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sdflib(sfnet) SDF (Scientific Data File) Viewer Scientific Data File Viewer is a general purpos...
pyqtmailer(sfnet) PyQtMailer DOWNLOAD
dicomaths(sfnet) DicoMaths 64-bit Donne des définitions,théorèmes,propriétés de M... DOWNLOAD
sindhityping(sfnet) sindhityping sindhi Typing Tuter, a Unicode based Typing tut... DOWNLOAD
slickster(sfnet) slickster Slickster provides tools for viewing and analyz... DOWNLOAD
jcaptch(sfnet) jCaptcha DOWNLOAD
aperteworkflow(sfnet) Aperte Workflow Aperte Workflow - complete Open Source BPM solu... DOWNLOAD
osv(freshmeat) OSv OSv is an operating system for virtual machines... DOWNLOAD
misacylation(sfnet) Confused in Translation The objective of this project is to investigate... DOWNLOAD
randomngen(sfnet) Random Gen The easiest and cheapest way to generate a rand... DOWNLOAD
uisrussianbank(sfnet) UIS RussianBank RussianBank card game project java DOWNLOAD
gnep(sfnet) gnep The generic network event processor is a framew... DOWNLOAD
easystem01(sfnet) Easystem01 Easystem es una aplicacion desarrollada por Eas... DOWNLOAD
uptimeview(sfnet) uptimeview Uptime Viewer v1.00 is a very simple Windows Ap... DOWNLOAD
bgcart(sfnet) bgCart - background shopping cart AJAX/PHP/MySQL-based shopping cart solution for... DOWNLOAD
l2tpns(sfnet) l2tpns l2tpns is a layer 2 tunneling protocol network ... DOWNLOAD
kids2(sfnet) Kids 2 It is the Kids coverage part 2 DOWNLOAD
hsandi(sfnet) hsandi Howsimple presents ANDI, browsing brilliance. DOWNLOAD
flashimager(sfnet) Flash Imager Windows disk image reading and writing software... DOWNLOAD
laser101-99(sfnet) Laser DOWNLOAD
octogit(sfnet) git DOWNLOAD
tacticalfighter(sfnet) tacticalfighter a LAN game for anyone to protect the friendly a... DOWNLOAD
jimmystestproj(sfnet) jimmystestproj Test projet for repository creation and update ... DOWNLOAD
rememberme4uc(sfnet) rememberme4uc Remember Me add-on for UserCake <http://www.... DOWNLOAD
asamarket(sfnet) Asa_Market Software untuk Asa Supermarkat a.k.a. Pa panji :D DOWNLOAD
imgslix(sfnet) IMGSLIX IMGSLIX is an image viewer which views BMP,GIF(... DOWNLOAD
myradioplayer(sfnet) Radio Player DOWNLOAD
editorbasico(sfnet) editor básico DOWNLOAD
preamsn(sfnet) preamsn Precompiled Version Of Amsn this project Precom... DOWNLOAD
uge(sfnet) Universal Grammar Editor Editor for formal grammars. Attempts to be univ... DOWNLOAD
wyrda(sfnet) wyrda Wyrda is a free MMORPG in browser, inspirated b... DOWNLOAD
pocketdepth(sfnet) pocketdepth PocketDepth helps determine binding grooves for... DOWNLOAD
newsample1(sfnet) newsample1 DOWNLOAD
minigosix(sfnet) minigosix Mini Gosix is a small program that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
mathcad15tomichek(sfnet) Mathcad 15 [ru-EN] DOWNLOAD
carcityrun(sfnet) CarCity Run A simple Game involving car runnong developed u... DOWNLOAD
risklibdotnet(sfnet) RiskLib.NET Risk Management Library A .NET Library for quantitative risk management. DOWNLOAD
surfing(sfnet) surfing Matlab toolbox for surface-based voxel selectio... DOWNLOAD
mytube(sfnet) Mytube Video Player mobile program on blackberry,watch youtube vide... DOWNLOAD
theylib(sfnet) theylib The Young Library is a portable container and a... DOWNLOAD
fiitceppatterns(sfnet) fiitceppatterns Diploma thesis on FIIT STU on the topic of comp... DOWNLOAD
mp3pl(sfnet) mp3pl mp3 přehrávač, který snad bude schopný komuniko... DOWNLOAD
automatas(sfnet) Automatas Este codigo permite transformar de un AFN a un AFD DOWNLOAD
prjtestrobot(sfnet) prjtestrobot Robot for combat simulator DOWNLOAD
lsgol(sfnet) LSConway'sGoL Conway's Game of Life cellular automaton progra... DOWNLOAD
db-relay(freshmeat) DB Relay DB Relay is a project built around the NGiNX we... DOWNLOAD
forge(freshmeat) Forge Forge has more than 3,000 cards and allows to y... DOWNLOAD
util-linux-ng(freshmeat) util-linux-ng util-linux-ng is a fork of the original util-li... DOWNLOAD
packet-dump-decode-pdd(freshmeat) Packet Dump Decode Packet Dump Decode (pdd) is a simple, convenien... DOWNLOAD
ampjuke(freshmeat) AmpJuke AmpJuke makes it possible to manage and stream ... DOWNLOAD
kohana-sitemap(freshmeat) Kohana Sitemap Kohana Sitemap is a Kohana 3 Sitemap Class that... DOWNLOAD
