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srteditorgummys(sfnet) SRT Editor - Gummy SRT The "Gummy srt" is a small user frien... DOWNLOAD
funcoesbasicas(sfnet) Funções Basicas no PHP usando PDO DOWNLOAD
gtasanandreasdo(sfnet) GTA San Andreas Download No description DOWNLOAD
darthstalker(sfnet) DARTHSTALKER DOWNLOAD
anguish3(sfnet) Anguish 3- The anxiety Third fully game from Happy Frankenstein. John ... DOWNLOAD
colorweek(sfnet) colorweek This source help colorblind. this program is a ... DOWNLOAD
freevikings(sfnet) freeVikings Reimplementation of the great DOS game Lost Vik... DOWNLOAD
cbksgs2skt(sfnet) Cubebone Kernel For SHW-M250s Cubebone Kernel For Galaxy S2(SKT) To get sour... DOWNLOAD
cpi(sfnet) CPI DOWNLOAD
mago(sfnet) mago 説明はありません。 DOWNLOAD
kop(sfnet) Kop Modular Tray Watcher Kop Modular Tray Watcher for KDE and GNOME writ... DOWNLOAD
quiverspathalg(sfnet) Quivers and Path Algebras This is a project for developing a GAP package ... DOWNLOAD
enigmaciv(sfnet) EnigmaCiv A free and open source 3D real time strategy g... DOWNLOAD
skdownloader(sfnet) skdownloader Download manager Download accelerator Torrent d... DOWNLOAD
ports(sfnet) PorTS The Portable Tool Suite (PorTS) is a set of dev... DOWNLOAD
ircplasmoid(sfnet) IRC Plasmoid An IRC Plasmoid for KDE to have irc hidden away... DOWNLOAD
lukedev(sfnet) Luke Dev pork chop recipe DOWNLOAD
btlk(sfnet) #Btlk #Btlk is a very simple chatting application whi... DOWNLOAD
nextloader(sfnet) NextLoader DOWNLOAD
electronicbrown(sfnet) PrestaShop Electronic Brown theme Neat Professional Looking Electronics Store Tem... DOWNLOAD
regiuerofjer(sfnet) regiuerofjer DOWNLOAD
romanschrome(sfnet) Roman's Google Chrome DOWNLOAD
shooven(sfnet) shooven DOWNLOAD
aircraftswarmsi(sfnet) Aircraft Swarm Simulation DOWNLOAD
androboid(sfnet) Androboid 将来のゲーム DOWNLOAD
midiquickfix(sfnet) MidiQuickFix - Midi editor and player MidiQuickFix allows you to directly edit the ev... DOWNLOAD
rolsac(sfnet) rolsac Gestor de continguts administratius DOWNLOAD
fluyd(sfnet) Fluyd Fluyd is a framework inspired by the condor MW ... DOWNLOAD
icqadblocker(sfnet) ICQAdBlocker A little Windows-Software which contains comman... DOWNLOAD
callflow(sfnet) Callflow Sequence Diagram Generator The callflow sequence diagram generator is a co... DOWNLOAD
gittutorialtest(sfnet) git_tutorial_test DOWNLOAD
velocidade0(sfnet) velocidade0 DOWNLOAD
jomc(sfnet) JOMC JOMC is an object management and configuration ...
kbwotnhan(sfnet) King's Bounty Worriors Hangul DOWNLOAD
imagetomysize(sfnet) ImageToMySize The Image Converter to my size is provided in d... DOWNLOAD
cellarboss(sfnet) CellarBoss - Wine cellar manager CellarBoss provides a simple way to manage your... DOWNLOAD
osync(sfnet) oSync oSync will continue its service via DOWNLOAD
osmmaps(sfnet) osm-maps Planungstool für Fahrradtouren, welches den Rou... DOWNLOAD
mksupertv(sfnet) MK Super TV DOWNLOAD
opencltemplate(sfnet) opencl template opencl template of opencl 1.2 for windows 7 AMD... DOWNLOAD
seqbarracuda(sfnet) BarraCUDA Fast Short Read Aligner Barracuda is a high-speed sequence aligner base... DOWNLOAD
rista44(sfnet) Rista46 Rista Web Browser version 4.6. DOWNLOAD
openklest(sfnet) OpenKlest Open Source program is designed for easy guessi... DOWNLOAD
taskunifier(sfnet) TaskUnifier TaskUnifier is a task management software based... DOWNLOAD
shelk-test(sfnet) Shelk-test Open Source program for creating tests, which w... DOWNLOAD
snarlaimp(sfnet) Snarl extension AIMP DOWNLOAD
auroraui(sfnet) AuroraUI AuroraUI is a complete suite of software for Wi... DOWNLOAD
amesproject(sfnet) AMESProject The wholesale power market design proposed by t... DOWNLOAD
ichanlabspjt(sfnet) ichanlabs project my project ichanlabs DOWNLOAD
randomlib(sfnet) RandomLib RandomLib is a C++ interface to the Mersenne Tw... DOWNLOAD
photosresizer(sfnet) DropSize This is a small free standalone utility that ai... DOWNLOAD
classtwo(sfnet) ClassTWO DOWNLOAD
ninjatext(sfnet) Ninja Text Editor Ninja Text Editor is, as its name implies, a te... DOWNLOAD
ffvideo(sfnet) FFVideo FFVideo uses ffmpeg, screen-capture-recorder, a... DOWNLOAD
wats(sfnet) Web-based Asset Tracking System A LAMP-based inventory system designed for scho... DOWNLOAD
lft-ialp(sfnet) Ucheba Cross-platform program for Integrated Automatio... DOWNLOAD
pygermanwhist(sfnet) PyGermanWhist A Python implementation of German Whist. Germa... DOWNLOAD
folderarch(sfnet) Folder Arch folder arch allows you to create a new folder s...
