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algalon(sfnet) algalon See DOWNLOAD
ragnaro(sfnet) RagnaRo Server Patch RagnaRO Recomendado DOWNLOAD
atdefencegame(sfnet) Another Tower Defence Game Just a small project of mine to help me develop... DOWNLOAD
cat-stats(sfnet) Cat-Stats An easy to install webcounter with statistics. DOWNLOAD
parallaxnehe(sfnet) parallaxnehe The source code in this project is a conversion... DOWNLOAD
helloyouthere(sfnet) HelloYouThere This is a script to engage telemarketers and wa... DOWNLOAD
wmpsub(sfnet) wmpsub A plug-in for WMP9 and above, that shows local ... DOWNLOAD
cloonix(freshmeat) Cloonix Cloonix is a Linux router and host simulation p... DOWNLOAD
adlseqalign(sfnet) ViAmI-Server This software uses computer vision algorithms f... DOWNLOAD
simgconv(freshmeat) simgconv simgconv is a bash script used to automate the ... DOWNLOAD
stx-execution-pipe-c-library(freshmeat) STX Execution Pipe C++ Library The STX ExecPipe library provides a convenient ... DOWNLOAD
refinerycms(freshmeat) RefineryCMS Refinery is a Ruby on Rails content management ... DOWNLOAD
cpopt(freshmeat) cpopt cross popt is an attempt to build the popt libr... DOWNLOAD
naves2d(sfnet) naves2d We start a small project for learn to develop g... DOWNLOAD
lbsh(sfnet) Pound-Shell A logging shell that can log commands from a sh... DOWNLOAD
shoemanai(sfnet) shoemanai Shoemania a clean Magento template with highlig... DOWNLOAD
vodkawowpanel(sfnet) Vodka-WoW Panel DOWNLOAD
xmlresume(sfnet) XML Resume Library The XML Resume Library is an XML document type ... DOWNLOAD
unrealircd(freshmeat) UnrealIRCd UnrealIRCd is an IRC daemon whose key features ... DOWNLOAD
portable-linux(sfnet) Portable Linux Released August 22, 2013 Lubuntu Blends: Bioch... DOWNLOAD
sisuci09(sfnet) SISU CI 2009 CI knowledge sharing and maintenance DOWNLOAD
webnotes(sfnet) phpWebNotes phpWebNotes is a page annotation system modelle... DOWNLOAD
xpostulate(sfnet) xpostulate Xpostulate is a crossplatform, themeable blog/m... DOWNLOAD
semantixs(sfnet) SEMANTIXS SEMANTIXS is a semantic information extraction ... DOWNLOAD
yetanotherpaint(sfnet) yetanotherpaint 'Yet Another Paint' is a cross-platform drawing... DOWNLOAD
xnacollisionlib(sfnet) xnacollisionlib An XNA Game Studio Library for handling Ray and... DOWNLOAD
thefix(sfnet) thefix For users of the Samsung SC-MX20, this little p... DOWNLOAD
realmethods(sfnet) realMethods Framework A J2EE application framework, based on the core... DOWNLOAD
xtal(sfnet) xtal The Xtal System is a comprehensive suite of sma... DOWNLOAD
anubadok(sfnet) Anubadok: The Bengali Machine Translator Anubadok: The Bengali Machine Translator. A mac... DOWNLOAD
obsidiancode(sfnet) ObsidianCode App for manage your snippets DOWNLOAD
jipmsg(sfnet) jipmsg This is a pop up style LAN Messenger , IP Messa... DOWNLOAD
remlegocontrol(sfnet) remlegocontrol Simple application for wireless (Bluetooth) LEG... DOWNLOAD
meinevbnetproje(sfnet) Meine Projekte Hier finden sie mien Projekte. http://d... DOWNLOAD
torlock(sfnet) Torlock Torlock is a simple Bash script to prevent outg... DOWNLOAD
libharu(sfnet) Haru Free PDF Library Haru is a free, cross platform, open-sourced so... DOWNLOAD
jnettop(sfnet) jnettop Jnettop allows administrators of routers to wat... DOWNLOAD
hilinux(sfnet) Hi-Linux hilinux is a precompiled kernel with modificati... DOWNLOAD
rubystock(sfnet) rubystock 使用ruby语言编写的开源股票软件,主要功能包括:... DOWNLOAD
dummyxmlparser(sfnet) DummyXmlParser Java XML parser. Very light. (less than 20K). B... DOWNLOAD
proxgrabmeh(sfnet) ProxGrabMEH DOWNLOAD
jni-inchi(sfnet) JNI-InChI Java Native Interface wrapper for the IUPAC Int... DOWNLOAD
jcoverflow(sfnet) JavaScript CoverFlow 2.0 (jCoverFlow) This is a pure JavaScript implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
fat12ctrlface(sfnet) fat12ctrlface This project demonstrates FAT12 file system as ... DOWNLOAD
filmo(sfnet) Filmo Filmo è un plugin per AutoWikiBrowser (https://... DOWNLOAD
sharedpool(sfnet) SharedPool Utility class implementing the pool of objects ... DOWNLOAD
ptoolsdocking(sfnet) PTools PTools : a C++/Python library for macromolecula...
