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visopsys(freshmeat) Visopsys Visopsys is an alternative operating system for... DOWNLOAD
gstft(sfnet) Short Term Fourier Transform Short Term Fourier Transform takes an audio fil... DOWNLOAD
attax(sfnet) Attax Attax. El juego consta de un tablero tamaño 8x8... DOWNLOAD
fuppes(sfnet) Free UPnP Entertainment Service A free, multiplatform Universal Plug and Play A... DOWNLOAD
gcontactprinter(sfnet) GContactPrinter Using the Google Contact API a handy and very c... DOWNLOAD
jts4gwt(sfnet) jts4gwt This is a port of the Java Topology Suite ( htt... DOWNLOAD
provenance(sfnet) provenance A Provenance Model for Linked Data. DOWNLOAD
jeasylife(sfnet) jeasylife Java lib that provide utility class and tools t... DOWNLOAD
mobilecube(sfnet) mobilecube MobileCube is a new and fresh theme for the pop... DOWNLOAD
nethawk(sfnet) nethawk GUI based automation of most common and popular... DOWNLOAD
fastbeats(sfnet) FastBeats is an all-in-one BitTorrent Tracker c... DOWNLOAD
mdownload42(sfnet) mdownload42 mDownload 42 est un programme de téléchargement...
dicerollv2(sfnet) DiceRoll v2 DiceRoll v2 is a role-playing tool used in trad... DOWNLOAD
elari(sfnet) elari mod for oscommerce Customization and add new function for customer... DOWNLOAD
mpr-mediaplayer(sfnet) MPRü - Media Player This Programm, is an Media Player ! Dieses Prog... DOWNLOAD
pcsx2(sfnet) PCSX2 PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows a... DOWNLOAD
posecco(sfnet) PoSecCo ModelMaintainer The PoSecCo ModelMaintainer consists of 4 tools... DOWNLOAD
appointcore(sfnet) Appoint Core DOWNLOAD
fwbuilder(sfnet) Firewall Builder Firewall Builder is a GUI firewall management a... DOWNLOAD
jackpot(sfnet) Jackpot A modification of the Jackpot (in Examples in D... DOWNLOAD
parrishregister(sfnet) Parrish Register This is a church membership app written in c us... DOWNLOAD
freedom-erp(sfnet) freedom-erp Software de Gestão Empresarial desenvolvido em ... DOWNLOAD
itisopen(sfnet) IT IS OPEN The aim of this project is to document Informat... DOWNLOAD
nictool(freshmeat) NicTool NicTool is a DNS management suite with support ... DOWNLOAD
mojoportal(freshmeat) mojoPortal mojoPortal is a cross-platform object oriented ... DOWNLOAD
simple7(sfnet) Simple7 A simple C# library that allows you to do thing... DOWNLOAD
downtimecalc(sfnet) DowntimeCalc Joda-time based utility Java class that allows ... DOWNLOAD
e107norway(sfnet) er en nettside med norske overs... DOWNLOAD
cmaxproxy(sfnet) Collections MAX Proxy Server Collections MAX Proxy Server interfaces with th... DOWNLOAD
cmsrai106(sfnet) cms[mini] rai 106 this is a cms that i created at first for my le... DOWNLOAD
etedit(freshmeat) E.T. EDITOR E.T. EDITOR is a graphical editor for designin... DOWNLOAD
plunethonline(sfnet) Pluneth Online DOWNLOAD
rtmicrobench(sfnet) Real time micro benchmark suite Real time micro benchmark multi-lingual suite (... DOWNLOAD
llamnudsmd5(sfnet) llamnuds MD5 A simple MD5 checksum comparator. Paste in the... DOWNLOAD
hip5562cantar(sfnet) Celestia HIP556210 (Cantar) An add on for Celestia ( ... DOWNLOAD
dssstudenttoolb(sfnet) DSS Student Toolbox DSS student toolbox is an interface created ove... DOWNLOAD
gameaipk(sfnet) GameAIPK Aim to play games by AI... DOWNLOAD
pushover(sfnet) pushover This is a puzzle game where you have to manipul... DOWNLOAD
foremost(sfnet) Foremost Foremost is a linux tool for conducting forensi... DOWNLOAD
pyside-android(sfnet) pyside-android Binary downloads for PySide for Android. See ht... DOWNLOAD
fwimg(sfnet) fw_img DOWNLOAD
lofive(sfnet) lofive To Download Softwares DOWNLOAD
proscript(sfnet) proscript E' uno script che sto sviluppando per il mirc. DOWNLOAD
axmangareader(sfnet) MangaReader Lee mangas sin abrir el navegador :D DOWNLOAD
exv2(sfnet) eXV2 Beginning with e-xoops in 2003. Coding on with ... DOWNLOAD
neotextureedit(sfnet) NeoTextureEdit A graph-based procedural texture editor to crea... DOWNLOAD
soldier(sfnet) soldier Soldier é um framework para desenvolvimento de ... DOWNLOAD
lastfm2facebook(sfnet) lastfm2facebook A simple php script with function to get song f... DOWNLOAD
dorm4j(sfnet) DORM4J DORM4J (Dynamic Object-Relational Mapping for J... DOWNLOAD
hollowffcprojectho(sfnet) Hollow_Horoscope This is a horoscope project done using Prolog a... DOWNLOAD
