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milan(sfnet) milan DOWNLOAD
happypress(sfnet) HappyPress DOWNLOAD
ktv(sfnet) dongyanke I do not know what you say i hope open this fre... DOWNLOAD
qtv4lcapture(sfnet) linuxWebcamRecorder linux webcam recorder named as qtV4lCapture whi... DOWNLOAD
s3dmesh(sfnet) S3Dmesh(Small 3d processes and mesh) S3d is a mesh generating machine. DOWNLOAD
tuxisalive(sfnet) TuxIsAlive TuxIsAlive est un projet qui a pour but de rend...
statcode(sfnet) StatCode It's the mirror project of CodeChangeViewer: ht... DOWNLOAD
qmc2(sfnet) MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II QMC2 is a Qt 4 based multi-platform GUI front e... DOWNLOAD
zk(freshmeat) ZK ZK is a highly productive Java framework for bu... DOWNLOAD
portableserver(sfnet) Portable Webserver It's a portable server manager that you can go ... DOWNLOAD
inmortalromv50(sfnet) Inmortal Roms DOWNLOAD
quality-check(freshmeat) Quality-Check Quality-Check provides a small Java library for... DOWNLOAD
usbjoysticks(sfnet) usbjoysticks This software enables the user to enumerate USB... DOWNLOAD
tiny8051(sfnet) Tiny8051 Tiny8051 is small 8051 microcontroller simulato... DOWNLOAD
pop-before-smtp-auth(freshmeat) POP-Before-SMTP-Auth POP-Before-SMTP-Auth is a POP before SMTP daemo... DOWNLOAD
clotag(sfnet) CloTag DOWNLOAD
movigo(sfnet) MoVigo Welcome To Movamp Vigo V 1.0 Movamp Vigo is un... DOWNLOAD
j-digger(sfnet) JDigger DOWNLOAD
javaquant(sfnet) java-quant The project contains classes for implementation... DOWNLOAD
astrofocuser(sfnet) astrofocuser astrofocuser is a very simple tool written with... DOWNLOAD
m3usize(sfnet) M3USize Determine the size and existence of all mp3 fil... DOWNLOAD
mihnistns229(sfnet) MIH Nist NS2.29 This NS-2 patch provides a way to interconnect ... DOWNLOAD
ibsng(sfnet) IBSng-A1.24.tar.bz2 DOWNLOAD
itucs2(sfnet) CS^2 These slides are used in courses at the Istanbu...
stripeone(sfnet) StripeOne Projeto com intuito de criar um framework estav... DOWNLOAD
gdoj(sfnet) GUET Online Judge DOWNLOAD
java-calculator(sfnet) Java-Calculator Scientific Calculator includes the following f... DOWNLOAD
onefileblog(sfnet) onefileblog notepad DOWNLOAD
zzjson(sfnet) zzjson, a lightweight JSON library zzjson is a lightweight C library for reading, ... DOWNLOAD
googlechromdown(sfnet) Google Chrom Downloader Downloader for Google chrom
pppost(sfnet) Project Profile Post Project Profile Post (also known as 3P) is a XM... DOWNLOAD
mumianshuxiares(sfnet) mumianshuxiares DOWNLOAD
spvcadd2012(sfnet) Special Video Converter DOWNLOAD
corrpe23(sfnet) corrpe DOWNLOAD
anyhomework(sfnet) AnyHomeWork DOWNLOAD
wapsms(sfnet) WAP SMSGATEWAY WAP sms gateway for nodes DOWNLOAD
gsolaar(sfnet) GSolaar EN : Visualization of non-convex polyhedra and ... DOWNLOAD
starinventory(sfnet) Starinventory DOWNLOAD
pansoft(sfnet) panSoft DOWNLOAD
winwanda(sfnet) winWanda winWanda is a fortune/message/quote/poem/joke/e... DOWNLOAD
beammachine(sfnet) Beam Machine DOWNLOAD
dow(sfnet) pic DOWNLOAD
lineagel2united(sfnet) LineageL2 United DOWNLOAD
modxsmarty(sfnet) modxSmarty This Extra provide Smarty with MODX-elements su... DOWNLOAD
objectrelations(sfnet) Object Relations A database solution for storing objects, it's p... DOWNLOAD
otweaponcreator(sfnet) OT Weapon Creator By Aldruh DOWNLOAD
keptoolbox(sfnet) Keplerian Toolbox IMPORTANT: This project has moved to github. ht... DOWNLOAD
libsmacker(sfnet) libsmacker libsmacker is a cross-platform C library which ... DOWNLOAD
affogato(sfnet) Affogato: XSI Rendering Translator Affogato is a plugin for Avid's Softimage XSI 3... DOWNLOAD
piwik-remix(sfnet) Piwik Official remixes of the latest Piwik release pa... DOWNLOAD
buildaix(sfnet) buildaix BUILDAIX is a set of scripts that largely autom... DOWNLOAD
duet-nano(sfnet) Duet-Nano DOWNLOAD
