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syssoundsetra(sfnet) syssoundsetra Provides you with dozens of system sound files ... DOWNLOAD
mscbln(sfnet) msc site Vereinsseite eines Motorsportclus in berlin ! DOWNLOAD
bitrats(sfnet) Bitrats D-STAR communications tool partly compatible wi... DOWNLOAD
pytrade(sfnet) pytrade Python functions for trading. Fonctions Python ... DOWNLOAD
tfostodoman(sfnet) tfostodoman Todoman is a task manager that's useful, fast a... DOWNLOAD
elsecreto(sfnet) elsecreto Trabajo Practico Final de Analisis y Diseño de ... DOWNLOAD
bytemonsoon(sfnet) ByteMonsoon - BitTorrent Tracker Originally based on the bytemonsoon tracker wri... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-jenkins-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Jenkins Stack BitNami Jenkins Stack is an easy-to-install dis... DOWNLOAD
anthias(sfnet) Anthias Anthias is (or rather will be) an extended term... DOWNLOAD
cloudbrowser(sfnet) Cloud Web Browser Cloud is an easy way to browse the web. It is m... DOWNLOAD
wp-sqlsrv(sfnet) wp-sqlsrv WordPress on SQL Server DOWNLOAD
sqlitecel(sfnet) sqlitecel SQLiteCel is a simple Excel Interface to SQLite... DOWNLOAD
iprit(sfnet) IPRiT DOWNLOAD
angelsnrockets(sfnet) AnR Server Monitor The =AnR= Server Monitor is a Windows Gadget th... DOWNLOAD
e107brasil(sfnet) e107Brasil.NET - Comunidade e107 BR ..::[e107 Brasil.NET - Comunidade Brasileira]::... DOWNLOAD
filtteri(sfnet) filtteri DOWNLOAD
m4m4d(sfnet) m4m4d king of the world DOWNLOAD
celebrationpackage(sfnet) celebration package various celebrations and devotions by AGR DOWNLOAD
jupiter2010(sfnet) Jupiter Conception d'une application web "Ajax/PHP... DOWNLOAD
lulna(sfnet) LUL|NA Lighweight Universal Log or Network Analyzer is... DOWNLOAD
gtnhjnmnhd(sfnet) gtnhjn DOWNLOAD
modpack3erima(sfnet) MOD_pack_3erima DOWNLOAD
vseisk(sfnet) vseisk Vseisk unite browsers in one p2p network to sha... DOWNLOAD
coremuformips(sfnet) Coremu_for_mips The project is build for the mips-x86 version o... DOWNLOAD
easyinyector(sfnet) Easy Inyector Easy Scan for webs with SQL Injection Vulnerabi... DOWNLOAD
quandaryrotator(sfnet) quandaryrotator Swaps Minecraft Quandary Texture packs (or user... DOWNLOAD
erppcatoolkit(sfnet) erppcatoolkit A Matlab toolkit for analyzing ERP datasets, es... DOWNLOAD
sugo-nxt(sfnet) SuGo NXT is Sumo behavior for Lego NXT sugo-nxt is software written in the NXC/NBC pro... DOWNLOAD
ft1000(sfnet) ft1000 GNU/Linux driver for Qualcomm FLASH-OFDM device... DOWNLOAD
ministeggui(sfnet) MiniStegGUI Simple GUI for StegHide. Enables Browsing for ... DOWNLOAD
x2go-client(freshmeat) X2Go Client The X2Go Client allows you to connect to and co... DOWNLOAD
ebilstuff(sfnet) Ebildude123's Stuff The stuff that Ebildude123 (me) on YT has. DOWNLOAD
pow1234567890(sfnet) PowerManager hjadsjkha hdaskhdsakdhkjd DOWNLOAD
imapchecker(sfnet) IMAP eMail Checker IMAP eMail Checker is a program that will minim... DOWNLOAD
solarwars(sfnet) solarwars Strategy game played in space inspired by movie... DOWNLOAD
spotsecng(sfnet) SpotSec Network Gateway/Firewall An all-in-one Linux firewall/gateway distributi... DOWNLOAD
gcgreatcode(sfnet) GC GreatCode GC greatcode is a C/C++ source code beautifier ... DOWNLOAD
tigercricketapp(sfnet) Tiger Cricket App DOWNLOAD
simsdownloader(sfnet) Sims Downloader You Can Now Download For Sims : World, mods , a... DOWNLOAD
bsd-install(sfnet) FreeBSD Unatented Install Collection of scripts for unatented install of ... DOWNLOAD
sum-e-com(sfnet) ecommerce PHP ecommerce framework - open source, secure &... DOWNLOAD
stdt(sfnet) Shutdown Timer This software shuts your computer down at speci... DOWNLOAD
ftpfs4mobile(sfnet) ftpfs4mobile This project is a fork of ftpfs and lufs for th... DOWNLOAD
xsqlapi(sfnet) Xert's SQL API MySQL API built in C++ for Windows machines, al... DOWNLOAD
sende(sfnet) SEnDe Simple Encoder/Decoder, written in the .net fra... DOWNLOAD
axspyandroidspy(sfnet) axSpyAndroidSpy AxSpy is an application who allow you to monito... DOWNLOAD
gempdextended(sfnet) gem_pd_extended DOWNLOAD
m1patronproject(sfnet) M1_PatronProject DOWNLOAD
embeddedvpn(sfnet) EmbeddedVPN VPN solution which is portable on all TCP/IP st... DOWNLOAD
questiongame(sfnet) The Text Game This is a game I made with C++. It's a question... DOWNLOAD
graphicjourney(sfnet) Graphic Journey Graphic Journey is a game created by a novice DOWNLOAD
