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lfn2sfn(sfnet) lfn2sfn lfn2sfn is a short cut of: "Long File Name...
historia(sfnet) Historia A database to support large history research pr...
jgpshell(sfnet) Java Global Platform Shell (JGPShell) JGPShell is a java api to manage content of sma... DOWNLOAD
the-rabbit-run(sfnet) the Rabbit Run machinima engine the Rabbit Run is a piece of machinima currentl... DOWNLOAD
geomcfly(sfnet) Geo McFly On the fly generator of metalinks based on clie... DOWNLOAD
directparse(sfnet) DirectParse A log parser for the popular MMORPG Final Fanta... DOWNLOAD
tgcraft(sfnet) tgcraft Crafting and resource data pages for the preCU ... DOWNLOAD
contemplate(sfnet) contemplate Contemplate is a PHP-based, open source web tem...
efoelibrary(sfnet) EFOeLibrary The aim of this project is to create a programm... DOWNLOAD
meditate(sfnet) meditate Meditate is a PHP-based CMS with support for mu...
javafileuploade(sfnet) Java File Uploader A Java based file uploading program. Shows a pr... DOWNLOAD
shtimer(sfnet) Shutdown Timer A Shutdown timer using Qt which runs halt insid...
shutter-php(sfnet) shutter-php Shutter is a web package allowing users to shar...
beehive(sfnet) BeeHive This project provides any POSIX operating syste... DOWNLOAD
sshdfilter(freshmeat) sshdfilter sshdfilter automatically blocks ssh brute force... DOWNLOAD
tbx(sfnet) TBX Player TBX Player is a multimedia player designed for ... DOWNLOAD
picmonger(sfnet) PicMonger PicMonger is an NNTP client that automagically ... DOWNLOAD
quarq(sfnet) The Quarq Subnucleus Project This project intends to develop an exokernel ba... DOWNLOAD
viewportfolio(sfnet) viewportfolio A python program to view and track a portfolio ... DOWNLOAD
wordpressce(sfnet) WordPressCE Czech localization project of CMS DOWNLOAD
powerplanswitch(sfnet) powerplanswitch Are you tired of making 3-5 clicks just to swit...
yahbee(sfnet) Yahbee [Outdated, see description] These Files Are Outdated =================== I... DOWNLOAD
daq16c(sfnet) DaQ DAQ-16c-Interface v3.2 Legal Copyrights © 2... DOWNLOAD
proyecto1fred(sfnet) proyecto1fred DOWNLOAD
zet(sfnet) zet Heavy duty harddisk check. A file in the filesy... DOWNLOAD
arasphp(sfnet) ArasPhp Framework Arasphp is a simple and flexible web developmen... DOWNLOAD
yops2009(sfnet) yops2009 YOPS (Your Own Personal [WEB] Server) is a smal...
pamnss-dce(freshmeat) PAM/NSS-DCE for Linux PAM/NSS-DCE for Linux is a nice and portable wa... DOWNLOAD
tclhtml(sfnet) TclHTML TclHTML is a package for generating HTML pages ... DOWNLOAD
gnuaddressbook(sfnet) Address Book Простая и интуитивно понятная программа для хра...
pyscintilla(sfnet) Scintilla Python Bindings for Gtk1.x Python bindings for the Scintilla source code e... DOWNLOAD
semgen(sfnet) SemGen SemGen is an experimental software tool for aut... DOWNLOAD
cogengine(sfnet) The Cog Engine Project The Cog Engine Project is aimed at simplifying ... DOWNLOAD
ratoath(sfnet) Widows of Ratoath A single RPG games using the allegro game libra... DOWNLOAD
smssettings(sfnet) smssettings SMSSettings provides a GUI to modify SMS2003 (M... DOWNLOAD
mnjchat(sfnet) Java Chat System Chat client & server written in Java. DOWNLOAD
phpsqltools(sfnet) PHP & SQL tools We make all php and sql scripts. DOWNLOAD
soha(sfnet) Soha Navigator The Soha Application Browser, written in C#, is... DOWNLOAD
guazi(sfnet) guazi a place for discuz ,we lenrn a lot here DOWNLOAD
amebpsinfor(sfnet) AMEBPSinfor DOWNLOAD
gplbuch.berlios(sfnet) GPL-Buch Das GPL-Buch Projekt stellt Texte unter der GPL... DOWNLOAD
connect6ngdev(sfnet) connect6-ng-dev DOWNLOAD
box-stuffer(sfnet) box-stuffer Database intermediary for MHonArc archives DOWNLOAD
nanoos(sfnet) nanoos Nano OS is a RTOS for Atmel AVR controllers. It... DOWNLOAD
shiftlog(sfnet) Shift Log The Shift Log is a database entry and display s... DOWNLOAD
psicov(sfnet) PSICOV PSICOV (Protein Sparse Inverse Covariance estim... DOWNLOAD
qat(sfnet) QAT Distributed Test Harness Distributed test harness for testing of non-hom... DOWNLOAD
drmail(sfnet) DrMail SDK DrMail SDK, C# Dilinde Yazılmış, Komut Satırınd... DOWNLOAD
crabchatbot(sfnet) CRAB ChatBot CRAB es un chatbot sencillo programado en Gamba... DOWNLOAD
cloudlibs(sfnet) CloudBerry Libraries CloudBerry Libraries is a collection of Java li... DOWNLOAD
nwrapper(sfnet) NWrapper NWrapper was built to be a quick wrapper for st... DOWNLOAD
mg-mox(sfnet) Mystic Galaxies mOX Mystic Galaxies mOX is a standard Tic Tac Toe g... DOWNLOAD
j16editor(sfnet) texteditor Java 1.6 based text editor for multiple encodings
winetools(sfnet) WineTools Wine Tools is a Linux tool for Wine to setup a ... DOWNLOAD
multinet(sfnet) Multinet Multinet is a curses-based solution to sharing ... DOWNLOAD
phpa(sfnet) PHP Analyzer An analyzing tool for projects written in PHP. ...
