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droiduitest(sfnet) Android UI Test Agent This is for android UI testing DOWNLOAD
leggedelbuonsamaritano(sfnet) Legge del buon samaritano Lo scopo di questo software è quello di facilit... DOWNLOAD
dall(sfnet) dall The Debug Assistant Library (DAL) is an assista... DOWNLOAD
showdups(sfnet) showdups This is a Bourne shell script wrapper surroundi... DOWNLOAD
tsaproj(sfnet) tsaproj DOWNLOAD
triphazard(sfnet) Trip Hazard
bricks-gold(sfnet) Bricks Gold DOWNLOAD
phenommsrtweake(sfnet) phenommsrtweake A utility to completely customize the Cool and ... DOWNLOAD
gamesdatabase(sfnet) GamesDB GamesDB - the program through which you can sor... DOWNLOAD
beep(sfnet) Beep Wireless telecommunication framework based on J... DOWNLOAD
latexeditkit(sfnet) latextextmaker LaTeX EditKit is a text-editing tool that can c... DOWNLOAD
pcovf(sfnet) pcovf Installed Virtual Appliancein (.ovf)Open Virtua... DOWNLOAD
latex-pearls(sfnet) latex-pearls Perl script for automatic distinct processing o... DOWNLOAD
linkopener(sfnet) Link Opener DOWNLOAD
worldofazure(sfnet) worldofazure This project is a 2d mmo being developed by. DOWNLOAD
srecord(sfnet) SRecord The SRecord package is a collection of powerful... DOWNLOAD
xnbtools(sfnet) xnbtools Converts XNA Game Studio ".xnb" textu... DOWNLOAD
neuronhealth(sfnet) Neuron EHR Tool Kit The Neuron EHR Tool Kit is based on a solid web... DOWNLOAD
ca11(sfnet) Bachelor Informatik WHZ ydfdgsdgsdhdfjhg cgfxs bdfhc !!! DOWNLOAD
csv2html(sfnet) csv2html This program is made to convert any csv file to... DOWNLOAD
wowsvn(sfnet) World of Warcraft SVN World of Warcraft via SVN
opendreamer(sfnet) opendreamer Open-source cross-platform clone of Visual Drea... DOWNLOAD
nievessquared(sfnet) nievessquared Nieves Squared Designs DOWNLOAD
notaplus(sfnet) notaplus Bloc de nota de codigo libre distribuido bajo l... DOWNLOAD
haulm(sfnet) mxd2 DOWNLOAD
abaf(sfnet) ABAF A Bioinformatics Analysis Framework DOWNLOAD
sokobankck(sfnet) Sokoban-KCK DOWNLOAD
hlds1(sfnet) hlds1 DOWNLOAD
amalia(sfnet) Amalia Programming Language Amalia programming language is expected to be a... DOWNLOAD
monogameattempt1(sfnet) monogame_attempt_1 DOWNLOAD
xenoshine(sfnet) xeno shine DOWNLOAD
zhongyi(sfnet) zhongyi DOWNLOAD
superus(sfnet) Superus DOWNLOAD
space-faring(sfnet) Space-Faring Space-Faring is a 2D single-player turn-based s... DOWNLOAD
auber(sfnet) auber Tulip is an information visualization framework... DOWNLOAD
yate(sfnet) yate Yate is a next-generation telephony engine; whi... DOWNLOAD
python-nmap(freshmeat) python-nmap python-nmap is a Python library which helps in ... DOWNLOAD
uep(sfnet) uep DOWNLOAD
pyhookmsi(sfnet) pyhook.msi DOWNLOAD
cipherj2memsgr(sfnet) cipherj2memsgr The software aims to provide a solution to the ... DOWNLOAD
zsos(sfnet) ZsOS A Scratch-based OS. (Don't bootable! This is an... DOWNLOAD
ctcompare(freshmeat) Ctcompare Ctcompare allows you to compare several sets of... DOWNLOAD
is3312billemerson(sfnet) IS3312 Bill Emerson DOWNLOAD
itf-unicode-db(sfnet) ITf Unicode DB Unicode DB Input Method for the Text Services F... DOWNLOAD
safewireless(sfnet) safewireless This site is destined to distributed different ... DOWNLOAD
caloflicence(sfnet) caloflicence A simple calendar application for Onyx Boox eRe... DOWNLOAD
playlistextract(sfnet) playlistextract This application reads in a play lists (atm m3u... DOWNLOAD
kye64x(sfnet) Kye64x ------------------------ What is Kye? --- Kye i...
