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easyimagesizer(sfnet) EasyImageSizer Program to batch compress, resize and rename Im... DOWNLOAD
netops(sfnet) NetopsToolkit The Netops collection of Perl scripts use SNMP ... DOWNLOAD
dipforge(sfnet) dipforge Dipforge is an application server that focus on... DOWNLOAD
joomscanner(sfnet) Joomla Folder Scanner Scan Joomla-Based Websites and detects componen...
clustergen(sfnet) ClusterGen ClusterGen is a traffic generator which uses pk... DOWNLOAD
dbp-spotlight(sfnet) DBpedia Spotlight DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for annotating ment... DOWNLOAD
plee-the-bear(sfnet) Plee the Bear Plee the Bear is a fun platform jump and run ga... DOWNLOAD
fpdfhebrew(sfnet) FPDF_hebrew (ADD-ON) La librairie FPDF est bien pratique pour créer ... DOWNLOAD
thewrap(sfnet) The Wrap! The Wrap! is my attempt to make interactive lea... DOWNLOAD
tapassgs4g(sfnet) Tapas-sgs4g DOWNLOAD
eurobet(sfnet) EurobetFrignano App DOWNLOAD
pskino(sfnet) Kino A program that darkens the whole screen, except... DOWNLOAD
averagedndepend(sfnet) Averaged N-Dependence Estimators - AnDE Averaged N-Dependence Estimators (A1DE and A2DE... DOWNLOAD
sweauktionsproj(sfnet) SWE Auktionsprojekt Team5 Gruppe2 Diese Seite wird für die Dokumentation der Aukt... DOWNLOAD
wpimgins(sfnet) WordPress Image Inserter A simple app that generates wordpress HTML code... DOWNLOAD
codebotadapter(sfnet) CBA - CodeBot Adapter The CBA is a Java-based Library to interact wit... DOWNLOAD
rnaseq-mats(sfnet) RNASeq-MATS MATS is a computational tool to detect differen... DOWNLOAD
fusionleaf(sfnet) FusionLeaf FusionLeaf is no longer hosted on SourceForge, ... DOWNLOAD
lsssignin(sfnet) Java_Signin This project was started to provide a way for a... DOWNLOAD
easymotif(sfnet) Easymotif Motif GUI-builder Easymotif is a WYSIWYG GUI-builder for Motif, p... DOWNLOAD
openblockscpp(sfnet) OpenBlocks C++ Library Please see more details under: http://education... DOWNLOAD
notemeonpad(sfnet) NoteMeOnpad DOWNLOAD
qwinreloaded(sfnet) QWin_Reloaded Least Qt3 sources for windows qt-3.3.x-p8.7z (... DOWNLOAD
coordina2(sfnet) Collaborative Agenda Coordina2 Coordina2 agenda is a collaborative website int... DOWNLOAD
moeye(sfnet) mo_eye Send or receive file DOWNLOAD
fixmynumbers(sfnet) FixMyNumbers This software is designed to help student's reg... DOWNLOAD
codesql(sfnet) CodeSQL Developers may test SQL queries or receive them... DOWNLOAD
cuon(sfnet) C.U.O.N C.U.O.N. is an ERP System for Linux-Server with... DOWNLOAD
intercomsistema(sfnet) intercom sistemas comerciais No description
usarena(sfnet) User Arena malloc like shared memory library based on mapp... DOWNLOAD
filesift(sfnet) File Sift File Sift groups files and directories to fit w... DOWNLOAD
clariondbreader(sfnet) clarion database reader This tiny tool reads a database in the Clarion ... DOWNLOAD
pcap2sipp(sfnet) pcap2sipp Sometimes in the process of debugging SIP UAs y... DOWNLOAD
phpvirtualtable(sfnet) php virtual table Key Features: 1) Add/Delete Item on the fly. ... DOWNLOAD
cdpopgui(sfnet) CDPOPgui CDPOPgui is a GUI Frontend for CDPOP What is C... DOWNLOAD
neatmickrom(sfnet) Neatmick_rom DOWNLOAD
simplenettester(sfnet) Network Ping Tester Network Ping Tester is a flexible network teste... DOWNLOAD
wang3(sfnet) wang3 09网络3班班级网 DOWNLOAD
astarothbb(sfnet) AstarothBB ASTAROTHBB Astaroth es un proyecto para la cr... DOWNLOAD
flashdeveloppat(sfnet) Flash Develop Patchs DOWNLOAD
slcncminiplayer(sfnet) Slcnc Mini Player Add audio to your website without requiring Fla... DOWNLOAD
whereyoubin(sfnet) Where In the World Have You Been? A PHP script with maps of the World, China, Can... DOWNLOAD
negev-storm(sfnet) סערה בנגב לפתח מאמן טיסה קרבי, מציאותי, חינמי, ישראלי ובע... DOWNLOAD
zeroones3(sfnet) ZeroOneS3 DOWNLOAD
serviceandprice(sfnet) Services And Prices With this plugin admins can create catalog for ... DOWNLOAD
gemi(sfnet) Gemi Gemi is fast, automated and user-friendly tool ... DOWNLOAD
noen(sfnet) framework for dynamic analysis and test aim is to provide support for monitoring system... DOWNLOAD
xmppwebchat(sfnet) XMPPWebChat XMPPWebChat is a Web Application which enables ... DOWNLOAD
utimer(sfnet) uTimer Command-line "timer" tool which featu... DOWNLOAD
repo-sync(sfnet) VSS to SVN synchronize A pure java application to synchronize Visual S... DOWNLOAD
