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facebook-likech(sfnet) Facebook-like chat a facebook-like chat implemented with using jqu... DOWNLOAD
gammaams(sfnet) Gamma AMS Agency Management Software for insurance agenci... DOWNLOAD
xcarecrows4ws(sfnet) Xcarecrows 4 WS Set up and run Xcarecrows 4 WS to install/opera... DOWNLOAD
dsia(sfnet) DSIA DOWNLOAD
metacc(sfnet) MetaCC Annotation based lexer and parser generator sui... DOWNLOAD
javapmes(sfnet) Java PluginManager This project can be used to manage plugins in J... DOWNLOAD
pushsub(sfnet) PushSub DOWNLOAD
agendami(sfnet) agendami Agendami is microblogging application in php. I... DOWNLOAD
opentibiaserver(sfnet) opentibiaserver Open Tibia Server Source DOWNLOAD
pacstats(freshmeat) PacStats PacStats is able to analyze the log and the lib... DOWNLOAD
xhtmldbg(freshmeat) xhtmldbg This software provides you with the facility to... DOWNLOAD
maven-license-plugin(freshmeat) maven-license-plugin The Maven license plugin manages the LICENSE.TX... DOWNLOAD
novacoders(sfnet) NovaCoders Project : Developing hangman game DOWNLOAD
cryptoengine(sfnet) CryptoEngine Encrypt decrypt files texts DOWNLOAD
ivegetable(sfnet) iVegetable Software for Manage your farm vegetable and can... DOWNLOAD
pwnpad2014(sfnet) Pwn Pad 2014 DOWNLOAD
csharpdavelha(sfnet) Csharp da Velha Jogo da Velha feito em CSharp, Console App. Des... DOWNLOAD
mmkdrivsim(sfnet) mmkdrivsim A driving simulator, based on the 3DVIAs Virtoo... DOWNLOAD
stumblerpainter(sfnet) StumblerPainter Java based utility which graphically displays N... DOWNLOAD
nagus(freshmeat) Nagus Nagus is a Nagios filesystem for FUSE. It is a ... DOWNLOAD
cloudlinux(freshmeat) CloudLinux CloudLinux is a Linux operating system designed... DOWNLOAD
pcchess(freshmeat) PCChess PCChess lets you to enrich a Web site powered b... DOWNLOAD
ptee(freshmeat) ptee ptee is a Unix shell tool similar to tee, but i... DOWNLOAD
rand(sfnet) rand Write random numbers/characters to standard out... DOWNLOAD
kalimatlang(sfnet) Kalimat Language Kalimat is an educational programming language ... DOWNLOAD
xoptfoil(sfnet) XoptFoil Airfoil optimization using the highly-regarded ... DOWNLOAD
sqltools-php(sfnet) SQLTools SQLTools is a one-file MySQL management package... DOWNLOAD
hc-sr04-ultrasonic-arduino-lib(freshmeat) HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Arduino Library HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Arduino Library is specifica... DOWNLOAD
contiki-bf537(sfnet) Contiki for the BF-537 STAMP A Contiki port for the Analog Devices BF-537 ST... DOWNLOAD
jwan(sfnet) jWAN jWAN is a Java Framework for building iPhone/iP... DOWNLOAD
pwnpad(sfnet) Pwn Pad 2013 DOWNLOAD
lion0738(sfnet) .... 機能なし、悪いバッテリー寿命。
g-pager(sfnet) g-pager Simple Instant Messenger for local networks. Us... DOWNLOAD
raspberrypivideo(sfnet) raspberrypi DOWNLOAD
laserkids(sfnet) Laser Kids DOWNLOAD
xanmusiccreate(sfnet) Xan Music Create Xan Music Create programa de criação e edição d... DOWNLOAD
dyi(sfnet) DYI DYI is a 2D graphics library, very rich and exp... DOWNLOAD
ndslibris(sfnet) dslibris An ebook reader for the Nintendo DS, focusing o... DOWNLOAD
blog-mania-mode(sfnet) Lyrics search providers package-firefox Search lyrics in lyricsblog, lyricsmania and ly... DOWNLOAD
de-unkrig-zz(sfnet) ZIP Tools A set of tools that handle not only directories...
royanframeware(sfnet) royanframeware Royan frameware is the frameware of royan robotis DOWNLOAD
infabmation(sfnet) infabmation Infabmation is a data filing system but can be ... DOWNLOAD
notaalagoana(sfnet) Nota fiscal alagoana Software para envio dd arquivos para a receita DOWNLOAD
ekspire(sfnet) Ekspire Ekspire is an open source project that will all... DOWNLOAD
inspeex(sfnet) inspeex The speex codec for Winamp DOWNLOAD
newline-plugin(sfnet) Newline Plugin for Text Editors DOWNLOAD
rs106(sfnet) RS106 A radio scanning utility for the Radio Shack Pr... DOWNLOAD
mircqcontrol(sfnet) mircqcontrol Script for mIRC to control Internet Relay Chat ... DOWNLOAD
vrdp-ldap(sfnet) vrdp-ldap An extension for VirtualBox server which reads ... DOWNLOAD
opensourcepengu(sfnet) opensourcepengu Penguinskiing is a fork of tux rider (android v... DOWNLOAD
autooptioncli(sfnet) AutoOptionCLI A library for quickly adding flags to a C++ app... DOWNLOAD
unbind(sfnet) unbind Unbind is simple commandline tool which allows ... DOWNLOAD
manishsemwal(sfnet) manishsemwal SAVE HOCKEY INDIA... DOWNLOAD
projectutilities(sfnet) ProjectUtilities A collection of classes to help with programmin... DOWNLOAD
visualgweditor(sfnet) VisualGatewayEditor VisualGatewayEditor is an example cross-platfor... DOWNLOAD
jaguatirica(sfnet) jaguatirica Jaguatirica is a Desktop Environment Complement...
