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ised(sfnet) ised Command line calculator and tool for manipulati... DOWNLOAD
freerunebotsvip(sfnet) Runescape bots databases well here it is , all the retrieved bot scripts. DOWNLOAD
gettheflag(sfnet) GetTheFlag Development of a multilayer Top-View shooter game. DOWNLOAD
igmpproxy(sfnet) igmpproxy IGMPproxy is a simple dynamic Multicast Routing... DOWNLOAD
pswpmodule(sfnet) pswpmodule This project has moved there : http://wordpress... DOWNLOAD
libul(sfnet) The Clib Project Consider clib as mini glib sitting on top of uC... DOWNLOAD
driverazgoto(sfnet) Driver AZ GOTO do Armazém Enfim, terminamos o Driver AZ GOTO do Armazém d... DOWNLOAD
mspgcc(sfnet) GCC toolchain for MSP430 This is a port of the GNU C Compiler (GCC) and ... DOWNLOAD
rockmarble(sfnet) rockmarble rockmarble is a multiplatform program that fetc... DOWNLOAD
adsl(sfnet) ADSL with T-DSL of Detailed description to get ADSL with dial on d... DOWNLOAD
kalt-plugins(sfnet) Kalt Plugin Collection A collection of plugins for the Decal plugin in... DOWNLOAD
fsaa1655g(sfnet) fsaa1655g - FSC Amilo A1655G WLAN switch This project is a Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6/3.x modu... DOWNLOAD
shnetapps(sfnet) shNetApps shNetApps is a suite of network related utiliti... DOWNLOAD
peribr(sfnet) PeriBR Live-CD de perícia digital, desenvolvido como ... DOWNLOAD
mantiukhdr(sfnet) MantiukHDR This is a bash script that will hopefully allow... DOWNLOAD
hashit(sfnet) HashIt More stuff for me to do. DOWNLOAD
inchat(sfnet) InstantlyChat InstantlyChat is a free script with which you c... DOWNLOAD
loginalert(sfnet) DaemonProjects-Login Alert Login Alert is a small one click wizard GUI tha... DOWNLOAD
yourtube(freshmeat) YourTube YourTube is a YouTube video downloader for mobi... DOWNLOAD
jcrpg(freshmeat) Java Classic RPG Java Classic RPG is an RPG framework, engine, a... DOWNLOAD
sdlbits(freshmeat) SDLbits SDLbits is a very lightweight SDL wrapper for J... DOWNLOAD
oratoolkit(freshmeat) oraToolKit oraToolKit is an all-purpose tool for Oracle da... DOWNLOAD
xwh0i5(freshmeat) Xwh0i5 Xwh0i5 is a small whois domain name search prog... DOWNLOAD
googsystray(freshmeat) googsystray Googsystray is a system tray app for Google Voi... DOWNLOAD
choqok(freshmeat) Choqok Choqok is a quick and efficient micro-blogging ... DOWNLOAD
axmjpeg(freshmeat) Axmjpeg Axmjpeg retrieves JPEG images from an MJPEG ove... DOWNLOAD
capcode(freshmeat) capcode CapCode is a navigation system for sailors with... DOWNLOAD
android-scripting-environment(freshmeat) Android Scripting Environment The Android Scripting Environment (ASE) brings ... DOWNLOAD
xscaleiop(sfnet) Intel XScale IOP Linux Linux kernel patches supporting the Intel (R) X... DOWNLOAD
mq-port-scan(freshmeat) MQ Port Scan When a user inputs a hostname or an IP address,... DOWNLOAD
freewp(sfnet) freewp A plug-in which frees wordpress from its databa... DOWNLOAD
libmcal(sfnet) MCAL - Modular Calendar Access Library mcal stands for Modular Calendar Access Library... DOWNLOAD
agathaproject(sfnet) Agatha Project Le projet Agatha est dédié ŕ la production de d... DOWNLOAD
gnuton(sfnet) GNUton The GNUton project is a re-implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
jaams(sfnet) JAAMS JAAMS (Just Another Audio Management System) JA... DOWNLOAD
ddec(sfnet) Program Computing DDEC Atomic Charges This program computes Density Derived Electrost... DOWNLOAD
mockemail(sfnet) Mock E-Mail Self contained email server and web-viewer for ... DOWNLOAD
hp700(sfnet) Sorbier Pokémon Editor Sorbier Pokémon Editor permet de modifier le Po... DOWNLOAD
xscodegen(sfnet) XSCodeGen: xslt template code generation XSCodegen is a codegen - code generation utilit... DOWNLOAD
scuttle(sfnet) scuttle Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows mul... DOWNLOAD
force4magixgame(sfnet) Force4Magix (Multiplayer 3D Game) The system is divided into two parts: the clien... DOWNLOAD
wordshuffler(sfnet) WordShuffler This little utility will take the string of tex... DOWNLOAD
templatemathlib(sfnet) templatemathlib Template Math Library is a generic math library... DOWNLOAD
linux-mac68k(sfnet) Linux for 68k Macintoshes A developmental branch of the Linux/m68k port, ... DOWNLOAD
ecare1(sfnet) eCare Project created on the basis of analysis and tr... DOWNLOAD
simulants(sfnet) Simulants/Bioinformants We define a simulant or (a bioinformant) as a s... DOWNLOAD
sundbclass(sfnet) Sun Database Class A PHP, MySql db class to prevent MySQL injectio... DOWNLOAD
ficonverter(sfnet) FIConverter Converter: Written in C++ Can convert in: Faren... DOWNLOAD
uspice(sfnet) uspice uspice (Micro-SPICE) is a very small simulator ... DOWNLOAD
openwiki-ng(sfnet) OpenWikiNG OpenWikiNG - a compact ASP Wiki using XML that ... DOWNLOAD
lillooet(sfnet) Lillooet Project space for Lillooet team DOWNLOAD
camelpack(sfnet) CamelPack for Windows CamelPack .. a Windows installer to setup a com... DOWNLOAD
interfacexml(sfnet) Interface XML (IXML) IXML (short for "Interface XML") is a... DOWNLOAD
icycms(sfnet) ICE! ICE! is a small, easy-to-use CMS written in PHP...
