
activityindicat(sfnet) Activity Indicator The Activity Indicator utility is a simple prog... DOWNLOAD
shutdown-gtimer(sfnet) SGTimer Advanced shutdown scheduler with easy to use GU... DOWNLOAD
buildquest(sfnet) Build Quest Build Quest is an open-source, 2D action advent... DOWNLOAD
dropper(sfnet) Dropper Dropper is a 3D game in which falling shapes ha...
kym(sfnet) KYM 0.5 KYM is a MATLAB / GNU Octave set of functions t... DOWNLOAD
kiwi-js(sfnet) kiwi-js KiwiJS is essentially a compatability layer bet... DOWNLOAD
c4jexplorer(sfnet) C4JExplorer The C4J-Explorer plug-in for Eclipse facilitate... DOWNLOAD
upscaleboutique(sfnet) An Upscale Boutique Zen Cart Template Designed for Zen Cart versions 1.3.X & 1.5 ... DOWNLOAD
ndb-initializer(sfnet) MySQL NDB Initializer Start up script for MySQL NDB database engine. ...
view3dscene(freshmeat) view3dscene view3dscene is a browser for VRML (1.0 and 2.0)... DOWNLOAD
doribuddy(sfnet) doribuddy Profiles for Honorbuddy! DOWNLOAD
pngquant(freshmeat) pngquant pngquant is a batch conversion utility to quant... DOWNLOAD
g-framework-web30-toolkit(freshmeat) G-Framework ToolKit G-Framework ToolKit is a system for creating We... DOWNLOAD
scv2stats-ricky(sfnet) Shoutcast V2 Radio Stats This script uses cURL + simpleXML to grab radio... DOWNLOAD
gpa-calculator(sfnet) GPA Calculator A basic GPA calculator that factors in course c... DOWNLOAD
leorelex(sfnet) Leorelex DOWNLOAD
moonideforlua(sfnet) Moon Moon is a free IDE developed in Lua, for Lua. P... DOWNLOAD
shizhongren(sfnet) shizhongren the blog of th shimen ems‘s student DOWNLOAD
oscailt(sfnet) Oscailt Oscailt is an open publishing content managemen... DOWNLOAD
afnix(freshmeat) AFNIX programming language AFNIX is a multi-threaded functional writing sy... DOWNLOAD
popupreminder(sfnet) construction bond expiration There is a database maintaining in organization... DOWNLOAD
at-media-page(sfnet) ATMediaPage ATMediaPage is a simple and easy to use Plone P... DOWNLOAD
sar2html(freshmeat) sar2html Sar2html is a Web-based front end for performan... DOWNLOAD
growiep(sfnet) Grow IEP An IEP management solution, based on the illino... DOWNLOAD
anifansubsys(sfnet) AnimeFanSubSystem No program for the acquisition of a anime fan s... DOWNLOAD
securetalk(sfnet) SecureTalk Negotiates and maintains secure sessions betwee... DOWNLOAD
pfxlogviewer(sfnet) pfxLogViewer Fast and user friendly viewer for Postfix logs DOWNLOAD
oilgame(sfnet) OilGame A project that will eventually simulate the dri... DOWNLOAD
orionstrade(sfnet) OrionsTrade This application, reading from yahoo, write the... DOWNLOAD
imagerecognizer(sfnet) ImageRecognizer ipad DOWNLOAD
butterflylogger(sfnet) AVR Butterfly Data Logger AVR Butterfly Logger uses the Atmel AVR Butterf... DOWNLOAD
hxbbun(sfnet) My Site DOWNLOAD
mudcartographer(sfnet) Lulu's MUD Cartographer A text map creator for MUDs. Allows quick mappi... DOWNLOAD
arbol3d(sfnet) Arbol 3D Arbol3D is a very simple genealogic program wri... DOWNLOAD
drun(sfnet) drun A gtk run dialog box with tab completion and a ... DOWNLOAD
rakeshsinha(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
teachingplanner(sfnet) Teaching Planner This project objective is realizing the design,... DOWNLOAD
minilogger(sfnet) miniLogger Graphical reverse logfile follower written in J... DOWNLOAD
lsdsjy(sfnet) myblog DOWNLOAD
cmpn(sfnet) cmp player free cmp player DOWNLOAD
luigi-usai-soft(sfnet) Luigi Usai Softwares This software is not for geniouses. These are ... DOWNLOAD
parrosoft(sfnet) Parrosoft arroExplore is an internet browser, designed no... DOWNLOAD
lpr001(sfnet) LPR001 Lógica de Programação Relex - Versão 0.01 DOWNLOAD
wishessender(sfnet) Wishes Sender Full description in Polish is located at : http... DOWNLOAD
easymat(sfnet) EasyMat EasyMat is a lightweight matrix library develop... DOWNLOAD
chateaugaillard(sfnet) CHATEAU GAILLARD This is an adventure which I found in an old Ba... DOWNLOAD
psoc-cfa-633(sfnet) PSoC software for CFA-633 hardware Development of code to control the LCD display,... DOWNLOAD
dolmexicaengine(sfnet) Dolmexica Engine A moddable 2D fighter for the Sega Dreamcast vi... DOWNLOAD
movilweb(sfnet) Movilweb PHP Mobile Social Engine. Features: - Register... DOWNLOAD
mrbp-webfiles(sfnet) WebsiteFiles DOWNLOAD
issuetracker3(sfnet) IssueTracker3 Este es un sistema Web para el seguimiento de t...