lrperformance(sfnet) lrperformance The project was created as part of Joosep Simm ... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-open-atrium-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Open Atrium Stack BitNami Open Atrium Stack Native Installer is a... DOWNLOAD
icewm(freshmeat) IceWM IceWM is a window manager designed for speed, u... DOWNLOAD
pmidi(freshmeat) pmidi pmidi is a straightforward command line program... DOWNLOAD
curago(sfnet) Curago The open-source Inspection Data Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
aranyos(sfnet) AranyOS Arm mini real-time OS, cooperative kernel for L... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-sk(sfnet) phpbb-sk Tento projekt je za účelom uverejnenia preklado... DOWNLOAD
largefileviewer(sfnet) largefileviewer A java viewer which can display content of larg... DOWNLOAD
jsd-maven(sfnet) JsTestDriver Maven Plugin Execute JSTestDriver (Javascript) Testcases wit... DOWNLOAD
pytm-simulator(sfnet) pytm-simulator Python Turing Machine Simulator DOWNLOAD
becomeageeker(sfnet) Become A Geeker write more codes and become a geeker DOWNLOAD
prophunt(sfnet) PropHunt Finally a webpage! DOWNLOAD
tcpmultiplexer(sfnet) TCP Multiplexer TCP Multiplexer is a client/server program that... DOWNLOAD
qon(sfnet) qon Quests Of Nargoth (QON) is a project of an RPG ... DOWNLOAD
laverca(sfnet) Laverca Laverca is an open-source Java API for requesti... DOWNLOAD
clusaspendingclient(sfnet) Coherent Logic USA Spending Client The USA Spending Client is a Java-based interna... DOWNLOAD
mmhproject(sfnet) The MMH Project The MMH Project is an accronym for Model of a M... DOWNLOAD
mdcached(sfnet) Bullet Cache / MultiDomain Cache Daemon A next-generation memory cache daemon with idea... DOWNLOAD
mypad100(sfnet) MyPad MyPad ist ein Editor ähnliches Programm was auf... DOWNLOAD
wdc(sfnet) wdc WDC free and simple CMS for SEO and development DOWNLOAD
vulashaka(sfnet) vulashaka VulaSHAKA (Simultaneous Neutronic, Fuel Perform... DOWNLOAD
iphonevirtuale(sfnet) iPhone Virtuale è un iPhone virtuale che si usa senza installaz... DOWNLOAD
mpchccontrol(sfnet) mpchccontrol MPC-HC RemoteControl is a class library that al... DOWNLOAD
mumercosur(sfnet) mumercosur Servidor Mu Online privado con acceso libre DOWNLOAD
pyroz(sfnet) pyroz pyzok is a lightweight text based chat server w... DOWNLOAD
passwordmanagem(sfnet) Password Management Library This is a shared C library that you can embed i... DOWNLOAD
ktageditor(sfnet) KTag Editor KTag Editor is a free open source ID3v tag edit... DOWNLOAD
cgipaf(freshmeat) cgipaf cgipaf is a combination of three CGI programs. ... DOWNLOAD
fallultest(sfnet) fallultest DOWNLOAD
schlang(sfnet) Schlangenaufbewahrungsbehälter aka: Schlang - A Deliberately Non-Object-Orient... DOWNLOAD
wxcode(sfnet) wxCode - wxWidgets components wxCode project is a collection of reusable comp... DOWNLOAD
resxer(sfnet) ResXer Open and edit ResX resource files for translati... DOWNLOAD
bracketsportable(sfnet) Brackets Portable Brackets is an open source code editor for web ... DOWNLOAD
gaimer(sfnet) Gaimer Gaimer is a AIM chat room text-based game platf... DOWNLOAD
umgenesis(sfnet) umgenesis Proyecto de Tesis para la carrera de Ingeniería... DOWNLOAD
vimoop(sfnet) vimoop Adds some features of Python OOP model to vim. ... DOWNLOAD
amalgam(sfnet) Amalgam: Centralized software management Amalgam is an application that allows clients t... DOWNLOAD
lesstif(freshmeat) Lesstif LessTif is an implemention of the OSF/Motif sta... DOWNLOAD
libstream(freshmeat) libstream libstream is a fast I/O stream library written ... DOWNLOAD
nct(freshmeat) nct NCT is curses based color-extended tetris game.... DOWNLOAD
don3(sfnet) DesktopOnNet 3 1: Betriebssytem am Webserver. 2: Nur PHP, kein... DOWNLOAD
wandora(freshmeat) Wandora Wandora is a general purpose data extraction, m... DOWNLOAD
filecommander(sfnet) FileCommander File management program similar to well known T... DOWNLOAD
rubatocomposer(sfnet) Rubato Composer Rubato Composer is a music software based on th... DOWNLOAD
srschemgr(sfnet) srschemgr is a loadable application for the jrc-framework... DOWNLOAD
opensuseupdater(sfnet) openSUSE_CLI_updater openSUSE updater for CLI using the Python langu... DOWNLOAD
monkey(freshmeat) Monkey HTTP Daemon Monkey HTTP Daemon is a very fast and lightweig... DOWNLOAD
magicphoto(sfnet) magicphoto A photo gallery management system based on hand... DOWNLOAD
jraaga(sfnet) Carnatic Music Guru / JRaaga <B>THIS PROJECT IS MIGRATED TO NEW LOCATI... DOWNLOAD

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