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epx(sfnet) EPx EPx is a "modified version of EnergyPlus v... DOWNLOAD
speechlion(freshmeat) SpeechLion SpeechLion is a speech recognition application ... DOWNLOAD
aramorphnet(sfnet) Aramorph.NET DOWNLOAD
dummyftp(sfnet) dummyftp !!!! PROJECT MOVED TO DOWNLOAD
ingdelsoftware(sfnet) Ingeniería del Software DOWNLOAD
bufatechno(sfnet) Bufatechno Tempatnya Unduh Software Gratis DOWNLOAD
qostools(sfnet) qostools DOWNLOAD
jobjar(sfnet) Job Jar The Job Jar is a simple batch queuing system fo... DOWNLOAD
racetracker(sfnet) Racetracker NASCAR Racing Papyrus Series web based stats tr...
letitplaystupid(sfnet) Lips Let it play, Stupid! Lips is a music applicatio...
purity-of-email(sfnet) Purity Of Email -P.O.E. P.O.E. is a collection of scripts that allow yo... DOWNLOAD
wordtabulator(sfnet) wordTabulator Program wordTabulator is intended for text anal...
sitedrive(sfnet) SiteDrive SiteDrive is a tool which allows those in posse... DOWNLOAD
gablwhag1(sfnet) NJG Fun Game where you avoid dots DOWNLOAD
ezberim(sfnet) EzberIM (Word Memorizer) EzberIM is a word memorizer program for English...
eanalytics(sfnet) eAnalytics eAnalytics is a new web analytics system especi... DOWNLOAD
i886.motorola(sfnet) i886 Provide and share included open source code wit... DOWNLOAD
ccccd(sfnet) ccccd Channel Code Copy of Compact Discs: This projec... DOWNLOAD
mygooglemap(sfnet) My Google Map Select locations and share your online photo al... DOWNLOAD
jsslkeylog(sfnet) jSSLKeyLog jSSLKeyLog is a Java Agent Library that logs SS... DOWNLOAD
xri(sfnet) XRI Support Support for the Oasis XRI (Extensible Resource ... DOWNLOAD
mvcjeromemalrau(sfnet) mvcjerome.malraux DOWNLOAD
peano(sfnet) Peano Peano is an open source C++ solver framework. I... DOWNLOAD
firegate(sfnet) FIRE|GATE FireGate is an IPtables script for use as a fir... DOWNLOAD
buildbot(freshmeat) BuildBot The BuildBot is a system to automate the compil... DOWNLOAD
skittle(sfnet) Skittle Genome Visualizer Skittle is a 2D visualization of genome sequenc...
usermin(freshmeat) Usermin Usermin is a Web interface that can be used by ... DOWNLOAD
xmccat(sfnet) XMC Cat XMC Cat is an open source web service written i... DOWNLOAD
libjpeg-turbo(sfnet) libjpeg-turbo libjpeg-turbo is a JPEG image codec that uses S...
herculespacport(sfnet) Hercules P.A.C. port DOWNLOAD
wb-heartbeat(sfnet) Heartbeat DOWNLOAD
fqutils(freshmeat) Fqutils Fqutils provides a basic set of bioinformatics ... DOWNLOAD
fgfspm(sfnet) FlightGear Package Manager A package manager for the FlightGear open sourc...
cbase(freshmeat) cbase cbase is a C library that simplifies systems so... DOWNLOAD
dmzs-carte(sfnet) DMZS-carte DMZS-carte is a perl application that inputs th... DOWNLOAD
a2030(sfnet) a2030 DOWNLOAD
vchessclock(sfnet) Virtual Chess Clock Virtual Chess Clock is a chess clock software: ...
photon4g.motorola(sfnet) Photon 4G 4G Android Phone based on Android OS DOWNLOAD
equityos1204(sfnet) EquityOS-1204 The new version of EquityOS distro, based on Ub... DOWNLOAD
im-chooser(freshmeat) im-chooser im-chooser is a GUI frontend application featur... DOWNLOAD
nism(sfnet) Nigerian Interactive State Map This is an interactive state map of Nigeria sho... DOWNLOAD
kb2kskype(sfnet) kb2kskype This program works as an interface between a US... DOWNLOAD
xnavigator(sfnet) XNavigator XNavigator is the online viewer for the OpenStr... DOWNLOAD
hybridcache(freshmeat) HybridCache HybridCache is a PHP package for managing a cac... DOWNLOAD
framingworkshop(sfnet) Framing Workshop (russian version) This program is written for the baguette shop, ... DOWNLOAD
i856.motorola(sfnet) i856 Provide and share OSS code included in Motorola... DOWNLOAD
motorola-i9.motorola(sfnet) i9 Post Motorola Stature i9 OSS source code per OS... DOWNLOAD
motoi867.motorola(sfnet) i867 This is a iDEN mobile phone based on Android OS DOWNLOAD
qtrpt(sfnet) QtRPT QtRPT is a simple report engine written in C++ ... DOWNLOAD
matlab2c(sfnet) Matlab coder to C++ or C Open Source Code Demo of MATLAB Coder convertin... DOWNLOAD
pino3(sfnet) PINO 3 PINO 3 is a client/server chatsystem for the Wi... DOWNLOAD
shreenathji160(sfnet) Shreenathji 1.6.0 ShreeNathji - Merged Form of KrishnaRadha This... DOWNLOAD
php-array-search(freshmeat) PHP Array Search PHP Array Search provides array searching by th... DOWNLOAD
4k-video-downloader(freshmeat) 4K Video Downloader 4K Video Downloader is a video and audio downl... DOWNLOAD
tlumacz(sfnet) Tłumacz DOWNLOAD
xange(sfnet) Open Xange > Linux Technology! OX 2014.02, in memory of my beloved father. -- ... DOWNLOAD
photostoryx(sfnet) PhotoFilmStrip PhotoFilmStrip creates movies out of your pictu...
