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klest-crossword(freshmeat) Klest-crossword Klest-crossword is a program for creating cross... DOWNLOAD
locdemo(freshmeat) LocDemo LocDemo demonstrates the functionality of libwl... DOWNLOAD
dagri(freshmeat) Dagri With Dagri, you can build up tables and save da... DOWNLOAD
artificial-imam(sfnet) artificial imam a text to speech islamic application DOWNLOAD
pylaser(sfnet) pyLaser Use the various light reflecting/refracting too... DOWNLOAD
qturduedit(sfnet) QtUrduEdit A cross-platform Unicode Urdu Editor with On-sc... DOWNLOAD
libmesh(sfnet) libMesh: A C++ Finite Element Library Handles Hexahedral, Tetrahedral, Quadrilateral,...
osrmt(sfnet) Open Source Requirements Management Tool Requirements management tool designed to achiev... DOWNLOAD
zegrapher(sfnet) ZeGrapher ZeGrapher can represent numerical functions, se... DOWNLOAD
xeffect2d(sfnet) XEffect2D This is a 2D game engine,base on OpenGL & S... DOWNLOAD
leon-serialize(sfnet) LEON LEON (Level Eight Object Notation) is a data se... DOWNLOAD
simplenetfile(sfnet) SimpleNetFile This software gives you the possibility to laun... DOWNLOAD
seeks(sfnet) Seeks Seeks is a free and open technical design and a... DOWNLOAD
expressionj(sfnet) ExpressionJ ExpressionJ is a Java library allowing to inter... DOWNLOAD
eyestheticmixer(sfnet) Eyesthetic Mixer This project is about creating a controller wit... DOWNLOAD
bitchecker(sfnet) bitChecker Uses the API of bitcoin pools to display total ... DOWNLOAD
viennax(sfnet) ViennaX Welcome to the project homepage of ViennaX, a h... DOWNLOAD
stockanalyser(sfnet) StockAnalyser DOWNLOAD
gatesoftheunder(sfnet) Gates of the Underworld DOWNLOAD
pam_mapi(freshmeat) pam_mapi pam_mapi is a PAM module for authenticating aga... DOWNLOAD
jj(freshmeat) jj jj is a simple FIFO and filesystem based Jabber... DOWNLOAD
multiple-upload-files(freshmeat) Multiple upload files Multiple upload files is an AJAX script (with P... DOWNLOAD
mynetpc(sfnet) myNetPC myNetPC is a VNC - written entirely in Delphi. ... DOWNLOAD
rkward(sfnet) RKWard - GUI for R RKWard aims to provide an easily extensible, ea... DOWNLOAD
hivcd(sfnet) HIVCD HIVCD is an informatics tool developed to ident... DOWNLOAD
pari-python(sfnet) PARI-Python interface A module for Python which provides interface to... DOWNLOAD
anonchat(sfnet) Simple Anonymous Chat Simple anonymous chat. Front-end is written on ... DOWNLOAD
exesd(sfnet) EXESD DOWNLOAD
shmupairwars(sfnet) SHMUP - AirWars Free 2D top-down scrolling SHMUP Game based on ... DOWNLOAD
tredcube(sfnet) 3DCUBE Cubo a led 8x8x8 DOWNLOAD
acornkernel(sfnet) ACORN kernel ACORN is a micro kernel for ATMEL Tiny/Mega/XMe... DOWNLOAD
s5230(sfnet) 三星S5230视频转换 DOWNLOAD
ganttproject(freshmeat) ganttproject Ganttproject is a pure Java application thats l... DOWNLOAD
jfreechart(sfnet) JFreeChart JFreeChart is a free (LGPL) chart library for t... DOWNLOAD
bytearray(sfnet) ByteArray This is a small lib. It gives you the ability t... DOWNLOAD
sitefiiinder(sfnet) Search Script siteFiiind! PHP script search. There's no need ... DOWNLOAD
cswinampsdk(sfnet) C# Winamp SDK C#WinAmp SDK - The complete Winamp SDK, the C# ... DOWNLOAD
rigserve(sfnet) Rigserve Rigserve implements a human-readable control la... DOWNLOAD
mymihlib(sfnet) MIH messages This project is not an application, instead it'... DOWNLOAD
htconev(sfnet) HTC One V DOWNLOAD
sonoritystation(sfnet) Sonority-Station Player Widget [en] Sonority-Station Player Widget is a Window... DOWNLOAD
applausim(sfnet) ApplauSim A project written with MATLAB simulating synchr... DOWNLOAD
arma2scriptmake(sfnet) Arma 2 Script Maker This is a script maker. This program is designe... DOWNLOAD
shell3d(sfnet) Engine SHELL 3D Проект графического движка для создания 2D и 3D... DOWNLOAD
inferrho2(sfnet) InferRho2 DOWNLOAD
quickviewhl7(sfnet) QuickViewHL7 (HL7 file viewer/editor) HL7 file viewer/editor, in tree-view format. Ve... DOWNLOAD
josql(sfnet) JoSQL (SQL for Java Objects) JoSQL (Java Objects SQL) provides SQL capabilit... DOWNLOAD
ludusregius(sfnet) LudusRegius A simple turn-based strategy game where you lea... DOWNLOAD
eurobetfrignano(sfnet) EurobetFrignano App No description DOWNLOAD
