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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
gvoicesearch(sfnet) GVoiceSearch GVoiceSearch is a tiny program that runs in the... DOWNLOAD
lshell(sfnet) Limited Shell lshell is a shell coded in Python, that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
fxmndelbarperp(sfnet) Fractal Extreme Mandelbar plugin This plugin for Fractal Extreme implements the ... DOWNLOAD
productbrowser(sfnet) ProductBrowser DOWNLOAD
ucmtoumlad(sfnet) Use Case Maps to UML Activity Diagrams No description DOWNLOAD
tor2(sfnet) New Tor Bundle 2 DOWNLOAD
sonicanalyzer(sfnet) SonicLog Cruncher Perl logfile analyzer for DELL Sonicwall Firewa...
ckpass(sfnet) ckpass An ncurses based password database client that ...
cnmonitor(sfnet) CN=Monitor LDAP Directory Server Monitoring tool with focu...
arios(sfnet) AriOS AriOS is an ubuntu remix with a unique look and... DOWNLOAD
jsrcpc(sfnet) Java SRCP Client A Java-Library, providing an easy to use interf... DOWNLOAD
bb-contact-extr(sfnet) BlackBerry Contacts Extractor This program allows you to export your Contacts... DOWNLOAD
openaccessstati(sfnet) Open Access Statistics DOWNLOAD
ajlib(sfnet) A-JLib A simple java library with Swing widgets and ot... DOWNLOAD
glscene(sfnet) GLScene GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library for Delph... DOWNLOAD
acx100(sfnet) acx100 - Wireless chipset Linux driver Open Source Linux driver for wireless network c... DOWNLOAD
sgems(sfnet) SGeMS S-GeMS is a software for 3D geostatistical mode... DOWNLOAD
toxml(sfnet) toXML toXML is a Windows application that lets the us...
sigerar(sfnet) Sigerar Sigerar is a software requirements management t... DOWNLOAD
rexsimulator(sfnet) RexSimulator This project is a simulator of the WRAMP (Waika... DOWNLOAD
walkwaymod(sfnet) Walkway Mod Walkway Mod 1.2.5 V.3.2 (now includes AUTO INST... DOWNLOAD
wmphoto-2(freshmeat) wmphoto+ wmphoto+ displays the images in the dockable ap... DOWNLOAD
osvideo(sfnet) OS Video DOWNLOAD
projectmator(sfnet) Projectmator No description DOWNLOAD
soefcoreholland(sfnet) soefcore holland DOWNLOAD
crytekmt2(sfnet) CrytekMt2 DOWNLOAD
simscommandrepo(sfnet) SIMS CommandReporter Java API Java API to communicate via RMI calls to run re...
myhobbyos(sfnet) hobbyOS My project is for developing my own hobbyOS and... DOWNLOAD
oszur12(sfnet) oszur12 DOWNLOAD
mill(sfnet) Space Space( PHP + MySQL ) DOWNLOAD
rgui(sfnet) rGUI Winforms robocopy frontend with support for eve... DOWNLOAD
dnconstraints(sfnet) ditanauts DITA OT constraint plugin This constraint plugin for the DITA Open Toolki... DOWNLOAD
rtai-cortex(sfnet) RTAI patch for ARM Cortex-A8 RTAI patch for ARM Cortex-A8 processors Please ...
androidopengles(sfnet) Android OpenGL ES Utilities Code that is helpful for Android OpenGL ES Prog... DOWNLOAD
forgething(freshmeat) forgething forgething is a simple todo list application th... DOWNLOAD
fastdna(sfnet) FastDNA DOWNLOAD
datapivot(sfnet) Data Pivot Script: PHP 5.X Database: MySQL This class can... DOWNLOAD
php-votesys(sfnet) php_votesys This is a webpage vote system that uses php and... DOWNLOAD
funpidgin(sfnet) Funpidgin A fork of pidgin which aims to provide minor fe... DOWNLOAD
btamir(sfnet) btamir A second approach to GUI for BTA temperature mo... DOWNLOAD
ruview-resources-utilization-v(freshmeat) RUView RUView (Resources Utilization Viewer) visualize... DOWNLOAD
lshell(freshmeat) lshell lshell lets you restrict a user's shell environ... DOWNLOAD
gachaponlobby(sfnet) Gachapon Lobby Gachapon Lobby provides an advanced chat system... DOWNLOAD
projectdemojava(sfnet) projectdemojava No description DOWNLOAD
ligafutbol(sfnet) LigaFutbol No description DOWNLOAD
fastqsqueeze(sfnet) fastqsqueeze compresses all FASTQ files as described in http... DOWNLOAD
cloaking(sfnet) Electromagnetic cloaking This Matlab code with the finite element method... DOWNLOAD
blackmagik(sfnet) blackmagik DOWNLOAD
wunderlistapi(sfnet) .NET WunderlistAPI .NET-API to access the Wunderlist todo-list too... DOWNLOAD
