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xpider(sfnet) xpider The extensible web spider (Xpider) is Joomla! c... DOWNLOAD
getversionex(sfnet) GetVersionEx GetVersionEx Dumps OS version info and attribut... DOWNLOAD
tinyhero(sfnet) TinyHero DOWNLOAD
jdynamite(sfnet) JDynamiTe, Dynamic Template in Java JDynamiTe is a tool which allows you to dynamic... DOWNLOAD
jcsclient(sfnet) JCS client DOWNLOAD
surveydesigner(sfnet) Survey Designer and Survey Taker SurveyApp is a designer application that is use... DOWNLOAD
securityms(sfnet) Security Management System A management system for sensitive system and se... DOWNLOAD
exbinaryconvert(sfnet) Binary Converter This application allows you to quickly convert ... DOWNLOAD
myfusion(sfnet) MyFusion MyFusion (MyF) is Gander's modification of PHP-... DOWNLOAD
libklel(sfnet) libklel The KoreLogic Expression Language Library is a ... DOWNLOAD
gideros-textwrap(freshmeat) Gideros TextWrap Gideros TextWrap provides multi-line text field... DOWNLOAD
aite(sfnet) AHD ID3 Tag Editor AHD ID3 Tag Editor is a powerful tool design... DOWNLOAD
gideros-lightning-effect(freshmeat) Gideros Lightning effect Gideros Lightning effect draws randomly-generat... DOWNLOAD
gideros-countdown(freshmeat) Gideros Countdown Gideros Countdown class displays (and updates) ... DOWNLOAD
uniformserver(sfnet) Uniform Server The Uniform Server is a lightweight server solu...
joomla-literature-flair-module(freshmeat) Joomla! Literature Flair Module Joomla! Literature Flair Module displays your u... DOWNLOAD
kickassundelete(sfnet) Kickass Undelete Kickass Undelete is a free, fully featured, fil... DOWNLOAD
layerbulletin(sfnet) LayerBulletin Ever needed a simple to use and customize forum... DOWNLOAD
eclipzeremixrom(sfnet) EclipzeRemix Roms-HTC Amaze DOWNLOAD
crategames(sfnet) CrateGames DOWNLOAD
doc4all2ooo(sfnet) Doc4All2OOo Tool to add Doc4All annotations (field codes) t... DOWNLOAD
javacsv(sfnet) Java CSV Library Java CSV is a small fast open source java libra... DOWNLOAD
http-test(sfnet) HTTP Tester A lightweight performance and functional Test T... DOWNLOAD
churchpres(sfnet) Seamless Worship A free, open source, image and lyric presentati... DOWNLOAD
blog520(sfnet) 520 blogaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd DOWNLOAD
ecmojo(sfnet) ECMOjo ECMOjo is a simulator and trainer for extracorp... DOWNLOAD
drawsomething(sfnet) Draw Something One day I was playing Draw Something on my Droi... DOWNLOAD
projetpoo(sfnet) ProjetPoo DOWNLOAD
detool(sfnet) Dynamics Explorer Dynamics Explorer, (detool for short), is a too... DOWNLOAD
portmap(sfnet) portmap Port Map allows you to access your computers at... DOWNLOAD
wt210tocsv(sfnet) wt210tocsv The Yokogawa WT210 outputs a CSV file through i... DOWNLOAD
umanoidlinux(sfnet) umanoidlinux Distro umanoidlinux ,italian 32 bit ,based ubuntu. DOWNLOAD
grovesmtpmailer(sfnet) Grove SMTP Mailer Visit New Grove SMTP Mailer Site : http://sourc... DOWNLOAD
librsvg(sfnet) LibRSVG Rapid Rendering of SVG files to screen or to ot... DOWNLOAD
xpdf-rcpatch(sfnet) Rotation Control Patch for Xpdf The Rotation Control Patch adds X resource, con... DOWNLOAD
shaiyainfinity(sfnet) Shaiya Infinity Shaiya Infinity Game Client Game Client to con... DOWNLOAD
demmattoul(sfnet) DeMMaTTouL Software de Mapas de Argumentos con interfaz gr... DOWNLOAD
textzipper(sfnet) Text Zipper Instead of always creating these annoying zip f... DOWNLOAD
jafkopf(sfnet) Jafkopf This is a project to implement the bavarian car... DOWNLOAD
open-rt(sfnet) Open Rocket Toolkit ORT is a tool for modelling and flying launch v... DOWNLOAD
centos-6-vmware(sfnet) CentOS 6 - vmware image CentOS 6 x86_64 - preinstalled 64bit version of... DOWNLOAD
jsg(sfnet) Javascript Study Group For Beginners DOWNLOAD
proteinscript(sfnet) ProteinScript DOWNLOAD
fuzzyindex(freshmeat) FuzzyIndex FuzzyIndex indexes text for performing fuzzy se... DOWNLOAD
iyps(sfnet) IYPS - Improve Your Programming Skill DOWNLOAD
corkosincpp(sfnet) CorkthomasOS in C++ CorkthomasOS started off as a boot loader writt... DOWNLOAD
zdevportable(sfnet) ZDevc-++ c'est la version portable de Dev pour vous mes ... DOWNLOAD
encyclopedieelm(sfnet) Encyclopedie El-Mansourah El-Mansourah Encyclopédie 2010. Ce logiciel est... DOWNLOAD
harp(sfnet) HARP HARP is a lightweight music player focused on b... DOWNLOAD
phpkrond(sfnet) phpKROND Sistema de Gestión de Contenidos Dinámicos Web DOWNLOAD
moddetect(sfnet) mod_detect I have several websites and some time ago I fou... DOWNLOAD
exampleofc(sfnet) ExampleOfC Маленький пример на языке C++ показывающий как ... DOWNLOAD
atraqr(sfnet) ATraQR Intelligent solution for businesses & organ... DOWNLOAD
zipfiles(sfnet) Zip Files This Program make a zip File for each File in c... DOWNLOAD
randomwalk(sfnet) Random Walk Random Walk is a small programm I devoleped by ... DOWNLOAD
data-elaborator(sfnet) Scientific data elaborator This program can make histograms, table and gra... DOWNLOAD
teamcode(sfnet) Teamcode DOWNLOAD
euler-project(sfnet) Solutions to the Project Euler problems Repository of solutions to the Project Euler pr... DOWNLOAD
propiedades6(sfnet) propiedades6 DOWNLOAD
oddisland(sfnet) Odd Island Odd Island is a 3D MORPG with a fantasy setting... DOWNLOAD
asdlman(sfnet) Anime Soundtrack Downloader Anime Soundtrack Downloader is a download manag... DOWNLOAD
lendit(sfnet) lendit Lendit has been withdrawn from service.
