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fataldimen2(sfnet) Fatal Dimensions Mud Server DOWNLOAD
keytabgui(sfnet) keytabGUI GUI for Kerberos Keytab files. Associate it wit... DOWNLOAD
wp886(sfnet) wp886 DOWNLOAD
trafficlamp(sfnet) Traffic Light with Atmel ARM This is a Traffic Light with capability of cont... DOWNLOAD
microstitcher(sfnet) MicroStitcher This is very small tool, which is capable of st... DOWNLOAD
mieconscat(sfnet) MieConScat MieConScat is a GUI/Console program for generat... DOWNLOAD
ulboracms(sfnet) Ulbora CMS Ulbora CMS has two branches, a Java CMS and a N... DOWNLOAD
qmini(sfnet) QMini Complètement inutile pour [tout le monde]-2 Il ... DOWNLOAD
chipkitrtcc(sfnet) ChipKit RealTime Clock & Calendar Support for the UNO32 and MAX32's RTCC module DOWNLOAD
tbxpredict(sfnet) TBXpredict This computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) software (M... DOWNLOAD
handzaehler(sfnet) Handzaehler Der Handzähler soll dabei helfen, bestimmte Ere... DOWNLOAD
ecl1(sfnet) ecl1 ecl1 is a set of tools, implemented as Eclipse ... DOWNLOAD
theallseeingeye(sfnet) The All-Seeing Eye The All-Seeing Eye project has been created in ... DOWNLOAD
wordsearch(sfnet) WordSearch WordSearch is a Perl script that generates word... DOWNLOAD
twistedtwister(sfnet) Twisted Twister This is my Pyweek #5 entry. It’s got everything... DOWNLOAD
piddlepodder(sfnet) PiddlePodder This application is a podcatching client writte... DOWNLOAD
destecs(sfnet) DESTECS The DESTECS Integrated Design Environment (IDE)... DOWNLOAD
beobachter(sfnet) Beobachter Beobachter is a file monitor, usually used to w... DOWNLOAD
busybusybugs(sfnet) Busy Busy Bugs Busy Busy Bugs is a fast-paced action game. Wie... DOWNLOAD
speedmob(sfnet) SpeedMob DOWNLOAD
monkeyspider(sfnet) Monkey-Spider The Monkey-Spider is a crawler based low-intera... DOWNLOAD
cstodconverter(sfnet) CStoDConverter CStoDConverter uses scattering data to convert ... DOWNLOAD
aspire-xp(sfnet) Engine-Aspire Criado para o controle dos pais, este sistema t... DOWNLOAD
nibras(sfnet) nibras Dictionary of Technical terms for students of ... DOWNLOAD
indicloudwatch(sfnet) AAG Cloud Watcher INDI Driver A small but fully functional INDI (http://indil... DOWNLOAD
testimnhacks(sfnet) Testimnhacks DOWNLOAD
tutajaublogs(sfnet) TutajuaBlogs TutajuaBlogs is an Open Source blog tool and pu... DOWNLOAD
arieslg12(sfnet) AriesLG DOWNLOAD
firelizardgames(sfnet) The Unknown Future This project consist in new 3d game creation wi... DOWNLOAD
infolder(sfnet) inFolder A graphical text editor used to maintain a coll... DOWNLOAD
stevestetris(sfnet) Steve's Tetris I've noticed that there are a lot of really med... DOWNLOAD
mcbbs(sfnet) MCBBS DOWNLOAD
martin(sfnet) martin DOWNLOAD
smallbox(sfnet) smallbox DOWNLOAD
jtvlauncher(sfnet) JTV Launcher JTV Launcher is a small program to analyse the ... DOWNLOAD
contacts-app(sfnet) Contacts A light, easy-to-use Contact book application d... DOWNLOAD
func-cal(sfnet) Function Calculator Calculate some BASIC mathematical function You... DOWNLOAD
occupyws(sfnet) OccupyWS Once upon a time there was a boy his name is Ab... DOWNLOAD
wlsjmxclient(sfnet) Weblogic JMXClient A universal, flexible JMX Client to record and ... DOWNLOAD
antviz2(sfnet) AntViz2 This Ant BuildListener is capable to visualize ... DOWNLOAD
mwatch455(sfnet) mWatch455 Simple chronograph for mobile phone. Acceptable... DOWNLOAD
lehi(sfnet) LE-HI (GTA IV HUD Installer) This is an easy way for anyway to install the G... DOWNLOAD
swiftcald(sfnet) Swift-CustomAppLauncher-Delay This utiltity can be used to create custom shor... DOWNLOAD
meto(sfnet) meto DOWNLOAD
fsm-gen(sfnet) simple finite state machine generator A simple, fast, finite state machine (fsm) C co... DOWNLOAD
flaquiztv(sfnet) FlaQuizTV - Family Quiz Game The main idea is to create a cute/funny TV quiz... DOWNLOAD
cellform-cms-social-network-sh(freshmeat) CellForm CMS Cellform CMS is a social network based on shari... DOWNLOAD
