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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
mapson(sfnet) mapSoN <--> NoSpam mapSoN is a spam filter for Unix that is instal... DOWNLOAD
rodentchess(sfnet) rodent chess Rodent is an UCI chess engine based on Sungorus... DOWNLOAD
ntdisp(sfnet) NtdIsp This project provides three different interface... DOWNLOAD
ijtools(sfnet) ijTools A collection of plugins and tools for the Image... DOWNLOAD
flash-button(sfnet) Flash Button Component Open-source flash button component in actionscr... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg4android(sfnet) FFmpeg for Android FFmpeg for Android is a set of Android makefile... DOWNLOAD
phosphertest(sfnet) PhospherTest DOWNLOAD
coinopstoolbox(sfnet) CoinOPS Toolbox Scans CoinOPS directory and show valid, missing... DOWNLOAD
jdbfill(sfnet) jdbfill This is a tool to generate and populate a datab... DOWNLOAD
androidbigfacto(sfnet) Android big factorial The app is using representation of numbers in t... DOWNLOAD
phpmvs(sfnet) PHP mini vulnerability suite PHPmvs is a simple (maybe not THAT fast) SQLi e... DOWNLOAD
spacevtime(sfnet) The Graphical Storyline App DOWNLOAD
instant-twitter(sfnet) InstantTwitter Aplicativo leve e de fácil utilização, permite ... DOWNLOAD
distrolinux(sfnet) DistroLinux Maquinas virtuales instaladas con VirtualBox pa...
nuxdeb(sfnet) nuxdeb DOWNLOAD
ek9(sfnet) EK9 DOWNLOAD
tigerbrew(sfnet) tigerbrew-bottles DOWNLOAD
batchprocessing(sfnet) Batch Processing System DOWNLOAD
ehfs(sfnet) Event Horizon Fight Statistics EHFS is a World of Warcraft combat log parsing ... DOWNLOAD
sudokubystudent(sfnet) Classic Sudoku Classic Sudoku is a free game where you can pla... DOWNLOAD
chakrapol(sfnet) chakrapol Polskie wsparcje Chakry DOWNLOAD
fileexplorer3d(sfnet) File Explorer 3D 24-Dec-2012 - Added screen margin navigation fo... DOWNLOAD
arduhovercraft(sfnet) ArduHovercraft Hovercraft controlado desde la pc mejorado DOWNLOAD
planetsim(sfnet) PlanetSim: An Overlay Network Simulator PlanetSim is an object oriented simulation fram... DOWNLOAD
gcharttoolphp(sfnet) gChartToolPHP gChartToolPHP provides a simple, comprehensive ... DOWNLOAD
objmtlloader(sfnet) Obj&Mtl Loader DOWNLOAD
kalcatel(sfnet) KAlcatel KAlcatel allows you to manage messages, calls, ... DOWNLOAD
openbisuite(sfnet) OpenBISuite Open Source Web-based Business Intelligence pla... DOWNLOAD
jwbf(sfnet) Java Wiki Bot Framework Java Wiki Bot Framework helps with wiki (MediaW... DOWNLOAD
mysqlgalera(freshmeat) wsrep patch for MySQL wsrep-enabled MySQL (previously MySQL/Galera cl... DOWNLOAD
sybaka(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
webstreamer(freshmeat) WebStreamer WebStreamer is a Web-based system that allows y... DOWNLOAD
sablecc(freshmeat) SableCC SableCC is a parser generator that generates fu... DOWNLOAD
vaultofthepit(sfnet) Vault Of The Pit Vault Of The Pit to gra 2D napisana w Allegro. DOWNLOAD
pokexex(sfnet) Python Pokedex No description DOWNLOAD
webmacroprocess(sfnet) web-macro-Processor A general-purpose macro-processor, particularly... DOWNLOAD
pybook(sfnet) pybook Web-based (with desktop installation possible) ... DOWNLOAD
sack(sfnet) System Abstraction Component Kit This is a collection of libraries contained : S... DOWNLOAD
herold(freshmeat) Herold Herold converts HTML files to DocBook files. It... DOWNLOAD
wcspaceinvaders(sfnet) Webcam Space Invaders Lo unico que debes hacer en este juego es inten... DOWNLOAD
echodroid(sfnet) EchoDroid EchoDroid is an Android java project that allow... DOWNLOAD
ta2dxna(sfnet) Tank Attack 2D XNA Tank Attack 2D is a top down arcade shooter whe... DOWNLOAD
helenos-gui(sfnet) helenos Helenos is a free web based environment that si... DOWNLOAD
marsframework(sfnet) MARS framework The Mobile Autonomous Robot Simulation Framewor... DOWNLOAD
tt32-game(sfnet) Triumph & Tragedy Two-level war game. Strategic level look like s... DOWNLOAD
jessbuntu(sfnet) jessbuntu Hello, Guys Once a again a new updated Version ... DOWNLOAD
dreadcraft(sfnet) Dreadcraft Minecraft Client The Official Dreadcraft Installer with download... DOWNLOAD
vib-vieditorbac(sfnet) VIB - VI Editor Backup Utility A UNIX Shell script wrapper for the VI editor. ... DOWNLOAD
andorra(sfnet) Andorra 2D Andorra 2D is the new generation 2D Engine for ... DOWNLOAD
