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xtar(sfnet) tarix tar indexer Tarix has moved to github. DOWNLOAD
kauphy(sfnet) Kauphy A WordPress Theme (See README.txt for features) DOWNLOAD
sqsh(sfnet) sqsh - Sybase isql replacement. Sqsh (pronounced skwish) is short for SQshelL (... DOWNLOAD
days-lived(sfnet) Days Lived A simple console program that calculates the da... DOWNLOAD
jcircuits(sfnet) jCircuits A very easy-to-use but complex Gate-Simulation.... DOWNLOAD
xmw(sfnet) xmw xmw for cartoon DOWNLOAD
fantastixusbins(sfnet) fantastixus-bins No description DOWNLOAD
azycn(sfnet) azycn No description DOWNLOAD
gti9100icshaw(sfnet) GT I9100 ICS HAWKISH HD II No description DOWNLOAD
asimplepomodoro(sfnet) A simple Pomodoro timer Requires .NET Frameowrk 3.5 All interaction vi... DOWNLOAD
sdmetrics-core(freshmeat) SDMetrics Core SDMetrics Core is a Java library to calculate m... DOWNLOAD
iguitarvisual(sfnet) iGUITAR Visualize DOWNLOAD
microinjava(sfnet) Micro in java Código para capturar sonidos del microfono en java DOWNLOAD
blumbergdataset(sfnet) Blumberg_dataset Mothur command document , matrix files DOWNLOAD
estadis(sfnet) ESTADIS Plug-in para la plataforma Moodle que consiste ... DOWNLOAD
project2release(sfnet) project2release Main function is support. Some error relate wit... DOWNLOAD
d-game-engine(sfnet) D Game Engine An implementation of a game engine in the D pro...
intlize(freshmeat) Intlize Intlize allows the developer to use catgets wit... DOWNLOAD
cultdesk-pms(freshmeat) CultDesk-PMS CultDesk is a hotel data management application... DOWNLOAD
pyga(freshmeat) PYGA PYGA is an implementation of Google Analytics i... DOWNLOAD
asterisell(freshmeat) Asterisell Asterisell is a Web application for rating, sho... DOWNLOAD
gumdelli(sfnet) Showcase
basex(freshmeat) BaseX BaseX is a light-weight, high-performance, and ... DOWNLOAD
phphiveadmin(sfnet) phphiveadmin An open source Hive(hadoop) admin tool, that co... DOWNLOAD
lazymathperson(sfnet) Lazy Mathematician DOWNLOAD
vpr(sfnet) VPR VPR is a polygon rasterizer that computes exact... DOWNLOAD
pg2ch(sfnet) pg2ch PostgreSQL performance statistics dashboard. De... DOWNLOAD
gprename(sfnet) GPRename GPRename is a complete batch renamer for files ... DOWNLOAD
desktopnotes(sfnet) NiceNotes Tasks, notes, events, dates, names, etc.. to re...
war-in-space-all-around-the-mo(freshmeat) War In Space - All Around The Moon War in Space is a shooting game. It's not a &qu... DOWNLOAD
kalculator(sfnet) Kalkulator The Kalkulator-Project tries to implement funct... DOWNLOAD
scalos(sfnet) Scalos Scalos is a desktop replacement for the Amiga. ... DOWNLOAD
httestbuddy(sfnet) httest Buddy An executable Jar file contains both a Swing-ba... DOWNLOAD
trbt(sfnet) Treaded Red Black Tree in C# A Treaded Red Black Tree in C#(cand be used bot... DOWNLOAD
archgreenglow(sfnet) slim theme archgreenglow DOWNLOAD
biotaskmanager(sfnet) biotaskmanager No description DOWNLOAD
mackansmaps(sfnet) Minecraft maps My maps for minecraft DOWNLOAD
vigiweb(sfnet) VigiWeb VigiWeb is a digital text maiden as a web site ... DOWNLOAD
waxeye(sfnet) Waxeye Parser Generator Waxeye is a parser generator based on parsing e... DOWNLOAD
pricem(sfnet) pricem Pricem is a "Desktop Application" tha... DOWNLOAD
reelboxcenter(sfnet) ReelBoxCenter The ReelBoxCenter RBC is a webinterface for the... DOWNLOAD
digitalwarfare(sfnet) DIGITAL.WARFARE DOWNLOAD
zeuscms(sfnet) Zeus Content Managment System ZeusCMS is yet another Content Management Syste... DOWNLOAD
ybs-caresheet(sfnet) Care Sheets DOWNLOAD
dynamicannotati(sfnet) DynamicAnnotations DOWNLOAD
opensourcehdlc(sfnet) Open Source HDLC (OSHDLC) OSHDLC is the software implementation of High L... DOWNLOAD
nerd(freshmeat) Nerd Nerd is an attempt to create a cross-platform s... DOWNLOAD
fdroid-staging(sfnet) pfalcon's F-Droid Staging is a repository of OpenSource softw... DOWNLOAD
qatrix(sfnet) Qatrix Qatrix is a new kind of JavaScript framework ta... DOWNLOAD
access2mysql(sfnet) AccessToMySQL Access To MySQL is a small utility to convert M... DOWNLOAD
