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pa-hercules-un(sfnet) Unofficial ParanoidAndroid Hercules DOWNLOAD
mdadm(freshmeat) mdadm mdadm is a tool for creating, maintaining, and ... DOWNLOAD
norlog(sfnet) ~Norlog DOWNLOAD
tinyrat(sfnet) Tiny R.A.T. DOWNLOAD
cfautocomplete(sfnet) CFAutocomplete This aims to offer a jQuery based autocomplete ... DOWNLOAD
speedynote(sfnet) Speedy Note DOWNLOAD
bugzilla-ru(sfnet) Russian localization for Bugzilla Russian Template for Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a bu... DOWNLOAD
libphpdigest(sfnet) lib-php-digest A library designed to implement HTTP Digest aut... DOWNLOAD
citydash(sfnet) City Bash DOWNLOAD
brickbreaker2(sfnet) Brickbreaker 2 This project is a game I am developing in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
super-os(sfnet) Super OS Super OS: a remastered version of Ubuntu, with ...
castme(sfnet) CastME! CastMe! is a web application that is installed ...
socketer(sfnet) Socketer For the Android version: DOWNLOAD
openhis-mppl(sfnet) OpenHIS - Modul Pendaftaran Pesakit Luar Outpatient Registration Module for OpenHIS Project DOWNLOAD
luainpawn(sfnet) Lua In Pawn Just include, whose try define all syntax from ... DOWNLOAD
rouletteautop(sfnet) Roulette Autoplay Allows you to play in automated way, using pre-... DOWNLOAD
daqpp(sfnet) DAQ++ A C++ framework for a data acquisition (DAQ) sy... DOWNLOAD
cime(sfnet) CiMe - Citas Médicas Administracion de citas medicas configurando fe... DOWNLOAD
orclib(sfnet) OCILIB - C Driver for Oracle OCILIB is an open source and cross platform Ora... DOWNLOAD
kid3(sfnet) Kid3 Tag Editor Kid3 audio tag editor can edit the tags of MP3,... DOWNLOAD
nsu(sfnet) nsu nsu provides a set of Bash scripts and associat... DOWNLOAD
liberte(sfnet) Liberté Linux Liberté Linux is a secure, lightweight, and eas...
youconvertrexzo(sfnet) You convert!(Rexzona) You Convert! convert video such as .avi .wmv .m... DOWNLOAD
smartpalm(sfnet) SmartPalm Allows mobile/portable amateur radio operators ... DOWNLOAD
remotedial(sfnet) remote dial control (isdn/modem/dsl) Remote dial control Language: perl OS : an... DOWNLOAD
hijakker(sfnet) Hijakker Hijakker is the Ubuntu Linux based distro that ... DOWNLOAD
zencart(sfnet) Zen Cart E-Commerce Shopping Cart Zen Cart® is a PHP e-commerce shopping cart pro... DOWNLOAD
xsldbg(sfnet) xsldbg A debugger for xsl/xslt stylesheets which has f... DOWNLOAD
projecttimeshee(sfnet) Project Time Sheet Management Web Provides a web based system for users to enter ... DOWNLOAD
optimgsh(sfnet) optimg-sh OptImgSH - a set of scripts to optimize images.... DOWNLOAD
ebook4u(sfnet) Ebook4u DOWNLOAD
gpeasy(sfnet) gp|Easy CMS gpEasy is a complete Content Management System ...
ponotifications(sfnet) PONotificationsBuddy A lightweight, easy to implement e-mail generat... DOWNLOAD
poconfitembuddy(sfnet) POConfItemBuddy DOWNLOAD
utd1(sfnet) Untitled Project 001 DOWNLOAD
puremalice(sfnet) Pure Malice A hack'n slash CRPG DOWNLOAD
spacerom2(sfnet) SpaceROM2 JellyBean This is the SpaceROM 2 for Galaxy S2 T-Mobile d... DOWNLOAD
pwcppautoupdate(sfnet) Palmpass XML Auto Update Automatically update the latest palmpass xml an... DOWNLOAD
kushnike(sfnet) Hangman-Team 3 DOWNLOAD
optimallocation(sfnet) Optimal Location Queries This is the code used in the experiments of the... DOWNLOAD
rexzonenavideoc(sfnet) You Convert by RexzoneNah Features: •Provide a powerful but easy to use i... DOWNLOAD
pyrotaggermid(sfnet) MID Adjust Prepare reads for Pyrotagger or QIIME analysis ... DOWNLOAD
opensimusb(sfnet) opensim usb DOWNLOAD
pdfbox(sfnet) PDFBox PDFBox is a Java PDF Library. This project will... DOWNLOAD
rbtree(sfnet) rbtree a hot-mind red black tree achieve, just for fun DOWNLOAD
joeldroid(sfnet) JoelDroid This is the project hosting for my developmenta... DOWNLOAD
dromdary(sfnet) dromdary MDSD Framework for generating typical aspects i...
simone1(sfnet) simone DOWNLOAD
rapidsmith(sfnet) RapidSmith RapidSmith is a research-based FPGA CAD tool fr...
