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gcom(sfnet) Generic Component Object Model GCOM is an open source implementation of the Co... DOWNLOAD
blockpost(sfnet) Blockpost Blockpost plugin for Agnitum Outpost Firewall. ... DOWNLOAD
sim-hydrodyn-c(sfnet) Simulation of hydrodynamic lubrication Simulation of hydrodynamic lubrication in infin... DOWNLOAD
fastletter-news(sfnet) FastLetter - Newsletter Manager System Simple, Easy to Use, Safe and Easy to Install N...
gaw(sfnet) gaw Gnome Awele is a game of Mancala. It is client-... DOWNLOAD
clusutils(sfnet) Clusutils - Data Clustering Utilities The Clusutils package contains programs to assi... DOWNLOAD
war-tdm(sfnet) war-tdm WAR is a multiplayer team deathmatch game to be...
partlogic(freshmeat) Partition Logic Partition Logic is a partitioning and disk mana... DOWNLOAD
unles(sfnet) Unmanned Lunar Expedition Simulator A virtual training environment for remote astro... DOWNLOAD
guerrashonestas(sfnet) Guerras Honestas En esta web se dara a conocer todas las version... DOWNLOAD
fat32-pc-only(sfnet) fat32_pc This project contains a driver of fat32 and she...
summon104(sfnet) summon104 summon104's first project
szuprefix-web(sfnet) szuprefix-web personal common web app develop interfaces
lgg(sfnet) LGG LGGプログラム値に応じて線グラフを生成することイ... DOWNLOAD
panmetadocs(sfnet) panMetaDocs panMetaDocs is an application based on panMetaw...
roidripper(sfnet) RoidRipper 1.5.X This is the SVN for the Roid Ripper Project.
prefail(sfnet) prefail PreFail is a programmable failure-injection fra... DOWNLOAD
blockplanet(sfnet) Block Planet Block Planet is a game created using the Irrlic...
gnark(sfnet) GNU Network Audit & Research Kit (Gnark) ... aims to be a library providing access to a ... DOWNLOAD
pingo(sfnet) pingo Pingo provides Platform INdependent Graphics Ob... DOWNLOAD
vgi(sfnet) The Virtual Gallery Initiative To date graphics viewable on the Internet ha... DOWNLOAD
winhfax(sfnet) Winhfax.NET Winhfax.NET is client for HylaFAX fax server. DOWNLOAD
mtfbj(sfnet) mtfbj Java EE Framework for facebook apps. Hibernate+...
phpsafeexec(sfnet) phpsafeexec SafeExec is simple replacement for unsafe exec ...
netdisco(sfnet) Netdisco Netdisco is an SNMP-based L2/L3 network managem... DOWNLOAD
html-xpath(sfnet) XPath over HTML for MSIE DOM Level 3 XPath implementation for Internet E... DOWNLOAD
ip-identify(sfnet) ip-identify Use various methods to identify the type of dev...
inundator(sfnet) inundator inundator is a tool used to anonymously inundat...
colorpallete(sfnet) Color Palette Color Pallete Java Program DOWNLOAD
pawnfornotepad(sfnet) f Programming PAWN, the scripting language for SA... DOWNLOAD
hobby-electrons(sfnet) Hobby Electronics Provides software, firmware and hardware design...
dtext(sfnet) dtext dtext is a tool for editing DNS zone informatio... DOWNLOAD
at76c503a.berlios(sfnet) Atmel USB WLAN This project provides a driver for Atmel AT76c5... DOWNLOAD
adans(sfnet) Advanced Analysis Services Advanced Analysis Services is a Business Intell...
enigma-cracker(sfnet) Enigma Cracker A program to break the WWII Enigma code. DOWNLOAD
qmail-ldap-ui(sfnet) qmail-ldap-ui Qmail-ldap-UI is an web-based tool for creating... DOWNLOAD
reteppdf(sfnet) retepPDF Java PDF Generator This project has been superceded, and is now a ... DOWNLOAD
geometrysolver(sfnet) Geometry Solver 3D This tool is supposed to be able to calculate m... DOWNLOAD
svitools(sfnet) Spectravideo Tools DOWNLOAD
mplayerox(sfnet) MPlayer-ROX a simple wrapper for MPlayer to be used with RO... DOWNLOAD
stpxml(sfnet) stpxml Interactive Web based Test System. An XML based... DOWNLOAD
splity(sfnet) splity A Perl script that splits a long HTML file into... DOWNLOAD
phpphotoalbum(sfnet) PHPPhotoAlbum (PPA) PHPPhotoAlbum (PPA) DOWNLOAD
edpcs(sfnet) Edpcs Schematic pseudocode editor for education. The ... DOWNLOAD
subdiversvn(sfnet) subdiversvn SubdiverSVN is a Subversion client for Linux wi... DOWNLOAD
netsock(sfnet) netsock netsock is a tcp/udp program made in java DOWNLOAD
pifilter(sfnet) pi_filter Tool to design pi filter (also known as collins... DOWNLOAD
ico2xpm(sfnet) ico2xpm Command line utility to convert MS-Windows Icon... DOWNLOAD
dhdownloader(sfnet) DH Downloader Simple downloader in Delphi. DOWNLOAD
ugaagga(sfnet) Uga-Agga OpenSource MMOG The name of this project is not a joke, but the... DOWNLOAD
registro(sfnet) Registro Elettronico v2 LAMP application for the project "La scuol... DOWNLOAD
schoolware(sfnet) schoolWare schoolWare is the first completely integrated s... DOWNLOAD
pgp4dos(sfnet) pgp4dos PGP, short for Pretty Good Privacy, is a public... DOWNLOAD
mdbtools(sfnet) MDB Tools A set of libraries and utilities for reading Mi... DOWNLOAD
go2sim(sfnet) go2Sim go2Sim measures semantic similarity between gen...