meerapersonal(sfnet) Meera Personal
brickmoviehelp(sfnet) Brick Movie Help (DELPHI XE 2) I very simple Tool I wrote to help me creating ... DOWNLOAD
xwce(sfnet) XWICKED: Crossword editor Open Source program is designed for create the ... DOWNLOAD
red1(sfnet) red1 Powerful and completely Free Open Source Budget... DOWNLOAD
siggi(sfnet) SIGGI This is the SIGGI program used for a diploma th... DOWNLOAD
pasoiu-2012(sfnet) pasoiu-2012 DOWNLOAD
deepmethod(sfnet) DEEP The Differential Evolution, introduced in 1995 ... DOWNLOAD
severalfriend(sfnet) severalfriend DOWNLOAD
javasend(sfnet) JAVASEND The Application JAVASEND is developed in JAVA a... DOWNLOAD
kirstensviewers(sfnet) Kirstens Viewers Opensource Created Custom Viewers For Virtual W... DOWNLOAD
jsimplex(sfnet) jSimpleX Visual XSL Transformation Tool A Visual XSL Transformation Tool written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
sendipservice(sfnet) SendIP WinService A program which detects the ip-address of the c... DOWNLOAD
simplexslt(sfnet) SimpleXSLT Transformation Tool A Visual XSL Transformation Tool written in .NE... DOWNLOAD
gfft(sfnet) GFFT Generic simple and efficient Fast Fourier Trans... DOWNLOAD
xwcv(sfnet) XWICKED: Crossword viewer Open Source program is designed for easy guessi... DOWNLOAD
darksidefonts(sfnet) Darkside Fonts -- DARKSIDE Fonts -- inspired by TDJ's (theder... DOWNLOAD
flatfolder(sfnet) flatfolder Windows application that lets you select one or... DOWNLOAD
imagetosize(sfnet) ImageToSize DOWNLOAD
strutter(sfnet) Strutter Programmatically Struts configuration. Reduce S... DOWNLOAD
lilila(sfnet) Lilila Lilila manages suspend-wakeup cycles. You can s... DOWNLOAD
speedsim(sfnet) SpeedSim SpeedSim is an OGame ( combat simulat... DOWNLOAD
wjcqu(sfnet) wjcqu My college life in the most excited time in my ... DOWNLOAD
pyproperties(sfnet) PyProperties pyproperties provides support for properties fi... DOWNLOAD
dataforproject(sfnet) data for project No description DOWNLOAD
minesweeper3d(sfnet) Minesweeper 3D Minesweeper 3D In Minesweeper 3D you have on o... DOWNLOAD
vehiclebooking(sfnet) Vehicle Booking and Management System Vehicle Management System is developed and cust... DOWNLOAD
nmr-relax(freshmeat) relax relax is a program designed for the study of th... DOWNLOAD
pvaultxml(sfnet) Password Vault XML Password Vault XML is a VB.NET application that... DOWNLOAD
securix(sfnet) Securix GNU/Linux Securix GNU/Linux is Linux distribution based o... DOWNLOAD
nrfitproject(sfnet) NRFit Neutron and X-ray reflectivity analysis pack (I... DOWNLOAD
mynes(sfnet) My Nes My NES is a portable, open source, low level NE... DOWNLOAD
ompispecto(sfnet) OMPISpecto Open MPI application monitoring (and steering) ... DOWNLOAD
adv-emp-rec-v1(sfnet) Advance Employee Record v1.0 DOWNLOAD
rtraspberrylinu(sfnet) RT Raspberry Linux DOWNLOAD
saeapplications(sfnet) SAE applications data connection code Codes for SAE(Sina Application Engine)applicati... DOWNLOAD
androidnote(sfnet) AndroidNote Android note is just like notepad a plain text ... DOWNLOAD
sercd(sfnet) sercd sercd is an RFC 2217-compliant serial port redi... DOWNLOAD
loic(sfnet) LOIC Low Orbit Ion Cannon. The project just keeps an... DOWNLOAD
audacious-dvb(sfnet) Audacious DVB Input Plugin An Audacious input plugin that enables Audaciou... DOWNLOAD
ultrastardx(sfnet) UltraStar Deluxe Karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game ava... DOWNLOAD
delugebuilds(sfnet) Deluge Builds A repository for pre-built open source software... DOWNLOAD

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