whgameportal(sfnet) WHGAME test test test test test test test test test te... DOWNLOAD
kzoom(sfnet) kZoom Image Zooming Javascript library to zoom images. Support Inte... DOWNLOAD
ddmc(sfnet) Double DIN car Multifunction Computer The aim of the project is to develop opensource... DOWNLOAD
folderlock(sfnet) Folder Lock DOWNLOAD
navrit(sfnet) Navrit's Astronomy Program (N.A.P) Navrit's Astronomy Program (N.A.P) DOWNLOAD
lagoonframework(sfnet) Lagoon Framework Lagoon is an Object Oriented PHP Framework that... DOWNLOAD
ps2vic(sfnet) PS2VIC A Commodore VIC-20 emulator for Playstation 2 p... DOWNLOAD
ansifilter(freshmeat) Ansifilter Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI t... DOWNLOAD
drismo(sfnet) DriSMo DriSMo (Driving Skill Monitor) is a free applic... DOWNLOAD
riverpython(sfnet) ClarenceRiverPython Pylon wiki using wysiwyg elrte editor and auto-... DOWNLOAD
openbmd(sfnet) openBMD openBMD is a multi-platform desktop application... DOWNLOAD
dissect-trans(sfnet) dissect-trans DOWNLOAD
ndexr(sfnet) ndexr Tool to use from Python interactive interpreter... DOWNLOAD
jato(freshmeat) Jato Jato is an implementation of the Java virtual m... DOWNLOAD
imgsudokusolver(sfnet) Sudoku Solver Scripts for solving incomplete sudoku by extrac... DOWNLOAD
android41cv(sfnet) Android 41CV A HP41CV simulator for the Android platform. Th...
mesaasm(sfnet) MesaAsm Assembler to generate VHDL files for ROM and RA... DOWNLOAD
oli-chap-mode(sfnet) Gamemode_Test Det er vores første projekt, vi vil lave vores ...
prodaccount(sfnet) ProdAccount Product Invoice by using msaccess database. Vb ... DOWNLOAD
jmetalcpp(sfnet) jMetalCpp This project is aimed a developing a C++ versio... DOWNLOAD
wirouter-keyrec(freshmeat) WiRouter KeyRec WiRouter KeyRec is software to recover the defa... DOWNLOAD
trackip(freshmeat) Track IP Track IP is a tool that tracks a PC's LAN and e... DOWNLOAD
imebra(freshmeat) Imebra Imebra is a multi-platform C++ Dicom library. I... DOWNLOAD
mcmphpsimplecms(freshmeat) mcmphpsimplecms Mcmphpsimplecms is a simple content managment s... DOWNLOAD
mungempo-01(freshmeat) mungempo A lot of stereoscopic cameras use the .MPO form... DOWNLOAD
snape(freshmeat) Snape Snape is a PHP tool consisting of two classes, ... DOWNLOAD
genit(freshmeat) Genit Genit is a framework that builds a static Web s... DOWNLOAD
jquerysyntax(freshmeat) jQuery.Syntax jQuery.Syntax is an extremely fast and lightwei... DOWNLOAD
clipboardqueue(sfnet) Clipboard Queue 1. a 2. b 3. c Here's your list, but now you... DOWNLOAD
udmsearch(freshmeat) mnoGoSearch mnoGoSearch is a full-featured Web search engin... DOWNLOAD

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