tuesdaytheme(sfnet) Tuesday Theme Ported tuesday theme for Jedi Knight 4.0.4 flas... DOWNLOAD
raspiconfigfr(sfnet) raspi-config-fr DOWNLOAD
testsweet(sfnet) TestSweet - Java unit testing goodness Testsweet is a unit testing tool to ensure that... DOWNLOAD
databasesikil(sfnet) DataBase Sokil Develop with Delphi 6 Using Interbase 6.0 Desk... DOWNLOAD
cewall(sfnet) CEWall DOWNLOAD
phangoshop(sfnet) Phango Shop A e-commerce CMS for create shopping sites. DOWNLOAD
cekirdek(sfnet) cekirdek DOWNLOAD
broguemods(sfnet) Brogue mods Project to modify and distribute a roguelike vi... DOWNLOAD
sinco(sfnet) SINCO - A Neural Network Library SINCO is a GPL library with functions to implem... DOWNLOAD
forchat(sfnet) ForChat - Forum-chat room management ForChat is a chat-room and a message board (for...
literal(sfnet) Literal - grammar checker Literal is a project for development a spell an... DOWNLOAD
jjlib(sfnet) jjLibrary Two projects; new one is "Alan" a pro... DOWNLOAD
addtimer(sfnet) A D D Timer A D D Timer, a simple timer application for Win... DOWNLOAD
apodbackground(sfnet) Desktop Background from Nasa APOD This app will fetch the latest image from nasap... DOWNLOAD
binow(sfnet) BINow Plataforma de explotación de datos multidimensi... DOWNLOAD
bs2b(sfnet) Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP The Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) l... DOWNLOAD
jrframework(sfnet) JRFramework A RAID tool for developing enterprise applicati... DOWNLOAD
anoj(sfnet) anoj DOWNLOAD
offsprings(sfnet) offsprings A set of extensions for the Spring Framework: 1... DOWNLOAD
jnostromo(sfnet) jnostromo jnostromo provides drivers for the Razer Nostro... DOWNLOAD
goanna(sfnet) Web Service Library for Eiffel Codename Goanna. This project provides a web se... DOWNLOAD
olam-model(sfnet) Ocean Land Atmosphere Model The Ocean Land Atmosphere Model (OLAM) is a new... DOWNLOAD
monteldvd(sfnet) monteldvd DVD and CD with only free and opensource softwa...
windowshutdown(sfnet) Windows Shutdown Please right-click on the application, go to Pr... DOWNLOAD
rosegarden(sfnet) Rosegarden The MIDI sequencer that features a rich underst... DOWNLOAD
cado(sfnet) cado Cado is a mature code generation language that ... DOWNLOAD
servospro(sfnet) SERVOS Professional SERVOS is an open source Linux-based operating ... DOWNLOAD
rccchatscript(sfnet) RCC Chat Script DOWNLOAD
opensimusb1(sfnet) opensimusb 1 DOWNLOAD
ipaddressblock(sfnet) WordPress IP Blocker WordPress IP Address Blocker allows you to stop... DOWNLOAD
metawarej(sfnet) MetaWareJ MetaWareJ™ is a framework for creating web-base... DOWNLOAD
mm-t(sfnet) MM-T
urdme(sfnet) URDME URDME is an efficent implementation of the next...
citecrm(sfnet) Cite CRM Cite CRM is an Open Source PHP/MySQL Customer R... DOWNLOAD
mrpmvc(sfnet) MrPmvc 狂奔的蜗牛发起的php开源mvc框架,在线API(alpha版)... DOWNLOAD
alfanakembroide(sfnet) Alfanak Embroider This project aim to create a multi-platform emb... DOWNLOAD
python-irclib(sfnet) Python IRC client library This project includes an event-driven IRC clien... DOWNLOAD
niransviewer(sfnet) Nirans Viewer DEPRECATED Nirans Viewer, aimed at High End Computers for ...
exams-manyex(sfnet) manyex Manyex is a tool for preparing exams and tests ... DOWNLOAD
smwsolrstore(sfnet) SMW SolrStore a Solr Based Semantic Mediawiki Store DOWNLOAD
minerscraft(sfnet) Minerscraft DOWNLOAD
nexentasklist(sfnet) NEXEN TASK LIST Tell us how you like it... DOWNLOAD
kindb(sfnet) Kin DataBase and Application System A fast, modular, scalable, adaptable and cheap ... DOWNLOAD
damiansantilli(sfnet) Web Personal DOWNLOAD
lhogho(sfnet) Lhogho - The Real Logo Compiler Lhogho is planned to be a modern implementation... DOWNLOAD
rf-reader(sfnet) rf-reader A magnetic stripe analysis tool for poking arou... DOWNLOAD
jednostavan(sfnet) jednostavan Simple (Serbian, Jednostavan) is content publis... DOWNLOAD
msp-mbot-2012(sfnet) Miranda Scripting Plugin (mbot) MSP (mBot) is a multi-purpose plugin providing ... DOWNLOAD
blujoomlafw(sfnet) Blu-Joomla Framework Bluspace Joomla Framework is a simple lightweig... DOWNLOAD
proverb(sfnet) proverb DOWNLOAD
keskinoglu(sfnet) Keskinoglu DOWNLOAD

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