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its(freshmeat) Ignition Test System ITS (Ignition Test System) is a simple tool tha... DOWNLOAD
ns-scheme(freshmeat) ns_scheme ns_scheme is a Scheme module for the SunOne We... DOWNLOAD
goldseeker(freshmeat) GoldSeeker GoldSeeker is a small formatted data extraction... DOWNLOAD
pcxportal(freshmeat) PCX Portal The PCX Portal provides a desktop environment, ... DOWNLOAD
pgaccess(freshmeat) PgAccess PgAccess is a Tcl/Tk frontend for PostgreSQL. I... DOWNLOAD
jsinputja(freshmeat) JavaScript Japanese Input Module The JavaScript Japanese Input Module makes it ... DOWNLOAD
vampire_test(freshmeat) Vampire Testing Tool Vampire is a remote package testing tool writte... DOWNLOAD
gkrellmxkb(freshmeat) GKrellM xkb GKrellM xkb is a plugin for GKrellM that displa... DOWNLOAD
epic(freshmeat) EPIC4 EPIC4 is a new direction in ircII development. ... DOWNLOAD
squash(freshmeat) Squash Squash is a C/Ncurses-based music player. It su... DOWNLOAD
lyrc(freshmeat) Lyrc Lyrc is an XMMS plugin, which displays the lyri... DOWNLOAD
adpass(freshmeat) AdPass AdPass is a high-end password protector and mem... DOWNLOAD
dlp(freshmeat) The Distributed Library Project The Distributed Library Project is a distribute... DOWNLOAD
dav(freshmeat) Dav Dav (Dav Ain't Vi) is an ncurses-based console ... DOWNLOAD
ktell(freshmeat) Ktell Ktell is a user level daemon that monitors expi... DOWNLOAD
portage56k(freshmeat) Portage56k Portage56k is a program that makes it easier to... DOWNLOAD
mindia(freshmeat) MinDia MinDia is an application for creating, modifyi... DOWNLOAD
sddns(freshmeat) Simple Dynamic DNS Simple Dynamic DNS is a very light and simple s... DOWNLOAD
mau(freshmeat) Mcafee Automatic Updater MAU is a Mcafee version of NAU: it will look fo... DOWNLOAD
tic-tac-toe(freshmeat) Tic-tac-toe Tic-tac-toe is an OpenGL game that focuses on g... DOWNLOAD
lcl(freshmeat) LCL The LinuxClassLibrary is a growing set of class... DOWNLOAD
afc(freshmeat) Advanced Foundation Classes The Advanced Foundation Classes (AFC) (formerly... DOWNLOAD
servdoc(freshmeat) ServDoc ServDoc describes your system with just one com... DOWNLOAD
pmilter(freshmeat) PMilter PMilter implements Sendmail's "milter"... DOWNLOAD
mara(sfnet) MARA Multiple Applications Reduced Administration, a... DOWNLOAD
nacho(freshmeat) Nacho Nacho is an application server and rapid Web de... DOWNLOAD
bugloo(freshmeat) Bugloo Bugloo is a source level debugger for the Schem... DOWNLOAD
lsb-vsx(freshmeat) LSB-VSX The LSB-VSX test suite is a version of The Open... DOWNLOAD
rbmhshow(freshmeat) rbmhshow Rbmhshow seeks to provide an efficient and ligh... DOWNLOAD
jinstalltool(freshmeat) JInstallTool JInstallTool is an installation IDE that uses d... DOWNLOAD
at89prog(freshmeat) at89prog at89prog is a command line serial and parallel ... DOWNLOAD
utidylib(freshmeat) uTidylib uTidylib is a Python wrapper for TidyLib. DOWNLOAD
vba(freshmeat) VisualBoyAdvance VisualBoyAdvance is a GameBoyAdvance emulator. ... DOWNLOAD
microlcd(freshmeat) MicroLCD MicroLCD is an XMMS plugin for LCDproc. This is... DOWNLOAD
free-cmms(freshmeat) free-cmms Free-cmms is a Web-based Computerized Maintenan... DOWNLOAD
ristatalk(sfnet) RistaTalk DOWNLOAD
ivrescue(freshmeat) Simple Rescue CD Simple Rescue CD is a small Linux rescue CD, s... DOWNLOAD
shimari(freshmeat) Shimari Shimari is a simple, flexible, lightweight comp... DOWNLOAD
qsnmpmon(freshmeat) SNMPMonitor SNMPMonitor is a tool to monitor SNMP devices. ... DOWNLOAD
gnu_qif(freshmeat) The gnu.qif Java package The gnu.qif Java package allows you to generate... DOWNLOAD
ci-link(freshmeat) CI-Link CI-Link is an object-oriented scripting languag... DOWNLOAD
stormsiren(freshmeat) StormSiren StormSiren is a personal severe weather monitor... DOWNLOAD
smile(freshmeat) Smile Smile is an open source implementation of the J... DOWNLOAD
dabaxs(freshmeat) DabaXS DabaXS provides a simple user interface to mana... DOWNLOAD
f2py(freshmeat) F2PY f2py is a command line tool for binding Python ... DOWNLOAD
jtranslit(freshmeat) jTranslit jTranslit is a transliterator from English to R... DOWNLOAD
yajal(freshmeat) YaJal YaJal is an abstraction layer written in Java o... DOWNLOAD
convex3d(freshmeat) Convex 3D Convex 3D is a convertor, extractor, and viewer... DOWNLOAD
querydom(freshmeat) QueryDOM The QueryDOM library is a DOM-based technology ... DOWNLOAD
quit(freshmeat) QuiT QuiT is a lightweight code generation plugin fo... DOWNLOAD
ruby-libburn(freshmeat) Ruby/Libburn Ruby/Libburn is a Ruby binding for Libburn, a ... DOWNLOAD
