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dataentrysystem(sfnet) Data Entry System DOWNLOAD
sherlockd(sfnet) Sherlock Downloader Application to download files from websites. DOWNLOAD
simpleblackjack(sfnet) Simple Blackjack A very simple and text-only version of blackjac... DOWNLOAD
jpop-optimizer(sfnet) jpop-optimizer JPOP is a pure java parallel optimization packa... DOWNLOAD
hwthemeedit(sfnet) Hedgewars Theme Editor An application to create or edit themes for the... DOWNLOAD
openwebx(freshmeat) openWebX openWebX is yet another object oriented PHP fra... DOWNLOAD
hypernumber(sfnet) hypernumber Calculadoras matemáticas. DOWNLOAD
theapptransform(sfnet) The App Transformer You give us a website, that you use regularly, ... DOWNLOAD
sgqs(sfnet) sgqs O SGQS - Sistema de Garantia da Qualidade de So... DOWNLOAD
cochlear-emfw(sfnet) Extensible Cochlear Modelling Framework A library that extends the finite element libra... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-mysql-size-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mysql Size Class Wolf Software Mysql Size Class is a small light... DOWNLOAD
modrotate(sfnet) mod_rotate: Apache Content Rotation mod mod_rotate - Content Rotation Modules for Apach... DOWNLOAD
krokrantartikel(sfnet) krokrantartikel Een website specifiek gemaakt voor de Krokrant. DOWNLOAD
caonimadedaye(sfnet) caonimadedaye DOWNLOAD
hammondradio(sfnet) Hammond Radio DOWNLOAD
hydra-slayer(freshmeat) Hydra Slayer Hydra Slayer is a Roguelike game focused on one... DOWNLOAD
custommessageboxgenerator(sfnet) Custom Messagebox Generator DOWNLOAD
ligrid(sfnet) LiGrid Lightning detector using audio interface for Li... DOWNLOAD
freenet(freshmeat) Freenet Freenet is a peer-to-peer network designed to a... DOWNLOAD
tanidvr(sfnet) TaniDVR TaniDVR is a CLI tool for managing and capturin... DOWNLOAD
tfab(sfnet) The Family Address Book TFAB is a web-based shared address book. Integr... DOWNLOAD
animemaster(sfnet) AnimeMaster AnimeMaster is a free client Anime browser. Wit... DOWNLOAD
ccscript(sfnet) C++ state-event script engine class derivable embedded scripting engine for n... DOWNLOAD
rngsharp(sfnet) RNGSharp RNGSHARP is an easy to extend C# library for ge... DOWNLOAD
jcasim(sfnet) JCASIM Cellular Automata Simulation The program system JCASim is a general-purpose ... DOWNLOAD
legume(sfnet) legume Legume is a zeroconfig web interface run entire... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-piechart-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Piechart Class Wolf Software Piechart Class is a simple class ... DOWNLOAD
hyperloopcollaboration(sfnet) Hyperloop Collaboration I've created this site as a means for everyone ... DOWNLOAD
antarespb(sfnet) Antares Project Browser and Addon Antares Project is a Open Source Unity 3D exte... DOWNLOAD
repdef(sfnet) ATG Repository Definition Editor This is an ATG module which provides a user int... DOWNLOAD
textfilestatist(sfnet) Text File Statistics A command line utility to display statistics ab... DOWNLOAD
libpbcd(sfnet) libpbcd Packed Binary-Coded Decimal library for cross-p... DOWNLOAD
edonis(sfnet) WebRoster for Nuked-Klan + SKMapRoster DOWNLOAD
thunderbird-osx(sfnet) Thunderbird OS X Adress Book Edititon Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0x under Mac OS X has the... DOWNLOAD
widget-env(sfnet) Widget Environment An easy to use window environment written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
neuroscope(sfnet) NeuroScope NeuroScope is an advanced viewer for electrophy... DOWNLOAD
iaplengine(sfnet) IAPL Engine This is the game engine to be used with the IAPL DOWNLOAD
tiny-shell(sfnet) TinyShell PHP/Ajax A PHP-based Ajax-terminal. Very usefull if you ... DOWNLOAD
xangaarchiver(sfnet) Xanga Archiver Open Source Project Xanga Archiver Open Source - A open source PHP ... DOWNLOAD
noobslab-files(sfnet) noobslab-files These files are for users and link... DOWNLOAD
uniteorsplitvideos(sfnet) Unite or Split Videos Create a new video from existing videos by merg... DOWNLOAD
mensageirosalem(sfnet) mensageirosalem Software desenvolvido para comunicação em redes... DOWNLOAD
iccarusdadelus(sfnet) Iccarus and Dadelus School Animation Uses LWJGL and (may) use JBullet physics engine... DOWNLOAD
vrapp(sfnet) vrapp Software for decentralised healthcare provision... DOWNLOAD
dddistribution(sfnet) Domain Driven Distribution A distribution scheme for providing multiple us... DOWNLOAD
omycron(sfnet) omycron console text editor, good for scripting. DOWNLOAD
fpcamfphpplugin(sfnet) FPC AMFPHP Plugins A suit of plugins for AMFPHP. The source code ... DOWNLOAD
