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g-script(sfnet) GScript GScript 是具有强大的表达能力和动态运行的一门全... DOWNLOAD
hksupport(sfnet) H.K support en This is the english version of H.K support(also... DOWNLOAD
baopb(sfnet) baopb DOWNLOAD
vso(sfnet) vso Vista Services Optimizer enables you to tweak W... DOWNLOAD
easyzip14(sfnet) EasyZip Ein einfaches Programm zum Zip erstellen und en... DOWNLOAD
diosteama(sfnet) DiosTeAma DiosTeAma is an IRC bot project using irssi DOWNLOAD
flyportstefacc(sfnet) FLYPORT API by stefacc FLYPORT Project by stefacc DOWNLOAD
weiliyu(sfnet) WeiLiYu WeiLiYu ("feed the koi") is a Chinese... DOWNLOAD
ngeadal(sfnet) Ngeadal Ngeadal is a Unicode library for Ada. It is cur... DOWNLOAD
big-dll(sfnet) Big DLL Big DLL is a plugin to NSIS which supports hand... DOWNLOAD
nat64(sfnet) nat64 This module implements NAT64 DOWNLOAD
vop2p(sfnet) vop2p This project is about sending instance messenge... DOWNLOAD
esml(sfnet) The Earth Science Markup Language ESML is an interchange technology that utilizes... DOWNLOAD
feed4junit(sfnet) feed4junit Feed4JUnit makes it easy to write and feed para... DOWNLOAD
os-sim(sfnet) os-sim OSSIM provides a Security Information and Event... DOWNLOAD
picasaalbumdown(sfnet) picasaalbumdown Download friends albums and photos on your PC, ... DOWNLOAD
siacodepainter(sfnet) CodePainter Adds color tags to C++ code to be used in forums. DOWNLOAD
copyeah(sfnet) copyeah Convertire testo in TXT Mono: TXT prima riga Fa... DOWNLOAD
maninthemaze(sfnet) Man in the maze Man in the maze create a maze N x M with an arb... DOWNLOAD
numconv(sfnet) NumConv Convert numbers between scales from 2 to 32. It... DOWNLOAD
skyserv(sfnet) SkyServ SkyServ is a framework for handing request sent... DOWNLOAD
pendrivevirusre(sfnet) Pen Drive Virus Remover Pen Drive Virus Remover - removes many harmful ... DOWNLOAD
svg-cards(sfnet) SVG-cards SVG-cards is a collection of decks of playing c... DOWNLOAD
mgas(sfnet) mgas A generic GNU compatible assembler suitable for... DOWNLOAD
mplgui(sfnet) mplgui A win32-based graphical front-end for MPlayer. DOWNLOAD
faee(sfnet) faee Estonian language files for FrontAccounting. Co... DOWNLOAD
lptdrv(sfnet) lptdrv A DOS "driver" for computer LPT ports... DOWNLOAD
nophost(sfnet) nophost 1hub is an IPC tool with a file-system interfac... DOWNLOAD
begin2(sfnet) Begin2: A TCP/IP Tactical Starship Sim A shareware game called begin was released in 1... DOWNLOAD
calendarconvert(sfnet) CalendarConverter The software converts temporal granularity repr... DOWNLOAD
uovt(sfnet) uovt TROUT is Talak's Revised Online Ultima Tool. Fo... DOWNLOAD
cpp-tutorial-source(sfnet) C++ Tutorial Source Code DOWNLOAD
rmichat(sfnet) RMI CHAT a chat application designed using remote method... DOWNLOAD
vineleafstudio(sfnet) Vineleaf Studio Business Establishment Project established to manage all activities/ta... DOWNLOAD
kports(sfnet) KPorts KPorts is a powerful KDE-frontend to FreeBSD-Po... DOWNLOAD
meltdown(sfnet) meltdown Scratch Text Display is a lightweight, expandab... DOWNLOAD
hpcap(sfnet) hpcap This software allows you to attach various devi... DOWNLOAD
ripe(sfnet) ripe A web based PHP content management system (CMS)... DOWNLOAD
mebay(sfnet) mebay MeBay is a Perl/GTK client for eBay with suppor... DOWNLOAD
pyavl(sfnet) avl-trees for Python This small C package is made of an independent ... DOWNLOAD
simplejobs(sfnet) SPJS, a Simple Parallel Job Skeleton SPJS is a simple skeleton for creating job prog... DOWNLOAD
emplan(sfnet) Graphplan Implementations This project consists of various implementation... DOWNLOAD
openbee(sfnet) OpenBee DOWNLOAD
codegen-php(sfnet) codegenPHP Generate PHP class based on database structure. DOWNLOAD
twitchbot(sfnet) TwitchIRC Moderationsbot DOWNLOAD
blusterfilesharing(sfnet) Bluster Bluster is a free mp3 sharing and downloading s... DOWNLOAD
travelsearcheng(sfnet) This was an UI course project. In this project ... DOWNLOAD
sjit(sfnet) Simple Java Image Tool Easy-to-use command line tool for analyzing, ma... DOWNLOAD
jamdb(sfnet) JamDB JamDB (Just another music DataBase) is a fast P... DOWNLOAD
bb-salary-calc(sfnet) BuzzerBeater Salary Calculator salary calculator for the online... DOWNLOAD
