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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
pngdelphi2(sfnet) pngdelphi2 PNG Library written by Gustavo Daud. DOWNLOAD
audx(sfnet) AudX No description DOWNLOAD
cmpartsim(sfnet) CM_PartSim DOWNLOAD
gencbindings(sfnet) gencbindings Parses c files, extracting enum, struct, union,...
straduscms(sfnet) Stradus CMS A Stradus egy új, magyar fejlesztésű, webes tar...
checknetipdns(sfnet) CheckNetIpDns This Autoit script checks the Net, Ip and Dns. ... DOWNLOAD
hfcatalogue10(sfnet) HFCatalogue10 Hashimschool IS Catalogue Coverage Modern Cultu... DOWNLOAD
snoopylogger(sfnet) Snoopy Logger Snoopy development has been migrated to github....
vexnu(sfnet) Desktop Background Auto Changer Java program to fetch you a new wallpaper from ... DOWNLOAD
psplots(sfnet) PS-plotting to paper A set of library functions to generate pPostScr... DOWNLOAD
commandlinemenu(sfnet) Command Line Menu The command line interface is of little relevan... DOWNLOAD
meteohuelva(sfnet) MeteoHuelva Aplicativo Android que permite mostrar la infor... DOWNLOAD
averagedonedepe(sfnet) Averaged One-Dependence Estimators AODE Averaged N-Dependence Estimators (A1DE and A2DE... DOWNLOAD
filetreegenerat(sfnet) FileTreeGenerator DOWNLOAD
fatfree(sfnet) Fat-Free Framework FAT-FREE is a powerful and lightweight PHP 5.3+...
javawhiteboard(sfnet) Java White Board This will be a simple tandem text editor. It wi... DOWNLOAD
repfs(sfnet) replication of file system rfs is a shell script for creating and updating... DOWNLOAD
calc2booktab(sfnet) calc2booktab.latex A Python extension for OpenOffice/LibreOffice t... DOWNLOAD
osmarthome(sfnet) OrganicSmartHome OrganicSmartHome (OSH) is a free and open sourc... DOWNLOAD
uosharpdevport(sfnet) Unofficial SharpDevelopPortable Very unofficial app to launch SharpDevelop port... DOWNLOAD
faithlezz(sfnet) faithlezz DOWNLOAD
rukecms(sfnet) Ruke Cms Ruke Adalah Cms Basis Berita Seperti Wordpress ... DOWNLOAD
roxiel(sfnet) LuaRengine Only 5 cmds you can use. Just for fun. Only 1 l... DOWNLOAD
stopwatch-mn(sfnet) Stopwatch Simple stopwatch with controls Start, Stop, and... DOWNLOAD
medialibrarysyn(sfnet) Media Library Sync The Media Library Sync is a tool designed for s... DOWNLOAD
efsrpg(sfnet) efsRPG DOWNLOAD
epiminer(sfnet) EpiMiner Detecting and visualizing nonlinear interactiv... DOWNLOAD
airinv(sfnet) C++ Airline Inventory Management Library That project aims at providing a clean API and ...
ptpandroid(sfnet) PTP Android Camera Control An attempt to control cameras via the USB Host ...
ngraph-gtk(sfnet) Ngraph-gtk Ngraph is the program to create scientific 2-di...
my2ch(sfnet) My2ch My2ch (My2Chart - MySQL Dashboard) displays fan...
ventrilovoip(sfnet) Ventrilo VOIP DOWNLOAD
ximp3(freshmeat) ximp3 ximp3 is a simple console MP3 player. It is bas... DOWNLOAD
m-d-calculator(sfnet) Motif Desctop Calculator Programmable scientific desctop calculator, abl... DOWNLOAD
chemix(sfnet) chemix A simple interface to work with SIP numbers of ... DOWNLOAD
openlgtvbcm(sfnet) OpenLGTV BCM OpenLGTV BCM - Open Source Linux distribution f... DOWNLOAD
zencherrycms(sfnet) ZCMS ZCMS simplifies content management by offering ... DOWNLOAD
pdfresurrect(freshmeat) PDFResurrect PDFResurrect is a tool aimed at analyzing PDF d... DOWNLOAD
beaglebox(sfnet) BeagleBox BeagleBox is an Internet-based video system bas...
qsimpleguitar(freshmeat) QSimpleGuitar QSimpleGuitar is a simple program to help novic... DOWNLOAD
codequery(freshmeat) CodeQuery CodeQuery is a tool for indexing and then query... DOWNLOAD
mdtsoft(sfnet) ARPC - MDT The software includes a toolbar and several Exc... DOWNLOAD
mobisupport(sfnet) Mobisupport a universal ticketing system which communicate ... DOWNLOAD
jboard(sfnet) jboard jboard is a bulletin board project written in j... DOWNLOAD
gravitoid(sfnet) Gravitoid No description DOWNLOAD
aaconv(sfnet) Aminoacid Converter DOWNLOAD
lazyfilesorter(sfnet) Lazy File Sorter Lazy File Sorter will check files by their exte... DOWNLOAD
criticalnote(sfnet) CriticalNote A text messages delivery system DOWNLOAD
winterwarland(sfnet) Winter Warland Winter Warland is a unique multi-platform isome... DOWNLOAD
strategoandroid(sfnet) stratego_android Stratego (Marshall a Spion) for android Multip... DOWNLOAD
obdix(sfnet) obdix having bought an obd adapter my last laptop wit... DOWNLOAD
bloxorzgame(sfnet) Bloxorz game Bloxorz game is developed using c++ and openGL ... DOWNLOAD
ifun(sfnet) ifun khbjkhlkjhlkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk DOWNLOAD
mizar(sfnet) Mizar Mizar is an N-body gravitational simulator. Giv... DOWNLOAD
jactor(freshmeat) JActor JActor is a high-performance Java Actor impleme... DOWNLOAD
win7registry(sfnet) Computer Setup DOWNLOAD
hexdump(sfnet) Hexdump Motif based graphical Hex-dump of files. Includ...
