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procom(sfnet) procom DOWNLOAD
ceylan(sfnet) Ceylan The Ceylan library is a Free (LGPL/GPL) General... DOWNLOAD
castcrewedit2(sfnet) Cast / Crew Edit 2 “Cast/Crew Edit 2″ only expects the URL of the ... DOWNLOAD
medtag(sfnet) MedTag - Annotated Corpora A database of linguistic annotation of medical ... DOWNLOAD
senuti(sfnet) Senuti Senuti is an application for transferring files... DOWNLOAD
projectcuatoi(sfnet) projectcuatoi DOWNLOAD
wargus(sfnet) wargus Wargus is a data set for the Stratagus game eng... DOWNLOAD
leonardocoimbra(sfnet) Leonardo coimbra DOWNLOAD
lclixa(sfnet) leonardocoimbra em "files"ou "arquivos" tem... DOWNLOAD
os-256b(sfnet) OS-256b A small operating system in only 512 bytes. DOWNLOAD
v3c-qt(sfnet) v3c-qt The v3c-qt package ties Qt doxygen-generated do... DOWNLOAD
v3c-dcom(sfnet) v3c-dcom v3c-dcom provides a plug-in system as an altern... DOWNLOAD
iaw-scan(sfnet) IAW ECU Scan Diagnostic application for Marelli-Weber IAW 8F... DOWNLOAD
javasorting(sfnet) aaabbb Javaクラスの静的なソートメソッドのコレクション... DOWNLOAD
jsokoapplet(sfnet) JSoko JSoko is a Java program for playing the Sokoban... DOWNLOAD
iamb(sfnet) IAMB -Iamb A Message Board A Perl CGI threaded discussion board, supportin... DOWNLOAD
bmplayer(sfnet) BMPlayer BMPlayer is a GUI front-end for MPlayer. This p... DOWNLOAD
libqt4report(sfnet) libqt4report A library based on Qt4 to edit reports built fr... DOWNLOAD
portugolmm(sfnet) Portugol++ Portugol no estilo C++. Facilitando a vida de a... DOWNLOAD
auxin(sfnet) auxin Auxin Web Based System DOWNLOAD
purenuke(sfnet) PureNuke PureNuke is the next revolution in Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
conkywfc(sfnet) BrWeather Uma alternativa ao ConkyForecast. Voltado aos u... DOWNLOAD
biotmylight(sfnet) BIOT Light System System sterowania oświetleniem w budynku nie wy... DOWNLOAD
vulcan2012(sfnet) vulcan2012 Vulcan Project is micro-architecture that are i... DOWNLOAD
cosmorpg(sfnet) Legend of Cosmo Legend of Cosmo is a role playing game (RPG) si... DOWNLOAD
simplixpuzzle(sfnet) Simplix Puzzle Simplix Puzzle is a photo sliding puzzle game f... DOWNLOAD
upload-to(sfnet) UploadTo Este es un cargador de archivos escrito en el l... DOWNLOAD
catchuppodcastr(sfnet) CatchUp Podcast Reciever CatchUp is a simple, platform independent podca... DOWNLOAD
javaocr(sfnet) Java OCR Java OCR is a suite of pure java libraries for ... DOWNLOAD
opengrow(sfnet) OpenGROW An open-source project to develop a free, moder... DOWNLOAD
config-inifiles(sfnet) Config::IniFiles A Perl module for reading ".INI" styl... DOWNLOAD
hammurabicode(sfnet) Hammurabi Code Hammurabi is a HEALPix-based tool for simulatin... DOWNLOAD
gsales2wp(sfnet) gSales2 Wordpress Plugin gsales2wp is a Wordpressplugin to use the data ... DOWNLOAD
storagemp3(sfnet) storage DOWNLOAD
customcamcam(sfnet) CustomCam DOWNLOAD
imagetextapp(sfnet) ImageText This app takes an image and a piece of text and... DOWNLOAD
ben-lowe-ising(sfnet) Ising Model DOWNLOAD
trjslibfor(sfnet) trjslib Basic Javascript functions, like simple math, a... DOWNLOAD
blackjack-21(sfnet) Blackjack terminal This Blackjack game is for playing on terminal.... DOWNLOAD
gpuk(sfnet) GPUK DOWNLOAD
bayesclasses(sfnet) Bayes++ Bayes++ is a library of C++ classes that implem... DOWNLOAD
prapper(sfnet) prapper prapper prapper prapper DOWNLOAD
appspeechsynthe(sfnet) AppSpeechSynthesis C'est un formulaire vous permettant d'utiliser ... DOWNLOAD
kulupler(sfnet) KULÜP ÇALIŞMALARI Eğitim portalı kapsamında öğrenci ve velilere a... DOWNLOAD
wechselstube(sfnet) Wechselstube This script gives your users the possibility to... DOWNLOAD
djremixedtriump(sfnet) DJ Remixed (Triumph) DOWNLOAD
radiobollywoodh(sfnet) Radio Bollywood Hungama This is an unofficial Bollywood Hungama Radio C... DOWNLOAD
whatsupuoc(sfnet) What'sUpUOC It’s a tool to share personal short updates (14... DOWNLOAD
newest-deals(sfnet) newest-deals DOWNLOAD
kpad(sfnet) KAKE PAD Graphical text/file editor written entirely in ... DOWNLOAD
firefoxaddonmak(sfnet) FFaM *NOTE* I am currently rewriting this and hope t... DOWNLOAD
clipupload(sfnet) ClipUpload Quickly upload anything thats on your clipboard... DOWNLOAD
phpfilesync(sfnet) php-filesync One-file php script for synchronizing folders o...
