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diodon(freshmeat) Diodon Diodon is a fast, powerful, and effective clipb... DOWNLOAD
pwg3(sfnet) Projeto1 - Programação Web (sico2f v1)
graphicsmagick(freshmeat) GraphicsMagick GraphicsMagick is a robust collection of tools ... DOWNLOAD
leopardflower(sfnet) Leopard Flower Per-application (personal) firewall for Linux O... DOWNLOAD
dnspod(sfnet) DNSPOD代理源码 DNSPOD代理源码 DOWNLOAD
gaupol(freshmeat) Gaupol Gaupol is an editor for text-based subtitle fil... DOWNLOAD
datajaq(sfnet) DataJaq Most charting frameworks make it as fast as pos... DOWNLOAD
projektwinfprfu(sfnet) Projekt WInf Prüfungsanmeldung DOWNLOAD
lpia(sfnet) LPIA LPIA is an interpreted symbolic functional lang... DOWNLOAD
blurchecker(sfnet) blurchecker Open source program that detects blurry images ... DOWNLOAD
qikstartmenu(sfnet) The HTC One V (primoc) Repository DOWNLOAD
io-ports(sfnet) I/O-ports A mediation layer for graphical user interface ...
eliot(freshmeat) Eliot Eliot is a Scrabble game. It offers four differ... DOWNLOAD
pvpnew2012(sfnet) PVP New 2012 Töltsd le a PVP New király kliensét! DOWNLOAD
olap4j(sfnet) olap4j olap4j is an open Java API for connecting to OL... DOWNLOAD
odpiemonte(sfnet) Open Data Piemonte Open Data Piemonte è una soluzione applicativa ... DOWNLOAD
eng-qbl(sfnet) English Kabbalah English Kabbalah is a collection of command-lin... DOWNLOAD
csomagok(sfnet) SMF Csomag Magyarosítások A projekt keretében magyarosított smf csomagok ... DOWNLOAD
icestationzebra(sfnet) Ice Station Zebra DOWNLOAD
rscms(sfnet) Really Simple CMS Really Simple CMS is a content management syste... DOWNLOAD
soloffice(sfnet) SolOffice, the Open Source Office Suite SolOffice is an Open Source project from Saturn... DOWNLOAD
mcntp(sfnet) MultiCast News Transport Protocol Develop/enhance software to transport NetNews o... DOWNLOAD
kiprcopter(sfnet) KIPRCopter The AR Drone is a quadrotor helicopter sold by ... DOWNLOAD
calf(sfnet) Calf Studio Gear - Audio Plugin Pack Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for L... DOWNLOAD
bonkenc(sfnet) fre:ac - free audio converter fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper ... DOWNLOAD
pokerth(sfnet) PokerTH PokerTH is a poker game written in C++/Qt. You ... DOWNLOAD
familymealmanag(sfnet) Family Meal Management A meal management application that enables user... DOWNLOAD
ccss(sfnet) CCorpSoft Studio CCorpSoft Studio is a PHP based employee collab... DOWNLOAD
yalotto(sfnet) yalotto Yalotto is yabasic interpreter with specific ex... DOWNLOAD
casu(sfnet) CASU An open-source project for developing artificia...
nlctim(sfnet) nlctim Help you send a beautiful image made from smile...
spojump(sfnet) SpoJump SpoJump is a jump'n'run programmed in Java. You... DOWNLOAD
yuanboshekmeans(sfnet) kmeans java版kmeans DOWNLOAD
dmsmaster(sfnet) DNS Master DNS Master is a webbased PowerDNS frontend buil... DOWNLOAD
affy6cnv(sfnet) affy6cnv Pipeline for calling CNVs from Affymetrix 6.0 g... DOWNLOAD
gl-plg-multifaq(sfnet) Geeklog Plugins, Static Pages and Blocks This is a plugin project for the Geeklog CMS, p... DOWNLOAD
hibernate-jcons(sfnet) hibernate-jconsole hibernate-jconsole is a plugin to jconsole or v...
darkpulsenova2(sfnet) Dark Pulse Nova Dark Pulse Nova is a web Template/CMS by As Is ... DOWNLOAD
loris(sfnet) Loris Loris is a library for sound analysis, synthesi... DOWNLOAD
gradel(sfnet) GradeL GradeL is a desktop gradebook application for L... DOWNLOAD
py-dict-client(sfnet) Python dict client Python module for accessing RFC 2229 compliant ... DOWNLOAD
tugs(sfnet) Teaching Unit Generators TUGs (Teaching Unit GeneratorS) is a collection... DOWNLOAD
toddleros(sfnet) ToddlerOS The Toddler Operating System is the world's fir... DOWNLOAD
lifequest(sfnet) LifeQuest Fundamentally, LifeQuest keeps track of what yo... DOWNLOAD
arcwolfbktplgn2(sfnet) Bukkit LavaFurnace DOWNLOAD
opengoo-german(sfnet) German translation of Feng Office This is the German translation project for Feng...
bookmark-merger(sfnet) Firefox Bookmarks.html Merger A python module that parses the 'bookmarks.html...