stdsdevkit(sfnet) Standards DevKit The Standards DevKit is designed to remove the ... DOWNLOAD
fnprog2pda(sfnet) FNProg2PDA FNProg2PDA is a freeware add-on tool for the FN... DOWNLOAD
ajaxchat(sfnet) Ajax Chat This web application will allow anyone to regis... DOWNLOAD
pcdtojpeg(sfnet) pcdtojpeg pcdtojpeg converts PCD (Kodak Photo CD) image f... DOWNLOAD
vadepk(sfnet) VadePK VadePK will be updated as much as possible ever... DOWNLOAD
applicationlear(sfnet) application_learning DOWNLOAD
calibre-tf201(sfnet) Calibre-TF201 Your Android-Device isn't recognized by Calibre... DOWNLOAD
obliviontextrpg(sfnet) Oblivion Text RPG I am writing a small Text based RPG game using ... DOWNLOAD
ourku(sfnet) my home 私の掲示板 DOWNLOAD
arm2rus-dict(sfnet) Arm-Rus dictionary Armenian-Russian dictionary published in 1985 b... DOWNLOAD
rehearsalassist(sfnet) Rehearsal Assistant Rehearsal Assistant is a software tool which he... DOWNLOAD
blenderboot(sfnet) Blender-boot Live session login user: live password:(no pass... DOWNLOAD
fullfiller(sfnet) FullFiller A very simple tool to automate benchmarking tes... DOWNLOAD
udtool(sfnet) UdTool android upload and download tool,it will suppor... DOWNLOAD
supportlog(sfnet) Support Log Hey, I was asked to put together a small datab... DOWNLOAD
abcontamination(sfnet) abcontamination This software (plot_allele_balance_find_contami... DOWNLOAD
isochronalpanic(sfnet) Isochronal Panic DOWNLOAD
gamesonlinehung(sfnet) gamesonlinehunglong games online play multiplayer DOWNLOAD
nomaddm(sfnet) Nomad Download Manager DOWNLOAD
mariouncut(sfnet) Mega Man Machina Mega Man is out for revenge. For years Mario ha... DOWNLOAD
jocg(sfnet) java open chat gallery DOWNLOAD
chemblspace(sfnet) ChEMBLspace ChEMBLSpace is a Java application for the visua... DOWNLOAD
emforge(sfnet) EmForge: Workflow Bug-Tracking and Wiki J2EE-based, Open-Source, Workflow-Based integra... DOWNLOAD
juploadr(sfnet) jUploadr jUploadr is a java-based flickr uploader. It ai... DOWNLOAD
atbrowser(sfnet) TinyBrowser TinyBrowser is a Multi-Version Browser for Wind... DOWNLOAD
letitrain(sfnet) LetItRain *This download mirror is only for snapshots and... DOWNLOAD
httpchecklr(sfnet) HTTP check portlet for Liferay Small Liferay portlet for easy and basic checki... DOWNLOAD
cmsprowebshop(sfnet) CMS Pro Web Shop Content Management System for website, website ... DOWNLOAD
jiyuan(sfnet) jiyuan is a reality and free community DOWNLOAD
classicsudoku(sfnet) Classic sudoku Classical sudoku is a free game where you can e... DOWNLOAD
synder(sfnet) Synder Synder is an Atom/RSS/SearchSuggestion/OPML pro... DOWNLOAD
stopwatch-pch(sfnet) Stopwatch A simple stopwatch program with basic features ... DOWNLOAD
agiatsucounter(sfnet) Agiatsu Counter This program will allow people to quickly find ... DOWNLOAD
webzip(sfnet) WebZip WebZip is a source code compressor for web lang... DOWNLOAD
space394(sfnet) Space[394] Created by Grubby Paw Studios, Space[394] is th... DOWNLOAD
tnefdd(sfnet) tnefDD tnefDD is a OS X program that extracts attachme... DOWNLOAD
fbui(freshmeat) FramebufferUI FBUI is a small, fast in-kernel GUI windowing s... DOWNLOAD
azureus(sfnet) Vuze - Azureus Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a P2P file sharing c... DOWNLOAD
sharedmem(sfnet) USharedMem sharing user-space memory. Includes a driver an... DOWNLOAD
wesnothrcx(sfnet) Wesnoth RCX Wesnoth RCX (codename "Morning Star")... DOWNLOAD
essmodelforlaza(sfnet) Ess-model for Lazarus This is port of Ess-model for Lazarus original... DOWNLOAD
hcs12hallibrary(sfnet) HCS12 HAL Library HCS12 HAL Library that simplify usage of Freesc... DOWNLOAD
cchksum(sfnet) Crispy Checksum Crispy Checksum builds and maintains a checksum... DOWNLOAD
gnome232sfs(sfnet) Precise Puppy, Gnome 2.32.1 desktop. DOWNLOAD
timecourse(sfnet) Time Course Create an algorithm/visual that can distinguish... DOWNLOAD
mangler-org(sfnet) Mangler Mangler is a modularized network service manage... DOWNLOAD
libfbui(freshmeat) FBUI Library & programs A C library for interacting with FBUI, which is... DOWNLOAD
toolchest(sfnet) Toolchest (program Launcher) toolchest is a clone of SGI's toolchest with sa... DOWNLOAD
comics-refcard-generator(freshmeat) Comics Refcard Generator Comics Refcard Generator is a Web service to cr... DOWNLOAD
ezjoin(sfnet) ezjoin Joins two files in similar style as GNU "j... DOWNLOAD

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