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tser(sfnet) TechSurveyor for eRiders eRiders (knowledgeable technology practitioners... DOWNLOAD
autodefinition(sfnet) Auto Definition For most Chinese students, memorizing English v... DOWNLOAD
alacritypc(sfnet) AlacrityPC AlacrityPC is a utility designed to help you ge... DOWNLOAD
gpe4gtk(sfnet) Grid Programming Environment (GPE) The Grid Programming Environment (GPE) turns a ... DOWNLOAD
pktrate(sfnet) PacketRate This network monitoring tool takes a pcap expre... DOWNLOAD
internetid(sfnet) indicator-internet DOWNLOAD
advlauncher(sfnet) Advanced Launcher The Advanced Launcher add-on is able to launch ... DOWNLOAD
antlr(freshmeat) ANTLR ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) i... DOWNLOAD
freelords(sfnet) FreeLords FreeLords is a turn-based-strategy game. Explor... DOWNLOAD
fluxbbhispano(sfnet) FluxBB Spanish Traducción al español de los foros de FluxBB DOWNLOAD
oschmsreloaded(sfnet) OS Client Hosting Management System Reloaded is the first public admission of OSCHM... DOWNLOAD
opencitt(sfnet) openCITT openCITT is a project to bring car infotainment... DOWNLOAD
seu(sfnet) SEU SEU is a highly distributed Identity Manager, f... DOWNLOAD
zencafe-comm(sfnet) Zencafe ZENCAFE GNU/LINUX Mainly design to use for Inte... DOWNLOAD
kino(sfnet) Kino Kino is a non-linear DV editor for GNU/Linux. I... DOWNLOAD
dvdstyler(sfnet) DVDStyler DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authorin... DOWNLOAD
cpsolver(sfnet) Constraint Solver Local-search based solver of Constraint Satisfa... DOWNLOAD
pymt(sfnet) PyMT PyMT is a Python module which provides easy co... DOWNLOAD
ark(sfnet) Arusha Project The Arusha Project seeks to provide a framework... DOWNLOAD
jnewssvm(sfnet) Jnews on SVM Jnews is for judging the classification of news... DOWNLOAD
phoebetria(freshmeat) Phoebetria Phoebetria lets you take control of your BitFen... DOWNLOAD
webbasetavent(sfnet) WebBaseTAVent Kumpulan WebBaseTA by chavent DOWNLOAD
opi2(sfnet) Open PI Initiative (OPI2) The Open PI Initiative and its subprojects offe... DOWNLOAD
cyber-shell(sfnet) cyb3r sh3ll cyb3r-sh3ll is a advanced PHP shell with some u... DOWNLOAD
dbkiss(freshmeat) DBKiss DBKiss is a one-PHP-file database browser that ... DOWNLOAD
jsdecoder(freshmeat) JsDecoder JavascriptDecoder is a tool for easily decoding... DOWNLOAD
gnumed(freshmeat) GNUmed GNUmed is a comprehensive scalable software sol... DOWNLOAD
adbbrowser(sfnet) ADB Browser ADBbrowser is a GUI based file and application ... DOWNLOAD
bocfel(freshmeat) Bocfel Bocfel is an interpreter for the Z-machine, whi... DOWNLOAD
sphirewall(freshmeat) Sphirewall Sphirewall is a user-centric analytical network... DOWNLOAD
monitoringplug(freshmeat) Monitoringplug Monitoringplug is a collection of monitoring pl... DOWNLOAD
cutter(sfnet) Cutter Cutter is a Unit Testing Framework for C and C+... DOWNLOAD
cainteoir-engine(freshmeat) Cainteoir Engine The Cainteoir Engine is a library for reading a... DOWNLOAD
jstetris(freshmeat) JsTetris JsTetris is Tetris clone game. It only requires... DOWNLOAD
podget(freshmeat) Podget Podget is a simple podcast aggregator optimized... DOWNLOAD
equationroots(sfnet) Equation Roots This App solves a system of simultaneous equati... DOWNLOAD
ifanautocontrol(sfnet) iFanAutoControl iFanAutoControl is an application to automatic ... DOWNLOAD
dssi(sfnet) DSSI DSSI is an audio plugin API for software instru... DOWNLOAD
dvdrw-tools(freshmeat) dvd+rw-tools dvd+rw-tools makes it possible to burn DVD imag... DOWNLOAD
xlstoxml(sfnet) XLS to XML This tool will allow you to manage test caes in... DOWNLOAD
laziostuff(sfnet) LazIOStuff Version 0.90 by Peter Dauscher License: GNU GPL... DOWNLOAD
mygosumenu(freshmeat) mygosuMenu mygosuMenu is a set of DHTML menus that feature... DOWNLOAD
simpledoc(freshmeat) SimpleDoc SimpleDoc is a Web-based document management sy... DOWNLOAD
devilelastchaos(sfnet) DevileLastChaos DOWNLOAD
steditor(freshmeat) STEditor STEditor is a simple WYSIWYG editor for the Web. DOWNLOAD
tinybc(freshmeat) Tiny BASIC for Curses Tiny BASIC for Curses (tinybc) is a BASIC inter... DOWNLOAD
windowdetective(sfnet) Window Detective Window Detective is a programmer's tool used to... DOWNLOAD
php-debug-tools(freshmeat) PHP debug tools PHP debug tools provides various debug tools, i... DOWNLOAD
qrsecretmesseng(sfnet) QRSecretMessenger DOWNLOAD
horrorss(freshmeat) HORRORss HORRORss is a set of Java classes to parse RSS ... DOWNLOAD
rcssmin(freshmeat) rCSSmin RCSSmin is a CSS minifier. The implementation i... DOWNLOAD
javadbgenerator(sfnet) Sql Serializable Java Object Generator This is an application that is used to graphica... DOWNLOAD
fann(sfnet) Fast Artificial Neural Network Library Fast Artificial Neural Network Library is a fre... DOWNLOAD
edvos(sfnet) EDVOS EDVOS, External Gamma Doses Due to Volumetric S... DOWNLOAD
jpegtopdf(sfnet) JpegToPdf Cross-platform tool for creation of PDF documen...
