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dndutils(sfnet) D&D Utilities This project include various little software fo...
jquery(sfnet) JQuery: Query-Based Java Code Browser JQuery is a flexible, query-based source code b... DOWNLOAD
rigel314portabl(sfnet) Rigel314's Portable Apps This is a collection of my portable apps.
sebbos-gui(sfnet) sEbbo's GUI sEbbo's GUI for Counter-Strike Source.
tunadmin(sfnet) Tuna Tuna is a tunneling administrator that enables ...
ss-wolscheduler(sfnet) WOLScheduler & ScheduledShutdown This collection of utilities allow scheduled co...
wallstreet(sfnet) Wallstreet bar software Application for Clubs, Bars, ... for changeable... DOWNLOAD
reggata(sfnet) Reggata Reggata is a tagging system for managing local ... DOWNLOAD
quftp(sfnet) quFTP Linux FTP client that allows multiple simultane... DOWNLOAD
wiiwatcher(sfnet) Wii Watcher A .Net 2.0 and Sql Server 2005 based applicatio... DOWNLOAD
royalyl(sfnet) royalyl 中国团组织事务管理系统.提供人员、团校、考勤、活...
nsvlib(sfnet) NSV Library NSV Lib is a cross platform C/C++ Library that ... DOWNLOAD
bsitesearch(sfnet) BeyondSiteSearch BeyondSiteSearch is a site search tool which le... DOWNLOAD
dynpg(freshmeat) DynPG DynPG is a content management system based on P... DOWNLOAD
licq(freshmeat) Licq Licq includes all the basic features of ICQ, li... DOWNLOAD
regress-pro(freshmeat) Regress Pro Regress Pro is scientific and industrial softwa... DOWNLOAD
remon(freshmeat) ReMon ReMon is a remote process monitoring and contro... DOWNLOAD
side(freshmeat) SIDE Sustainable IDE (SIDE) is a set of graphical to... DOWNLOAD
symplik-eff(sfnet) symplik-eff SYMPLiK EFF is a Form desktop client for Oracle...
javadbconnector(sfnet) JavaDBConnector JavaDBConnector is a Java API for connecting to...
simpeflowd(sfnet) SimpleFlowDesigner Draw flowcharts, save them, load them, simple.
gnugo.mirror(sfnet) GNU Go GNU Go, the leading non-commercial Go program, ... DOWNLOAD
smecontrol(sfnet) SME Controller As a GNU/Linux integrator with many SME Clients... DOWNLOAD
libgba(sfnet) libgba libgba is a library to be used with gcc/binutil... DOWNLOAD
xpermntsurifork(sfnet) experimentalelsurifork Experimentando un poco con elsuri, para aprende... DOWNLOAD
crickbook(sfnet) Cricket Scorebook This is simple spreadsheet that allows you to e... DOWNLOAD
xnaman(sfnet) XNAman DOWNLOAD
jlib(sfnet) jlib DOWNLOAD
ilisp(sfnet) ILISP A comprehensive (X)Emacs interface for an infer... DOWNLOAD
objectiveasp(sfnet) ObjectiveASP ASP Classes Library (pure ASP, no components to... DOWNLOAD
perl-cache(sfnet) Perl Cache Perl Cache is the successor to the File::Cache ... DOWNLOAD
team-rank(sfnet) NoSkill's TeamRank NoSkill's project to synchronize World of Warcr...
rus-bible(sfnet) rus-bible russian bible. some translations DOWNLOAD
squeezetrack(sfnet) squeezetrack SqueezeTrack DOWNLOAD
mizore(sfnet) Mizore AI Project Mizore is a suite of evolutionary algorithm too... DOWNLOAD
utstorm(sfnet) STORM - Student Online Record Management The Student Online Record Management (STORM) sy... DOWNLOAD
linalg(sfnet) Simple Linear Algebra C++ Library Just want vector and matrix algebra and not the... DOWNLOAD
commandbooster(sfnet) Minecraft CommandBooster DOWNLOAD
smallapps(sfnet) smallapps DOWNLOAD
incarnate(sfnet) Incarnate Mud Client A simple, fast, java based text MUD client. DOWNLOAD
asyncfree(sfnet) AsyncFree OpenSource component library for serial communi... DOWNLOAD
ipac-ng(sfnet) ipac-ng IPAC-NG is the iptables/ipchains based IP accou... DOWNLOAD
loginalert(sfnet) DaemonProjects-Login Alert Login Alert is a small one click wizard GUI tha...
sg-sci(sfnet) SISTEMA DE CONTROL DE INVENTARIO PARA PA En el presente trabajo de gestión de la config...
jsgridclass(sfnet) Javascript grid class A Javascript Grid class. Used to create horizon... DOWNLOAD
soundcomp(sfnet) soundcomp A compiler library for a language integrating a...
kyuu(sfnet) Kyuu Multi-platform multiplayer game
autoupgraderwpf(sfnet) AutoUpgrader.WPF AutoUpgrader for WPF Application DOWNLOAD
abp-keepass(sfnet) Another Backup Plugin for KeePass Another Backup Plugin (ABP) is a plugin for the...