swiftweasel(sfnet) Swiftweasel Swiftweasel is an optimized builds of the Mozil... DOWNLOAD
jmailerp91(sfnet) JMailerP.9.1 JMailerP is a pure-java Mail-Programm. This hav... DOWNLOAD
switch2go(sfnet) switch2go DOWNLOAD
cnumcalc(sfnet) numcalc This is the Commandline/Terminal version of my ... DOWNLOAD
ltfll(sfnet) LTfLL The LTfLL project will create next-generation s... DOWNLOAD
reignofchaos(sfnet) reignofchaos Reign of Chaos WoW szerver 3.3.5 patchre DOWNLOAD
debian-versione(sfnet) Debian-Versione Installer LAMP Lamp software for debian sistem DOWNLOAD
ls-watch(sfnet) LS StopWatch LS StopWatch is a multipurpose time measurement... DOWNLOAD
macos(sfnet) MacOs-Linux MacOs linux theme for ubuntu 11.04 version 3.2 DOWNLOAD
geomview(freshmeat) Geomview Geomview is an interactive program for creating... DOWNLOAD
xbmc-logviewer(sfnet) XBMC Log Viewer View (log) files in XBMC. Add text files to the... DOWNLOAD
themoveball(sfnet) themoveball 基于ogre1.6.4的场景管理器,目前集成了physx,lua... DOWNLOAD
malariasaiyok(sfnet) malariasaiyok This is project Malaria SAIYOK. Development for... DOWNLOAD
klauncher(sfnet) KLauncher DOWNLOAD
facturalux(sfnet) FacturaLUX Software ERP de codigo libre. Utiliza C++, Qt 3... DOWNLOAD
chat-3d(sfnet) chat-3d A cross-platform (java based) open source 3d ch... DOWNLOAD
hotkeylauncher(sfnet) HotKeyLauncher HotKey Launcher est utilitaire de raccourcis cl... DOWNLOAD
safe3si(sfnet) safe3si Safe3SI is one of the most powerful and easy us... DOWNLOAD
rosana-controla(sfnet) rosana-controla Este projeto visa controlar através da porta se... DOWNLOAD
radchat(sfnet) Whispers Whispers is a straightforward (or, as we like t... DOWNLOAD
ponyrl(sfnet) PonyRL DOWNLOAD
mavcrypt2(sfnet) mavcrypt2 DOWNLOAD
vsengine(sfnet) vsengine 1、该项目为中小IT企业提供简易、可靠、可扩展的自... DOWNLOAD
libdspmw(sfnet) libdspmw audio to mfcc library developed for testing pur... DOWNLOAD
recombine(sfnet) recombine A package of programs for analysis of meiosis i... DOWNLOAD
aurorasource(sfnet) Aurora Source Aurora Source is a content management project. ...
islanddefender(sfnet) Island Defender The Island Defender is a 2D Action Game. Develo... DOWNLOAD
molr(sfnet) molr The "molR" is a set of R functions fo... DOWNLOAD
annc(sfnet) ANNC# Library for creation of artificial neural netwo... DOWNLOAD
arise(sfnet) Arise A runtime inspection/scripting environment. Sm... DOWNLOAD
jule(sfnet) jule DOWNLOAD
adaprojet(sfnet) Adaprojet: Ada95 GNU Autotools A GNAT/Ada95 GNU autotools project generator. A... DOWNLOAD
f-senapp(sfnet) F-Sen Data Fanteris ® Sensiborte Application Project. Usin... DOWNLOAD
hostcontrol(sfnet) HostControl The Hosting Services Management System (often c... DOWNLOAD
dchk(sfnet) DomainCheck The DCHK project contains a client implementati... DOWNLOAD
numguessinggame(sfnet) Number Guessing Game Number Guessing Game is a fun little game to he... DOWNLOAD
rfcindia(sfnet) RFC India introductory scenario to a Rhye's and Fall of C... DOWNLOAD
blk(sfnet) blocker Blocker is bash script, running as deamon and w... DOWNLOAD
mailwork(sfnet) mailwork The post program for protection against viruses... DOWNLOAD
jdsappsimgapi(sfnet) JDsApps ImgAPI DOWNLOAD
atraxionmuserverfiles(sfnet) AtraxionMuServerFiles DOWNLOAD
bash-logger(sfnet) BASH Logger This is a logger for shell script. This shell s... DOWNLOAD
ada-player(sfnet) Ada Binding for Player An Ada binding to the libplayerc client library... DOWNLOAD
run4win(sfnet) Run4Win Web application developped with the ZK Framewor... DOWNLOAD
woweditpatrol(sfnet) Wow EditPatrol Edit Patrol is a tool allowing navigating in th... DOWNLOAD
labbook(sfnet) LabBook This software is a Perl Catalyst based electron... DOWNLOAD
jyaalib(sfnet) jyaalib The PyAALib-JyAALib project is a Python-Java/Jy... DOWNLOAD
fortranmathemat(sfnet) Fortran Mathematics Library by AKCA This software is a computer program whose purpo... DOWNLOAD
mkps3tsfile(sfnet) mkps3tsfile mkps3tsfile will take an input ATSC transport s... DOWNLOAD
droidphotoframe(sfnet) droidphotoframe Home screen widget for Android 2.0 which uses G... DOWNLOAD
memphistextdict(sfnet) memphistextdict Memphis; Es un pequeño software que permite esc... DOWNLOAD
scholararchive(sfnet) Conference Archive Conference Archive is a PHP, MySQL based Softwa... DOWNLOAD

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