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aide4delphi(sfnet) aide4delphi AIDE is a Delphi expert implementing integratio... DOWNLOAD
unde(sfnet) unDE The first goal of the project is to gather docu... DOWNLOAD
lsi(sfnet) Longest Increasing Subsequence Algorithm Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm and Longes... DOWNLOAD
mgbs(sfnet) Mooseguy Blog System The Mooseguy Blog System (MGBS) is a blog syste... DOWNLOAD
tunez(sfnet) Tunez Tunez is an MP3/Ogg Vorbis jukebox that works w... DOWNLOAD
horde3dnet(sfnet) Horde3D .NET wrapper The Horde3D .NET wrapper is a light-weight libr... DOWNLOAD
b0f(sfnet) Buffer0verflow OpenSecurity Buffer0verfl0w Security is a team of skilled se... DOWNLOAD
jextar(sfnet) jextar A Java Swing library for expanding targets DOWNLOAD
exhibitae(sfnet) Exhibitae Exhibitae is a smart solution for large photo s... DOWNLOAD
gens2(sfnet) Gens2 3D engine Gens2 is a software-only 3D engine for Win32 pl... DOWNLOAD
rpgbfeonline(sfnet) Battle for Embolia A complete RPG Game made with PHP together with... DOWNLOAD
subverse(sfnet) Subverse Project Subverse Project is a system to agent interacti... DOWNLOAD
smithy(sfnet) Smithy A Forge-like world editor for the AlephOne engine. DOWNLOAD
lr-to-gallery(sfnet) Lightroom to Gallery Export Plugin This project hosts an export plugin for the Ado... DOWNLOAD
javaadmintool(sfnet) AdminTool Java graphical interface for performing basic n... DOWNLOAD
cubemap(sfnet) CubeMap CubeMap is a software package to convert the te... DOWNLOAD
frinkiac-8(sfnet) Frinkiac-8 A set of PERL scripts which allow to convert di... DOWNLOAD
filefinderjava(sfnet) fileFinder This lib make find a file better DOWNLOAD
sutrareader(sfnet) SutraReader This is an application designed to arrange / la... DOWNLOAD
autogallery(sfnet) AutoGallery AutoGallery is a PHP gallery system that does n... DOWNLOAD
ossorecaptcha(sfnet) Recaptcha for Oracle SSO This is a demonstration of integrating the CAPT... DOWNLOAD
neomail(sfnet) NeoMail NeoMail is a web-based mail client that allows ... DOWNLOAD
watson4linux(sfnet) watson4linux Watson will be a port for Linux of the Mac/Os S... DOWNLOAD
mplayer-allin1(sfnet) MPlayer Standalone including all codecs MPlayer with all essential codes, encoders, dec... DOWNLOAD
gjid(freshmeat) GJID GJID is a puzzle game where you move crates to ... DOWNLOAD
flash-scrollbar(sfnet) Flash Scrollbar Component - Easy to use (with video tutorial), Actionscri... DOWNLOAD
tobject(sfnet) T Object T Object is a lightweight javascript object tha... DOWNLOAD
fanghexie(sfnet) Anti prohibited-words software The software is designed for the net-surfers wh... DOWNLOAD
polliwog(sfnet) polliwog A Java based web server log file analyzer. Give... DOWNLOAD
weka-mdl-df(sfnet) WEKA - MDL - Discretization Filter A discretization algorithm based on the Minimum... DOWNLOAD
rfe(sfnet) rfe Resource File Editor erlaubt das komfortable er... DOWNLOAD
ixbtforumdb(sfnet) iXBT Forum DB Program for monitoring iXBT forum (http://forum... DOWNLOAD
primax(sfnet) Primax for Linux Linux Driver for Primax Scanners (parallel port... DOWNLOAD
cryptoloop-tool(sfnet) Cryptoloop base tools A small bash script to create, mount and unmoun... DOWNLOAD
smplmath(sfnet) SmplMath Macros-system for MASM and jWasm, allowing to e... DOWNLOAD
psiapple(sfnet) PsiApple An Apple ][ emulator for Psion Series 5. Suppo... DOWNLOAD
flash-template(sfnet) Flash Website Template(AS3, XML) Easy to use, Actionscript 3.0, Full XML driven,... DOWNLOAD
webapp-go(sfnet) webapp-go WebApp Go is an IDE for developing web applicat... DOWNLOAD
palm-utils(sfnet) Palm Utilities A collection of filters and tools for using a P... DOWNLOAD
horde2nuke(sfnet) horde2nuke horde2nuke is the PhpNuke port of Horde Framewo... DOWNLOAD
cubesflight(sfnet) Cubes Flight DOWNLOAD
crazyclydetoontown(sfnet) Panda3d Projects This is my Toontown Panda3d Project page. I'm C... DOWNLOAD
tpgesiondedatos(sfnet) TP - Gesion de datos DOWNLOAD
tfd(sfnet) DiscreteTFDs A collection of tools for time-frequency analysis. DOWNLOAD
unojazz(sfnet) unojazz JUST TEST !!! DOWNLOAD
pagerping(sfnet) Scanlogs-Manager Pager-Ping tool for manage scans from onlinegame www.IceWa... DOWNLOAD
lihuenpowersave(sfnet) lihuenpowersave Interfaz gráfica para configurar el ahorro de e... DOWNLOAD
pyqfiler(sfnet) PyQFiler PyQFiler: File Splitter/Combiner written in Pyt... DOWNLOAD