gtkmail(sfnet) gtkmail gtkmail is a MIME compliant GUI email client us... DOWNLOAD
olsr-adminw(sfnet) OLSR Administrative Weight Plugin Enables users to manually affect the routing de...
cobra(sfnet) Concise Object Relational Architecture COBRA is a small Java based application server ... DOWNLOAD
iwbphysicsteach(sfnet) IWB Physics Teaching Aid A simple set of demonstration programs for use ...
card304(sfnet) 304 card game This is a card game called 304. 304 is very p... DOWNLOAD
lameinstall(sfnet) LAME installation for Windows This project consists of NSIS scripts and resul...
arduinosources(sfnet) Arduino Broschüre Quelltexte Hier sind die Quelltexte aus der Broschüre &quo... DOWNLOAD
recesser(sfnet) Recesser The program monitors user working time at the c... DOWNLOAD
cmcampaigns(sfnet) Combat Mission Campaigns This is the open source project for Combat Miss...
intman(sfnet) intman A database to store Information to support inte... DOWNLOAD
installcontrolc(sfnet) Install Control Center This is an XML based installation framework wri...
javaeditork(sfnet) javaEditor This is a simple java based application. This a...
shadelinux(sfnet) Shade Linux This is a Slackware based Linux distribution, e... DOWNLOAD
fs64bit(sfnet) 64bitFS This library of 64-bit file system. To compile ...
kinabalu(sfnet) Kinabalu Farm code untuk PHP ... DOWNLOAD
computerdestruc(sfnet) Computer Destructor it's the awsomest pwogwam eva you should totaly...
lethal(sfnet) LETHAL LETHAL is a Java library for working with finit...
sdig(sfnet) Switch Digger Given SNMP-capable routers and switches, sdig c... DOWNLOAD
simkincpp(sfnet) Simkin for C++ Simkin is a scripting language that can be embe... DOWNLOAD
perldb(sfnet) PerlDB PerlDB is database project to create a new data... DOWNLOAD
wordpressskytem(sfnet) Wordpress sky Tempalte DOWNLOAD
baduy(sfnet) Baduy Baduy, a play ground ... DOWNLOAD
wips(sfnet) WiPS (Windows Pen-drive Suite) launcher Windows Pen-drive Suite. It's a launcher for no... DOWNLOAD
peapod(freshmeat) Peapod Peapod is a Web based podcast manager. It's sti... DOWNLOAD
mipgen(sfnet) MIPGen Molecular Interaction Potential Generator MIPG... DOWNLOAD
winpoker(sfnet) winPoker winPoker is a small Java-coded Program to calcu... DOWNLOAD
fxvektor(sfnet) fx-Vektor Ein Add-On für CASIO fx-9860G und Nachfolgende ... DOWNLOAD
mahakam(sfnet) Mahakam CodeIgniter code farm ... DOWNLOAD
nodegroup(sfnet) NODe Group This is our code source general storage. Not fo...
psl(sfnet) Property Set Library (PSL) The Property Set Library (PSL) is a template-ba... DOWNLOAD
quef(sfnet) QT Universal Emulator Frontend QUEF (QT Universal Emulator Frontend) is a GUI ... DOWNLOAD
nextpage(sfnet) NextPage NextPage is a content manager; an application i... DOWNLOAD
akias(sfnet) Autonomous Sailing The project includes a software, which uses an ... DOWNLOAD
ttbits(sfnet) TTBits TTBits is free bittorrent tracker system releas...
groller(sfnet) groller A text based and Gnome based dice rolling progr... DOWNLOAD
ircu(sfnet) ircu - Universal IRC Daemon Universal IRC Daemon -- This was formerly the i... DOWNLOAD
yasp(sfnet) Otro Puzzle This program is a very simple sliding puzzle game.
tsclasses.berlios(sfnet) tsclasses DOWNLOAD
pyupc-ean(freshmeat) PyUPC-EAN PyUPC-EAN is a barcode library/module for Pytho... DOWNLOAD
pooter(sfnet) pooter Pooter is a modular, cross-platform PIM program... DOWNLOAD
dot-and-dashe(sfnet) Dots and Boxes DOWNLOAD
ratmindmap(sfnet) Rat Mind Map Rat is a mind mapping tool, developed in C++/Qt.
ip-binconverter(sfnet) IP-bin converter The program converts IP addresses to binary form
omnicrons-javav(sfnet) Omnicrons - Java version This is a project to convert a game developed i...
oxo(sfnet) OXO - Tic Tac Toe It is the 3 cross 3 Tic Tac Toe game.
check-multi(sfnet) check_multi check_multi is a Nagios wrapper plugin. It dras... DOWNLOAD
nixdatabackup(sfnet) nixdatabackup Data backup script with gui/command prompt inte... DOWNLOAD
react-get(sfnet) Reaction A small python script that behaves like apt-get...
bdjunit(sfnet) BDJUnit BDJUnit is a BD-J library containing a unit tes...
facebookoromo(sfnet) Facebook Afaan Oromoo Runs from desktop and is taken from Microsoft's... DOWNLOAD
plume(sfnet) Plume Plume is a complete set of packages to create a... DOWNLOAD

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