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bfrunner(freshmeat) BFRunner BFRunner is a simple application that interpret... DOWNLOAD
geoip-weather(freshmeat) GeoIP Weather GeoIP Weather is a PHP script that uses GeoIP C... DOWNLOAD
ldapsaisie(freshmeat) LdapSaisie LdapSaisie is a Web application to manage LDAP ... DOWNLOAD
delog(freshmeat) DeLog DeLog is a small logger for debug information. ... DOWNLOAD
hawk(freshmeat) Hawk DNS Housekeeper / Host Monitor Hawk is a DNS housekeeping utility that compare... DOWNLOAD
xdotmap(freshmeat) XDOTMap XDOTMap is a GIS tool pack based on UMN MapServ... DOWNLOAD
armadillo(freshmeat) armadillo Armadillo is an isometric view shooter game wit... DOWNLOAD
cybowmodeller(sfnet) cybowmodeller Software suite for cell modelling DOWNLOAD
labelme(sfnet) LabelMe: The open annotation tool Web-based software to label objects in digital ... DOWNLOAD
appxbang(sfnet) APPX BANG! Business Application Software appx-BANG! (Business Applications Next Generati... DOWNLOAD
webcms2010(sfnet) webcms2010 A simple cms realease DOWNLOAD
libsol(sfnet) Simple OpenGL Layer (SOL) Simple OpenGL Layer - Small cross-platform libr... DOWNLOAD
massdownloader(sfnet) massdownloader Small program for downloading a great amount of... DOWNLOAD
kaluga(sfnet) Kaluga Welkom, Wat is Kaluga en waarom zou je het geb... DOWNLOAD
blackscreen(sfnet) Black Screen Black Screen is a program wich makes your scree... DOWNLOAD
becky-wisn(sfnet) becky-wisn wireless industrial sensor network DOWNLOAD
comfort(sfnet) comfort CoMFoRT is content manager designed for the res... DOWNLOAD
gplayer-audio(sfnet) gPlayer Due to name-conflicts, this project has moved t...
jollyday(sfnet) jollyday This API calculates the holidays for a given ye... DOWNLOAD
candyracingcup(sfnet) Candy Racing Cup : The Lillians Rally Xilvan Design presents Candy Racing Cup : The L... DOWNLOAD
goldarch(sfnet) GoldArch GoldArch:net 1.3 GA+nhibernate 2... DOWNLOAD
keechipcard(sfnet) KeeChipCard The purpose of this plugin is to use a chip car... DOWNLOAD
rpgscifi2d(sfnet) rpgscifi2d Is a project to create a Sci-FI RPG 2D. DOWNLOAD
tomasoft(sfnet) Tomahawk IRC Client An IRC client that uses Tcl for not only the sc... DOWNLOAD
myzone(sfnet) myZone4 Diet and workout software for Gambas DOWNLOAD
screenup(sfnet) ScreenUp ScreenUp is a quick screen grabbing utility wri...
lancepy(sfnet) Lance job scheduler Process scheduler written in python. Lance pro... DOWNLOAD
nsearch(sfnet) nsearch Index, Search, and Download from the SMB file s... DOWNLOAD
manualphp(sfnet) Tradução do Manual do PHP para Português This is the homepage for PHP manual translation... DOWNLOAD
silence(sfnet) silence silence is an effort to create a javabased musi... DOWNLOAD
netleach(sfnet) NetLeach NetLeach is an Internet leeching engine that is... DOWNLOAD
vntex(sfnet) vntex Vietnamese support for TeX DOWNLOAD
burn360(sfnet) Burn 360 This is a frontend to ffmpeg and standard VCD/D... DOWNLOAD
multissh(sfnet) Multicast SSH Multicast SSH is a small utility similar to css... DOWNLOAD
ksql(sfnet) KSql KSql formerly KMySql) is the KDE database proje... DOWNLOAD
microconnector(sfnet) MicroConnector MicroConnector is a .NET Framework library that... DOWNLOAD
garble(sfnet) Garble Garble is a portable modular C++ program and li... DOWNLOAD
wicopro(sfnet) WiCoPro WiCoPro is a client/server for remotely control... DOWNLOAD
knistnet(sfnet) kNISTNet A GUI KDE front end to NISTNet. DOWNLOAD
usefulcode(sfnet) Random_Useful_Code Beginning sourceforge :) Snippets posted here DOWNLOAD
opennlp(sfnet) OpenNLP OpenNLP provides the organizational structure f... DOWNLOAD
x2serv(sfnet) X2 IRC Channel and Oper Services X2 is an IRC channel and oper service for Eviln... DOWNLOAD
invkine2dmanip(sfnet) invkine2dmanip Inverse kinematics of 2D manipulator written in C. DOWNLOAD
macmarrum(sfnet) macmarrum A number of modules for Python including: dirsy... DOWNLOAD
freednsupdatese(sfnet) FreeDNS update Service A client to update the IP automatic with http:/... DOWNLOAD
jmp3tag(sfnet) JMp3Tag JMp3Tag is a J2ME application to view/edit tags... DOWNLOAD
mobiledispatche(sfnet) mobiledispatche Small application for carriers. It alows to sca... DOWNLOAD
sky7779(sfnet) SKY DOWNLOAD
logicsim(sfnet) logicsim A logic simulator. Simulates logic gates, combi... DOWNLOAD
dzemu(sfnet) DzEmµ Émulateur gratuit pour dofus 1.29.1 codé en VB.... DOWNLOAD
