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samj(sfnet) samj a PHP develop frame work.Consist of smarty+adod... DOWNLOAD
ybcctv(sfnet) 宜宾盛量电子有限公司 DOWNLOAD
baixabitcms(sfnet) Baixabit CMS Baixabit CMS é um site de downloads já pronto, ... DOWNLOAD
pyballs(sfnet) PyBalls PyBalls is a very simple game, but it is not ea... DOWNLOAD
ilight(sfnet) ilight iLight is one of the simplest app you will ever... DOWNLOAD
bacsim(sfnet) SimBac SimBac is a software package for simulating bac... DOWNLOAD
dicethrower(sfnet) Dice thrower A dice throwing software DOWNLOAD
rigwatch(sfnet) RigWatch RigWatch is an open-source, self-hosted PHP web... DOWNLOAD
phpasciieditor(sfnet) php ascii editor PHP Ascii Editor, or Phase, is a really simple ... DOWNLOAD
qsocketio(freshmeat) QtSocketIo QtSocketIo is an implementation in Qt to commun... DOWNLOAD
passlock(sfnet) PassLock PassLock is a simple security suite that offers... DOWNLOAD
autologinlol(sfnet) AutologinLoL DOWNLOAD
enmep(freshmeat) Enmep Enmep is an interface for scanning your network... DOWNLOAD
lanlogger(freshmeat) LanLogger LanLogger collects information about devices in... DOWNLOAD
ag-kontrolu(freshmeat) Ag Kontrolu Ag Kontrolu is a network scanner. It can obtain... DOWNLOAD
dosbox-ipxrelay(freshmeat) dosbox-ipxrelay dosbox-ipxrelay is a very simple, super-low-ove... DOWNLOAD
jd(freshmeat) Jacques Jacques is a library for taking Java objects ap... DOWNLOAD
mancxx(sfnet) ManC++ A C++ man page documentation project. DOWNLOAD
mouseposition(sfnet) MousePosition MousePosition ist ein simples Tool, geschrieben... DOWNLOAD
pandoracapture(sfnet) PandoraCapture This app records streaming audio from Pandora a... DOWNLOAD
fbedit(sfnet) FbEdit FreeBASIC code editor Integrated development environment for the Free... DOWNLOAD
fkdy(sfnet) fkdy DOWNLOAD
quantumroottool(sfnet) Quantum Root Tool An extremely small program that roots your Andr... DOWNLOAD
poppycall(sfnet) popPyCall This is a daemon that runs side by side with as... DOWNLOAD
cls-hoa(sfnet) Hoa Versatile Activity Engine Hoa is the activity process engine for producti... DOWNLOAD
minecraftrpg(sfnet) Minecraft RPG This is a project about an RPG made with Minecr... DOWNLOAD
hlsid(sfnet) HL SID HL SID: An Action RPG Half-Life Modification. DOWNLOAD
coq-au-vin(freshmeat) Coq au Vin Coq au Vin is a blogging engine written in Chic... DOWNLOAD
preciseimage(sfnet) Precise Image Precise Image Recognition Technology DOWNLOAD
crackart(sfnet) CrackArt CrackArt is an open source 3D modeling and text... DOWNLOAD
ord(sfnet) Ordinal calculator The program evaluates ordinal expressions and r... DOWNLOAD
kawe(sfnet) kawe KaWe KaWe KaWe KaWe KaWe DOWNLOAD
qv2213(sfnet) qv2213 3D puzzle platformer game DOWNLOAD
bigfoot(sfnet) BigFoot BigFoot: Bayesian alignment and phylogenetic fo... DOWNLOAD
libasdl(sfnet) Application Server Development Library The Application Server Development Library is a... DOWNLOAD
fest-javafx-compiler-maven-plu(freshmeat) FEST JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in FEST JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in is a Maven p... DOWNLOAD
jadif(freshmeat) JADIF Java distributed framework is a framework for d... DOWNLOAD
cifs-utils(freshmeat) cifs-utils cifs-utils is a set of utilities for mounting a... DOWNLOAD
icwri-script(freshmeat) Icwri Script Icwri is a lightweight, very simple, service-or... DOWNLOAD
open-hot-or-not(freshmeat) Open Hot or Not Open Hot or Not is a free implementation of pop... DOWNLOAD
kaos-sdk(freshmeat) KaOS SDK KaOS is a lightweight, multi-purpose embedded L... DOWNLOAD
libamc(sfnet) libamc C++ class to work with Asterisk(r) Manager. Sup... DOWNLOAD
bluemamba(sfnet) BlueMamba BlueMamba is a powerful, yet simple, open sourc... DOWNLOAD
yak-40(sfnet) yak-40 Aircraft Yakovlev-40 for FlightGear DOWNLOAD
mrbook-rep(sfnet) mrbook tinyprojects repository DOWNLOAD
matrixopertaoin(sfnet) MatrixOpertaoins This project was made for enabling the easy mat... DOWNLOAD
ultimatebrowser(sfnet) Ultimate Browser Ultimate Browser is a web browser made in VB.NE... DOWNLOAD
fastfreqapi(sfnet) Fast Frequency API FastFrequency API written entirely in Java ME,... DOWNLOAD
pytkmdiapp(sfnet) pytkmdiapp Python package to develop a simple application ... DOWNLOAD
lifestyler(sfnet) LifeStyler Ya Meuhsché - LifeStyler is an excel applicatio... DOWNLOAD
stochsim(sfnet) stochsim STOCHSIM is a stochastic simulator for biochemi... DOWNLOAD
