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nativelibs4java(sfnet) NativeLibs4Java NativeLibs4Java gathers ready-to-use wrappers t... DOWNLOAD
studycards(sfnet) StudyCards A program that manages and displays decks of fl... DOWNLOAD
energytycoon(sfnet) energytycoon Build up and manage a large electricity company. DOWNLOAD
elliott803(sfnet) Elliott 803 Simulation A simulation of the Elliott 803B computer from ... DOWNLOAD
obdtoolbox(sfnet) OBDToolbox OBDToolbox is a cross platform Qt based applica... DOWNLOAD
blogeditor(sfnet) Blog Editor for Linux Blog Editor for GNU/Linux operating systems. Si... DOWNLOAD
jisox(sfnet) jisox JIsoX is a program written completely in java t... DOWNLOAD
libtrading(freshmeat) libtrading Libtrading is a C library for trading securitie... DOWNLOAD
quadraticeq(sfnet) Quadratic Equations Solver A small java applet that solves quadratic equat... DOWNLOAD
owaremancala(sfnet) Oware Mancala (Console) Mancala, a name given to a class of board games... DOWNLOAD
studybox(sfnet) studybox Welcome to the StudyBox system, a piece of soft... DOWNLOAD
flowdoh(sfnet) FlowDoh FlowDoh is an NFSEN ( plu... DOWNLOAD
m-pin-strong-authentication-sy(freshmeat) M-Pin Strong Authentication System M-Pin Strong Authentication System enables true... DOWNLOAD
jfilereader(sfnet) JFileReader JFileReader allows users to view the contents o... DOWNLOAD
matlabtetrameshtoolbox(sfnet) Matlab Tetra Mesh Toolbox A collection of Matlab functions for loading, e... DOWNLOAD
buildhammer(sfnet) Hammer Hammer is a build tool for C/C++ aimed to be fl... DOWNLOAD
fmsloganalyzer(sfnet) FMS Log Analyzer Adobe Flash Media Server Access log analyzer wr... DOWNLOAD
nethack(sfnet) NetHack NetHack is a popular single player dungeon expl... DOWNLOAD
lbackup(freshmeat) LBackup LBackup is a simple backup system aimed at syst... DOWNLOAD
cpfw2ns(sfnet) CheckPoint 2 Juniper FW policies CheckPoint FW rules conversion into Juniper FW ... DOWNLOAD
convreverse(sfnet) pidgin-convreverse Pidgin-ConvReverse is a pidgin plugin. It rever... DOWNLOAD
magicmonster(sfnet) Magic Monster A Wizardry-style old school dungeon crawl. Deve... DOWNLOAD
romuotikstation(sfnet) romuotikstation2 this is new wireless device DOWNLOAD
tsdbg(sfnet) tsdbg tsdbg : Debug 'cell to graphviz dot file' exten... DOWNLOAD
astra-project(freshmeat) ASTRA project ASTRA is a set of software tools for mediated i... DOWNLOAD
teddys-air-show(freshmeat) Teddy's Air Show Teddy's Air Show is a little game for kids of a... DOWNLOAD
dropbear(freshmeat) Dropbear SSH Dropbear is an SSH 2 server and client that is ... DOWNLOAD
ujoframework(freshmeat) UJO Framework UJO Framework offers a special architecture of ... DOWNLOAD
factority(freshmeat) FACTORITY FACTORITY is a manufacturing execution system (... DOWNLOAD
skor-php-template(freshmeat) SKOR PHP Template SKOR PHP Template is a PHP class that implement... DOWNLOAD
graudit(freshmeat) graudit Graudit is a simple script and signature sets t... DOWNLOAD
ld-port-report(freshmeat) LD Port Report The Port Report Project is essentially a switch... DOWNLOAD
templights(freshmeat) Templights Templights is template system that uses PHP as ... DOWNLOAD
mrindex(sfnet) Mr Index This is a bunch of php scripts to allow one to ... DOWNLOAD
system-clock(sfnet) SYSTEM CLOCK C program to Show System Clock using Graphics.h... DOWNLOAD
ittycoon(sfnet) IT Tycoon IT Tycoon is a text-based business simulation g... DOWNLOAD
test-rete(sfnet) test-rete Programma per eseguire test su rete: ping - tra... DOWNLOAD
unitpp(sfnet) The unit++ test framework Unit++ is a C++ framework in the spirit of juni... DOWNLOAD
asyncwcflib(sfnet) AsyncWcfLib Note: There is a successor of AsyncWcfLib: http... DOWNLOAD
portablemoysuit(sfnet) portablemoysuit Бесплатные портативные программы формата Portab... DOWNLOAD
openvpn(sfnet) OpenVPN OpenVPN is a robust and highly flexible tunneli... DOWNLOAD
smplcalc(sfnet) simple calculator 説明なし DOWNLOAD
html5quranplay(sfnet) HTML5-QuranPlay DOWNLOAD
arbtt(freshmeat) arbtt The program arbtt, the automatic rule-based tim... DOWNLOAD
slingscold(sfnet) Slingscold Slingscold es un ligero lanzador de aplicacione... DOWNLOAD
emopack(sfnet) emopack EmoPack is a tool to create emoticon packages f... DOWNLOAD
spring-swirl(sfnet) Spring-Swirl A easy use Petri-Net (workflow) language based ... DOWNLOAD
