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automanic(freshmeat) Automanic Automanic is a vehicular deathmatch game, hopef... DOWNLOAD
blocksshd(freshmeat) BlockSSHD BlockSSHD protects computers from SSH brute for... DOWNLOAD
somad(freshmeat) Soma suite Soma is a suite of programs that let you play a... DOWNLOAD
sudoku-cpp(freshmeat) sudoku-cpp sudoku-cpp is a simple Sudoku generator. DOWNLOAD
archive-sort(freshmeat) Archive sort Archive sort is a script that sorts directories... DOWNLOAD
xcom(freshmeat) XCOM XCOM is a system designed to support component ... DOWNLOAD
vitalsigns(freshmeat) VitalSigns VitalSigns provides an easy-to-use application ... DOWNLOAD
cdk4avr(freshmeat) AVR Cross Development Kit AVR Cross Development Kit is a CDK for Atmel's ... DOWNLOAD
chouxiang(freshmeat) ChouXiang ChouXiang is an abstract shooting game. DOWNLOAD
trex(freshmeat) TRex TRex is a tool to help maintain test suites wri... DOWNLOAD
webdyne(freshmeat) WebDyne WebDyne is a dynamic content engine for Apache ... DOWNLOAD
archrevctl(freshmeat) arch revision control system arch is a modern replacement for CVS, specifica... DOWNLOAD
vmpsd(freshmeat) ICARUS VMPSd ICARUS VMPSd is a VLAN Management policy system... DOWNLOAD
commitmessage(freshmeat) CommitMessage CommitMessage is a modular, easy-to-use approac... DOWNLOAD
megablanker(freshmeat) MegaBlanker MegaBlanker is a utility to blank CD-RW and DVD... DOWNLOAD
unieject(freshmeat) unieject Unieject is an eject command drop-in replacemen... DOWNLOAD
carnarvon(freshmeat) carnarvon Carnarvon is a software archaeology analysis to... DOWNLOAD
gutenpy(freshmeat) GutenPy GutenPy makes it easier to find and read books ... DOWNLOAD
emerde(freshmeat) Emerde Emerde is a port of Gentoo's portage system tha... DOWNLOAD
libao-pulse(freshmeat) libao-pulse libao-pulse is a libao driver for the PulseAudi... DOWNLOAD
db_bibivu(freshmeat) db_bibivu db_bibivu is a simple MySQL database access wra... DOWNLOAD
vkeyd(freshmeat) vkeyd vkeyd is a Linux daemon, forked from ikeyd, use... DOWNLOAD
rtt(freshmeat) Ruby Time Tracker Ruby Time Tracker is a stable and complete time... DOWNLOAD
jline(freshmeat) JLine JLine is a command-line editing library that is... DOWNLOAD
bloghackcms(freshmeat) Blog:Hack:CMS Blog:Hack:CMS is a collection of tools for migr... DOWNLOAD
nuskinplugdev(freshmeat) Nucleus Skin/Plugin Development Project Nucleus Skin/Plugin Development Project is an i... DOWNLOAD
freedbtool(freshmeat) Freedbtool Freedbtool is a command-line tool for accessing... DOWNLOAD
galaxyhack(freshmeat) GalaxyHack GalaxyHack allows you to design a fleet of spac... DOWNLOAD
spammer(freshmeat) Spammer Spammer is an anti-spam mail filter for Sendmai... DOWNLOAD
bbsendmail(freshmeat) bbsendmail bbsendmail is a small SMTP wrapper designed to ... DOWNLOAD
wmbday(freshmeat) wmbday wmbday is a small dockapp that reminds you of b... DOWNLOAD
cbmfs(freshmeat) cbmfs cbmfs allows you to mount your 8-bit Commodore ... DOWNLOAD
scriptris(freshmeat) scriptris scriptris is a free J2ME Tetris clone with blue... DOWNLOAD
x-word(freshmeat) X-word Xword is a GNOME crossword puzzle program. It r... DOWNLOAD
