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adianti-framework(freshmeat) Adianti Framework Adianti Framework provides an architecture for ... DOWNLOAD
pymtpfs(freshmeat) pymtpfs pymtpfs is a FUSE filesystem for MTP devices. ... DOWNLOAD
reaction(freshmeat) Reaction Reaction is a Quake 3 mod based on Action Quake... DOWNLOAD
mobilenonogram(sfnet) Mobile Nonogram mobilenonogram is a version of Nonogram for Jav... DOWNLOAD
all-inhonmodman(sfnet) All-In Hon ModManager All-In Hon ModManager is a simple software to m...
adasdl(sfnet) AdaSDL AdaSDL is a set of Ada (programming language)... DOWNLOAD
rjsmin(freshmeat) rJSmin rJSmin is a fast reimplemenation of jsmin.c by ... DOWNLOAD
galaxyrom(sfnet) Galaxy__ROM™ Tmo ics 4.0.4 By Rushing a XDA Gnow Awesome Be... DOWNLOAD
l-tre(freshmeat) Lá Tre Lá Tre is a phonebook application. It allows yo... DOWNLOAD
damndaiict(sfnet) DAiict Mesh Network (DAMN) DAMN, as a mesh network will allow free communi... DOWNLOAD
cttl(sfnet) Common Text Transformation Library Common Text Transformation Library of C++ class... DOWNLOAD
cparser(sfnet) cparser cparser is a library containing a parser, lexer... DOWNLOAD
darimasen.berlios(sfnet) Darimasen File Manager Darimasen seperates directory navigation and fi... DOWNLOAD
mcdomus(sfnet) mcDomus A evolved HMI written in JAVA for the control ... DOWNLOAD
mproxytunnel(sfnet) multi proxyTunnelGUI proxyTunnelGUI 1.0 is quite simply faster, more... DOWNLOAD
localtools(sfnet) LocalTools LocalTools is a suite of small "tools"... DOWNLOAD
simplgroup(sfnet) Simple Groupware Simple Groupware is a complete open source ente... DOWNLOAD
steamsdk(sfnet) iSteamSDK iSteam is an open source product being develope... DOWNLOAD
loadmonger(sfnet) LoadMonger Load - the demand on the operating resources of... DOWNLOAD
cspatialindexrt(sfnet) C# Spatial Index (RTree) Library The C# RTree project aims to maintain a C# vers...
jumper(sfnet) ApexKB (Formerly Jumper) ApexKB is a collaborative search engine that is... DOWNLOAD
itlpoll(sfnet) ITLPoll System Create powerful web poll or surveys on your web... DOWNLOAD
lpr-bash(sfnet) lpr-bash lpr-bash is a replacement for the "lpr&quo... DOWNLOAD
linuxmce(freshmeat) LinuxMCE LinuxMCE is an add-on to Kubuntu that provides ... DOWNLOAD
mycodemachine(sfnet) MyAutoCodeMachine The AutoCodeMachine will generate the business ... DOWNLOAD
rsynbck(sfnet) rsynbck The first version of rsynbck is just a a bash s... DOWNLOAD
technecadcam(sfnet) Techne (R) CAD/CAM A Windows only 2.5D CAD CAM application. The u... DOWNLOAD
fmip-cats(sfnet) FMIP - Commodity Tracking System Build a commodity tracking system that will pro... DOWNLOAD
sbwsimtool(sfnet) Interactive SBML Simulation Tool This project hosts the 'Simulation Tool', an ex...
mctrl(sfnet) mCtrl mCtrl is C library providing set of additional ...
nst(sfnet) Network Security Toolkit (NST) Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a bootable IS... DOWNLOAD
qcss(sfnet) Quantum Consciousness Soccer Simulator The Quantum Consciousness Soccer Simulator or b... DOWNLOAD
composeabc(sfnet) composeabc composeabc is a free software that generate mus... DOWNLOAD
webgsis(sfnet) WebGsis WebGsis is a simple Java client for accessing t...
backupsql(sfnet) backup Sql server trough a network backupsql is a central backup database system. ...
moose(freshmeat) Moose Moose is a framework for getting XML into and o... DOWNLOAD
sndcrdselector(sfnet) Sound Playback Device Selector for W32 This program sits in your system tray and will ... DOWNLOAD
moeraskip(sfnet) moerAskip moerAskip enables the user to save, edit and sw... DOWNLOAD
keyrunner(freshmeat) KeyRunner KeyRunner is a game in which the player helps ... DOWNLOAD
gridfs(sfnet) GFS prototype Prototypical implementation of parts of the Gri... DOWNLOAD
fcron(freshmeat) fcron Fcron is a periodical command scheduler which a... DOWNLOAD
chatscript(sfnet) ChatScript ChatScript is the next generation chatbot engin... DOWNLOAD
zenyan(sfnet) zenyan zenyan is a lightweight Php development environ... DOWNLOAD
automake(freshmeat) GNU Automake Automake is a tool for automatically generating... DOWNLOAD
safeclib(sfnet) Safe C Library The Safe C Library provides bound checking memo...
