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distagent(sfnet) DistAgent DistAgent is a Java-framework for parallel and...
nprobe(freshmeat) nProbe nProbe is a Netflow v5/v9/IPFIX probe character... DOWNLOAD
nononsencephp(sfnet) No Nonsence PHP Framework No Nonsence PHP aims to be a lightweight frame... DOWNLOAD
bischuloop(sfnet) BischuLoop Use BischuLoop to choose a sound notification t... DOWNLOAD
ajax-discuss(sfnet) discuss DISCUSS is so-called “chat” module for XOOPS, t... DOWNLOAD
lecturetime(sfnet) lecturetime LectureTime is a web based timetable intended f... DOWNLOAD
sue(sfnet) SUE: Screenreader & Usability Extensions The project's main goal is to develop a screen ... DOWNLOAD
dbtoolbox(sfnet) DB Toolbox DBToolbox is tool which: extract database model... DOWNLOAD
nzbdd(sfnet) NZB Download Deluxe The clear and simply to use nzb downloader DOWNLOAD
mid(sfnet) Multi-Image Downloader Download multiple images from websites with ease DOWNLOAD
dccp-ns(sfnet) DCCP for Network Simulator Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) for... DOWNLOAD
alkoclientp(sfnet) alko-client-points DOWNLOAD
duspontes(sfnet) duspontes DOWNLOAD
insee(sfnet) insee Interconnection Network Simulation and Evaluati... DOWNLOAD
operacustomgoog(sfnet) operacustomgoog Allows The Changing the background in google se... DOWNLOAD
genoread(sfnet) GenoREAD Sequence verification software for synthetic bi... DOWNLOAD
wicket-stuff(sfnet) wicket-stuff The Wicket Stuff project makes third party comp... DOWNLOAD
alcoclient2(sfnet) alco-client2 DOWNLOAD
groupprac2012(sfnet) Group Prac2012 DOWNLOAD
itl(sfnet) itl Interval Container Library (ICL): An STL based ... DOWNLOAD
pyntreader(sfnet) SnowMicroPyn SnowMicroPyn is an opensource reader for SnowMi... DOWNLOAD
websitepanel(sfnet) WebsitePanel **The new version WebsitePanel 1.2.0 is availab... DOWNLOAD
shared-wifi-system(sfnet) shared-wifi-system DOWNLOAD
sinncaengine(sfnet) sinnca engine The Sinnca engine is an open source game engine... DOWNLOAD
raspivmc(sfnet) RaspiVMC Remote control of a Storkair/sehnder mechanical... DOWNLOAD
amhapplet(sfnet) Unicode Applet for Amharic Amharic Applet: this project intends to provide... DOWNLOAD
nwshader(sfnet) nwshader NWShader is a wrapper for the game Neverwinter ... DOWNLOAD
tass64(sfnet) 64tass 64tass is cross assembler targeting the 65xx se... DOWNLOAD
ipcameraemu(sfnet) ipcameraemu Python script which emulates an IP camera. Curr... DOWNLOAD
opentempus(sfnet) opentempus openTempus is an open source automatic time tra... DOWNLOAD
unimod(sfnet) unimod Automata Based Programming Tool for implementin... DOWNLOAD
memoranda(sfnet) memoranda Memoranda (formerly known as jNotes2) is a cros... DOWNLOAD
sqlitejdbcng(freshmeat) SqliteJdbcNG SqliteJdbcNG is a JDBC driver for SQLite. The o... DOWNLOAD
newfies-dialer(freshmeat) Newfies-Dialer Newfies-Dialer is a voice broadcast application... DOWNLOAD
destral(sfnet) destral Destral is an open source, multiplatform implem... DOWNLOAD
weathertower(sfnet) weathertower To manager the data receive from weather tower. DOWNLOAD
fial(sfnet) UCL - FIAL Documents pour les étudiants de FIAL. DOWNLOAD
dabaoku(sfnet) dabaoku 大宝库 我的在线源码平台 分享,学习,交流 DOWNLOAD
mustios(sfnet) mustios MustiOS is an open source operating system for ... DOWNLOAD
websitesharkemu(sfnet) websitesharkemu Bonjour ce projet est pour but compléter l'émul... DOWNLOAD
dakota(sfnet) dakota A set of cross-platform tools for connecting vi... DOWNLOAD
gozero(sfnet) Zero Zero是一个功能丰富的C++数值计算核心库,不仅可取... DOWNLOAD
neominecraftskinrobber(sfnet) Neo Minecraft Skin Robber [ENG/WINDOWS] UPDATE Ver 1.2 Changelog: -Bug fixes -Added S... DOWNLOAD
skymirrorcbox(sfnet) SetupCBOX DOWNLOAD
queet-tp(sfnet) queet-tp This is a transaction platform project DOWNLOAD
dellppidvalidator(sfnet) Dell PPID/Serial Number Validator This tool allows you to enter a Dell serial num... DOWNLOAD
gestycont(sfnet) Gestycont Programa de gestión de empresa DOWNLOAD
numericstream(sfnet) numericstream This project was started so I could publish the... DOWNLOAD
clocksavers(sfnet) Clock Saver - Clock Screensaver Digital Clock Screen Saver based on a simple Fl... DOWNLOAD
wschat(freshmeat) WSChat WSChat is a simple Web chat system that uses PH... DOWNLOAD
