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jsmachines(sfnet) JSMachines DOWNLOAD
libnova(sfnet) libnova libnova is a general purpose, double precision,... DOWNLOAD
srt-tran(sfnet) srt-translator Translating subtitles in format SubRip from one... DOWNLOAD
mysqljavabackup(sfnet) MySQLJavaBackup Use this library to backup your MySQL Database ... DOWNLOAD
t4project(sfnet) T4project DOWNLOAD
kunyue(sfnet) kunyue DOWNLOAD
sshkeyrot(sfnet) ssh-keyrot SSH-KeyRot is a program that will rotate ssh au... DOWNLOAD
libavc1394(sfnet) GNU/Linux 1394 AV/C Library libavc1394 is a programming interface for the 1... DOWNLOAD
dv1394d(sfnet) DV/1394 Server DV/1394 Server is a GNU/Linux IEEE 1394/DV TCP ... DOWNLOAD
mkakt60windmueh(sfnet) MKA KT_60_Windmuehle KT_60_ Windmuehle StepbyStepFotos Motivvorlage... DOWNLOAD
phpsdl(sfnet) SDL extension for PHP PHP-SDL is a binding of the Simple DirectMedia ... DOWNLOAD
ossobook(sfnet) xBook xBook is a common framework for several archaeo... DOWNLOAD
pgooglebase(sfnet) psgooglebase Warnings At present the script is not a complet... DOWNLOAD
pymant(sfnet) Pymant Graphical Network Administration tool for Linux... DOWNLOAD
astroccd(sfnet) Astronomy CCD Camera Control Control Applications for Astronomical CCD Cameras DOWNLOAD
jbidibc(sfnet) Java BiDiB Client A Java library, providing an easy to use interf... DOWNLOAD
omneteponmodule(sfnet) Omnet++ EPON Module This is a basic implementation of (1G) Ethernet...
ordovers10(sfnet) ORDO vers.1.0 Small cryptographic command line tool for LINUX... DOWNLOAD
isp-fw(sfnet) ISP-FW: network administration made easy ISP-fW is a firewall script that provides port ... DOWNLOAD
mlaw(sfnet) mlaw mLaw is physical file records automation web ap... DOWNLOAD
gretl(sfnet) gretl GNU Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Li... DOWNLOAD
agentexapps(sfnet) Apps DOWNLOAD
phpsharefiles(sfnet) phpShareFiles it is a PHP application designed for companies ...
minion(sfnet) Minion Minion is a lean, efficient solver for constrai... DOWNLOAD
binrevengine(sfnet) BinRev Engine 3D render engine cross platform written in C++ ... DOWNLOAD
kioskrennes2uni(sfnet) kiosk-Rennes2_University An answer for a Kiosk application from Universi... DOWNLOAD
myurl(sfnet) MyProject DOWNLOAD
xsd2xpath(sfnet) xsd2xpath Produces a csv file containing name, parent, ty... DOWNLOAD
liuhaoaigaoyang(sfnet) liuhaoaigaoyang Open source project DOWNLOAD
tictactoeinvinc(sfnet) Tic-Tac-Toe Invincible A simple, fun tic-tac-toe game. (Beat the 1-Pla... DOWNLOAD
blockfortress(sfnet) Block Fortress A breakout game I wrote during a summer python ... DOWNLOAD
myseries(sfnet) MySeries Its a simple software that helps you track your... DOWNLOAD
phoebetria(sfnet) Phoebetria Phoebetria lets you take control of your BitFen... DOWNLOAD
myproject15(sfnet) MyProject DOWNLOAD
puma-em(sfnet) Puma-EM Computational electromagnetics software. Uses s... DOWNLOAD
asmodatbrutemau(sfnet) Asmodat Brute Mouse & Keyboard Logger This is free program for logging your mouse and... DOWNLOAD
dddqproject(sfnet) dddqproject None DOWNLOAD
ericoptimize(sfnet) Eric Optimizer 4 Eric Otimizer 4 è un ottimo strumento di pulizi... DOWNLOAD
classio(sfnet) Class I/O 我々 はすぐに Java ソース コードを生成するのに ... DOWNLOAD
audiotools(sfnet) Python Audio Tools Python Audio Tools are a collection of audio ha... DOWNLOAD
tictactoeaising(sfnet) TIC TAC TOE AI - Single Player It is a simple Tic Tac Toe pc game for single p... DOWNLOAD
rsppicasso(sfnet) rsppicasso C# application to convert images to jpg with ve... DOWNLOAD
impxmlv2(sfnet) impxmlv2 xml like based database storage with a faster a... DOWNLOAD
katarina(sfnet) katarina katarina is a simple backup system based on rsy... DOWNLOAD
vocatagada(sfnet) VocaTagada La SuiteTagada contient des petits logiciels po... DOWNLOAD
freerename(sfnet) FreeRename Rename multiple files based on date time
leto7521(sfnet) СЛАВЯНЕ DOWNLOAD
liveusb-openbsd(sfnet) liveusb-openbsd OpenBSD LiveUSB to carry a UNIX graphical OS wi...
singularity(sfnet) Singularity Singularity is a suite of RFID Middleware to su... DOWNLOAD
livecd-openbsd(sfnet) livecd-openbsd LiveCD-OpenBSD is the sister project of LiveUSB...
