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bitcoinsuite(sfnet) BitcoinSuite BitcoinSuite is a Java based graphical user int... DOWNLOAD
libpsc(sfnet) libpsc DOWNLOAD
mojos(sfnet) mojos The project provides a platform for converting ... DOWNLOAD
thenzkers(sfnet) thenzkers DOWNLOAD
udpflooderv1000(sfnet) Udp Flooder V1.0.0.0 this is a quick udp flooder that i made while b... DOWNLOAD
slimboxslimbox(sfnet) slimbox a web site with a slimbox.js DOWNLOAD
sdrproject(sfnet) Survival Dimensionality Reduction Survival Dimensionality Reduction extends the p... DOWNLOAD
ibmswtpm(sfnet) IBM's Software Trusted Platform Module IBM's Software Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in... DOWNLOAD
qgo(sfnet) qGo qGo is a full featured SGF editor and Go Client... DOWNLOAD
kurisuos30(sfnet) Kurisu OS 3.0 Kurisu OS 3.0 es un sistema operativo basado en... DOWNLOAD
autoconfigpro(sfnet) AutoConfig Pro This is a Windows GUI application written in Py... DOWNLOAD
expofrontier(sfnet) ExpoFrontier's Laboratory This is a translation laboratory by ExpoFrontie... DOWNLOAD
blackoswin(sfnet) Black OS Black OS ist ein einfach zu bedienender Webbrow... DOWNLOAD
sasgml(sfnet) sasgml SGML parser for Java, based on OpenSP. DOWNLOAD
ot-aat-syntax(sfnet) OT and AAT Coda Syntax Highlighting You can unzip the .mode files and put them into... DOWNLOAD
filehashing(sfnet) file hashing this program can use 6 different hashs. its not... DOWNLOAD
screenshot4trac(sfnet) Screenshot Paste plugin for Trac A Trac plugin to allow pasting screenshots or o... DOWNLOAD
mungempo(sfnet) mungempo This commandline Python tool will extract stere... DOWNLOAD
bloathilinux(sfnet) Bloathi Linux DOWNLOAD
drumstick(sfnet) drumstick Drumstick is a tool to play music. This library... DOWNLOAD
dss2011trenesvp(sfnet) DSS_2011_TRENES_VP Proyecto creado para la asignatudo de Diseño de... DOWNLOAD
acarmng(sfnet) ACARM-ng ACARM-ng is an alert correlation software which... DOWNLOAD
ogma(sfnet) OGMA - Open GameManager Easy-to-use Game- and Savegame-Manager written ... DOWNLOAD
heytv(sfnet) HEY! Live HEY! Live is the official app of HEY! which fea... DOWNLOAD
vbnet(sfnet) applications This project is for applications of all ... DOWNLOAD
dsdxlibrary(sfnet) DSDX Library A COM-based DirectShow to DirectX video and aud... DOWNLOAD
tinyupsd(sfnet) Tiny UPS Daemon TinyUPS Daemon is a simple UPS daemon for FreeB... DOWNLOAD
nagiosappender(sfnet) NagiosAppender This project encompasses a custom appender for ... DOWNLOAD
pgmail(sfnet) pgMail - PostgreSQL Email Stored Funct. pgMail is a small TCL based script that you can... DOWNLOAD
nice-itp-2003(sfnet) niCE niCE - nice insignificant compressing engine, .... DOWNLOAD
perlcalc(sfnet) PerlCalc PerlCalc is a command line calculator designed ... DOWNLOAD
jakijudge(sfnet) JakiJudge 为使用Linux的OIer和ACMer设计,提供简捷方便的开... DOWNLOAD
rcubefilters(sfnet) Roundcube client-side filters plugin Roundcube Plugin that adds a new tab to the set... DOWNLOAD
ivacalculator(sfnet) Iva calculator DOWNLOAD
phpopenfw1(sfnet) phpOpenFW phpOpenFW is an open-source MVC PHP web applica... DOWNLOAD
wslay(sfnet) Wslay WebSocket Library Wslay is a WebSocket library written in C. It i... DOWNLOAD
ebmflite(sfnet) EbmFlite EbmFlite is an eBookman port of "Flite&quo... DOWNLOAD
hexadecimal(sfnet) Hexadecimal Measurement hexadecimal is more harmonic and computer-compa... DOWNLOAD
invido(sfnet) Invido Invido is card game famous in Casalasco (CR) It... DOWNLOAD
tystersmaps(sfnet) tyster2512's Total Annihilation Maps This is where My TA Map making kicks off DOWNLOAD
openteacher(sfnet) OpenTeacher OpenTeacher is an opensource application that h... DOWNLOAD
gardenplot(sfnet) Nuclear Reactor A nuclear power station is about to blow up and... DOWNLOAD
stm32cpe0(sfnet) Stm32Cpe0 test DOWNLOAD
willhao(sfnet) willhao will DOWNLOAD
czui(sfnet) cZUI cZUI is a Zoomable User Interface framework, al... DOWNLOAD
cutier(sfnet) Cutier A set of 40+ cute cartoon animals in all sizes,... DOWNLOAD
fusionotserver(sfnet) fusionotserver DOWNLOAD
sopascreensaver(sfnet) SOPA Screensaver Hate SOPA? Download this and make sure EVERYONE... DOWNLOAD
myepsgadget(sfnet) MyEpisodes Gadget DOWNLOAD