hsxmlmaker(sfnet) HSxmlMaker HyperSpin uses XML lists to populate selectable... DOWNLOAD
talparo(sfnet) talparo An easily installed MapProxy for Windows distri... DOWNLOAD
ntierframework(sfnet) N-Tier Windows Forms Framework Updated to work with Visual Studio 2012. The N... DOWNLOAD
oshavanainstallerdebian7(sfnet) OpenStack-Havana-Installer-debian7 Instalador Semi Automatizado de OpenStack Havan... DOWNLOAD
gbts(sfnet) Gameboy Terminal Server gbts is a client/server system that lets a clie... DOWNLOAD
bramante(sfnet) Bramante Structural Analysis Program for Civil Engineeri... DOWNLOAD
glicemeter(sfnet) for people that have diabetics This software intends to help people to control... DOWNLOAD
phppapersdb(sfnet) PHP Papers DB It is intended to administrate Papers in a bibi... DOWNLOAD
textanalyserext(sfnet) textanalyserext Text Analyser extended version can analyse any ... DOWNLOAD
silas(sfnet) Silas This TinyOS application, compatible with a Tmot... DOWNLOAD
conchart(freshmeat) Conchart Conchart is a tool to visualize the timing of n... DOWNLOAD
jolomea(freshmeat) Jolomea Jolomea (JOomla LOcalisation Made EAsy) is a co... DOWNLOAD
duplicatefilefixer100g(sfnet) Duplicate File Fixer 1.00g This software finds duplicate files across all... DOWNLOAD
slackdepot(sfnet) mancha's slackware depot DOWNLOAD
techstore(sfnet) TechStore DOWNLOAD
bycom(sfnet) Bycom Bycom can do methylcytosine calling from BS-seq... DOWNLOAD
libmysqludfta(sfnet) lib_mysqludf_ta Provides commonly used technical analysis indic... DOWNLOAD
jodreports(sfnet) JODReports JODReports is a solution for generating dynamic... DOWNLOAD
tradautomoodle(sfnet) tradautomoodle Patch of Moodle (LMS), efficient online moderat... DOWNLOAD
spring-listener(sfnet) spring-listener Declarative event listener support for SpringFr... DOWNLOAD
buzz-le(sfnet) BuzzLE BUZZle means Buzz Logic Enhanced and has neithe... DOWNLOAD
opendemo(sfnet) OpenDemo OpenDemo creates open sourced computer games re... DOWNLOAD
jcdm(sfnet) JClassDiagramMaker Using this tool you can Generate the class diag... DOWNLOAD
fosvm(sfnet) fosvm fosvm is a Free Open Source Virtual Machine man... DOWNLOAD
blockling(sfnet) blockling You are a young blockling who must stack blocks... DOWNLOAD
genhome(sfnet) GenHome Distributed Genetic Algorithm framework (with p... DOWNLOAD
mixingboard(sfnet) Audio Mixing Board A project for an audio mixing board (dj softwar... DOWNLOAD
netgpad(sfnet) netGpad netGPad is a free Gujarati Unicode Text Editor.... DOWNLOAD
jsparsematrix(sfnet) jsparsematrix The JSparse Matrix Package, developed by Philip... DOWNLOAD
mazethreed(sfnet) mazethreed 3d game that generates maze and requires you to... DOWNLOAD
wh32edit(sfnet) wh32edit Wh32Edit is an army and savegame editor for the... DOWNLOAD
taymodcarthage(sfnet) taymodcarthage DOWNLOAD
battle-chrome(sfnet) BattleChrome Battlefield Heroes Launcher Extension for Googl... DOWNLOAD
animacje(sfnet) Animacje My animations, all rights reserved. DOWNLOAD
aoffice(sfnet) A-Office With workstation powers, HTML5/CSS3 maturity su... DOWNLOAD
palmtaco(sfnet) Palm TaCo TaCo is a tasty Palm application that enables y... DOWNLOAD
intool(sfnet) intool a small launchpad for russian Lineage II game c... DOWNLOAD
kyndig(sfnet) Mud Magic Client OpenSource mud client designed to work on both ... DOWNLOAD
minimaldeb(sfnet) Minimal DOWNLOAD
simplev4l2(sfnet) SimpleV4L2 The SimpleV4L2 is a linux V4L2 grabber program ... DOWNLOAD
wpgdb(sfnet) WPgDB - PostgreSQL API WPgDB is a OO API to access PostgreSQL databases DOWNLOAD
pyzelda2(sfnet) pygame-pyZeldaII Zelda2 - the adventure of link based game writt... DOWNLOAD
msdb(sfnet) msdb M is a Model View Controller framework for rapi... DOWNLOAD
diablo3experience(sfnet) Diablo3Experience Diablo 3 Experience is a simple way to track yo... DOWNLOAD
reftester(sfnet) reftester A small game for testing your reflection skills DOWNLOAD
otstats(sfnet) OTSTats DOWNLOAD
exilepp(sfnet) exilepp Ceci est une extension pour Google Chrome et co... DOWNLOAD
muslimsosultimate(sfnet) Muslims OS Ultimate DOWNLOAD
zeditor-ezx(sfnet) zeditor-ezx zeditor is a powerful text editor and viewer. s... DOWNLOAD
quotes(sfnet) quotes This is a PHP frontend to a SQL server(potgresq... DOWNLOAD
kfreeflight(sfnet) KFreeFlight KFreeFlight is a GUI-Frontend for FlightGear an... DOWNLOAD
macmediacenter(sfnet) CenterStage - Mac Media Center Project CenterStage is a project to create an open sour... DOWNLOAD
fluxbbgreek(sfnet) Fluxbb Greek DOWNLOAD

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