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lsm-pkcs11(sfnet) Lite Security Module LSM PKCS11 Lite Security Module: a daemon to handle Secure... DOWNLOAD
cdrom-stuff(sfnet) cdrom-stuff This package includes tools for copying CD-Roms... DOWNLOAD
railz2(sfnet) Railz2 Follow-on to the freerails and Railz projects. DOWNLOAD
superquina(sfnet) SuperQuina O Super Quina é um software gerador de jogos da... DOWNLOAD
tcv(sfnet) Temperature Change Viewer A tool for visualizing changes in temperature o... DOWNLOAD
kirjaudu(sfnet) Kirjaudu With Kirjaudu you can change your Windows 7 Log... DOWNLOAD
jnflsnowcast(sfnet) jnflsnowcast Provide 2-hour nowcast and 8-hour forecast DOWNLOAD
tlistviewq(sfnet) TListViewQ TListViewQ is a VCL component derived from TCus... DOWNLOAD
binarysearch(sfnet) binarysearch DOWNLOAD
bubbleesort(sfnet) bubble-sort DOWNLOAD
controldecheque(sfnet) control de cheque Permite el control de cheques emitidos, buscar ... DOWNLOAD
jsa-project(sfnet) Jersey Shore Apartments CSC3090 Class Project using MySQL, Workbench, a... DOWNLOAD
tascheduler(sfnet) TA Scheduler This program is a utility to help teachers assi... DOWNLOAD
toplinker(sfnet) Toplinker It's a set of two scripts one that goes on for ... DOWNLOAD
balkanradio(sfnet) Simple Radio Player This Program is Free. Balkan Radio Player has ... DOWNLOAD
alphaweb(sfnet) KonuşNet KonuşNet(eski adıyla Alpha Web) bir Türk gelişt... DOWNLOAD
xmlto(sfnet) xmlto DOWNLOAD
rfid125kavricp(sfnet) RFID_125KHz_AVR_ICP The ICP function, use the AVR for maximum fault... DOWNLOAD
sketchy(sfnet) Sketchy Alpha V 0.1 Sketchy Alpha is a Rich Text Editor based aroun... DOWNLOAD
parallelharris(sfnet) Parallel Harris corners detector This application represents a parallel implemen... DOWNLOAD
studenttexts(sfnet) Student Textbook Exchange This project is a website for students to buy a... DOWNLOAD
sunrise(freshmeat) Sunrise Sunrise is a simple application for Symbian (No... DOWNLOAD
libnostd(freshmeat) libnostd libnostd is a compatibility library for common,... DOWNLOAD
open-grid-schedulergrid-engine(freshmeat) Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine is a batch-queu... DOWNLOAD
miriani-vip(sfnet) Miriani Soundpack for Vipmud This project is here to manage, and streamline,... DOWNLOAD
dpcimanager(sfnet) DPCIManager DPCIManager lists all of the PCI devices attach... DOWNLOAD
act100(sfnet) ACT ACT is still under development, and may not fun... DOWNLOAD
ak360(sfnet) AK360 The AK360 is an innovative virtual keyboard ena... DOWNLOAD
u8800(sfnet) u8800rom DOWNLOAD
jsmsqlhelper(sfnet) JSM SqlHelper JSM SqlHelper 是面象.NET开发环境,用于协助多种... DOWNLOAD
autofileselect(sfnet) Auto File Selection The main aim of this project is to design and d... DOWNLOAD
jhuffmanencoder(sfnet) JHuffman Encoder/Decoder This application will help you to visualize how... DOWNLOAD
relocate(freshmeat) relocate relocate is a small C library which helps locat... DOWNLOAD
qball(freshmeat) QBall QBall is a simple Breakout clone for Nokia Symb... DOWNLOAD
linid-directory-manager(freshmeat) LinID Directory Manager LinID Directory Manager provides a simple envir... DOWNLOAD
hdphp(sfnet) HDPHP后盾网开源PHP框架 HDPHP开源免费PHP框架产品 | 无比敏捷
genlab(sfnet) GenLab GenLab abbreviation of Genetics Laboratory... DOWNLOAD
file2pdf(sfnet) file2pdf Convert doc, odt, txt, rtf and html to pdf usin... DOWNLOAD
picturesmanager(sfnet) Picture Server Manager DEUTSCH Picture Server Manager 1.0 © Niklas Fi... DOWNLOAD
voretournament(sfnet) Vore Tournament A furry vore game forked from the Nexuiz projec... DOWNLOAD
bookingcalendar(sfnet) PHP Booking Calendar This isn't just another PHP calendar applicatio... DOWNLOAD
theuninortegame(sfnet) the uninorte game DOWNLOAD
susekuos(sfnet) Suse Ku OS DOWNLOAD
clovr(sfnet) clovr CloVR is a virtual appliance for bioinformatics... DOWNLOAD
firstchaos(sfnet) First Chaos No description
sha(sfnet) sha sha is a file hashing utility that uses the NIS... DOWNLOAD
slsdpr(sfnet) Secure Login System This is my senior project for my undergraduate ...
