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optimizerxp(sfnet) OptimizerXP Optimizer can modify the XP key registry to inc... DOWNLOAD
mobileutils(sfnet) Small utilities for mobiles Some utils for android mobile phones DOWNLOAD
codensieben(sfnet) codenSieben codenSieben is a solo game where you have to gu... DOWNLOAD
qpcol(sfnet) Qt Porn Collection Manager Video collection manager with tagging support a... DOWNLOAD
treasureman(sfnet) Treasureman DOWNLOAD
audioloader(freshmeat) audioloader audioloader is a minimalist music library brows... DOWNLOAD
getterdone(sfnet) GetterDone A super duper easy to use MVC framework written... DOWNLOAD
asriprimaire(sfnet) asri_ecole_primaire This is a distribution based on ASRI education ... DOWNLOAD
dirfinder(sfnet) Directory Finder This tool can usage to finding directory in web... DOWNLOAD
bsdware(sfnet) bsdware command line tools to access DOWNLOAD
freediams(freshmeat) FreeDiams FreeDiams is a program for making prescriptions... DOWNLOAD
jokosher(sfnet) Jokosher Jokosher is a simple and powerful multi-track s... DOWNLOAD
ackeey2012(sfnet) ackeey DOWNLOAD
armaloadouts(sfnet) Arma 2 LoadOuts Mod to allow one to equip standard loadouts qui... DOWNLOAD
lnkcd(sfnet) lnk-cd stopgap utility to enable cd'ing in DOS through... DOWNLOAD
tpaproclx(sfnet) TurboPower Async Professional CLX Async Professional CLX is a comprehensive commu... DOWNLOAD
miuiu8800(sfnet) MIUI-u8800 DOWNLOAD
r-ext(sfnet) R-Extension for NetLogo This extension connects the simulation platform... DOWNLOAD
kronecker(sfnet) Kronecker The package contains functions that calculate t...
hsqldb(sfnet) HyperSQL Database Engine (HSQLDB) HSQLDB is a relational database engine written ... DOWNLOAD
tcgraphics(sfnet) ege ege(easy graphics engine) DOWNLOAD
namecoinj(sfnet) NamecoinJ NamecoinJ is a Java based graphical user interf... DOWNLOAD
jsonmessaging(sfnet) Json Messaging json pub/sub messaging server which supports tc... DOWNLOAD
yunomi(sfnet) Yunomi Extensible two-panel file manager written in Mi... DOWNLOAD
p2maplauncher(sfnet) Portal 2 Map Launcher MOVED TO HTTP://FORGOTTENCODERS.CO.UK/P2MAP DOWNLOAD
recursive-ldd(sfnet) Recursive LDD Recursive LDD (recursive-ldd) is a Perl script ... DOWNLOAD
javum(sfnet) Javum- The Java Virtual Unix Machine Javum, the Java Virtual Unix Machine, is an amb... DOWNLOAD
dataflush(sfnet) DataFlush DataFlush is a tool that allows you to move you... DOWNLOAD
mangaligator(sfnet) Mangaligator Mangaligator is an OpenSource Manga Downloader.... DOWNLOAD
codeignitercms(sfnet) codeigniter-cms DOWNLOAD
daytime(freshmeat) daytime daytime is a program that can get the current t... DOWNLOAD
pepreranking(sfnet) pepreranking Searching tandem mass spectra against a protein... DOWNLOAD
sportscores(sfnet) SportScores Live Scoring app for android. Idea of app is to... DOWNLOAD
stati(sfnet) Stati for Shoutcast sFs is a webbased program that allows you to se... DOWNLOAD
sugartin(sfnet) sugartin DOWNLOAD
mobilewebviewer(sfnet) Mobile Web Viewer A windows based application making use of skybo... DOWNLOAD
minecraftsami(sfnet) Minecraftsami DOWNLOAD
cambridge-pro(sfnet) Cambridge Pro Free Zen Cart Template Designed for Zen Cart versions 1.3.X & 1.5 ... DOWNLOAD
trayconn(sfnet) Trayconn DOWNLOAD
screenshotscrip(sfnet) Screenshot Script Package DOWNLOAD
ecmsgbox(sfnet) phpMyMsgBox Shoutbox clone with some awesome features Proje... DOWNLOAD
lineargs(sfnet) LineArgs LineArgs is the library contain a simple implem... DOWNLOAD
xspyder(sfnet) XSpyDer - XSD introspection in python XSpyDer is XSD introspection in python. It is m... DOWNLOAD
gbuildsys(sfnet) GBuildSys GBuildSys is a generic build system for GNU env... DOWNLOAD
unichars(sfnet) unichars UniChars is a Windows Keyboard Extender written... DOWNLOAD
qloa(sfnet) qloa qloa ,developed for takeing part in the match o... DOWNLOAD
mmrdecoder(sfnet) MMR Decoder "MMR Decoder" is a C++ decoder for th... DOWNLOAD
pwaio(sfnet) PWAIO DOWNLOAD
vb6chess(sfnet) Visual Basic Chess Simple Human vs Human Chess game implemented in... DOWNLOAD
online-es(sfnet) Online Examination System This is simple application, Front end as JAVA a... DOWNLOAD
