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kursa4(sfnet) kursa4 DOWNLOAD
motosync(sfnet) Motosync Motosync is a cross-platform application design... DOWNLOAD
gtviewer(freshmeat) GeoTIFF Viewer GeoTIFF Viewer is a simple viewer for GeoTIFF f... DOWNLOAD
semn(sfnet) SemNotes SemNotes is a semantic note taking tool for KDE... DOWNLOAD
meddly(sfnet) Decision diagram library A decision diagram library supporting multi-ter... DOWNLOAD
phplogin(freshmeat) phpLogin phpLogin is a user login and authentication mod... DOWNLOAD
ericoptimizer(sfnet) Eric Optimizer Eric Optimizer is a software to optimizing your... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-pl(sfnet) Repozytorium pakietów Repozytorium pakietów przygotowywanych przez po... DOWNLOAD
dofus1(sfnet) Dofus 1 DOWNLOAD
smenu(sfnet) Smenu Manage Oracle Database Using a set of hierarchi... DOWNLOAD
myhd(sfnet) Teralogic 880 HDTV decoder Linux driver A Linux (and perhaps other OS) driver for HDTV ... DOWNLOAD
mulan(sfnet) Mulan Mulan is a java library for learning from multi... DOWNLOAD
evatagfr(sfnet) EvaTagFr Utilitaire de création de fichier TAG compatibl... DOWNLOAD
jrecorder(sfnet) JRecorder a audio recorder in java using JMF. options for... DOWNLOAD
libgls(sfnet) libgls The libgls library allows stereoscopic renderin... DOWNLOAD
overhaulgame(sfnet) OverhaulGame DOWNLOAD
blucat(sfnet) blucat blucat is designed to act like netcat and ncat.... DOWNLOAD
outilck(sfnet) Outil CK Outil CK DOWNLOAD
twmfractals(sfnet) TWM Fractals DOWNLOAD
bo-planets(sfnet) BoPlanets planetarium BoPlanets is a virtual planetarium showing the ... DOWNLOAD
hrdag(sfnet) HRDAG This is a framework used to decompose hierarchi... DOWNLOAD
qq522848548(sfnet) qq522848548 qq522848548 DOWNLOAD
ipsquarecommons(sfnet) ipsquare-commons DOWNLOAD
borderlands2dps(sfnet) Borderlands 2 DPS Calculator Borderlands 2 DPS Calculator DOWNLOAD
wxwindows(sfnet) wxWidgets wxWidgets is a free open source framework for d... DOWNLOAD
chitgarpun(sfnet) Chit garpun DOWNLOAD
netspeed-plasma(sfnet) netspeed-plasmoid Simple plasmoid to show the current speed of a ... DOWNLOAD
bastion-os(sfnet) GNU/Linux + cxpkg A new GNU/Linux distribution written from scrat...
freefem(sfnet) FreeFem++ Binaries FreeFem++ is an implementation of a language de... DOWNLOAD
sprint-force(sfnet) Sprint-Force Sprint-Force is a cross-platform (Linux, Window... DOWNLOAD
aletter(sfnet) first letters dictionary A free open source dictionary for Windows and l... DOWNLOAD
jsterminal(sfnet) Terminal Explore JavaScript and the DOM in command promp... DOWNLOAD
dacapobench(sfnet) The DaCapo Benchmark Suite The DaCapo benchmark suite is designed to facil... DOWNLOAD
scrplus(sfnet) SCRplus SCRplus converts images to formats suitable for... DOWNLOAD
sharpkom(sfnet) SharpKOM SharpKOM (#KOM) is a .NET/Mono client for the L... DOWNLOAD
couriermanageme(sfnet) Courier Management System Courier Management System is the simplest solut... DOWNLOAD
sqlsync(sfnet) Sql Build Manager / Sql Sync A SQL Server maintenance utility that allows th... DOWNLOAD
deadbeef(sfnet) deadbeef DeaDBeeF is an audio player for GNU/Linux syste... DOWNLOAD
vydaje(sfnet) vydaje Application to keep track over personal expenses. DOWNLOAD
dragoncityguia(sfnet) Dragon City Guia DOWNLOAD
cvds(sfnet) h Chess-Variants Defining Sytem A system that will provide easy-understanding d... DOWNLOAD
engecare(sfnet) Programa Engecare Saúde Integrated Hospital Information System: Practic... DOWNLOAD
syntaxproject(sfnet) Syntax This project aims to provide a way to host your... DOWNLOAD
dujomind(sfnet) DUJO-Mind The purpose of this project is to provide free ... DOWNLOAD
pheqbootstrap(sfnet) PhEq_bootstrap This program was developed as a help in establi... DOWNLOAD
paperoptfluosim(sfnet) PaperOpt FluoSims DOWNLOAD
code-finder(sfnet) Postal Code Finder Code_finder is a standalone php script written ... DOWNLOAD
joomla25templat(sfnet) Joomla 2.5 template DOWNLOAD
littlestocktick(sfnet) Little Stock Ticker Little Stock Ticker is an application that work... DOWNLOAD
gtkhst(sfnet) gtkhst gtkhst is a collection of GLib2 objects to comp... DOWNLOAD