sysgerinv(sfnet) SysGerInv System zur Inventarisierung und Verwaltung der ... DOWNLOAD
equsolv(sfnet) equSOLV Ultra lightweight and precise app to solve quad... DOWNLOAD
smina(sfnet) smina A fork of AutoDock Vina that is customized to b... DOWNLOAD
omnitux(sfnet) Omnitux Educational activities based on multimedia elem... DOWNLOAD
rjam(sfnet) RJam The objective of RJam ("Real time Java App... DOWNLOAD
eyed3(freshmeat) eyeD3 eyeD3 is a Python program and module that provi... DOWNLOAD
softhsm(freshmeat) SoftHSM SoftHSM is an implementation of a cryptographic... DOWNLOAD
fftw(freshmeat) FFTW FFTW is a fast C FFT library. It includes compl... DOWNLOAD
libviper(sfnet) libviper libviper is an API which builds on top of ncurs... DOWNLOAD
fastaccountant(sfnet) المحاسب السريع برنامج محاسبة بسيط يقوم بالوظائف الأساسية, دفتر... DOWNLOAD
unitydark2(sfnet) UnityDark2 Hello, Boys and Girls my all new Unity Dark 2 R... DOWNLOAD
pymegnu(sfnet) pymeGNU pymeGNU es un software de Punto de Venta (PoS) ... DOWNLOAD
basicxslt(sfnet) Basic XSLT BasicXSLT has a new home on GitHub at: https://... DOWNLOAD
au3ahkportable(sfnet) AU3&AHK 简体中文绿色版 个人增强定制版本及一些自己的或者不是自己的脚本.... DOWNLOAD
ovpnpyqtlinux(sfnet) openvpn-linux-client-scripts These are same simple scripts... One is used to... DOWNLOAD
locateitweb(sfnet) LocateItWeb DOWNLOAD
libvterm(sfnet) libvterm Based on ROTE, libvterm is a terminal emulator ... DOWNLOAD
ortalamahesap(sfnet) Ortalama Hesaplayıcı 3.0 Yıl sonu ağırlık ortalamanızı hesaplar. DOWNLOAD
imagepuzzle(sfnet) Image Puzzle DOWNLOAD
linsanity(sfnet) Linsanity Linsanity is a suite of test tools designed to ... DOWNLOAD
dead6502(sfnet) dead6502 Motorola/Clones 6502 emulator, There is two ver... DOWNLOAD
freemapper(sfnet) FreeMapper FreeMapper is a project to develop a framework ... DOWNLOAD
mialib(sfnet) mialib mialib is a core library for game development a... DOWNLOAD
findduplicates(sfnet) Duplicate File Finder When you've been using your computer for quite ... DOWNLOAD
vwm(sfnet) VWM VWM is a window manager and user-interface for ... DOWNLOAD
aclcpp(sfnet) acl_cpp acl_cpp(which has been included in acl project:... DOWNLOAD
skanmagazine(sfnet) Skan Magazine 'Skan Magazine' è una rivista critico-letterasr... DOWNLOAD
rfid1(sfnet) RFID1 DOWNLOAD
kredyty(sfnet) Narzędzia Kredytowe DOWNLOAD
gen-inst-test(sfnet) gen-inst-test
robotraconteur(sfnet) Robot Raconteur Robot Raconteur is a language and platform inde...
minetruco(sfnet) Mine Truco This is a digital card game that intends to let... DOWNLOAD
jquery-mhstabs(sfnet) mhsTabs - jQuery Tab Plugins DOWNLOAD
genomseq(sfnet) genomseq Wt DOWNLOAD
appascend(sfnet) appascend I like appascend.Appascend good. DOWNLOAD
pongclonez(sfnet) PongClonez This is a pong clone that I have recently been ... DOWNLOAD
type7dec(sfnet) Type7dec With this application you can decrypt Cisco's t... DOWNLOAD
soundviewer(sfnet) Sound Viewer Tool This Python script uses the numpy and audiolab ... DOWNLOAD
enms(sfnet) enms Enms is a Network Management System aimed to ma...
tasksw(sfnet) Task Stop Watch Task Stop Watch is a program for keeping track ... DOWNLOAD
artikel23(sfnet) Artikel23 - a SOHO CRM CRM für Kleinbüro und Heimbüro mit Schwerpunkt ... DOWNLOAD
tf2configloop(sfnet) TF2 Config Loop Generator (Xbox) TF2 Configuration Loop Generator is a very simp... DOWNLOAD
georegression(sfnet) GeoRegression Geometric Regression Library (GeoRegression) is... DOWNLOAD
prodlog-tsp(sfnet) ProdLog_TSP There are two versions available: alpha and bet... DOWNLOAD
wordpressthiruk(sfnet) WordPress Thirukural Plugin Tamil Thirukural (திருக்குறள்) is a WordPress w... DOWNLOAD
satvocab(sfnet) SATVocab DOWNLOAD
entdownloader(sfnet) ENTDownloader (moved to GitHub) The project has moved to GitHub: http://github.... DOWNLOAD
testing02222012(sfnet) PreDyJE PreDyJE is a python tool to calculate dehydrons... DOWNLOAD
kutkut(sfnet) Kutkut Chatbot KutKut ChatBot is a chatter bot program, develo... DOWNLOAD
bmc-im-soap(sfnet) BMC::ImpactManager::SOAP Pure Perl module to interface with the BMC Impa... DOWNLOAD
pacmanjbblaze(sfnet) PACmanJBBlaze PACman Rom Galaxy Blaze 4G PACman merges some... DOWNLOAD

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