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gccgo(sfnet) gccgo Google go frontend for gcc.
tulip-control(sfnet) Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox The Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox is ... DOWNLOAD
pydqp(sfnet) PyDQP PyDQP implementes 11 different dual decompositi... DOWNLOAD
all-roms(sfnet) All Video Games DOWNLOAD
pinkpepper(sfnet) Pink Pepper Pink Pepper is an open source project born in 2...
tacs(sfnet) TACS, Trust Ant Colony System TACS (Trust Ant Colony System) is a Trust model... DOWNLOAD
dbmix(sfnet) DBMix Digital Audio Mixing System DBMix is a DJ mixer for digital audio. Current ... DOWNLOAD
jenesis4java(sfnet) Jenesis Java Code Generator This a republished version of the inxar tool je...
qingfengzhijia(sfnet) qingfengzhijia DOWNLOAD
macspice3f4(sfnet) MacSpice3f4 MacSpice3f4 is the Macintosh port of Spice3f4 p... DOWNLOAD
previking(sfnet) PreViking Telephony Switching System PreViking is a telephony deamon that is built w... DOWNLOAD
libodbcxx(sfnet) libodbc++ libodbc++ is a C++ class library for accessing ... DOWNLOAD
swupdata(sfnet) Software Updata Software for updating other software from appli... DOWNLOAD
sebapastan(sfnet) sebapastan Search Based Password Strength Analyzer Proof... DOWNLOAD
feeler(sfnet) feeler feeler 是一個網路溝通P2P軟體,以UUID表示每一個...
ghostscriptnet(sfnet) Ghostscript.NET All other C# Ghostscript wrappers that you can ... DOWNLOAD
dlhttpd(sfnet) dlhttpd dlhttpd is a webserver written in Java. It emp... DOWNLOAD
gcardtransfer(sfnet) gcardtransfer WOW G TO CARD TRANSFER
mcip(sfnet) mcip MCIP is a lightweight inter-process communicati... DOWNLOAD
addtorun(sfnet) AddToRun AddToRun is a small utility that will allow you...
updashe(sfnet) Updashe B10S Use nosso aplicativo em Habbos e veja o que ele...
bigmediaplayer(sfnet) Big Media Player This media player will be able to play all majo...
websitealert(sfnet) websitealert WebSite-Alert is a web site monitoring system. ...
svs(sfnet) Samba Virus Scanner Samba Virus Scanner (SVS) -- Samba VFS plugin f...
oratool(sfnet) oratool OraTool is a "Project Automation Tool"...
vtkgtk(sfnet) vtkgtk - A vtk interactor class in gtk vtkgtk is an interface for using the vtk librar... DOWNLOAD
linuxchix-faqs(sfnet) LinuxChix FAQs Project The LinuxChix FAQs project produces FAQs for th... DOWNLOAD
numpad-emulator(sfnet) numpad emulator Virtual numeric keypad for Windows. DOWNLOAD
instigate-gpcl(sfnet) instigate-gpcl Provides core mechanisms and foundation for imp...
puggsy-messenger(freshmeat) Puggsy messenger Puggsy messenger is a simple LAN messenger. DOWNLOAD
dindin(sfnet) dinding DOWNLOAD
prov(freshmeat) prov prov is form overlay printing tool for Unix-lik... DOWNLOAD
graphicalosfp(sfnet) Graphical OS fingerprinting GraphicalOSfp is a python application which aim... DOWNLOAD
sdksolver(sfnet) sdksolver Sudoku Solver is a C program which solves sudok... DOWNLOAD
is3312111408248(sfnet) IS3312111408248 DOWNLOAD
p2p-mm-im(sfnet) p2p-mm-im Our project is targeted to replace typical serv... DOWNLOAD
utlib(sfnet) utlib The UT library is intended to simplify and pres... DOWNLOAD
xayan(sfnet) xayan Customized Ubuntu DVD with latest update and ke... DOWNLOAD
inttechtshirt(sfnet) Int Tec'h T-Shirt DOWNLOAD
xamppmonitoring(sfnet) Monitoring Xampp Linux Using Bash Monitoring Xampp Linux Using Bash And Sending t... DOWNLOAD
mpdisco(freshmeat) MPDisco MPDisco is a Node.js-based music server built t... DOWNLOAD
yellowshell(sfnet) yellowshell A command shell with purely hard-coded function...
spamassassin-nt(sfnet) SpamAssassin Windows/.NET Full Windows implimentation of SpamAssassin tec... DOWNLOAD
injooosm(sfnet) injooosm injooosm integrades OpenStreetMap in Joomla. It...
bibi(sfnet) Bibi - the Bibtex File Manager Bibi - the Bibtex File Manager. Bibi is a graph... DOWNLOAD
jstreeview(sfnet) JSTreeView JSTreeView is a javascript aim to display a tre... DOWNLOAD
ntfsearch(sfnet) moved to new url
xamppstarter(sfnet) Xampp Starter This little app lets you start Xampp, which is ...
miracl(freshmeat) MIRACL MIRACL (Multiprecision Integer and Rational Ari... DOWNLOAD
iislogs(sfnet) IIS Log analyser Hi I am able to make reports ourt off iis logs ...
pkbdetosql(sfnet) PkBdeToSql Free portable convertor for BDE / Paradox datab...