freefalc(sfnet) Freefall Calculator This software allows you to do calculations abo... DOWNLOAD
taskminder(sfnet) TaskMinder TaskMinder helps you organize your tasks. DOWNLOAD
mekawars(sfnet) MekaWars MekaWars is a game of the programming-game genr... DOWNLOAD
bop-paypal(sfnet) Business::OnlinePayment::PayPal Perl module/plugin for Business::OnlinePayment ... DOWNLOAD
wordsort(sfnet) WordSort WordSort is an algoritm written in c# specifica... DOWNLOAD
fobuc(sfnet) Fobuc Guestbook Fobuc is a comments and entries CMS. It's very ... DOWNLOAD
scripting(sfnet) a&a - tcl script for eggdrop/windrop a&a - tcl script for eggdrop/windrop @ http... DOWNLOAD
nontransparent(sfnet) Non-transparent Map Mod DOWNLOAD
pme(sfnet) PHP Maintenance Editor This simple editor was written for own purposes... DOWNLOAD
a7258998(sfnet) 12345 DOWNLOAD
talkrobot(sfnet) TalkBack Command Prompt DOWNLOAD
basketstatsbta1(sfnet) BasketStats bêta 1.0 BasketStats est un logiciel de prise de statist... DOWNLOAD
entanglementofp(sfnet) Entanglement of Photons Jay Olson and Timothy Ralph recently put forwar... DOWNLOAD
mefrubywin(sfnet) RUBY - Make EXECUTABLE FILE - Win Easy program made in ruby to simplise the runni... DOWNLOAD
javasrc2pdf(sfnet) Java Source Code to PDF This app converts your java source code to PDF.... DOWNLOAD
jabref(freshmeat) JabRef JabRef is a graphical Java application for mana... DOWNLOAD
finance-qif(sfnet) Finance::QIF Perl module for reading/writing QIF Files. DOWNLOAD
finance-iif(sfnet) Finance::IIF Perl module for reading/writing QuickBooks IIF ... DOWNLOAD
poweraqua(sfnet) poweraqua PowerAqua is a multi-ontology-based Question An... DOWNLOAD
autotrata(sfnet) autotrata DOWNLOAD
wesearch(sfnet) WeSearch DOWNLOAD
mfctictactoe(sfnet) Tic-Tac-Toe It is a simple game (mfc application) created u... DOWNLOAD
ermod(sfnet) ERmod ERmod (Energy Representation Module) is a progr... DOWNLOAD
rbshellscripts(sfnet) shell-scripts simple shell scripts i have created. DOWNLOAD
andromedalinux(sfnet) Andromeda Debian GNU/Linux Questo sistema operativo è sviluppato utilizzan... DOWNLOAD
subterraneanwar(sfnet) subterranean wars Proyecto final para la asignatura de inteligenc... DOWNLOAD
dicerollerwar(sfnet) Dice Roller (for War) A simple dice roller for the War Game, in case ... DOWNLOAD
easyneuroimage(sfnet) Easyneuroimaging DOWNLOAD
jsminx(sfnet) jsminx If your javascript is too large, JSMinX can min... DOWNLOAD
citrus-testframework(freshmeat) Citrus Testframework Citrus is a test framework written in Java that... DOWNLOAD
oexc(sfnet) wolihi free download BT torrent AV 3D red&blue film DOWNLOAD
qpass(freshmeat) QPass QPass is a password manager application. It ena... DOWNLOAD
jsdk2(sfnet) jsdk2 JSDK is a JavaScript framework, have a small co... DOWNLOAD
dapar(sfnet) Dapar Dapar is a universal parsing library written in... DOWNLOAD
soclwap(sfnet) Soclwap A WAP (mobile) social network. DOWNLOAD
oscbounceballs(sfnet) OSC Bouncing Balls Check out this video to see how it looks: http:... DOWNLOAD
situx(sfnet) Situx Situx è un CMS (Content Management System) che ... DOWNLOAD
contaxplore(sfnet) ContaXPlore ContaXPlore is a useful portable platform for e... DOWNLOAD
myaddressbook(freshmeat) My Address Book contacts manager MyAddressBook is a simple, Web-based, LDAP-back... DOWNLOAD
osglobelan(freshmeat) lancms Has seatmaps, composignup, polls, support for m... DOWNLOAD
fmp(sfnet) Feature Modeling Plug-in Feature Modeling Plug-in is a tool for modeling... DOWNLOAD
nycdw(sfnet) new years countdown widget DOWNLOAD
census2(sfnet) Census2 Census is a comprehensive cross-platform projec... DOWNLOAD
muconf(sfnet) muconf muconf is a simple command line program that re... DOWNLOAD
hassepong(sfnet) HassePONG Another 3D pong game for linux. It uses glut, S... DOWNLOAD
bsmptestv002(sfnet) BS_MP_TEST_v0.02 Beautiful Sunday multiplayer test 2. DOWNLOAD
lifebrowser-it(sfnet) Life Browser DOWNLOAD
tedi(sfnet) TEDI Criado por Jonathan Scheibel DOWNLOAD
lchfdl(sfnet) lchfdl DOWNLOAD
jumpat(sfnet) jump@ 一种极度精简,只有11个关键字,符合图灵完全的编... DOWNLOAD

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