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quint3ss3nc3(sfnet) Quint3ss3nc3 DOWNLOAD
radlab(sfnet) radlab Radiation detection and measurement education i... DOWNLOAD
quazzar(sfnet) Quazzar Quazzar is a DoS tool, that include many attack... DOWNLOAD
nowyprojekt1(sfnet) nowy_projekt1 DOWNLOAD
trovi(sfnet) trovi Trovi is a tool to search for text in multiple ... DOWNLOAD
pkgs(sfnet) pkgs Custom pkgs for ArchLinux. DOWNLOAD
wapscalc(sfnet) USAF WAPS Enlisted Promotion Calculators Provide tools to counsel and advise enlisted ai... DOWNLOAD
systemini(sfnet) System.Ini "System.Ini" is a dynamic-link-librar... DOWNLOAD
dpe(sfnet) Design policy enforcement This is a software design policy enforcement fr... DOWNLOAD
arsenalx(sfnet) Arsenal X As HackTheGame but real. DOWNLOAD
paranoicscan(sfnet) ParanoicScan [++] Old Options Google & Bing Scanner tha... DOWNLOAD
zabplugglpiplug(sfnet) GLPI zabplug zabplugs is a little plugin which allow importa... DOWNLOAD
nxalpha(sfnet) nxAlpha SuperCollider Code for Livecoding Experimental ... DOWNLOAD
socialnetworksl(sfnet) Social NetWorks Likes Tool Social NetWorks Likes Tool DOWNLOAD
avicenna-map(sfnet) Avicenna Avicenna is an application for visualizing loca... DOWNLOAD
charmmc37a2(sfnet) charmm-c37a2 DOWNLOAD
ispcp(sfnet) ISP Control Panel ispCP is a project founded to build a Multi Ser... DOWNLOAD
kikankoi(sfnet) kikankoi Application simple mais efficace pour faciliter... DOWNLOAD
physics-calc(sfnet) Compilation of Physics Calculators A NEW GUI VERSION WILL BE RELEASED SOON! Thank... DOWNLOAD
captainshutdown(sfnet) Captain Shutdown Captain Shutdown is a small and reliable applic... DOWNLOAD
nastrantocodeas(sfnet) NastranToCodeAster Tool to translate Nastran to CodeAster file. DOWNLOAD
greenwolf(sfnet) GreenWolf GreenWolf ISP Flash Programmer for Linux. Licen... DOWNLOAD
ldi(sfnet) ldi Lucene Domain Index is full integration of Luce... DOWNLOAD
meteoio(freshmeat) MeteoIO MeteoIO is a C++ library whose main design goal... DOWNLOAD
editorlatex(sfnet) latex_editor emacs + auctex, vim + latex suite enviroment fo... DOWNLOAD
donatus(sfnet) Donatus Parsing Tools for Portuguese Donatus is an on-going project consisting of Py... DOWNLOAD
mathsgame(sfnet) Maths Maths is A Simple Game To Learn Maths.It delive... DOWNLOAD
pytuner(sfnet) PyTuner PyTuner is a guitar tuner that i wrote in pytho... DOWNLOAD
escapetospace(sfnet) escapetospace DOWNLOAD
necessitasvdi(sfnet) necessitas-vdi This is a repository for necessitas virtual mac... DOWNLOAD
turns-n-layers(sfnet) Turns-n-Layers-1.0 Turns-n-Layers is a command line transformer an... DOWNLOAD
colonnes(sfnet) colonnes Colonnes is a falling colour or photos blocks g... DOWNLOAD
project1845(sfnet) Project 1845 Project Browser Map: DOWNLOAD
mshop(sfnet) mShop mShop is a CMS written in ASP with connection t... DOWNLOAD
scrupp(sfnet) Scrupp Scrupp is a cross-platform 2D engine which uses... DOWNLOAD
sartos(sfnet) SeART SeART or Semantic aware real-time shceduling is... DOWNLOAD
svgmap(sfnet) SVGMap SVGMap is an open source web tool to help you i... DOWNLOAD
pgmodeler(sfnet) PostgreSQL Database Modeler ** ATTENTION ** THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO: htt... DOWNLOAD
mjograph(sfnet) mjograph Mjograph is an XY (2D) graph editor that runs o... DOWNLOAD
pleftdroid(sfnet) PleftDroid This is the Android app for Pleft Server. The ... DOWNLOAD
l-i-d-i-a(sfnet) L.I.D.I.A Acording to Wikipedia chattetbot is: "a co... DOWNLOAD
nlatexdb(sfnet) Nlatexdb This little piece of software is a LaTeX prepro... DOWNLOAD
buza1(sfnet) BuZa Anfänge eines Lernprogramms für Vorschulkinder.... DOWNLOAD
stvenantskrot(sfnet) Równania St. Venanta - skrót DOWNLOAD
asnalyzer(sfnet) BoarderZone ASNalyzer A 100% pure Java Swing ASN.1 analysis utility f... DOWNLOAD
web2d(sfnet) web2d A simple HTML canvas-based viewer for two-dimen... DOWNLOAD
meegomessenger(sfnet) meegomessenger MeeGoMessenger is a Qt Messenger based on libre... DOWNLOAD
scutils(sfnet) SCUtils General propose SuperCollider Utils. DOWNLOAD
pcaudi(sfnet) PCAudi PCAudi is an application that helps to hear bet... DOWNLOAD
basicbinaryconv(sfnet) Basic binary convertor This is a basic tool to convert any text to binary DOWNLOAD
mariosurvival(sfnet) Mario Survival This is a variation of the classic Mario game i... DOWNLOAD