mplayer-win32(sfnet) MPlayer for Win32 Binary builds of MPlayer/MEncoder for win32, FF... DOWNLOAD
php-clarke-and-wright-algorith(freshmeat) PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm is a class that... DOWNLOAD
flexbackup(sfnet) flexbackup Flexible backup script. Easy to configure, use... DOWNLOAD
ipgrab(sfnet) IPgrab A verbose packet sniffer that displays a great ... DOWNLOAD
attiny-vis-prog(sfnet) AVR Attiny26 Visual Programmer Visual GUI programmer for Attiny26 microcontrol... DOWNLOAD
pplib(sfnet) Patrick's Programming Library A platform independent C++ library with functio...
xmms-applet(sfnet) xmms-applet xmms-applet is a gnome2 panel applet to control... DOWNLOAD
pyvrml97(sfnet) PyVRML97 Python library for parsing, processing and line... DOWNLOAD
xpense(sfnet) XPense DOWNLOAD
ftp-lib(sfnet) FTPLIB Ftp classes, currently only FTP Client is imple... DOWNLOAD
shivavg(sfnet) ShivaVG ShivaVG is an open-source ANSI C implementation... DOWNLOAD
adoc(sfnet) aDOC Document Management Il nuovo sistema di gestione documentale italia... DOWNLOAD
fm-archive-view(sfnet) FM Archive Viewer FM Archive Viewer allows easy access to MS SQL ... DOWNLOAD
animecodec(sfnet) Anime Video Compressor Codec Anime Video Compression Codec, an attempt to cr... DOWNLOAD
pojosoft-core(sfnet) POJOSoft Core Libaries Core frameworks (persistence, security, i18n, c... DOWNLOAD
erikphpbbmods(sfnet) erikphpbbmods Modifications for phpBB forums, written by Eri... DOWNLOAD
retsexplorer(sfnet) pyRETS Explorer A dirt simple python tool using wx.Python and t... DOWNLOAD
hera(sfnet) Hera_Framework Hera provides a set of tools for common tasks b... DOWNLOAD
openlcd(sfnet) OpenLCD A open LCD controller (both hardware and softwa... DOWNLOAD
windowschess(sfnet) windowschess Chess for Windows. Created in Visual Studio /VC... DOWNLOAD
dupedestroyer(sfnet) Dupe Destroyer This is a simple Python script which allows you... DOWNLOAD
spaceshooter-me(sfnet) spaceshooter-me A space game programmed in Java ME (J2ME). It u...
budnik(sfnet) SIMBIGRAPH The system of agent-based simulation for large ...
cablib(sfnet) Java Cabinet Library cablib is a Java library for extracting Microso... DOWNLOAD
ularn(sfnet) Ularn This project has moved to github. Please see ht... DOWNLOAD
charityeventmgr(sfnet) Charity Auction/Event Manager This web-based application is designed for scho... DOWNLOAD
usoft(sfnet) fudp fudp simple udp flooding utility with some nice... DOWNLOAD
afsj(sfnet) Ajik File Splitter & Joiner A fast and simple file splitter n joiner. Spl... DOWNLOAD
dualarrow(sfnet) DualArrow VoIP's project with Speex codec, speech detecti...
brutenet(sfnet) BruteNet BruteNet is a system of the distributed brute ... DOWNLOAD
intruders(sfnet) Intruders Intruders is a 2D-Shooter in top-down view just... DOWNLOAD
salto-framework(sfnet) Salto Framework Salto framework is an AJAX based framework whic... DOWNLOAD
sisimedia(sfnet) sisimedia x11-driver-video-sisimedia - Video driver for S... DOWNLOAD
gwtoolkit(sfnet) GwToolkit by thiyagu This provide a full graphics support and window... DOWNLOAD
mobicraft(sfnet) MobiCraft MobiCraft is StarCraft clone for cellphones and... DOWNLOAD
codec(sfnet) CoDec ASN.1 En-/Decoder Library CoDec is a Java package for encoding and decodi... DOWNLOAD
dbms(sfnet) DreamboxManagerSuiteE2 DreamboxManagerSuite - a windows application (f... DOWNLOAD
plexian(sfnet) plexian Storage Java library for autocomplete fields in... DOWNLOAD
uniso(sfnet) uniso uniso extracts a file hierarchy from an iso ima... DOWNLOAD
moddnsblacklist(sfnet) mod_dnsblacklist mod_dnsblacklist is a Lighttpd module that use ...
fastclicker(sfnet) fastclicker A tool that clicks the mouse extremely quickly....
kuirk(sfnet) KuirK web site compiler KuirK is DOS Site2exe / php2exe compiler. Kuirk... DOWNLOAD
deuxiemevie(sfnet) deuxieme_vie Localisation de structures de réutilisation de ... DOWNLOAD
notepapers(sfnet) notepapers notepapers is a helper that can record your any... DOWNLOAD
javasnake(sfnet) JSnake Is a simple, Java made, snake game which suppor... DOWNLOAD
bmann420-themes(sfnet) bmann_420-Themes DOWNLOAD
minifileman(sfnet) minifileman A light and fast file manager, written in Pytho...
syncbuilder(sfnet) SyncBuilder Framework SyncBuilder is a framework that allows you to d... DOWNLOAD
utils4j(sfnet) utils4j Without comments. Without licences. Set of stan...

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