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safekeep(sfnet) SafeKeep SafeKeep is a centralized and easy to use backu... DOWNLOAD
jtx(sfnet) Java Terminal eXtreme JTX is a flexible, extensible, and very fast te... DOWNLOAD
mrockola(sfnet) MRockola Application emulate a Jukebox (Rockola) play a... DOWNLOAD
pynacadxf(sfnet) pyNACADXF A simple GUI to generate NACA airfoils DXF file...
jscan2052(sfnet) JScan2052 JScan2052 is a configurable Java control progra... DOWNLOAD
mailscore(sfnet) Mailscore Policy Daemon Mailscore is a postfix policy daemon handling h... DOWNLOAD
webchecker(sfnet) webchecker Get notified when specific parts of web/ftp pag... DOWNLOAD
pdfconcat(sfnet) JosePdfTool It is a little Windows program. With it you can... DOWNLOAD
checkbookdosapp(sfnet) Check Book (DoS App) I wrote this to replace my check book. It does... DOWNLOAD
ilqin(sfnet) ilqin iskandar DOWNLOAD
mhtc(sfnet) Motor Home Trip Cost Simple program that has the ability to give the... DOWNLOAD
clarens(sfnet) Clarens An Apache/mod-python-based application server c... DOWNLOAD
nod32ms(sfnet) nod32 mirror script nod32 mirror script - program to create mirror ... DOWNLOAD
flashcardsdosap(sfnet) Flash Cards (DoS App) This is a full featured Flash Cards Program (co... DOWNLOAD
aarhustechbat(sfnet) AarhusTechBat DOWNLOAD
openbooth(sfnet) OpenBooth DOWNLOAD
epicmultirpg(sfnet) EPIC Multiplayer Strategy RPG EPIC is a Multiplayer Strategy RPG game where y... DOWNLOAD
slackware64pack(sfnet) Slackware64 Packages DOWNLOAD
isca(sfnet) ISCA ISCA open source code
wx12ton(sfnet) wx12Ton wx12Ton displays the 48 forms of a twelve-note ... DOWNLOAD
dienn(sfnet) DIENN Dynamic Neuro-Interaction for Evolving a Self-C... DOWNLOAD
lightsup(sfnet) Lights Up! Lights Up! is a Windows application for control... DOWNLOAD
nwpps2kx(sfnet) NW's Ultimate Pokédex In the various Pokémon games there is a device ... DOWNLOAD
sod-builder(sfnet) sod-builder Learning stroke-order is the key to remembering... DOWNLOAD
doszip(sfnet) The Doszip Commander The Doszip Commander is an LFN-aware TUI file m... DOWNLOAD
ziprec(sfnet) ZipRec Tool to recover data from corrupted ZIP archive... DOWNLOAD
kaleidoscope3d(sfnet) Kaleidoscope - Stereo Kaleidoscope drawing software with the facility... DOWNLOAD
myinventory(sfnet) MyInventory This project is just starting up, therefore the... DOWNLOAD
nestprofessor23(sfnet) NestProfessor Programmer Edition 4.0 This is a SDK which can nest/layout the part/ge... DOWNLOAD
alcornj1(sfnet) alcornj1 DOWNLOAD
odysseamediacen(sfnet) Odyssea Media Center Odyssea media center is an innovative media cen... DOWNLOAD
seotoolkit(sfnet) Seo Tool Kit - Free Seo Tools Kit A Free SEO Tool Kit(Open Source) containing all... DOWNLOAD
hmg(sfnet) HMG HMG is a xBase Multi-platform development syste... DOWNLOAD
playerstage(sfnet) The Player Project The Player Project: Player is a networked inter... DOWNLOAD
sdst(sfnet) Service Desk Support Tool DOWNLOAD
compizboxmenu(sfnet) Compiz Boxmenu A desktop menu for compiz, forked from compiz-d... DOWNLOAD
compizboxmenupi(sfnet) Compiz Boxmenu Pipeitems Compiz boxmenu pipeitems. See the README.txt in... DOWNLOAD
biotutorial(sfnet) Bioinformatics Learning Tutorial Interactive tutorials for undergrad genetics st... DOWNLOAD
js-cad(sfnet) JS-CAD NOTE: I moved the source to Github. The name is... DOWNLOAD
k-remaster(sfnet) kubuntu Ultimate 12.10 A full size remaster of Kunbuntu with updates a... DOWNLOAD
chainsaw(sfnet) Chainsaw Development for Chainsaw is at https://bitbucke... DOWNLOAD
jfiledb(sfnet) JFileDB DOWNLOAD
txtrdr(sfnet) txtrdr Java MIDP mobile text reader. DOWNLOAD
openbfcp(sfnet) OpenBFCPSipClient 본 프로젝트는 하드웨어 화상회의 장비와 영상회의... DOWNLOAD
caledonia(sfnet) Caledonia - KDE Art Suite [EN] Caledonia is a minimalist, elegant and st... DOWNLOAD
lazyserializer(sfnet) LazySerializer Lazily serializes an C# object to XML for usage... DOWNLOAD
wpbrute(sfnet) Wordpress Brute Force You can brute a WordPress Site with a list of p... DOWNLOAD
njconnect(sfnet) njconnect Curses Jack connection manager, based on naconn... DOWNLOAD
unlimitedcity(sfnet) Unlimited City DOWNLOAD
superclick(sfnet) Auto Mouse Click Generator A powerful, fast and yet easy to use automatic ... DOWNLOAD
secureauthentic(sfnet) SAMSON - Secure Authentication Modules The Secure Authentication Modules (SAMSON) are ... DOWNLOAD
orbitphpchatter(sfnet) Orbit PHP Chatter Orbit PHPChatter is an easy to implement, PHP/A... DOWNLOAD
clouduapi(sfnet) CloudUniversalAPI * Goals 1. Support multiple cloud service via o... DOWNLOAD
test919191(sfnet) Test919191 DOWNLOAD
quantitysticks(sfnet) QuantitySticks DOWNLOAD
vpassfile(sfnet) VPassFile DOWNLOAD
sudokusolverapp(sfnet) Sudoku Solver Applet 1/ Double-click the cell you want to edit. ... DOWNLOAD
romse(sfnet) Roms e Mods DOWNLOAD
testingaproject(sfnet) testing a project testing only DOWNLOAD
nukevietcms(sfnet) NukeViet NukeViet project has been moved to here: https:... DOWNLOAD
petidomo(sfnet) Petidomo Mailing List Manager Petidomo is a mailing list server similar to Ma... DOWNLOAD
culsoda(sfnet) cuLsoda cuLsoda is an implementation of the Livermore S...