hsdm(sfnet) hSDM hSDM is an R package for hierarchical species d... DOWNLOAD
datacenteraudit(sfnet) Data Center Audit Data Center Audit (DCA) is a web configuration ... DOWNLOAD
seamod(sfnet) seamod DOWNLOAD
winformwhitegra(sfnet) Winform White/Gray Style the winforms in this project is to make the win... DOWNLOAD
phcfm(sfnet) phcfM phcfM is an R package for modelling anthropogen... DOWNLOAD
pircbot-ppf(sfnet) PircBot-PPF PircBot-PPF is a Java framework for writing IRC... DOWNLOAD
epimetric(sfnet) epimetric Using open data sets (e.g. on drug prescription... DOWNLOAD
dataprobeibooth(sfnet) Dataprobe iBoot Heartbeat for Linux Linux/C heartbeat generator for Dataprobe iBoot DOWNLOAD
minecraftparody(sfnet) Minecraft parody's DOWNLOAD
queried(sfnet) QueriEd A Java library to query game servers such as Ha... DOWNLOAD
ppf(sfnet) PircBot Plugin Framework An open source plugin framework built for the P... DOWNLOAD
matched(sfnet) MatchEd - HL / HL2 IRC Match Bot A Halflife / Halfelife 2 IRC match bot. Reports... DOWNLOAD
rconed(sfnet) RconEd A simple Java library to allow developers to is... DOWNLOAD
hpe-rc(sfnet) HPe-rc HPe-rc is a command-line utility for the Uniden... DOWNLOAD
chatnowforfree(sfnet) ChatNow A free and open chatroom DOWNLOAD
fenixlcep3(sfnet) Fenix LastChaos Ep3 DOWNLOAD
snes9l(sfnet) snes9l With new video, audio and timing pipelines for ... DOWNLOAD
cjax(sfnet) CJAX Cjax is a very basic lightweight but powerful ... DOWNLOAD
regulatorcalcul(sfnet) Regulator calculator lm2576 and lm317 calculator. calc best Value Of... DOWNLOAD
getipaddress(sfnet) Get IP Address Get in the easiest way all the local host IP Ad... DOWNLOAD
kanji-poster(sfnet) kanji-poster Kanji-poster is a collection of scripts that au... DOWNLOAD
minecraftinstal(sfnet) Minecraft-Installer Install your mods for Minecraft easily with the... DOWNLOAD
zanbytegeoip(sfnet) Zanbyte Geoip GeoLite Country and GeoLite City databases Inte... DOWNLOAD
heh(sfnet) Handy Extension Handler heh associates file extensions/types and URLs w... DOWNLOAD
w-calc(sfnet) Wcalc Wcalc is a powerful arbitrary-precision calcula... DOWNLOAD
freenetworkmoni(sfnet) Free Network Monitoring The goal for this project was to create a wind... DOWNLOAD
ikassistant(sfnet) Ikariam Assistant Small calculator assistant for popular browser ... DOWNLOAD
labe(sfnet) LABE - LDAP Address Book Editor LABE is a web-based LDAP Address Book Editor. I... DOWNLOAD
megaeditor(sfnet) MegaEditor Simple editor intended to make viewing and edit... DOWNLOAD
zeusxxlsj(sfnet) ZEUS_XXLSJ DOWNLOAD
victor711(sfnet) victor711 DOWNLOAD
gmerlin(sfnet) gmerlin Multimedia architecture consisting of libraries... DOWNLOAD
librangetree(sfnet) librangetree librangetree is a C++ template, implementing a ... DOWNLOAD
java-json-rpc(sfnet) java-json-rpc Json-rpc 2.0 implementation in Java. If you lik... DOWNLOAD
pyrosoft(sfnet) Pyromaniac's Portable Software The apps hosted here are part of my project at ... DOWNLOAD
libquicktime(sfnet) Libquicktime The goal of this project is to enhance the quic... DOWNLOAD
sierrabible(sfnet) The Sierra Bible シエラ聖書とのインタビュー"Saint"と題... DOWNLOAD
onsched(sfnet) OnSched OnSched is a FREE web based employee scheduling... DOWNLOAD
autoitoirrlicht(sfnet) au3 oIrrLicht oIrrlicht is example of irrlicht and AutoIt usa... DOWNLOAD
galaxys3(sfnet) Galaxy S3 DOWNLOAD
convertisseureu(sfnet) Convertisseur Euros -> Dollars Cette application est un convertisseur Euros -&... DOWNLOAD
webparam(sfnet) WebParam DOWNLOAD
sparcstar(sfnet) SPARCStar Actually, this is "Star 2.0". It is ... DOWNLOAD
gladegtk(sfnet) gladegtk DOWNLOAD
ontimeblog(sfnet) ONTIME Blog Bei "ONTIME Blog" handelt es sich um ... DOWNLOAD
tbforum(sfnet) Talkboard Forum The Talkboard Forum tries to mix the good ideas... DOWNLOAD
env3dspaceship(sfnet) Env3D SpaceShip DOWNLOAD
javaloganalyser(sfnet) Javalog Analyser Thanks to this application, customize your file... DOWNLOAD
shiftc(sfnet) Self-Healing Ind. File Transfer (Shift) Shift is a lightweight framework for high perfo... DOWNLOAD
davinci-c(sfnet) DaVinci Concurrente DaVinci Concurrente es un lenguaje orientado a ... DOWNLOAD
pizzasinfreedom(sfnet) free pizza as in freedom pizza The target of this project is to let you order ... DOWNLOAD

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