tcrun(freshmeat) tcrun TCRun is a tool written by software engineers i... DOWNLOAD
weatherboardsnmp(freshmeat) WeatherBoardSNMP WeatherBoardSNMP integrates the USB Weather Boa... DOWNLOAD
tlssh(freshmeat) tlssh tlssh is like SSH, but based on TLS. With tlss... DOWNLOAD
qtv4lcapture(freshmeat) qtv4lcapture qtv4lcapture is a webcam recorder that uses v4l... DOWNLOAD
brightgamepanel(sfnet) Bright Game Panel Bright Game Panel is an open source game server... DOWNLOAD
slideshowjs(freshmeat) Slideshow.js Slideshow.js is an object that creates slide sh... DOWNLOAD
molaepipe(sfnet) Java collection utilities Utility classes for the java collections framew... DOWNLOAD
sonomap(sfnet) Sonoma Portal The Sonoma Portal is a Java / XML based content... DOWNLOAD
antifirewall(sfnet) anti firewall AntiFirewall permits to access any service of a... DOWNLOAD
leipzig(sfnet) Leipzig: A Just Intonation Library Leipzig is a Just Intonation library written in... DOWNLOAD
d-test(sfnet) dtest portable c/c++ unit test framework DOWNLOAD
wxsudoku(sfnet) wxsudoku A Sudoku Puzzle Game written by wxwidgets. DOWNLOAD
kitwarebottles(sfnet) Test
glibchiddenplt(sfnet) Glibc hidden PLT patcher Scripts tools to edit the source code of gcc an... DOWNLOAD
openufs(sfnet) openUFS openUFS is a project to see if the EXT3 file sy... DOWNLOAD
swinney(sfnet) swinney This is a display system associated with the ma... DOWNLOAD
clcswi(sfnet) CLCSWI Customer Live Chat System Web Interface is a ch... DOWNLOAD
grim(sfnet) Grim ... DOWNLOAD
ojama(sfnet) Open Java Application Model Architecture OJAMA framework integrates Java application mod... DOWNLOAD
mandelbrot-gtk(sfnet) Mandelbrot Multithreaded GTK Application for rendering the... DOWNLOAD
winect(freshmeat) Ribbil ribbil is a wireless network manager designed f... DOWNLOAD
cmix(sfnet) Friendly Command-line Mixer Intuitive command-line audio mixer control. DOWNLOAD
libgf(sfnet) The Graphic Framework Library The Graphics Framework Library (libGF) is a hig... DOWNLOAD
rqcompiler(sfnet) ` Cancelled. DOWNLOAD
knowledgetree(freshmeat) KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree is a powerful Web-based document ... DOWNLOAD
easysys(sfnet) EasySYS This is a tool help you develop wdm drivers for... DOWNLOAD
mixerp(freshmeat) MixERP MixERP is a multi-currency, multi-lingual, and ... DOWNLOAD
amcharts-php(sfnet) AmCharts-PHP AmCharts-PHP is a library of classes to configu... DOWNLOAD
metro-map(sfnet) metromap simple program for finding paths in metro (subw... DOWNLOAD
sipc(sfnet) SIPC - Scanner ICC Profile Creator SIPC (Scanner ICC Profile Creator) is an open s... DOWNLOAD
xpkg(sfnet) xpkg A simple scripting package manager DOWNLOAD
handicarte(sfnet) Handicarte Android Client Android du projet HandiCarte 2011 DOWNLOAD
dzenv-v(sfnet) dzen-v DOWNLOAD
segmentit(sfnet) SegmentIt SegmentIt is an interactive image segmentation ... DOWNLOAD
galaxyzeros2(sfnet) GaLaXyZeRoS2 My last creation for GS2 DOWNLOAD
shuttercounter(sfnet) ShutterCounter Minimal Debian based Linux Live CD with gPhoto2... DOWNLOAD
dts1(sfnet) Dock Tools Series1 No description DOWNLOAD
kanneljavaapi(sfnet) kanneljavaapi Java API to send SMS and WAP Push messages usin... DOWNLOAD
ikonique(sfnet) ikonique ikonique is a browser-based user-customizable i... DOWNLOAD
stoppedinmotion(sfnet) StoppedInMotion 単純なMac OS Xのフリーで[/projects/opensource/w...
supermariobrosp(sfnet) Super Mario Bros. Python This is just a Demo release of the game. Known... DOWNLOAD
xlab(sfnet) Xlab XOOPS Cube Module Project XOOPS Cube module project by xlab. Modules and ... DOWNLOAD
jodconvertersvc(sfnet) jodconvertersvc The JODConverterService is written as a WCF app... DOWNLOAD
pastebingtk(sfnet) PastebinGTK PastebinGTK is a Linux desktop client for the p... DOWNLOAD
pmii(sfnet) pmii In the tradition of Hilbert's program we create... DOWNLOAD
ezt(sfnet) EZ-Ticket EZ-Ticket is a PHP/SQL web based Ticket system,... DOWNLOAD
edgarhoo(sfnet) edgarhoo EDGARHOO Front-end Library DOWNLOAD
wabacus(sfnet) wabacus 很抱歉,因为这里网速太慢,且很不稳定,因此框架2... DOWNLOAD
dbcrypt(sfnet) dCrypt - Android Encryption Decryption It is a simple android application for encrypti... DOWNLOAD

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