dmap2gcode(freshmeat) dmap2gcode dmap2gcode is a depth map image cutting program... DOWNLOAD
hftopicsmyo(sfnet) HF Topics Myo It is the HF Topics DOWNLOAD
facealign(sfnet) Face Align A program to facilitate creation of videos of a... DOWNLOAD
ebaymanager(sfnet) Ebay Selling Management System The Application can be used by any mid size eba... DOWNLOAD
pygtm(sfnet) pyGTM pyGTM is a package of python, C and mumps which... DOWNLOAD
mobicents(sfnet) Mobicents Mobicents is the leading Open Source VoIP Platf... DOWNLOAD
cmdmenu(sfnet) CMD Menu This is a menu made in Batch that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
btfs(sfnet) Bluetooth Tools Open Sourced Bluetooth tools. DOWNLOAD
jclientpages(sfnet) JClientPages Put Java code embedded in your HTML pages, exec... DOWNLOAD
gproc(sfnet) GProc GProc is a GTK+ application that allow you to e... DOWNLOAD
phizz-hqm(sfnet) PHIZZ-HQM MUD A JavaScript powered MUD, with the goal of prov... DOWNLOAD
freesc(sfnet) The FreeSC project The purpose of the FreeSC project is develop fr... DOWNLOAD
winrap(sfnet) WinRAP WinRAP ( Windows Running Applications Protector... DOWNLOAD
these(sfnet) Concept'ion Concept'ion est un logiciel concu pendant ma th... DOWNLOAD
openbf(sfnet) OpenBF OpenBF (Open Business Framework) is an open sou... DOWNLOAD
mdpro(sfnet) Meteoclub Desktop Meteoclub Desktop,is the official desktop pc cl... DOWNLOAD
i3(freshmeat) i3 i3 is a dynamic tiling window manager. Its key ... DOWNLOAD
g15daemon(sfnet) G15Daemon G15daemon provides support for the G15 keyboard... DOWNLOAD
gpumarkertracker(freshmeat) GPUMarkerTracker GPUMarkerTracker is a tracking software library... DOWNLOAD
cssfpsbooster(sfnet) CSS fps booster This program will have few options to inn prove... DOWNLOAD
informixdb(sfnet) InformixDB informixdb is a Python extension module that al... DOWNLOAD
xowa(freshmeat) XOWA XOWA is a desktop application that can read and... DOWNLOAD
webctnotifier(sfnet) WebCT Notifier This desktop widget style application connects ... DOWNLOAD
bottrapx-bottra(sfnet) Bottrap X - Bottrap for b2evolution Adds a bottrap to the blog system b2evolution w... DOWNLOAD
i18n4j(sfnet) I18n tools for Java Light library for easy translation of Java prog... DOWNLOAD
meteormatt(sfnet) meteor 这是一个我自己写的程序,可以在Windows下执行,并且... DOWNLOAD
sugarzimlet(sfnet) Sugar Zimlet The SXP Sugar Zimlet (beta) is a simple way for... DOWNLOAD
widgetr(sfnet) widgetr A php application to mange web widgets for plat... DOWNLOAD
xmlvisualizer(sfnet) XML Visualization Set of tools including graphical user interface... DOWNLOAD
rttest(sfnet) test This is a test project as i am new to this DOWNLOAD
gtdev(sfnet) gtdev "gtdev" is an open source tool which ... DOWNLOAD
look3d(sfnet) look3d Look3d is a 3D modeling program that lets you c... DOWNLOAD
torrtux(sfnet) Torrtux Torrtux is a terminal-based program, written in... DOWNLOAD
hmm-webmib(sfnet) Helium WebMiB Helium WebMiB is a PHP script / phpBB3 MOD that... DOWNLOAD
freedns-updater(sfnet) FreeDNS Updater Free and convenient tool to update your dynamic... DOWNLOAD
mtechprg(sfnet) Mtech DOWNLOAD
libx1f4l2(sfnet) libx1f4l2 libx1f4l2 is a data structures library. Feature... DOWNLOAD
bbltest(sfnet) bumbleTest Test harness designed for performing benchmarki... DOWNLOAD
awsnb(sfnet) AWS NetBeans Manager Manages Amazon Web Services thru NetBeans. Can ... DOWNLOAD
createthumbnail(sfnet) CreateThumbnails Service This service will be available in Finder's Serv... DOWNLOAD
freemathistgram(sfnet) Histogram creator for Freemat A program I wrote to make a histogram on Freema... DOWNLOAD
sal-faq(sfnet) sfnet.atk.linux-FAQ FAQ for finnish newsgroup sfnet.atk.linux. DOWNLOAD
kolabiphone(sfnet) kolabiphone This Software converts Kolab V2. Adress-Books t... DOWNLOAD
swin(sfnet) StartOS / swin Install Start OS from Windows. Not just like Wu... DOWNLOAD
gamelaunch(sfnet) Game Launcher No description DOWNLOAD
gemplot(sfnet) GEMPlot GUI Program for plotting Model & ReAnalysis... DOWNLOAD

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