gura(sfnet) Gura Programming Language Gura is a programming language that features &q... DOWNLOAD
mythtvwindows(sfnet) MythTV for Windows Prebuilt downloads of MythTV for Windows (32bit... DOWNLOAD
myjsqlview(freshmeat) MyJSQLView MyJSQLView provides an easy-to-use Java based G... DOWNLOAD
perlscipts(sfnet) perl scripts This project contains short Perl scripts that I... DOWNLOAD
easywcp(sfnet) E.W.C.P E.W.C.P [Easy Windows Control Panel] is an inte... DOWNLOAD
ucpupdate(sfnet) UCP Update DOWNLOAD
virtlive(sfnet) VirtLive This project provides LiveCD's that can boot a ... DOWNLOAD
yamwat(freshmeat) Yamwat Yamwat is Yet Another MediaWiki API Tool. It is... DOWNLOAD
raminux(sfnet) raminux some key features of this project: -advanced u... DOWNLOAD
kyloris(sfnet) kyloris nothing at all DOWNLOAD
mikeysystem(sfnet) mikeysystem mikeyos 国際宇宙ステーションの高度なオペレーテ...
renameto(sfnet) RenameTo O RenameTo é um programa muito simples, prátic... DOWNLOAD
testsashaharp(sfnet) testsashaharp DOWNLOAD
celebritysolita(sfnet) celebrity solitaire DOWNLOAD
nxtvepg(sfnet) Nextview EPG Decoder nxtvepg is a decoder and browser for Nextview E... DOWNLOAD
multilingualacc(sfnet) Multilingual Accounting It is a web based accounting application that i... DOWNLOAD
wordcombination(sfnet) word-combinations DOWNLOAD
sandk(sfnet) Search and Kill (SnK) Command line tool to automatically find and kil... DOWNLOAD
cximage-xilong(sfnet) CxImage++ 在cximage的基础上追加了些新的函数,特别是GPU计... DOWNLOAD
peterdevtest(sfnet) peterdevtest DOWNLOAD
apac-accounting(sfnet) APAC Accounting and Business Management Accounting Including: Point-of-sale, Invoicing,... DOWNLOAD
abb(sfnet) Advance-BB Advance-BB is a forums/bulletin-boards abstract... DOWNLOAD
mysurf(sfnet) MySurf A big update is coming... MySurf is a unique we... DOWNLOAD
studiocolette(sfnet) Studio Colette DOWNLOAD
ftpprune(sfnet) FTP prune FTPprune is a Perl script to manage the size of... DOWNLOAD
avisynthgmplyr(sfnet) Avisynth Gimp-style Layer merge plugin 01 Dec 2012 Bug fix release, Colour, Hue and Sa... DOWNLOAD
filefragsearch(sfnet) filefragsearch Filefragsearch - a set of scripts to find and r... DOWNLOAD
nokuntu(sfnet) Nokuntu: Ubuntu-Nokia connection Suite This is my version of a Nokia PC Suite(r) but f...
w-o-m(sfnet) Wom DOWNLOAD
mythtvformacosx(sfnet) MythTV for MacOSX Pre-built downloads of Mythtv for the Mac OSX p... DOWNLOAD
vidma(freshmeat) vidma vidma is a utility for manipulating virtual dis... DOWNLOAD
mesoncast(sfnet) MesonCast MesonCast is the Internet-radio server, that al... DOWNLOAD
object-query(freshmeat) Object Query Object Query is a Java tool which allows writin... DOWNLOAD
worldofpadman(sfnet) World of Padman Full downloads, patches and sourcecode for the ... DOWNLOAD
acl-jaws(sfnet) Jaws based on ACL project ACL-Jaws(Just a Webserver) is based on the acl ... DOWNLOAD
loto(sfnet) loto hosts 4 projects o... DOWNLOAD
qmidiarp(sfnet) QMidiArp QMidiArp is a MIDI arpeggiator, phrase generato... DOWNLOAD
tekoporu(sfnet) Tekoporu DOWNLOAD
hidlogger(sfnet) HID Logger DOWNLOAD
blackholecortex(sfnet) Black Hole Cortex Near the surface (even horizon) of a black hole... DOWNLOAD
jhyenae(freshmeat) JHyenae JHyenae is an entirely overworked Java port of ... DOWNLOAD
alchemywebfw(sfnet) alchemy alchemy is a web development framework that use...
eduslug(sfnet) Edu-SLUG Edu-SLUG is the educational software part of SL... DOWNLOAD
colprintf(sfnet) colprintf The colprintf command prints colored text to yo... DOWNLOAD
statupdate(sfnet) Statistics Updater Statistics Updater is used to update your remai... DOWNLOAD
binvb(sfnet) BINVB Speech Processing Toolbox This is a toolbox for speech processing written... DOWNLOAD
oarena(sfnet) OpenArena OpenArena aims to be a free, yet compatible clo... DOWNLOAD
jpeg2pdf(sfnet) jpeg2pdf Cross-platform command-line tool for creation o...
adalink(sfnet) adalink Creates links on Joomla articles to http://diav... DOWNLOAD
sanewinds(sfnet) SANEWinDS SANEWinDS: SANE Windows Data Source. Enables S... DOWNLOAD
cepteney(sfnet) Cepte Ney No description DOWNLOAD
quickpath(sfnet) QuickPath Methods for computing a minimum time planar pat... DOWNLOAD
projetinfos1(sfnet) ProjetInfoS1 None DOWNLOAD

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