clipcomrade(sfnet) Clipcomrade Clipcomrade is Windows clipboard manager. Remem...
xwax(freshmeat) xwax xwax allows DJs and turntablists to playback di... DOWNLOAD
blinkx.berlios(sfnet) Break light blinker. DOWNLOAD
mmtranslator(sfnet) Myanmar Translator DOWNLOAD
commentcreator(sfnet) Comment Creator This is a piece of software that generates mass... DOWNLOAD
tumagcc(sfnet) The Moluccas A pre-configured MinGW focused on ease of use, ... DOWNLOAD
dgtlfever(sfnet) dgtlfever dgtlfever is my new project.I want everyone now... DOWNLOAD
emailwatcher(sfnet) emailwatcher A small and very light email notifier for Windo... DOWNLOAD
findext(sfnet) findext find extension tool : list all extensions of a ... DOWNLOAD
owncloudinstall(sfnet) OwnCloud Install script Mit diesem Script kann der Serveradmin belibig ... DOWNLOAD
beaglesnes(freshmeat) BeagleSNES BeagleSNES is a complete filesystem image which... DOWNLOAD
beanservices(sfnet) beanservices BeanServices will act as an abstract layer for ... DOWNLOAD
educommons(sfnet) eduCommons eduCommons is an Open Educational Resource (OER... DOWNLOAD
e-guidedog(sfnet) eGuideDog free software for the blind eGuideDog project develops free software for th... DOWNLOAD
rspini(sfnet) rspini New Standard C ini handling routines to solve s... DOWNLOAD
rspcutil(sfnet) rspcutil a set of C utilities that can be used in window... DOWNLOAD
fastphototagger(sfnet) FastPhotoTagger FastPhotoTagger tries to be the fastest way to ... DOWNLOAD
linasm(sfnet) LinAsm Linux assembly libraries project called "L... DOWNLOAD
fingdelmundo(sfnet) Fing del Mundo DOWNLOAD
devilsai(sfnet) Devilsai Devilsai is an Action Role-Playing Game written...
rphoto(freshmeat) RPhoto RPhoto is a handy image editor to simplify crop... DOWNLOAD
id3v2(sfnet) id3v2 id3v2 is a command line id3v2 tag editor. You c... DOWNLOAD
myabcs(sfnet) MyABCs An educational game for young children. MyABCs ...
datafinder(sfnet) DataFinder DataFinder is a data management client develope...
sitellite(sfnet) Sitellite CMS Sitellite is an advanced web based Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
yaosa(sfnet) yaosa DOWNLOAD
securicam(sfnet) securicam It sends to your email a 10s video captured fro... DOWNLOAD
duduplus(sfnet) DuDuPlus DuDuPlus is a graph-base dependency parser for ... DOWNLOAD
mcqref(sfnet) MCqRef A fast, new, and simple Minecraft Reference Too... DOWNLOAD
jrobin(sfnet) JRobin JRobin is a 100% pure Java alternative to RRDTo... DOWNLOAD
vaatsalyacivil(sfnet) Vaatsalya Civil DOWNLOAD
you-downloader(sfnet) Musoftware YouDownloader DOWNLOAD
dcptool(sfnet) dcpTool NEW: Version 1.4.0 is out - full support for DN...
fib-fumaca(sfnet) FIB-Fumaça DOWNLOAD
joker-client(sfnet) PHP client Web-based, OS independent PHP client for access... DOWNLOAD
cybyd(sfnet) cybyd cybyd is modded version of xBTiT DOWNLOAD
dbll2013(sfnet) DBLL2013 bla bla vbla bla bla vbla bla bla vbla bla bla ... DOWNLOAD
ircddbplus(sfnet) IRCDDB PLUS ircDDB gateway is an Open Source G2 gateway for... DOWNLOAD
simpleaibot(sfnet) SimpleAiBot SimpleAiBot is created for educational purposes... DOWNLOAD
jades(sfnet) Jades This Java library provides the class Distribute... DOWNLOAD
webpac(sfnet) Web-based Library Catalog Implementation of web library catalog (sometime... DOWNLOAD
smpps(sfnet) SMPPS SMPPS Project already in its Beta version to 0.... DOWNLOAD
ois-dqa(sfnet) OIS DQA Data Quality Assurance application for use by I... DOWNLOAD
txwrapper(sfnet) TXWrapper TXWrapper provides a MS CWnd-based wrapper for ...
cubechung(sfnet) cube_chung cube chung is a compact hack & slash cube /... DOWNLOAD
sljit(sfnet) sljit An implementation of a light-weight stack-less ...
bioladderorg(freshmeat) BioLadder.Org BioLadder.Org is a visualization of the Evoluti... DOWNLOAD
ardweather23xx(sfnet) Arduino Mega Weather WS23xx Read data from a WS23xx Weatherstation (Lacross... DOWNLOAD
digioznetportal(sfnet) DigiOz .NET Portal DigiOz .NET Portal is a web based portal system... DOWNLOAD
tutorillaz(sfnet) Tutorillaz The tutorials on my site need certain files, th... DOWNLOAD

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