openglplayground(sfnet) OpenGL Playground A playground created with the OpenGL library. I... DOWNLOAD
shakerss(sfnet) SHAKE-RSS SHAKE is a prototype implementing an innovativ... DOWNLOAD
blitzen(sfnet) Blitzen Application server written in C/GObject able to... DOWNLOAD
rspzip(sfnet) rspzip Win32 and Win64 DLL to compress, uncompress, de... DOWNLOAD
csswriter(sfnet) csswriter Provide a cross browser, easy use, powerful jav... DOWNLOAD
psmanager(sfnet) psmanager Software construido en PHP con Mysql, que permi... DOWNLOAD
rssimapserver(sfnet) RSS->IMAP Server RSS->IMAP server is a basic IMAP server impl... DOWNLOAD
eve3d(sfnet) Damocles Damocles is a game engine programmed in C++.(Op... DOWNLOAD
pbmstealth(sfnet) PBM stealth Implementation of block parity for hiding data ... DOWNLOAD
fastwinnetou(sfnet) fastwinnetou Create and administrate new virtual hosts in a ... DOWNLOAD
tarasca(sfnet) Tarasca Provides a way for implementing user-defined co... DOWNLOAD
nsmart(sfnet) Nsmart Programming Language Programming language dedicated for neural netwo... DOWNLOAD
commbinder(sfnet) commbinder Intergated communication server with multiple s... DOWNLOAD
percentagec(sfnet) Percentage Calculator Percentage Calculator DOWNLOAD
vulcantwe(sfnet) Vulcan Vulcan is an editor for several of the files be... DOWNLOAD
totalanarchy(sfnet) totalanarchy Gra pisana w sdl oraz opengl. Strategia. DOWNLOAD
ct-stat-scraper(sfnet) ct-stat-scraper An Excel macro to scrap citation statistics fro... DOWNLOAD
crystallise(sfnet) Crystallise First version of Crystallise, a game. DOWNLOAD
rigelmcr(sfnet) rigelmcr linux multicast router DOWNLOAD
javaprogsling2(sfnet) javaprogsling2 Java Programs Linguaggi2 test DOWNLOAD
capecode(sfnet) CapecodeHQ A one file PHP 5.2.x web development framework ... DOWNLOAD
botux(sfnet) BoTux EN: This is an irc bot coded in python. It's an... DOWNLOAD
microsoftcrsoftware(sfnet) Microsoft CR Software DOWNLOAD
rfidtimetracker(sfnet) rfidtimetracker A in-progress program for tracking team members... DOWNLOAD
educa(sfnet) Educational is an e-learning web site application with prog... DOWNLOAD
visopsys(freshmeat) Visopsys Visopsys is an alternative operating system for... DOWNLOAD
gstft(sfnet) Short Term Fourier Transform Short Term Fourier Transform takes an audio fil... DOWNLOAD
attax(sfnet) Attax Attax. El juego consta de un tablero tamaño 8x8... DOWNLOAD
fuppes(sfnet) Free UPnP Entertainment Service A free, multiplatform Universal Plug and Play A... DOWNLOAD
gcontactprinter(sfnet) GContactPrinter Using the Google Contact API a handy and very c... DOWNLOAD
jts4gwt(sfnet) jts4gwt This is a port of the Java Topology Suite ( htt... DOWNLOAD
provenance(sfnet) provenance A Provenance Model for Linked Data. DOWNLOAD
jeasylife(sfnet) jeasylife Java lib that provide utility class and tools t... DOWNLOAD
mobilecube(sfnet) mobilecube MobileCube is a new and fresh theme for the pop... DOWNLOAD
nethawk(sfnet) nethawk GUI based automation of most common and popular... DOWNLOAD
fastbeats(sfnet) FastBeats is an all-in-one BitTorrent Tracker c... DOWNLOAD
mdownload42(sfnet) mdownload42 mDownload 42 est un programme de téléchargement...
dicerollv2(sfnet) DiceRoll v2 DiceRoll v2 is a role-playing tool used in trad... DOWNLOAD
elari(sfnet) elari mod for oscommerce Customization and add new function for customer... DOWNLOAD
mpr-mediaplayer(sfnet) MPRü - Media Player This Programm, is an Media Player ! Dieses Prog... DOWNLOAD
pcsx2(sfnet) PCSX2 PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows a... DOWNLOAD
posecco(sfnet) PoSecCo ModelMaintainer The PoSecCo ModelMaintainer consists of 4 tools... DOWNLOAD
appointcore(sfnet) Appoint Core DOWNLOAD
fwbuilder(sfnet) Firewall Builder Firewall Builder is a GUI firewall management a... DOWNLOAD
jackpot(sfnet) Jackpot A modification of the Jackpot (in Examples in D... DOWNLOAD
parrishregister(sfnet) Parrish Register This is a church membership app written in c us... DOWNLOAD
freedom-erp(sfnet) freedom-erp Software de Gestão Empresarial desenvolvido em ... DOWNLOAD
itisopen(sfnet) IT IS OPEN The aim of this project is to document Informat... DOWNLOAD
nictool(freshmeat) NicTool NicTool is a DNS management suite with support ... DOWNLOAD
mojoportal(freshmeat) mojoPortal mojoPortal is a cross-platform object oriented ... DOWNLOAD
simple7(sfnet) Simple7 A simple C# library that allows you to do thing... DOWNLOAD
downtimecalc(sfnet) DowntimeCalc Joda-time based utility Java class that allows ... DOWNLOAD
e107norway(sfnet) er en nettside med norske overs... DOWNLOAD

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