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punkspy(sfnet) PunkSpy PunkSpy is a Javascript tool for viewing PunkBu... DOWNLOAD
portugolviana(sfnet) Portugol Viana PortugolViana é uma ferramenta open-source para... DOWNLOAD
gazeparser(sfnet) GazeParser The aim of the GazeParser is to provide a free ... DOWNLOAD
pugwash(sfnet) Plugin Filtering Modules Pluggable modules to detect spam and/or virus i... DOWNLOAD
backuppcreport(sfnet) BackupPC_report The BackupPC_report(1) is a Perl script that pr... DOWNLOAD
nppsaveasadmin(sfnet) nppSaveAsAdmin This plugin allows you to save any file as admi... DOWNLOAD
monetario(sfnet) Monetário Alternativa a BigDecimal e Double para represen... DOWNLOAD
traviancloneen(sfnet) Travian Clone EN Travian Clone is an open source project DOWNLOAD
jopux(sfnet) JOPUX JOPUX is a Linux-distribution and family of fre... DOWNLOAD
pjeavservice(sfnet) PJ-eAVservice ระบบบริการ การยืม-คืนสื่อโสตทัศนูปกรณ์ เพิ่มอำน... DOWNLOAD
sharpkinoko(sfnet) Sharp Kinoko Contains a small framework that measures the ex... DOWNLOAD
intelligentmode(sfnet) intelligent model for search engine DOWNLOAD
datacleaner(sfnet) DataCleaner DataCleaner is a data quality analysis applicat... DOWNLOAD
findreplacetext(sfnet) SubReplace Replace was specially built as a small tool tha... DOWNLOAD
r-mydownloads(sfnet) My downloads DOWNLOAD
labsystem(sfnet) labsystem For installation see:
omma(sfnet) Outlook Mail Merge Attachment Outlook Mail Merge Attachment is a script which...
jsframework(sfnet) jsFramework A JavaScript framework to create complex applic... DOWNLOAD
mylyn-mantis(sfnet) Mylyn - Mantis Connector The Mylyn connector for MantisBT allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
crhxpress(sfnet) CRHXpress CRHXpress est un générateur rapide de Comptes R... DOWNLOAD
kmbox(sfnet) KMBOX - Kernel Methods Toolbox KMBOX is a collection of MATLAB programs that i...
pjaudiovisual(sfnet) PJ-Audiovisual เป็นระบบที่มีการวางแผนการดำเนินงานด้านการบริการ...
solarcalendar(sfnet) Solar Calendar Solar Calendar is a package for Persian Develop...
jschilicat(sfnet) JsChilicat Project has been moved to github: http://jschil...
torbrowser(sfnet) Browser for Tor with Onion Router Tor now plugs into the Browser. Dooble Web Brow...
yest(sfnet) yest This is a command line date/time manipulation a... DOWNLOAD
xdelta3-gui(sfnet) Xdelta3 GUI Note:this GUI was specifically created for fans... DOWNLOAD
modproxyhtml(sfnet) Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml is the most advanced ... DOWNLOAD
ngochop(sfnet) project DOWNLOAD
mediadbshellext(sfnet) Media DB Shell extension Windows shell extension for media file types DOWNLOAD
bmanagerlinux(sfnet) Blutdruckmanager Linux Die Software speichert Ihre Blutwerte, welche S... DOWNLOAD
dinoded(sfnet) fotodino DOWNLOAD
xgidove(sfnet) dove A little super-simple but powerful soap client ... DOWNLOAD
documentary(sfnet) Documentary
gongwong(sfnet) gongwong If ranat is a guitar, gongwong would be a bass ... DOWNLOAD
windbguncovered(sfnet) WinDbg Uncovered This project/document has been created to give ... DOWNLOAD
rbbs(sfnet) Rbbs Re-writting RBBS DOWNLOAD
prindex(sfnet) Prindex Prindex Prindex is a media cataloging software... DOWNLOAD
smikalculadora(sfnet) smikalculadora DOWNLOAD
gcolorpicker(sfnet) colorpicker DOWNLOAD
softtouched(sfnet) SoftTouched DOWNLOAD
purftpdpassword(sfnet) PureFTPd-Password An ISP-class utility to allow FTP account holde... DOWNLOAD
prdm(sfnet) PRDM - Procedural Data Mapping This project provides a simple method of fetchi... DOWNLOAD
beastmade(sfnet) BEASTMADE DOWNLOAD
halachictimes(sfnet) Halachic Times Android application that displays list of halac...