newblertools(sfnet) newblertools Scripts for summarizing, analyzing and extracti... DOWNLOAD
rajanspaceserv(sfnet) rajanspaceservices DOWNLOAD
minisubeditor(sfnet) Subtitle Editor Subtitle editor with minimal functions. DOWNLOAD
jrcmsdev(sfnet) imacs imacs (innovative Management of Contents) is an... DOWNLOAD
omegatplus(sfnet) OmegaT+ CAT Tools A translation tools suite for Computer-Aided Tr... DOWNLOAD
cademia(sfnet) CADEMIA The simplicity of the user interface and the ea... DOWNLOAD
tajmoebel(sfnet) TAJ Möbel DOWNLOAD
kerner-utils(sfnet) Kerner Utilities Commonly used utility classes. DOWNLOAD
vistumbler(sfnet) Vistumbler DOWNLOAD
im4java(sfnet) im4java The library im4java provides a pure-java interf... DOWNLOAD
routecngfinder(sfnet) RouteCngFinder RouteCngFinder calculates a route and shows the... DOWNLOAD
dreamshare(sfnet) dreamshare Welcome to the world of social dreaming! Social... DOWNLOAD
ebankbooks(sfnet) eBankBooks We have created a new mobile cloud App that int... DOWNLOAD
ssview(sfnet) ssview NetBeans Plugin that opens a read-only view of ... DOWNLOAD
brokenbutton(sfnet) Broken Content Button Broken Content Button - is a plugin for WordPre... DOWNLOAD
jinglefoxpro(sfnet) JingleFoxPro Jingle player for DJs, webradios etc. It is bas... DOWNLOAD
kta(sfnet) The Kava Telnet Application The Kava Telnet Application is complete telnet ... DOWNLOAD
stdex(sfnet) Nana C++ Library Nana C++ Library takes aim at easy-to-use and p... DOWNLOAD
fh-matrix(sfnet) Matrix Matrix is a simple command-line game coded in P... DOWNLOAD
errepoel(sfnet) errepoel Enterprise linux repository for el6 and clones. DOWNLOAD
rbanglabrowser(sfnet) RBanglaBrowser Rista Bangla Web Browser , a vb6 project, a web... DOWNLOAD
youparse(sfnet) youParse This tool extracts URLs from playlist in youtub... DOWNLOAD
urok4(sfnet) urok4 DOWNLOAD
minecraftwww(sfnet) Minecraft Homepage Dises Paket entält die Website ei... DOWNLOAD
quandrax(sfnet) Quandrax - Advanced configuration options to make sure t... DOWNLOAD
kerner-utils-co(sfnet) Kerner Utilities - Collections This project extends the standard Java collecti... DOWNLOAD
word-reader(sfnet) Code7248.word_reader A simple .NET Library compatible with .NET 2.0,... DOWNLOAD
malibu(sfnet) Malibu DOWNLOAD
bellmanzadeh(sfnet) bellmanzadeh fuzzy decision maker A tool based on the model proposed by Bellman &... DOWNLOAD
openpaperoptdb(sfnet) Open PaperOpt Database MATLAB XML based database designed for Open Pap... DOWNLOAD
maven-jacobe(sfnet) maven-jacobe-plugin This plug-in lets you invoke Jacobe (www.tiobe.... DOWNLOAD
jlinpro(sfnet) jlinpro Plane frame static and dynamic analysis DOWNLOAD
kosi(sfnet) Kooperative Spiele im Internet KoSI is a project at the University of Oldenbur... DOWNLOAD
file202(sfnet) file202 DOWNLOAD
peptool(sfnet) The PEP tool PEP is a modelling and verification framework f... DOWNLOAD
pwajax(sfnet) pwAjax PWAjax é uma biblioteca escrita em JavaSctipt a... DOWNLOAD
whole(sfnet) Whole Platform The Whole Platform is a technology for engineer... DOWNLOAD
mqmanager(sfnet) MQManager MQManager is a utility for managing Message Que... DOWNLOAD
ifa(sfnet) Iterative Flow Analysis IFA, Iterative Flow Analysis is a combined data... DOWNLOAD
jpgcompressor(sfnet) jpg-compressor Decrease size of images got from your digital c... DOWNLOAD
pgadminportable(sfnet) PgAdminPortable PgAdmin Portable is the PgAdmin whatever it is ... DOWNLOAD
mewui(sfnet) MEWUI MEWUI is an extension of the internal interface... DOWNLOAD
nsbb(sfnet) NetStats Baseball NetStats Baseball (NSB) is a simulation of Majo... DOWNLOAD
dreamsim(sfnet) DReAMSim DReAMSim provides a simple simulation framework... DOWNLOAD
hkeytest(sfnet) hkeytest DOWNLOAD
ddcciavr(sfnet) Simple DDC/CI on AVR Project aims to provide simple but extensible i... DOWNLOAD
obama(sfnet) OBAMA DOWNLOAD
backup2mailbox(sfnet) Backup2Mailbox This application sends local files as email att... DOWNLOAD
mozilla-italia(sfnet) Italian Mozilla Project Italian Mozilla Project DOWNLOAD
flowlive(sfnet) Flowlive Flowlive is a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics... DOWNLOAD

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