buildpkg(freshmeat) buildpkg Buildpkg is a package build system. It gives yo... DOWNLOAD
bophp(freshmeat) BoPHP BoPHP is a Web interface for Boss Ogg written i... DOWNLOAD
swaret(freshmeat) swaret swaret is an updater for Slackware and Slackwar... DOWNLOAD
knetmap(freshmeat) KDE Network Mapper KDE Network Mapper is a network discovery, pro... DOWNLOAD
mprl(freshmeat) Multi-Protocol Remote Login MPRL is a middleware application between a *get... DOWNLOAD
airsort(freshmeat) AirSort AirSort is a PHP/MySQL Web-based application th... DOWNLOAD
xcic(freshmeat) X Cursor Icon Chooser X Cursor Icon Chooser enables the normal deskto... DOWNLOAD
foomatic(freshmeat) Foomatic Foomatic is the printer/driver database of Linu... DOWNLOAD
opt-x(freshmeat) Opt-X Opt-X is a network monitoring tool. Its feature... DOWNLOAD
submount(freshmeat) Submount The submount removable media handling system au... DOWNLOAD
gtk-acl(freshmeat) gtk-acl gtk-acl is a GTK frontend that allow users to m... DOWNLOAD
tdbrepl(freshmeat) The Trivial Database Replication System The Trivial Database Replication System provide... DOWNLOAD
lighthawk(freshmeat) Light Hawk Light Hawk is a Jabber client with a focus on ... DOWNLOAD
duracell_cpumon(freshmeat) Linux Duracell CPU load monitor The Linux Duracell CPU load monitor is a progra... DOWNLOAD
roffit(freshmeat) roffit roffit is a program that reads an nroff file an... DOWNLOAD
qdown(freshmeat) QuickDownloader QuickDownloader is a download manager that acce... DOWNLOAD
wxrecnik(freshmeat) wxRecnik wxRecnik is a Serbian-English dictionary. DOWNLOAD
imirc(freshmeat) IMIRC IMIRC is an AOL Instant Messenger to IRC gatewa... DOWNLOAD
matplan(freshmeat) Transport Planner (Multi-Agent) Transport Planner is a dynamic si... DOWNLOAD
dashpc(freshmeat) DashPC The DashPC car multimedia system is a UI for au... DOWNLOAD
phpdbform(freshmeat) PHP DB Form Creator PHP DB Form Creator is a set of PHP scripts to ... DOWNLOAD
mlfi-setsender(freshmeat) Sendmail Milter Set Sender Patch The Sendmail Milter Set Sender Patch provides a... DOWNLOAD
gsendmail(freshmeat) GSendMail GSendMail is a simple, standalone mail composit... DOWNLOAD
cutee(freshmeat) cutee cutee is a C++ unit testing environment that ma... DOWNLOAD
geezer(freshmeat) Geezer Geezer is a simple curses client for the Boss O... DOWNLOAD
scythe(freshmeat) Scythe Scythe is a mail client based around the MH too... DOWNLOAD
cards_py(freshmeat) is a Python class library that impleme... DOWNLOAD
ini_py(freshmeat) is a Python module/class that allows dev... DOWNLOAD
easibox(freshmeat) Easibox Easibox is a utility that automates the creatio... DOWNLOAD
tunix(freshmeat) Tunix Tunix is a set of tools used to generate small ... DOWNLOAD
pam_ccreds(freshmeat) pam_ccreds The pam_ccreds module provides the means for L... DOWNLOAD
rdqlplus(freshmeat) RDQLPlus RDQLPlus is a tool for querying RDF graphs, fea... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpcobjc(freshmeat) XMLRPCObjC XMLRPCObjC provides a bridge between the Objec... DOWNLOAD
nss_updatedb(freshmeat) nss_updatedb The nss_updatedb utility maintains a local cach... DOWNLOAD
pam_ssh_agent(freshmeat) pam_ssh_agent pam_ssh_agent is a PAM module that spawns an ss... DOWNLOAD
teepeedee(freshmeat) teepeedee teepeedee is a small, fast, single-threaded fil... DOWNLOAD
eeprog(freshmeat) eeprog eeprog allows you to read and write to and from... DOWNLOAD
kedpm(freshmeat) Ked Password Manager Ked Password Manager helps to manage large amou... DOWNLOAD
mpeginsu(freshmeat) MPEGinsu MPEGinsu is an AppleScript front-end for the m... DOWNLOAD
makefaq(freshmeat) makefaq makefaq is a Python program that creates a Freq... DOWNLOAD
jmoule(freshmeat) jMoule jMoule is a frontend for mlDonkey. It is coded ... DOWNLOAD
wmsystray(freshmeat) wmsystray wmsystray provides a system tray compatible wit... DOWNLOAD
jwapmail(freshmeat) jwapmail Jwapmail is a WAP (WML)-based IMAP email (WAPma... DOWNLOAD
eio(freshmeat) EIO EIO is a Java networking library that provides ... DOWNLOAD
quickfile(freshmeat) QuickFile QuickFile is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbi... DOWNLOAD
alma(freshmeat) alma Alma is a software workshop for modeling and an... DOWNLOAD
osxnews(freshmeat) OSXnews OSXnews is a small, fast Cocoa news reader. DOWNLOAD
gettextlog(freshmeat) GetTextLog GetTextLog is a simple preloadable library to i... DOWNLOAD
1fcd(freshmeat) 1FCD 1FCD is a tiny Linux distribution that supports... DOWNLOAD

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