jtvhkgicon(sfnet) JTVhkgicon DOWNLOAD
evolutionpaint(sfnet) Evolution paint Paint image by evolution algorithm DOWNLOAD
matlab2csharp(sfnet) Matlab test to .NET C# FREE Download Open Source Code Simple Test of M... DOWNLOAD
noisegen(sfnet) NoiseGen NoiseGen is a simple command-line tool for arti... DOWNLOAD
analysis-app(sfnet) Analysis The goal of project is delivering useful and si... DOWNLOAD
dox.berlios(sfnet) Dox A documentation browser DOWNLOAD
clusterfit(sfnet) Clusterfit This program is centered on a graphical Hertzsp... DOWNLOAD
bigman(sfnet) Bigman Productions Bigman Productions - The Popular Song DOWNLOAD
propiedades9(sfnet) Propiedades9 Registar propieade sdel usuario. DOWNLOAD
csmgallery(sfnet) csmgallery CSM tu publicate gallerys developed with PHP, M... DOWNLOAD
wordpaddotnet(sfnet) WordPad.NET DOWNLOAD
zenstamon(sfnet) Zenstamon Zenstamon is a windows tray client for Zenoss 4... DOWNLOAD
cloudtest(sfnet) CloudTest-Cloud java unit test framework CloudTest is a redefined unit testing approach ... DOWNLOAD
libmusicxml(sfnet) MusicXML library The libMusicXML project aims at developping a p... DOWNLOAD
proeddy(sfnet) proeddy DOWNLOAD
pixz(sfnet) pixz DOWNLOAD
uglyengine(sfnet) UglyEngine
bugaledataedit(sfnet) Bugale N-Body Data Editor This project simply provides a convenient graph... DOWNLOAD
pwlib(sfnet) PW a small graphics library PW is a small graphics and windowing library. I... DOWNLOAD
yahoohistdb(sfnet) Yahoo Stock Symbol Historical Database This is simple database loader software that wi... DOWNLOAD
pandaide4php(sfnet) PandaIDE for PHP PandaIDE for PHP is a lightweight PHP IDE fo... DOWNLOAD
r-hadoop-bd(sfnet) R Hadoop for Big Data Download Free Associated R open source script f... DOWNLOAD
dparser(sfnet) DParser DParser is a scannerless GLR parser generator b... DOWNLOAD
editrscp(sfnet) editR - Simple Text Editor editR is a simple text editor made in 2012 when... DOWNLOAD
linx-url-filter(sfnet) linx URL filter Linx URL filter is a console filter used to ret... DOWNLOAD
dbacl(sfnet) dbacl - digramic Bayesian classifier dbacl is a general purpose digramic Bayesian te... DOWNLOAD
licas(sfnet) licas Build lightweight networks of service-based com... DOWNLOAD
bugalesimulator(sfnet) Bugale N-Body Simulator This project simulates the behavior, dynamics, ... DOWNLOAD
powermanga(sfnet) Powermanga Powermanga Linux is an arcade 2D shoot-em-up ga... DOWNLOAD
kpmail(sfnet) kpmail No description DOWNLOAD
odin.berlios(sfnet) Odin Operating system striving for component orienta... DOWNLOAD
duteis(sfnet) Cálculo de dias úteis para Portugal Aplicação para calcular o número de dias úteis ... DOWNLOAD
webframeset(sfnet) Quick Frameset Quick Frameset allows you to open several URL's... DOWNLOAD
metabolikeness(sfnet) MetaboLikeness DOWNLOAD
vasil231989(sfnet) vasil231989 DOWNLOAD
jurnalilmiah(sfnet) Jurnal Ilmiah Kumpulan jurnal ilmiah DOWNLOAD
jlog2(sfnet) jlog2 Lightweight logger/debugger for both the Java J...
kukuks(sfnet) kukuks DOWNLOAD
lmod(sfnet) Lmod Lmod is a Lua based module system. Modules allo...
throughflow(sfnet) streamline curvature method The throughflow streamline curvature method is ... DOWNLOAD
ryouko(sfnet) Ryouko This project has been moved to https://github.c... DOWNLOAD
elmax(sfnet) Portable Elmax Portable Elmax is a cross platform XML library ... DOWNLOAD

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