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chrishtin(sfnet) Christhin Christhin (Chromatography-Riser-Thin) is an Oct... DOWNLOAD
miengine(sfnet) Machine Instructions Engine Machine Instructions Engine is the engine that ... DOWNLOAD
serialtvt(sfnet) SerialTvT SerialTvT is a software witch allowds you to dr... DOWNLOAD
parkoplatzo(sfnet) Parkoplatzo Die Parkplätze bekannter deutscher Städte sind ... DOWNLOAD
xassociazione(sfnet) XAssociazione Semplice programma per la gestione di una assoc... DOWNLOAD
jrichtexteditor(freshmeat) JRichTextEditor JRichTextEditor is a rich text editor for the J... DOWNLOAD
mzx32(sfnet) MZX32 The former home of the Megazeux for Windows/MZX... DOWNLOAD
diffusion(sfnet) Diffusion DOWNLOAD
androidsai(sfnet) SAI_Android_TG DOWNLOAD
siteedit(sfnet) SiteEdit SiteEdit is a simple contentmanager that uses P... DOWNLOAD
mmsap(sfnet) mmSAP - ASAP and GTK+ based SAP player mmSAP is SAP (Slight atari player) player based... DOWNLOAD
inferrho(sfnet) InferRho InferRho is a program for estimating fine-scale... DOWNLOAD
columbiaids(sfnet) columbiaIDS DOWNLOAD
codewaysky-ds(sfnet) Data-Structure CodeWaySky's personal data-structures code! DOWNLOAD
jaypeeprojects(sfnet) JayPee Projects DOWNLOAD
simplisticplus(sfnet) Simplistic Plus A tweaked and hand-made custom rom for long tim... DOWNLOAD
cuo-khai(sfnet) CUO CUO is a GUI-based multiplatform software writt... DOWNLOAD
wa2012(sfnet) web@all CMS Free & open-source PHP5 + MYSQL/SQLite CMS. DOWNLOAD
quickcmd(sfnet) Quick CMD Quickly Access Commonly Used Command Prompt Fea... DOWNLOAD
tetrumble(sfnet) Tetrumble DOWNLOAD
commitglieder(sfnet) com_mitglieder This is a Joomla Component to administrate memb...
monthlycalendar(sfnet) Monthly Calendar An Android calendar app focusing on a good view...
dyconnect(sfnet) DyConnect DyConnect is a cross-platform networking librar... DOWNLOAD
griffon-airbag(sfnet) Griffon AirBag Plugin Griffon Airbag plugin provides a simple and use... DOWNLOAD
memorymaster(sfnet) MemoryMaster This is a game I made from the XNA Extreme 101 ... DOWNLOAD
zero-apps(sfnet) Zero Apps Applications for Zero Install DOWNLOAD
ponginjava(sfnet) Pong in Java DOWNLOAD
mediastreamerx(sfnet) Media Streamer X Media streamer X is a free media player that al... DOWNLOAD
steamprofilev(sfnet) Steam Profile Viewer I designed this in five simple minutes and neve... DOWNLOAD
chesi(sfnet) Chesi DOWNLOAD
danhdmusic(sfnet) DanHDMusic Downloads DOWNLOAD
amercurymedia(sfnet) Mercury Media Player This is a basic media player with one thing uni... DOWNLOAD
hengt(sfnet) hengt DOWNLOAD
torqtscripts(sfnet) Tor Clone(Sneek Peek) Cmd Scripted Feel free to download and modify it") DOWNLOAD
file-butler(sfnet) file-butler - Xchat ratio file server Xchat Perl Plugin to serve local files to the I... DOWNLOAD
voc2brain(sfnet) Voc2brain Voc2brain is a free and user-optimized flash-ca... DOWNLOAD
dob(sfnet) Dungeons of Belemar Evil threatens to overrun the world. The situat... DOWNLOAD
swikup(sfnet) Swikup Swikup establishes a connection (ssh or telnet)... DOWNLOAD
saiandroid(sfnet) SAI_Android_TG DOWNLOAD
bsmith(sfnet) Portfolio My ramblings and explorations in various progra... DOWNLOAD
jokedanger(sfnet) joke danger a joke that crashes someones computer but all y... DOWNLOAD
opencyc-backups(sfnet) opencyc-backups Backups for old OpenCyc distributions. Some pro... DOWNLOAD
mvwurfl(sfnet) Mv DOWNLOAD
xiongzz12(sfnet) xiongzz12 test DOWNLOAD
ilife008(sfnet) myblog first set up. DOWNLOAD
buslogicdemo(sfnet) BusLogicDemo BusLogicDemo is a simple JSP-based web app that... DOWNLOAD
assimilation-monitoring-projec(freshmeat) Assimilation Monitoring Project The Assimilation Monitoring Project is a highly... DOWNLOAD
blog4y(sfnet) blog4y Project goal is to allow you easy post and back... DOWNLOAD
tokyocabinethdb(sfnet) tokyocabinet-hdb DOWNLOAD
jginedemo(sfnet) JGine demo An demo of a multi platform Java OpenGL game en... DOWNLOAD
parallax2d(sfnet) Parallax2D - Componentes pré-prontos: Movimento, Animação,... DOWNLOAD
crpcut(freshmeat) crpcut crpcut is the Compartmented Robust Posix C++ Un... DOWNLOAD
vrspider(sfnet) vrspider this is about spider programming. DOWNLOAD