fmgven(sfnet) fmgVen fmgVen is a convention over configuration Java ... DOWNLOAD
arcticiceimages(sfnet) Arctic Ice Image Processing We are working to analyze images of Arctic sea ... DOWNLOAD
bukkitspeak(sfnet) BukkitSpeak No description DOWNLOAD
lightningzap(sfnet) Lightning Zap Scripts and files to enhance speed and performa... DOWNLOAD
twitterinschool(sfnet) Twitter in School TwitterInSchool was a program that I made after... DOWNLOAD
std-dms(sfnet) Student Data Management System This is a basic student data management system ... DOWNLOAD
epubbookdemo(sfnet) ePubBookDemo DOWNLOAD
stutentsproject(sfnet) okul DOWNLOAD
sherlockosu(sfnet) sherlockosu sherlockosu DOWNLOAD
hexpack(sfnet) HexPack DOWNLOAD
musicmaker-ita(sfnet) compositore musicale (ita) DOWNLOAD
snix(sfnet) strinx The Strinx library is collection of string-algo...
cloc(sfnet) cloc cloc (Count Lines Of Code) counts, and computes... DOWNLOAD
open-realty(sfnet) Open-Realty OpenRealty is a PHP-based real estate listing p... DOWNLOAD
radlib(sfnet) Rapid Application Development Library radlib is a rapid application development libra... DOWNLOAD
xtar(sfnet) tarix tar indexer Tarix has moved to github. DOWNLOAD
kauphy(sfnet) Kauphy A WordPress Theme (See README.txt for features) DOWNLOAD
sqsh(sfnet) sqsh - Sybase isql replacement. Sqsh (pronounced skwish) is short for SQshelL (... DOWNLOAD
days-lived(sfnet) Days Lived A simple console program that calculates the da... DOWNLOAD
jcircuits(sfnet) jCircuits A very easy-to-use but complex Gate-Simulation.... DOWNLOAD
xmw(sfnet) xmw xmw for cartoon DOWNLOAD
fantastixusbins(sfnet) fantastixus-bins No description DOWNLOAD
azycn(sfnet) azycn No description DOWNLOAD
gti9100icshaw(sfnet) GT I9100 ICS HAWKISH HD II No description DOWNLOAD
asimplepomodoro(sfnet) A simple Pomodoro timer Requires .NET Frameowrk 3.5 All interaction vi... DOWNLOAD
sdmetrics-core(freshmeat) SDMetrics Core SDMetrics Core is a Java library to calculate m... DOWNLOAD
iguitarvisual(sfnet) iGUITAR Visualize DOWNLOAD
microinjava(sfnet) Micro in java Código para capturar sonidos del microfono en java DOWNLOAD
blumbergdataset(sfnet) Blumberg_dataset Mothur command document , matrix files DOWNLOAD
estadis(sfnet) ESTADIS Plug-in para la plataforma Moodle que consiste ... DOWNLOAD
project2release(sfnet) project2release Main function is support. Some error relate wit... DOWNLOAD
d-game-engine(sfnet) D Game Engine An implementation of a game engine in the D pro...
intlize(freshmeat) Intlize Intlize allows the developer to use catgets wit... DOWNLOAD
cultdesk-pms(freshmeat) CultDesk-PMS CultDesk is a hotel data management application... DOWNLOAD
pyga(freshmeat) PYGA PYGA is an implementation of Google Analytics i... DOWNLOAD
asterisell(freshmeat) Asterisell Asterisell is a Web application for rating, sho... DOWNLOAD
gumdelli(sfnet) Showcase
basex(freshmeat) BaseX BaseX is a light-weight, high-performance, and ... DOWNLOAD
phphiveadmin(sfnet) phphiveadmin An open source Hive(hadoop) admin tool, that co... DOWNLOAD
lazymathperson(sfnet) Lazy Mathematician DOWNLOAD
vpr(sfnet) VPR VPR is a polygon rasterizer that computes exact... DOWNLOAD
pg2ch(sfnet) pg2ch PostgreSQL performance statistics dashboard. De... DOWNLOAD
gprename(sfnet) GPRename GPRename is a complete batch renamer for files ... DOWNLOAD
desktopnotes(sfnet) NiceNotes Tasks, notes, events, dates, names, etc.. to re...
war-in-space-all-around-the-mo(freshmeat) War In Space - All Around The Moon War in Space is a shooting game. It's not a &qu... DOWNLOAD
kalculator(sfnet) Kalkulator The Kalkulator-Project tries to implement funct... DOWNLOAD
scalos(sfnet) Scalos Scalos is a desktop replacement for the Amiga. ... DOWNLOAD
httestbuddy(sfnet) httest Buddy An executable Jar file contains both a Swing-ba... DOWNLOAD
trbt(sfnet) Treaded Red Black Tree in C# A Treaded Red Black Tree in C#(cand be used bot... DOWNLOAD
archgreenglow(sfnet) slim theme archgreenglow DOWNLOAD
biotaskmanager(sfnet) biotaskmanager No description DOWNLOAD
mackansmaps(sfnet) Minecraft maps My maps for minecraft DOWNLOAD

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