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wmcpumon(sfnet) wmcpumon - multi CPU system monitor Wmcpumon is a dockapp, that displays following ... DOWNLOAD
bonjour-grid(sfnet) BonjourGrid BonjourGrid is a meta-desktop grid (DG) middlew... DOWNLOAD
pydiction(sfnet) pydiction Pydiction allows you to Tab-complete Python cod... DOWNLOAD
monosmtp(sfnet) monosmtp monoSMTP is a simple shell of an SMTP server wr... DOWNLOAD
pounder(sfnet) Pounder Java GUI Testing Utility Pounder is a utility for testing Java GUIs. It ... DOWNLOAD
rbs(sfnet) Rubik's Cube Simulator Rubik's Cube Simulator is a program which runs ... DOWNLOAD
php-keyword-density-calculator(freshmeat) PHP Keyword Density Calculator PHP Keyword Density Calculator is a class which... DOWNLOAD
sql-parser(freshmeat) SQL Parser SQL Parser is a PHP class which parses SQL file... DOWNLOAD
php-microdata-generator(freshmeat) PHP Microdata Generator PHP Microdata Generator generates semantic HTML... DOWNLOAD
idroid(sfnet) idroid iPhone port of the Android operating system. DOWNLOAD
tagcleaner(sfnet) tagcleaner TagCleaner is an application that is able to au... DOWNLOAD
tunneltools(sfnet) tunneltools TunnelTools is a set of perl scripts to allow a... DOWNLOAD
createaccount(sfnet) SSH-Account Creator Perlscript that creates (almost ;-) automatic S... DOWNLOAD
saxbench(sfnet) SAXBench A performance benchmarking package for Java XML... DOWNLOAD
leopardcrm(sfnet) Leopard CRM Leopard CRM is a Customer Relationship Manageme... DOWNLOAD
msncd(sfnet) MSN Compatibility Daemon The MSN Compatibility Daemon allows the use of ... DOWNLOAD
jpicprogrammer(sfnet) Java Pic Programmer(Series 16F628 pic) Java pic programmer for the pic 16F8X / 16F628 ... DOWNLOAD
php-chat(sfnet) PHP-Chat -- THE php/mysql chat PHP-Chat is based purely on PHP/MySQL which mea... DOWNLOAD
fastvbircd(sfnet) closed project closed DOWNLOAD
dynamonews(sfnet) DynamoNews DynamoNews is a simple, easy to install, lightw... DOWNLOAD
udownload(sfnet) udownload A project to create a search and download clien... DOWNLOAD
gkrellmsysinfo(sfnet) Gkrellm Remote Sysinfo **closed** DOWNLOAD
mytrayicon(sfnet) mytrayicon A tray icon with a fully customizeable menu, wh... DOWNLOAD
therun(sfnet) therun The Run A new and exciting Phylosophical-Si-Fi. DOWNLOAD
tdbxzj(sfnet) tdbxzj This is a simple MFC program to calculate diame... DOWNLOAD
whitedb(freshmeat) WhiteDB WhiteDB is a fast, lightweight graph/N-tuples s... DOWNLOAD
enjomitchsorbit(sfnet) EnjoMitch's Orbiter Projects Addons for Orbiter space flight simulator (Free... DOWNLOAD
graphmake(sfnet) GraphMake [EN] Free Open-Source Software, for making grap... DOWNLOAD
twitpost(sfnet) twitpost This project intends to create a lightweight ea... DOWNLOAD
ilmp(sfnet) ILMP Tool that encrypt a password using answers give... DOWNLOAD
oshaper(sfnet) oshaper A traffic shaper inspired by wondershaper to im... DOWNLOAD
x4j-analytic(freshmeat) X4J Analytic X4J Analytic is a reporting API for Java. The i... DOWNLOAD
php-utils(freshmeat) PHP Utils PHP Utils provides general purpose functionalit... DOWNLOAD
mutini(sfnet) mutini Lightweight "ini" type file parsing o... DOWNLOAD
fwinit(sfnet) fwinit FWInit is a simple firewall initialization util... DOWNLOAD
dup-remover(sfnet) dup-remover Remove duplicate lines or words in a text file ... DOWNLOAD
oet(sfnet) Oracle ETL Toolkit Oracle ETL Toolkit is some packages for develop... DOWNLOAD
preciseplayer(sfnet) PrecisePlayer No description DOWNLOAD
dx7(sfnet) dx7 A Yamaha DX7-II Midi Manager. Parameters easy a... DOWNLOAD
osslsigncode(sfnet) OpenSSL-based signcode utility Platform-independent tool for Authenticode sign... DOWNLOAD
festivalptbr(sfnet) Festival com linguagem PT-BR Adaptamos o código-fonte do Festival mantido pe... DOWNLOAD
briscolan(sfnet) briscolan Gioco delle carte. Nella versione attuale nasce... DOWNLOAD
winshaver(sfnet) WinShaver Win Utility for cleaning windows temp files and... DOWNLOAD
easyjasub(sfnet) easyjasub EasyJaSub ( is... DOWNLOAD
fesend(sfnet) fesend Fesend is a CMS by Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 DOWNLOAD
changefilename(sfnet) ChangeFileName You can change name of files in the same time. ... DOWNLOAD
corikon(sfnet) Corikon Corikon is a simple software to visualise the c... DOWNLOAD
tank3d(sfnet) Tank 3D This is a project for university. I will recrea... DOWNLOAD
sf2013001(sfnet) sf2013001 best sf prj DOWNLOAD
autshumato(sfnet) Autshumato The Autshumato project was created to develop a... DOWNLOAD
suncalculator(sfnet) SunCalculator Calculate Sunrise, Sunset and dawn times. The c... DOWNLOAD
orma-sqledit(sfnet) orma-sqledit Editeur SQL, destiné à effectuer des traitement... DOWNLOAD
selectreplace(sfnet) selectreplace A prototype.js and scriptaculous.js based selec... DOWNLOAD
tunelyrics(sfnet) tunelyrics tunelyrics download lyrics DOWNLOAD
easydupli(sfnet) easyDupli Help you to find duplicate on your hardrive DOWNLOAD
feeden(freshmeat) FeedEn FeedEn is a library that builds Atom feeds. DOWNLOAD
zabbix-updater(sfnet) zabbix-updater Zabbix-updater is a tool for automatic updating... DOWNLOAD
fm100cn(sfnet) fm100cn fm100cn songyuancheyouwang cheyouzhijia DOWNLOAD
anq(sfnet) AnQ: security and moveable IM Allmost all kind of IM software have two specia... DOWNLOAD
ura-game(sfnet) Trinity Reign | Cross-platform, o...
