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eliteillidan(sfnet) Elite ILLIDAN Dies ist unsere Seite zum Arbeiten DOWNLOAD
forumgear(sfnet) ForumGear ForumGear for PG community. DOWNLOAD
istream-for-ibmi(sfnet) Streams for IBM i Streamd for IBM i is a suite of tools for IBM i... DOWNLOAD
orrickmp3(sfnet) Orrick MP3 Player The Orrick MP3 project consists of a pair of ap... DOWNLOAD
koodree(sfnet) koodree cool dreams.not specific intention, DOWNLOAD
antergos(sfnet) Antergos The purpose of Antergos is to provide a modern,... DOWNLOAD
gpxmerge(sfnet) Gpx Merge GPS GPX Merge Program. Merge Routes for GPX exc... DOWNLOAD
sseplus(sfnet) SSEPlus SSEPlus is a SIMD function library. It provides... DOWNLOAD
biocity(sfnet) bioCity bioCity is a continuous space, discrete time si... DOWNLOAD
simple2dcadcam(sfnet) simple2dcadcam A Simple 2D CAD/CAM application (currently Wind... DOWNLOAD
fxprefs(sfnet) fx_prefs A command-line tool for change Mozilla Firefox ... DOWNLOAD
nepali-speech-recognition(sfnet) Nepali speech recognition Very first software tool to recognize Nepali sp...
graphics32plot(sfnet) Graphics32PlotWindow Several components based on Graphics32 library:... DOWNLOAD
gedit-pair-char-autocomplete(freshmeat) gedit-pair-char-autocomplete gedit-pair-char-autocomplete is a gedit plugin ... DOWNLOAD
ehrflex(sfnet) EHRflex EHRflex is an archetype-based clinical registry... DOWNLOAD
eproxy(sfnet) phproxy encrypt phproxy0.5b2 的衍生程序,主要增加了加密模块 DOWNLOAD
sopaconet(sfnet) Sopaco.Net this is an demo shows my project build on sourc... DOWNLOAD
xoopsportuguese(sfnet) xoopsportuguese 過去の製品のCOM traduçõesはXOOPSパラ図書館portu... DOWNLOAD
gpxgrep(sfnet) gpxgrep Command line tool for searching and combining G... DOWNLOAD
whatamidoing(sfnet) whatamidoing Currently for distribution of a program to help... DOWNLOAD
javateam(sfnet) JavaTeam JavaTeam is an integrated portal based on Life... DOWNLOAD
clcc(sfnet) clcc The OpenCL Kernel Compiler compiles OpenCL kern... DOWNLOAD
onlinemovietick(sfnet) Online Movie Ticket Booking This is a JSP project with HTML and AJAX with a... DOWNLOAD
lp4mrr(sfnet) LP4MRR Collection of code and apps for the Launchpad F... DOWNLOAD
phpwcms-addon(sfnet) AddOns for phpWCMS phpWCMS-AddOn lists all the mods, reptags and c... DOWNLOAD
gonpp(sfnet) GOnpp This plugin allows you to run some features of ... DOWNLOAD
openrecbook(sfnet) Open Recipe Book Open Recipe Book is a cool way for people to sh... DOWNLOAD
phptaskdaemon(freshmeat) PhpTaskDaemon PhpTaskDaemon is a daemon framework for running... DOWNLOAD
grabvk(sfnet) GrabVK GrabVK is a crossplatform downloader of music f... DOWNLOAD
sublaster(sfnet) Subliminal Blaster 4 Subliminal Blaster is a NLP software that shows... DOWNLOAD
parachute(sfnet) Parachute Parachute is an application that you can use to... DOWNLOAD
info3020(sfnet) info3020 This is an ITO (University of Southampton) fina... DOWNLOAD
projectsources(sfnet) Project Les sources de notre projet en cours de créatio... DOWNLOAD
sark100swranaly(sfnet) SARK100 SWR Analyzer The SARK100 SWR Analyzer ( DOWNLOAD
dust(freshmeat) DUST DUST (Driver UpdateS Tool) is designed to "... DOWNLOAD
yronp2p(sfnet) yronp2p ... DOWNLOAD
kinoarhiv(sfnet) Kinoarhiv Kinoarhiv for Joomla 1.0.x version. Currently b... DOWNLOAD
jnifugue(sfnet) jnifugue GUIFugue (eventually to become a part of JNIFug... DOWNLOAD
pyarkanoid(sfnet) pyarkanoid Firs tversion of an Arkanoid clone game develop... DOWNLOAD
ffconverter(sfnet) FFConverter This promises to be a neat and simple ffmpeg fr... DOWNLOAD
universitashanumankarangpura(sfnet) UNIVERSITAS HANUMAN KARANGPURA Pendahuluan Mendirikan organisasi pendidikan da... DOWNLOAD
opktro(sfnet) opk_tRO Openkore Project DOWNLOAD
rocketman(sfnet) rocketman Space Age sci-fi-fantasy Shoot 'em up written i... DOWNLOAD
miroportable(sfnet) Miro Portable Made by HackZor Thank you for downloading thi... DOWNLOAD
rexx-mysql(sfnet) REXX MySQL Library Wrapper library for adding MySQL support into t... DOWNLOAD
securep2p(sfnet) Secure P2P Framework (SePP) This project develops a secure P2P framework in... DOWNLOAD
kekiproject(sfnet) kekiproject ono ovo znaš kako DOWNLOAD
roms4droid(sfnet) Android ROMs Find a ROM for your device. DOWNLOAD
bu3d(sfnet) BU3D High resolution low budget 3D scanner using a c... DOWNLOAD
normalizer(sfnet) The Charabia Normalizer Contextual rule-based text normalization engine... DOWNLOAD
