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machet(sfnet) Machet Digital Design Flow A collection of Perl scripts for digital design... DOWNLOAD
cs-project(sfnet) CS-Project PostgreSQL + PHP driven project management webs... DOWNLOAD
ack-2(freshmeat) ack ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programm... DOWNLOAD
qplwipethstm32(sfnet) STM32 LWIP QPC Ethernet DPP This is a port of the Dining Philosopher Proble... DOWNLOAD
sousuo(sfnet) sousuo
istt(sfnet) Incremental Scenario Testing Tool IST supports the test teams in managing their c... DOWNLOAD
delius(sfnet) Delius Delius is a free multiplataform music software ... DOWNLOAD
labmonkey(sfnet) LabMonkey Embedded Automation Platform LabMonkey is a collection of designs for embedd... DOWNLOAD
sisfinanceiro(sfnet) Siscontrole Financeiro Free O programa é uma poderosa ferramenta de control... DOWNLOAD
zxd(sfnet) zxd DOWNLOAD
bis-snp(sfnet) Bis-SNP Bis-SNP is a package based on the Genome Analys... DOWNLOAD
docsonlineview(sfnet) Docs Online Viewer Docs Online Viewer is a Firefox add-on that all... DOWNLOAD
usrndgrps(sfnet) usrndgrps これは bash スクリプトで私の最初の仕事です。シ...
sailplay(freshmeat) sailplay sailplay parses NMEA0183 data from a GPS data l... DOWNLOAD
deadbeef-mpris(sfnet) DeaDBeeF-MPRIS-plugin The MPRIS plugin for DeaDBeeF music player. DOWNLOAD
controlasistenc(sfnet) SICONAS Siconas es un sistema para llevar el control d... DOWNLOAD
banglalionwimax(sfnet) BanglalionWiMAX We are a group of teenagers working to better t... DOWNLOAD
cpsfontviewer(sfnet) CPS Font Viewer CPS Font Viewer allows one to select a specifie... DOWNLOAD
intensevt(sfnet) IntenseVT IntenseVT is a vocabulary trainer with the aim ... DOWNLOAD
airvolution(sfnet) Omicron
henrietta.berlios(sfnet) HSP simple apps <br> Simple apps made by HSP(free easy pr... DOWNLOAD
c36b1charmm(sfnet) C36B1-CHARMM DOWNLOAD
coseeek(sfnet) CoSEEEK CoSEEEK is a framework that provides automated ... DOWNLOAD
freiebibel(sfnet) Freie Bibel The bible resources of this project are in Germ... DOWNLOAD
collectron(sfnet) Collectron Collectron is a simple collection manager, for ... DOWNLOAD
eureka-editor(sfnet) eureka-editor Eureka is a DOOM map editor DOWNLOAD
fnnparser(sfnet) FNN Parser Das Programm ist als Hilfe für die Energieverso... DOWNLOAD
vis-explorer(sfnet) Visplane Explorer Visplane Explorer is a program to visualize pos... DOWNLOAD
videocollection(sfnet) Video Collection A simple java desktop application to manage you...
canorus(sfnet) Canorus - music score editor Canorus is a free cross-platform music score ed... DOWNLOAD
phalnx(sfnet) phalanx # parallel hash alternative phalanx - parallel hash alternative (PHA) is an... DOWNLOAD
packfilemanager(sfnet) packfilemanager This is the Total War pack file manager project... DOWNLOAD
brocc(sfnet) brocc BROCC (BLAST Read and OTU Consensus Classifier)... DOWNLOAD
eyecms(sfnet) eyeCMS eyeCMS is a lightweight content management syst... DOWNLOAD
inotee(sfnet) iNote This version : 0.1 Old version : N/A iNote a s... DOWNLOAD
osdldbt(sfnet) Database Test Suite This Database Test Suite aims to create databas... DOWNLOAD
minimagd(sfnet) Minima CMS Kad pogledamo drugi CMS, na primjer Joomlu, vid... DOWNLOAD
jgraphviz(sfnet) jGraphViz Java wrapper around the SWIG libgv bindings and...
atftp(sfnet) atftp atftp is a client/server implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
finita(sfnet) Finita Finita is a software package for solving comple... DOWNLOAD
pokemygummy(sfnet) Poke My Gummy Poke My Gummy is a mindless time waster for you... DOWNLOAD
knightmareframe(sfnet) KnightmareFrame DOWNLOAD
jena(sfnet) Jena Jena is Java toolkit for developing semantic we... DOWNLOAD
iprangescanner(sfnet) IP Range Scanner Scan countries' IP ranges. Then getting insert... DOWNLOAD
pysvngraph.berlios(sfnet) pysvngraph pysvngraph is a python component/software to dr... DOWNLOAD
ebmlinspect(sfnet) EBMLInspect EBMLInspect is a Java based, graphical utility ... DOWNLOAD
notifylxm(sfnet) NOTIFY_lxm - Hyper HTML-Thumbnail in C An application for generating a portable HTML-t... DOWNLOAD
snarlmpchc(sfnet) Snarl extension MPC-HC DOWNLOAD
cpuma(sfnet) cpuma CPUMA is a multicast routing protocol for mobil...
nampac(sfnet) Nampac Capacity Management Nampac is intended to be both a modelling langu... DOWNLOAD
swftools(sfnet) SwfTools +EXE to SWF Extractor Extract SWF From EXE (Pro... DOWNLOAD
enigma-dev(sfnet) ENIGMA Development Environment ENIGMA is a free game and application developme...