safarilt(sfnet) Apple Safari Lithuanian Localization Apple Safari browser releases with English and ... DOWNLOAD
gman-toolkit(sfnet) GNURealistic ShaderMan The GMAN Toolkit is a photorealistic rendering ... DOWNLOAD
kab2wl(sfnet) kab2wl Perl::Tk GUI to add KAddressbook email addresse... DOWNLOAD
hkc(sfnet) hkc hkc ( Hadi Kiamarsi Commander ) is a python scr... DOWNLOAD
coorad(sfnet) COORAD COORAD is a classic LAMP/WAMP stack application... DOWNLOAD
cuda-ec(sfnet) CUDA-EC A fast parallel error correction tool for short... DOWNLOAD
wbprayerrequest(sfnet) wbprayerrequest Prayer Request Module for Website Baker CMS. DOWNLOAD
priest(sfnet) Priest Build System An advanced incremental build system written in... DOWNLOAD
gentooadmintool(sfnet) Gentoo Admin Tools DOWNLOAD
bitframework(sfnet) bitframework DOWNLOAD
docmngmt(sfnet) FileMan PHP Web Application for Document Management DOWNLOAD
lajoxdoc(sfnet) lajoxdoc Lajox Development Works Release and Share. DOWNLOAD
cs275(sfnet) Genealogy Project 1 Introduction to software engineering; Project 1 DOWNLOAD
limny(sfnet) limny Limny - an open-source CMS DOWNLOAD
streamdata(sfnet) StreamData A small libary to send any data to a php script. DOWNLOAD
opendx(sfnet) OpenDX OpenDX is a uniquely powerful, full-featured so... DOWNLOAD
xml2db(sfnet) xml2db XML2db is a tool to allow to generate a databas... DOWNLOAD
securex-w22(sfnet) Secure X W22 This Architecture provides so many benefits to ... DOWNLOAD
shotxsetup(sfnet) ShotX_Setup DOWNLOAD
javaruntype(sfnet) javaruntype Javaruntype is a library which offers a runtime... DOWNLOAD
ajaxmixer(sfnet) ajaxmixer ajaxmixer is an alsamixer clone for the web mad... DOWNLOAD
backupserver(sfnet) Backup Server My Backup Server DOWNLOAD
instaspins(sfnet) Insta Spins Insta Spins Online Text Spinner DOWNLOAD
phpprops(sfnet) PROPS PROPS is a php bone dry framework that aims to ... DOWNLOAD
viviz(sfnet) viviz This is a project for 734 Information Visualiza... DOWNLOAD
kbd-mangler(sfnet) kbd-mangler kbd-mangler is a tool to modify the behavior of... DOWNLOAD
project-ash(sfnet) Project Ash Project Ash is a renewal of many programs, disp... DOWNLOAD
qbf(sfnet) Qb application framework Qb is an application framework which will provi... DOWNLOAD
semarule(sfnet) semarule SemaRule Navigator is an Integrated Suite of Op... DOWNLOAD
drupal-jp(sfnet) Drupal Japan Provides translations of Drupal, and other, for... DOWNLOAD
cachecow(sfnet) CacheCow An Eclipse RCP Application used to manage your ... DOWNLOAD
proxirc(sfnet) MSN ProxIRC MSN ProxIRC is an IRC proxy (server) written in... DOWNLOAD
sexyalice(sfnet) sexyalice sexyalice is a chatterbot for IRC networks. It ... DOWNLOAD
kinectwebviewer(sfnet) kinectwebviewer This work presents an open-source tool for view... DOWNLOAD
tcltunes(sfnet) TickleTunes Tickle Tunes is a pure tcl/tk front end for mpl... DOWNLOAD
cs342btree(sfnet) cs342-btree BTREE for cs324 DOWNLOAD
opcapp(sfnet) OPC DOWNLOAD
dglexsoftmoo(sfnet) DglexsoftMOO DOWNLOAD
simdist(sfnet) Simdist Simdist lets you harness the power of cluster c... DOWNLOAD
hodgsonmath(sfnet) Hodgson_Maths Hodgson Math Games By Jordan Created By Using T... DOWNLOAD
gigetc(sfnet) gigetc Gigetc is a fast, multi connection internet GUI... DOWNLOAD
jldaplib(sfnet) JLdapLib A Java library for LDAP access developed using ... DOWNLOAD
survivalrpg(sfnet) Survival Survival is an rpg-like game, which is focused ... DOWNLOAD
arpassess(sfnet) Arp Assess Monitor and log all ARP traffic on a switched n... DOWNLOAD
fourfileman(sfnet) fileman A file manager for managing projects across mul... DOWNLOAD
phoneword(sfnet) phoneword DOWNLOAD
piamp(sfnet) PiAMP PiAMP its a Debian based Webserver to Raspberry... DOWNLOAD
scanbd(sfnet) scanbd scanbd is a scanner button daemon. It polls the... DOWNLOAD
boris(sfnet) Project BORIS Powerful example of a FULLY pluggable multimedi... DOWNLOAD
freedroidrpgmod(sfnet) freedroidrpg mod Classical spin of the original freedroidrpg gam... DOWNLOAD
utopiapolitica(sfnet) utopiaPolitica a politics simulation videogame based on java a... DOWNLOAD
nerv(sfnet) Nerv Nerv is a common socket server that's multithre... DOWNLOAD
encryptme(sfnet) Encrypt Me v2.1 Encrypt Me is A Powerfull Tool Which Can Encryp... DOWNLOAD

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