slyblue(sfnet) Slyblue Sly blue is a simple program that monitors blue... DOWNLOAD
pdbshare(sfnet) pdbshare DOWNLOAD
licman(sfnet) licman DOWNLOAD
xylophone(sfnet) xylophone Xylophone is a set of XSLT stylesheets for pres... DOWNLOAD
mars-game(sfnet) M.A.R.S. - a ridiculous Shooter This is a first attempt to create a game in Ope... DOWNLOAD
stdsrv(sfnet) stdsrv Its a portal community students websites. DOWNLOAD
rpggameproject(sfnet) rpggameproject just something for school to try and pass my class DOWNLOAD
kaccesspartitio(sfnet) kaccesspartitio KAccessPartitions gives you the ability to acce... DOWNLOAD
onbireylul(sfnet) 11 Eylul Gercegi DOWNLOAD
superwhoabrawl(sfnet) SuperWhoaBrawl DOWNLOAD
fuggles7mc(sfnet) Minecraft Server Fuggles7 Minecraft Server DOWNLOAD
pco(sfnet) PCO DOWNLOAD
gccl(sfnet) GPU Connected Component Labeling (GCCL) GPUCL is a 100% GPU-based connected component l... DOWNLOAD
midimountain(sfnet) MidiMountain MidiMountain is a MIDI sequencer aimed to edit ... DOWNLOAD
declicker(sfnet) GPU DeClicker There is a one common problem in capturing audi... DOWNLOAD
gpstrackjuggler(sfnet) GPSTrackJuggler An (experimental) java program to read and mana... DOWNLOAD
bswbulletin(sfnet) BSW_Bulletin This is a very simple bulletin that is written... DOWNLOAD
anthocnet(sfnet) AntHocNet Implemetaion the protocol AntHocNet in Network ... DOWNLOAD
qffq(sfnet) QffQ Ce logiciel a pour but de gérer des questions f... DOWNLOAD
winsync(sfnet) winsync Backup script for Windows based on robocopy Fas... DOWNLOAD
mycollect(sfnet) mycollect my collect my collect my collect my collect ... DOWNLOAD
lava(sfnet) lava lava is a light file manager. DOWNLOAD
debianpcduino(sfnet) linux distributions prepared for pcduino BETA ONLY FOR NOW distribution images for diff... DOWNLOAD
srcdownload(sfnet) graspit_source_code_download put some source code here DOWNLOAD
liteapps(sfnet) LiteApps Free and Open Source audio/video applications. ... DOWNLOAD
warwebs(sfnet) Warlords A browser based jpeg online mmorpg game. By jp... DOWNLOAD
ultimate4inarow(sfnet) ultimate4inarow NOT COMPLETE YET - THIS IS ONLY A TEST RELEASE.... DOWNLOAD
jb2009xna(sfnet) jb2009xna English: A 2D XNA Game created by Andrée Ekroth... DOWNLOAD
naviconvert(sfnet) naviconvert NaviConvert is an application to export and imp... DOWNLOAD
sbs-workshop(sfnet) sbs-workshop Sbs-workshop is the software for analysis and p... DOWNLOAD
animechecker(sfnet) Anime Checker Anime checker is a portable tool that verifies ... DOWNLOAD
dota(sfnet) dota Dota is a true and free community. DOWNLOAD
libdbuspp(sfnet) libdbuspp libdbus++ provides C++ foundation classes inten... DOWNLOAD
datavisualtn(sfnet) DataBase Visualization @ iiitb Pictures give more information than text. Data ... DOWNLOAD
dsfarmassistent(sfnet) DS+
qdengine(sfnet) QdEngine Symbian setting list without programming, no re... DOWNLOAD
crazystat(sfnet) CrazyStat CrazyStat is a web analytics script written in ... DOWNLOAD
spgwar(sfnet) spgwar An application to keep track of Warhammer Fanta... DOWNLOAD
mscorbaddon(sfnet) Meadville Space Center (Orbiter Add-ons) To develop historical space vehicles and rocket... DOWNLOAD
ascol(sfnet) a simple configuration language This project let we write configuration file li... DOWNLOAD
xy-pic(sfnet) xy-pic Xy-pic is a package for typesetting graphs and ... DOWNLOAD
hasem(sfnet) HASEM HASEM is a c++ template library, it can be easi... DOWNLOAD
colladaloader(sfnet) ColladaLoader This project is about an open source applicatio... DOWNLOAD
cheops-chess(freshmeat) CHEOPS Chess CHEOPS (CHEss OPponent Simulator) is a fully-fu... DOWNLOAD
metis(sfnet) Metis Project Management Module Metis is an open source project management modu... DOWNLOAD
jembedded(sfnet) jembedded Service Oriented Container (SOC) focused on cre... DOWNLOAD
p10(sfnet) p10 a GIS application: structure type portal in ger... DOWNLOAD
mkx86(sfnet) Microkernel mkx86 Open Source microkernel for ia32 architecture. ... DOWNLOAD
pylnk(sfnet) pylnk pylnk is a python library (with CLI front-end) ... DOWNLOAD
d-cm(freshmeat) D-CM D-CM is an easy-to-use, all-in-one manager for ... DOWNLOAD

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