mathsprograms(sfnet) maths programs
teamlabscanner(sfnet) Online Scanner Online Scanner is a free online scanner based n...
dman(sfnet) Dman Dman - download manager for PalmOS devices. DOWNLOAD
botftrekidb(sfnet) BotF Standard Trek.exe IDA Database IDA Pro (Interactive Disassembler) is a really ... DOWNLOAD
colorsfinder(sfnet) Colors Finder This application will give you the ability to l... DOWNLOAD
fx702p(sfnet) Fx702p A fully-featured Casio Fx702p emulator includin... DOWNLOAD
jedit-obsarch(sfnet) Emerald Text Editor (jEditor) Emerald Text Editor (Emerald Editor, or Emerald... DOWNLOAD
l2tp-ipsec-vpn(sfnet) L2TP over IPsec VPN Manager It provides a system tray icon in the notificat... DOWNLOAD
evolutcomput(sfnet) EvolutionaryComputation This project is a prototype of evolutionary com... DOWNLOAD
broodrombusines(sfnet) broodROM Business Edition This rom is for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (i9001) o... DOWNLOAD
microcleaner(sfnet) microcleaner コンピュータから不要ファイルを削除する簡単な、...
discoverd(sfnet) Discover for Delphi Discover is an analysis tool that allows to mea...
ideais(sfnet) IDEAIS IDEAIS is a enteprise service bus integration p... DOWNLOAD
fastcode(sfnet) FastCode Project Libraries providing optimized alternative imple... DOWNLOAD
aquiladc(sfnet) Aquila DC Aquila is a DirectConnect hub software aiming t... DOWNLOAD
creativeorm(sfnet) Creative ORM Creative ORM is a small Annotation based framew... DOWNLOAD
johabi(sfnet) JohanneumAbiturprüfungszulassung Entwickelt für das Johanneum in Wadersloh, port... DOWNLOAD
barcodegen(sfnet) Barcode Gen Barcode Gen Es una aplicación desktop que perm... DOWNLOAD
uncialclock(sfnet) UncialClock Clock application written in Java, expressing d... DOWNLOAD
f1tmwatchrace(sfnet) f1tm watch race watch race in 3d for f1tm DOWNLOAD
diyrework(sfnet) DIY Rework Station Documentation of a DIY Rework Station including... DOWNLOAD
dwidget(sfnet) Dicionario.widget - Lingua Portuguesa Dicionario.widget is a Portuguese dictionary wi...
opencore-amr(sfnet) opencore-amr Library of OpenCORE Framework implementation of...
coteia(sfnet) CoTeia CoTeia is a Computer Supported Collaborative Le...
cov2html(sfnet) COV2HTML COV2HTML provides an easy and 'in home' web int... DOWNLOAD
mothership(sfnet) mothership asset management and provisioning made easy! ... DOWNLOAD
jcompoundmapper(sfnet) jCompoundMapper Library for fingerprinting (decomposition) of c... DOWNLOAD
ambient-bio(sfnet) AMBIENT AMBIENT (Active Modules for Bipartite Networks)... DOWNLOAD
mb508.motorola(sfnet) MB508 Flipside This is a horizontal-QWERTY slider phone runnin... DOWNLOAD
dangerousspace(sfnet) DangerousSpace you find yourself hundrets of lightyears away f... DOWNLOAD
cmsimulation(sfnet) CM_simulation Simulation of case management of elderly person... DOWNLOAD
pebamod(sfnet) pebamod Projekt zum verwalten von Privatinsolvenzen Vo...
maxstealer(sfnet) MaxStealer MaxStealer is a password stealing Trojan used t... DOWNLOAD
busilet(sfnet) busilet The UTID (Universally Traceable Identifier) is ... DOWNLOAD
jdbsync(sfnet) jDBSync This project provides the package of ANT tasks ... DOWNLOAD
pagetransitions(sfnet) Non-Jquery Page Transitions lightweight . Easy to implement. . Lightweight 2.1Kb . Spec... DOWNLOAD
momrtgt(sfnet) Master of Magic Real-Time Game Tweaker The old DOS game Master of Magic has tons of hi... DOWNLOAD
swing-database(sfnet) Swing toolkit X access table of database “Swing toolkit to access a table of a database“... DOWNLOAD
etc2vcs(sfnet) etc2vcs A perl wrapper around svn which keeps arbitrary... DOWNLOAD
sikulircserver(sfnet) sikulirc server DOWNLOAD
hindiphoneticke(sfnet) Hindi Phonetic Keyboard DOWNLOAD
kubboportable(sfnet) KubboPortable This is a short, and very simple, and effective... DOWNLOAD
miptoolset(sfnet) MIpToolset DOWNLOAD
gvnmodfordouble(sfnet) GvN (Mod for Double-Shot) Muda o tamanho dos bots , jogadores , lugares d... DOWNLOAD
entris(sfnet) Entris Tetris clone including the evil duck. Single an...
heavysteel(sfnet) Heavy Steel DOWNLOAD
farplugin-svcs(sfnet) Services Far Plugin Plugin for Far v3.x which manipulates Windows S... DOWNLOAD
i-librarian(freshmeat) I, Librarian I, Librarian is a PDF manager or PDF organizer ... DOWNLOAD

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