liste-fichier(sfnet) listeur de fichier listeur de fichier ce programme permet d’établi... DOWNLOAD
patchfifa(sfnet) Patch FIFA Với chương trình nhỏ này, thì việc thay đổi đồ ... DOWNLOAD
youthconnectmag(sfnet) Its a online website for a magazine company. Yo... DOWNLOAD
mybbtuneup(sfnet) MyBB TuneUp A free plugin for MyBB with a comprehensive col... DOWNLOAD
nhib-gen(sfnet) NHibernate Data Layer Generation The NHibernate generation project uses a set of... DOWNLOAD
bioword(sfnet) BioWord BioWord, a Microsoft Word add-in, allows instan... DOWNLOAD
www5dy(sfnet) dy DOWNLOAD
mactelnet(freshmeat) MacTerm MacTerm (formerly MacTelnet) is a complete term... DOWNLOAD
gmattimer(sfnet) GMAT Timer A timer does it best to mimic the one in the re... DOWNLOAD
mclauncherdx(sfnet) Minecraft Launcher DX A launcher for Minecraft that is used to launch... DOWNLOAD
trainingstimer(sfnet) TrainingsTimer this program simply puts a timer after another.... DOWNLOAD
endermobsmod(sfnet) Ender Mobs Mod The End is boring? Or are Enderman not enough? ... DOWNLOAD
bambooengine(sfnet) Bamboo Engine Bamboo intends to be a complete end-to-end game... DOWNLOAD
asketnb(sfnet) asketic netboard DOWNLOAD
eswordtogobible(sfnet) eSwordToGoBible Converter This program allows you to create GoBible Bible... DOWNLOAD
pruebasource2(sfnet) pruebasource2 esta es una prueba para mirar la subida de proy... DOWNLOAD
vbtcalc(sfnet) VBTheory Calculator This a VB calculator I have made. Current Featu... DOWNLOAD
analisedesistem(sfnet) analiseDeSistem DOWNLOAD
versaloon(sfnet) versaloon Versaloon Platform is a next gerenation embeded... DOWNLOAD
tookdes(sfnet) TookDES !TookDes是一个技术宅!TookTang自创的项目统称,专... DOWNLOAD
jwphorald(sfnet) jwphorald Joorgportal is a Groupware for familys and priv... DOWNLOAD
calcair(sfnet) CalcAir DOWNLOAD
sc-cast-assist(sfnet) Starcraft Casting Assistant This application allows a caster to pre-setup a... DOWNLOAD
pwnphone(sfnet) Pwn Phone 2011 DOWNLOAD
libmanagesystem(sfnet) Library Management System Library Management System is my first semester ... DOWNLOAD
sratchjava(sfnet) Scratch Java All of this is written by poopo on scratch DOWNLOAD
runasservice(sfnet) RunAsService Several available software applications may nee... DOWNLOAD
masonadmin(sfnet) Mason Admin Proyecto Open Source para administrar una logia... DOWNLOAD
bingophp(sfnet) bingoPHP This is a simply cms system which is written by... DOWNLOAD
outlook07addin(sfnet) Outlook 2007 Plugin This Addin helps in automating the process of r... DOWNLOAD
moneyshocks(sfnet) money making madness DOWNLOAD
webtracks(sfnet) Webtracks Webtracks’ objective is to develop an approach ... DOWNLOAD
hintwordstool(sfnet) hintwordstool 説明なし DOWNLOAD
tpsurvey(sfnet) OnlineSurvey No description DOWNLOAD
jproyect1(sfnet) DJ DOWNLOAD
buoy(sfnet) Buoy Buoy is a library for creating user interfaces ... DOWNLOAD
eenews(sfnet) EasyEmbedNews EeasyEmbedNews is a small and easy to embed new... DOWNLOAD
markstevanka(sfnet) Markplication Homer Simpson inspires your kid to learn multip... DOWNLOAD
bigbrotherbot(sfnet) Big Brother Bot (B3) BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-g... DOWNLOAD
smartscribo(sfnet) SmartScribo SmartScribo is a Smart-M3 application that prov... DOWNLOAD
simplesplitview(sfnet) SimpleSplitView SimpleSplitView is pretty much exactly what it ... DOWNLOAD
spam-refer3r(sfnet) Spam-refer3r Required: - Php CLI - Php CURL Referer spam (a... DOWNLOAD
vbmscms(sfnet) vbmscms / smefcms Easy to administer PHP CMS, featuring easy to d...
spacefm-cdemu(sfnet) spacefm-cdemu-plugin Simple plugin to mount images with cdemu from w... DOWNLOAD
screenmeter(sfnet) ScreenMeter ScreenMeter is a small application allowing use... DOWNLOAD
brandi(sfnet) brandi DOWNLOAD
gepetto(sfnet) GEPETTO - Gene Prioritization in Java GEPETTO is an application developped in Java la... DOWNLOAD
autosaveworld(sfnet) minecraft plugin Auto save world
articlespdf(sfnet) articles-pdf DOWNLOAD

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