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py-fate(sfnet) Python framework for fault-tolerance The idea of this framework is to allow the code... DOWNLOAD
cnpchek(sfnet) CNP Check Verificator CNP-uri cu generator inclus. Perso... DOWNLOAD
sload(sfnet) sload Sload is a console/terminal application which m... DOWNLOAD
brilliantasreal(sfnet) brilliant as reality This project is aimed at designing a raytracer ... DOWNLOAD
sigega(sfnet) Sistema de gestion de gastos Sigega es un sistema de gestion de gastos multi... DOWNLOAD
myprojects2012(sfnet) myprojects DOWNLOAD
jampal(sfnet) Jampal mp3 library mp3 library, advanced ID3V1 and ID3V2 tagger, p... DOWNLOAD
ps2toolchain(sfnet) PS2Toolchain 現在の ps2 のツール チェイン メンテナンスできな... DOWNLOAD
dfendreloaded(sfnet) D-Fend Reloaded D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for ... DOWNLOAD
cust0mac(sfnet) Customiser Customiser is a Mac app to let you tinker in th... DOWNLOAD
ledmovingmsg(sfnet) led moving message DOWNLOAD
hippieagency(sfnet) HippieAgency Small tool box for each and every day -Today -T... DOWNLOAD
effo(sfnet) Effo We are re-constructing the source tree, coming ...
zwordtools(sfnet) Z Word Tools Tools to allow Z specifications to be written i... DOWNLOAD
eq10q(sfnet) EQ10Q LV2 Plugin: Parametric audio equalizer with 12 ... DOWNLOAD
proxpy(sfnet) proxpy Proxpy is a TCP proxy and debugging tool. It ru... DOWNLOAD
pacolympus(sfnet) PAC Olympus moved
quickplay(sfnet) QuickPlay Welcome to the QuickPlay homepage. QuickPlay is... DOWNLOAD
vmdk2phys(sfnet) Vmdk2Phys Convert a Virtual disk (VMDK) in a Physical dis... DOWNLOAD
openpfgw(sfnet) OpenPFGW OpenPFGW is software that is designed to perfor... DOWNLOAD
adblockhosts(sfnet) ADBlock Hosts File Mother of AD BLOCKING The 'hosts' file contain... DOWNLOAD
qospref(sfnet) QoSPref QoSPref is a Java library for ranking web servi... DOWNLOAD
highchartfornag(sfnet) Highchart for Nagios * Import pnp4nagios rrd data to Highcharts. * ... DOWNLOAD
zksample2(sfnet) Zksample2 A bigger sample application for the ZK framewor... DOWNLOAD
pbackup(sfnet) Peters Backup Peters Backup is a program for backing up your ... DOWNLOAD
op4j(sfnet) op4j op4j is a developer happiness tool. Its aim is ... DOWNLOAD
virtualspaces(sfnet) Virtual Spaces MWN Virtual Spaces MWN is a Java tool developed at ... DOWNLOAD
doorgets-cms(sfnet) doorGets CMS - Open Source - PHP & MySQL doorGets - free solution for creating corporat... DOWNLOAD
opengpib(sfnet) opengpib A GPIB library geared towards the Prologix cont... DOWNLOAD
vcv(sfnet) Valid CGI Values Valid CGI Values is (currently) a XHTML forms b... DOWNLOAD
isp-mb9x(sfnet) isp-mb9x InSystem Serial Programmer Fujitsu MCU F2MC-16L... DOWNLOAD
spimsimulator(sfnet) spim mips simulator spim is a self-contained simulator that runs MI... DOWNLOAD
easyscp(sfnet) EasySCP - Easy Server Control Panel DOWNLOAD
rbmhelper(sfnet) workflow [Caveat Emptor] The dialogs are mostly just lay... DOWNLOAD
rainboweds(sfnet) Rainbow_EDS DOWNLOAD
filterdispatch(sfnet) FilterDispatch FilterDispatch 1 is a component library for Ser... DOWNLOAD
iguanysos(sfnet) The Iguanys Project IguanysOS, a project i've been working on made ... DOWNLOAD
wartacticalinux(sfnet) WarTacticalinux DOWNLOAD
mobilefirmware(sfnet) XDA | Mobile-Firmware and Software DOWNLOAD
phpmumbleadmin(sfnet) php Mumble Admin PhpMumbleAdmin is a complet administration pane... DOWNLOAD
lazerpuzzler(sfnet) LazerPuzzler a DOWNLOAD
visualtwozone(sfnet) Visual Two Zone Model The Visual Two-Zone Model (Visual TWZN) is free... DOWNLOAD
zaphodsmap(sfnet) zaphodsmap A single fact determines the starting point of ... DOWNLOAD
jbromgtp1010bk2(sfnet) JBROM GT-P1010 BK201EKY Modified android 2.3.6 GB ROM to resemble Jelly... DOWNLOAD
beetleproject(sfnet) Beetle Project DOWNLOAD
elapsetracker(sfnet) Elapse Elapse is yet another time tracking program. It... DOWNLOAD
qwicgui(sfnet) QwicGUI QwicGUI, an easy-to-use open source Java class ... DOWNLOAD
galera-wsrep-provider(freshmeat) Galera wsrep provider Galera wsrep provider is a dlopenable generic r... DOWNLOAD
wined(sfnet) WinEd (OE) DOWNLOAD
robotjoint(sfnet) RobotJoint This project aims to become a complete solution... DOWNLOAD
musl(freshmeat) musl musl is a new implementation of the standard li... DOWNLOAD