simplerouting(sfnet) simple routing Designed to be a simple light weight and easily... DOWNLOAD
vokabeltrainer2(sfnet) VokabelTrainer2 ein ganz einfacher Vokabeltrainer als Programmi... DOWNLOAD
cclite(sfnet) Cclite Community currency accounting for local exchang... DOWNLOAD
lbproject(sfnet) Linux Brochure Project The Linux Brochure Project (LBP) documents esse... DOWNLOAD
macdylibbundler(sfnet) mac dylib bundler dylibbundler is a small terminal utility for ma... DOWNLOAD
libfirm(sfnet) libFirm The Firm library implements the Firm intermedia... DOWNLOAD
netinfotrace(sfnet) NetInfoTrace The project is supposed to be a helper tool for... DOWNLOAD
cups-bjnp(sfnet) cups-bjnp CUPS back-end for the canon printers using the ...
vietsourceforge(sfnet) Tìm hiểu SourceForge DOWNLOAD
gblanker(sfnet) Garshneblanker Garshneblanker is a complete modular screen bla... DOWNLOAD
aqam(sfnet) AQAM AQAM is an Automated Quality Assurance Mechanis... DOWNLOAD
avestafonts(sfnet) avestafonts The glyph outlines origin from Yasna 10 of the ... DOWNLOAD
pymaze(sfnet) python matrix 3D maze that easy to create, hard to get out. T... DOWNLOAD
laby(sfnet) laby the free software laby generate a labyrinth, pu... DOWNLOAD
vijava(sfnet) VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API This project provides a full set of libraries t...
ogre(sfnet) OGRE (O-O Graphics Rendering Engine) An efficient, object-oriented hardware accelera... DOWNLOAD
zaphodeditor(sfnet) Zaphod Binary Editor Zaphod is a simple binary file editor for Amiga... DOWNLOAD
muibuilder(sfnet) MUIBuilder MUIBuilder is a user interface designer for the... DOWNLOAD
javarock(sfnet) JavaRock A compiler from java to vhdl, which enables har... DOWNLOAD
jdk7src(sfnet) Oracle Java JDK 7 Source Files A drop-in replacement for the shipped w... DOWNLOAD
progdvbchannels(sfnet) ProgDVB Channels Editor Editor for ProgDVB channels lists. New versio... DOWNLOAD
groundswell(sfnet) GroundSwell GroundSwell is a PHP event calendaring applicat... DOWNLOAD
passwordsaver(sfnet) PASSWORD SAVER latest update of this software solve all errors.. DOWNLOAD
esximporter(sfnet) ESXiImporter This is a very simple bash script that can aid ...
showmyfiles(sfnet) Show MyFiles A powerful light wight application that recover... DOWNLOAD
musoftwaretexta(sfnet) Musoftware Text Application Musoftware Text Application is a complex softwa... DOWNLOAD
gnewsuck(sfnet) Gnewsuck Gnewsuck is a Gtk+ application that sucks XML R... DOWNLOAD
tzgps(sfnet) tzgps TZGPS is a basic GPS application for the PalmOS... DOWNLOAD
wowsearchform(sfnet) wow search form A easy jQuery plugin to build dynamic nested se... DOWNLOAD
simple-workflow(sfnet) Simple Workflow Simple Workflow is a free workflow engine writt... DOWNLOAD
auroragm(sfnet) Aurora Game Hub Welcome! ===========================Experienc...
flac-to-mp3(sfnet) Flac to Mp3 Bash Just a small bash project, which converts .flac... DOWNLOAD
demonkingdom(sfnet) Demon Kingdom The Demon of Gar-noth has risen. The whole land... DOWNLOAD
tribalpong(sfnet) Tribal Pong DOWNLOAD
concept-dsp(sfnet) Concept-dsp This program is intended as an educational tool... DOWNLOAD
lasi(sfnet) libLASi libLASi is a cross-platform library that provid... DOWNLOAD
lucosclicker(sfnet) Easy Clicker Easy Clicker will allow students and teachers t... DOWNLOAD
yplot(sfnet) yPlot Scientific graphics plotting package implemente... DOWNLOAD
unigw(sfnet) Unix GNU Windows At this point this project is mainly wpkg which... DOWNLOAD
lang-index(sfnet) Language Popularity Index A fully automatic and transparent tool to measu...
readahead(sfnet) readahead DOWNLOAD
cmsimplexh(sfnet) CMSimple_XH CMSimple_XH is a modular, easy-to-install and e...
chordii(sfnet) Chordii Chordii, formerly known as Chordie, creates ele... DOWNLOAD
texcad(sfnet) TeXCAD TeXCAD is a program for drawing or retouching {... DOWNLOAD
denib(sfnet) Denib No description DOWNLOAD
nguyenthean(sfnet) nguyenthean DOWNLOAD
contiperf(sfnet) ContiPerf In order to assure software performance, softwa...
vehsim(sfnet) Vehicle Simulation Environment The Vehicle Simulation Environment consists of ...
universe3d(sfnet) Universe - A 3D Solar System Simulation This is an interactive graphical 3D simulation ...
cbsg(sfnet) Corporate Bullshit Generator The Corporate Bullshit Generator is a random te... DOWNLOAD
snmpstatus(sfnet) SNMP Status SNMP Status queries SNMPv2 capable devices and ... DOWNLOAD
flinger(sfnet) Flinger Flinger is a lightweight program launcher for G...
erframework(sfnet) BlockingFramework DOWNLOAD
neologger(sfnet) NeoLogger NeoLogger is Windows Syslog Client similar to t... DOWNLOAD
chinatowngo(sfnet) chinatowngo is a free website to help reali... DOWNLOAD

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