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hotkeylauncher(sfnet) HotKeyLauncher HotKey Launcher est utilitaire de raccourcis cl... DOWNLOAD
safe3si(sfnet) safe3si Safe3SI is one of the most powerful and easy us... DOWNLOAD
rosana-controla(sfnet) rosana-controla Este projeto visa controlar através da porta se... DOWNLOAD
radchat(sfnet) Whispers Whispers is a straightforward (or, as we like t... DOWNLOAD
ponyrl(sfnet) PonyRL DOWNLOAD
mavcrypt2(sfnet) mavcrypt2 DOWNLOAD
vsengine(sfnet) vsengine 1、该项目为中小IT企业提供简易、可靠、可扩展的自... DOWNLOAD
libdspmw(sfnet) libdspmw audio to mfcc library developed for testing pur... DOWNLOAD
recombine(sfnet) recombine A package of programs for analysis of meiosis i... DOWNLOAD
aurorasource(sfnet) Aurora Source Aurora Source is a content management project. ...
islanddefender(sfnet) Island Defender The Island Defender is a 2D Action Game. Develo... DOWNLOAD
molr(sfnet) molr The "molR" is a set of R functions fo... DOWNLOAD
annc(sfnet) ANNC# Library for creation of artificial neural netwo... DOWNLOAD
arise(sfnet) Arise A runtime inspection/scripting environment. Sm... DOWNLOAD
jule(sfnet) jule DOWNLOAD
adaprojet(sfnet) Adaprojet: Ada95 GNU Autotools A GNAT/Ada95 GNU autotools project generator. A... DOWNLOAD
f-senapp(sfnet) F-Sen Data Fanteris ® Sensiborte Application Project. Usin... DOWNLOAD
hostcontrol(sfnet) HostControl The Hosting Services Management System (often c... DOWNLOAD
dchk(sfnet) DomainCheck The DCHK project contains a client implementati... DOWNLOAD
numguessinggame(sfnet) Number Guessing Game Number Guessing Game is a fun little game to he... DOWNLOAD
rfcindia(sfnet) RFC India introductory scenario to a Rhye's and Fall of C... DOWNLOAD
blk(sfnet) blocker Blocker is bash script, running as deamon and w... DOWNLOAD
mailwork(sfnet) mailwork The post program for protection against viruses... DOWNLOAD
jdsappsimgapi(sfnet) JDsApps ImgAPI DOWNLOAD
atraxionmuserverfiles(sfnet) AtraxionMuServerFiles DOWNLOAD
bash-logger(sfnet) BASH Logger This is a logger for shell script. This shell s... DOWNLOAD
ada-player(sfnet) Ada Binding for Player An Ada binding to the libplayerc client library... DOWNLOAD
run4win(sfnet) Run4Win Web application developped with the ZK Framewor... DOWNLOAD
woweditpatrol(sfnet) Wow EditPatrol Edit Patrol is a tool allowing navigating in th... DOWNLOAD
labbook(sfnet) LabBook This software is a Perl Catalyst based electron... DOWNLOAD
jyaalib(sfnet) jyaalib The PyAALib-JyAALib project is a Python-Java/Jy... DOWNLOAD
fortranmathemat(sfnet) Fortran Mathematics Library by AKCA This software is a computer program whose purpo... DOWNLOAD
mkps3tsfile(sfnet) mkps3tsfile mkps3tsfile will take an input ATSC transport s... DOWNLOAD
droidphotoframe(sfnet) droidphotoframe Home screen widget for Android 2.0 which uses G... DOWNLOAD
memphistextdict(sfnet) memphistextdict Memphis; Es un pequeño software que permite esc... DOWNLOAD
scholararchive(sfnet) Conference Archive Conference Archive is a PHP, MySQL based Softwa... DOWNLOAD
resonate(sfnet) Resonate A web-based application for hosting a "mus... DOWNLOAD
yafthb(sfnet) yafthb YAFT is an flashcard-installing-tool which supp... DOWNLOAD
rescup(sfnet) rescup LiVista Rescup is a program that you can store ... DOWNLOAD
mutalog(sfnet) mutalog mutalog is cross-platform tool for colorizing a... DOWNLOAD
ez-on-da-ice(sfnet) ez-on-da-ice Netbeans plugin for a darker look and feel. The... DOWNLOAD
simplesocialnetworkingsite(sfnet) SIMPLE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE it is a simple social networking script written... DOWNLOAD
pgdynamicpartitions(freshmeat) pgDynamicPartitions pgDynamicPartitions is a script that allows you... DOWNLOAD
ovidiu-test(sfnet) ovidiu-test ovidiu test to see if it's different from my ma... DOWNLOAD
sharpforge(sfnet) SharpForge - C# / SourceForge / Svn SharpForge supports collaborative development a... DOWNLOAD
moplot(sfnet) moplot MOPlot - visualization program for fast Molecul... DOWNLOAD
test234(sfnet) test234 probanod esta cosa pork no mefuncion para subir... DOWNLOAD
andromda(sfnet) AndroMDA AndroMDA is a code generation framework that fo... DOWNLOAD
tkwebchat(sfnet) tkwebchat This is a chat room system. the client was writ... DOWNLOAD