hosh(sfnet) hosh Hosh is a shell for fun. There are commands lik... DOWNLOAD
unicode-screensaver(freshmeat) unicode-screensaver The unicode-screensaver is a simple screensaver... DOWNLOAD
search-engine-referrals-conflu(freshmeat) Search Engine Referrals Confluence Plugin Search Engine Referrals Confluence Plugin is a ... DOWNLOAD
ibeans(freshmeat) iBeans iBeans aims to make integration for Web applica... DOWNLOAD
mcommerce-webkit-ui(freshmeat) mCommerce WebKit UI mCommerce WebKit UI is a mobile commerce UI for... DOWNLOAD
apphp-tabs(freshmeat) ApPHP Tabs ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generate... DOWNLOAD
ailurus(freshmeat) Ailurus Ailurus is an application which tells its users... DOWNLOAD
hotp-toolkit(freshmeat) HOTP Toolkit The HOTP Toolkit package contains tools that ar... DOWNLOAD
rippon(sfnet) RIPPON! RIPPON! is a CD ripping/encoding/tagging progra... DOWNLOAD
qkalahari(sfnet) QKalahari Kalaha or Mancala is anancient african game. Th... DOWNLOAD
ttybot(sfnet) TeTsuYa IRC Bot TTYbot is a Perl IRC bot. My objectives for thi... DOWNLOAD
claronext(sfnet) claronext ClaroNext is the name given to the project of t... DOWNLOAD
selenium2excel(sfnet) Selenium2Excel DOWNLOAD
jree(sfnet) jree One java-based Regular Expression Engine. Suppo... DOWNLOAD
imva(sfnet) IMVA Software assists electrical engineers in vibrat... DOWNLOAD
xfunc22(sfnet) XFUNC22 XFUNC 2.2 is a IBM PC program for DOS. It is a... DOWNLOAD
eventsmanager(sfnet) Personal Events Manager Personal Events Manager is a diary-like applica... DOWNLOAD
jenigma(sfnet) JEnigma JEnigma is a java API to implement the Enigma c... DOWNLOAD
videosrv(sfnet) videosrv videosrv for freescale mx27 DOWNLOAD
ipodmusicextractor(sfnet) iPod Music Extractor Do you have an arbitrary number of songs on you... DOWNLOAD
consoam(sfnet) consoam This is a simple french android application abl... DOWNLOAD
uox3(sfnet) UOX3 DevTeam Community Project Home of the Ultima Offline eXperiment3 DevTeam ... DOWNLOAD
cybermanager(sfnet) Cyber Manager Cyber Manager (v1.0) is a "Free for All&qu... DOWNLOAD
fileblog(sfnet) Simple PHP Blog A very simple php Blog without using mysql. It ... DOWNLOAD
xgravity(sfnet) xGravity This project contains some programs that design... DOWNLOAD
md5compare(sfnet) md5compare This is a simple bash script that compares 32 c... DOWNLOAD
code2html(sfnet) Code2HTML Code2HTML is a perl script that converts a prog... DOWNLOAD
p2ptvsim(sfnet) p2ptvsim OMNeT++ based simulator of P2P IPTV system DOWNLOAD
minitik(sfnet) MiniTik MiniTik is a minimalist AOL Instant Messenger c... DOWNLOAD
vman(sfnet) VMan Java XML-based XUL framework for building compl... DOWNLOAD
svgkit(sfnet) SVGKit A collection of JavaScript libraries for painle... DOWNLOAD
pola(sfnet) pola Principle Of Least Authority DOWNLOAD
dg100toolbox(sfnet) DG-100 Toolbox After the release of DGManager, I needed a ligh... DOWNLOAD
autoliferay(sfnet) Automated Liferay This Project is Totally Related to the Backend ... DOWNLOAD
gt-n7100(sfnet) GT-N7100 DOWNLOAD
extace(sfnet) eXtace eXtace is a 3D audio visualization tool (or eye... DOWNLOAD
smumba(sfnet) rits DOWNLOAD
smwhack(sfnet) smwhack My SMW hack,Mario's Dynamic Dream,is currently ... DOWNLOAD
macthemes(sfnet) Mac Themes Project The MTP is developing an editor for Mac OS 8.5+... DOWNLOAD
aircbot(sfnet) Another IRC Bot aircbot becomes Another IRC Bot since it now su... DOWNLOAD
zharbour(sfnet) zharbour zharbour - xbase, Clipper, harbour, xharbour - ... DOWNLOAD
kalmsource(sfnet) kalmsource Kalm is an Application Life-cycle Management so... DOWNLOAD
nanowawi(sfnet) nanowawi A lightweight Enterprise Resource Planning syst... DOWNLOAD
customized(sfnet) Customized search engines Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it (Anth... DOWNLOAD
dd-server(sfnet) dd-server DDServer - dyndns2 protocol's compatible dns up... DOWNLOAD
rumoaeternidade(sfnet) rumoaeternidade Não precisa instalar. Pouco mais de um mega. Ap... DOWNLOAD
nasconnector(sfnet) NASConnector DOWNLOAD
programming1(sfnet) 838program1 DOWNLOAD
jtinymedia(sfnet) JTinyMedia JTinyMedia is a simple mp3 player based on the ... DOWNLOAD
eworktaxcalculator(sfnet) eRepublik Work Tax Calculator eRepublik is an online game, for which this too... DOWNLOAD
droinsrom(sfnet) DroInsROM DOWNLOAD
gestionstockss(sfnet) GestionStocks GestionStocks est un outils php gérant une base... DOWNLOAD

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