stevenhome(sfnet) stevenhome DOWNLOAD
zyyd(sfnet) zyyd DOWNLOAD
srxhw(sfnet) srxhw DOWNLOAD
nmonade(sfnet) NMonade DOWNLOAD
texttomp3audio(sfnet) ClassleSoft Text to Mp3 Converter 2.0 Classlesoft Text to Mp3 converter is another ha... DOWNLOAD
opencd-fa(sfnet) OpenCD The OpenCD project offers a selection of high q... DOWNLOAD
lan(sfnet) LAN Tournament Manager LAN Tournament Manager is used to setup and dis... DOWNLOAD
curlew(sfnet) curlew DOWNLOAD
c200opkgdev(sfnet) c200opkg-dev DOWNLOAD
maps-coloring(sfnet) Maps coloring Search for a pencil and paper proof of the four... DOWNLOAD
masellipsis(sfnet) Multiagentsystem Ellipsis Ellipsis is a modular, agent-oriented, and exte... DOWNLOAD
m30w(sfnet) M30W M30W is a program designed to allow fast develo... DOWNLOAD
soccertheory(sfnet) The Soccer Theory 2D soccer simulation focussing the theoretical ... DOWNLOAD
facturit(sfnet) FacturIT .NET Nuestro desarrollo soporta los tres esquemas de... DOWNLOAD
rfc-parsers(sfnet) IETF RFC Parsers A collection of re-usable parsers for grammars ... DOWNLOAD
mdr(sfnet) Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction The objective of this project is to make availa... DOWNLOAD
olbookmarks(sfnet) ol' bookmarks manager On-line bookmarks manager. Web interface to bro... DOWNLOAD
dacco(sfnet) English-Catalan Dictionary Project DACCO (Diccionari Anglčs Catalŕ de Codi Obert) ... DOWNLOAD
nps-codemill(sfnet) Code Mill Code Mill is a plug-in for Code Crusader that a... DOWNLOAD
nps-svnclient(sfnet) Subversion Client nps_svn_client provides a graphical interface t... DOWNLOAD
silentprj(sfnet) SILENT SILENT is a Scratch modification that interface... DOWNLOAD
tslc(sfnet) Tcl Scripting Language Components Tcl Scripting Language Components (Tslc) for De... DOWNLOAD
videomer(sfnet) VideoMer A complete video library, easy to use. Here is ... DOWNLOAD
nioshbviewer(sfnet) NIOSH_BViewer BViewer Version 1.0p Purpose: Development of ... DOWNLOAD
smppapi(sfnet) Java SMPP API Java implementation of the SMPP API DOWNLOAD
rats-layout(sfnet) ~~( ε:> rats keyboard layout <:3 )~~ The main goal of this project is to build a erg...
mapson(sfnet) mapSoN <--> NoSpam mapSoN is a spam filter for Unix that is instal... DOWNLOAD
rodentchess(sfnet) rodent chess Rodent is an UCI chess engine based on Sungorus... DOWNLOAD
ntdisp(sfnet) NtdIsp This project provides three different interface... DOWNLOAD
ijtools(sfnet) ijTools A collection of plugins and tools for the Image... DOWNLOAD
flash-button(sfnet) Flash Button Component Open-source flash button component in actionscr... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg4android(sfnet) FFmpeg for Android FFmpeg for Android is a set of Android makefile... DOWNLOAD
phosphertest(sfnet) PhospherTest DOWNLOAD
coinopstoolbox(sfnet) CoinOPS Toolbox Scans CoinOPS directory and show valid, missing... DOWNLOAD
jdbfill(sfnet) jdbfill This is a tool to generate and populate a datab... DOWNLOAD
androidbigfacto(sfnet) Android big factorial The app is using representation of numbers in t... DOWNLOAD
phpmvs(sfnet) PHP mini vulnerability suite PHPmvs is a simple (maybe not THAT fast) SQLi e... DOWNLOAD
spacevtime(sfnet) The Graphical Storyline App DOWNLOAD

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