zipcracker(sfnet) ZipCracker ZipCracker is a program to help users recover f... DOWNLOAD
accountant(sfnet) Linux Accountant and Data Library A Basic library to simplify buisness applicatio... DOWNLOAD
buzzle(sfnet) Buzzle Bubble Puzzle Bubble clone DOWNLOAD
canari-framework(freshmeat) Canari Framework Canari is a rapid transform development framewo... DOWNLOAD
simple-photo(sfnet) SimplePhoto SimplePhoto is a lightweight and low memory foo...
ffxiswitchmon(sfnet) Xabis' FFXI tools Home of FFXI tools: Switch Monitor, Mappy, and ... DOWNLOAD
imagelink(sfnet) imagelink small collection of UNIX command line image pro... DOWNLOAD
glutwin32(sfnet) glutWin32 DOWNLOAD
meatbrowser(sfnet) meatbrowser A minimalistic designed browser; ready to use!
oglbmfont(sfnet) BMFont OpenGL implementation BMfont OpenGL C implementation. Integrate any T... DOWNLOAD
drmtools(sfnet) drmtools A collection of small utilities for: data extra...
c-bgp(sfnet) C-BGP C-BGP is a BGP routing solver.
gifviewer(sfnet) GIF Viewer A C# program used to visualize and extract fram...
pgnvieweroslo(sfnet) PGN Viewer Oslo PGNViewerOslo is a free open-source chess game ... DOWNLOAD
projects03b(sfnet) projects03b A new command developed for Xen to modify the b...
gszotar(sfnet) GSZOTAR, dictionary for gnome Dictionary program for GNOME. Supports a Hungar... DOWNLOAD
libdate(sfnet) Date Manipulation Library This library allows programmers to quickly and ... DOWNLOAD
perl-lcdd(sfnet) perl-LCDd perl-LCDd handles communication with an LCDproc... DOWNLOAD
mathtizzy(sfnet) MathTizzy Math Tizzy is a free online math learning progr... DOWNLOAD
ndesktopproject(sfnet) ndesktopproject nDesktop - The way to a nice Desktop
macs(sfnet) Modular Access Control System A modular, flexible and extensible Identity and... DOWNLOAD
wkb-mini(sfnet) wkb-mini A simple Windows keyboard layout switcher. Prop...
online-edit(sfnet) Online Edit DOWNLOAD
wgbox(sfnet) Wunsch Gruß Box DOWNLOAD
glxtreem(sfnet) GLXTreem OpenGL Components For Borland Delphi DOWNLOAD
win7ss(sfnet) win7SS DOWNLOAD
card-telepresence(sfnet) SmartCard Comms DOWNLOAD
scme(sfnet) SCME Map editor for the multiplayer game Subspace/Co... DOWNLOAD
phpsecurity(sfnet) phpSecurity phpSecurity is meant to create a web based fron... DOWNLOAD
phpgenealogie(sfnet) PHPGenealogy Provide a free graphic genealogy manager workin... DOWNLOAD
drfifesclass(sfnet) Texas Hold'em Source Code created by Trey Chastain for Dr. Fi... DOWNLOAD
cmisinputplugin(sfnet) CMIS Input plugin for Pentaho Imagine being able to extract from your Enterpr... DOWNLOAD
jccal(sfnet) Jccal Curses-based calendar/journal/diary/todo utilit...
ecopiffle(sfnet) Ecological Piffle My goal is a library for R ( ...
rmdms(sfnet) rm -d ms A free document oriented XML/XSLT application s... DOWNLOAD
spin(sfnet) Spin Spin is a transparent threading solution for no... DOWNLOAD
kphpdev(sfnet) K PHP Develop K PHP Develop is an integrated Web development ... DOWNLOAD
soft66winrad(sfnet) soft66winrad WinRad ( free amateur ra...
mpegwatcher(sfnet) MPEGWatcher MPEGWatcher is a PHP script used to play MPEG, ...
islandsindustry(sfnet) islandsindustry Islands of Industry ! DOWNLOAD
laforja(sfnet) La Forja Brute Force traduction of alexandria to spanish DOWNLOAD
paletteorder(sfnet) Palette Order 4 AutoCAD Program helps you reorder AutoCAD palettes and/... DOWNLOAD
solarsysgpu(sfnet) solarsysgpu The project aim is to develop an offline versio... DOWNLOAD
food(sfnet) Food Food is for reading feeds on the web. DOWNLOAD

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