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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
jsonforawk(sfnet) jsonforawk Library of AWK code to parse & format JSON ... DOWNLOAD
sendmailanalyzer(freshmeat) SendmailAnalyzer Sendmail Analyzer is a tool to monitor sendmail... DOWNLOAD
springandhibernate(sfnet) SpringAndHibernate DOWNLOAD
opendkim(freshmeat) opendkim OpenDKIM is a DKIM implementation with both a C... DOWNLOAD
ctctcsharplib(sfnet) ctctcsharplib C#.NET Constant Contact API Library DOWNLOAD
memooojkt48(sfnet) Memooo JKT48 JKT48 adalah idol grup terbesar di Indonesia. K... DOWNLOAD
mrtools(sfnet) MrTools Mrtools (Multi remote tools) are a set of multi... DOWNLOAD
simplefootie(sfnet) SimpleFootie From prequel to openfootie towards an umbrella ... DOWNLOAD
mdk-ut(sfnet) UT Extra Packages for Mandriva Experimental i18n packages for Mandriva Linux DOWNLOAD
aamp(sfnet) AAMP AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player Media player... DOWNLOAD
mmodogecoinfaucet(sfnet) MMO DogeCoin Faucet The MMO is a top-down 2D game that pits players... DOWNLOAD
legifymaps(sfnet) legifymaps Legify's publicly shared maps for free. DOWNLOAD
displex(sfnet) displex DisPlex (indicator-displex) provides an AppIndi... DOWNLOAD
noin(sfnet) Noin No description DOWNLOAD
alignment(sfnet) CTexT Alignment Interface Align parallel corpora on sentence level DOWNLOAD
mazereen(sfnet) mazereen a game in which I have so far developed you are... DOWNLOAD
linux4j(sfnet) linux4j Yaoqiang Linux is a custom Linux Distribution b... DOWNLOAD
tp3xmlskarekristina(sfnet) TP3-XML_SkareKristina DOWNLOAD
lptstextbook(sfnet) lptstextbook A calculator for use at Louisville Presbyterian... DOWNLOAD
webdice(sfnet) webdice This project is a dice rolling library written ... DOWNLOAD
svnmanager(freshmeat) SVNManager SVNManager is a Web-based administration tool f... DOWNLOAD
kckprojektinformatyka(sfnet) KCK-projekt-Informatyka DOWNLOAD
boxycmsfreeandlightweightcms(sfnet) boxyCMS free and lightweight cms No SQL database needed. Ultra light CMS with ea... DOWNLOAD
fronteirafm(sfnet) Fronteirafm Uma rádio FM que só otca música country DOWNLOAD
listbox(sfnet) listbox Framework for testing of Linux system call. It ... DOWNLOAD
itcards(sfnet) itcards The project for "drawing" Intelligenc... DOWNLOAD
jammyproject(sfnet) jammyproject jammy ( JAva MultiMedia Yeeahhh :) ) is a platf... DOWNLOAD
mygogrinder(sfnet) MyGoGrinder MyGoGrinder is a Java program to solve Go (Weiq... DOWNLOAD
bulksmsapi(sfnet) BulkSMS API BulkSMS PHP API script for Sending SMS Alerts R... DOWNLOAD
valuecomparer(sfnet) ValueComparer This Library lets u compare objects with public... DOWNLOAD
uknow4kids(sfnet) UKnow4Kids Educational Linux Distro Here, you can download the UKnow4Kids Live DVD,... DOWNLOAD
cobolanalyzer(sfnet) COBOL analyzer Look at the dependencies between COBOL programs... DOWNLOAD
periodictablemm(sfnet) Periodic Table Of Elements 4 Mathematica A few projects store Files here: PTE (among ot... DOWNLOAD
launcher-creator(sfnet) Launcher Creator Create your simple portale Autorun Application.... DOWNLOAD
winadminpassword(freshmeat) WinAdminPassword WinAdminPassword is a tool for deploying unique... DOWNLOAD
ecma-55-minimal-basic(freshmeat) ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC is a compiler for "M... DOWNLOAD
pbulkmailer(freshmeat) PbulkMailer PbulkMailer is a bulk email application. Instea... DOWNLOAD
projectmese(sfnet) Project MESE Project MESE is a awesome alternative to MD5, s... DOWNLOAD
proofseer(sfnet) proofseer Based on GATE and its ANNIC plugin for searchab... DOWNLOAD
ndm(sfnet) ndm-development Software development by Nathan D. Mickulicz. DOWNLOAD
kropexfinal(sfnet) kropexfinal Aqui se va a desarrollar el proyecto SI CROPEX DOWNLOAD
clati(sfnet) CLATi CLATi va mettre une terme au fliquage que perme... DOWNLOAD
qingen(sfnet) qingen A Character Generator for the Qin RPG in englis... DOWNLOAD
poor-mans-storage-appliance(freshmeat) Poor Mans Storage Appliance Poor Mans Storage Appliance creates a Virtual A... DOWNLOAD
kmeansanix(sfnet) KMeansAniX Open source animation of kmeans clustering in X... DOWNLOAD