projectm(sfnet) projectM projectM is an OpenGL based advanced music visu... DOWNLOAD
dbtesma(sfnet) dbtesma Highly efficient Data Generator for Benchmarks ... DOWNLOAD
gnss-sdr(sfnet) GNSS-SDR An open source software-defined Global Navigati... DOWNLOAD
qprot(sfnet) QPROT QPROT is a software for differential protein ex... DOWNLOAD
sposkpat(sfnet) sposkpat Turns any PC into a distraction-less Patience c... DOWNLOAD
hobbybrewnew(sfnet) HobbyBrew Manutenzione ed evoluzione del software HobbyBr... DOWNLOAD
dirtree(sfnet) dirtree This is a command line directory utility that w... DOWNLOAD
ddem-nomap(sfnet) DactaDork's Epic Map [NO MAP] DOWNLOAD
unterweger(sfnet) Health Deine Werte täglich im Griff haben: Blutdruck G... DOWNLOAD
sexyrpc(sfnet) sexyRPC sexyRPC is an S-Expression Remote Procedure lib... DOWNLOAD
cookit(sfnet) CooKit CooKit is Tcl interpreter with many extensions ... DOWNLOAD
railsexporter(sfnet) Rails Exporter for MySQL Workbench Plugin for MySQL Workbench creates rails 3.x fi... DOWNLOAD
jdbcimporter(sfnet) JDBC Importer The JDBC Importer provides a consistent mechani... DOWNLOAD
dcemri(sfnet) R Package for the Analysis of DCE-MRI A collection of code, bundled into a single R p... DOWNLOAD
nstclhttpd(sfnet) nstclhttpd Nstclhttpd is an attempt to emulate Tcl layer o... DOWNLOAD
finkcommander(sfnet) FinkCommander FinkCommander is a graphical user interface for... DOWNLOAD
tabs(sfnet) Tcl Automated Build System Tcl automated build system -- system for automa... DOWNLOAD
cidtty(sfnet) cid-tty Ferramenta que viabiliza o ingresso das distrib... DOWNLOAD
dqsoftware(sfnet) dqsoftware DataQuest company's OpenSource projects DOWNLOAD
pulsejack(sfnet) pulsejack 開始または pulseaudio モジュール ジャック sound...
activa(sfnet) Activa for Asterisk Activa brings the Asterisk IP PBX to the call c... DOWNLOAD
phpcrud(sfnet) PHP CRUD PHP CRUD allows us to quickly add an indexed, r... DOWNLOAD
livecd-finance(sfnet) livecd-finance This uses OpenBSD to do office productivity/fin... DOWNLOAD
livecdgames(sfnet) livecd-games If you want a LiveCD dedicated to gaming with K... DOWNLOAD
livecdmmedia(sfnet) livecd-mmedia This LiveCD is for audio video playback and edi... DOWNLOAD
pacmanjbi577(sfnet) pacmanjbi577 PACman Rom JB Samsung I577 DOWNLOAD
tvbgone(sfnet) TV-b-Gone Here's my take on the classic TV-b-Gone. v2.x ... DOWNLOAD
batchtextreplac(sfnet) Batch Text Replacer A program to aid in conversions of various text... DOWNLOAD
nsh(freshmeat) OpenBSD Network Shell NSH is a CLI intended for OpenBSD-based network... DOWNLOAD
tclmentorcode(sfnet) TclMentor Source Code and Packages TclMentor related projects and sources. DOWNLOAD
billowrap(sfnet) billoWrap Used to retrive data from and change... DOWNLOAD
splashsaver(sfnet) Splash Easily make your screensaver your desktop backg... DOWNLOAD
applepi(sfnet) ApplePi It is a Pi calculator written in C++ with VC++ ... DOWNLOAD
xmlmediacomp(sfnet) XML Media Compiler A small standalone application designed to comp... DOWNLOAD
staxmedia(sfnet) StaxMedia StaxMedia is the home of StaxRip. StaxRip is a ... DOWNLOAD
linuxcreate(sfnet) Linux create scripts For descriptions and script sources, please vis... DOWNLOAD
csvnprecommit(sfnet) C# SVN Pre-Commit Hook This hook is a great jumping off point if you n... DOWNLOAD
vuunoblackhole(sfnet) Vu+ Uno Black Hole DOWNLOAD
libsdl-android(sfnet) libsdl-android Port of SDL library to Android mobile platform.... DOWNLOAD
apeye(freshmeat) APEye APEye is a jQuery widget for issuing HTTP reque... DOWNLOAD
bulldog-browser(sfnet) BullDogBrowser From the creators of Prime Hosting, comes BullD... DOWNLOAD
ctypesgsl(sfnet) ctypesGSL ctypesGSL is Python bindings for the GSL librar... DOWNLOAD
northernforce(sfnet) FRC Northern Force 172 This is the code repository for the First Robot... DOWNLOAD
tkcon(sfnet) TkCon: Enhanced Tk Console TkCon is an enhanced interactive console for de... DOWNLOAD
talon(sfnet) Talon This is a configurable strategy wargame, inspir... DOWNLOAD

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