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impactinventory(sfnet) impactinventory Inventory-Extraction-Tool DOWNLOAD
webframework(sfnet) web.framework web.framework is an MVC framework for PHP5. DOWNLOAD
employear(sfnet) employear Keep track of the attendances of employees. Us... DOWNLOAD
bswmanager(sfnet) Download Manager This is a complete downloads and uploads manage... DOWNLOAD
dollhouses(sfnet) dollhouses houses for sims 3 by anny DOWNLOAD
rsyncforwindows(sfnet) RsyncForWindows A GUI programm which provides the client functi... DOWNLOAD
englischforlisa(sfnet) Lisa Zeug für Lisa. :D :D :D DOWNLOAD
aqcgiproject(sfnet) CGI of soft materials undergoing large d A set of two programs, one movie creator and on... DOWNLOAD
groofy(sfnet) Groofy Groofy is an application to easily create new G... DOWNLOAD
shortran(sfnet) shortRan No description DOWNLOAD
flburn(sfnet) FlBurn FlBurn is an optical disc burning software for ... DOWNLOAD
atlas-link(sfnet) Next-gen Sequencing Scaffolding Tool The Atlas-Link software implements a greedy al... DOWNLOAD
gnome-boxes(freshmeat) GNOME Boxes GNOME Boxes lets you easily create and use loca... DOWNLOAD
htmsysinfo(sfnet) HTML System Information htmsysinfo writes information about your system... DOWNLOAD
scavenge(sfnet) scavenge Scavenge is a program to find stale and incorre... DOWNLOAD
imagetoolsnet(sfnet) Image Tools Image Tools is a screen capture, file sharing a... DOWNLOAD
anilloeinstein(sfnet) El Anillo de Einstein El Anillo de Einstein es un proyecto de videoju... DOWNLOAD
cryptographicle(sfnet) Cryptographic Learning Tool This tool is intended to assist individuals int... DOWNLOAD
wptasks(sfnet) wptasks Task Manager implemented with WordPress DOWNLOAD
imgresizedelphi(sfnet) Image Resize (DELPHI) simple application to test several image resize... DOWNLOAD
zeta-potential(sfnet) zeta-potential Zeta can be used to calculate zeta potentials f... DOWNLOAD
darkgarden(sfnet) darkgarden Dark Garden is a decorative scalable font. DOWNLOAD
nikitools(sfnet) nikitools A collection of my wiki tools and extensions DOWNLOAD
nbreed(sfnet) Precipice Game Features: 1) Play as the Undead Prince Of... DOWNLOAD
streader(sfnet) StripeReader The library can recognize barcode1-D and 2-D. S... DOWNLOAD
alexssandbox(sfnet) Alex's Sandbox Some Random Stuff to try out the facilities. DOWNLOAD
gimpuserfilter(freshmeat) Gimp User Filter Plug-in Gimp User Filter is a work-alike to Adobe's Fil... DOWNLOAD
nsjava(sfnet) nsjava nsjava is a loadable c-module which embeds a ja... DOWNLOAD
appswin(sfnet) Software is a free project having as main ob... DOWNLOAD
fpcalc(sfnet) fast powerful CALC The fast powerful CALC is a desktop scientific ... DOWNLOAD
createht(sfnet) CreateHT The CreateHT is find jar and ked' jar use phone... DOWNLOAD
imaginary(sfnet) Imaginary Game Engine The Imaginary Game Engine project tries to crea... DOWNLOAD
enginec(sfnet) EngineC Just a game engine set atop SDL, wrote in c++. ... DOWNLOAD
audioscrobbler(sfnet) Audioscrobbler The Audioscrobbler development project has move... DOWNLOAD
jdatabarwinxp(sfnet) Java data bar source for windows xp java console source code for windows xp sp3 inc... DOWNLOAD
sceditor(sfnet) sceditor Simple Config Editor is a class library written... DOWNLOAD
mmaster(sfnet) Mix Master simpel local mix program DOWNLOAD
dhlu(sfnet) dhlu DHLU is a live USB that you can discover the ha... DOWNLOAD
skilldb(sfnet) skilldb Project for maintaining skills of Employee in a... DOWNLOAD
bir(sfnet) Batch Image Resizer Free batch image resizer. Simple and easy to us... DOWNLOAD
hrmis-dost(sfnet) HRMIS DOST
secluded-notes(freshmeat) Secluded Notes Secluded Notes is a simple text editor that kee... DOWNLOAD
texlexan(freshmeat) TexLexAn TexLexAn allows you to drag and drop a document... DOWNLOAD
htdocsplayer(freshmeat) htdocsplayer htdocsplayer is a Web browser that is combined ... DOWNLOAD
webarchivwkbnch(sfnet) Web Archives Workbench The WAW tools provide a more automated approach... DOWNLOAD
terrastore(freshmeat) Terrastore Terrastore is a modern document store which pro... DOWNLOAD
logmente(sfnet) logmente LogicaMente es un programa para resolver razona... DOWNLOAD
fdrpg(freshmeat) FreedroidRPG FreedroidRPG is an isometric RPG game inspired ... DOWNLOAD
ballfight(sfnet) Ball Fight In this game you have to destroy as much balls ... DOWNLOAD
sanddancer(sfnet) sanddancer sanddancer is a Zope ( prod... DOWNLOAD
jlo(sfnet) jLo jLo is logging framework for java. It takes a d... DOWNLOAD
real-cms(sfnet) Real CMS Real CMS is a content management system like no...