cse(sfnet) C# Spectrum Emulator Managed C# Spectrum Emulator DOWNLOAD
hostsmanager(sfnet) Hosts Manager This is a tool to help manage multiple hosts fi... DOWNLOAD
nc5android(sfnet) nc5android Android APP Connection for NEXT-C5.ORG DOWNLOAD
scap-ds-creator(sfnet) SCAP Data Stream Creator A project to convert a SCAP 1.0 zip bundle into... DOWNLOAD
squidconfig(sfnet) transparent squid DOWNLOAD
bluej-with-modified-error-subs(freshmeat) BlueJ with Modified Error Subsystem BlueJ with Modified Error Subsystem is a modifi... DOWNLOAD
manu(sfnet) manu Digital library application based on the Fedora... DOWNLOAD
lingportal(sfnet) lingportal DOWNLOAD
ktktoolkit(sfnet) KTK KTK is a toolkit to create and manage web appli... DOWNLOAD
revelationv20(sfnet) revelationv20 This program is easy to use fun and easy if you... DOWNLOAD
sharpradio(sfnet) SharpRadio A simple internet radio player / recorder DOWNLOAD
maudiobook(sfnet) maudiobook An audiobook player for Symbian S60 and UIQ sma... DOWNLOAD
formulapedia(sfnet) Formulapedia A Formula 1 encyclopedia using the Ergast Devel... DOWNLOAD
lunatyk(sfnet) lunatyk lunatyk cms on extjs DOWNLOAD
maecaw(sfnet) maecaw Maecaw lets you control your presentation inter... DOWNLOAD
agency4net-wftp(sfnet) AGENCY4NET WEBFTP AGENCY4NET WEBFTP is a user-friendly webftp cli... DOWNLOAD
caceweb(sfnet) caceweb DOWNLOAD
m-ed(sfnet) m-ed Powerful line based text editor for many platfo... DOWNLOAD
droiduitest(sfnet) Android UI Test Agent This is for android UI testing DOWNLOAD
leggedelbuonsamaritano(sfnet) Legge del buon samaritano Lo scopo di questo software è quello di facilit... DOWNLOAD
dall(sfnet) dall The Debug Assistant Library (DAL) is an assista... DOWNLOAD
showdups(sfnet) showdups This is a Bourne shell script wrapper surroundi... DOWNLOAD
tsaproj(sfnet) tsaproj DOWNLOAD
triphazard(sfnet) Trip Hazard DOWNLOAD
bricks-gold(sfnet) Bricks Gold DOWNLOAD
phenommsrtweake(sfnet) phenommsrtweake A utility to completely customize the Cool and ... DOWNLOAD
gamesdatabase(sfnet) GamesDB GamesDB - the program through which you can sor... DOWNLOAD
beep(sfnet) Beep Wireless telecommunication framework based on J... DOWNLOAD
latexeditkit(sfnet) latextextmaker LaTeX EditKit is a text-editing tool that can c... DOWNLOAD
pcovf(sfnet) pcovf Installed Virtual Appliancein (.ovf)Open Virtua... DOWNLOAD
latex-pearls(sfnet) latex-pearls Perl script for automatic distinct processing o... DOWNLOAD
linkopener(sfnet) Link Opener DOWNLOAD
worldofazure(sfnet) worldofazure This project is a 2d mmo being developed by. DOWNLOAD
srecord(sfnet) SRecord The SRecord package is a collection of powerful... DOWNLOAD
xnbtools(sfnet) xnbtools Converts XNA Game Studio ".xnb" textu... DOWNLOAD
neuronhealth(sfnet) Neuron EHR Tool Kit The Neuron EHR Tool Kit is based on a solid web... DOWNLOAD
ca11(sfnet) Bachelor Informatik WHZ ydfdgsdgsdhdfjhg cgfxs bdfhc !!! DOWNLOAD
csv2html(sfnet) csv2html This program is made to convert any csv file to... DOWNLOAD
wowsvn(sfnet) World of Warcraft SVN World of Warcraft via SVN
opendreamer(sfnet) opendreamer Open-source cross-platform clone of Visual Drea... DOWNLOAD
nievessquared(sfnet) nievessquared Nieves Squared Designs DOWNLOAD
notaplus(sfnet) notaplus Bloc de nota de codigo libre distribuido bajo l... DOWNLOAD
haulm(sfnet) mxd2 DOWNLOAD
abaf(sfnet) ABAF A Bioinformatics Analysis Framework DOWNLOAD
sokobankck(sfnet) Sokoban-KCK DOWNLOAD
hlds1(sfnet) hlds1 DOWNLOAD
amalia(sfnet) Amalia Programming Language Amalia programming language is expected to be a... DOWNLOAD
monogameattempt1(sfnet) monogame_attempt_1 DOWNLOAD
xenoshine(sfnet) xeno shine DOWNLOAD
zhongyi(sfnet) zhongyi DOWNLOAD
superus(sfnet) Superus DOWNLOAD
space-faring(sfnet) Space-Faring Space-Faring is a 2D single-player turn-based s... DOWNLOAD
auber(sfnet) auber Tulip is an information visualization framework... DOWNLOAD
yate(sfnet) yate Yate is a next-generation telephony engine; whi... DOWNLOAD
python-nmap(freshmeat) python-nmap python-nmap is a Python library which helps in ... DOWNLOAD

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