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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
t6manager(sfnet) T6 Manager The T6 Manager is a GUI frontend to manager you... DOWNLOAD
pamie(sfnet) PAMIE Python Automation Module (class) for Internet E... DOWNLOAD
gasp(sfnet) Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Another Shopping Php Implemetation... DOWNLOAD
pogo(freshmeat) Pogo Pogo is probably the simplest and fastest audio... DOWNLOAD
eradioforsally(sfnet) eRadio for Sally eRadio is a simple internet radio application f... DOWNLOAD
pycrc(sfnet) pycrc pycrc is an easy to use CRC (cyclic redundancy ... DOWNLOAD
wowarmoryapi(sfnet) PHP WoW Armory API This is a complete API to access World of Warcr... DOWNLOAD
jcscfdclient(sfnet) JCS CFD (cliente) Esta librería contiene los componentes del clie... DOWNLOAD
mercurial-headquarter(freshmeat) Mercurial HeadQuarter Mercurial HeadQuarter is a Web service for mana... DOWNLOAD
gapfiller(sfnet) GapFiller GapFiller is a seed-and-extend local assembler ... DOWNLOAD
dasm(sfnet) DASM DASM is a macro data assembler, meaning that it... DOWNLOAD
condemnedrealm(sfnet) Condemned Realm No description yet, need time to work DOWNLOAD
commuse(sfnet) gameDevCommUse this is a useful source of game developer, and ... DOWNLOAD
airexport(sfnet) AIREXPORT AIREXPORT liberado bajo licencia GPL Version 2,... DOWNLOAD
mcs-awl(sfnet) AWL A light client C/S framework in pike. AWL based... DOWNLOAD
filehelpers(sfnet) FileHelpers Library The FileHelpers are an easy to use .NET library... DOWNLOAD
resizeimages(sfnet) Resize Images Resize images is a program that resizes images(... DOWNLOAD
dansbatchfile1(sfnet) Dan's Batch File This is a copy of my final product of 'Dan's GU... DOWNLOAD
navtangolocal(sfnet) navTango - Local "navTango - Local" is a web based app... DOWNLOAD
androidi9000ker(sfnet) i9000-kernel kernel for cyanogenMod cm9. Change kernel accor... DOWNLOAD
bsedataextract(sfnet) bse data extraction this project is aimed at automating the process... DOWNLOAD
jsnark(sfnet) jSNARK jSNARK is an extensible programming system desi... DOWNLOAD
openplay(sfnet) OpenPlay OpenPlay is a cross-platform network abstractio... DOWNLOAD
libtirpc(sfnet) libtirpc Libtirpc is a port of Suns Transport-Independen... DOWNLOAD
fmcstencils(sfnet) FMC-Visio Stencils Tool support for creating FMC* diagrams [Block ... DOWNLOAD
scapetoad(sfnet) ScapeToad ScapeToad is an easy to use application for the... DOWNLOAD
minichatbox(sfnet) MiniChatbox A small PHP chatbox which supports the use of e... DOWNLOAD
wtfortune(sfnet) WTFortune WTFortune is a simple program written in C++ on... DOWNLOAD
jitsiportable(sfnet) Jitsi Portable Jitsi (SIP Communicator) Portable (Windows Only). DOWNLOAD
g19perfmon(sfnet) G19 Performance Monitor An open source program to monitor the PC's reso... DOWNLOAD
webcode(sfnet) Web code format tool Desobfuscates json and javascript codes, also i... DOWNLOAD
prprocs6files(sfnet) Premiere Pro CS6 files DOWNLOAD
aaaaaa1(sfnet) Teste DOWNLOAD
cdmicli(sfnet) cdmicli Python-based command line utilities for CDMI cl... DOWNLOAD
daq4music(sfnet) daq4music DAQ for MuSIC experiment, based on Midas DOWNLOAD
pktic(sfnet) pktic PKTIC is a game impossible to win, anyelse can ... DOWNLOAD
turbosphere(sfnet) TurboSphere TurboSphere is an intuitive and easy to learn g... DOWNLOAD
wikid-twofactor(sfnet) WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a pub... DOWNLOAD
gpdialapplet(sfnet) gpdial_applet A GNOME panel applet that can monitor a file an... DOWNLOAD
ppgp(sfnet) Portable PGP Portable PGP is a fully featured lightweight ja... DOWNLOAD
gotmail(sfnet) GotMail Gotmail is a perl script to download mail from ... DOWNLOAD
bowserlaststand(sfnet) Bowser's Last Stand Take control of the mighty Bowser and fight aga... DOWNLOAD
archivistavm(sfnet) ArchivistaVM An open source virtualization project based on ...
