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blizqss(sfnet) Bliz's Quadratic Sequence Solver This application will be mostly used by grade 1... DOWNLOAD
mftdb(sfnet) MEDITECH Formatted Text Document Builder A utility to generate MEDITECH Formatted Text t...
soxnas(sfnet) sox-nas patch for nas in sox using existing libao-nas f... DOWNLOAD
kalimucho(sfnet) Kalimucho Projet Plateforme Logicielle Kalimucho - Héber... DOWNLOAD
maintenance-module-for-boonex-(freshmeat) Maintenance BoonEx Dolphin Module Maintenance BoonEx Dolphin Module is an easy to... DOWNLOAD
tamelone(sfnet) Tamelone DOWNLOAD
epfife(sfnet) EPFIFE DOWNLOAD
lscp(sfnet) lscp (Linux System Check Project) LSCP is "linux system check project".... DOWNLOAD
libchop(freshmeat) libchop Libchop is a set of utilities and library for d... DOWNLOAD
hibernatepojoge(sfnet) Hibernate Pojo Generator Hibernate Pojo Generator generates all the Java... DOWNLOAD
evofetch(sfnet) evofetch EvoFETCH is a tool to extract information about... DOWNLOAD
clijack(sfnet) CLIJACK CLIJACK is a command-line alternative to such p... DOWNLOAD
sonluotomata(sfnet) Otomata Program girilen Sonlu Otomata(FA)'nın durum say... DOWNLOAD
avidotnet(sfnet) Avi.NET DOWNLOAD
thelegendofbob(sfnet) The Legend Of Draganof Valley I decided to make a console app of size so i fu... DOWNLOAD
frenchprogramtv(sfnet) French program tv French Program Tv DOWNLOAD
randombiblevers(sfnet) Random Bible Verse This is a C# application that displays a random... DOWNLOAD
owncloud(freshmeat) ownCloud ownCloud gives you universal access to your fil... DOWNLOAD
gpuftv(sfnet) GPUFTV DOWNLOAD
brmbt(sfnet) Brm Bluetooth Remote Control your Windows PC from a Java ME enabled ... DOWNLOAD
textshadowdemo(sfnet) TextShadowDemo DOWNLOAD
ms-sys-free(sfnet) ms-sys-free This is a fork of the ms-sys project by Henrik ... DOWNLOAD
dvd-slideshow(sfnet) DVD Slideshow dvd-slideshow makes a slideshow video that can ... DOWNLOAD
osgraphx(sfnet) osGraphX osGraphX is a 3D file viewer. Based on openscen... DOWNLOAD
kizil(sfnet) Kizil Program yasaldır.Programın amacı dosya paylaşım... DOWNLOAD
chatterbox45675(sfnet) Chatterbox NoiseTracker Chatterbox NoiseTracker is a free and open-sour... DOWNLOAD
tintware(sfnet) Tint Emacs A cross platform emacs like editor and assorted... DOWNLOAD
scubadivelog(sfnet) SCUBA Dive Log Get rid of all those dive log books on your boo... DOWNLOAD
plwnrdf(sfnet) plwnrdf DOWNLOAD
atv2(sfnet) ATV2 DOWNLOAD
duniform(sfnet) 3d uniform 3D uniform description. Solver. DOWNLOAD
dorian(sfnet) Dorian OS DOWNLOAD
squeezemu(sfnet) squeezemu client development DOWNLOAD
yuraca(sfnet) Funks 2012 DOWNLOAD
tusvnaddin(sfnet) TUsvnAddIn TUsvnAddIn (svn) is a free open source Tortoise... DOWNLOAD
dellwt(sfnet) Dell Warranty Toolkit This handy tool determine Dell warranty informa... DOWNLOAD
mmichecker(sfnet) Michel Max - Internet Checker Verify and send a sound notification if the int... DOWNLOAD
firebird270ddex(sfnet) Firebird 2.7 DDEX installer This is a DDEX installer tools for Visual Studi... DOWNLOAD
gnhast(freshmeat) gnhast gnhast is a collection of daemons that work tog... DOWNLOAD
adcomputercopy(sfnet) Copy Computer AD Group This program is written in Java and copies the ... DOWNLOAD
cpa588(sfnet) 588cpa hgjgh DOWNLOAD
libfgen(sfnet) libfgen libfgen is a library that implements an efficie... DOWNLOAD
kindir4u(sfnet) filehost ko co gi DOWNLOAD
testforschool(sfnet) Test null DOWNLOAD
biziapps(sfnet) Bizi Apps An app manager. It can run under many OSes and ... DOWNLOAD
mcforfree(sfnet) Minecraft For Free Play Minecraft for free using the installer to ... DOWNLOAD
theatreringtone(sfnet) TheatreRingtone Utilizing this program, you are enabled to play... DOWNLOAD
cilogon(sfnet) CILogon The CILogon project facilitates secure access t... DOWNLOAD
filesnumbererne(sfnet) Files Numberer .net this app is a mini replacement for the windows ... DOWNLOAD
m64py(sfnet) m64py M64Py is a Qt4 front-end (GUI) for Mupen64Plus ... DOWNLOAD
midisheetmusic(sfnet) Midi Sheet Music Midi Sheet Music is a free program that plays M... DOWNLOAD