cas-offinder(sfnet) Cas-OFFinder An ultrafast and versatile algorithm that searc... DOWNLOAD
uadf20(sfnet) uadf20 The Optical Disk group has introduced the red b... DOWNLOAD
gif2apng(sfnet) GIF to APNG This program converts GIF animations into anima... DOWNLOAD
luckypoem(sfnet) luckypoem testing's hosted apps DOWNLOAD
urlgo(sfnet) urlgo This is a small tool(open .url file.) DOWNLOAD
assettracking(sfnet) Assest Tracking System This is a tracking system for hardware devices ... DOWNLOAD
yubel(sfnet) yubel yubel 是用来存在由Yubel框架开发的一系列PHP程序... DOWNLOAD
libordpath(sfnet) libordpath An implementation of ORDPATH encoding. Microsof... DOWNLOAD
alperl(sfnet) Allegro Perl Bindings Perl bindings for the Allegro Low Level Game Ro... DOWNLOAD
openreversi(sfnet) openreversi Reversi game with minimax algorithm DOWNLOAD
parche(sfnet) parche parche para cualquier cliente 1.03 :D DOWNLOAD
gostsign(sfnet) GOST 2.0 Hidden channel Hidden channel for Russian digital signature sc... DOWNLOAD
sampleproprojec(sfnet) sampleproprojec sample project just to test how it works DOWNLOAD
openfrogger(sfnet) openfrogger Java port of the retro game Frogger. DOWNLOAD
layout2pic(sfnet) Layout2Pic Layout2Pic is a free project DOWNLOAD
wnpojo(sfnet) WordNet Pojo WordNet Plain Old Java Objects library - to be ... DOWNLOAD
delphixml-rpc(sfnet) Delphi XML-RPC XML-RPC for Delphi is a library used on the ser... DOWNLOAD
lignumcad(sfnet) lignumCAD lignumCAD is a solid modeling tool oriented tow... DOWNLOAD
pyhanse(sfnet) pyhanse Pyhanse is a python clone / extension of the po... DOWNLOAD
dzsutils(sfnet) dzsutils A set of very useful utilities from icon extrac... DOWNLOAD
awosgraph(sfnet) AWOS graph A Perl/TK graphing utility to display AWOS minu... DOWNLOAD
winfilecount(sfnet) Windows File Count Get the count of files matching a patterin in a... DOWNLOAD
jackc(sfnet) Jackc Small CLI controlling Jack Audio Connection Kit... DOWNLOAD
slice2lua(sfnet) slice2lua slice language compiler which generates C++ cod... DOWNLOAD
caphgame(sfnet) Caph It is a sandbox game, based on physics. The gam... DOWNLOAD
awp-cms(sfnet) AWP-CMS 1st my projects indonesian only DOWNLOAD
startrinityfr(sfnet) StarTrinity Face Recognition Library StarTrinity Face Recognition Library is designe... DOWNLOAD
javafamilytree(sfnet) java family tree DOWNLOAD
simplehrm(sfnet) SimpleHRM SimpleHRM is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affo... DOWNLOAD
nxtboard(sfnet) NxtBoard This is an ASP.NET Forum still under developmen... DOWNLOAD
aquariumscreensaver(sfnet) Aquarium Screensaver Aquarium Screensaver is a Free next-generation ... DOWNLOAD
svnpackager(sfnet) svnpackager SVNPackager helps you prepare packages out of y... DOWNLOAD
sleuth-ga(sfnet) Sleuth - Genetic Algorithm Calibration Sleuth Urban Growth Model - Genetic algorithm c... DOWNLOAD
bbstroke(sfnet) BBStroke BBStroke - mouse gestures for the blackbox wind... DOWNLOAD
celwars2009(sfnet) celwars2009 Single or multiplayer strategy game centered ar... DOWNLOAD
rawk-sh(sfnet) rawk - rage against web frameworks rawk (rage against web frameworks) - generates ... DOWNLOAD
poketactics(sfnet) poketactics fun game in pokemon unverce. DOWNLOAD
phenex(sfnet) Phenex Phenex is an application for annotating taxa an... DOWNLOAD
bookmarks-mgr(sfnet) Bookmarks manager portlet Bookmarks manager is a JSR-168 compliant portle... DOWNLOAD
unrealcm(sfnet) Unreal Cache Manager Unreal Cache Manager is a python program to man... DOWNLOAD
katana-usb(sfnet) Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite Katana packages security / ethical hacking dist... DOWNLOAD
nomar(sfnet) nomar pagina de teste de projetos DOWNLOAD
audioexceladdin(sfnet) audio excel add-in DOWNLOAD
onet(sfnet) onet The High-End Networktuner - Octopus Net The Oct... DOWNLOAD
ditaotgui(sfnet) ditaotgui GUI for the DITA Open Toolkit. DOWNLOAD
dailyledger(sfnet) Ledger My Ledger developed by Aman DOWNLOAD
loading(sfnet) Loading Loading For Website Page! DOWNLOAD
explore2fspe(sfnet) explore2fs Portable Edition explore2fs Portable Edition is the explore2fs L... DOWNLOAD
busminder(sfnet) BusMinder Real-Time e-mail and SMS notification system fo... DOWNLOAD
safepasswordgenerator(sfnet) Safe Password Generator Safe Password Generator is a program which gene... DOWNLOAD

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