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waresoft(sfnet) Ware-Soft Ware-Soft is an open source inventory/warehouse... DOWNLOAD
epsgraphics(sfnet) EPS Graphics Library EpsGraphics is a Java library to output EPS gra... DOWNLOAD
lci-retina(sfnet) Laser Cell Interactions - Retina This is a Biofusion(TM) model of light/laser ti... DOWNLOAD
admidiocsa(sfnet) Admidio CSA Plugin Admidio Plugin for Community Supported Agricult... DOWNLOAD
tpcc-jdbc(sfnet) TCJ TCJ (TPC-C via JDBC) is an implementation of TP... DOWNLOAD
secqua(sfnet) SecQua SecQua is an open source project written in Pyt... DOWNLOAD
qishiba(sfnet) qishiba DOWNLOAD
calc-math-expr(sfnet) calc-math-expr This project make possible calculation mathemat... DOWNLOAD
pupozinf(sfnet) Pupoz Information Format Reader (.PiNF) By using a light weight application, you can re... DOWNLOAD
alarmclockmetro(sfnet) alarm clock metro ui DOWNLOAD
kancil(sfnet) The Kancil Project We maintain cool packages for Debian testing! DOWNLOAD
phploganalyzer(sfnet) PHP Log Analyzer [/projects/freshmeat_mysql/ MySQL] データベース...
mabelidl(sfnet) mabelidl These are IDL programs that we use to browse an... DOWNLOAD
klingelton4you(sfnet) KlingelTon4You DOWNLOAD
netpowerctrl(sfnet) netpowerctrl netpowerctrl is an Android UI for controlling a... DOWNLOAD
alittlesomethin(sfnet) A Little Something DOWNLOAD
meh1(sfnet) meh1 DOWNLOAD
mcpermafrost(sfnet) Minecraft PermaFrost Mod This mod currently adds WorldGen changes to min... DOWNLOAD
stupidtextgame(sfnet) A Game Of Text 1.0.2 DOWNLOAD
osprotractor(sfnet) OnScreenProtractor On-Screen Protractor is a simple java applicati... DOWNLOAD
rokusamples(sfnet) Roku Developer Samples DOWNLOAD
nodeweaver(sfnet) NodeWeaver NodeWeaver is a tool for generating SystemML Ne... DOWNLOAD
pearx(sfnet) PearX
geniusplayerer(sfnet) Genius Player Genius player can listen to almost any audio fi... DOWNLOAD
lampstack(freshmeat) BitNami LAMPStack BitNami LAMPStack Native Installer is an easy-t... DOWNLOAD
gsienicav36(sfnet) Gąsienica v3.6 Projekt częściowy. Zawiera stronę html do użyci... DOWNLOAD
nakmaal(sfnet) aurahplp aurahplp DOWNLOAD
tictactoebasic(sfnet) Tic Tac Toe - in its basic way This program is a basic interpretation of the &... DOWNLOAD
quicksavemaps(sfnet) QuickSaveMaps QuickSaveMaps let's you set up your Photoshop d... DOWNLOAD
shdh(sfnet) Simple Hibernate Data Handler The Simple Hibernate Data Handler implements a ... DOWNLOAD
testmusical(sfnet) Entraînement pour l'oreille Ce jeu a pour but d'aider les musiciens à parfa... DOWNLOAD
roundcube-sms-h(sfnet) Roundcube Smshosting plugin Send sms message from roundcube webmail using s... DOWNLOAD
simfqt(sfnet) C++ Simulated Fare Quote System Library That project aims at providing a clean API and ... DOWNLOAD
leg-tv-scraper(sfnet) Scraper Projeto movido para cá: DOWNLOAD
bitnami-thinkup-stack(freshmeat) BitNami ThinkUp Stack BitNami ThinkUp Stack is an easy-to-install dis... DOWNLOAD
emp7(sfnet) emp7 emp7 is a simple database benchmark. emp7 is ve... DOWNLOAD
os-eveprofit(sfnet) OS-EveProfit Opensource fork of the eve-profit website. Rele... DOWNLOAD
asterisk442(sfnet) asterisk442 No description DOWNLOAD
myprogram(sfnet) Programmi DOWNLOAD
logpipe(freshmeat) LogPipe LogPipe is a module that extends the default PH... DOWNLOAD
kinectmotorlinu(sfnet) Kinect Motor Linux Kernel Module Simple Linux kernel module to allow use of XBox... DOWNLOAD
fixturecreator(sfnet) FitnesseFixtureCreator A set of fixtures that allow Fitnesse Fixtures ... DOWNLOAD
sabsmooapplicat(sfnet) Sabsmoo Application Suite DOWNLOAD
odt2braille(sfnet) odt2braille odt2braille is a Braille extension to OpenOffic... DOWNLOAD
tcpweblog(freshmeat) TCPWebLog TCPWebLog is a system that collects and aggrega... DOWNLOAD
rackmap(freshmeat) RackMap RackMap is a Web-based datacenter management to... DOWNLOAD
mazejen(sfnet) MazeJen MazeJen is a maze generator written in java whi... DOWNLOAD
lbp(sfnet) Learn Brazilian Portuguese LBP, or Learn Brazilian Portuguese, is a softwa... DOWNLOAD
potp(sfnet) Planet of the Penguins PHP Portal Script PHP CMS using a MySQL database to provide a nav... DOWNLOAD
