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databasereader(sfnet) Database Reader The PHP script read the table from the MYSQL da... DOWNLOAD
testshevon(sfnet) testshevon DOWNLOAD
easybsetrootgui(sfnet) easybsetrootgui a gui to test bsetroot settings DOWNLOAD
octobercomics(sfnet) October Comics DOWNLOAD
airvolutionexus(sfnet) Airvolution-nexus No description DOWNLOAD
eclipse-ccase(sfnet) Clearcase plugin for Eclipse Urgent!!!! It supports base clearcase and most ... DOWNLOAD
ogapp(sfnet) OGapp Welcome to OGapp! OGapp is a slim sized and fa... DOWNLOAD
mbp(sfnet) Multiple Back-Propagation (with CUDA) Multiple Back-Propagation is an open source sof...
secondlanguage(freshmeat) SecondLanguage SecondLanguage lets you use Gettext files in .N... DOWNLOAD
rct3(sfnet) Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Object Importer The Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Object Importer allo... DOWNLOAD
htmlreplace(sfnet) htmlreplace This tool provides HTML-Entity replacing. Curre... DOWNLOAD
chartisdelta(sfnet) Chartis Delta Chartis Delta is a web interface to WiFi signal... DOWNLOAD
msgpack-labview(sfnet) msgpack-labview DOWNLOAD
phenoedit(sfnet) PhenoEdit This ultra easy text markup tool is very useful... DOWNLOAD
labview-zmq(sfnet) labview-zmq This project implements bindings for the ZeroMQ... DOWNLOAD
ramkannan(sfnet) Ram kannan software test DOWNLOAD
digitalsignipad(sfnet) DigitalSign_Ipad This code allows user to create a digital sign ... DOWNLOAD
azonto(sfnet) Azonto Messenger Azonto is a Cross-Platform Mobile Messaging App... DOWNLOAD
pgdbf(sfnet) PgDBF PgDBF is a program for converting XBase databas...
trepidation(sfnet) Trepidation Trepidation is an open source first person shoo... DOWNLOAD
libcvautomation(freshmeat) libcvautomation Libcvautomation is a GUI automation and testing... DOWNLOAD
energyanalyzer(sfnet) Energy Analyzer System This project provides a virtual instrumentation... DOWNLOAD
bf3ircbot(sfnet) BF3Bot BF3Bot is a server administration bot for Battl... DOWNLOAD
vigergis(sfnet) vigerGIS VigerGIS (VIrtual machine GEntoo Replace) is a ... DOWNLOAD
qizong(sfnet) QiZong Quant Finance Derivative Pricing, Asset Allocation, Portfolio... DOWNLOAD
mkemailgnderici(sfnet) MK E-Mail Gönderici DOWNLOAD
mkmediaplayer(sfnet) MK Media Player Basit media araçı DOWNLOAD
software4causes(sfnet) software for causes Be it anti-corruption or Gendercide or animal c... DOWNLOAD
syslog2couchdb(freshmeat) syslog2couchdb syslog2couchdb is a tool that converts syslog m... DOWNLOAD
thenumbergame(sfnet) the number game the classic non-graphical game: "the numbe... DOWNLOAD
getmail(freshmeat) getmail getmail is intended as a simple, secure, and re... DOWNLOAD
distraction(sfnet) Distraction Shield - Blocks access to Social Networking Websites. ... DOWNLOAD
paexec(freshmeat) paexec paexec distributes performing the given tasks (... DOWNLOAD
particlepong(sfnet) ParticlePong ParticlePong by MasterBaldwin Easy game made ... DOWNLOAD
hmdtexttester(sfnet) HMD testbed This application is a simple txt label editor a... DOWNLOAD
bship(sfnet) BShip DOWNLOAD
cm10i9100vsync(sfnet) cm10i9100vsync DOWNLOAD
prdiff(sfnet) prdiff: Show diff on LPAR run/saved prof DOWNLOAD
freemed(freshmeat) FreeMED FreeMED is a Web-based medical records (EMR) an... DOWNLOAD
icegenerator(sfnet) IceGenerator IceGenerator is a direct stream generator for I... DOWNLOAD
freeshim(freshmeat) FreeSHIM FreeSHIM is an electronic medical device interf... DOWNLOAD
opennode(freshmeat) OpenNode OpenNode is a server virtualization solution th... DOWNLOAD
opie(sfnet) Opie The Open Palmtop Integrated Environment (Opie) ...
edk2(sfnet) EDK II EDK II is a development code base for creating ...
carblogger(sfnet) CARBLogger This is the California Air Resources Board, env...
statrange(sfnet) Digest2 Statistical Ranging Note: This project is no longer maintained. A ... DOWNLOAD
underdog(sfnet) Underdog -- Early and Late User Context Many complex storage environments running withi... DOWNLOAD
netcdf(freshmeat) NetCDF NetCDF is a format developed at Unidata that wa... DOWNLOAD
concernrecs(sfnet) ConcernReCS ConcernReCS is an Eclipse plug-in to find code ... DOWNLOAD
syncfuse(sfnet) SpaceShare This works on Linux machines (ubuntu) and OSX. ... DOWNLOAD
freedomchina(sfnet) freedom DOWNLOAD
mygae(sfnet) MyGAE DOWNLOAD
quotero(sfnet) Quotero Quotero was an open source Document Management ...
