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xizero(sfnet) xizero xizero is a 3d enhanced vertical scroller/shoot... DOWNLOAD
zigma-launcher(sfnet) Launcher DOWNLOAD
taringaapp(sfnet) Taringa App | unofficial Dada a la posibilidad de que un navegador "... DOWNLOAD
agendaeletronic(sfnet) Agenda Eletronica DOWNLOAD
pyquiz-eredita(sfnet) PyQuiz "L'eredità" Quiz simile a "L'eredità" in python, ... DOWNLOAD
updatestatus(sfnet) Update Status jQuery Ajax You can see the live demo at: http://www.codia... DOWNLOAD
blazr(sfnet) BlazR DOWNLOAD
getkeys(sfnet) GetKeys full description DOWNLOAD
scgd(sfnet) SCGD O projeto tem por objetivo propor um sistema li... DOWNLOAD
canola(freshmeat) Canola The Canola project is an emulator for the Canon... DOWNLOAD
websecuritydojo(sfnet) Web Security Dojo A preconfigured, stand-alone training environme... DOWNLOAD
mvcapiexplorer(freshmeat) MVC.ApiExplorer MVC.ApiExplorer is a portable, independent comp... DOWNLOAD
freedom-erp(freshmeat) Freedom ERP Freedom ERP is a business management system tha... DOWNLOAD
yakuake(freshmeat) Yakuake Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based ... DOWNLOAD
openggsn(freshmeat) OpenGGSN OpenGGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) is an elem... DOWNLOAD
osmosgsn(freshmeat) OsmoSGSN OsmoSGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node) is the cen... DOWNLOAD
simtrace(freshmeat) SIMtrace SIMtrace sniffs communication between a mobile ... DOWNLOAD
countly(sfnet) Countly Countly is an innovative, real-time, open sourc... DOWNLOAD
classicmenu-indicator(freshmeat) ClassicMenu Indicator ClassicMenu Indicator is a notification area ap... DOWNLOAD
sfpft20120105a(sfnet) sfpft20120105 sfpft20120105 DOWNLOAD
magestore(sfnet) magento DOWNLOAD
gratiskontakte(sfnet) Gratis Kontakte Create a tool to combine several flirt database... DOWNLOAD
varsiv(sfnet) Varsiv Video archives, movies, software that helps you... DOWNLOAD
stayawakeflash(sfnet) StayAwakeFlash Have you ever watched a clip on YouTube, or you... DOWNLOAD
coflo(freshmeat) CoFlo CoFlo is a source code analysis tool that gener... DOWNLOAD
sshaskpasskeyring(freshmeat) SSH Askpass Keyring SSH Askpass Keyring is an alternative ssh-askpa... DOWNLOAD
gleinteractivegraphicslanguage(freshmeat) GLE (Graphics Layout Engine) GLE (Graphics Layout Engine) is a graphics scri... DOWNLOAD
net-style-kannel-appliance(freshmeat) Net Style Kannel Appliance Net Style Kannel Appliance is a lightweight Lin... DOWNLOAD
joomlaenglish-language-usage-f(freshmeat) Joomla! English Language & Usage Flair Module Joomla! English Language & Usage Flair Modu... DOWNLOAD
mdstk(sfnet) Medical Data Segmentation Toolkit MDSTk is a collection of 2D/3D image processing... DOWNLOAD
opengtoolkit(sfnet) OpenG Toolkit A distribution of open source LabVIEW VIs and a... DOWNLOAD
tinydms(sfnet) TinyDMS TinyDMS is a small yet powerful web based Docum... DOWNLOAD
ldhat(sfnet) LDhat LDhat is a package written in the C language fo... DOWNLOAD
simplelibrary(sfnet) Simple Library This is my first project, It's intended to be a... DOWNLOAD
jat25d(sfnet) Батюшка читаем вики, там всё описано https://sourceforg... DOWNLOAD
gammagrapher(sfnet) GammaGrapher This is a project started in the Geiger Counter... DOWNLOAD
sipf-framework(sfnet) SIPF - Simple Intelligent PHP Framework SIPF: Simple Intelligent PHP Framework Simeon ... DOWNLOAD
zebra-tooltips(sfnet) Zebra_Tooltips Zebra_Tooltips is a lightweight (around 5KB min... DOWNLOAD
pycalendar(sfnet) Python Calendar Modules A set of Python modules and classes with calend... DOWNLOAD
ut2k3botbench(sfnet) UMark (UT2004 Benchmark) UMark is a graphical interface that allows game... DOWNLOAD
islandsurvival(sfnet) Island Survival
xlsmssender(sfnet) XL SMS Sender send SMS via yOur cell phOne Or GSM mOdem by PC DOWNLOAD
yetihack(sfnet) YetiHack Tremble in fear, as yetis close in, getting clo... DOWNLOAD
ktardis(sfnet) TARDIS Here's a 'set it and forget it' backup system w... DOWNLOAD
svnlocalchngbkp(sfnet) SVNLocalChangesBackup Simple tool to take backup of files that are ch... DOWNLOAD
aombo(sfnet) myphp DOWNLOAD
subtitlemaker(sfnet) Subtitle Maker Hi, it's still in beta version so I ask you peo... DOWNLOAD
stevezwow(sfnet) wow DOWNLOAD