phpmsadmin(freshmeat) phpMSAdmin phpMSAdmin is a tool written in PHP that allows... DOWNLOAD
mladmin(freshmeat) mladmin mladmin automates some tasks of the administrat... DOWNLOAD
simplelog(freshmeat) Simple Log Simple Log is a small library that does logging... DOWNLOAD
murix(freshmeat) MURIX Linux MURIX Linux is a distribution based on LFS for ... DOWNLOAD
cx_oracletools(freshmeat) cx_OracleTools cx_Oracletools contains a number of Python scri... DOWNLOAD
skinlf(freshmeat) SkinLF Todays applications tend to be skinnable: cdpla... DOWNLOAD
gnuhh(freshmeat) GNU Hosting Helper GNU Hosting Helper is a Web-based Web hosting m... DOWNLOAD
dsl-n(freshmeat) Damn Small Linux Not Damn Small Linux Not is a desktop oriented Linu... DOWNLOAD
webframework(freshmeat) web.framework web.framework is an MVC framework for PHP5. It ... DOWNLOAD
web_template(freshmeat) web.template web.template is a template framework for PHP 5 ... DOWNLOAD
gridportal(freshmeat) GRIDportal GRIDportal is a Web-based application portal th... DOWNLOAD
nomarch(freshmeat) nomarch nomarch extracts files from the old .arc archiv... DOWNLOAD
shiela(freshmeat) OSSP shiela Shiela is an access control and logging facilit... DOWNLOAD
avidentify(freshmeat) avidentify avidentify is a command line tool that extracts... DOWNLOAD
tinyca(freshmeat) TinyCA TinyCA is a simple GUI written in Perl-Gtk to m... DOWNLOAD
epointment_evos(freshmeat) Easiest Validate On Submit Easiest Validate On Submit enables Web develope... DOWNLOAD
lampas(freshmeat) LAMP Application Server The LAMPAS project is a combination of common o... DOWNLOAD
karto(freshmeat) Karto Karto allows you to calibrate a scanned map wit... DOWNLOAD
rocklinux(freshmeat) ROCK Linux ROCK Linux is a distribution build kit for crea... DOWNLOAD
stv(freshmeat) SBIG STV control The SBIG STV control software is designed to co... DOWNLOAD
knetfilter(freshmeat) knetfilter Knetfilter is a KDE frontend to iptables. It is... DOWNLOAD
pacms(freshmeat) Pacms PACMS (Personal AJAX Content Management System)... DOWNLOAD
phpacl(freshmeat) PHP Active Code Library PHP Active Code Library (ACL) is a PHP 5 class ... DOWNLOAD
netaccess(freshmeat) Internet Access Managment NetAccess is a system for managing the Internet... DOWNLOAD
sablotron(freshmeat) Sablotron Sablotron is an XML toolkit which implements XS... DOWNLOAD
mailing-list(freshmeat) Mailing List Mailing List is a Web-based, full-featured mail... DOWNLOAD
odyssipki(freshmeat) Odyssi PKI Suite Odyssi Certificate Server is a Java-based certi... DOWNLOAD
fft-spectra(freshmeat) FFT Spectra FFT Spectra is a tool for the visualization of ... DOWNLOAD
cygwin(freshmeat) Cygwin Cygwin is a DLL which provides a Unix emulation... DOWNLOAD
apachexmlrpc(freshmeat) Apache XMLRPC Apache XML-RPC is a Java implementation of XML-... DOWNLOAD
gsutil(freshmeat) GSUtil GSUtil is a utility for saving, restoring, and ... DOWNLOAD
messadmin(freshmeat) MessAdmin MessAdmin is an HttpSession administration and ... DOWNLOAD
comsuite(freshmeat) SAP R/3 Communications Suite The SAP R/3 Communications Suite allows SAP R/3... DOWNLOAD
mcms(freshmeat) Moio's Content Management System Moio's CMS is Italian software to organize a sm... DOWNLOAD
