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alexapps(sfnet) Alex Apps Different applications that are based on the Al...
talend-mdm-community-edition(freshmeat) Talend Open Studio for MDM Talend Open Studio for MDM provides the key dat... DOWNLOAD
thumbnailme(sfnet) Thumbnail me Thumbnail me is a free and open source thumbnai...
pocl(sfnet) pocl Portable Computing Language aims to become an o... DOWNLOAD
armlinuxgccosx(sfnet) ARM Linux GCC - OS X Binaries built with crosstool-ng for use on arm... DOWNLOAD
slugdev(sfnet) slug_dev This is the plattform for the developers of SLU... DOWNLOAD
nikyscripts(sfnet) niky45's scripts & patches various scripts and patches i don't know were t... DOWNLOAD
fbehelp(sfnet) FbEHelp FbEHelp is a help addin for FbEdit, made to rep...
mockcreator(sfnet) MockCreator Code generator Java Code Generator for generating MockObjects ... DOWNLOAD
printmgrviavbs(sfnet) PrintMgrViaVbs Print Management using Visual Basic Script - Ma... DOWNLOAD
pyexpander(sfnet) pyexpander Pyexpander is a powerful macro processor based ... DOWNLOAD
haxtool(sfnet) Hax Tool for Flash Drive As i said, it steals passwords. DOWNLOAD
bfa2autoupdate(sfnet) bfa2autoupdate This is a autoupdate battlesoft game, DOWNLOAD
sa-videochat(sfnet) SpeakApps Videochat This tool will allow for videoconference sessio... DOWNLOAD
dn4d(sfnet) debian netinstall for dummies a script to help new debian users to do a netin...
prfrg(sfnet) protocol forge Protocol forge is a protocol simulator for deve... DOWNLOAD
freedomarchives(sfnet) F4A - freedom for archives A massive uncompressor for linux. It can uncomp...
bingonle(sfnet) bingonle Thanks for registering an account.
astroeasycap(sfnet) AstroEasyCap AstroEasyCap is an optimized linux easycap DC60...
c200ipkg(sfnet) c200opkg Pre-compiled opkg format package for + Popc... DOWNLOAD
beeep(sfnet) beeep This program sends a simple bell / beep / ring ... DOWNLOAD
bo2serverviewer(sfnet) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Server Viewer This program allows the Call of Duty: Black Ops... DOWNLOAD
procos(sfnet) ProCoS Author: Lavanya Rishishwar ProCoS (Protein Com... DOWNLOAD
wikiengine(sfnet) WikiEngine WikiEngine.dll is a library with COM-objects to... DOWNLOAD
slog(sfnet) sLog A mysql (5.x) log database able to log events i... DOWNLOAD
crnickl(sfnet) CrNiCKL CrNiCKL (pronounced "chronicle") is a... DOWNLOAD
pic-reg-browser(sfnet) PIC_16F8XX MAIA® PIC® 16F8XX Reg Browser helps you to brow... DOWNLOAD
golitev1(sfnet) goLite version 1.1 SQLite database is a light weight database you ... DOWNLOAD
fastdir(sfnet) FastDir クロスプラット フォームのファイルマネージャー
mcpd(sfnet) mcpd Tools to analyse and use passport data for biol... DOWNLOAD
pyantz(sfnet) pyAntz pyAntz is a game like AntMe!
talend-open-studio-for-esb(freshmeat) Talend Open Studio for ESB Talend Open Studio for ESB is an innovative, Ec... DOWNLOAD
hwweaponsmod(sfnet) Hedgewars Weapons Mod A collection of LUA scripts to modify the weapo... DOWNLOAD
inventoryscore(sfnet) inventory-scoring A tool (adobe air) to do maturity scoring of so... DOWNLOAD
legadee(sfnet) LEGADEE LEGADEE (LEarning GAme DEsign Environment) is a... DOWNLOAD
xtvdclient(sfnet) Schedules Direct Client Library This project offers a client java library for e... DOWNLOAD
ilohamail(sfnet) IlohaMail IlohaMail is a PHP based lightweight full featu... DOWNLOAD
linxet(sfnet) linxet The application is a simple software to create/... DOWNLOAD
talend-open-studio(freshmeat) Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is an E... DOWNLOAD
bioutils-proteo(sfnet) BioUtils - Proteomics The BioUtils - Proteomics package is a lightwei... DOWNLOAD
openasm(sfnet) OpenAsm DOWNLOAD
fynixz(sfnet) fynixz DOWNLOAD
digitalforecast(sfnet) Digital Forecaster This product allows meteorologists and weather ... DOWNLOAD
codachrome(sfnet) CodaChrome CodaChrome is a tool for visually exploring how... DOWNLOAD
oraclelog(sfnet) Oracle Logging Framework The Oracle logging framework provides a debuggi...
dbmonster(sfnet) DBMonster - feed your database! DBMonster is a tool which generates random test... DOWNLOAD
secureusb(sfnet) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx セキュリティで保護された USB - データの暗号化に...
bioutils(sfnet) BioUtils A Collection of classes related to biological a...
sgpdec(sfnet) Hierarchical Decomposition of Semigroups A computer algebra package for hierarchical com... DOWNLOAD
sc4tsct(sfnet) SC4TSCT This tool is for SimCity 4 to configure the NAM...