ganeti(freshmeat) Ganeti Ganeti is virtual server management software bu... DOWNLOAD
chess-client(sfnet) chess client DOWNLOAD
lfslibnet(sfnet) LFSLib.NET LFSLib.NET is an object and event model abstrac... DOWNLOAD
pictureadventur(sfnet) Picture Adventure Alone, hungry, and very unsure about what's goi... DOWNLOAD
pkmazures(sfnet) PkmAzures DOWNLOAD
dwsim(sfnet) DWSIM - Open Source Process Simulator DWSIM is an open source, CAPE-OPEN compliant ch... DOWNLOAD
php-twister(sfnet) Twister DOWNLOAD
vkmusic4webos(sfnet) VKMusic for WebOS DOWNLOAD
navigationclass(sfnet) popup class tree for iOS (iPhone/iPad) used for mid-app alerts to the user for the fol... DOWNLOAD
ldscsv2gpx(sfnet) LDScsv2GPX I don't live in a LDS dense population, but I o... DOWNLOAD
wowgmtool(sfnet) WOW GM Tool by OdinSoft With that tool you can manage your server from ... DOWNLOAD
rista40(sfnet) Rista40 Rista web Browser also browse My Computer, My D... DOWNLOAD
norte(sfnet) O Norte
geoconv(sfnet) geoconv (for r-cran) 'geoconv' is a package to use with R (r-cran). ... DOWNLOAD
doceditorbeta(sfnet) DOC EDITOR (beta) DOC EDITOR est un editeur de text,qui est en ve... DOWNLOAD
mgnyi(sfnet) mgnyi DOWNLOAD
javajax(sfnet) Think in Java - JavAjax Web Framework JavAjax is now at 1.4 beta version, for downloa... DOWNLOAD
delta3d-extras(sfnet) Delta3D-Extras The Delta3D-Extras project is a companion to th... DOWNLOAD
qtwords(sfnet) MyWords My Words is a personal word collection for peop... DOWNLOAD
thehtmldom(sfnet) HTML DOM Parser htmldom parses the HTML file and provides metho... DOWNLOAD
genseng(sfnet) GENSENG GENSENG is a software detecting CNVs(Copy Numbe... DOWNLOAD
tamilmp3player(sfnet) Tamil mp3 player A simple java based mp3 player which streams an... DOWNLOAD
gbcoid(sfnet) GBCoid This project is based on sources published by o... DOWNLOAD
pemp(sfnet) Pemp DOWNLOAD
imapnotify(sfnet) ImapNotify A simple program that sits in the Windows tray ... DOWNLOAD
jamk(sfnet) jamk this is a small program to organize your files. DOWNLOAD
boreshgrgcom(sfnet) Hi My Name Is Boresh Guragain and I'M Graphics ... DOWNLOAD
lightlife(sfnet) LightLife LightLife offers a clearly laid out user interf... DOWNLOAD
grifin(freshmeat) GRIFIN GRIFIN (Geospatial Reference Interface For Inte... DOWNLOAD
sshx(sfnet) sshx
eko(sfnet) eko EKO is a simple QT-based audio editor. DOWNLOAD
wxwidgets(freshmeat) wxWidgets wxWidgets is a cross-platform C++ GUI library, ... DOWNLOAD
delphiwebstart(sfnet) DelphiWebStart DelphiWebStart (DWS) is an Application Loader w... DOWNLOAD
dualshooter(sfnet) Dual shooter (XBOX Controller DOWNLOAD
ruirui5600(sfnet) ruirui5600 DOWNLOAD
cputuner(sfnet) CPU tuner CPU tuner for android. Saves battery by interfa... DOWNLOAD
mgsyn(sfnet) MGSyn MGSyn (Model, Game, Synthesis) is an open-sourc... DOWNLOAD
jburg(sfnet) JBurg Java-based BURG (code emitter generator), used ... DOWNLOAD
viconfig(sfnet) viconfig DOWNLOAD
libgleffect(sfnet) libgleffect DOWNLOAD
bazaidtatarwars(sfnet) Bazaid Tatarwars Decoded DOWNLOAD
rhythmdrill(sfnet) rhythmdrill This small java application gives the user a ra... DOWNLOAD
pathfindingalgo(sfnet) Pathfinding algorithm DOWNLOAD
fixedptc(sfnet) Fixed Point Math Library for C A fixed point math header-library for C, under ... DOWNLOAD
revised(freshmeat) Revised Revised is a visual editor (or wizard/assistant... DOWNLOAD
java-samurai(sfnet) Samurai Java クライアント/サーバー
hdf(freshmeat) Hierarchical Data Format HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) is a general pur... DOWNLOAD
ppmma(sfnet) PPM Organizer This application will help you calculate influe... DOWNLOAD
pokemonbattler(sfnet) Pokemon Battler (iOS) Battle with Pokemon on your iPhone/iPod touch u... DOWNLOAD
depfinder(sfnet) depfinder depfinder reports the dependencies of Slackware... DOWNLOAD
bloodymt2(sfnet) Bloodymt2 DOWNLOAD
combocheckboxes(sfnet) ComboCheckBoxes Tiny library with two types of ComboBoxes with ... DOWNLOAD
playertutorial(sfnet) player tutorial DOWNLOAD

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