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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
macad(sfnet) Macad A simple application to administer Magic: The G... DOWNLOAD
kicker(sfnet) Kicker A simple web frontend based on grails for manag... DOWNLOAD
jdatebutton(sfnet) JDateButton JDateButton is a Java date selection utility fo... DOWNLOAD
catalog-of-life(sfnet) Catalogue of Life Converter This MS Access database converts the Catalogue ... DOWNLOAD
clipandshare(sfnet) Clip and Share Clip and Share your world with the greatest of ... DOWNLOAD
gkas(sfnet) GKas GKas is a codon-aware DNA alignment program, wh... DOWNLOAD
lvmirror(sfnet) lvmirror Simple tool for backuping lvm2 volumes efficien... DOWNLOAD
autoscrshotanno(sfnet) Automatic Screenshot Annotator Using internal names for windows, buttons, menu... DOWNLOAD
slackbuild(sfnet) SlackBuild Build Slackware packages from sources DOWNLOAD
osdf(sfnet) OSDF OSDF is a server that is used to provide a REST... DOWNLOAD
mopzz-gb(sfnet) MGB OpenSource Guestbook MGB is a free OpenSource Guestbook completely w... DOWNLOAD
statifier(sfnet) ELF statifier Statifier is a tool for creating portable self-... DOWNLOAD
saveofficedata(sfnet) Corrupt Office Data/Text Extract Service Several free web services exist for converting ... DOWNLOAD
tcladashell(sfnet) TclAdaShell TclAdaShell is a freely available Ada binding t... DOWNLOAD
pbsclusterviz(sfnet) PBS Cluster Viz PBS Cluster Viz is a project to display informa... DOWNLOAD
pyrx(sfnet) PyRx - Virtual Screening Tool PyRx is a Virtual Screening software for Comput... DOWNLOAD
stamp-addin(sfnet) STAMP: Subtitling Add-In for PowerPoint The Subtitling Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint ... DOWNLOAD
quickcim(sfnet) QuickCIM QuickCIM is a great free open source tool for C... DOWNLOAD
ancestris(sfnet) Ancestris Ancestris is a genealogy program written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
skullcraft(sfnet) SkullCraft SkullCraft is a sandbox adventure game develope... DOWNLOAD
niftyreg(sfnet) Nifty Reg This project, developed at University College L... DOWNLOAD
meeralferay(sfnet) Meera Lferay Savvy DOWNLOAD
gofgsportscompu(sfnet) GOFG Sports Computer GOFG Sports Computer is a free GPS tracking sof...
mp3k(sfnet) MusicPlay3000 an Open-source media player written in c++ with... DOWNLOAD
homer-conf(sfnet) Homer Conferencing Homer is a free cross-platform SIP softphone wi... DOWNLOAD
dynahtml(sfnet) DynaHTML DynaHTML combines the advantages of static HTML... DOWNLOAD
armdevpkg(sfnet) Arm Development Package This is WINDOWS ARM Development Package to comp... DOWNLOAD
amissl(sfnet) AmiSSL – OpenSSL for Amiga AmiSSL is an Amiga port of OpenSSL. It is a lib... DOWNLOAD
simplemediaface(sfnet) Simple Media Interface The simple media interface is a qt front end fo... DOWNLOAD
nxtremote(sfnet) Penagwin NXT Remote This is the Penagwin NXT remote which is a java... DOWNLOAD
xoofoo(sfnet) XooFoo This project intends sharing tools for the XOOP... DOWNLOAD
xml10n(sfnet) Xml10n Xml10n is a set of Delphi/Kylix components and ... DOWNLOAD
ftpapp(sfnet) FTP_App functionalities list: User ID & password , ... DOWNLOAD
startkladde(sfnet) Startkladde A software for logging flight movements on smal... DOWNLOAD
idlemanager(sfnet) IdleManager "IdleManager" informs the user of lon... DOWNLOAD
vandalix(sfnet) Vandalix Vandalix is a framework for implementing parser... DOWNLOAD
slolorisgui(sfnet) Slowloris Gui for Windows Slowloris Gui for Windows tested on win7 sp1 +... DOWNLOAD
duck2dox(sfnet) Duck2Dox This Python script is designed to convert Autod... DOWNLOAD
invoicesbyjava(sfnet) invoices DOWNLOAD
rkplayer(sfnet) Radio Kalutara Player Radio Kalutara Desktop Application is a FREE, S... DOWNLOAD
fuseam(sfnet) FUSE acceleration module FUSE Accelerator DOWNLOAD
excel2ged(sfnet) Excel2GED Excel genealogy spreadsheet with macro for conv... DOWNLOAD
ntpanelapp(sfnet) Network Traffic Network Traffic Gnome Panel Applet: A graphical... DOWNLOAD
mysystemskin(sfnet) MySystemSkin This project provides a skin for the customizab... DOWNLOAD
gpib-tcl(sfnet) gpib-tcl An extension to the Tcl language to allow commu... DOWNLOAD
babyblog(sfnet) BabyBlog 前端攻城师北北的个人博客 DOWNLOAD
wordcounterv10(sfnet) wordcounter v1.0 Wordcounter is a easy to use program for counti... DOWNLOAD
h-mpeg(sfnet) H-Mpeg Development H-Mpeg ist ein stand-alone MP3-Player zum "... DOWNLOAD