4diac-framework-for-distribute(freshmeat) 4DIAC 4DIAC is a framework for distributed industrial... DOWNLOAD
dosemu(sfnet) DOSEMU for Linux DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and is a linux... DOWNLOAD
mrbs(sfnet) Meeting Room Booking System MRBS is a system for multi-site booking of meet... DOWNLOAD
erlaop(sfnet) AOP for Erlang Implementation of Aspect Oriented Programming (... DOWNLOAD
efsolution(sfnet) e.f.solution E.F.Solution is opensource project is a complet... DOWNLOAD
team42(sfnet) Team 42 - Jump'n'Run DOWNLOAD
erdialog(freshmeat) ERDialog Web Framework ERDialog is part of a simple Web based framewor... DOWNLOAD
cameraincusinga(sfnet) Camera in C#Using AForge It's a small program for camera to capture imag... DOWNLOAD
calendar-notes(sfnet) Reminder and notes in Java SE This is a Desktop application for reminders and... DOWNLOAD
education4all(sfnet) Open Education This detailed manual is structured to guide IT ... DOWNLOAD
gnavi(sfnet) GNAVI: GNU Ada Visual Interface Features: GWindows, GUI framework, GNATCOM, Act... DOWNLOAD
ristaconnect(sfnet) RistaConnect Rista Connect enables u to dial phone and send sms DOWNLOAD
pyfake(sfnet) PyFake DOWNLOAD
bitnami-dokuwiki-stack(freshmeat) BitNami DokuWiki Stack BitNami DokuWiki Stack is an easy to use instal... DOWNLOAD
unilint(freshmeat) unilint unilint runs installed free static code analyze... DOWNLOAD
generic-image-decoder(freshmeat) Generic Image Decoder The Generic Image Decoder (GID) is an Ada packa... DOWNLOAD
cryxor(sfnet) CRYXOR 2012 Programm dev by www-cassiopee (sophen). Encrypt... DOWNLOAD
csmatio(sfnet) csmatio CSMatIO is a .NET Library to read, write, and m... DOWNLOAD
cp-dev(sfnet) Component Pascal compiler Minimalistic cross-platform compiler for Compon... DOWNLOAD
bitracker(sfnet) biTracker This project is developed for Oracle database. ... DOWNLOAD
querycreator(sfnet) QueryCreator Guide guida a querycreator DOWNLOAD
olegus-tools(sfnet) Olegus Tools DOWNLOAD
amuziqbrowser(sfnet) Amuziq Web Browser This is a small,light weight and fast web brows... DOWNLOAD
dhex(freshmeat) DHEX dhex is a more than just another hex editor: It... DOWNLOAD
mogwai-erdesignerng(freshmeat) Mogwai ERDesignerNG ERDesignerNG is a Java-based entity relationshi... DOWNLOAD
named-regexp(freshmeat) named-regexp The named-regexp library is a thin wrapper for ... DOWNLOAD
nwebsec(freshmeat) NWebsec NWebsec is a security library for ASP.NET appli... DOWNLOAD
statsd-c(freshmeat) statsd-c statsd-c is a reimplementation of Etsy's famous... DOWNLOAD
eiffelstudio(freshmeat) EiffelStudio EiffelStudio is an IDE for the Eiffel language ... DOWNLOAD
mahotas(freshmeat) Mahotas Mahotas is an image processing library for Pyth... DOWNLOAD
password420(sfnet) password420 Project Demo : A s... DOWNLOAD
getset(sfnet) LibGetSet GetSet is a simple templated C++ library, which... DOWNLOAD
cpssongpreview(sfnet) CPS Song Preview Lyrics of the songs can be displayed as a slide... DOWNLOAD
skypecatala(sfnet) Skype en català Volem Skype en català! - We want SKype in Catal... DOWNLOAD
gatzbydiyaudio(sfnet) Gatzby's DIY Audio Interface DIY 4channel stereo line/phono in - 4 channel s... DOWNLOAD
newfilehelper(sfnet) NewFileHelper New FileHelper for chinese DOWNLOAD
raclydelionmods(sfnet) rA-clydelion mods I will try making one mod a day based on the re... DOWNLOAD
jregexanalyser(freshmeat) jregexanalyser jRegExAnalyser is an interactive tool to write,... DOWNLOAD
pdfmasher(freshmeat) PdfMasher PdfMasher is a tool to convert PDF files contai... DOWNLOAD
opendkim(sfnet) opendkim Open source DKIM library, MTA filter implementa...
htmleditorgreek(sfnet) Html Editor Greek 2012 DOWNLOAD
pan-downloader(sfnet) Pan It's just the simpliest way to download audio t... DOWNLOAD
ponykart(sfnet) PonyKart Ponykart is a kart racing game featuring charac... DOWNLOAD
newradial-inke(sfnet) NewRadial (INKE) Developed for INKE's (Implementing New Knowledg... DOWNLOAD
cultix(sfnet) Cultix Cultix. A distro for freaks'n'geeks, based on t... DOWNLOAD
mandolino(sfnet) Mandolino Mandolino chat is a Intranet/Internet Java voic... DOWNLOAD
clienteorigins(sfnet) Origins Last Chaos DOWNLOAD

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