spirepresentation(sfnet) Spire.Presentation for .NET Spire.Presentation for .NET is a professional P... DOWNLOAD
xmill(sfnet) XMill XMill is a user-configurable XML compressor. It... DOWNLOAD
people4droid(sfnet) People4Droid People4Droid is a social software for Android. DOWNLOAD
dream-of-idle(sfnet) dream-of-idle It's a Beautiful Dream DOWNLOAD
microsatelight(sfnet) microsatelight MICROSATELIGHT is a Perl/Tk graphical user inte... DOWNLOAD
phptimetrack(sfnet) phptimetrack This is a very-very-very simple time tracking s... DOWNLOAD
arias(sfnet) ARIA ARIA (Accounting, Receiving and Inventory Admin... DOWNLOAD
gpgdecrypter(freshmeat) gpgdecrypter gpgdecrypter is a server which acts as an SMTP ... DOWNLOAD
gsm-ussd(freshmeat) gsm-ussd gsm-ussd is a small command line utility to sen... DOWNLOAD
evil-cult(freshmeat) Evil Cult Evil Cult is a turn-based strategy game about b... DOWNLOAD
nospex-graphing-library(freshmeat) NoSpex Graphing Library NoSpex is a Python scripted realtime graphing l... DOWNLOAD
pcms(freshmeat) PCMS PCMS is a content management system (CMS) for P... DOWNLOAD
oback(freshmeat) OBack OBack is a Linkback helper. It is a library tha... DOWNLOAD
xmlpl(sfnet) XmlPL - The XML Processing Language XmlPL is a C like language with special syntax ... DOWNLOAD
pcapsimpleparse(sfnet) pcapsimpleparse A java parser for pcap format files which is ve... DOWNLOAD
ethow(sfnet) EtHow DOWNLOAD
wordreplacelz(sfnet) WordReplaceLZ Utility that replaces words in text files accor... DOWNLOAD
sawu104(sfnet) SAWU104 textile / knot diagram editor A linked data structure for modelling generic w... DOWNLOAD
adwine(sfnet) Adwine - A free most powerful ad blocker Tired of those boring all-day ads? Its time to ... DOWNLOAD
people4droidserver(sfnet) People4DroidServer People4DroidServer is a social software for And... DOWNLOAD
wmc2d(sfnet) wmc2d - coretemp/cpufreq monitor dockapp This is a small dockapp, which shows temperatur... DOWNLOAD
dwarrendelf(sfnet) dwarrendelf In dwarrendelf you venture around in a fantasy ... DOWNLOAD
sugaroutlookconnector(sfnet) Enjay MS Outlook SugarCRM Connector This connector helps integrate MS Outlook with ...
nanotrackj(sfnet) NanoTrackJ NanoTrackJ is an ImageJ/Fiji plugin to characte... DOWNLOAD
dosircd(sfnet) DOSIRCd DOSIRCd is a complete Internet Relay Chat serve... DOWNLOAD
natron(sfnet) Natron No description DOWNLOAD
love4j(sfnet) love4j A single java interface named Love. This interf... DOWNLOAD
newsreturnlink(sfnet) newsreturnlink A plugin for joomla! that displays a link "... DOWNLOAD
personalem(sfnet) personalem Software developed on SISCOME by Joari Santiago DOWNLOAD
hackerhat(sfnet) hackerhat A free, java-based wearable computer and augmen... DOWNLOAD
qcspecialtrading(sfnet) QCspecialtrading DOWNLOAD
zaadservices(sfnet) Zaad Services zaad services wa adeg lagu kala (xawisho keydsa... DOWNLOAD
sform(sfnet) sform The sform utility is a Perl program made for de... DOWNLOAD
setilog(sfnet) setilog SETILog saves some statistics of a completed SE... DOWNLOAD
openchesssource(sfnet) openchesssource Chess Game is a fork of droidfish developed by ... DOWNLOAD
pthread-pool(sfnet) Pthread Pool Pthread Pool is a lightweight, efficient thread... DOWNLOAD
lvt(sfnet) LVT - LPod Video Tools LVT (LPod Video Tools) Project aims the develop... DOWNLOAD
blossom(sfnet) PHP Blossom MOVED - This project is now hosted at Google Co... DOWNLOAD
collinsbrowser(sfnet) Collin's Browser My web browser written in python. Please help m... DOWNLOAD
uncrustify(sfnet) Uncrustify Code Beautifier Banish crusty code with the Uncrustify C/C++/C#... DOWNLOAD

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