groupserver(freshmeat) GroupServer GroupServer is a Web-based mailing list manager... DOWNLOAD
vapv23(sfnet) Video HD Accelerator PLus DOWNLOAD
ptm(sfnet) Personal Task Manager (It looks like Windows Task Manager) this is a ... DOWNLOAD
avrsystem(sfnet) AVRS - Acoustic Virtual Reality System AVRS performs spatial 3D-sound processing allow... DOWNLOAD
cmasomenos(sfnet) CmasOmenos CmasOmenos es una Calculadora con un poco de es... DOWNLOAD
mcelauncher(sfnet) MCE Launcher By default, MCE remote control buttons launch d... DOWNLOAD
mgplayer(sfnet) MG Player DOWNLOAD
codesnip(sfnet) CodeSnip CodeSnip is an open source code bank for storin... DOWNLOAD
fbe-win32(sfnet) Enhanced Frozen Bubbles Win32 Port An enhanced version of an existing Frozen Bubbl... DOWNLOAD
kentrosxc(sfnet) KENTROS XC KENTROS XC is a platform for developing applica...
ampasctl(sfnet) Color Transformation Language NOTICE : THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN MOVED. Please v... DOWNLOAD
daetools(sfnet) DAE Tools Project DAE Tools is a free/open-source cross-platform ... DOWNLOAD
jsitedescriptor(sfnet) JSiteDescriptor A set of java programs that extract coordinate ... DOWNLOAD
jsearchdropdown(sfnet) jQuery Searchable DropDown Plugin A jQuery plugin which extends normal dropdown (... DOWNLOAD
dragonunpacker(sfnet) Dragon UnPACKer Dragon UnPACKer is a game archive (Quake PAK, e... DOWNLOAD
jmcuisinemod(sfnet) JMCuisineMod DOWNLOAD
jedsrawskating(sfnet) jeds raw skating DOWNLOAD
bcpipeline(sfnet) BCP BCP is a command-line tool ideated to analyze N... DOWNLOAD
pba(sfnet) pba pba is an assembler targetting Xilinx's PicoBla... DOWNLOAD
jukeboxeservice(sfnet) Jukebox E-tjänstplattform Jukebox är en eTjänstplattform i samverkan. Til... DOWNLOAD
thelisaproject(sfnet) The Lisa Project DOWNLOAD
rrobincalc(sfnet) Round Robin Line Up Calculator The RRobinCalc program calculates the starting ... DOWNLOAD
test-umcu(sfnet) Visitatie Tool (UMC Utrecht)
pwrace2(sfnet) Pine Wood Race Program Pine Wood Race Program creates lineups, shows c... DOWNLOAD
hexmapsphere(sfnet) Basic Hex Map Sphere A Basic Hexagonal map on the surface of a spher... DOWNLOAD
easyml-lib(sfnet) EasyML EasyML defines a data-oriented XML format meant... DOWNLOAD
parametrizang(sfnet) Parametriza_NG Programa que permite la generación de mini ISOS... DOWNLOAD
consoleout(sfnet) ConsoleOut Do you waste time creating logging info during ... DOWNLOAD
findenjo(sfnet) Findenjo Findenjo was developed as a .NET-based applicat... DOWNLOAD
gardengame(sfnet) Garden A game about a capsule, a garden and a very dee... DOWNLOAD
imagenets(sfnet) ImageNets ImageNets is an computer vision and image proce... DOWNLOAD
babesk(sfnet) BaBeSK Bargeldloses Bestellsystem für Schulkantinen
neuroml-api(sfnet) neuroml-api A Java API generated from NeuroML schemas to be... DOWNLOAD
jurijs(freshmeat) jUri.js jUri.js is a JavaScript library for AJAX, URL a... DOWNLOAD
freeportfolio(sfnet) freeportfolio Outil web (php/mysql) d'évaluation initialement... DOWNLOAD
ucproject(sfnet) The Ultimate Calculator Project Ultimate Calculator punta ad essere la calcolat... DOWNLOAD
dbus-cplusplus(sfnet) dbus-c++ dbus-c++ attempts to provide a C++ API for D-BU... DOWNLOAD
toscanaj(sfnet) ToscanaJ ToscanaJ reimplements the classic interface for... DOWNLOAD
openhms(sfnet) The OpenHMS Project OpenHMS brands a collection of projects and man... DOWNLOAD
oriented(sfnet) Java Oriented Matroids This is a Java library for manipulating Oriente... DOWNLOAD
ara-board(sfnet) AraBoard AraBoard es un conjunto de herramientas diseñad... DOWNLOAD
oblige(sfnet) Oblige Oblige is a random level generator for classic ... DOWNLOAD
labyrinthejava(sfnet) LabyrintheJava You are in a dark maze full of monsters and tra... DOWNLOAD
fxnavigator(sfnet) fxnavigator DOWNLOAD
laithaishop(sfnet) LaiThaiShop LaiThai CMS e-Commerce edition, PHP , MySQL DOWNLOAD
viatc(sfnet) ViATc Vim Mode At Total Commander DOWNLOAD
opar(sfnet) OPar OPar is an open architecture Particle-In-Cell (... DOWNLOAD

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