blyte(freshmeat) Blyte Blyte is a program for writing movie screenplay... DOWNLOAD
xwota(freshmeat) Xwota Xwota is intended for amateur radio operators w... DOWNLOAD
uuid(freshmeat) OSSP uuid OSSP uuid is an API for ISO C, ISO C++, Perl an... DOWNLOAD
cbcv(freshmeat) cbcv cbcv is a Java class and byte code verifier. It... DOWNLOAD
bloat(freshmeat) Bloat Bloat is a Perl script which analyses an archiv... DOWNLOAD
lire(freshmeat) Lire Lire is a pluggable log analyzer. It has analyz... DOWNLOAD
vaucanson(freshmeat) Vaucanson Vaucanson is a finite state machine manipulatio... DOWNLOAD
dconf(freshmeat) Dconf Dconf is a tool to collect a system's hardware ... DOWNLOAD
phplabware(freshmeat) PhpLabware PhpLabware is a database system with features s... DOWNLOAD
dvdisaster(freshmeat) dvdisaster dvdisaster provides a margin of safety against ... DOWNLOAD
openib(freshmeat) OpenIB OpenIB provides an Infiniband networking softwa... DOWNLOAD
mp3c(freshmeat) MP3c MP3c is a curses-based audio CD-to-MP3/OGG conv... DOWNLOAD
ddccontrol(freshmeat) DDCcontrol DDCcontrol is a program used to control monitor... DOWNLOAD
snazzybackup(freshmeat) Snazzy Backup Snazzy Backup is a backup utility for desktop u... DOWNLOAD
gimp-plugin-formulas(freshmeat) Formulas Rendering Plug-In for the Gimp 2 The Formulas Rendering Plug-In for the Gimp 2 i... DOWNLOAD
old(freshmeat) old old is a lock server, which provides a central ... DOWNLOAD
wheatblog(freshmeat) Wheatblog App Wheatblog App is a PHP-driven application for m... DOWNLOAD
jedit_ruby_editor(freshmeat) jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin The jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin lets you manipulat... DOWNLOAD
pwdutils(freshmeat) pwdutils pwdutils is a collection of utilities to manage... DOWNLOAD
endoclinic(freshmeat) Endoclinic SPMS Endoclinic SPMS is a patient-centric, secure pa... DOWNLOAD
mutator(freshmeat) Mutator Mutator is a mutation code framework that allow... DOWNLOAD
apaz(freshmeat) aPAz aPAz is An ultra-light PHP AnonymiZer. It is in... DOWNLOAD
virgoftp(freshmeat) VirgoFtp VirgoFTP is a multi-platform, graphical FTP cli... DOWNLOAD
pysrs(freshmeat) Python SRS Library Python SRS Library is a Python translation of t... DOWNLOAD
spike_phpsecaudit(freshmeat) Spike PHP Security Audit Tool Spike PHP Security Audit Tool is a tool that pe... DOWNLOAD
q3cellshading(freshmeat) Quake III Arena Cell Shading Quake III Arena Cell Shading is a modification ... DOWNLOAD
twiki-mediawiki-migrate(freshmeat) twiki-mediawiki-migrate twiki-mediawiki-migration is a simple Web-based... DOWNLOAD
fisherman(freshmeat) Fisherman Fisherman is a system for managing and monitori... DOWNLOAD
libdv(freshmeat) libdv The Quasar DV codec (libdv) is a software codec... DOWNLOAD
htmldoc(freshmeat) HTMLDOC HTMLDOC converts HTML files and Web pages into ... DOWNLOAD
bumblebeeman(freshmeat) Bumblebee Instrument Management System Bumblebee is a system for managing instruments ... DOWNLOAD
fileq(freshmeat) fileq fileq transfers files from an incoming queue (d... DOWNLOAD

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