tenshinohane(sfnet) tenshinohane DOWNLOAD
bookyt(freshmeat) Bookyt Bookyt is a bookkeeping/ERP application designe... DOWNLOAD
gaudi-2(freshmeat) Gaudi Gaudi is a platform-agnostic build tool written... DOWNLOAD
bitnamiredmine(freshmeat) BitNami Redmine Stack BitNami Redmine Stack is an easy-to-install dis... DOWNLOAD
powermanga(freshmeat) Powermanga Powermanga is an arcade 2D shoot-em-up game wit... DOWNLOAD
pyrostia(freshmeat) Pyrostia Pyrostia is a weekly menu planner. It allows ad... DOWNLOAD
joomla-show-lockerz-module(freshmeat) Joomla! Show Lockerz Module Show Lockerz is a simple Joomla! module that di... DOWNLOAD
xmlminator(sfnet) XMLMinator XML for Java DOWNLOAD
danstilemaker(sfnet) dan's tile maker DOWNLOAD
openistgt(sfnet) openistgt An open source BSD licensed version of istgt, w... DOWNLOAD
trfpathway(sfnet) TRF_Pathway The TRF-pathway package implements the powerful... DOWNLOAD
dotnetminiadmin(sfnet) DotnetMiniAdmin DotnetMiniAdmin is the ASP.NET version of the v... DOWNLOAD
filesave(sfnet) FileSave DOWNLOAD
pv-league(sfnet) RoboCup Mixed Reality League This is the RoboCup Mixed Reality Project: a st... DOWNLOAD
zombieatschool(sfnet) Zombie At School Uno sparatutto con vista dall'alto scritto in v... DOWNLOAD
remoteacdrive(sfnet) RemoteAcDrive The project proposes to develop Ethernet interf... DOWNLOAD
techstptest(sfnet) techstptest No description DOWNLOAD
telprok(sfnet) Texnologia_Logismikou-Prokatarktika DOWNLOAD
alloymda(sfnet) AlloyMDA This project intends to develop tools to enable... DOWNLOAD
wyrm-calumma(sfnet) Calumma DOWNLOAD
sma-monitor(sfnet) SMA-Monitor This software is designed to run on all POSIX s...
argentinadevs(sfnet) ArgentinaDevelopers No description DOWNLOAD
vass(sfnet) Audit System Simulation For Vietnam This a multible functions program for audit sys... DOWNLOAD
ssprep(sfnet) ssprep ssprep is a tool that generates file-trees from...
polybench(sfnet) polybench ** PolyBench/C 3.2 ** Copyright (c) 2011-2012 ... DOWNLOAD
doccookbook(sfnet) DoCookBook The DoCookBook project aims to create an open s... DOWNLOAD
crytek2(sfnet) crytek2 DOWNLOAD
rproject.mirror(sfnet) The R Project R is a language and environment for statistical... DOWNLOAD
zvid(sfnet) ZVid ZVid is an open-source research project focusin... DOWNLOAD
supportsuite(sfnet) Sheridan Support Suite Sheridan Support Suite is a bespoke open source... DOWNLOAD
vpnsshclient(sfnet) vpn_ssh_client DOWNLOAD
textadjust(sfnet) textAdjust Lets your users change the size of your website... DOWNLOAD
sgecibercol(sfnet) SGE-CIBERCOL Software de código abierto para la gestión de i... DOWNLOAD
moidroid(sfnet) Moi-Droid These roms are only for the Huawei U8800 (IDEOS... DOWNLOAD
runawfe(sfnet) RunaWFE RunaWFE is a workflow / BPM / BPMS based on JBO... DOWNLOAD
excavatortool(sfnet) EXCAVATOR-tool EXCAVATOR is a novel software package for the d... DOWNLOAD
istakozlardiyar(sfnet) Istakozlar Diyarı DOWNLOAD
partclone(sfnet) Partclone Partclone is a project like the well-known back... DOWNLOAD
biblioteczka(sfnet) biblioteczka Celem programu jest pomoc w zapanowaniu nad dom... DOWNLOAD
bcstockexchange(sfnet) Bitcoin Stock Exchange Stock exchange application in Spring/Java DOWNLOAD
abndndmnsn(sfnet) Abandoned Mansion This game is an original game based loosely (ve... DOWNLOAD
weicui(sfnet) wei DOWNLOAD
formaker(sfnet) Formaker Générateur et personnalisateur de formulaire à ... DOWNLOAD
virtualtouchpad(sfnet) Virtual Touchpad Touchpad, keyboard, mouse, IME DOWNLOAD
potager(sfnet) Potager This project is a graphic tools to test 3D Cell... DOWNLOAD
studentmanagsys(sfnet) Student Management System Student Management System is my first semester ... DOWNLOAD
techniqcality(sfnet) TechNiqCality DOWNLOAD
stallbot(sfnet) Clientless Stall Bot DOWNLOAD
nicaw-acc(sfnet) Nicaw AAC Nicaw AAC is a Content Management System for Op... DOWNLOAD
accessanalysis(sfnet) AccessAnalysis Eclipse Plug-In that determines the Minimal Acc... DOWNLOAD

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