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faststats(sfnet) faststats FastStats is a c-based replacement for HalfStat... DOWNLOAD
robotech(sfnet) robotech robotech is a programming language for robots i... DOWNLOAD
ukandoviewer(sfnet) UKanDo Viewer DOWNLOAD
py-sms(sfnet) py-sms A program to send short mails to mobile's assoc... DOWNLOAD
ical2js(sfnet) ical2js ical2js is a simple php script to print a dista... DOWNLOAD
traceurcsdk(sfnet) Trace URC SDK Trace open source implementation of the Univers... DOWNLOAD
scarynet(sfnet) ScaryNet ircd undernet-ircu with modifications DOWNLOAD
chessworld-tray(sfnet) ChessWorld Tray Monitor A tray icon monitoring your games on chessworld... DOWNLOAD
nxtway-hans(sfnet) NXTWay-Hans This is a 2-wheel-self-balancing lego robot pro... DOWNLOAD
movgrab(freshmeat) Movgrab Movgrab is a command-line movie downloader for ... DOWNLOAD
selenium-rc(sfnet) Selenium Remote Control In this article I will tell you how you can ins... DOWNLOAD
sshconf(sfnet) sshconf Little SSH configuration Manager. Manages hosts... DOWNLOAD
squishybugs(sfnet) Squishy Bugs Squishy Bugs is a console based game, much in t... DOWNLOAD
gigalinecompile(sfnet) Gigaline Compile Compiler optimization for code that AI generate... DOWNLOAD
geolith(sfnet) GeoLith Geolith is a Tetris like game being developed f... DOWNLOAD
ie-ua-editor(sfnet) Internet Explorer User Agent Changer This program will edit the User agent of IE6 (I... DOWNLOAD
jfamix(sfnet) jFamix jFamix provides Java libraries and tools for th... DOWNLOAD
indi4java(sfnet) indi4java An implementation of the INDI protocol in Java DOWNLOAD
sysmanfs(sfnet) SYSMANfs Sysmanfs: A virtual filesystem for system manag... DOWNLOAD
mantispager(sfnet) Mantis Pager A MantisBT add-on that integrates a paging syst... DOWNLOAD
devdefinedcaptc(sfnet) Dev Defined CAPTCHA This is an ASP.NET C# implementation of a CAPTC... DOWNLOAD
sportplayer(sfnet) sportplayer The program for viewing different sports over t... DOWNLOAD
palmtower(sfnet) Tower of the Sorcerer for Palm Battle your way to the top of a tower to save t... DOWNLOAD
palmavr(sfnet) PalmAVR Atmel AVR microcontroller In-System-Programming... DOWNLOAD
jamt(sfnet) JaMT - Just another E-Mail Tool Mit Hilfe von JaMT können Sie auf beliebig viel... DOWNLOAD
aom-elite(sfnet) ELite ELite is an object-oriented programming languag... DOWNLOAD
mozbackportable(sfnet) mozbackportable format for MozBackup 1.4.10 DOWNLOAD
unixtimeconvert(sfnet) UnixTimeConverter a java converter of unix time values DOWNLOAD
ipa-lib(sfnet) image processing and analysis (IPA) IPA library is a platform developed for image p... DOWNLOAD
openbns(sfnet) Biomolecule Naming Service The Biomolecule Naming Service (BNS) is loosely... DOWNLOAD
warbot(sfnet) warbot An irssi script designed to emulate War Manager... DOWNLOAD
recursosparaweb(sfnet) Recursos para el Web - Plantillas Con la finalidad de llevar el uso de los CMS co... DOWNLOAD
allegrocurses(sfnet) Allegro Curses Library An add-on for the Allegro game programming libr... DOWNLOAD
f2matlab(sfnet) f2matlab f2matlab is a fortran90 to Matlab code converte... DOWNLOAD
sanquanhoa(sfnet) San Quan Hoa DOWNLOAD
bitcoinconverter(sfnet) Bitcoin Converter This project has moved! Please see new updates ... DOWNLOAD
bitness(sfnet) Bitness Windows utility to show if a binary (.exe .dll ... DOWNLOAD
zoku(sfnet) Zoku Zoku Project is a simple management system for ... DOWNLOAD
beercms(sfnet) BeerCMS Here is the description on the project, in fact... DOWNLOAD
jwebbuilding(sfnet) JWebBuilding do you need a professional web site to publish ... DOWNLOAD
xtux(sfnet) XTux XTux is an overhead scrolling arcade game for X... DOWNLOAD
bibro(sfnet) Analysis site statistics (bibro) Bibro can tell you who, why and when visit your... DOWNLOAD
wodlog(sfnet) Wodlog Wodlog is a tool for the browser game World-of-... DOWNLOAD
coolbrowser(sfnet) Cool Browser Cool Browser is an IDE style web client built o... DOWNLOAD
consoletelnet(sfnet) Console Telnet for Win32 Console telnet is a full screen (console) telne... DOWNLOAD
xmlwriter(sfnet) XmlWriter Java API for XML writing, using a simple java.i... DOWNLOAD
synk(sfnet) Synk - Mirroring tool for KDE Synk is a tool for synchronising (aka "mir... DOWNLOAD
oplus(sfnet) oplus Information exchange system. Enables exchanging... DOWNLOAD
swiff(sfnet) swiff Space Weather Integrated Forecasting Framework DOWNLOAD
ufakpython(sfnet) UfakPython UfakPython is a small subset of Python programm... DOWNLOAD
teamzone(sfnet) teamzone TeamZone is a versatile CMS based on PHP and My... DOWNLOAD
coopworks5(sfnet) CoopWorks ERP Ver 5.0-Coffee CoopWorks is a financial and member management ... DOWNLOAD
coderepolatest(sfnet) coderepolatest DOWNLOAD
sscd(sfnet) Java Serial Servo controller There are different files supplied. One program... DOWNLOAD
dbsmartcopy(sfnet) dbsmartcopy The goal of this project is to create a tool th... DOWNLOAD
facerec(sfnet) Face recognition in c/c++ with thesis This is a project on Face Recognition in c &...