jimageviewer(sfnet) jimageviewer JImageViewer is a tiny tool written in java swi... DOWNLOAD
zxcodecpack(sfnet) ZxCodecPack ZxCodecPack to darmowy zestaw zawsze aktualnych... DOWNLOAD
tortoisehg(sfnet) TortoiseHg TortoiseHg is a shell extension that let users ... DOWNLOAD
filelist-gen(sfnet) Filelist account generator Bypass Filelist security register DOWNLOAD
lineedition(sfnet) DessertROM-LiNE Edition DessertROM-LiNE Edition DOWNLOAD
xmltextdecl(sfnet) XML Text Declaration The purpose of this library is to determine the... DOWNLOAD
upgen(sfnet) Upgen upgen is a scanner and parser generator, which ... DOWNLOAD
brandonsll(sfnet) Brandon's Templated Linked List A linked list in the form of a Template Class. ... DOWNLOAD
glame(sfnet) GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics Glame is targeted to be the GIMP for audio proc... DOWNLOAD
binaryconverter(sfnet) BinaryConverterApplet Used to convert decimal numbers into binary and... DOWNLOAD
lilisuit(sfnet) lili suit lilisuit is a suit of few home-use small softwa... DOWNLOAD
syncbbdb(sfnet) SyncBBDB SyncBBDB is a program that is used to synchroni... DOWNLOAD
captain-hook(sfnet) Captain Hook rc firewall script A Linux 2.4 iptables firewall construction shel... DOWNLOAD
peacock(sfnet) Peacock Peacock is a HTML Editor for GTK+/GNOME. It sup... DOWNLOAD
pythianproject(sfnet) The Pythian Project The Pythian Project is a world-wide group worki... DOWNLOAD
fluxy(sfnet) Fluxy Fluxy is a toolset to support detection of fast... DOWNLOAD
frc114code(sfnet) frc114code This is the site where we post Eagle Strike Tea... DOWNLOAD
forcepassusb(sfnet) forcepassusb Programma per il recupero delle password con me... DOWNLOAD
volstep(sfnet) Volume Step Adjuster Volume Step Adjuster allows you to adjust the i... DOWNLOAD
tempcloud(sfnet) TempCloud
l2nvnrebirth(sfnet) l2nvnrebirth System, Systextura e Animation do Servidor L2 N... DOWNLOAD
yiannios23(sfnet) YIAnnios23 DOWNLOAD
vilinux(sfnet) vilinux DOWNLOAD
elitemt2(sfnet) EliteMT2 DOWNLOAD
othellogame(sfnet) OTHELLO: space shooter action game Othello is a space shooter action game similar ... DOWNLOAD
omnicrons-javav(sfnet) Omnicrons - Java version This is a project to convert a game developed i... DOWNLOAD
jaranalyzetool(sfnet) JarAnalyzeTool このツールは、Jarファイル内のクラスファイルを解... DOWNLOAD
bbcticker(sfnet) bbcticker This is an attempt to create a Linux/Unix versi... DOWNLOAD
finaldestiny(sfnet) I'm Fat (cool acronym here) An image processing environment, based in Java,... DOWNLOAD
metavnc(sfnet) MetaVNC MetaVNC is a window aware VNC. MetaVNC display... DOWNLOAD
ircds(sfnet) IRCds & More This site provides info on different IRCds, thi... DOWNLOAD
mobileus(sfnet) MobileUS A program to use industry standard USB-based ul... DOWNLOAD
awifuzz(sfnet) AwiFuzz - Fuzzy Logic Control System Device independend source code of Fuzzy logic e... DOWNLOAD
iz1kgaaprsmap(sfnet) IZ1KGA APRS Map GEnerator Delphi Software For APRS Map Generation Using G... DOWNLOAD
cedar-backup(sfnet) Cedar Backup Cedar Backup manages backups for a pool of loca... DOWNLOAD
brew-app-djb(sfnet) The Brewery Web based multi-user application for storing, m... DOWNLOAD
beendoin(sfnet) beendoin The BeenDoin client application and web site al... DOWNLOAD
inline-sendmail(sfnet) Sendmail Inline Filtering This project aims to implement in-line filterin... DOWNLOAD
sinawidget(sfnet) sinawidget 这是一个的widget DOWNLOAD
toshibapdr(sfnet) toshibapdr Our goal is to write a robust driver for the To... DOWNLOAD
mailserv(sfnet) mailserv A MySQL-based mail server. Initially the front... DOWNLOAD
foxgui(sfnet) FOX GUI Toolkit FOX is an Extensible C++ Class Library for Mult... DOWNLOAD
ggd(sfnet) guillenGenediad guillen genediad is a collection of IRC-Scripts... DOWNLOAD
gtans(sfnet) gTans gTans is a GTK version of Tangram, an ancient c... DOWNLOAD
t2i(sfnet) t2i t2i is a Tcl/Tk -based IRC client aiming for a ... DOWNLOAD
prof-it(sfnet) prof-it An instrumenting profiler for C# for Windows. I... DOWNLOAD
neosuite10(sfnet) Neo Tool Suite [windows] Youre no a Computer Expert? This Programm wil... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-cdt-qt-form-wizard(sfnet) Eclipse CDT New Qt Form Wizard A wizard dialog plug-in for Eclipse CDT which c... DOWNLOAD
skymonome(sfnet) SkyMonome SkyMonome facilitates Monome hardware programmi... DOWNLOAD
trawner(sfnet) Trawner A generic Web 2.0 Community, for developers to ... DOWNLOAD

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