soya(sfnet) soya Soya is an open-source implementation of the SS... DOWNLOAD
phpicqbot(sfnet) phpIcqBot phpIcqBot is an ICQ bot written in PHP with ful... DOWNLOAD
abgraph(sfnet) ABGraph ABGraph is a simple tool to benchmark webserver... DOWNLOAD
applog(sfnet) applog AppLog is a simple application logging utility. DOWNLOAD
lexi(sfnet) Lexi Java Word Processor Lexi is a Java 2 based Word Processor. It curre... DOWNLOAD
radria(sfnet) Radria Radria (Rapid Development of Rich Internet Appl... DOWNLOAD
libcmpio(sfnet) cmpio library Libcmpio is a general purpose library, which pr... DOWNLOAD
exl100(sfnet) exl100 Emulator for an obscure french 80ties computer ... DOWNLOAD
netcommands4win(sfnet) Networking commands for Windows Networking Commands for Windows is command-line... DOWNLOAD
rocketworkbench(sfnet) Rocket Workbench Project Creation of simulation and analysis tools for t... DOWNLOAD
ocsilva(sfnet) ocsilva Software made to optimize the preparation of co...
eclipseapache(sfnet) eclipseapache Eclipse Plugin for automatique Apache server co...
spectrum3d(sfnet) Spectrum3d Spectrum3d is a software for Linux that display... DOWNLOAD
nubotpythonirc(sfnet) nubotpythonirc Nubot is an extensible Python IRC bot. A MySQL ...
phpinout(sfnet) phpInOut an interactive web-based in/out board. DOWNLOAD
e-opt(sfnet) Enlightenment and Eterm optimization FAQ A FAQ list for optimizing the Enlightenment win... DOWNLOAD
ed(freshmeat) GNU ed GNU ed is an 8-bit clean implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
sdlreflex(sfnet) SDL REFLEX SDLの反射をリアルタイムにAVRマイクロコントロー... DOWNLOAD
study-mythx(sfnet) study-mythx Project for my studie in UCBL
vizz3d(sfnet) Vizz3D Vizz3D is a 3D program visualization system. It... DOWNLOAD
pobase(sfnet) pobase poBase is a C++ portability layer that provides... DOWNLOAD
loemach(sfnet) loemach A code repository of operating systems and appl... DOWNLOAD
fluster(sfnet) Fluster Fluster is a clustering algorithm for the Googl...
gnumericportabl(sfnet) Gnumeric Portable The popular Gnumeric spreadsheet made into a po...
javapx(sfnet) Java Platform Extensions A Java class library that adds some commonly us... DOWNLOAD
praya(sfnet) Praya Praya is a window to all your messages. It ship... DOWNLOAD
kandid(sfnet) kandid Kandid generates images using genetic algorithm... DOWNLOAD
innerworld(sfnet) innerworld InnerWorld is a landscape builder for Blender, ... DOWNLOAD
vehikel(sfnet) vehikel Vehikel is a learning environment for behavior ...
oletex(sfnet) oletex The primary goal of this project is development... DOWNLOAD
tracker-report(sfnet) Tracker Report Analyze the Sourceforge Tracker Mail Lists and ... DOWNLOAD
soundbot(sfnet) soundbot soundbot is a Java based graphical sound player... DOWNLOAD
oxmlrpctools(sfnet) Open XML-RPC tools The Open XML RPC tools project provides multi p... DOWNLOAD
duas(sfnet) Domain User Administration System The Domain User Administration System (DUAS) pr... DOWNLOAD
nocs(sfnet) Nocs Nocs is a C#/Windows Forms project that utilize...
marwein(sfnet) Graphical Web Page Test Suite A graphical tool to create tests for websites. ... DOWNLOAD
refuges-manager(sfnet) refuges manager 避難所東側国連のプログラムマネージャdevelopp 、... DOWNLOAD
jausdotnet(sfnet) jausdotnet An implementation of the Joint Architecture for...
tobago(sfnet) tobago Tailorshop: Optimization based Analysis and dat...
kuhnmunkres(sfnet) kuhnmunkres Kuhn-Munkres is used inside assignment problem ...
libtrancevibe(sfnet) Trance Vibrator Drivers and Library Open source, cross platform driver set for the ... DOWNLOAD
jcmdlinerefacto(sfnet) JCMDLineRefactorer A command line tool for refactoring java packag...
gpr-idl-tools(sfnet) GPR IDL tools IDL and ENVI software tools for opening, viewin... DOWNLOAD
open-auction(sfnet) OpenAuction OpenAuction Now Available for Download!! Featur... DOWNLOAD

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