primedbv1(sfnet) primedbv1 Protected Research Information Management Envir... DOWNLOAD
bmidnight(sfnet) BMidnight Movie Collection Database DOWNLOAD
mergejar(sfnet) mergejar A java utility that merges jars together to for... DOWNLOAD
dwm-hacked(sfnet) Dwm-Hacked This is The DWM X window manager - hacked to ad... DOWNLOAD
ajaxjqueryportl(sfnet) AjaxJQueryPortlet This is a simple JQuery Ajax Portlet. DOWNLOAD
feeler(sfnet) feeler feeler 是一個網路溝通P2P軟體,以UUID表示每一個... DOWNLOAD
mini-cms(sfnet) mini-cms miniCMS is a light-weight Content Management Sy... DOWNLOAD
redribbon(sfnet) Red Ribbon GNU/Linux for PS3 Red Ribbon GNU/Linux for PS3 is a new PPC64 GNU... DOWNLOAD
chaplin(sfnet) chaplin Chaplin is a Java class transformer which bring... DOWNLOAD
icarusay(freshmeat) icarusay icarusay is a Python script printing Icarus' me... DOWNLOAD
qbt-extrasearch(sfnet) qbt-extrasearch Search engine plugins for qBittorrent, to use w... DOWNLOAD
pumastatectrl(sfnet) pumastatectrl This version is discarded: it does not have the... DOWNLOAD
sirgue(sfnet) sirgue Centre de Partage de Sirgue DOWNLOAD
imme(sfnet) imme My evil plan is to repurpose the Mattel GirlTec... DOWNLOAD
ipiirlab(sfnet) IPI - IR Lab No description
eartoner(sfnet) EarToner EarToner is ear training software for learning ... DOWNLOAD
conquer(sfnet) Conquer Spark Conquer downloads by kouprey DOWNLOAD
cmios9(sfnet) cmios9 cmios9: access to Fairlight QDOS, OS9 RBF, and ... DOWNLOAD
lostfighter(sfnet) lostfighter Lost Fighter is a experiemental project. The ob... DOWNLOAD
tonyriven(sfnet) Tony Riven - Inventory Manager Tony Riven (anagram) is a software that helps y... DOWNLOAD
loadavg(sfnet) LoadAvg LoadAVG is a simple and lightweight method of m... DOWNLOAD
xbmcztvpvraddon(sfnet) xbmc-ztv-pvr-addon TV frontend. Supports streaming of Live TV and ... DOWNLOAD
bosslibrary(sfnet) BOSS The BOSS Library consists of a wrapper around S... DOWNLOAD
professionaldesktoplocker2013(sfnet) Professional Desktop Locker 2013 DOWNLOAD
memoryforencis(sfnet) Memory Forencis Memory forensics using volatility DOWNLOAD
troopers(sfnet) troopers 2D multiplayer action game DOWNLOAD
supportingdocum(sfnet) supportingdocum Repository zur die gemeinsamen Entwicklung von ... DOWNLOAD
wmcpumon(sfnet) wmcpumon - multi CPU system monitor Wmcpumon is a dockapp, that displays following ... DOWNLOAD
bonjour-grid(sfnet) BonjourGrid BonjourGrid is a meta-desktop grid (DG) middlew... DOWNLOAD
pydiction(sfnet) pydiction Pydiction allows you to Tab-complete Python cod... DOWNLOAD
monosmtp(sfnet) monosmtp monoSMTP is a simple shell of an SMTP server wr... DOWNLOAD
pounder(sfnet) Pounder Java GUI Testing Utility Pounder is a utility for testing Java GUIs. It ... DOWNLOAD
rbs(sfnet) Rubik's Cube Simulator Rubik's Cube Simulator is a program which runs ... DOWNLOAD
php-keyword-density-calculator(freshmeat) PHP Keyword Density Calculator PHP Keyword Density Calculator is a class which... DOWNLOAD
sql-parser(freshmeat) SQL Parser SQL Parser is a PHP class which parses SQL file... DOWNLOAD
php-microdata-generator(freshmeat) PHP Microdata Generator PHP Microdata Generator generates semantic HTML... DOWNLOAD
idroid(sfnet) idroid iPhone port of the Android operating system. DOWNLOAD
tagcleaner(sfnet) tagcleaner TagCleaner is an application that is able to au... DOWNLOAD
tunneltools(sfnet) tunneltools TunnelTools is a set of perl scripts to allow a... DOWNLOAD
createaccount(sfnet) SSH-Account Creator Perlscript that creates (almost ;-) automatic S... DOWNLOAD
saxbench(sfnet) SAXBench A performance benchmarking package for Java XML... DOWNLOAD
leopardcrm(sfnet) Leopard CRM Leopard CRM is a Customer Relationship Manageme... DOWNLOAD
msncd(sfnet) MSN Compatibility Daemon The MSN Compatibility Daemon allows the use of ... DOWNLOAD

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