regexer(sfnet) regexer Regexer is a regular expression test tool. DOWNLOAD
ldapscripts(sfnet) ldapscripts Ldapscripts are shell scripts that allow to ma... DOWNLOAD
mo-da-browser(freshmeat) Mo Da Browser Mo Da Browser is a small, stable browser for An... DOWNLOAD
sevenzip(sfnet) 7-Zip File Archiver 7-Zip is a file archiver with the high compress... DOWNLOAD
i-mscp(sfnet) iMSCP - Multi-Server Control Panel Internet - Multi Server Control Panel (i-MSCP) ... DOWNLOAD
arduinorclib(sfnet) ArduinoRCLib A library containing functions for building Ard... DOWNLOAD
opencv-ar(sfnet) OpenCV-AR OpenCV-AR is a software library used for Augmen... DOWNLOAD
phantomdb(sfnet) PhantomDb ORM PhantomDB ORM (PDB) es un Micro ORM para Micros... DOWNLOAD
tarray(sfnet) TArray TArray is a experimental Tcl extension that imp... DOWNLOAD
stickrpg2direct(sfnet) Stickrpg2(directorscut) DOWNLOAD
ogl4net(sfnet) OpenGL4Net The project is still active; a new version with... DOWNLOAD
xreocircle(sfnet) nothing サークル Webbrowser フリーでオープン ソースの w...
strangebrew(sfnet) StrangeBrew Java Project WE NOW USE GITHUB: DOWNLOAD
fc-find(sfnet) Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions (FIND) is...
collada-dom(sfnet) COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) The COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) is an a... DOWNLOAD
extjwnl(sfnet) Extended Java WordNet Library extJWNL (Extended Java WordNet Library) is a Ja... DOWNLOAD
solr(freshmeat) Apache Solr Solr is an enterprise search platform from the ... DOWNLOAD
opendicomviewer(sfnet) Open Dicom Viewer Open DICOM Viewer is a small display of medical... DOWNLOAD
summa(sfnet) Summa Lucens (and Solr) based search engine with very...
classicshell(sfnet) Classic Shell Classic Shell adds some missing features to Win...
pimpmymaxi(sfnet) PIMP my MAXi Enhance Andromaxi Deodex ROM DOWNLOAD
bhhsetupscripts(sfnet) BHH Setup Scripts This is a collection of automatic scripts desig... DOWNLOAD
j-tree(sfnet) j-tree J-Tree is a lightweight, modular, extendible an... DOWNLOAD
ext4explore(sfnet) Ext4Explore Ext4Explore is a program that allows Linux part... DOWNLOAD
yifanle(sfnet) yifanle DOWNLOAD
cw-evolver(sfnet) Java CoreWars Evolver A Java based, pMars compatible, CoreWars simula... DOWNLOAD
phpmoonphases(sfnet) PHP Moonphases Display the current moon with a image showing %... DOWNLOAD
rwiener(sfnet) RWiener Wiener distribution functions for R. DOWNLOAD
uparseotu(sfnet) uparseotu UPARSE-OTU code. DOWNLOAD
orcc(sfnet) Open RVC-CAL Compiler The Open RVC-CAL Compiler (Orcc) is a compiler ...
libtext(sfnet) Libtext Libtext creates, reads, and performs operations... DOWNLOAD
lucene(freshmeat) Apache Lucene Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featu... DOWNLOAD
landsurveytools(sfnet) LAnd Survey Tools LAnd Survey Tools "LAST" was created ...
femtoos(sfnet) Femto OS The Femto OS is a very concise portable preempt... DOWNLOAD
slitazarmhf(sfnet) Slitaz-armhf A hard float port of SliTaz Gnu/Linux for the R... DOWNLOAD
scdmergewizard(sfnet) SCD Merge Wizard SCD Merge Wizard will help you generate T-SQL s... DOWNLOAD
remserialfordyn(sfnet) remserial for dynamic dns This is a modified version of the original rems... DOWNLOAD
campcaster(sfnet) Campcaster Campcaster has been renamed as Airtime. Please ... DOWNLOAD
schily(freshmeat) schily The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of too... DOWNLOAD
edge(sfnet) The EDGE Project Spawned from the Doom Engine, EDGE advances int... DOWNLOAD
geoprofilessear(sfnet) GEO Profiles Search Engine JavaEE backend with AJAX frontend to analyze an... DOWNLOAD
spoutrom(sfnet) SpoutROM DOWNLOAD
sjsphpclass(sfnet) SJS PHP Class This is a PHP5 class that secure your JavaScrip...
solarmaxwatcher(sfnet) Solarmax Watcher This software consists of two parts: First the... DOWNLOAD
coan2(sfnet) coan Coan is a software engineering tool for analysi...
sambacanasta(sfnet) sambacanasta Samba Canasta for Linux and Windows with 165 cards DOWNLOAD
bwgameserver(sfnet) gameserver 网络服务器 适用于游戏 聊天服务器 DOWNLOAD
jranges(sfnet) JRanges A Range is a collection of sequential positions... DOWNLOAD
sid-wizard(sfnet) SID-Wizard A featureful SID-music creation tool (tracker) ... DOWNLOAD
camelthreads(sfnet) Camel Threads Camel Threads is a C++ multithreading library. ... DOWNLOAD

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