soap-sec(sfnet) C# SOAP Client This program implements a SOAP client that coul... DOWNLOAD
jjw(sfnet) jjw Its the restart of jjw DOWNLOAD
greenproject1(sfnet) GreenProject1 I'am studing in univercity, and its one of my t... DOWNLOAD
jnotas(sfnet) jnotas Programa desenvolvido com o objetivo de adminis... DOWNLOAD
johnnysimulator(sfnet) Johnny Simulator Johnny is a simulator of a simple (virtual) von... DOWNLOAD
backupscripts(sfnet) Backup Scripts Scripts to backup your GNU/Linux Server DOWNLOAD
jscreator(sfnet) JSCreator API para desarrollos de HTML Dinámico en entorn... DOWNLOAD
pint(sfnet) pint file utility. it is written by java & pnuts DOWNLOAD
inhouse-web(freshmeat) Inhouse-Web Inhouse-Web is Web-based time recording and tra... DOWNLOAD
subs-scheme(freshmeat) Subs Subs is a Scheme Lisp interpreter written in C+... DOWNLOAD
apache-compress-ant-library(freshmeat) Apache Compress Ant Library The Apache Compress Ant Library provides Ant ta... DOWNLOAD
mgmt(freshmeat) mgmt Mgmt is a program that manages data and metadat... DOWNLOAD
shroudbnc(freshmeat) shroudBNC shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++... DOWNLOAD
gypsum(freshmeat) gypsum Gypsum takes a YAML document as input and produ... DOWNLOAD
druglist(freshmeat) DrugList DrugList is an Android application for scheduli... DOWNLOAD
fp-notifier(sfnet) FP-QInterface Command-line or named pipe based program, that ... DOWNLOAD
coflash(sfnet) CoFlash DOWNLOAD
fontsession(sfnet) FontSession FontSession benefits: - Secures the font design...
youstill(sfnet) youstill Web Application, Social Network + E-commerce (A... DOWNLOAD
skavanaghkeybox(sfnet) KeyBox A web-based SSH console to execute commands and...
bwrsitebuilder(sfnet) Black and White Rabbit Sitebuilder Easy to use lightweight CMS written in PHP. Ple... DOWNLOAD
budtoolshed(sfnet) VDT - Visual Disk Test VDT - Visual Disk Test : performs I/O tests on ... DOWNLOAD
diablobc(sfnet) Diablo Battle Chest DOWNLOAD
tube3d(sfnet) TUBE 3D PLASMA TUBE 3D 2014 is developed for Plasma Pip... DOWNLOAD
phpdnscheck(sfnet) PHPDNScheck DOWNLOAD
objopenssl-100a(sfnet) objopenssl-100a OpenSSL 1.0.0.a for Obj. DOWNLOAD
quadel(sfnet) quadel Internet Browser with unique functional capabil... DOWNLOAD
jsomaplayer(sfnet) jSomaPlayer jSomaPlayer is a pure java player for the soma ... DOWNLOAD
tulipbuilds(sfnet) Tulip-Builds If you notice on the Tulip homepage or the Tuli... DOWNLOAD
smcjs(sfnet) smcjs This is a project is an add on to State Machine... DOWNLOAD
xboxalert(sfnet) Xbox_Alert For those who like to play with friends, Xbox A... DOWNLOAD
nsstcoinboxhelper(sfnet) NN - CoinBox Helper Ez a program abban segít,hogy könnyebben tudjuk... DOWNLOAD
expensereport(sfnet) Expense Report Generator This software is intended only for those people... DOWNLOAD
xlsx-to-csv(freshmeat) xlsx2csv xlsx2csv is a tool that converts Excel XSLX fil... DOWNLOAD
tvideodownloader(sfnet) TVideoDownloader TVideoDownloader is a video downloader that can... DOWNLOAD
crosstabreport(sfnet) crosstabreport CrosstabReport - is qt4 based library for creat... DOWNLOAD
apac(sfnet) u\Chitenge APAC me name Association de l'asie pacifique et de l'asie mi... DOWNLOAD
landsampler(sfnet) LandSampler We developed the free software LandSampler as ... DOWNLOAD
ilc-ppp(sfnet) ilc-ppp "I like PPP" - is a central repositor... DOWNLOAD
downloadcenter(sfnet) DownloadCenter DownloadCenter is a download management system ... DOWNLOAD
uformulator(sfnet) uformulator This is a labview controller for a microfluidic... DOWNLOAD
sooper-xwd(freshmeat) Sooper-XWD Sxwd is a multi-purpose tool for dealing with x... DOWNLOAD
outputfilter(freshmeat) OutputFilter OutputFilter is a PHP library that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
m3utoxspf(freshmeat) M3UtoXSPF M3UtoXSPF is a command line utility that conver... DOWNLOAD
arttk-201(freshmeat) ArtTk 2.1 ArtTk is a graphic library based on Java/Swing ... DOWNLOAD
show-plixi(freshmeat) Show Plixi Show Plixi is a simple Joomla! 1.5/1.6 module t... DOWNLOAD
scopserv-communicator(freshmeat) ScopServ Communicator Scopserv Communicator is an audio/video Interne... DOWNLOAD
goog-goopy(sfnet) google-goopy Python functions that Googlers have found useful. DOWNLOAD
ezload(sfnet) ezload ezload is a set of FreeBSD/Linux utilities desi... DOWNLOAD

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