helloflashdrive(sfnet) HelloFlashDrive
bisync(sfnet) BiSync BiSync provides full asynchronous bi-directiona... DOWNLOAD
isad(sfnet) ISAD ISAD is a peak detection software that detects ... DOWNLOAD
freesongalarm(sfnet) Free song alarm DOWNLOAD
geneexploration(sfnet) GeneExploration This project is designed to explore cancer-rela... DOWNLOAD
worldboxdriving(sfnet) World Box Driving Combines WorldWindJava's satellite imagery visu... DOWNLOAD
ubuntuisoel(sfnet) ubuntu-custom-iso-el This project intends to create / maintain the &... DOWNLOAD
spgt(sfnet) Single Player Game Transmitter The aim of the project is to allow remote deskt... DOWNLOAD
javaflacencoder(sfnet) javaFlacEncoder javaFlacEncoder is a pure java implementation o... DOWNLOAD
jsculpt(sfnet) JSculpt JSculpt is a script based 3D Constructive Solid... DOWNLOAD
dr14tmeter(sfnet) DR14 T.meter Introduction to DR14 T.meter DR14 T.meter is a... DOWNLOAD
asciiart(sfnet) Ascii Art for Java Instantly create ASCII reports, multi-column ta... DOWNLOAD
roslink(sfnet) roslink ROSLink allows you connect ROS systems with ROS... DOWNLOAD
jlogic(sfnet) JLog/JScriptLog - Prolog in Java* JLog is a Prolog interpreter written in Java. I... DOWNLOAD
uihierarchy(sfnet) UIHierarchy UIHierarchy is a Java library to ease AWT/Swing... DOWNLOAD
loos(sfnet) LOOS LOOS is a light-weight object oriented software...
mach4(sfnet) mach4 mach4 : An application launcher and a replaceme... DOWNLOAD
pdfpresenter(sfnet) PDF Presenter An easy to use presentation software with focus...
jinjiang(sfnet) jinjiangs 以音乐为轴心,旋转不休 DOWNLOAD
punto(sfnet) punto Punto is a tool to plotting particles written f...
twapi(sfnet) Tcl Windows API extension Provides high level bindings to Windows APIs fr... DOWNLOAD
congrpe(sfnet) CongrPE congrPE a de novo assembly algorithm, named Con... DOWNLOAD
fb2011(sfnet) Facebook For PhpBB Light A free PhpBB3 MOD that enables users to registe... DOWNLOAD
lessa(sfnet) LESSA LESSA is a cross-platform framework developed f... DOWNLOAD
udoc(sfnet) UDoc UDoc is a dynamic UML-like vizualizer. Now we c... DOWNLOAD
rdfadev(sfnet) RDFa Developer Firefox add-on that displays and checks RDFa. ...
hinot(sfnet) HiNot HilfeInderNot - help in emergency This PHP proj...
openresort(sfnet) OpenResort PMS Properties Management System, web application f... DOWNLOAD
documentwf(sfnet) DocumentWF Document WorkFlow application, include: Data... DOWNLOAD
awarnewproject(sfnet) New Project This sofware create a simple folders for all yo... DOWNLOAD
elastik(sfnet) Elastik A very flexible web based ticket/issue tracker ...
phpbb3-czech(sfnet) Cesky preklad phpBB3 Český překlad phpBB3 "Olympus" / Czec... DOWNLOAD
jfcm(sfnet) JFCM Java implementation of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FC...
swtswing(sfnet) SWTSwing SWTSwing is a port of SWT to Swing. It replaces... DOWNLOAD
iplsqldeveloper(sfnet) iPL/SQL Developer iPL/SQL Developer is a reference PL/SQL Develop... DOWNLOAD
edittool(sfnet) EditTool EditTool sector editing software is disk, the d... DOWNLOAD
haldricjellybea(sfnet) haldricjellybean samsung galaxy s3 custom firmware DOWNLOAD
dexpuzzle(sfnet) DexPuxzle Refer to DOWNLOAD
cjson(sfnet) cJSON An ultra-lightweight, portable, single-file, si...
multilevelmenu(sfnet) Dynamic Menu in PHP The dynamic multi level drop down menu is desig...
html2jss(sfnet) HTML2JSS This is a JavaScriptStream generator. I consid... DOWNLOAD
jq19(sfnet) jq19 Esta libreria genera un fichero segun la norma ... DOWNLOAD
wfrpv1(sfnet) WFRP 1st Edition Ruleset Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition ruleset ... DOWNLOAD
hoereranzeige(sfnet) Hörer-Anzeige DOWNLOAD
simplechip8(sfnet) simple_chip8 virtual architecture chip8 C++ emulator DOWNLOAD
xbnbt(sfnet) =Xotic= Edition of BNBT (XBNBT) XBNBT is a modifed BNBT BitTorrent tracker writ... DOWNLOAD
tablet2osc(sfnet) tablet2osc Tool to send OSC messages with a graphic tablet DOWNLOAD
libguess(sfnet) libguess This library let your program manage a dictiona...
qubesos(sfnet) Qubes OS Qubes is an open source operating system design... DOWNLOAD
vbwsus(sfnet) vbWSUS Fine tune the Windows Update behavior from a ce... DOWNLOAD
mpxplay(sfnet) Mpxplay audio/video player Mpxplay is a commander-style console audio play... DOWNLOAD
superkernel(sfnet) SuperKernel Note: the project is basically dead, as I start...
unreadtb(sfnet) Unread notifier for TB This software couples together with the extensi... DOWNLOAD
trollproject4(sfnet) Troll Project 4 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
dclib(sfnet) dlib C++ Library Dlib is a C++ toolkit containing machine learni... DOWNLOAD

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