jsimmodel(sfnet) jSimModel Java application for virtual tool shop simulati... DOWNLOAD
marley(freshmeat) Marley Marley is a framework for quickly building REST... DOWNLOAD
absscdkeygen(sfnet) Abluescarab Designs CD-Key Generator The Abluescarab Designs CD-Key Generator will h... DOWNLOAD
odb-art(sfnet) Algorithm's ressources and time A simple program evaluating algorithms from sou... DOWNLOAD
diplomovaprace(sfnet) Diplomová práce DOWNLOAD
qingy(sfnet) Qingy Is Not GettY qingy is a replacement of getty. Written in C, ... DOWNLOAD
kk70517202(sfnet) yule DOWNLOAD
gti9100icshawk(sfnet) GT I9100 ICS HAWKISH HD DOWNLOAD
suergeddi(sfnet) SuergedDirectoryInfo SuergedDirectoryInfo, scans the directory or di... DOWNLOAD
walkthroughit(sfnet) WalkthroughIT This program was created primarily to be used i... DOWNLOAD
tg55editor(sfnet) tg55editor Linux Voice editor for the Yamaha TG55 tone gen... DOWNLOAD
generic-pager(freshmeat) Generic Pager Generic Pager is a class that can be used to br... DOWNLOAD
webmail-lite-php(freshmeat) AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP is a Webmail script... DOWNLOAD
devel-live-cd(freshmeat) Devel Live CD Devel Live CD includes a development toolchain ... DOWNLOAD
gothicmp(sfnet) gothicmp DOWNLOAD
mrmaq(sfnet) mrMAQ mrMAQ is a MapReduce implementation of MAQ shor... DOWNLOAD
optimushd(sfnet) Optimus HD IDEOS HD/HD ROM Porting for Optimus One AKA O1 DOWNLOAD
unixninja(sfnet) unixninja UnixNinja DOWNLOAD
area-51-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Area 51 Flair Module Joomla! Area 51 Flair Module is a simple Joomla... DOWNLOAD
spanish-nethack(sfnet) Spanish NetHack NetHack en Español es una traducción de NetHack... DOWNLOAD
llcon(sfnet) Jamulus - Internet Jam Session Software The Jamulus software enables musicians to perfo... DOWNLOAD
stockmaniac(sfnet) StockManiac StockManiac is a alternative Asset Inventory Sy... DOWNLOAD
ezodometer(sfnet) ezOdometer Just like an odometer in a car, this C++ class ... DOWNLOAD
justpaint(sfnet) JustPaint Graphic edtor for J2ME platform. DOWNLOAD
billingsystem(sfnet) Money A freeware can manage bills. Designed for SQL S... DOWNLOAD
islandclient(sfnet) FW Island Client No description DOWNLOAD
mlcrypt(sfnet) MLCrypt Simple, lightweight, cross-platform (Windows / ... DOWNLOAD
game-development-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Game Development Flair Module Joomla! Game Development Flair Module is a simp... DOWNLOAD
cra(sfnet) ConferenceRoom Administrator A modular mIRC script designed for IRCops and A... DOWNLOAD
somaogou(sfnet) 搜猫购-更多可爱玩意搜出来 搜猫购-更多可爱玩意搜出来,搜猫狗建立你的宠物档... DOWNLOAD
abssalarm(sfnet) Abluescarab Designs Alarm The Abluescarab Designs Alarm is a free, easy-t... DOWNLOAD
hooddroidics(sfnet) HoodDroid ICS ICS Base Samsung Base ROM for I9100 DOWNLOAD
testproject1337(sfnet) Test DOWNLOAD
noheart(sfnet) noheart DOWNLOAD
arosamosabk(sfnet) AMOS Sprite Bank Viewer (AROS/MorphOS) A simple viewer for Commodore Amiga AMOS BASIC ... DOWNLOAD
tianyi172(sfnet) tianyi172 DOWNLOAD
freetriz(sfnet) FreetriZ Play the famous block game for free in an open ... DOWNLOAD
mathematics-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Mathematics Flair Module Joomla! Mathematics Flair Module is a simple Jo... DOWNLOAD
angelspellmaker(sfnet) Angel Spell Maker Angel is an application created in C# to create... DOWNLOAD
jottereditor(sfnet) Jotter Editor I had an idea. Make the simplest, cleanest tex... DOWNLOAD
weicheng(sfnet) 围城 78 DOWNLOAD
shanshi(sfnet) Shanshi DOWNLOAD
pythongtaclone(sfnet) Python GTA Clone DOWNLOAD
sysloggersmall(sfnet) Syslogger Small Windows based portable syslog server. Used for ... DOWNLOAD
bcontactform(sfnet) Basic Contact Form Formulario de contacto básico GMAIL con captcha... DOWNLOAD
gestorex2(sfnet) Gestore x2 Sistema de Gestión Empresarial - ERP DOWNLOAD
tisa(sfnet) tisa - Tab Indent Space Align DOWNLOAD
meta-stack-overflow-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Meta Stack Overflow Flair Module Joomla! Meta Stack Overflow Flair Module is a s... DOWNLOAD

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