pssmgr(sfnet) password manager this is a simple and easy way to store password... DOWNLOAD
proysgcwebmod2(sfnet) SGC Web - Débitos Automáticos DOWNLOAD
j-software-calc(sfnet) Justins Software Calculator DOWNLOAD
elkaesindonesia(sfnet) ELKAES Elkaes adalah suatu sarana berbasis web yang di... DOWNLOAD
optimizerxp(sfnet) OptimizerXP Optimizer can modify the XP key registry to inc... DOWNLOAD
mobileutils(sfnet) Small utilities for mobiles Some utils for android mobile phones DOWNLOAD
codensieben(sfnet) codenSieben codenSieben is a solo game where you have to gu... DOWNLOAD
qpcol(sfnet) Qt Porn Collection Manager Video collection manager with tagging support a... DOWNLOAD
treasureman(sfnet) Treasureman DOWNLOAD
audioloader(freshmeat) audioloader audioloader is a minimalist music library brows... DOWNLOAD
getterdone(sfnet) GetterDone A super duper easy to use MVC framework written... DOWNLOAD
asriprimaire(sfnet) asri_ecole_primaire This is a distribution based on ASRI education ... DOWNLOAD
dirfinder(sfnet) Directory Finder This tool can usage to finding directory in web... DOWNLOAD
bsdware(sfnet) bsdware command line tools to access DOWNLOAD
freediams(freshmeat) FreeDiams FreeDiams is a program for making prescriptions... DOWNLOAD
jokosher(sfnet) Jokosher Jokosher is a simple and powerful multi-track s... DOWNLOAD
ackeey2012(sfnet) ackeey DOWNLOAD
armaloadouts(sfnet) Arma 2 LoadOuts Mod to allow one to equip standard loadouts qui... DOWNLOAD
lnkcd(sfnet) lnk-cd stopgap utility to enable cd'ing in DOS through... DOWNLOAD
tpaproclx(sfnet) TurboPower Async Professional CLX Async Professional CLX is a comprehensive commu... DOWNLOAD
miuiu8800(sfnet) MIUI-u8800 DOWNLOAD
r-ext(sfnet) R-Extension for NetLogo This extension connects the simulation platform... DOWNLOAD
kronecker(sfnet) Kronecker The package contains functions that calculate t...
hsqldb(sfnet) HyperSQL Database Engine (HSQLDB) HSQLDB is a relational database engine written ... DOWNLOAD
tcgraphics(sfnet) ege ege(easy graphics engine) DOWNLOAD
namecoinj(sfnet) NamecoinJ NamecoinJ is a Java based graphical user interf... DOWNLOAD
jsonmessaging(sfnet) Json Messaging json pub/sub messaging server which supports tc... DOWNLOAD
yunomi(sfnet) Yunomi Extensible two-panel file manager written in Mi... DOWNLOAD
p2maplauncher(sfnet) Portal 2 Map Launcher MOVED TO HTTP://FORGOTTENCODERS.CO.UK/P2MAP DOWNLOAD
recursive-ldd(sfnet) Recursive LDD Recursive LDD (recursive-ldd) is a Perl script ... DOWNLOAD
javum(sfnet) Javum- The Java Virtual Unix Machine Javum, the Java Virtual Unix Machine, is an amb... DOWNLOAD
dataflush(sfnet) DataFlush DataFlush is a tool that allows you to move you... DOWNLOAD
mangaligator(sfnet) Mangaligator Mangaligator is an OpenSource Manga Downloader.... DOWNLOAD
codeignitercms(sfnet) codeigniter-cms DOWNLOAD
daytime(freshmeat) daytime daytime is a program that can get the current t... DOWNLOAD
pepreranking(sfnet) pepreranking Searching tandem mass spectra against a protein... DOWNLOAD
sportscores(sfnet) SportScores Live Scoring app for android. Idea of app is to... DOWNLOAD
stati(sfnet) Stati for Shoutcast sFs is a webbased program that allows you to se... DOWNLOAD
sugartin(sfnet) sugartin DOWNLOAD
mobilewebviewer(sfnet) Mobile Web Viewer A windows based application making use of skybo... DOWNLOAD
minecraftsami(sfnet) Minecraftsami DOWNLOAD
cambridge-pro(sfnet) Cambridge Pro Free Zen Cart Template Designed for Zen Cart versions 1.3.X & 1.5 ... DOWNLOAD
trayconn(sfnet) Trayconn DOWNLOAD
screenshotscrip(sfnet) Screenshot Script Package DOWNLOAD
ecmsgbox(sfnet) phpMyMsgBox Shoutbox clone with some awesome features Proje... DOWNLOAD
lineargs(sfnet) LineArgs LineArgs is the library contain a simple implem... DOWNLOAD
xspyder(sfnet) XSpyDer - XSD introspection in python XSpyDer is XSD introspection in python. It is m... DOWNLOAD
gbuildsys(sfnet) GBuildSys GBuildSys is a generic build system for GNU env... DOWNLOAD
unichars(sfnet) unichars UniChars is a Windows Keyboard Extender written... DOWNLOAD
qloa(sfnet) qloa qloa ,developed for takeing part in the match o... DOWNLOAD
mmrdecoder(sfnet) MMR Decoder "MMR Decoder" is a C++ decoder for th... DOWNLOAD

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