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intrusionblock(sfnet) Intrusion Block Intrusion Block (IBlock) is a small Linux daemo... DOWNLOAD
tar(sfnet) tarskill DOWNLOAD
pcwhatsappbeta(sfnet) pcwhatsapp-beta DOWNLOAD
databasepro(sfnet) Database Pro (OpenOffice / Excel) Database Pro has been designed to manage addres... DOWNLOAD
feelhome(freshmeat) FeelHome FeelHome connects your computer to the Internet... DOWNLOAD
fisherman(sfnet) Fisherman Fisherman is a system for managing and monitori... DOWNLOAD
dorsl(sfnet) DORSL DORSL stands for the Dorsl Open Requestable Scr... DOWNLOAD
bowtranslate(sfnet) Bow!Translate Android 2.2 App for translating from German to ... DOWNLOAD
browserchooser(sfnet) BrowserChooser BrowserChooser 0.2. is a Java-based free-ware t... DOWNLOAD
contweb(sfnet) contweb web application for simple accounting DOWNLOAD
wiindows(sfnet) wiindows An Open Source OS Being Coded For The Wii, And ... DOWNLOAD
tetrax(sfnet) tetrax a simple networdked (tcp-ip) 4inarow game with ... DOWNLOAD
marsyas(sfnet) marsyas Marsyas (Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesi... DOWNLOAD
auto-importer(sfnet) auto-importer ATOM is an OMERO client which allows automated ... DOWNLOAD
raspberrywebkiosk(sfnet) Raspberry WebKiosk WEB KIOSK (SECURE UNRESTRICTED BROWSING) FOR T... DOWNLOAD
masterkey(sfnet) Masterkey Open Source Master key generation software. Pro... DOWNLOAD
dy2008(sfnet) 6070电影 DOWNLOAD
aomodding(sfnet) AOModding DOWNLOAD
sercanduyar(sfnet) sercan.duyar Developing a C/C++ program that generates kml ... DOWNLOAD
xploremundo(sfnet) xploremundo Xplore World es un navegador que usa el potenci...
mlh(sfnet) Master's Little Helper A tool for Savage Worlds game masters. It combi... DOWNLOAD
get-a-map-plus(sfnet) get-a-map-plus A win32 program for downloading, viewing and ex... DOWNLOAD
kcheckgmail(sfnet) KCheckGMail KCheckGMail is a simple KDE systray application... DOWNLOAD
scenetoneres(sfnet) scenetoneres Scenetone RES is a RESurrection of the Sceneton... DOWNLOAD
mollify(freshmeat) Mollify Mollify is Web file manager for publishing and ... DOWNLOAD
clusterbench(sfnet) Cluster Bench Cluster Bench is a framework to support a range... DOWNLOAD
fftpu(sfnet) fftpu Fast FTP Uploader is a small application to qui... DOWNLOAD
csskins(sfnet) Counter Strike This is cs skins project DOWNLOAD
pk3man(sfnet) pk3man plugin for Q3Radiant DOWNLOAD
slower(sfnet) 漫漫看 为了方便看漫画,收藏漫画,摆脱漫画网站看漫画的... DOWNLOAD
shserver(sfnet) Server Helper ( Minecraft ) This is a tool to be able to utilize Minecraft ... DOWNLOAD
novaprova(sfnet) NovaProva NovaProva is a unit testing framework for C (an... DOWNLOAD
snapriming(sfnet) SNAPriming automatically design primers for allele-specifi... DOWNLOAD
ard-core13(sfnet) Core13 An Arduino core for the Attiny13 processors. ... DOWNLOAD
paswordsaver(sfnet) PASSWORD SAVER for 2core processor .a offline project DOWNLOAD
openmcd(sfnet) openmcd DOWNLOAD
jqueryscrolltoelement(sfnet) Jquery Scroll To Element Jquery Scroll To Element is a simple script tha... DOWNLOAD
nebulaonemusicplayer(sfnet) Nebula One Music Player Listen to some relaxing music by adding and rem... DOWNLOAD
jummp(sfnet) JUMMP JUMMP is an automated scheduling platform that ... DOWNLOAD
anni(sfnet) Anni# Anni is on free open-source C# UCI bitboard che... DOWNLOAD
all110(sfnet) All in One The Projekt is Public and free for all! DOWNLOAD
pymultiproject(sfnet) Python Multi-Project This is a repository for Executable version dep... DOWNLOAD
bioinfo-454sim(sfnet) 454sim DOWNLOAD
educn(sfnet) educn educn DOWNLOAD
dgtools(sfnet) DG Tools Administration tools intended for use on Calder... DOWNLOAD
txsig(sfnet) Txoof's Signature Rotation Progra txsig is a perl script for choosing a random qu... DOWNLOAD
utils4j(sfnet) utils4j Without comments. Without licences. Set of stan... DOWNLOAD
blindcall(sfnet) BlindCall The application is a standalone website, which ... DOWNLOAD
bashlinux(sfnet) Linux Administrator Bash Scripts I have abandon this site, if you wish to grab m... DOWNLOAD
compilernerd(sfnet) Compiler Nerd - Project Compiler Nerd, Modify and create programs for y... DOWNLOAD