pyidlelif(sfnet) pyidlelif Python IDLE Language Include File is multi lang... DOWNLOAD
monster-netinf(sfnet) MONSTER MONSTER tool for network inference from multipl... DOWNLOAD
festivaldenadal(sfnet) Festival de Nadal Escrits del festival de Nadal del dia 14 de des... DOWNLOAD
pyi(sfnet) pyi PYI is an Android application to sketch stories... DOWNLOAD
olsr-lc(sfnet) OLSR with Link Cost Extensions The OLSRd software as available from www.olsr.o... DOWNLOAD
wifix(sfnet) wifix Downloaded the latest version of Wifix from the... DOWNLOAD
gmpia64(sfnet) GMP/IA64 This is a port of the GNU MultiPrecision librar... DOWNLOAD
histream(sfnet) HIStream HIStream is a clinical decision support system ... DOWNLOAD
pw-clean(sfnet) PW Clean PW Clean - [Atalhos] - Programa que remove a ma... DOWNLOAD
xychat(sfnet) XyChat Que es XyChat? es un chat online en tiempo real... DOWNLOAD
sipaudiofeeding(sfnet) Sip Audio Feeding Agent A Sip live audio feeding agent. The agent captu... DOWNLOAD
gwhosin(sfnet) gwhosin gwhosin is a Gnome tray notifier informing a us... DOWNLOAD
earmarkmp3(sfnet) Earmark MP3 Renamer Earmark MP3 is a Windows 32-bit application use... DOWNLOAD
checkup(sfnet) Check Up System for Thai Healthcare Checkup is intelligent patient record managemen... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-postgresql-module(freshmeat) BitNami PostgreSQL module BitNami PostgreSQL module is an add-on for WAMP... DOWNLOAD
tasp-and-early-infection(sfnet) tasp-and-early-infection This provides the source code for reproducing t... DOWNLOAD
magiclibrary(sfnet) MagicLibrary MagicLibrary is a card searcher and another dec... DOWNLOAD
dnloader(sfnet) Download Manager This new version of BSW Uploads and Downloads m... DOWNLOAD
jdbmaker(sfnet) JDBMaker JDBMaker is a general purpose database manager ... DOWNLOAD
ipchangenotify(sfnet) ipchangenotify Notifies you via email when your publicly-visib... DOWNLOAD
aqemu(sfnet) AQEMU AQEMU is GUI to QEMU and KVM emulators, written... DOWNLOAD
xarayamodules(sfnet) xarayamodules A warehouse for Xaraya Modules developed and ma... DOWNLOAD
portablevirtualhotspot(sfnet) Portable Virtual Hotspot Quick create your virtual hotspot or router DOWNLOAD
game404(sfnet) 404 Game Framework Framework basé sur XNA en C# proposent un ensem... DOWNLOAD
throwmidi(sfnet) throwmidi throwmidi sends simple midi signals to alsa mid... DOWNLOAD
mutl(sfnet) mutl Arquivos MuTilados em link direto. DOWNLOAD
uvcproducts(sfnet) uvcproducts i am still trying to learn darn it DOWNLOAD
parradize4(sfnet) parradize4 Les config du serveur Parradize DOWNLOAD
quiltprep(sfnet) QuiltPrep A Java/Swing application that simplifies the ta... DOWNLOAD
pcduinoberrybootimages(sfnet) PcDuino BerryBoot Images With these images you can simply install the mu... DOWNLOAD
spocktexteditor(sfnet) Spock Text Editor This app is designed in Java, so is fully compa... DOWNLOAD
berechner(sfnet) BeRechner Calculation for bread exchange of diabetics. DOWNLOAD
dataentrysystem(sfnet) Data Entry System DOWNLOAD
sherlockd(sfnet) Sherlock Downloader Application to download files from websites. DOWNLOAD
simpleblackjack(sfnet) Simple Blackjack A very simple and text-only version of blackjac... DOWNLOAD
jpop-optimizer(sfnet) jpop-optimizer JPOP is a pure java parallel optimization packa... DOWNLOAD
hwthemeedit(sfnet) Hedgewars Theme Editor An application to create or edit themes for the... DOWNLOAD
openwebx(freshmeat) openWebX openWebX is yet another object oriented PHP fra... DOWNLOAD
hypernumber(sfnet) hypernumber Calculadoras matemáticas. DOWNLOAD
theapptransform(sfnet) The App Transformer You give us a website, that you use regularly, ... DOWNLOAD
sgqs(sfnet) sgqs O SGQS - Sistema de Garantia da Qualidade de So... DOWNLOAD
cochlear-emfw(sfnet) Extensible Cochlear Modelling Framework A library that extends the finite element libra... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-mysql-size-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mysql Size Class Wolf Software Mysql Size Class is a small light... DOWNLOAD
modrotate(sfnet) mod_rotate: Apache Content Rotation mod mod_rotate - Content Rotation Modules for Apach... DOWNLOAD
krokrantartikel(sfnet) krokrantartikel Een website specifiek gemaakt voor de Krokrant. DOWNLOAD
caonimadedaye(sfnet) caonimadedaye DOWNLOAD
hammondradio(sfnet) Hammond Radio DOWNLOAD
hydra-slayer(freshmeat) Hydra Slayer Hydra Slayer is a Roguelike game focused on one... DOWNLOAD

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