bloomfilternet(sfnet) BloomFilter .NET Port from Java implementation by Magnus Skjegst... DOWNLOAD
siccom(sfnet) siccom The program allows the simulation of spatial dy... DOWNLOAD
mtasc(sfnet) The MTASC Community Fork MTASC is an open-source (GPLv2) ActionScript 2.... DOWNLOAD
notiftunes(sfnet) NotifTunes NotifTunes ist ein kleines Programm, welches im... DOWNLOAD
randmapenchant(sfnet) randmap.enchant.js ランダムマップを生成するenchant.jsのプラグイン... DOWNLOAD
programmidownl(sfnet) Programmi DOWNLOAD
ws-wordy(sfnet) Wordy Wordy is a small windows application that assis... DOWNLOAD
crimsonjavasign(sfnet) Crimson Java Signature Pad DOWNLOAD
context-scroll(sfnet) Contextual Scrolling Silverstripe Module * Installation - Unpack the files in a folder ... DOWNLOAD
onliveubuntu(sfnet) OnLive Ubuntu Client System Requirements: PC with Ubuntu 12.04 Curr... DOWNLOAD
jkd-syseye(sfnet) SysEye Utility to control all objects that you see in ... DOWNLOAD
sdl2gfx(sfnet) SDL2_gfx Library containing 20+ graphics primitives (lin... DOWNLOAD
terrabouncer(sfnet) Terra Bouncer A simple application that lets standard irc cli... DOWNLOAD
secondchancebak(sfnet) Second Chance A simple backup utility that is ideal for carry... DOWNLOAD
yot(sfnet) Yot Yot est un petit CMS qui permet de créer rapide... DOWNLOAD
agent-iq(sfnet) Agent IQ Agent IQ maintains a local database of device c... DOWNLOAD
xmlvcs(sfnet) Xml VCS This is another version control system written ... DOWNLOAD
countageous(sfnet) Countageous Is totaling the number of lines in your source ... DOWNLOAD
initialreviewch(sfnet) Initial Review Checklist DOWNLOAD
jmacaddress(sfnet) Java MAC Address JMacAdress enables retrieval of MAC local MAC a... DOWNLOAD
mtgdb3(sfnet) MTGDB3 DOWNLOAD
browser074(sfnet) browser DOWNLOAD
processingworks(sfnet) Processing Worksheet DOWNLOAD
selfemployedver(sfnet) Self Employed Verification DOWNLOAD
luciferslinux(sfnet) Lucifer's Linux DOWNLOAD
easy-crud(sfnet) Easy CRUD Easy CRUD is an application arquitecture that c... DOWNLOAD
colorslibrary(sfnet) Colorslibrary A color library for pygame that features 81 dif... DOWNLOAD
monjournal(sfnet) MonJournal - Version 2 Version numérique du classique journal intime p... DOWNLOAD
mammail10(sfnet) Mammail 1.0 Every now and then we need to e-mail our friend... DOWNLOAD
hasblog(sfnet) Has ile Baslayan Web site scriptleri DOWNLOAD
bonvoy(sfnet) Bon Voyage Intention is to show a (GPS) Track on a map. Fi... DOWNLOAD
t0haan00project(sfnet) t0haan00project DOWNLOAD
verbalverifica(sfnet) Verbal Verification DOWNLOAD
mytestingapp(sfnet) myTestingApp DOWNLOAD
zipbackup(sfnet) ZipBackup ZipBackup is a free Windows tool for maintainin... DOWNLOAD
zerowine-tryout(sfnet) Zero Wine Tryouts Zero Wine Tryouts is an open source malware ana... DOWNLOAD
macad(sfnet) Macad A simple application to administer Magic: The G... DOWNLOAD
kicker(sfnet) Kicker A simple web frontend based on grails for manag... DOWNLOAD
jdatebutton(sfnet) JDateButton JDateButton is a Java date selection utility fo... DOWNLOAD
catalog-of-life(sfnet) Catalogue of Life Converter This MS Access database converts the Catalogue ... DOWNLOAD
clipandshare(sfnet) Clip and Share Clip and Share your world with the greatest of ... DOWNLOAD
gkas(sfnet) GKas GKas is a codon-aware DNA alignment program, wh... DOWNLOAD
lvmirror(sfnet) lvmirror Simple tool for backuping lvm2 volumes efficien... DOWNLOAD
autoscrshotanno(sfnet) Automatic Screenshot Annotator Using internal names for windows, buttons, menu... DOWNLOAD
slackbuild(sfnet) SlackBuild Build Slackware packages from sources DOWNLOAD
osdf(sfnet) OSDF OSDF is a server that is used to provide a REST... DOWNLOAD
mopzz-gb(sfnet) MGB OpenSource Guestbook MGB is a free OpenSource Guestbook completely w... DOWNLOAD
statifier(sfnet) ELF statifier Statifier is a tool for creating portable self-... DOWNLOAD

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