fetionapi(sfnet) BFetionAPI fetion for blackberry DOWNLOAD
downinga-rts(sfnet) Afdarts RTS Acronym for Downing Andrew Real-Time Strategy; ... DOWNLOAD
wmj(sfnet) Webbased Music Jukebox WMJ is a PHP based jukebox for playing MP3 musi... DOWNLOAD
compsciproj(sfnet) CompSci Proj comp sci project files DOWNLOAD
furien(sfnet) furien DOWNLOAD
stringext(sfnet) stringext Open-source C library that tends to extend C st... DOWNLOAD
linuxvirtualapp(sfnet) Linux Virtual Applications Here people can find a lot of Linux Virtual App... DOWNLOAD
lindyframe(freshmeat) lindyFrame lindyFrame is a desktop application framework w... DOWNLOAD
naartjiebot(sfnet) NaartjieBot NaartjieBot is a simple Java IRCBot. DOWNLOAD
indexduweb(sfnet) Index du web download DOWNLOAD
wildmaniac(sfnet) WildManiac's PortableApps DOWNLOAD
ejb21jboss50(sfnet) EJB21_JBOSS50 This project creates and deploy a simple EJB in... DOWNLOAD
orpheon(sfnet) Orpheon Imagine the world of Wolfenstein 3D, one of the... DOWNLOAD
aaar(sfnet) Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting With Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (A.A... DOWNLOAD
url-router(freshmeat) URL Router URL Router is a PHP class that can match URLs w... DOWNLOAD
audioplayerrmi(sfnet) AudioPlayer Erweitern Sie das Programm AudioPlayer, so dass... DOWNLOAD
jasfinder(sfnet) JASFinder When FCKeditor became CKEditor they made the fi... DOWNLOAD
archfundation(sfnet) Fondement Michtam This package includes all little macros and uti... DOWNLOAD
cdocker(sfnet) c-docker DOWNLOAD
synclibdotnet(sfnet) synclibdotnet Thread Syncronization Library for .Net DOWNLOAD
open-school-admin(freshmeat) Open School Admin Open School Admin (OSA) is a Web-based school a... DOWNLOAD
organizer-pk(sfnet) Organizer DOWNLOAD
permeate(sfnet) PERMEATE - Covert Channel Covert channel over IP. permeate is able to sen... DOWNLOAD
zodius(sfnet) zodius Zodius is a fast 2d vector graphics library. It... DOWNLOAD
pyexpsin(sfnet) PyExPsiN PyExPsiN is a Python crossplatform (Linux/Windo... DOWNLOAD
codive(sfnet) codive codive is a software for programmers and admini... DOWNLOAD
breaker-001(sfnet) breaker 001 A simple breaker game for learn to develop game... DOWNLOAD
hypercaster(sfnet) The HyperCaster Hypervideo Framework HyperCaster is an interactive video player disp... DOWNLOAD
thangkaorganizer(sfnet) Thangka Organizer (MVFM Script) DOWNLOAD
flexifoto(sfnet) flexifoto Flexible web photo album. Easy photo and album ... DOWNLOAD
articledifficultylevel(sfnet) Article Difficulty Level Through this plugin, user can able to select th... DOWNLOAD
select-it(sfnet) select-it anno DOWNLOAD
dcartesproj(sfnet) D-cartes project D-cartes est un projet de cartographie 3D. DOWNLOAD
kizifree(sfnet) kizi DOWNLOAD
zgoubi(sfnet) zgoubi zgoubi is a ray-tracing code in use for charged... DOWNLOAD
amav(sfnet) AMAV Architectural Models and Views (AMAV) is a set ... DOWNLOAD
gnoise(sfnet) gnoise GNoise is a GTK+ based wave file editor. It use... DOWNLOAD
amozeshnasbeavantfax(sfnet) amozesh nasbe avantfax DOWNLOAD
jwebstar(sfnet) NPS - The Enterprise CMS for websites NPS is an enterprise CMS built in Java and orac... DOWNLOAD
fengyin(sfnet) 风吟 这是一个风吟的PHP和exe开源程序收集地方. DOWNLOAD
orte(sfnet) ORTE ORTE is an open source C implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
irlesons(sfnet) irlesons Java examples for information retrievals coveri... DOWNLOAD
opennode2(sfnet) OpenNode2 OpenNode2 is an open-source National Environmen... DOWNLOAD
int2bin(sfnet) int2bin A super lightweight utility that converts an un... DOWNLOAD
minimumcode(sfnet) Minimum Code This software Find Duplicate Code In your proje... DOWNLOAD
multitetris(sfnet) MultiTetris Тетрис для j2me платформы. Отличительной особен... DOWNLOAD
quuxplayer(sfnet) QuuxPlayer QuuxPlayer is a streamlined, highly usable and ... DOWNLOAD
tensi(sfnet) tensi First project using cvs. DOWNLOAD
fpm(sfnet) Figaro's Password Manager Figaro's Password Manager (FPM) is a GNOME appl... DOWNLOAD
webrowse(sfnet) webrowse we all feel irritated when we are browsing in o... DOWNLOAD

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