globaltester(sfnet) GlobalTester GlobalTester helps you to test all kind of smar... DOWNLOAD
pattgenerator(sfnet) PatternGenerator PatternGenerator is Java application with a Swi... DOWNLOAD
novelllogin(sfnet) Novell Login for Linux Novell Login for Linux is a very simple perl sc... DOWNLOAD
creaseconverter(sfnet) Crease Converter A Simple Useful Python project what can be used... DOWNLOAD
romasv1(sfnet) Rom AS V1 ICS S2 DOWNLOAD
zmodem4dotnet(sfnet) ZModem 4 dotNET Few weeks ago, I needed to get 1 file from a re... DOWNLOAD
autohttpbrowser(sfnet) Auto HTTP Browser This console application automatically gather f... DOWNLOAD
webcomponent(sfnet) WebComponent WebComponent is a simple but flexible and power... DOWNLOAD
toolkitcl(sfnet) toolkit collection DOWNLOAD
dirctxsrc(sfnet) JNDI DirContextSource A JNDI DirContext factory which works very much... DOWNLOAD
rcdcap(sfnet) RCDCap RCDCap is a packet processing framework. At its... DOWNLOAD
cpumtt(sfnet) Cpu MultiThreading Test DOWNLOAD
collection2012(sfnet) Collection Software 2012 DOWNLOAD
my047500(sfnet) 047500 DOWNLOAD
edgelinux(sfnet) Edge This new GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian... DOWNLOAD
ipops(sfnet) IP ops IP ops provides IP and VLSM calculator written ... DOWNLOAD
db2html(sfnet) db2html Great DBA tools! This project contains scripts ... DOWNLOAD
openrentstock(sfnet) Open Rentstock Sorry for your long wait. This Project may rest... DOWNLOAD
ipopsem(sfnet) IP ops em IP ops em provides IP and VLSM calculator for W... DOWNLOAD
languagetool(freshmeat) LanguageTool LanguageTool is a style and grammar checker tha... DOWNLOAD
phptest007(sfnet) phptest007 No description DOWNLOAD
cvhmm(sfnet) CvHMM This project (CvHMM) is an implementation of di... DOWNLOAD
scrap(sfnet) scrap X11 utilities and applications. Everything is p... DOWNLOAD
fourccpatch(sfnet) FourCCPatch DOWNLOAD
prosuiteplugins(sfnet) ProSuite Plugins DOWNLOAD
deskcalendar(sfnet) deskCalendar DeskCalendar an application to store informatio... DOWNLOAD
vbhelper(sfnet) VB HELPER It have very much topics to teach a student. DOWNLOAD
bugtrackerocp(sfnet) BugTracker DOWNLOAD
locate32(sfnet) Locate32 Locate32 finds files and directories based on f... DOWNLOAD
nextprot2rdf(sfnet) nextprot2rdf This project aims in providing open source tool... DOWNLOAD
ekushey(sfnet) Ekushey Bangla Computing and Localization Project for t... DOWNLOAD
scoredate(sfnet) ScoreDate ScoreDate is your date with the music ! It is a... DOWNLOAD
plays1987(sfnet) playstar DOWNLOAD
lwesn-linux-deb(sfnet) Lwesn-Linux-Deb Lwesn!-Linux-Softwarm-Center DOWNLOAD
coderedsim(sfnet) Code Red Sim This is a student project designed to compete i... DOWNLOAD
phpruss(sfnet) PHP Russ PHP Russ - language was created for russian-spe... DOWNLOAD
mshaab(sfnet) Mshaab Mshaab
galaxyv2(sfnet) Galaxy Forces V2 A 2D network multiplayer space shooter, inspire... DOWNLOAD
coldstars(sfnet) ColdStars The 2D space game (top-down view), turn based g... DOWNLOAD
storecaliburnus(sfnet) Store App Store, es el Primer servicio de Caliburnus, que... DOWNLOAD
hackshot(sfnet) Hackshot For any users who want to be able to catalog th... DOWNLOAD
pycpu(sfnet) pyCPU The Python Hardware Processsor is a implementa... DOWNLOAD
lighthouseonlin(sfnet) Lighthouseonline The project is about a company providing transl... DOWNLOAD
obd2dtc(sfnet) Simple OBD2 DTC reader (Linux and Win32) Can connect to ECU using ELM327. Can read DTC (... DOWNLOAD
xymyum(sfnet) xym-yum xymon plugin to check packages pending to be up... DOWNLOAD
scala40(sfnet) Scala 40 DOWNLOAD
pieceocake(sfnet) PieceOCake Do you ever curse Java for making it so ridicul... DOWNLOAD
inventoryair(sfnet) InventoryAir DOWNLOAD
projectderritte(sfnet) Project "Der Ritter" Project by Echoes Entertainment, codename "... DOWNLOAD
bte07(sfnet) bte07 DOWNLOAD
sd-downloader(sfnet) Soundcloud Downloader Require: Php 5.* >< 5.3 Php-gtk2 Php-curl DOWNLOAD
rhinolinuxmaine(sfnet) RhinoLINUX Main Edition RhinoLINUX aims to create a desktop OS with som... DOWNLOAD
jellyfishfrwrk(sfnet) JellyfishFramework A small C# libary which makes it easier for peo... DOWNLOAD
aikabr(sfnet) AIKABR 1 DOWNLOAD
otakuhispano(sfnet) otaku hispano DOWNLOAD
substitute(sfnet) substitute No description DOWNLOAD
win8newsletter(sfnet) newsletter DOWNLOAD

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