huweb4all(sfnet) HuWeb-Generator HuWEB erstellt aus einfachen Text- und CSV-Date... DOWNLOAD
kinnonstp(sfnet) Kinnon's Texture Pack DOWNLOAD
jcctalk(sfnet) jcctalk This project implements the cctalk protocol whi... DOWNLOAD
dtask(sfnet) DTask The DTask language is a standard declarative ta... DOWNLOAD
weiyu(sfnet) weiyu s DOWNLOAD
lualubit(sfnet) lualubit Project LUALUBIT implements bitwise operators i... DOWNLOAD
gtfsnatools(sfnet) gtfs_natools ArcGIS’s Network Analyst extension is of limite... DOWNLOAD
sea29(sfnet) AI tools ... DOWNLOAD
zebra-form(sfnet) Zebra_Form A PHP class that simplifies the process of crea... DOWNLOAD
efweiyu(sfnet) efweiyu sssss DOWNLOAD
mapmodels(sfnet) Map models DOWNLOAD
statnagymarta(sfnet) nagymarta DOWNLOAD
missingname(sfnet) Missing-name Acesta este un sit creat pentru tine si prieten... DOWNLOAD
mpsqed(sfnet) mPSQed Molecular-based diagnostic assays are the gold ... DOWNLOAD
blacktube(sfnet) BlackTube Free Youtube Downloader Free utility for downloading and converting You... DOWNLOAD
python-logscan(sfnet) python-logscan Get time-specific access to log-files, while ro... DOWNLOAD
skrybotdomowy(sfnet) Speech Recognition SkryBot in Polish Software for speech recognition in Polish langu... DOWNLOAD
travianx-sj(sfnet) Travian Clone (SJ-Version) Travian Clone, based on TravianX v4.8.5 in Engl... DOWNLOAD
lightningbeam(sfnet) Lightningbeam Lightningbeam is a free, open-source alternativ... DOWNLOAD
passwrdgeneratr(sfnet) PasswordGeneratr PasswordGeneratr creates a random password usin... DOWNLOAD
qq297891494q(sfnet) qq297891494 qq297891494 qq297891494 qq297891494 DOWNLOAD
dreamgcs(sfnet) The DREAM Project DREAM is an Open Source GCS with its own built-... DOWNLOAD
khsonline(sfnet) KHS Online - (Sistem Value Academy) [Indonesian Laguage] : Sinilugos, KHS Online ... DOWNLOAD
syslog-php(sfnet) syslog.PHP This tool can create signature values based on ... DOWNLOAD
etrainer(sfnet) EPersonal Trainer Use this program as a template to create your o... DOWNLOAD
smokereducer(sfnet) Smoke Reducer First of all Smoke reducer (and stopper) record... DOWNLOAD
kpdf(sfnet) pdf_reader_for_kindle a pdf reader for kindle e-ink reader,hoping to ... DOWNLOAD
tracar(sfnet) TraCaR A simple Trade Capture and Reporting applicatio... DOWNLOAD
sevmgr(sfnet) SEvMgr C++ library for simulation-oriented discrete ev... DOWNLOAD
ssch(sfnet) Security Status Checker The SSCH is a security checker with transition ... DOWNLOAD
triwebee(sfnet) 1St opensources Navigator for Web.3.0 by Peer2P... DOWNLOAD
videotk(sfnet) VideoTk VideoTk está apuntado a simplificar el mantenim... DOWNLOAD
softled(sfnet) SoftLed The system uses internal databases to store led... DOWNLOAD
hdexplorer(sfnet) HDExplorer A files manager for the android phone since and... DOWNLOAD
grons-support(sfnet) support DOWNLOAD
rfsd(sfnet) ReiserDriver ReiserDriver is an Installable File System Driv... DOWNLOAD
jeopardy(sfnet) Jeopardy DOWNLOAD
phgunz-client(sfnet) PhGunz DOWNLOAD
grandtestauto(sfnet) grandtestauto GrandTestAuto (GTA) is a simple tool for the co... DOWNLOAD
pmosc(sfnet) Pacemaker Open Source Components Source code for the GPL licensed parts of the P... DOWNLOAD
edocias(sfnet) edocias EDocIAS (Electronic Document Index And Search) ... DOWNLOAD
tplockbox(sfnet) TurboPower LockBox LockBox 3 is a Delphi library for cryptography.... DOWNLOAD
msfluxy(sfnet) FluxY FluxY is a command line based high-throughput p... DOWNLOAD
detthresh(sfnet) 16S Detection Thresholds Perl scripts associated with the manuscript &qu... DOWNLOAD
vipersensation(sfnet) ViperSensation DOWNLOAD
libartnet-win32(sfnet) libartnet-win32 artnet dmx library libartnet is a library for transferring Artnet ... DOWNLOAD
dtbookasciimath(sfnet) DTBook ASCIIMath converter This project is to create software for converti... DOWNLOAD
grg-ec(sfnet) grg-ec grg-ec is the specialized computer algebra syst... DOWNLOAD
totalsearch(sfnet) Total Search Search and browse Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and o... DOWNLOAD
dtimer(sfnet) Delay Timer Windows console based application that will wor... DOWNLOAD
sourcefogertest(sfnet) sourcefogertest DOWNLOAD
glossyserpent(sfnet) Glossy Serpent This is a theme (hoping to grow into a set of t... DOWNLOAD

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