cxserver(sfnet) 希科系统(CxServer) CxServer 提供大学生创新项目的管理及协作研究服务... DOWNLOAD
trakmoodtemp(sfnet) TRAK MooD 2010 Template This template was developed by Vega Consulting ... DOWNLOAD
trong(sfnet) Trong Project Trong Software, Code, Templates, Web Tools,... DOWNLOAD
pzfood(sfnet) pzFood DOWNLOAD
notlob(sfnet) Notlob Initiative Tracker (GTK) A 3.5 compatible initative tracker for the path... DOWNLOAD
tinywarz(sfnet) tinywarz DOWNLOAD
polaris-t(sfnet) POLARIS DOWNLOAD
ctzive(sfnet) ct-zive Prijimani a nasledne streamovani ziveho vysilan... DOWNLOAD
pxcalc(sfnet) pxcalc Calculator DOWNLOAD
fancylive(sfnet) Star Cricket Live Watch Star Cricket Live, Star Cricket Online, S... DOWNLOAD
topcodersrm(sfnet) TopcoderSRM DOWNLOAD
jcompbmarks(sfnet) Java/C Comparative Benchmarks A collection of software benchmarks developed t... DOWNLOAD
sendooway(freshmeat) Sendooway Sendooway is a multi-user and multi-target ESMT... DOWNLOAD
wdipas(sfnet) WDipa's DOWNLOAD
lews(sfnet) Lemansys LEWS Lemansys LEWS (Lightweight Extensible Web Scrip... DOWNLOAD
nomcraft(sfnet) NomCraft An extensive Minecraft server mod written for B... DOWNLOAD
ha-pi(sfnet) ha-pi This debian squeeze image created to perform &q... DOWNLOAD
eracteni(sfnet) era cteni Zlepšení schopnosti čtení ...., konkrétně tenhl... DOWNLOAD
iosui(sfnet) iOSUI Swing based component suite for creating iOS (i... DOWNLOAD
pointofsales(sfnet) Point of Sales Software kasir yang lazim disebut dengan progra... DOWNLOAD
pypackforeng(sfnet) pypack for eng simple python package for engineering DOWNLOAD
geocodes(sfnet) Geocodes Class to get coordinates from yahoo or google b... DOWNLOAD
mutworange(sfnet) MUTW (Orange) MUTW - Multinational Undergraduate Team Work, L... DOWNLOAD
multiple-select-dropdown-list-(freshmeat) Multiple Select Dropdown List with AJAX Multiple Select Dropdown List with AJAX can be ... DOWNLOAD
fxsmediaplayer(sfnet) FXS Media Player FXS Media Player is an open source media player... DOWNLOAD
slaxgis(sfnet) slaxGIS The slaxGIS project has been replaced by vigerG... DOWNLOAD
apoplexy(freshmeat) apoplexy apoplexy is a level editor for Prince of Persia... DOWNLOAD
yad2xx(sfnet) yad2xx This project contains a Java Native Interface l... DOWNLOAD
webeditltd(sfnet) Web editLtd DOWNLOAD
seleniumalldown(sfnet) Selenium All Downloads at one Place DOWNLOAD
newkelp(sfnet) New Kelp Apps DOWNLOAD
attacheproject(sfnet) Calclipse Attaché Attaché is a filing and journaling application ... DOWNLOAD
youtubeshuffle(sfnet) YouTubeShuffle Creates a random 3-letter string and searches Y... DOWNLOAD
lallala(sfnet) 110 DOWNLOAD
talkforme(sfnet) Talk Me! Talk Me! is a FREE application done in Visual B... DOWNLOAD
camelsockets(sfnet) Camel Sockets A basic Berkely and Winsock TCP binding. DOWNLOAD
regex-is-evil(freshmeat) MightyString MightyString adds array functionality and other... DOWNLOAD
dnddiceroller(sfnet) DND Dice Roller A DND dice roller for Mac written with AppleScr... DOWNLOAD
bdist-nsi(sfnet) bdist_nsi The bdist_nsi module extends Python's distutils... DOWNLOAD
hakija(sfnet) Hakija Hakija downloads daily EOD (End Of Day) data as... DOWNLOAD
jmag(sfnet) jmag A simple magnifyer for your webcam using vlcj l... DOWNLOAD
equalheightcolu(sfnet) Equal Height Columns This jQuery plugin sets the height of selected ... DOWNLOAD
soabox(freshmeat) SoaBox SoaBox lets you create a virtual version of you... DOWNLOAD
backtrackteam(sfnet) Backtrack team Welcome! This Project has partnered with groups... DOWNLOAD
candleeggs(sfnet) candleeggs The problem with even high level programming la... DOWNLOAD
mameforslack(sfnet) MAME for Slackware MAME (and tools) packages for Slackware Linux (... DOWNLOAD
breakoutclone(sfnet) Breakout Clone I am trying to test how to distribute games dev... DOWNLOAD
hyperforms(sfnet) hyperforms hyperforms is a visualisation tool for multi-di... DOWNLOAD
madcommander(sfnet) MadCommander A good looking and useful tool for file managem... DOWNLOAD
blade-email(sfnet) Blade Email Blade Email connects to email servers to send e... DOWNLOAD

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