fastfilefinder(sfnet) Fast File Finder A simple file finder application for Windows XP... DOWNLOAD
flowmodelling(sfnet) MyLab DOWNLOAD
projectfileget(sfnet) Project File Get this is where our downloads are :) DOWNLOAD
tashack(sfnet) TAS
accordnet-framework(freshmeat) Accord.NET Framework Accord.NET provides statistical analysis, machi... DOWNLOAD
webshots(sfnet) Webshots Usefull to get image of any webpage using url a... DOWNLOAD
magicmenu(sfnet) MagicMenu MagicMenu is a menu enhancer for AmigaOS orient... DOWNLOAD
rucktrack(sfnet) RuckTrack RuckTrack is a free GPS file analyzing program,... DOWNLOAD
tum-jasmin(sfnet) jasmin Jasmin is an interpreter for the x86 assembly l... DOWNLOAD
data-comm(sfnet) Data Communications Scilab Toolbox An Educational Toolbox on Data Communications, ... DOWNLOAD
sutilcms(sfnet) Sutil! CMS Sutil! CMS is a "distro" of the conse... DOWNLOAD
nutrika(sfnet) nutrika The goal is to provide a desktop application to... DOWNLOAD
gifapp(sfnet) Gif Animation GUI Application GifApp is an application that have ability to c... DOWNLOAD
jagendaclient(sfnet) JCS Agenda (client) DOWNLOAD
heightmapeditor(sfnet) Heightmap terrain editor This tool is taken out of the toolset of LumenL... DOWNLOAD
ludumdare24(sfnet) ld24 This is my entry for Ludum Dare 24: Evolution DOWNLOAD
shiwadesktop(sfnet) SHIWA Desktop DOWNLOAD
webmon(freshmeat) WebMon WebMon is a Java VM monitoring tool. It can be ... DOWNLOAD
smbindex(sfnet) SMBindex SMBindex is a file search engine for local Samb... DOWNLOAD
lebutdenotrevie(sfnet) sais tu pourquoi tu as été crée sais tu pourquoi tu as été crée ? DOWNLOAD
bbct(sfnet) BBCT BBCT is a simple program that allows the user t... DOWNLOAD
sutilcms25(sfnet) Use Joomla Use Joomla
siyuclub(sfnet) siyuclub DOWNLOAD
atoolkit(sfnet) Avalanche Toolkit Avalanche Toolkit can dump the SAM with several... DOWNLOAD
chemformulagene(sfnet) Chem Formula Generator This program is written in CSharp by B.J Erasmu... DOWNLOAD
godskingsheroes(sfnet) Famous Family Trees A platform and beginning content for depicting ... DOWNLOAD
the-os(sfnet) The Operating System The Operating System is a (Limited) opensource ...
filebot(sfnet) FileBot FileBot is the ultimate tool for renaming your ... DOWNLOAD
openkore(sfnet) OpenKore OpenKore is an automation tool for Ragnarok Onl... DOWNLOAD
eigen(freshmeat) Eigen Eigen is a C++ template library for linear alge... DOWNLOAD
cartoff(sfnet) CartOFF CartOff is a .NET 4.0 port of the public domain... DOWNLOAD
ablator(sfnet) Ablator Ablator is a suite of software that automates t... DOWNLOAD
gesturc(sfnet) GestURC **** IMPORTANT **** Pour prendre connaissance ... DOWNLOAD
slax(freshmeat) Slax Slax is a modern, small, and fast Linux operati... DOWNLOAD
tkimg(sfnet) tkImg The "Img" package adds a lot of image... DOWNLOAD
xtrans(sfnet) Xtrans A compact editor for building XSL templates and... DOWNLOAD
dualsimplexjava(sfnet) Dual Simplex Method with Java This program is implementation of dual simplex ... DOWNLOAD
dsettler(sfnet) Death Settler Death Settler is a zombie apocalypse simulation... DOWNLOAD
demosbyscirath(sfnet) Miscellaneous Demos DOWNLOAD
toolpro(sfnet) ToolPro A useful application that launches whenever you... DOWNLOAD
ged2wiki(sfnet) gedcom2wiki This project is for a converter of gedcom genea... DOWNLOAD
netbanking(sfnet) netBanking PHP MYSQL based Net Banking same attempt ac of... DOWNLOAD
wikibook-ada(sfnet) Wikibook Ada Programming The Demonstrations Programs for the Wikibook &q... DOWNLOAD
pstoedit(sfnet) pstoedit pstoedit is a tool converting PostScript and PD... DOWNLOAD
hp3900-series(sfnet) HP Scanjet 3900 series Backend to control HP Scanjet 3900 series scann... DOWNLOAD
nikoross9999(sfnet) nikobellicross9999 grthrth DOWNLOAD
directresize(sfnet) DirectResize DOWNLOAD
frozenbox(sfnet) frozenbox OS frozenbox OS è un progetto che ruota intorno al... DOWNLOAD
imagemagick(sfnet) ImageMagick ImageMagick is free software to create, edit, a... DOWNLOAD
virtualmin(freshmeat) Virtualmin Virtualmin is a Webmin module that simplifies t... DOWNLOAD
trailingdoctrac(sfnet) Trailing Doc Tracking All of our forms contain Encompass360 Custom Da... DOWNLOAD
multidatespickr(sfnet) Multiple Dates Picker for jQuery UI Extends jQuery UI's datepicker (calendar) allow... DOWNLOAD

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