selinuxoncbe(sfnet) SELinux on CBE This is an implementation of Security Enhanced ...
pplant(sfnet) powerPlant powerPlant is a plant modelling tool based on p... DOWNLOAD
wrmssolver(sfnet) Water Retention on Magic Squares Solver A Constraint-Based Local Search solver for the ... DOWNLOAD
templatelite(sfnet) TemplateLite Template Lite is a very fast, small HTML templa... DOWNLOAD
helpfullmotif(sfnet) helpfullmotif An assembly of Motif widgets, which might be he... DOWNLOAD
anarhonews(sfnet) anarhonews anarho news android app DOWNLOAD
qtexamples(sfnet) qt_examples Qt examples too complex for starters? I am cert... DOWNLOAD
html5valdialect(sfnet) HTML5 Validation Dialect This dialect provides automatic generation of H... DOWNLOAD
sql2diagram(sfnet) database diagram generator sql2diagram converts sql scripts to diagrams in... DOWNLOAD
subsonic(sfnet) Subsonic Subsonic is a web-based media streamer, providi... DOWNLOAD
circledock(sfnet) Circle Dock A circular, oval, and spiral dock for Windows i...
gutenprint(freshmeat) Gutenprint Gutenprint (formerly Gimp-Print) is a collectio... DOWNLOAD
atlas(freshmeat) ATLAS The ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra S... DOWNLOAD
chocolate-doom(freshmeat) Chocolate Doom Chocolate Doom is a Doom source port which aims... DOWNLOAD
regression-suite(freshmeat) RegressionSuite RegressionSuite is a software test suite that i... DOWNLOAD
elassal2012(sfnet) Elassal2012 DOWNLOAD
libtecla(freshmeat) libtecla The Tecla library provides programs with intera... DOWNLOAD
python-libcommon(freshmeat) python-libcommon python-libcommon contains Map, Set, and Graph d... DOWNLOAD
nodejs-stack(freshmeat) NodeJS Stack NodeJS Stack is an easy-to-install distribution... DOWNLOAD
myscitools(sfnet) MySciTools Repository of "my" public contributio... DOWNLOAD
efile(sfnet) eFile This program will give you opportunity to share...
bulk-newsletter-mailer-bnm(freshmeat) Bulk Newsletter Mailer Bulk Newsletter Platform (BNM) provides the com... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-apache-solr-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Apache Solr Stack BitNami Apache Solr Stack is an easy-to-install... DOWNLOAD
viewmtn(freshmeat) ViewMTN ViewMTN is a Web interface to the Monotone dist... DOWNLOAD
phpsqlview(freshmeat) PHP SQLView SQLView provides a user friendly interface for ... DOWNLOAD
kroidproject(sfnet) KroidProject kroidProject - Laboratoire du langage JAVA, sur...
medialab(sfnet) MediaLab Set of tools to manipulate photo and video file... DOWNLOAD
tinybutstrong(freshmeat) TinyButStrong TinyButStrong is a template class for PHP that ... DOWNLOAD
hoopearrings(sfnet) hoopearrings Test project, for migration test. DOWNLOAD
matew(sfnet) matew Matew is a valid HTML/CSS album generator for d... DOWNLOAD
jnetport(sfnet) jNetPort jNetPort is a complete Java based active networ... DOWNLOAD
jutronvision(sfnet) jutronvision DOWNLOAD
mpgpatcher(sfnet) MPGPatcher MPGPatcher is a command line tool to change vid...
edgirepository(sfnet) EDGI Repository The FP7 EDGI project connects different Distrib... DOWNLOAD
phpbbbruteforce(sfnet) phpbb bruteforce phpbb forum login brute force DOWNLOAD
reviseq(sfnet) ReviSeq A pipeline to revise a genome sequence of a pro... DOWNLOAD
tuxresistor(sfnet) Tux Resistor Tux Resistor is an Interactive Electronics Tool... DOWNLOAD
simpletagfile(sfnet) Tag File Intro simple tag file introduction for beginners... DOWNLOAD
tensormsl(sfnet) Multilinear Subspace Learning This project aims to host multilinear subspace ... DOWNLOAD
cbgb-browser(sfnet) CBGB Genome Browser CCCB Genome Browser DOWNLOAD
stame(sfnet) STAME - Simple Texture Atlas Map Editor STAME [Simple Texture Atlas Map Editor] is a si... DOWNLOAD
webitwidget(sfnet) WebItWidget WebItWidget enables you to display a website fr... DOWNLOAD
kunagi(sfnet) Kunagi Kunagi is a free web-based tool for software pr...

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