gtkstryk(sfnet) GtkStryk GtkStryk is a GTK+ application generating filte... DOWNLOAD
hfeasyweb(sfnet) HFEasyWeb HF Easy Web Coverage DOWNLOAD
jxmlguibuilder(sfnet) Java-XML-GuiBuilder The Java-XML-GuiBuilder creates on the basis of... DOWNLOAD
mms4mac(sfnet) Magic Memory Stick Creator for Mac This program creates and installs a Magic Memor... DOWNLOAD
edminesweeper(sfnet) 3D MineSweeper This project is to create the old aged 2D game ... DOWNLOAD
plague-rpg(sfnet) Plague Plague is a text base zombie apocalypse RPG gam... DOWNLOAD
ams(sfnet) Address management database AMS is an address management system consisting ... DOWNLOAD
netaccess(sfnet) Internet Access Managment NetAccess is an application for managing a gate... DOWNLOAD
osmimports(sfnet) osmimports Scripts for converting shapefiles to osm format. DOWNLOAD
a2l(sfnet) Arduino2Lego Arduino2Lego is a project developed at the Poli... DOWNLOAD
neurallibs(sfnet) Neural Libs This project includes the implementation of a n... DOWNLOAD
kindleklipper(sfnet) kindleklipper The Kindle Klipper takes the "My Clippings... DOWNLOAD
mytravelnote(sfnet) mytravel Travel note editor for ios DOWNLOAD
jpview(sfnet) JPview - Java PDF Viewer JPview is a free, open source, platform indepen... DOWNLOAD
synchqt(sfnet) synchqt File synchronize program based on a program tha... DOWNLOAD
tdsdump(sfnet) tdsdump This software allows you to attach your Tektron... DOWNLOAD
notificationer(sfnet) notificationer This application send your facebook notificatio... DOWNLOAD
qndmp3(sfnet) qndmp3 Quick and Dirty MP3 Player DOWNLOAD
busuu(sfnet) BUSUU BUSUU es una aplicacion Android, que permite ll... DOWNLOAD
javaautocompile(sfnet) javaautocompile Automatically lets you compile, and run Java co... DOWNLOAD
mylistfiles(sfnet) MyListFiles
comuniq(sfnet) ComuniQ ComuniQ-Wholesale Telecom Billing System. It he... DOWNLOAD
sr74(sfnet) sr74 Osservare per fotografare e bloccare nel tempo ... DOWNLOAD
biocodecommons(sfnet) Biocode Commons
fyzip(sfnet) FY-Zip FY-Zip can open and create compressed files, fa... DOWNLOAD
qbluetoothzero(sfnet) QBluetoothZero QBluetoothZero is a third-party library for usi... DOWNLOAD
hedgemaze(sfnet) Hedge MAze A game made in C++ with a home made engine. DOWNLOAD
genoppixscripts(sfnet) Genoppix Scripts Collection of scripts to ease the creation and ... DOWNLOAD
labyrinth(sfnet) labyrinth A méltán híres bolondos labirintus. DOWNLOAD
nocturnalpvp(sfnet) nocturnalpvp Public Database for DOL - Daoc DOWNLOAD
dsivieri(sfnet) dsivieri This is just a test to get my feet wet. DOWNLOAD
jta(sfnet) The Java Telnet Application The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is a fully featured ... DOWNLOAD
tudoparacs2d(sfnet) Tudo Para CS2D Hacks, Mapas, versões antigas, e muito mais. DOWNLOAD
split-gtk(sfnet) split-gtk Split-Gtk + is a graphical user interface (GUI)... DOWNLOAD
dailylog(sfnet) Daily_log Project "Daily_log" - is my small dra... DOWNLOAD
beyoncegallery(sfnet) beyonceimages Photos of Beyoncé in site. DOWNLOAD
emulatos(sfnet) EmulatOS DOWNLOAD
fileslicer(sfnet) File Slicer A simple tool that slices big files (files that... DOWNLOAD
myownarkanoid(sfnet) myownarkanoid これは、オブジェクト指向の私の第一ステップので... DOWNLOAD
secpanel(sfnet) secpanel secpanel is a ssh gui for unix. Provides a GUI ... DOWNLOAD
gpusmoldyn(sfnet) gpusmoldyn Porting of the core simulation portions of smol... DOWNLOAD
fcme(sfnet) Firewall Configuration Made Easy Firewall Configuration Made Easy DOWNLOAD
matlabtestapp5(sfnet) matlabtestapp5 this is a test project DOWNLOAD
newbraska(sfnet) newbraska Minecraft pre-set world DOWNLOAD
vjar2exe(sfnet) vjar2exe Visual Jar to Exe is a Jar to Exe conversion ut... DOWNLOAD
sprelatedlist(sfnet) sprelatedlist When a user adds a new item to a related list t... DOWNLOAD
ouclassofhonour(sfnet) OUclassOfHonoursDegree Are you doing an Open University Degree? Want t... DOWNLOAD
clouddypsp(sfnet) Clouddy PSP Clouddy PSP est un système de stockage en ligne... DOWNLOAD
gxd-music(sfnet) Guillaume Xiug D. Music DOWNLOAD
wbpodcasting(sfnet) wbpodcasting Podcasting module for Website Baker CMS. This r... DOWNLOAD

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