lightportal(sfnet) Light Portal Light Portal is an Ajax and Java based Open Sou... DOWNLOAD
adownloads(sfnet) downloads DOWNLOAD
freeo(sfnet) FROGbak GPS application for orienteering. DOWNLOAD
jvandevosourcef(sfnet) jvandevoSourceforgeTest sourceforge test project DOWNLOAD
miraj(sfnet) miraj Miraj is a lightweight open-source PHP and Java... DOWNLOAD
willmotttron(sfnet) willmotttron Code for the Google AI Challenge 2010 (Tron), f... DOWNLOAD
jebl(sfnet) Java Evolutionary Biology Library A Java library for evolutionary biology and bio... DOWNLOAD
wtxp(sfnet) WinTimeXP WinTimeXP is a system/application/process monit... DOWNLOAD
clipboard-tool(sfnet) Clipboard Tool A tool to transform clipboard content, primaril... DOWNLOAD
dotnetlocalizer(sfnet) dotnetlocalizer Easily manage localizing your .NET application.... DOWNLOAD
thundergraft(sfnet) ThunderGraft ThunderGraft is an MPQDraft plugin that allows ... DOWNLOAD
mousave(sfnet) Mousave Mousave is a simple utility for docking the mou... DOWNLOAD
surfbox(sfnet) Surf Box Surf Box (Open Box Navigator) is a web browser ... DOWNLOAD
virtualplant(sfnet) virtualplant A test project aiming to create a command-line ... DOWNLOAD
tc9(sfnet) tc9 The AEG Telecar 9, equivalent to the BBC RT-61 ... DOWNLOAD
md5sumj(sfnet) MD5sumJ DOWNLOAD
sharpalarm(sfnet) sharpalarm This little application represents an alarm clo... DOWNLOAD
twodwsgi(freshmeat) twod.wsgi twod.wsgi is a library to make Django applicati... DOWNLOAD
ggc(freshmeat) GNU Gluco Control GNU Gluco Control (ggc) helps you to manage you... DOWNLOAD
pydance(freshmeat) pydance pydance is a dancing game written in Python, fo... DOWNLOAD
pilot-link(freshmeat) pilot-link The pilot-link suite of tools contains a robust... DOWNLOAD
imgurnotify(sfnet) Imgur-Notify This small script runs in the background, check... DOWNLOAD
sar-k-code-generator(freshmeat) Sar-K Sar-K is a tool that generates code for user in... DOWNLOAD
synaptiks(freshmeat) synaptiks synaptiks is a KDE touchpad tool consisting of ... DOWNLOAD
nescom(freshmeat) nescom nescom is a suite of assembler and linker tools... DOWNLOAD
montecarlito(freshmeat) MonteCarlito MonteCarlito is a free Excel-add-in (Windows an... DOWNLOAD
openflora(freshmeat) OpenFlora OpenFlora is library management software which ... DOWNLOAD
benejson(freshmeat) benejson benejson is a buffering SAX-style JSON parser l... DOWNLOAD
t-timer(sfnet) TTimer A timer application for Android. Supports multi... DOWNLOAD
snippets1(sfnet) Snippets Snippets is a ASP,NET web application to store ... DOWNLOAD
fcmax(sfnet) FCMax I've just start coding in C after a long time p... DOWNLOAD
mudownmanager(freshmeat) MuDownManager MuDownManager is a program for managing downloa... DOWNLOAD
nusoapforphp53(sfnet) NuSOAP for PHP 5.3 The version at DOWNLOAD
mailnoise(sfnet) Mail Noise Mail Noise is a script that works to create &qu... DOWNLOAD
freesokoban(sfnet) Sokoban Sokoban (倉庫番, warehouse keeper) is a type of... DOWNLOAD
rtspdump(freshmeat) RTSPdump RTSPdump is a tool for downloading a multimedia... DOWNLOAD
lincephp(sfnet) LincePHP An OpenSource Software Release Code based on We... DOWNLOAD
gravastar(sfnet) Gravastar A 2D game inspired by Gravity Power, Star Contr... DOWNLOAD
netdoctor2(sfnet) netdoctor 2 netdoctor 2 is ready! Download now! Neptonic /... DOWNLOAD
bt4bsd(sfnet) Bt4BSD User friendly bluetooth manager for FreeBSD/PC-... DOWNLOAD
skfans(sfnet) Seven Kingdoms is working on a project to updat... DOWNLOAD
ansigo(freshmeat) AnsiGo AnsiGo is a simple ANSI-to-PNG converter writte... DOWNLOAD
universityluxembourglcsb(sfnet) Repro-Cell_LCSB DOWNLOAD
e2salvage(sfnet) Ext2 Salvage e2salvage is a utility which tries to recover a... DOWNLOAD
wz2100improv(sfnet) wz2100improv Parts of Warzone 2100 ( made better ... DOWNLOAD
sitetools(sfnet) Site Tools The sitetools project is a collection of tools ... DOWNLOAD
jackbun2(sfnet) JâckBün2™ New Forge instance of Jackbuntu. DOWNLOAD
phpinterpreter(sfnet) phpinterpreter Simple interpreter system. Customer, intrerpret... DOWNLOAD
ncs-ns2(sfnet) ncs-ns2 Network Controlled Systems (NCS) and transport ... DOWNLOAD
gfelmiwiki(sfnet) miwiki wiki of proof this is the first DOWNLOAD

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