webflvplay(sfnet) webflvplay Free, web video player to place in HTML to show... DOWNLOAD
scwm(sfnet) Scwm Scwm is the Scheme Configurable/Constraints Win... DOWNLOAD
nestopia(sfnet) Nestopia A portable and cycle-accurate NES/Famicom emula... DOWNLOAD
saja(sfnet) SAJA - Secure AJAX for PHP Lightweight AJAX framework for PHP, features se... DOWNLOAD
uberriese(sfnet) Der UberRiese This is a modification for the map Der Riese in... DOWNLOAD
sudoku411(sfnet) sudoku411 Hosting for CSCE 411 sudoku code. DOWNLOAD
bee-rain(sfnet) bee-rain bee-rain is a web crawler that harvest and inde... DOWNLOAD
newsclipper(sfnet) News Clipper News Clipper allows web designers to automatica... DOWNLOAD
refspam(sfnet) refspam Skript for referals spam DOWNLOAD
naszproject(sfnet) NASZ Project NASZ Project: a crpg game with graphical interf... DOWNLOAD
testccy(sfnet) testCCY 純粹測試,所以不會有code DOWNLOAD
popmypopperoni(sfnet) Pop my Popperoni! FREE Hilarious game by Flameinc. about teens DOWNLOAD
palace-dci(sfnet) Palace Device Control Interface Palace is a visualization plugin for XMMS that ... DOWNLOAD
dreamweaver-mt(sfnet) Dreamweaver extension for Movable Type Dreamweaver extension for Movable Type (http://... DOWNLOAD
pylux(sfnet) pyLux An implementation of the XUL HMI description la... DOWNLOAD
javabiomorphsimulator(sfnet) Java Biomorph Simulator This program is an evolution simulator that sim... DOWNLOAD
archimedes(sfnet) Archimedes After one year without development of the XForm... DOWNLOAD
carl-lib(sfnet) C++ Advanced Runtime Library The C++ Advanced Runtime Library (CARL) is an a... DOWNLOAD
openauctiondb(sfnet) OpenAuctionDB This is a parallel project to OpenAuction. Berk... DOWNLOAD
pssservlet(sfnet) Pretty Simple Stupid Servlet tries to mimic component frameworks like tapest... DOWNLOAD
slirp(sfnet) Slirp Maintance Project Slirp is a SLIP/PPP link emulator. Clients thi... DOWNLOAD
breakish(sfnet) Breakish This is an open source game which has breakout ... DOWNLOAD
msp430ada(sfnet) MSP430-Ada Compiler and device support for Ada programs on... DOWNLOAD
beansource(sfnet) beansource An alternate XML Transformer source that allows... DOWNLOAD
dotahit(sfnet) DotaHIT DotaHIT is a tool made for DotA (WarCraft 3 cus... DOWNLOAD
bundlemanager(sfnet) Resource Bundle Manager Resource Bundle Manager is a web application th... DOWNLOAD
voxyl(sfnet) voxyl These will be java based open source voice con... DOWNLOAD
plg(sfnet) plg Proyecto de plg, la practica DOWNLOAD
firefoxplusgpo(sfnet) Firefox + Group Policy Object This product allows to create and apply a custo... DOWNLOAD
snakkke(sfnet) Snakkke Snakkke it's a SDL classical game with a new st... DOWNLOAD
delegatec(freshmeat) delegate.c delegate.c implements an abstract function poin... DOWNLOAD
ctt(freshmeat) ctt ctt provides commandline time tracking for geeks. DOWNLOAD
tomcat-plugin(freshmeat) tomcat-plugin The purpose of tomcat-plugin is to provide Java... DOWNLOAD
gmf-samples-and-tutorials(freshmeat) Eclipse GMF Samples and Tutorials The GMF Samples and Tutorials project provides ... DOWNLOAD
chargelearning(sfnet) ChargeLearning This project applies an interpretation of a k-N... DOWNLOAD
ariesbot(sfnet) AriesBot Ariesbot, is an ircbot, which will be able of d... DOWNLOAD
glfont(sfnet) GLFont An OpenGL font set with display functions using... DOWNLOAD
gnomba(sfnet) Gnomba Gnomba is a GNOME version of smbclient, a Unix ... DOWNLOAD
dataoverfibre(sfnet) Data Over Fiber This project investigated how fiber optic syste... DOWNLOAD
bk2site(sfnet) bk2site Transforms Netscape bookmarks into a Yahoo-like... DOWNLOAD
wx200d(sfnet) WX200 / WM918 Weather Station Server wx200d is a weather station data collector and ... DOWNLOAD
linstanpump(sfnet) linstanpump Linstanpunmp is a linux port of the dos program... DOWNLOAD
paradigma(sfnet) Paradigma Paradigma is a web-based decision support syste...
openscreen(sfnet) openscreen OpenScreen is Free Computer ScreenCast DOWNLOAD

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