fbcategories(sfnet) FBCategories You can see the live demo at: http://www.codia... DOWNLOAD
meymouse(sfnet) Bluetooth MeyMouse Accelerometer camera J2me Accelerometer Camera light based over Blue... DOWNLOAD
abcdefghijk(sfnet) Digitalis tananyag Komm Mit! 1 Interaktív Digitális tananyag a Komm Mit! 1 cim... DOWNLOAD
vhighlighter(sfnet) video highlighter This programme hunts through a long video for H... DOWNLOAD
artica-zarafa(sfnet) Artica For Postfix & Zarafa Artica is able to manage Postfix And zarafa usi... DOWNLOAD
arquivores(sfnet) Arquivo RES para Delphi Sistema que permite a distribuição e controle d... DOWNLOAD
diablo3calc(sfnet) Diablo3Calc Calculate damage reduction with armor, dodge an... DOWNLOAD
songoku(sfnet) songoku DOWNLOAD
ksoapandorid(sfnet) ksoap-andorid DOWNLOAD
openplm-04(freshmeat) openPLM openPLM is a Web-based Product Lifecycle Manage... DOWNLOAD
openrecon(sfnet) OpenRecon Moved to DOWNLOAD
comicstart(sfnet) ComicStart DOWNLOAD
legacyoslinux(sfnet) Legacy OS Today sees the release of Legacy OS 2.1 LTS (Lo... DOWNLOAD
bincmp(sfnet) BinCmp bincmp is intended as a cross-platform, tiny an... DOWNLOAD
mailcheckerpro(sfnet) MailChecker MailChecker is a simple system tray email notif... DOWNLOAD
cementexcel(sfnet) CementExcel DOWNLOAD
send2mypc(sfnet) Send 2 my PC with Dropbox Want to download a file but you are not at home... DOWNLOAD
is2project(sfnet) IS2 Project DOWNLOAD
loaderhack(sfnet) Facebook/LoaderHack DOWNLOAD
sjxuan(sfnet) wordpress is very good network of free resources DOWNLOAD
tinyai(sfnet) tiny-AI Library A fast artificial intelligence library which cu... DOWNLOAD
redcase(sfnet) Redcase Test case management plugin for Redmine The pr... DOWNLOAD
politeconomy(sfnet) Political economy library Political economy library is a set of classes a... DOWNLOAD
luabind(sfnet) luabind luabind is a library, inspired by and similar t... DOWNLOAD
phpminiadmin(sfnet) PHP Mini SQL Admin PHP Mini SQL Admin - Lightweight alternative to... DOWNLOAD
quirinus(sfnet) Quirinus Dictionary application for classical studies, b... DOWNLOAD
datavizgroup(sfnet) Data viz group Data visualization group done under prof RC(iiitb) DOWNLOAD
me-os(sfnet) meos DOWNLOAD
simplicitylinux(sfnet) Simplicity Linux Simplicity Linux uses Puppy Linux and derivativ... DOWNLOAD
otrs-invoice(sfnet) OTRS TicketInvoice Extension module to popular open source ticketi... DOWNLOAD
shilaos(sfnet) ShilaOS Like kami di Facebook DOWNLOAD
yckj(sfnet) yckj 123 DOWNLOAD
stackoverflowcl(sfnet) Stack Overflow Command Line DOWNLOAD
fih-fbo(sfnet) Huwaei ideos x6 custom rom custom rom fro fih-fb0 devices DOWNLOAD
searchfast(sfnet) SearchFast! SearchFast! is a tool hat has been designed in ... DOWNLOAD
bwfmetaedit(sfnet) BWF MetaEdit BWF MetaEdit was developed by the Federal Agenc... DOWNLOAD
safeinput(sfnet) Internet safety input control 跨浏览器安全输入控件。支持主流浏览器(Chrome,F... DOWNLOAD

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