apache-asp(sfnet) Apache-ASP Apache::ASP provides an Acitve Server Pages por... DOWNLOAD
chesssatranc(sfnet) C'de satranç C programlama ile ilgilenenler için bir satranç... DOWNLOAD
topdeg(sfnet) TopDeg The program calculates the degree deg(f,B,0) wh... DOWNLOAD
uex86ver28(sfnet) UEX86VER28 k software development is a software company lo... DOWNLOAD
rg7miner(sfnet) RG7Miner A bitcoin miner to use with the Icarus FPGA dev... DOWNLOAD
text-similarity(sfnet) Text::Similarity This project will produce a set of machine meas... DOWNLOAD
tiezswi(sfnet) TIE_ZSWI_SSVEP Předmětem projektu, je vytvoření programu na ov... DOWNLOAD
zminecraft(sfnet) Mine Craft ~Z Flavor~ This Project Is Dedicated By Me, Zahidul Islam ... DOWNLOAD
gbsbarcode(sfnet) GBS barcode splitter The PERL script is used to split barcode of Ill... DOWNLOAD
cxxtools(sfnet) cxxtools Cxxtools is a library of unrelated, but useful ... DOWNLOAD
snuspi(sfnet) snuspi This is a small, easy interpreter for the Modul... DOWNLOAD
dynwallpaper(sfnet) Dynamic Wallpaper Dynamic wallpaper is based on weather-wallpaper... DOWNLOAD
utdnds2ip(sfnet) UT DNS2IP Small utility to launch Unreal Tournament games...
netbeansj2ee(sfnet) NetBeans J2EE Portable Portable NetBeans J2EE 7.1 DOWNLOAD
ardude(sfnet) Arduino AVR Dude Programmer A simple Arduino programmer. Use it to program ... DOWNLOAD
tsmedievalthai(sfnet) The Sims Medieval Thai Translate Project ทีมแปล The Sims Medieval ภาษาไทย โดย TTS3 DOWNLOAD
djflatout33(sfnet) MyDB ljl;hl;l;jjbjkjl;jjhlhikjl;lkbk.lhb;k.jh ......... DOWNLOAD
demabai(sfnet) Dema-Bai This program implements the "Best Availabl... DOWNLOAD
mixplugin(sfnet) Mix Maker 1.0 by ju4n Un plugin para servidores de counter strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD
test31(sfnet) Test31 Full description of test. DOWNLOAD
game001(sfnet) game001 game for myself DOWNLOAD
phpboard(sfnet) phpBoard Das phpBoard ist ein schnelles und einfach zu b... DOWNLOAD
gtkmathplot(freshmeat) GTKMathplot GTKMathplot is an interactive plotting program ... DOWNLOAD
clockdemohtcwid(sfnet) Clock Demo HTC Widget DOWNLOAD
bulkconvertulo(sfnet) Bulk Converter Using LibreOffice This program uses the command line options of L... DOWNLOAD
wikiwords(sfnet) WikiwordS WikiwordS is designed to craft wordlists by ext... DOWNLOAD
nokiaconvdroid(sfnet) NokiaconvDroid this program convert from nokia buckup file (*.... DOWNLOAD
deduppl(freshmeat) is a script that scans Unix file syste... DOWNLOAD
jygsdownloads(sfnet) jyg's downloads Pure Data patches and externals related to inte...
eslink(sfnet) Eslink Eclipse SAS Integration Plugin Eslink is a Eclipse plug-in collection for SAS®...
xsphpcms(sfnet) XS PHP Content Management System XS PHP CMS (Content Management System) is a ver... DOWNLOAD
code-compressor(sfnet) code-compress This small script allows you to minimize (take ... DOWNLOAD
horizontaltable(sfnet) Horizontal Table View iOS DOWNLOAD
lams(sfnet) Leave Application Management System A open source Leave Application Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
tritank(sfnet) Tritank Go to the Quadball Project!!! This project is n... DOWNLOAD
osrpgcreation(sfnet) Opensource Game Studio The primary goal of The Opensource Game Studio ... DOWNLOAD
cpubalance(sfnet) CPU Balance CPU Balance is a Perl script to balance the CPU... DOWNLOAD
cbrserver(sfnet) Comic Book Archive HTTP Server CBR Server is a light-weight HTTP server enabli...
fastbitss(sfnet) fastbits DOWNLOAD
sysinformation(sfnet) Sys Information Sys Information will get the data about your sy...
cmsisconfig(sfnet) CMSIS Configuration Wizard The CMSIS Configuration Wizard allows users to ... DOWNLOAD
phantomvd(sfnet) Phantom Visual Designer 2012 DOWNLOAD
pagescrollwithp(sfnet) Page Scroll with PageController iOS DOWNLOAD
terminal_colors(freshmeat) terminal_colors terminal_colors is a tool to display a terminal... DOWNLOAD
petgroom(sfnet) Pet Grooming Management System A pet grooming management system that allows th... DOWNLOAD
nen(sfnet) Nen 3-layer neural network for regression and clas... DOWNLOAD

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