schematicdrawer(sfnet) SchematicDrawer Software running on Microsoft Windows that allo... DOWNLOAD
systemimager(sfnet) SystemImager SystemImager is software that makes the install... DOWNLOAD
modxphptemplate(sfnet) phptemplates extra for MODX Revolution This MODX Extra allow tu use template with php... DOWNLOAD
gb-ios-screen-navigation(freshmeat) GB iOS screen navigation GB iOS screen navigation is an experimental iOS... DOWNLOAD
picocontainer(freshmeat) PicoContainer PicoContainer is a tiny embeddable container fo... DOWNLOAD
shandj(sfnet) ShanDj Probably the most portable DJing software solut... DOWNLOAD
cooltypingtutor(sfnet) Cool typing tutor This small programm is designed to create from ... DOWNLOAD
phpjobscheduler(sfnet) phpJobScheduler Designed to automate tasks by scheduling script... DOWNLOAD
strmod(sfnet) The StreamModule System A set of libraries designed to make it easier t... DOWNLOAD
dough(sfnet) Dough Dough is fast, simple and attractive software f... DOWNLOAD
kstella(sfnet) Kstella - A KDE frontend for Stella Kstella is a KDE frontend to the excellent Atar... DOWNLOAD
scertify-sonar(sfnet) Scertify - TechDebt Community Scertify™ Refactoring Assessment is an open sou... DOWNLOAD
simulador(sfnet) Simulador Multi-Agente No description DOWNLOAD
dopelup(sfnet) DopeLup Nice colorful screensaver for Mac OS X.. Many s... DOWNLOAD
bota(sfnet) BOTA Break-Out Them All. An Arkanoid style game DOWNLOAD
swinginsider(sfnet) SwingInsider SwingInsider helps you produce Graphical User I... DOWNLOAD
kduxp(sfnet) KDuXP - Facil agradavel similar inovador Extremamente fácil, repleto de recursos, fantás... DOWNLOAD
w3os(sfnet) w3OS webOS web based desktop Web OS to host web based applications. An API a... DOWNLOAD
genmoiuneliste(sfnet) GenMoiUneListe GenMoiUneListe est un projet éducatif.Il permet... DOWNLOAD
synopsisgle(sfnet) GLE DOWNLOAD
tinymush(sfnet) TinyMUSH TinyMUSH 3 is a stable, feature-rich descendant... DOWNLOAD
pdb2pqr(sfnet) PDB2PQR PDB2PQR is a Python software package that autom... DOWNLOAD
netofficedwins(sfnet) netOffice Dwins netOffice Dwins is a free web based time tracki... DOWNLOAD
phpmysqlautobac(sfnet) phpMySQLAutoBackup fast automated backup of your MySQL databases. DOWNLOAD
vhtea(sfnet) VHtea DOWNLOAD
bl4ck0ut(sfnet) Bl4ck0ut No description DOWNLOAD
sampleschool(sfnet) School Registration system This project allows users to create, and mange ... DOWNLOAD
lumosbeta(sfnet) lumOS-Beta DOWNLOAD
mam-bio(sfnet) Multiple Alignment Manipulator MaM is a software tool that processes and mani... DOWNLOAD
mqttdotnet(sfnet) MqttDotNet .net Implementation of the client half of the M... DOWNLOAD
eulerprdfrm(sfnet) Euler Product Formula See Doc1. DOWNLOAD
ultraminifier(sfnet) UltraMinifier Ultra Minifier is the most simple YUI Compresso... DOWNLOAD
teleui(sfnet) teleui DOWNLOAD
izynfc(sfnet) izynfc IzyNFC provides an attractive and ergonomic mea... DOWNLOAD
opengroupware(sfnet) OpenGroupware Development of the "traditional" bran... DOWNLOAD
ogo-jogi(sfnet) JOGI Java interface (wrapper) for the OpenGroupware.... DOWNLOAD
switchrl(sfnet) SwitchRL SwitchRL es una utilidad creada para todas aque... DOWNLOAD
auto-for-trans(sfnet) AUTO for Transmission A.U.T.O is a web interface and control mechanis... DOWNLOAD
jpdfexport(sfnet) JPDF Export JPDF Export is a java library built on the famo... DOWNLOAD
logicaldoc(sfnet) LogicalDOC Document Management - DMS LogicalDOC is a modern document management syst... DOWNLOAD
c2ago(sfnet) Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options This is a little .Net 2.0 application that expa... DOWNLOAD
libdedx(sfnet) libdEdx libdEdx is a physics library for stopping power... DOWNLOAD
osxvnc(sfnet) Vine Server (OSXvnc) Vine Server(OSXvnc) is a robust, full-featured ... DOWNLOAD
pokedroid(sfnet) PokeDroid Pokémon simulator for Android! Features include... DOWNLOAD
pmlauncher(sfnet) PM Application Launcher DOWNLOAD
vethgraph(sfnet) vethgraph - Virtual Ethernet Graph DOWNLOAD
eleclaw(sfnet) ElecLaw This is a compilation of applications that have... DOWNLOAD
csploit(sfnet) cSploit cSploit is a mass password changer interactive ... DOWNLOAD
onthemark(sfnet) On The Mark On The Mark is a video and image scoring system... DOWNLOAD

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