imppath(sfnet) ImpPath Very basic path manipulation library. Aims to b... DOWNLOAD
buddywatcher(sfnet) BuddyWatcher Watch your roaming buddies in a GPS network on ... DOWNLOAD
launcherparadie(sfnet) launcher paradieminecraft DOWNLOAD
ptr(sfnet) ptr.h ptr.h is a c++ smart pointer template which use... DOWNLOAD
kenozooid(freshmeat) kenozooid Kenozooid is software used to plan and analyze ... DOWNLOAD
hifito(sfnet) Hifito Hifito is a small utility for Windows, which al... DOWNLOAD
saadrincon(sfnet) A Compressed Enhanced Suffix Array Index We have moved our project to github. https://g... DOWNLOAD
rista35(sfnet) Rista35 Rista Web Browser 3.5 , with additional facilit... DOWNLOAD
androidmysqllog(sfnet) Android MySql Login DOWNLOAD
imjava(sfnet) instantmessage kleines einfaches Java-Instant-Message - Programm DOWNLOAD
spolgenerator(sfnet) SpoligoforestGenerator DOWNLOAD
legendofthograd(sfnet) Legend Of Thograd Legend Of Thograd is a free text based game mad... DOWNLOAD
monostep(sfnet) MonoStep MonoStep is planned to be a toolbar for use wit... DOWNLOAD
linkseek(sfnet) LinkSeek Finds Windows shortcut (.lnk) files. Options ar... DOWNLOAD
massemail(sfnet) Massemail yawit=you are worth it massemail 邮件批量群发 DOWNLOAD
unidockynapse(sfnet) UniDockyNapse Adwaita Gala 12.04.4 Version with Liquorix Zen Preempt kernel is in ... DOWNLOAD
gpg-crypter(sfnet) GPG-Crypter GPG-Crypter is a graphical front-end to GnuPG(G... DOWNLOAD
edge2(sfnet) hyper3DGE Project As a continuation of the EDGE Project, hyper3DG... DOWNLOAD
mobileprint(sfnet) MobilePrint * MOBILE PRINT Android 2.1 application that can... DOWNLOAD
keyloggerbetave(sfnet) Keylogger BETA version Put this app on the victim PC and this software... DOWNLOAD
auroracp(sfnet) Aurora CP DOWNLOAD
schedule-it(sfnet) Schedule_IT Schedule IT is a web-based tool design by Syste... DOWNLOAD
repositorioinge(sfnet) repositorioingensoftware DOWNLOAD
rayosalmond(sfnet) RayOS Almond RayOS Almond is a desktop operating system base... DOWNLOAD
fem3d(sfnet) fem3d Basics of a CAD System. Lets users build 3D mod... DOWNLOAD
anygamedownload(sfnet) Any Game Downloader Any Game Downloader with over 1,300 games in th... DOWNLOAD
brianstweakedth(sfnet) Brian's Tweaked Themes 説明はありません。 DOWNLOAD
gogui(sfnet) GoGui Graphical interface to programs that play the g... DOWNLOAD
equivalencepart(sfnet) Equivalence Partition Organizer Equivalence Partition Organizer is a tool to ed... DOWNLOAD
lmsapi(sfnet) LMSAPI: C interface for SICK LMS200 LMSAPI is a framework library for getting acces... DOWNLOAD
poppy-beta-rc(sfnet) Poppy - Web Interface Generator Poppy is a visual markup editor that runs in a ... DOWNLOAD
perueduca(sfnet) F14 Base - Servidores y Estaciones Sistema operativo de rápida instalación para se... DOWNLOAD
ymiryun(sfnet) ymiryun DOWNLOAD
wifizone06(sfnet) wifizone06 DOWNLOAD
sifscenarist(sfnet) SIFscenarist SIFscenarist allows you to assemble animation S... DOWNLOAD
openstopmotion(sfnet) OpenStopMotion An open source software for capturing stop moti... DOWNLOAD
enbudget(sfnet) DivvyUp Personal Finance DivvyUp is a simple application that uses the e... DOWNLOAD
done(sfnet) League of Legends Utility This project has been discontinued due to perso... DOWNLOAD
zhouzhengyi(sfnet) zhouzhengyi geggerh DOWNLOAD
secmw(sfnet) Secure Building Automation Middleware Goal of the project is to provide a secure midd... DOWNLOAD
mailcontrolpc(sfnet) MailControl Program check configured e-mail and if email ar... DOWNLOAD
visadpugnam(sfnet) Vis ad Pugnam Symbolic graphic. OpenGL. 5 buildings: Barrack... DOWNLOAD
ms-pacman(sfnet) Ms. Pac-Man Framework This Java-application contains all required com...
fightingfantasy(sfnet) Fighting Fantasy Framework With FFFramework you can create your own inter... DOWNLOAD
cjoap(sfnet) Clanjor Open Art Project Original Open Music, Original Open Movies, Orig... DOWNLOAD
webflowchina(sfnet) webflowchina This is web-based j2ee application of workflow. DOWNLOAD
egap(sfnet) egap Egap is an Eclipse plugin for the Guice Depende... DOWNLOAD
amazingmaze(sfnet) Amazing Maze Ein verrücktes Brettspiel für die ganze Familie. DOWNLOAD
aimpseeker(sfnet) AIMPSeeker Tool for seeking lost / renamed / removed / rep... DOWNLOAD

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