pentris(sfnet) Pentris (+Tetris) A game including both Pentris and Tetris by Won... DOWNLOAD
diet-pc(sfnet) Diskless Embedded Technology PC DIET-PC (DIskless Embedded Technology Personal ... DOWNLOAD
adaptube(sfnet) Adaptube An Open Source Guitar Tube Amplifiers and effec... DOWNLOAD
microsoftporjec(sfnet) Microsoft Project Viewer This is a free OpenSource Microsoft Project fil... DOWNLOAD
javashsimulator(sfnet) JavaShellSimulator DOWNLOAD
dzprepbuild(sfnet) dzPrepBuild for Delphi PrepBuild is a commandline tool for handling th... DOWNLOAD
doneurcreation(sfnet) Doneur Creation Ne télécharger pas ceci. DOWNLOAD
levipereira(sfnet) Fotógrafo Levi Pereira Pagina de fotógrafo dedicado a casamentos e eve... DOWNLOAD
d-s-emacs(sfnet) Deep Space Emacs Emacs distributive with packages, package manag... DOWNLOAD
a2billingmanual(sfnet) Manual A2Billing Codigos para el funcionamiento de A2Billing en ... DOWNLOAD
sudokuboxer(sfnet) sudokuboxer Sudoku GUI game & solver. Develop by wxPython DOWNLOAD
programmaprova(sfnet) programma prova test risorse sourceforge DOWNLOAD
easytransformer(sfnet) Kernow (was EasyTransformer) Kernow has moved - http://kernowforsaxon.source... DOWNLOAD
africakeyboards(sfnet) africakeyboards DOWNLOAD
adigres(sfnet) ADIGRES ADIGRES is a powerful cross-platform Document M... DOWNLOAD
easyunit(sfnet) easyunit EasyUnit is a unit testing framework for C++ an... DOWNLOAD
everyconverter(sfnet) EveryConverter This is a simple converting program that conver... DOWNLOAD
cngmanager(sfnet) CNG-Manager DOWNLOAD
jefesdwms(sfnet) jefesdwms Jefe is a Workflow Management Solution in a for... DOWNLOAD
vassalmarvellegendaryext(sfnet) Vassal Marvel Legendary Extenstions DOWNLOAD
langtons-ant(sfnet) Langton's Ant DOWNLOAD
btsystem(sfnet) BugTrackingSystem Bug 管理系统。目前暂时作为内部练习系统。 DOWNLOAD
orionsws(sfnet) orionsws The application is a linker between 3 web datab... DOWNLOAD
exclusives123(sfnet) Exclusives123 DOWNLOAD
facebookappwin(sfnet) Facebook App Windows Facebook App is an Plugin which does all for yo... DOWNLOAD
sim650(sfnet) sim650 A humble approach to simulate an IBM 650 to exe... DOWNLOAD
hvzrogue(sfnet) HvZ Rogue DOWNLOAD
facebooknexa(sfnet) FacebookNexa Facebook Nexa is a guide repo of Facebook Inst. DOWNLOAD
emacros(sfnet) emacros Eclipse keyboard macros plugin DOWNLOAD
breakinguard(sfnet) breakinguard Perl-based syslog watcher that matches certain ... DOWNLOAD
lgd(sfnet) lgd DOWNLOAD
dotkernel(sfnet) dotKernel A small application kernel written in Visual Ba... DOWNLOAD
tabkit2(sfnet) Tab Kit 2nd Edition TabKit (a firefox extension) is abandoned by th... DOWNLOAD
techmodguru(sfnet) techmodguru Tech mod Guru is a project to help people Tutor... DOWNLOAD
ciellemfive(sfnet) Ciellem Five This is a multi-use application featuring the C... DOWNLOAD
tppythonbithderville(sfnet) Tp Python Bith Derville DOWNLOAD
kavalerovomap(sfnet) Kavalerovo map Карта Кавалеровского района от сайта www.kavale... DOWNLOAD
winlocalize(sfnet) LinLocalize 1.5 for Windows LinLocalize 1.5 for Windows is an application f... DOWNLOAD
teketot(sfnet) teketot DOWNLOAD
torrentphonebook(sfnet) Torrent Phonebook Torrent PhoneBook: Zip contains 3 files, 1.Chr... DOWNLOAD
turkishlanguageparser(sfnet) Turkish Language Parser LANGANA - A COMPUTER PROGRAM THAT UNDERSTANDS A... DOWNLOAD
epp-ver-10(sfnet) epp-ver-10 The Shared Registry System (SRS) Java/C++ Toolk... DOWNLOAD
reflectorsborde(sfnet) reflectorsborde Reflectors Border will be a combination between... DOWNLOAD
triggerzip(sfnet) triggerzip Application for compressing files with differen... DOWNLOAD
daftari2(sfnet) Daftari Daftari is a simplistic static multilingual onl... DOWNLOAD
ptr-installer(sfnet) ptr-installer Just a ptr for patch 4.0.1 DOWNLOAD
netg(sfnet) NetGhost A small Windows tool, which set your IP configu... DOWNLOAD
netmonunina(sfnet) netmonunina A Framework for the monitoring of wired and wir... DOWNLOAD
simcoupe(sfnet) SimCoupe - A SAM Coupé Emulator SimCoupe emulates a SAM Coupé home computer - a... DOWNLOAD
xneur(sfnet) X Neural Project Xneur is a "hot" text corrector for d... DOWNLOAD
oradoclet(sfnet) OraDoclet OraDoclet - Oracle Schema Documentation Generator DOWNLOAD

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